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Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 3-21-17 Hour 1

Mar 21, 2017|

The guys hope there is more Warriors-Thunder clashes to come, debate the virtues of NBA teams resting their key players, and wonder which player in the NCAA tournament this year will be the best NBA players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Dirt and spray gun Jay Nady goes and this is a final sixteen week edition of dirt and sprayed me. Drafty back series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning prize vote and Alex Kennedy fan dot com and windpipe. Four year old scored on the bill which I got this week. I like the matchup I was glued to the hesitation to really know much says. Closet let it drive you lose. Dirt and spray guns and maybe a. The violence do listen at 1202. In the rose city it is time for parents Greg hero Portland's. Sports later 1080 the fan Brandon gray alongside any dirt Johnson. Fired up ready do a Tuesday's show. A fired up man as can be good day today. Please somebody stop by before the shell I guess I what are we got to go on the docket for today. You know what's a bigger shouted at him guesses part of the stuff Gurion know Russell Westbrook. Am no but I will say is somebody has been one to see them fight for like six months now is pretty happy to see Russell Westbrook at the drop. And hatches until Friday night delta. One little shove a little get out of my way and I was waiting for the fisticuffs unfortunately didn't quite get to that he wasn't even involved he was right up there and up and as soon as you saw step current push back he does I'm an act like I'm gonna break this up and then I'm in actually wanna fight one story of flu and in my radar yes six not even realize that they replaying last night until I saw Zelaya out of bad boy years and thunder plant ideas irrelevant NBA games nobody cares right. But the one story to define my radar yesterday it was the fact that the warriors were bought hurt. About the way the thunder treated Kevin Doran upon his first return Oklahoma says Steve. Are actually refuted that report like yeah yeah. According to sources. The Golden State Warriors front office. Was not happy with the Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant first return to OKC. Yeah they said they should of held a press conference thinking Kevin Durant for the nine years of excellence that he brought to their franchise. To try to downplay any hostility that fans may have brought you said game. Well a -- in doing that now and then they basically just ridicule on the entire game they've put of his mom who was in attendance probably to get too far and is fully embrace the hate when she got to do but it really upset the Golden State Warriors and then I loved the response from Oklahoma City did you see what happened pregame between those two times as the pregame now so right before the game started to drain it obviously didn't play because of the knee injury. Right before the game was about to have to go under way into the starting lineups. Oh Casey brought out these Arab mascot type people on there was a little girl that all wearing a cupcake I did see that I was hitting area 35 and had the Golden State warrior logo and she limped her way out. In front of everybody out today cannot can basically a big middle finger of all weeding us freedom all okay ansari cavs fan there's two there's still left give me a break that's one of the dumbest things I've heard a long time there are two angles that I take with this and they almost contradict themselves. The first would be. You're right this is pathetic you need to be treated a certain way when your return you chose to leave why should we bow down to you and we can't chose to leave us can imagine the spurs did this when LA returned to Portland for the first time in people booed him they wouldn't because they're not 'cause San Antonio Spurs. Yeah well guys are great article that was like in the warriors just date they're failing to embrace their role as the villains in the NBA they really it does not yeah and they don't enjoy it they don't get there and understand that everybody hates them and at some point you would think it would sink in but it just hasn't quite gotten there yet well and you know all the same now we have use of -- if Portland was ever in a position in a year to where they work kind of Golden State like like one of the top teams in the league I would embrace it I would -- is a Sports Radio I was -- are you kidding me the arrogance that I have as a sports fan I would love to have the NBA team and everybody he's so what I because the reason people he was this your good in because you're winning they wanna championship. Yeah we're all jealous of all he'd lean on that we would all take that even a heartbeat if they're in our city we absolutely are good and they just they failed to embrace it not our stand why. And dream on green on the team meeting to be pretty easy forum right ease and ability MBA in the second thing I wanna say is. Even though they made fun of Kevin Iran a little bit now was funny to me. There were the Westbrook curry fight I really wanna see that go down that's not the style and all even maintain that actually makes Westbrook look like the petty won. Get over it. He yeah I can I always kind of agreeing on its staff Currie for jury years even when Katie was on the scene but it seems to be amplified. To another five levels since Katie left to where it's like when I watched that. I go really Russell. You you look like a scorned lover and I. ECB the MVP of the NBA and I'm I'm pretty convinced now he's not going to get to know I am well if you I saw the numbers I think he only needs one like eight rebounds and seven assists per game the rest of the way to make Sri averages triple double for the season. But I'm I'm with you a little bit but I also