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Dusty and Cam - 3.21.17 - Hour 1

Mar 21, 2017|

Lillard's post All Star Break surge and why Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. What are your brackets would fly it. This is a finals sixteen week traditional dusty and Jim in the morning no drop to English series caffeine highs and what's your favorite for the series award winning pies but now attending the sand dot com and win pie for a year. Dusty NG no more intimidating. Jock jam. You're ready to go rule happy Tuesday everybody is Tony first of march 27. Team. Usually are if bodies when you wait for the morning there's a there's a Tuesday feel right there's no middle of the week feel. For me no life every day's greatest they have ever been alive okay I'm a small Sattar monitoring him and a better mood today. Good as crappy as it was the rain was there still was murky. I got my first baseball game undermine the U did I guess you believe it I dearly he's still on and on our hall junior giants now. And. The national we have front right what I do is is I have a little seeker philosophy here you kind was when I pick a team to represent I go after. I go after the elites yeah so it's either the Yankees the giants on a Mariner's. Where the NLC can't have. He can have any mirrors are would have picked the mirror plus he's steadily Sessler gopher or the ease. Low. These are great baseball fans would it would you don't have one I gays know whether you like the Dodgers now he's an ancillary your gas and which is because he's not he's non conformist LA to a nice giant CO get a game in my it was all money. Like his wardrobe he took his money people hall if her value. Alike get. Unlike Medicare and put it in perspective they're for you folks there you know what I mean I I would actually appreciate Crawford more than Haley my shirt. Then he is a clippers hey look at you rule I don't citizens who came got to really see it drew what does it say. Drips Stearns is dragster its from a copy shop became frequent in my mind I don't cover you up in Vancouver or river in. Still waiting a Triad may yet need to be you larger after the team and see any of that can't hear what this dvd is still unknown and no idea always let's hear now you'd think that centered on whether they're the worst Mardi Gras never ever. I don't know this shirt I'm wearing your shirt. I Jackson you're sure it won't Richard thank you for its comfortable very seventies yeah very dirt street for Ugandan unit dragster is I have no idea what that is it's a hipster that loves coffee. Hello get isn't it is an economic injury dean yet here I Souter yes helping like a French press because you can't get it out of normal coffee machine for Everest is really the only. Why don't you should have a coffee blocks the most. Efficient way to have a copy I ion at least some people told me that I'm not a coffee and aficionado. I look I'll be loaded company you know dad didn't love until I was 343. You. That note that this year's you need my coffee year thinks and if I go down your path of cop I was he knew I was you completely forgot birth. Told. 33 god that's right now a fact that back at a coffee breath. But you know I think the problem was is is growing up in my age with copy. Uses crappy Folgers. Some saint got what we know what I was there was no there was no flavoring to copy your dad has said that stained mugging he would sit but every morning. Any dvi hugging her mama kissed you'd abide filling your. Uses some awful was how well you're no one Valdez gang. I don't know a group that's usually c'mon ones they'll do this yeah. What's that alarming content tie in coffee you are remember we Gonzalez your president soldier since folders crystals. In went higher end Colombian coffee Cruces occasional sank a surge you realize you're not drinking regular coffee. Any truth ever address we had some great early ninety's commercials. Yet one valve says the guy with a donkey just creeping up your windows and gives you first off you remember plummeted as saying good commercials you had. Great coupon. Okay raise the bunker how many times you need data entry at south liked. Sitting in the backseat your parents' car rolled on the rundown. Yes but excuse me I never did that you India that I don't. Man I thought they ripped off Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous law of course it'd of course. Of course it didn't buy or not and then let's not forget Joe Camel. Who is a joke you always are so you who'll. A card teen cigarette pedal he's old coolest dude ever gamble by the way I stole all the proof of purchases from my dad my buddy's dad. Who's a camel smoker sent a man got my Joe Camel T shirts on talk about. Governor Joe Camel T shirt. In a bit heavier the cuckoo's kids see drooling it's elementary them Joe Camel gear. Now we have musical stumped Maine like ride a motorcycle. Playing a cool idea like he's right guys better here's a problem with the bat Barbara Mann saying you girls grandpa and you have. And what was his name date Cameron. Marlboro man. You know the problem with that is trafford you don't you don't get liked. Dead remake the second edition. CU get vintage Joe Camel so similar to salaries ashtrays. Beauty poise smell like an ashtray disguised as a learning grandma's. As Cedric. He says that's and he would