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Kevin Harlan Interview 3-21-17

Mar 21, 2017|

On the call for the Oregon-Michigan Sweet Sixteen match up Thursday on CBS,Turner Sports and CBS Sports Announcer Kevin Harlan joins the guys to discuss the tournament so far and preview the game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcasts excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I look back and final hour dirt spray of a Tuesdays are going well don't forget we're on Twitter actors Reagan as a follow we will. Volume back really excited for our next guest we love talking play by play voices in this is one of the best ones out there Kevin Harlan is his name one of the best in the business. Does any guilt mortgage mobile hotline he will be on the call. Of Oregon and Michigan coming up on Thursday. And I you can see all of the NCAA tournament coverage which continues this week and on TBS and CB. As got to make so much of the time and we appreciate it let's just got to start of the tournament what do you thought authorities in that we're not out of the sweet sixteen what are your thoughts on the NCAA tournament thus far. Well like ghetto like the number one just got left to think in jackets or is between the longer has just campus where we can ever upset you know already. Be organ team's incredibly impressive and very intriguing ethnic music on the camp city. Michigan's story has been one of them. You know most heartfelt too compelling stories just like in the tournament so far what the issue Tuesday. Gone through your weight million mysteries and post season play with that. Plane crash. As an individual performances certainly along the way not a lot of buzzer beaters yet. I think this round of sixteen is gonna give us some terrific thrills and I don't think you'll disappoint it's a great tournament and highly rated so far both turner and CBS. No they're very upbeat pop that we just all like at Eckerd College basketball and I think for the most part we've seen. Well we went back and forth yesterday Kevin on the matchup between Michigan and or again and you mentioned Michigan playing really well as of late. I going back into the then their conference play and the turn meant an organ obviously dealing without Chris Boucher. Where do you do you favor in this match when you look at these two teams going against each other meetings has the advantage. Well I wouldn't pick a winner or even attended as did damage but there are some. Very compelling arguments from both sides. Certainly you know Dorsey is that shop via the pit that was terrific to watch. You know very typical kind of season that. But the team has played wit with you know Dana Altman has got that he's ready to go. Bills blanks is I think something that is going to be very tough whether it's Michigan wherever they play to deal with his machine. The pectoral season in the tournament so far. Bill as a special player that the defensive player in the conference. Brooks you know his his players whose bodies were speaks for itself is news. Dynamic a player as there is a minute in the country in college basketball. So there's a lot of firepower there is no doubt about what that team. Will bring against Michigan at Michigan and interesting story they don't have necessarily. The punch of very you know Brooke Serb bell in terms like a singular player. They are they worthy of very much a team and in terms of of not of the most highly recruited players. Certainly it seemed that they're when they're servicing of accomplishing your leadership they're probably. And that better but it really staggered and and they could not get their footing and and there are some real. Concerned that with your beard and then they kind of all of a sudden got this pretty tough guy attitude playing with urgency. The kind of spun there's trees and around and it it's it's not been one guy it's been. The ball all got together they got to like contrived and try to Lebanon produced. The leader of the team is a senior from Detroit coach biased there at night school on wall men. Geez. Easy even terrific player. And then got you know the Wagner kitten from Germany used are great three point shooter and and in the year he played for the tonic repeat what he's like. Whoa where a guy would this curious chip on the shoulder. Armpit biggest cable. And nice collection of players that you'd expect John Beilein team that they play as a team and I think that's probably the most compelling thing. About them that there's not the signature player they've they've got a real team and they relied on that to get to where there are now just as sweet sixteen. And retire with Kevin Harlan do you follow on Twitter at Kevin Harlan he'll be on the call of organ in Michigan 4 o'clock is when you can see it. A live from Kansas City tournament coverage continues this week and on TBS. And CBS and and you mentioned sending their about the ratings and I'm just curious to pick your brain on and I'm and I saw the numbers only about 34%. Up from where it was. Last season and has certainly talked about on the show so far today at. So much talk about sports how you fix on how you get more eyeballs or would you say is the biggest factor taken in a 34%. Increase from lesser this year interment viewers. Had a great question I don't know because they're going to be out of that I didn't see a lot of computers a team like that people like that. The whole college community wants that kind of a game and they're just not get that many of them yet where's Dorsey with the shot in the day kind of brought close to that but the point is as. Is that is that maybe you know people just kind of shelled in the what. This college tournament is and it really is no standout favorite the really. Have not been you know signature players Serbian good players Kirk. These lot of freshmen around her job she actually can't hasn't been good miles urges at Michigan