appreciate the fact it. He does have that F you mentality which I like. And I love that aspect heading into had a mindset ever since Kevin Durant left like stress I can go somewhere else too and I'm signing my extension number to stay in Oklahoma City at least for the short term. And see what I can accomplish on my own and it's been a weird feeling all year. Because up until this point Oklahoma City was one of those teams that I hated as much as anybody like they were one of those franchises for. Getting getting the team from CEO when they were ready to pop and ready to start winning like everybody always credited that fan base really good fan base. When they were handed a Western Conference finals contending team. But I slowly started to appreciate them more more this year both Westbrook and the organization like that's next well patrolling the senate cupcake out on crutches I can appreciate. I'll just from a personal standpoint I'm never gonna like he organization and I think you know why I do you know what I do love Russell Westbrook in the attitude that he brings to the game his approach to it how hard he plays I appreciate that I do. I'm dissing with this specific situation. I kind of as the tonight chuck and Mike you kind of like the petty won in this way for sure that did not need to escalate into a fight has stepped curry is done basically everything you possibly can do up until last night to downplay you know any involvement in 280 going to go on stage didn't you know he made his choice in no Russell such a great player known this guy is such a good player. He hasn't really metal. And then yesterday became staff and some random player gotten a pushing match. Which didn't turn into Russell was for stepping in and wanting to fight stuff curry Klay Thompson and drag monitoring it and it just makes me content even more then all sports need fighting. Let those guys slowing the fist for a couple of seconds see if anybody lands a good punch seven in the penalty box for five minutes sneaky plan I disagree with you I think hockey is unique in the sense of hockey players grow up with fights so they know they have about a minute and a half to two minutes to duke it out and then they just it's whenever I arrested step in my Eminem watch basketball players don't grow up that way and when it happens you see what happens in Detroit all don't -- the extreme that's not an extreme my religion believe this I think hockey players know that they fight but they fight for like it at certain amount of time -- we need to start with the kids and let the kids start fighting on the basketball court maybe ten NBA tends to be ready ago also players wouldn't allow their teammates to despite one on one. They would wanna jump and invite other people as well that's not how the NBA work even more entertaining aren't we got a great show today but let's find out hey this is brand new let's find out what's on tap for today show. Know what's growing I'm not page to be bold and need to be crying there's a lot of sporting an easy sale I gotta go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford by intelligent. Our government more and add the greens fund Janet yeah. Down Kirstie. Now as well pelican here. Are you kidding me he's like guard that might be the best work he's ever done right. There was on tap is brought to you on the stand by pelican brewing company born at the beach on line at pelican brewing at dot com we've been out there and it is a beautiful facility they have over there. Pacific city proud partners at Pelican Bay and we love that through their Beers are delicious they they had a storm different day in December. And it was actually really good weather we had one of those like weird December days the beach where it was nice yeah beautiful beautiful spot delicious pure love pelican hey we got a lot to get you on today show we're going to discuss the MBAs response to players sitting Adam silver came out so did some TV companies some exacts a starting get pissed off which isn't any surprise at all. We'll talk about the turn him in a little with the NCAA tournament with the match ups we have on Thursday Friday. In the the final sixteen and I also wanna touch on the the players in the tournament. That the NBA prospects mainly now solo home have been eliminated now. But I kind of lost focus on which players that you've seen play college hoops this year whether it's a tournament or regular season. Which one do you think is most ready to lead an NBA franchise we'll talk about that we've got our NFL tour false or 130. We'll get to the NFL rule changes one of whom I absolutely hate the other I'm going to miss was 'cause that's. We're gonna make baseball exciting again I don't do this to me come on man really want this this. Lose my mind today at 115 and I lose my mind because baseball's fun again from a tournament that you've made fun of a nobody's watching owns a good point when good points and made I'd listen to get point oh that's great it's so exciting. But I don't watch this economic we'll talk about the blazers they played a box tonight and if they win because Denver loss they will officially be the eight seed in the the Western Conference standings which by the way. Leads to our FaceBook post today which are guilty in just seconds. We've got Kevin Harlan he's gonna be calling the organ Michigan game on Thursday he's gonna join us at 2 o'clock a little lengthy but Kevin our -- gonna join the show today we're gonna go along Kevin are and how often he can and Arlen is Kevin Harlan and is one of the goats and play by play broadcasting we're play a fun game at 245 can you name every eighteen Josh McCown has played four please don't accident because I don't want durst wag to know the answers. And Rajon Rondo still butt hurt over Ray Allen from like ten years ago and how was a lion and I told just gonna be good show you know what's on tap that's