say civic you may announcement yes. Jimmy wait till I was 21 yes welcome to my world coffee was not considered good at it artisan thing now. Now this call what it is it's trendy and other people put more time it's like a thing in our books man Starbucks. You know when I saw you all day colorful a dollar in these retro brand genocide in. In need in the local plaid pantry near my house and Crystal Pepsi. Yeah adds back Jihad is its what is crystal pass he's just clear clear food coloring it's clear that's it's it's no food coloring. Reality is you can't has a weird plasticky who hate to lose why isn't that. I clear coat don't include need no. Who died in it yeah it's not brown and it's not that brown floodwaters and actually brown and while we spent seven minutes on this goes to social and kick. No sponsors and no sport maybe today one other non sports thing we Alan tuchman at a question on a present to you feel more camp gave my roommate is. Concerned about these days going balls. I said let me reach out to someone and ask if there's any tips to stop that with a speech which way is he going Bolter is he going bald senator back yeah he -- Pique I leave -- with our Alley you know a power out rally we've got our our rallies is gone there aren't you concerned about it worried he's very worried well how old Asif 126. Yeah he's via. He's dead he's got less senator in right center old deep. It's a deep markets like safe count the ways bring in offenses suggests are shaven is it easy sharply on the head a certain day on the hitters he cleaned you know what a shark pay the wrinkle heads you know aliens is -- and -- she's that he had and I doubt he Shane Battier and picked anyway just some to think about it he theory tips or tricks is this the don't say his name. He seemed. I won't say it. There's there's no slow whoa whoa shaped ball is being not bold bold shame right now ready for. Always in bulk and power okay hold it in in you know slicked it back put on some frame let's classes here in Portland you'll be 50 yes there are evil dirty mustache put on supreme was classes and put a lot of product in it he hit him with every other guy you you teach him how to grow a terrible mustache. And will that is not tot we'll get him a pincer beanie OK and he uses the art on a bald head admitted certainly it's perfect and it clear glasses either passes but he'll just pull or even federal bring him in studio and will let him pick out a Tuesday. Okay. That's item I'd buy it to pay form. That's one thing. Do you you don't fire broke my remember just like you just you do. All right today in sports history 1946. The Los Angeles rams signed Kenny Washington. To contract the UCLA product candidates thirteen year period in the NFL without an African American. The first. African American to play breaking the color prayers in 1933. And they went three air thirteen years after that. Here's a fun fact I came to Washington. He shared back field with Jackie Robinson. A UCLA while strength. While. Talk about that backfield. Total loves inject heroes of the football or sport athlete is Sheila superstar. Yeah have you seen the movie 42 guys what a great movie great movies. This surge of Damien that little alert we'll discuss that a great. Article. And then Jason quick could CSN northwest. The NCAA tournament has people hooked why it. Airing curry flame that is tough I think in Seattle bullies what he's doing now is truly rare. In the game of football. Plus Adam silver Stefan and thrown barbs and owners. So got ought to get two and a half plus. Michigan seeker eleventh. In the assembly tournament. How Tom Brady Desmond Howard's have shaped Michigan basketball this year. Let's get teams funded. Well in more Christopher had seed and confidant walking forty to walk amongst yourself. Don't know him. Why hasn't Mike Myers I was gonna say it's an Elmore I think he's got the I heard something that he has. He's not really well like maybe I could be wrong either it's not one of the cast members very difficult work you learn Michaels have a falling out of his undermine event. That's a high maintenance actor. Weird. The org and women have joined the men in this sweet sixteen for the well yeah how about general and we love I think wonderful. I believe that there's only. Three teams that have men and women's teams and sweet sixteen. Pouring in. Baylor. South Carolina. You're gonna and beaten TC do you get Cameron indoor seven 65 that was the outset meanwhile us Washington Stanford UCLA. All punched their ticket yesterday Oregon State was already in the sweet sixteens waiting. That means each of the 32 teams remaining in all of college basketball men and women's are from the pac twelve. That's that's pretty impressive. That's right Bill Walton that's right. Hey wake up I said wake up. With that said. Back till probably will have neither of the national champions. Because those five pactel teams have to get your you can. On the women's side again once came strong feeling good strong field on men's. I gotta get stronger I've got to get you know more reps on my under my belt I. I certainly need to get more practice time. And it got on the golf course so I but can't let a lot of work to do can you do yeah I can I I can't do it by assigning more time and I need to work on it. The hard hitting interview with Scott van pelt and