State has been up and. So there's not implicate Davis type guy that you can everybody kind of anger typically an acute for Kentucky's Derek Jeter's. You know about it and made got a good teams certainly Kentucky doesn't monk and fox I. I don't know why I really don't know you know I just finished football season which CBS. Where the ratings were down across the border and every network and every game. And in everyone's really kind of trying to figure out what stage of greetings we areas that are as a company and a country and as a sport and and I don't know if there's any real you know. Compass and and I I I'm wondering you know prepared the same kind of feeling about well. If this sport ratings are down across the board maybe you don't regret she's in the tournament. So this has really been tremendous it is kind of it's gonna push whether it's of people are. Figuring out how to access it and there's a better way to record people are not under owner kept order. Retrieving or whatever you know I don't know like our aunt and the one to answer that but I will tell you that there are a lot of smiling faces. Both of CBS and turner broadcasting we're what was in the first week and I think the best basketball yet become you'd expect it with the sweet sixteen but really. With these kind of teams in what he can do in the chipped away they are like I can see some tremendous games. Across the landscape that of the forty's coming up I really do I think I think it's going to be a real worthwhile sweet sixteen to two the only date. Willing your call on the college basketball tournament of course she mentioned the NFL as well and you just got done calling that a lot of people know you from the MBA as well. Do you realize. How difficult it is or how great of a talent it is for people to watch someone like you call three different leagues I'm not screw anything up. And unite its offense and Lipton that's a very kind comment backyard. And there are a lot of guys that do it in an error mixing multiple fortune platforms and it and is a challenging courses challenging your job is challenging running your show and and and covering all the things you need to cover. You can't be a little trinket at this level without without their challenge and the scrutiny is intense I mean it's with social media and everything else. And and you know I guess I speak for all of the other seven play by play guys who were on the turn and now account for. Which CBS and turner to do these regional but. You know when you do an organ when you do at Michigan artwork whatever school you're doing and really kind of falls in that first week in that first. Gamers only got a sixteen or fifteen or fourteen seed and no one knows anything about a and you you wanna you wanna do you almost lend yourself more to that team because the chances of them winning here. Probably slam. They probably haven't been in this kind of you know. You know stage in a while if it's ever and it like UC UC Davis against Kansas they had to play in the first or they wanted and the and the tolls they. Like him as the number one in and they lost and putt but the first and that it would into the tournament Jim what was their. Former NBA point guard was their coach and you wanna make sure you get things like like they treated the mascot get. You know. But history of their school right because they deserve it for making this long journey and I think. We go to on. To be in this position so it's challenging it's incredibly. Are compelling I think first of CDs different stories and were honored all of us are honored to to be lucky enough to be in this position broadcast these games and and be a part of some I think we all feel pretty special. Well and you went to a college Kevin that I mean March Madness in college basketball I mean it is it's the lifeblood of where you went to school so I'm just carry should do a great job of being very neutral on everything you call. Is our party inside if you're calling a Kansas game that is like kind of in not a third trailing earnings an app after app. Well no you know I I really just want a good game and good rock and I guess I'm so focused on just much grown up. I felt a lot of and I know that that I just do you know aren't we try and after ever breaker which it work crew were trucked in. Guys are are we being dominant or are we being 5050 if we lean one way more than the other. And I would like to think that is if origin makes it and plays. Its campus that they make it to the elite eight. And Oregon fair and would feel that I couldn't tell you went organ or chances for or wherever and and that would be my goal you're gonna have. I think disappointed people on both sides and and you know likely to Miami and Michigan State given night in Miami it was a character humanities you see the kind of up and down. And they kind of got squashed and and you know some of the Miami fans not it related Michigan State when you're losing by twenty point three points to lead of fifteen as they get that point it or heard. Cannot support this other team that you know. They're playing so well and here's why because all you have to be talking about negative things about the team it's lost the lead to knock down right. Double digits so it's and challenging but but I really just wanted to do and I'm like well maybe at the end of days to trade hawk I would like wreck your modesty. See him win that be great at the end of the day you wanna be. As professional as possible on the medal as possible and ultimately as fair as you possibly can be to the game itself and and what direction it takes you. Retire when Kevin Harlan ad Kevin Harlan on Twitter will be on the column organ and Michigan coming up this Thursday. 