brought to you by pelican brewing company born at the beach pelican brewing dot com it's up pelicans godaddy onboard baby we got a great show actor and spray on Twitter at Peter Johnson and at Brandon Sprague coming up next Adam silver in the NBA have responded to players sitting out of big games but is this whole thing overblown because of next season will explain the -- its rate on 1080 the fan. So welcome back here and it is 1217 on 1080 the fans it's a beer and join us Tuesday afternoon. In a memo Adams over the commissioner of the NBA. Informed teams that's the issue. Of skipping prime time big games. Will be addressed to the neck. Stem BA board of governors meeting April 6 in new York and warned. Other significant. Penalties for teams that don't abide by league standing rules for providing notice to the league office their opponent in the media. Immediately upon a determination that a player will not participate in the game. Do to arrest. David Griffin the GM for the Cleveland Cavaliers he's already come out after that game and he says quote they're paying me to win a championship I'm not overly concerned about the perception of it. We literally had one guy rest tonight and everybody else was reasonably injured so I don't feel like we did anything terribly. A egregious. And the TV companies the exacts are responding to this as well and just how disappointed they are. Because ESP yen when we see this is the the quote from ESPN's higher ups. As always our aim is to serve NBA fans with the best matchups involving the league's top stars. And we share the fans' disappointment we understand this is a complex issue and working closely with the NBA. To best address that going forward from a media partner. Standpoint so the MBA is alerting their teams and their players that look. Serious penalties going to be coming down if this continues this trend of resting players in prime time or big game. A portion of big word. Whom we only eating out and so rely in the bed wouldn't today he was to me I. To a certain point he is a minute didn't take him long to have a comment on this which I I think was needed for the NBA sake I mean that this was the talking point around the sports landscape early tomorrow outside the or yesterday should say outside the NCAA tournament he needed to do something. To address it this has been about looks for the league and it's been a huge disappointment back to back weekends where we should've had marquee games on Saturday night's. And we didn't because teams decided to to sit guys and give them rest when. Maybe they didn't have to. There's an easy way around this I think though for teams and and it is what you highlighted there in terms of the weighted basic guys that they had to give notice of the league office their opponent. In the media immediately upon determination that a player will not participate. In a game due to rest. Why don't they just decide in the night before I mean how how long you gonna require them to give a heads up in terms of LeBron James is not gonna play Saturday. As of Friday night heads up enough time to give it to the league office their opponent in the media. Release it 24 hours prior to begin I there's easy ways around this for teams and as David Griffin highlighted there that they cavs GM this job is to win a championship they don't care about a Saturday night ratings game they don't care. About what this looks like and in terms of when people view the NBA. They're goals to win a championship and I said he SA and I'll say it again to the blazers were in that situation they were one of the top two or three seeds in the Western Conference right now. And you had Damian Miller who was a dummy beside the bank operate played twenty straight games have been played a ton of minutes and they wanted to arrest him on Saturday night. I would be absolutely fine. To play devil's advocate real quick as I wanna address something else the MBA is doing where I think this may be slightly overblown just a plea deal was doubles out do with what you're saying. I think a lot of anger or frustration from people on this topic stems from the fact that these TV dollars now are directly being tied into the players' contracts they're getting money from these big time. Billion and half dollar TV contracts and that's why people get frustrated dirt. But should they care about the ratings well I argue that you out because they're tied to you how much money the NBA's getting. Don't be there in the finals of a beer in the playoffs it'll be there in the finals. But what like you you have to absolutely break down what the primetime Saturday night ratings were last year's compared to this year and how many people actually did not tune into the game. The jingle and say San Antonio is not a relatively new thing now. This Saturday night has started as a Saturday nights aren't they started it last year which have been part of their TV contract is up as are their studies out saying the Saturday night ratings about to be tanked. While I don't I don't get to listen to Colin very much I know one thing he's driven home is that third down I think he said 20%. I don't know if that's like every single game by eight last year or we're talking prime time he just says 20%. I mean if that's the case whether that's primetime or every game in general. That's not a good depth now I tend to disagree with other people's points out there. This whole notion that the league ratings might be down because players are resting as ridiculous gives me a bleeping break gimme games LeBron has missed this year six. Six. Out of necessity. Yap about seventy games basically yes he's missed six games. But because he's arrested for like three year for a bomb the ratings for every team to another thing too that bugs me sometimes. And this is going to be a tough par for the NBA. Getting a bugs me is. These guys are listed as a raster we assume that it's us