tiger was outside a sports that are as good Scott and held really the only member of the media with that maybe the exception David's rarity. We can make fun of Tiger Woods. And tiger doesn't shut down he made fun of his hair right. He enters and Bardem was actually asked. Tough questions like don't McCain you actually go out and play well there's a lot of history during SEP and tiger because STV got his start on the Golf Channel that's what he started when Golf Channel originated in 1997. And he was he and tiger were both the same names they're working on it so they've known each other for years. There's a there's a little bit of familiarity between the two yet for the fun of his career here. Well which is horrific to tiger Lego man that's tiger saying you must play in the masters next month he says he loves the event is not plain and yes folks he's not going so he had a book signing yesterday. Got up out his 1997 masters I'll really yes. And can't wait to read it and go up pictures and things of that semi of the public. Apostle and but at his book signing they had to replace the chair for more comfortable chair because his back can't handle is not he's not playing in the sorry if you can't sign books fourteen days away I don't think you can play golf you brokered. That's right Mike Tyson. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do leg. 600 of those ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Damian Miller and it is back folks in now he's back. As a Western Conference player of the week. After averaging 36 points per game. In a week where the blazers went three in one. Last week or month and a five game road trip. All on the road. Dame. Except Western Conference player of the week honors so congratulation world deserved I would think so they're playing very good basketball right now. As we look at the race for the playoffs. The nuggets. Took on the Iraq cats. Last night this is a note to blazer fans. Houston. Ends up knocking off. The Denver Nuggets won 25. 2124. Which means the Portland trailblazers in our game tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks of Donovan and it did land. With a chance to even the nuggets for the eight seed. In the Western Conference so this is a huge game for the Portland trailblazers. As they contain James hardens 39 points and eleven assists. If for helping them get in get in the mix here. It's big opportunity for Portland tonight. You know. Mean we get Milwaukee. Come in about a senator tonight and also the word isn't under fought many Jewish talk about that at some point tonight that was bizarre. Where a start though the blazers hottest team in the NBA over the last ten field by Willard time what has changed Jason quick Scots mantis this is dusting camp. This is a final sixteen week edition of dusty and jam in the morning rusty by sharing cafe and Carl. On ten AB so shrimp. Deployment season where there you got the win games. Oh season and everyone counts you know we got to leave everything out there. Candidates live every night around this we'll continue to do that is important resident I ended up winning and team. Especially on home court. Come on we knew we needed Susan. Damien Willard. Following the blazers a win in Miami where he dropped 49 points that they need download the clips. And he has been less conference player of the month has been playing lights out since the all star break where the boys are nine and thirteen or nine and fork over their thirteen game stretch since the all star break. And he is looked like a different player and you NI a and I think everybody listening everybody that's a loss of blazers this year. Prior to the all star break we sat there who went. What's going on Damian Miller right what is what could possibly be going on. With him in kind of his play indeed and look like he had this same pep in his step he looked like he was a step slow in. You know the ankle injury obvious he had something to do that in December but it started before December where people were wondering. Did the 125. Million dollar contract at the blazers gave him. I gave him finally. Kind of have him lose his edge a little bit in that edge being gone I mean I was a legitimate question that we talked about on the shelf and was. What is going on LaDainian Bullard in his flat. There's always human factor the you have to consider because. And as an athlete. We put these guys up and we look animus some likened him to murder anybody that's at the professional level you see them you have any idolize and you look at amigo cash man on these guys there. This they're not break will rituals remain a higher officials have no emotions time. There's a lot of things that come along with being an athlete and the mount a financial response or responsibilities you're going to acquire. When you have that kind of money that kind of notoriety. From people around you family members expectations fans. In how it's hard to sit there and say you know what it's like to feel that pressure and see that and deal with a day in and day out. And be able to immediately just flip a switch for two and a half hours 82 games a year. And be able to not allow that to affect you know there's no person on this planet that can be perfect at all times and not allow things to get at your body. That's not real that's called ai that's artificial intelligence