4 o'clock NCAA tournament coverage continues humbled TBS and CBS. Throughout the weekend in any one moment we have to ask you about is probably one of our favorite broadcasting moments we've seen here in the last ten years or so. And it happened on Monday Night Football already knows the twins 49ers and the rams now we unfortunately were watching that game as well and it was a snooze fest when one not an inning and a fourth quarter a drunk fan runs on the field. And you did a play by play call of the drunken man on the field walkers through just kind of what you were thinking of what was going through your mind at that moment. Well as on radio and accidentally veered into a bigotry yes. We've never would've ever reduce survey compared from the field and catcher moved onto another topic. Because you can't see certainty yeah obviously being the visual medium that is it's. That's what you would do on radio is all about what you're seeing what they can't sit listeners can't sit here and they couldn't see was this guy coming out here. In doing what he dared that saying is is that you know what I'm used as a runner up there. And they get a pretty quickly note in twenty seconds or so they've got all kinds of security people up there's round of the guy well. This guy would look like free to run for like 4552. And and not only wouldn't run rampant like he was doing stuff you lose that sure was coming off and waving his arms and yeah and get all the stuff and so just kennel and he ran. Ukraine at the beginning of this thing right through the formation sort could you could be like why were slot receiver would be for the rams. And it was kind of watch you run around and and so like it just kind of you know one thing to do not let you know what I've I've gone down that road now I have. Our broadcast again in the field I'm not gonna do it again that was there. But we should surprise the way people enjoyed it. And as they enjoyed it as my employer for OK with it then I'm glad it turned out the way it did it but there were moments that will tell you try to back to the ship just reported after the game. I was or argue I'll bet I can go kind of completely forgot about what I was sickened. I hope they're okay with that that was yeah that does not happen very much and so. I had a few moments with Paul and I go to I've ever elected now we're vocational work out I'm. I'm thrilled would wish that and Brett and probably not gonna. It like it either you guys run on the field or cry if you were gonna blazers game you run out there and I'm not going to mention. Well and I want to these ads on because I wonder why everybody's one and like it's a little embarrassing for me to tell you this but if I mention any of my friends a anti Kevin Arlen. When he's sitting ten and Arlen we think Jordan we think Kobe weeding LeBron we think NFL. My wife when I told I was interviewing and today she goes oh with a mechanic called the play by play of the drummer guy on the field. Analysis and really that's how you know Kevin Harlan to name of all the things that he's done that I know it come. Don't mind at all I just love to be known somewhere maybe aren't tinkering remarked Eric Keller mutual respect and sanctions down arm. I you know for a moment I guess it was it was okay yeah I mean. It was ridiculous for in the kids around anyway. It was one of those moments and and its killing her I have a feeling that it's which it's been kind of fun to talk. How difficult would it be for you call like a golf major feels like you're really driven on like the the really allow with the sludge hammer like how difficult would that be for you called golf tournament. Well I love I love the the intensity that they are these games bring it gets washed out that the felt more toward that but you know. They get a bucket list and be kind of fun to do it I think I can probably be years. It is is like you know the reference that you need to showed that sport maybe a quieter more home demeanor and and are probably. I would like edited PBS has retire basically. A guys who have played so that that opportunity chronicle come about by. Maybe someday be Jennifer cut funding to a baseball game two maybe in. Which are a little more should Dayton and there's not a lot of action. But you know there's a lot of storytelling and we'll be kind of fun as well I guess I guess roll out what we do or what trips our personalities and I guess basketball and football kind of took my and so a market open anything to try personality that is really. I consider myself very lucky everything you believe that I put up that. And headset and a chance to broadcast games like this committed to a sweet sixteen is a real honor wasn't in this business. We'll start to petition to get you money on golf major in the World Series they're isolating her you call one of those big home runs and like the bottom of the eighth inning to advance often have heart and introducing his alias dogs out there Kamal. Yeah all in order to drift open. Unanswerable yeah. But it's a living out there on the sixteenth pole. It's activism at these guys are going to be there next week I think next. Thursday we've got to entry in the village Houston. I got to put my MBA at back out again and kind of shift out of astrology motive. Sure enjoyed the little turnaround you're the blazers have made mixed. I think they're a terrific tournament really electorate so much and well that backcourt as much as anything I covered the way to register to pick up there and our civil put Victor run get back into the. There you go we can't wait to see you back up in Portland Kevin Harlan is his name on Twitter at Kevin Harlan catch him this Thursday's on the called the organ Michigan game 4 o'clock. When you can see it live from Kansas City don't forget NCAA tournament coverage continues throughout the weekend humbled TBS and CBS would digital streaming access. Via March Madness live Kevin thinks about the time and we really appreciated and now we'll see appear the next week. I would for a good thank you very much enjoyed her visit take care.

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