LeBron he plays and let's say he plays three of before in five night. Trip but then he sits for the fourth. We just automatically call arrest. And that has logged 40000 miles who are who is anybody to sit here and tell us he's not banged up and a night off actually helps him right. Tremendously get ready for the posters Karl Malone comes out somebody who hasn't played in fifteen years says I never took a night off then we look LeBron James differently because somebody like that has a comment like that that's always the difficult thing is not it's the same that Jay Cutler dealt with when heating come back in the second after the bears it's like everybody makes fun of them but who are you to sit there not knowing what he feels and his body. And calling guy out too well you're just arresting you're not hurt. LeBron James takes as much punishment is anybody in this league to tell me he doesn't have bruises or. He does have a tweaked ankle or his arms and shoulders aren't soar like. We don't know what the guys dealing with he may legit have something that he'd that's ailing Yemen having united opera once in awhile and it is every. Once in awhile because he's only missed six. I just that bugs me sometimes we all these hot opinions about what these shooters should not do I you're not playing the game you don't know what they feel like. Null and it and look at look that people are saying there's easy solutions here you don't make him play four games in five nights I agree love for that to go people saying the simple solution here is you shortened season I would love to see that not gonna happen not gonna happen now I significant amount no and and in terms of the four games in five nights yet they're changing that next year in terms of the won't be as many 'cause they're moving the start of the season up about a week and a half but there's only so much you can do when you play an 82 game schedule unless you move it up a month. There's still going to be times when you're playing a lot of games in a lot of nights in an what I understand the frustration don't get me wrong. Like to be able to saying in and I made this argument as well when Golden State sat out that Saturday against San Antonio. They all played the night before Minnesota I would've loved to see them set against Minnesota play this Saturday against San Antonio. The other thing you might start seeing them do and that they can do they're gonna talk to their teams but. They're gonna happen schedule may be multiple games for that slot have to refer real bomb that potentially could be good. Same thing on Sunday afternoons eat it and maybe Thursday. You'll have this in OTT wanted it like two games exclusive to them nobody else is playing. They might have to start schedule laying. Alternate games in those time slots in case something happens like that that they can go to give did your game fair because the NFL they can flex sure but yet up well. All the games are at your at this time slot at this time slot. And then that complex down to the Sunday night game if. Need be on Sunday and that's what I was gonna point out actually because it allowed you were taxing yesterday and it was a big back and forth from what we were discussing of where you weigh in on players resting a lot of people just absolutely do not like players resting or taking nights off. Especially with. What people class buys big games or primetime. And mild thing is. Are we over blowing this because sometimes we get way too caught up in TV race. The ratings of jump for person up okay great does that mean that the products terrible now know it's. It's a one off and also by the way. Maybe we bring his a with Kevin Carlin at two. I don't know of anybody really understands. Howell. Media viewing. Slash cable cutting I don't think anybody not including even higher ups indeed I only people really have grasped. How to really tracked some of this stuff. Two are we overreact with TV ratings instead of suggesting this are batterer. Maybe it's another problem my college basketball's a 34% rise last year's first two days were substantially. More entertaining so what's the difference 34% more watching you know what it is I think it's the streaming is people don't watch it you have what does it DirecTV whatever it is have you can watch anywhere you go on your phone or on your town okay so there's things like that dining correlated sometimes we overlook but the thing I was gonna point out is. I mean this may be overblown for right now basically because we dealt with a over two straight weeks with the prime time games. They're going to. They're gonna stretch the season now by two weeks they are good eliminate four or five if you're giving a more days. I think you're more prone to see these stars play verses right now account for these guys indeed can agree or disagree on this. It feels kind of is bunched together 82 games cult yep born 52 nights off back to backs don't fly back to back him. A game here a night off back to back four or five likes that stuff really adds up on their body ate it edges it cracks me up when when certain things become issues because Melissa pointed out how long is Gregg Popovich been doing this. I was doing different every hour every you know at their teams more cell whether teams are starting to follow suit I mean there's really 45 teams that are vying for an NBA championship this year all of them grind the playoffs and all of them want their guys. Only this time a year or so basically people are following the formula they Gregg Popovich is put into place the beat the other part of it though that cracks me up is. This really isn't an issue in other sports. Or maybe it's just because just in the prime time games but if you watch enough baseball guys about all the time to baseball well at some traders take days bombing buster yeah example yet there's little aliens are my game. Never he'll never play into