that's not who we are. I expected something like this to happen. Two great players and now we get to understand and see a little bit more the inside of what it's like to see a leader in see some greatness develop. And Jason quick 'cause CSN northwest he has a really good article up on on the website now cius and NW dot com. Basically. It needed is vague because dame doesn't wanna get into the personal details on it. But. He opened up about the fact that he's just like every other. I'm male and pretty much done on planet earth in that it's hard for guys to open up in prior to the all star break there was a time where. Summon his life was bothering him and I think. He had been the advent insisting node in the part that we we need to know before dawn is that. You know fans watching the games and maybe that's where it ends or maybe you like to post game interviews and you see a guy whose team is eleven games under 500 or whatever. And you see that they're short they're abrupt. They're good they're kind of callous and you say it's just because he isn't playing well. Bears a little bit more to that indeed that cover this team very closely concede as something just wasn't sitting right would Damian Miller. More so than just the teen struggling and not living up to the expectations of people thought this team would be made there was a little bit more daring quick head. Had been saying that you know he'd been trying to you get that out of Damian Miller for some time in dame just didn't wanna go that will he finally went there because. At the all star break this article kind of points out and goes down the line of what he did to get not just his body healthy in his ankle healthy. But. Kind of hit that reset button mentally and you reached down talent those people that are close to him in. And it is that this psychology. Other sports is something that is always been debated right because there's that old school mentality that you do your job no matter what you go on you do the job at hand. But also there's that personal side of it and the psychology side may be the biggest. Indicator of the resurgence. Of Damian though. Yeah I if I I have personal experience in being the end under the pressure of college. We had people work with with. You during the times when you're collagen and the stresses that I went through when I was bubbling up as soon as a dual sport athlete and I got the worst grades ever got when I got the call had no idea how to deal with a there's no less and there's no preparation class you take when you step into what it's like to be an athlete at the collegiate level. I needed help I had a chance to speak with somebody in those times those things help me but also with aides asserted understand it. As I've aged I've read counseling I've had marriage counseling I've done all the things you have to do to fuel your brain. And understands the you can't do it all by yourself now anybody that thinks that they're just some Superman. Or super woman that can handle all this as a sport the weight. And the pressure that comes with that and then there's gonna be the mesa air there's gonna be once is I don't feel sorry because that's the number one thing out of fans. Fans like he's got all the money in the world he's got notoriety he's great how would he ever feel any pressure Dan that's ridiculous. The empathy you have to understand of when your and it. You it doesn't matter how much money you're needing you have this is this is the life you out there so would game's been able to do is he had its get a timely and wrecking he had a a call to come to Jesus moment to whatever you wanna say. There was there was a light bulb clicked for him during that break and all of us need to reset button sometimes no matter who you are. You look at articles like these in you sit there and you may be rethink the room remember this conversation. That we all had him we all thought and it could do in everybody's mind is. This is the lowest payroll in the NBA year before and does it make you rethink the idea that they did to guys Scott fat and happy. With that no because contrary to what it doesn't do for because I've seen this before it doesn't change the fact that. When you get paid. And when you've reached a pinnacle it's kind of like I've got to the top of Mount Everest in you set your mind on a goal I need to get a big contract I want to be only player wanna do that. Once that natural progression of getting to the peak. There's a there's a feeling and it's just this it's. And if it's a deep breath it's a relax it's a moment where you start to go. I've reached my goal what's next what is next what drives you to go past that goal. It's something that I I can't put it in perspective I heard Ray Lewis say it ever multiple people say it is either haven't. Or you don't often the ones that push past that point it doesn't change my feeling that these guys got got comfortable. And they got happy and you have to now find edge yet in there is whether there has maybe for dame who has who grew up. A lot different than any of us can speak to has edge aria and gave us in this term for sure I mean no idea. And gotten to a point counting anybody in the day in our listening audiences nobody has gone through written and if you sit there and you look at. All of the perfect storm that's led to the blaze running