late Tuesday night he will not like Johnny Depp fans bitch about that no. Because you know they're resting and it's a 162 game season it's also almost doubled as somebody pointed this out in May I think this is the same listener maybe maybe I'm wrong on this but dispersants pointing out I'm just curious is a problem hockey. Because they also play 82 games amount Cora they've played 82 game schedule yeah they start they start their season early almost at the start of October you don't do foreign fives right now know on on unfairly and I'm rarely are they even backlit acts. They don't play occasionally there's back to back but not out and as the NBA Oca what do I mean that's a difference and Ohio he is. Hockey is probably substantially more physical you're hitting guys. But I mean that's a difference for your body looked at Willard loads a great example of this. Miller had four or five nights softer in all star power look what is done for his game and look where is now vs where he was pre also and that's why you rest guys. And if they might and we had a starter at you we have one more I want to point this out this is from a listener yesterday. He basically about the point of a long distance running people used to long distance run that poorly. Allman break my record -- American everyday everyday and more and more studies came out about this and guys started doing substantially longer rest periods. And then they were breaking their records substantially more often helps when you give your body's rats. Fanatic I think I don't think we understand next anonymous are athlete yeah I did that I I understand the frustration ideal man IE you know I was excited for the bones say San Antonio game I would watch slide to work Saturday night but if I did not to work I would watch Cleveland in an LA because that's an entertaining matchup for me. But but you also always have to go back that he perspective I always say this and everybody is pitching right now about these guys sitting out not playing. If your blazer fan how would you feel if if it was a similar spot the blazers for the top seed in the Western Conference in load was dragon a little bit late in the season. Would you be ticked off that they gave him a Saturday night off because somebody in Phoenix or somebody in Oklahoma or somebody in Boston could watch him on national TV. As a fan I don't think you would. Carol the other thing is eight used him. They must've upped the cap on teams because this mostly has to do with San Antonio and Golden State and Cleveland. And the amount of times that they are appearing on nationally televised primetime games. There's like 25 or something. They're tired about three of fourteen points so the NBA says all right. Worked tapping you can't just have Cleveland at the warriors and the spurs. And the Celtics internationally prime time in the clippers. You gotta spread it around you only get them you know. Six times seven times a year for ESPN ABC in six or seven times for TNT. Hi Laurie if you tax on this they're coming in a 55305. Some people disagreeing with this but the MBA responds to players sitting. Says significant penalties can be handed down the teams if they're gonna continue to do this. And screw their TV partnerships up all read some tax of five by three of five. And also get into the big stars in the NCAA tournament who is the most NBA ready of the players that we've seen discuss all that next. Signed legal taxing in at 55305. Since you're just joining us happy Tuesday were talking about the NBA's response. To the players resting in prime time games big time games for the NBA. It's happened the last two Saturdays in you know what I always enjoy about it is this has been going on as you pointed out there with Popovich and I'd see bright days back maybe to 03. You know oh to win Parker you know we started getting into the mix and yeah Duncan had been league for 567 years and the older they got the more they sapped. And that's what used to be is for old people and then. You know he's just kind of adopt the glossy if they don't need to play all 82 was not that important glad they've actually been hit with a penalty or two I believe. Because they had a TNT game once where they played literally nobody and they actually coincidentally ended up winning the game I think it was at Miami and play at Miami they found a way to win the game he Miami with Patty Mills. But they've been hit before with this in. It's only now a topic because of the last two Saturday night games before that I mean who was talking about this. Rest was a common thing like for guys Anemia like LeBron. Or Paul George or any other big name player just throw one out Jimmy Butler. Like this was kind of I don't think Kate they're probably gonna set out for five games this season at some point. But now because it's Saturday United's prime time. People are suddenly all I heard about this in and there are a lot of a lot of fuel disagreed but I I just think some of this is overblown I think next you're when he stretched season out. This is gonna go down because they won't have the foreign five the back to back sending will be cut down a little bit as well yeah and you won't find yourself in this position. On but not a lot of people care about that they wanna see these guys play every single game that. I think there's reasonable ways to try and fix this problem you know we have listeners texting and about the dynamic pricing which I totally understand. We had a listener time instead try to see Tim Duncan three or four different times in Portland and he never played in those games so. I get the frustration from a fan's standpoint I do think for the most part the fans complain about this kind of stuff probably their team's not in the NBA title hunt. And I think it's a complex issue because as a couple listeners appoint an out. Did this is kind of this then. Things coming full circle for the