in the last 109 and four. And on the cusp and really playing some great bass well and people and I know that. When when you look at that win over Miami mine is a short handed but there when best team since January. I mean they've been playing lights out basketball and they go on there when meg game EU can say the blazer planks in the best basketball in the NBA right now. EU look at that. And you look at this article just kind of outlining the mental side of the game and the personal struggles that not just a Willard. But also in this it Marie's heartless. Meyers Leonard. If kind of in all going through these sayings and you add that to you. Dame just getting healthy his ankle healing in and that spark that we are talking about yesterday at this time. You sister get trite you know the use of Turkish it's kind of been a perfect storm of you don't. All of these events kind of coming together. To make this run and make discharge right now eighty can't just sit there and point to one single factor and said this is why the boy. To turn it on a big proponent things happen for reasons and lives I do I think that there's there's times for me I can Trace back and I can look at and go I wish you would have done things different. But I wouldn't have done this have did this wouldn't of happened certain situations you put in. I believe that there was a point this point in the season there was a connection with use of Turkish there was an energy connection there was a point where there's an expectation. There was a low and now your scene Haider's motivation there's they said we couldn't make the playoffs there's us against them there's expectations. That a fan base a city. And money is put on these players and say oh my gosh. There is a reason why this team dropped like this don't. Is there going to be in that's the next question is is there a cliff that this team in this roster falls off of next he now is that worries some that I know you can go earlier eking gun. Back downhill just as quickly as that of the glass half full it's a glass half empty mentality. I look at this and we all knew this. Former perspective is that dame has a leadership ability and commitment to this city in this franchise. Better better just eat it it's rare it's rare is a person to have that on your team and when you see the desire in the passion from somebody. I've seen it we all knew him but we just couldn't wait for the light bulb clicked now I'm not saying this team's number one seed or number two seed of goodness what to have. That character. On your team. You could certainly be a lot of other teams you can be a garbage spot like San Antonio you can be sitting I'm sorry I mean I meant to Sacramento he could be a garbage folic New Orleans. You can sit in a tanking mentality like the lakers because you're searching for that person. Very fortunate to have a man like that here in the city. Yeah and who we will see if he keeps up Iran now guys on a torrid pace Lester covers player of the week 36 points he Evers last week he's did shooting forty. 9% from the field since the all star break since the hit that reset button during the all star break in 44%. From three and really get article Jason quick CSN in W dot com. Go check out what really what's really behind Colin peppard knicks still being on the free agent market. Is it his persona. Or his ability. Here's Crawford sports. Widespread text easy. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niner five. And so. I can't hear you drilling off and I think I learned there we've gone from a lot packing. He knows cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Anyway you can go into. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. A steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that boasts it's. 55305. That is tax on dusty here came Cleveland with you on this Tuesday morning. Talent call in jeopardy still freeagent. Last night at a rally in in a national. President trump said. He's is Twitter account you trees like teams are very responsible for its fifth. Is Twitter account is the reason line. Kaplan it remains free agent the dollars and an original thought. There have there is a report that there are league general manager atrocity NFL. That are worried about the backlash. Politically on signing up a guy like calling Capra neck. And it is becoming earned an issue where you look at across the board some of the guys that are being signed. You freeagent deals in the NFL and cabernet being a 3-D sedan you know. Or are great but you better in the act guy right Mike you know. It insert any free aging from veteran quarterback in Josh McCown just got to deal right geno Smith young got. We need to deal in new York and don't giants right on a one year or two year deal right c.'s today and you get these guys go on they haven't. Led the team to a Super Bowl and you can argue whether that was Jim Harbaugh or the plethora of weapons he's going to because Kapanen was innocent herbal. Just a few years ago right arm. If it is. And ability vs purse Selma thing with calling cabinet remaining freeagent. A couple couple things come to mind when I think about bringing in a free agent bringing in somebody. I can improve your your franchise and improve your team. As an owner Rouse as a general manager your jobs to build your roster. You have to think of a couple things as you were bringing in these guys one of the gonna figure system. Number two houses gonna go over your fan base in number three are they qualified. To be in your team. How how do you measure all the things he you have to have. Every general manager has a checklist and they have a priority list just like Seattle has are coming guys or oral wherever you have it's gonna fit on any competitors. We've seen general managers do this before we see and also teams say. I he's an aging player he's a really good player but the though the negatives outweigh the pros in my mind right now. Guys like Ray Rice that have baggage guys like Colin cap predict that bringing a things Q your team and your organization that will take away from what we really want to accomplish. Is winning football games I don't wanna beat. The male version of the card actions right now I have constant questions about this this this in this I want guys to just play football. I believe you've limited your space NFL and limited amount of teens actually want you. I think that this is very simply is that Colin -- pretty is it good enough to bring in. To unload the baggage yes does that make sense I dad does makes sense eight do you have to be really you have to be able to. There needs to be something about you that says this guy so good we can let that go. Net and last year college happening good despite starting the season on the bench when Chip Kelly put him as in as a quarterback in San Francisco. He had a passer rating of ninety point seven. Last year. Which is the highest since it the 2012 season when needs it seemed to a Super Bowl runner up finish. And he is quarterback rating was higher than. Philip Rivers Carson Palmer James Winston Eli Manning Joseph Flacco Carson once. Tim Newton. And immediately he had a decent quarterback rating of playing on a team that was void of weapons yeah. And really overall talent I mean it's ever Cisco you're bad football team. And if you look at and there's knees the article a set of all the players that had at least fifty carries. In rushing average peak he led with six point eight yards per carry it in the league he has his skills. He has his skills that that is better than a lot of these guys that are the retreads in that that is exactly to your point of what you're talking about. Is that you need two way. You need to weigh in did baggage that comes with it. With the talent that's there right is calling tapper naked guy that we knew a Super Bowl in you can put a franchise on his back. Know now there's a formula he he is not is the baggage enough to drag down your team in in causing massive distraction. See Tim Tebow Tim Tebow won playoff game there he act that. It's the same philosophy with Tim Tebow this is any different nobody's been. Prejudice to the point where your same one guys this because he he is fighting for his police politically the other guy is doing his. Doing his beliefs with Israel religious beliefs this is this is when you take an extreme to either side. You know there's always that I would sit in the locker. Can I would have guys in every week there'd be this there there there'd be one extreme to the next there'd be guys it was say. You know he would hand mean and now I'm not I'm not on the side of where I say OK I'm super. Committed to reboot your religious beliefs I have mine you have yours that's good for you but I would have guys walk up to mean the middles and we're your commitment to Richard belief who were you what are you doing any nudity just guerrilla due to the point regal what are you two were not. Yes to their beliefs to their Saudi hammy pamphlet. Here's this is like a look dude I'm not at home I don't need done jehovah's witness your answer asking my question. I wanna play football I don't sometimes for me. And I think it goes for fans is it you just want. The game you just want to sport to leave out the minutia. Stop with that sometimes there is a point. Where it's too much is too much and I and I think that will alienate your locker room you'll alienate your workplace. There are a time and a place for that. It just like any locker room it's like a workplace. In if you bring in all this extra stuff in these guys are gonna Nelson on there look across locker match yet they're gonna go to why do you to what what is this right now. And there's gonna be others that are support. But your main goal. To win a football game and if that doesn't happen and you have the distractions oh boy watch out. Isn't that the ultimate catch Tony to here. Is that you sit there is no hasn't medium weather will you. Although one against him you know in that is that's what it's all about but. At same time you have a guy who can win you some games. Who's sitting on the free agent market. Is it persona verse ability that's the question here in. How can one team that's thirty coming up and attacks on 55 TO five. Not. Go after a guy like calling cabinet it is 642 on the fan. This is the final sixteen with additional Dustin camp in the morning rusty by a series happened and on Jan ABC. 955305. College athletic. Is visibility. Or persona and it's keeping him on the sidelines and not signing a free agent deal. The stakes at 55305. Says. You know I think that Ramos situation is holding up the quarterback marker and how much of that do you think plays into the fact