NBA in terms of they've all Wii's made sure to market their stars and it's a very star German league which I think in the long run has been great for their ratings in their household names of wanna go watch the broader. Chris Paul or James Harden up to they do they market their stars well. Well this is what comes back to bite you when your stars don't play because the number of people we've had sexy and you know all right if I buy tickets to go see Jerry signs held coming up in May. And he doesn't show up and and and you know I can't see Jerry. It's different because of LeBron James doesn't play hears there's still an NBA game happening like you're not going to say it's not LeBron James vs Chris Paul it's the cavaliers vs the clippers. So I understand yes maybe you don't get to see the best player needs team. But the game in the event itself is actually still happening I thought a listener brought up a good point because the way you just said that I found it to be interesting because he basically said this is why if you're the NBA you market teams not players. Mean look what it is it's it's there's five guys on on the court one time for team say it's hard not to marquee players and stars. But because they've done it for so long now. This is the players' league they do what they want and they get get what they want once a missing an NFL players don't sit not true. A guy sit all the time it kind of regular season honestly think after playoff positioning he had some teams have been sodium good they've been like fourteen and two there are now fourteen to even like thirteen in. NL maybe one day this summer I simply too weak yeah I know but we have this country's volatile and are trying to go undefeated twelve and all you clinched he keep playing guys to triangle and if he did he sit him to get ready for the playoffs the Steelers sucked everybody in week seventeen. This goes back the what's your sense sprayed the NFL did a much better job of marketing the sport and the yes teams in the shields and the competition. In the NBA winning it got a hold of magic Johnson and Larry Bird and Charles Barkley and doctor. That was what brought in the money and that's what. You know of their television partners could sell. And now it's coming all the way full circle to kind of bite them and create problems for them in the front office whereas if that's if that's way you're gonna market your league. Then. The big got a black and it's going to be a problem I mean they got to play especially you know what I said yesterday had some people. Win the teams recognize in the dynamic pricing if they're going to say this team has a higher value because of who will be playing. If it's LeBron at that stuff Currie efforts Russell Westbrook whoever it may be. Then there's an expectation at that point that I'm paying to see the premiere product when I don't get the premiere product. Do I get my money back. Well I I have a good example of this people some people remembered this detects find. I've paid a lot of money last year or just ministry it was two years ago I did a lot of money when I went to the Glazer cavalier game you wanted to see LeBron it was the bronze first game is cavs I made only had ever seen LeBron in person I see do screw it. And I paid a pretty pretty FT penny. And I went and you upsetting that game. And Wayne said he played and they did blazes blown out they didn't play anybody liaison to Santa basically sat the whole second half that's what happened they like took himself out of the ICC that was actually the turning point of their season it's zero leaders were still on their Tina wasn't jelling for them and he basically set goals second half it never was close now look I just. I don't maybe I'm different I'm an MBA guys like I'm well aware that rest happens I'm well aware that when I buy a ticket like that there's a chance that a team gets blown up because it's the league in. Things change from night to night. Like I was disappointed I Indianapolis Colts million watch out here is I is solemn pride I hate LeBron now like. Yeah I did spend an pretty decent amount of money but. You know I watch the blazers kicked their ass there's a part of you that was also happy about that too so. You know I did maybe I come it come I come from a different angle from people out there because we are getting people who disagree like this guy says the bogus part. About those thing is I don't have a dog in the fight is affected this past week and LeBron and all those guys sat on Saturday night. But then played the next night against the lakers and I are with that's frustrating if you're gonna arrest resting guys in the lakers. And and not the clippers looked. Earlier response for that may not proud of rights the bigger game until they did the same thing we before they play Friday against Minnesota they didn't play Saturday in San Antonio but that's just that's what he's chose to do we're just focusing on this because it's happen yeah back to back prime time game it's it's a slippery slope I think for the NBA and telling guys when they can and cannot play and and how do you prove somebody's not hurt you know the NBA you know baseball does not his problem because you can rest guys and and somebody's hurt to go on the DL so it's fifty you know fifteen day DL whatever you know allow for a longer hurt. You can't play for fifteen days it didn't have that where the guy goes down only you know AA I got to treat back a market played and I haven't done it yet to go on a fifteen day DL they sent from one now. When they expanded the roster to fifteen players who is a used to be only had twelve and then you can have injury replacements and there was an injured list and you'd have to sit out for you when I was ten games I think or something like that. And then you could. Have a guy you know on the injured reserve list and you can bring him back up but they did away with that