that. A guy like calling Kapanen ideas I'd is still unsigned Britain. Mean maybe miniscule yes maybe maybe a little bit hit it the all these agents are connected every single one of the agents are connected to the general managers. They all talk. So everybody knows were called world were Tony Romo is going its simplified down to one maybe two teams it's the Texans maybe. Denver maybe at the most where else is Tony romo's not going anywhere. To go sit and ride the pine or be leader of a crappy franchise so it's really simple we birdied. Done the process of elimination for that's for sure you'd say okay operate as a backup somewhere. Potentially gonna fight for starting lineup but where. Is he gonna fit one has come to system style. In a team and a franchise that doesn't care about the outside distractions can you name that off the top your head do you feel comfortable just throwing out a franchise right now. That it's all those criteria that's willing to deal with a browns. About it knew it and have to lose that's about it they got rid of RG three who was this a call and Capra clone in my eyes. He really was. They're both they both do the exact same thing with the exact same skill set. One is more injured the other is. Just as good an answer Graham I don't know I mean you're just looking out. Now and that is in that's that the tough part about if you wanted to blame this on Romo pulling up the free agent market you also have to look at the back 99 quarterbacks says it's signed him. You know I mean nine of seventeens over half the quarterbacks have signed. A new free agent deals are guys that remain are cabernet. A little while he sees me ten. Has signed an I don't know if you remember whom we first started the show we were talking about the up the the high peaks of San Francisco and called capita compared to Russell Wilson. And I made a bold statement and we were talking comparing answer Graham accounts and everyone who was sitting there saying no look at cabernet keys this and then look at Russell Wilson means this. And I said Colin capita will be out of the league in four years. The reason why he'll be out of the league is because he takes more time carried about this than he does about his game program. He wasn't one of those things rice said I've seen this before but I have seen a foreign players. Especially at the highest. Most important position in all of sports is the quarterback level. This is why Colin Capp critic is not only gonna struggle to find a job when he's got a stroller receive the field again. It's just it's a natural progression of who he is is a player this isn't a knock on him assists a lot of players experience this. Yeah and we have this conversation every year you know another guy whose. Ability. Is. Is ending question. Is Jay Cutler right if he doesn't have baggage he still remains. On the free agent market and the conversation isn't. Ongoing alongside him because he's in the number of Bayer's. Teammates that have come that Jake Heller's support it. Very true it has been amazing to see hilly those guys have stepped up and Sid 20 everybody's wrong Thomas that's farmers are dude I've heard multiple stories about Jay Cutler and so is everybody. Two color holds himself a certain way he's got a public perception. This league once you have of an identity stamped on you. You're not getting rid of no so eight if we're looking at eighth we see hear me say two guys that are talented. They are Cutler Capra neck right they're not guys they you're gonna say we're gonna put our franchise on his back he's only susceptible all right. Now detect you said he is rotten heat they think Romo is holding up the market on quarterbacks do you think that that that narrative fits for Cutler but not Capra neck. I know I just because of baggage where I don't think so they're just guys that are done. Also to remember these guys have just come off ungodly amounts of money and contracts awarded their agents going to do. Well Fredricka. Let it yeah no that's an alternate colors gonna take Jay Cutler just got done what and he makes 1614. Ridiculous stealing. 900000. Oh what if no they're gonna hold out the agents can say will take twelve million and the people we're gonna kill. Per million for smoking Jay Cutler. No that's not that's not gonna roll jeopardy discovery fourteen million. And IE you know there is a lot you. Calling cap for next kneeling for the National Anthem. There's a lot to that and we mean we discussed we brought it off the top. That you know our president yesterday said that his Twitter account is one of the reasons why he isn't. Going to be signing a free agent contract is nobody wants to see. What's gonna be coming from the power of Twitter and you know it vat to mean it has just as much to do with it as his skills a because as he set. His quarterback rating was old better than a lot of quarterbacks is passing Heatley for crappy team if and when he had a great defense and he had good weapons around him. Go to the stink it's a boy and had a phenomenal coach by the way there and now as a perfect as a perfect storm in calling cabinet in he played very well limit and was able to play within that says if you draw attention to you. Self in this league this isn't this is the political point this is just your this is basic. Logic if you draw attention to yourself that