because there were too many. You know mystery back lower backs rally you guys can apply it and I spent a roster of fifteen Elvis suit up thirteen a night he got out at least eight suited up. And then if you get into a situation like the blazers did a few years back where they just had an unbelievable string of injuries. Then there's some mechanism so that you can at least have nine guys to suit up if you get tough. Or I think the other tough thing before we go here they give a tough thing is are we arguing about just primetime or deems. In general because there are about teams in general where have where with a tax rule was the outrage for the blazers when they open meeting to get Willard. Those guys all can play out in the didn't now down. And it's been going off reluctant Melissa points out way back in the day when Pat Riley sat some guys lakers against the blazers at the game and tonight he got by one they got they find they got reprimanded in find big time for that Purdue and well we'll see the NBA has said that they are going to hand down penalties for teams that are gonna do this I I still believe this is overblown because of the back to back Saturday game. And next year when they stress the season out two weeks earlier you do see less demand on on the uniforms fives back to back cut down just a little bit. And now I I don't think you're gonna see this very much and I attentively some of the stuff is a little. Overblown coming up next young got to yet I want to discuss the NCAA tournament in the match ups we have. And specifically the big time NBA prospects involved which player. Has looked the most ready to lead in NBA franchise will discuss that next on 1080 the fan. I was on my snap Chad over the Braves. And they have these like guys news stories now this is how about this headline I was too hot not to cheat okay. I don't. Wait that's a thank you again it's a female writer that would just basically breaks down that she was way too high I decided to go looking for one guy come out and I can be committed to my husband you see this. And there's like a picture of what she looks like I'll give a tour and she is hot she's got a little guilt going on and it's a thank man GS. But no I did stuff on me the NBA and what they're going to do a lot of people disagreeing at 55305. But. As to be the topic like that I let's let's move on to the NCAA tournament now. And you got a pretty good match ups in the sweet sixteen you've got UCLA Kentucky might be might. Favorite game of them of the the bunch there I can't wait to watch all the NBA prospects from Kentucky were swans a ball TJ leaf has been really good. West Virginia can sag I think is going to be a good game org in Michigan obviously I think that's gonna be great game. Purdue Kansas has me kinda curious Purdue's been really Brinkley good in this tournament thus far and I hate Purdue and you get some other games and I'm not is really big on I'll probably end up seeing them Baylor south Carolina's a really interest me much Xavier Arizona. I don't know what to make it that Butler UNC maybe there's an upset brewing there are but those are kind of the bigger games but what I wanted to more focus on. Aside from the match ups is the players in the tournament. Now mark Dell faults is according to draft express going to be in a more pick in the draft not in the tournament the Huskies won nine games this year. Outside of that he got a lot of guys that are either still playing or literally just got eliminated veteran. All year Alonso ball. I think if he gets passed if he gets into the final four I think he'll jump up to number one you've got just Jackson and you've got to pay down you've got deer and fox. Yet from Kentucky monkey got Dennis Smith from NC state outside Jeffries from North Carolina. I Jeffries is. Mean seizes for a receipt or that do they not think he's coming out currently due to rain. Are moved to moved to two little kids like Arnold's Donna okay commission learn I'd Jefferies. They don't have him can be an under classmen thing. Yeah I don't think they have and coming out he's not even in the first round so that has media assumption it the first are really have being picked is actually to the blazers coincidentally at twelve Justin Jackson Justin Jackson I believe he's the ACC player of us are taken up nevermind yeah yeah they have going to all blazer yummy scratch my head a little internally there like Jefferies and in my dormitory of guy knows this now doesn't know Jackson is there at twelve but I I'm just. Bigs called this draft the deepest maybe since Oden Durant has been one reference I've seen yet. Which player that you watched and I'll give your regular season new include faults in this. Which playing is the most ready to lead in India be a franchise player faults is tough for me because he played for such a. Add team. I hate you I saw on the spurs to two times he played organ of the amount I didn't watch any Washington basketball because there that bad there was no reason. To watch Washington yup. I would actually have to go especially when I tie and the way they've played in the tournament and I hated because his dad for some reason is giving me negative viewpoint of him islam's a ball. Either Jackson take a Kansas to me is anomaly blab like that don't yet the Internet game breed drug aegis is a freak athlete and the intangibles are off the water gets more high ceiling kind of thing like a what he could turn into. But when I just watch somebody who seems like he has everything under control. He knows the game well you can tell his mind's always working he doesn't force up a lot of bad shot I mean look at his stat line in the two tournament games it's been unreal he's missed four shots out he was six or seven in the opener fifteen points he was seven of ten against Cincinnati so efficient in and it's why you know I it. Some Morgan's friends dead disagreed with me