isn't just about football you prepared for the repercussions. Yeah if you do that he's specially with today. No matter what side you're on a matter what stance do you wanna be on the side of this and beside of that. As soon as you put that outside of football their majority of this league does not wanna do that there are some that do there's there's whatever. I'm not on the fence on this I don't wanna do that. I don't wanna take my politics into sports but if you do. Be prepared for the repercussions I'm not saying caller capita was up prepared for I believe he was. And that's why does have a job absolutely. And mystic says though 55 to your five I guess that's who brought what's wrong with the world today we trashing guys who had the balls to take a stand. In the you know what coach is exactly right but it's not the world today. It is in the world today that gets around for Mohammed Ali. Got trashed him and he he was raked through the coals for take a San against the Vietnam War. We've had several instances where guys have taken stands in the in the sixties and seventies. And they were black balled from the lake they were forgotten in the annals of history. Because of the fact that you know you you dare wasn't a social media presence there wasn't a a big reaction like calling dapper nick got. But guys getting black alters their personal stance is something that has has been happening for years anyway and we are just talk about Tim Tebow you can go opposite ends of the spectrum sure you know controversy. That's around calling cabinet. Or the circus. That just surrounds Tim Tebow. This text or Kansas is cam you're wrong give cap predict a run game and only defense and he's back in the Super Bowl. Yeah that's fine if you if you wanna believe that it's just not that simple. It isn't he had a great running game in San Francisco he had a very good defense he got to the Super Bowl but he lost. He had a coach he had Jim Harbaugh and call it cap pretty means. Somebody that is so hyper focused as a coach that is so get it for just move him into this narrow funnel. And how to limit his skills because he's got good skills but there's only surmount thinks he can do on the field he does now have a great accurate arm he's got a lead arm. He's not accurate knees and very good runner but do you want him to be outside the pocket doing that when he's one hit away from you your season being done. He's not a true leader when it comes to his ability to lead the team that came from tons of other guys on tempered Cisco. I think it's it's to take did you seek him a run game and a defense there's a lot of great quarterbacks that have great run games and good defense it's now it takes more. There's there's more. Yeah Emmy and there's a lot more to a dead dog goes into winning chant each way way more. It's funny how quickly like the narrative changes on a guy that can remember went happening was making his Super Bowl run how people were saying. This is the future I would take him over Russell Wilson oh every single everybody jumped on everybody was on their training for one to two years I was ever on it was cheered by just but the majority be Bork and he's not the only guy this happens to me it's not. Just this is political stance that he will jump Dottie fell off. Haven't to a lot of guys is funny how quickly the narrative shifts you know we like what. You don't know because we've seen stand in the pocket for years we've seen Tom Brady for years we've seen. Dan Marino we've seen it Joseph Montana week when we saw Colin cabinet we want war 065 run and a 44. When an ungodly arm. We've seen this before them was RG three does everybody else. It's not sustainable in the NFL. That's it just it physically is not sustainable. Well just wait until we aside boards on quarterback and they don't get hurt because there have machine Cyberworks. Its future man well I starship troopers are about the performance enhancer. Meanwhile don't don't worry about concussions union. Computer chip in the brand was there mu what mood with low starship troopers yeah Thursday troopers right yeah. Was added that they haven't decide well blame I really thought that that would be a future sport. Until I watch slam ball happen sooner and announce Nike and the starship troopers things never gonna work. Slam all of you remember that when you the guy who used to run the 76ers started that trampling basketball league. I'm may remember that's Imus then as I can spike TV or whatever it was it was terrible you to do or and it was really trying to. All right thank you sex cumin calling Capra nick. Persona. Vs ability because he gets and good we get some. Pretty good arguments on both sides of this thing because in this is why if you were to look at our techs and I think you can see why teams are afraid to sign him. Is because a house split it is and you can get a guy who's on Matt Cassel. Who has won eleven games. In the NFL but guess what nobody's gonna notice that he sitting on your bench from hearing right. And that's that's basically what it comes down to for a lot of teams in the league in one Texas a note a list of guys have been black balled from the league is pretty and seen less. 55305 is the tax on more people watch in the NCAA tournament this year than having a long time a big reason it might be easy to find this is dusting camp.