when I made the argument he should be pactel player of the year at this is why you just look at the overall stat line he is the best overall player in my conference and I in the country national player of the year because I mean this one of the finalists from 899 and seven in the second Ronnie Lee DC LA to a huge second out if any does it efficiently ID and watching him your. I'm just wow did. He seems mature beyond his years. I think Alonso clearly is ready for. That next challenge. And the fact that he's been able to do that it no insults on what more than faults yeah. I mean how much Fultz play out Washington we watched him play in the LSI. How much a full senior opinion on full task to do with their team being so disappointing this year because I think that's what it is never him this is telling judge there's a talent on our roster and for some reason he plays at his father role Mars. But if you're a point guard in the Boston or hands the whole time we didn't do it to bend Simmons lesser known as CNN engaged you can't. Engaged it there's more talent on how Washington roster and Ellis and highlighted a little bit to Simmons to be fair I was due diligence that you can get the tournament it was still deserving ending and one picked though. But last year unsolicited and I was hitters that they just miss the tournament they are horrible there were second to last Oregon State in the pac twelve. No they were gone off when they're nine wins so you can't engage that talent and get more out of it then you did that. Would be very very concerning to me. Especially if I'm picking up there where I've got probably a young team or I'm in the process of a rebuild the re Mowlds. I would much rather be in trust you know Alonso ball who. If you put some talent around them can figure out how to utilize it is not afraid to share the ball move things around. And seems to have been game at. At a slower pace I don't think the game to be too fast I wonder if Marco faults in his first year that NBA games to be too fast for him to catch up to. Willis will see about that because I think the full singles going to be very fascinating may have him going number one despite what you silly he's been doing the ball. I don't really disagree saying yes and about ball he's 66 he's a point guard he's got vision he shot is a really funky somebody's that I like him is just a shot is kind of weird. I don't think that's going to be a big deal I sort of conclusion shoot. Past fifteen feet when he first got in the league installing the league is drastically different now understand I say magic would MB magic I'm just the league is adapted and it's evolved. To what it is at the three point line now and lawns a ball I think that's a fair. Curious criticism but I don't know if that's really going to affect what he's going to be in the league you do of other players that I I really fascinated to see that people talk about enough. And that's the backcourt duo Kentucky would you why the UCLA Kentucky games can be so damn good to ask you to be great game because of deer and fox and Malik monk. Who bleak month. Played terribly into Wichita State had some good defense of moments but didn't do what he usually does offensively. I practiced at this draft is going to be so much fun guys so much interest forming it into. DP and I'm Wes why guard in terms of running whether islam's a ball or somebody else I think somebody has a chance to de Marco Fuld just because you're gonna see him on a big stage eager to see immigrants elite competition. That of one of these guys goes on a run to the final four the national championship but it lead their team to a national championship. To watch what they do against a Kansas Sara. And you're the headliner doing in and it there's some stocking got to put a knack come draft by the way swagger to surprise you a little bit I am not seen TJ leaf. I don't think draft express O'Leary has never run a pastor broke quick 25 twice he then I'd like he had a leaf he's my tire data if the blazers. And that keep being multiple picks whether it's two were all three. I think if they keep one of their later ones he could be somebody there. It says so his offensive skills. Has basketball IQ were very high they need to get him in a weight room. Andy you know he needs Ted you know Meyers Leonard just needs to beat the crap out of him in practice every day if they take somebody like him so they toughen them up for NBA. Style rugged 82 games but his instincts his passing ability his moves down on the post. He would be somebody who in two or three years she could expect to be regular rotation player. Also swagger some races ami you dubs fan there is no town that roster Dickerson was decent at best. So people not buying at that roster was apple aside saying there was more talent than their record everything they were better than two pac twelve wins the reason they're told white guy available in the draft that would be TJ leaf yeah it was good marketing to marketing targeted American. I don't I feel about him now. He's he's an interesting play he's a project I don't know fund by him yet as kind of a franchise guy are we got a lot to get you in the second hour of the show. We'll get to some NFL rule changes we've got our NFL a true or false. We're gonna talk about how to make baseball exciting again but I wanna start the second hour. With the blazers who play the box tonight. And I wanna ask a question we actually got from a listener and I want asked the rest the guys out there. At 55305. If we told you before this season that the team would be 88 seed get 31 round draft picks. And pick up Yusuf Nur kitsch and tell you is production. Would you be happy with where their rap. 55305 that's our FaceBook post of the day talk about that next hour to during spring back on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.

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