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Dusty and Cam - 3.21.17 - Hour 2

Mar 21, 2017|

Why is viewership up in the NCAA Tourney? NBA resting players, Michigan's secret weapon, and the dumbest thing you can do to impress a female.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Madness continues. Out here. The final sixteen we connection dusty and Jim in the morning. Grab you by Sherry cafe in prize what's your favorite series. Hope now attending the N dot com and win high for a year dusty and AB. Israel. It's time both on the. Others though they were just talking about college cabernet and as this from Mike Florio pro football talk dot com last year at the break. You miss the most in the show because literally as we went to break. He does an article that according team Kevin secretive espn.com. The Hamilton tiger cats calf. Haven't squatted on Nina get the CFL rights to both calling cap for nick and Robert Griffin the third. But that seventies and on the cubs did seize her on both well RG three and cabernet and saying hey guys. You're gonna be a tiger cat if nothing else. He also guide as a huge endorsement from his former coach to a Michigan is Jim Harbaugh. Came out said Colin Capra take NFL teams he will be a great. Quarterback. He will win championships who said that this is this is also pro football talk coming from Jim Harbaugh are about said that he'll have a great career quote. NBA great quarterback win championships. And as long as you the coached I'll a lot of can you zero college eligibility maybe that's why calling Kapanen got to smalls because Jamar buzz whole milk was taken on the facility boy did go begin I think Colin. Deborah acted. So he wouldn't be drinking a lot of milk re here he didn't need the team I don't know if that's true. Pat that's where all of Yahoo! that's a double check that's fine but sort of area in Foster. I don't know and how are they both doing slalom. Okay what in their hands in defense he was injured a lot before he was at the end yes so. I think you make it work mill he's still pretty whatever X. I I need some scientific research to prove to me you don't need protein we approach to yet did you can't get enough. You can't but you can't get enough. He mean protein you you knew you're not studied a lot of nuts you know lot of nuts and can. The NCAA tournament is to get a little bit of a beastie. Unbeaten ratings. Are the highest for the opening week in the NCAA tournament since 19931. That's 24 years while right. And yup now 44 years you have to do your mouth yes I felt I was gonna get out my calculator I said you know it uh oh boy is that right attitude yet haven't won in a 24 years it is the highest ratings are 34%. From a year ago why. I I don't yeah you do what we all have a theory that's got their theory I Crawford do you have a theory. No he doesn't I actually like I have I've two going into you know meld them into moments ago one. Theory was a good basketball. Not the first court your ninety day here's his thing. Is that I don't know if if it's just need. Here in in maybe just the lack this general lack of upsets right I guess you've had a says he's just not monumental ones. I feel as if when I'm watching. The college game right now. That I think it's better then what it has been over the last handful of years in I'd I can't tell you why I think it's better because. We watch is the dean of the organ Rhode Island gaming EC organ in the ball over the floor in the first half and ten turnovers. But it just seems like. We're seeing better shooting performances and in less isolation one on one ball. In yet teams that UCLA heads distributes the ball and they're kind of it's fun basketball to watch it's not just sticky in the half court and lol you to death because. These kids just don't know how to play basketball anymore so I think a little tenacity that I think that's why people are watching him. I'm going with the snowstorm on the East Coast and I that's number I I I honestly do East Coast was buried in snow last week. And you're using the weather route which I don't disagree with because I think that a lot of us and rain we've got on the Wesco Ethel a lot of kids stuck at home now. EMA in people not being able to go to work you know it is the East Coast in ninety general like where her body goes to work what's going on with our roads now like there's so much over their. It worked was canceled people they're stuck at all. There taken long weeks working from home and I think that has a lot to do that too. You have the weather theory yeah maybe the basketball Spherion basketball very small very small period yet theory Crawford no side. It might my personal ratings are down so there are held really really I wants less this year than any time analyzing my ears and in over a dad should be a reason to stay on the couch and tune and I don't know I don't know what it is as I wants is much I have a couple thoughts and theories this is it this is it just my illness has been spread across all sports talk radio. In all sports in general I think from my personal demo. Of people that that really loves sports and grew up loving basketball. For me. College basketball's only thing left when ice at this time that I felt like I was watching the game. And I was a watch and somebody give me a political stance. I was watching somebody sell me shoes a wasn't waiting for the next guy to sit out because he didn't wanna play he was tired from a four games in five nights. I saw young guys that are never gonna play in the NBA. One or two maybe. But they all fought they'll have this passion to play and they all striving for this one time we need to see the energy you can get the feel of it. It was a real sports it wasn't about political stands it wasn't about. Who's gonna do what wasn't a coach. Standing up in front of everybody trying to sell me the fact it is player these tiny hurt. Guys are playing hurt. Kids retired everything about it so that for me was but the point is as I wanna break. I'm the last guy that's gonna come to a party wanna sit down do you wanna talk about global warming. Or the financial and handed out. Or ominous sit there and immediately tell you what what conservative side I'm on or what liberal side MR. I don't I don't ever wanna do that anybody that knows me says I hate it. With a passion and would be that guy and I all know you're that guy you Hayden and bill you'll all know you have that friend. Do you like that guide the party that does that mean first thing out of his mouth. Odd that trump bursting out of his mouth you just he just. This was an outlet for me to just watch sports again and felt like we are watching sports now 34%. Increase. Because of snow could be no but I think us as a society years that we might be a little tired and hearing be being sold. The bill of goods. We just wanna watch some sport sometimes don't you wanna have a separation. Yeah I actually yeah I actually can't do that because a lot of times on the singing of the whole student athlete NCAA. Look at all the money there. I think of that when I watch Sosa I don't know basses me personally would be how I'm wired or I see a guy like poison Nigel nasal Wisconsin is actually in a lawsuit against the NCAA right now so I. I wasn't able to feel that but I do steel where you're coming from because sports. Aren't escape for their. Often viewed as as deep in our society. But a lot of times that there is Thomas Colin cabernet it's all bleeding to gather so it's crossing over so so maybe in this is the last bastion that then that's good for you. Well a forty bashed another of its last but maybe it's a small window yes you know this is a is this is it something else that I was kind of looking at. And going through it 29 games that were under ten points this weekend as well. Mean maybe a little more drama than usual please email your heel that you have Cinderella. But you had games that were close in your games that come down to the wire right and you had a lot of almost does that's where he you couldn't walk away from the television right. Michael reads anybody walking away from that SMU USC game. If you started watching that game and you are walking away from that Rhode Island org that you had these games that you had to watch in a hold on to you you don't South Carolina duke Ginn Zagat. In really all the big games but bad they're in Zagat and northwestern game. You're not turning that way Oklahoma State Michigan was game that. You're not turning that game off I think got a lot of that had a lot of it had to do because when you had a blowout like that Florida beat. Build. Whatever out of the team yes I do is like seven need at 35 or something. And as that game is that I never even. Turn the channel that game because there was a tight game on at the exact same time. She auctions you have. Did the options but it wasn't like you had multiple blow lots going on at the same time. You had it yet a tight game on almost all day long you had something to watch for from Thursday through Sunday. In a big that is a little bit different than yours faster it would be like blow out city new nap time and people would just figure out cam done. The other wasn't fly I do think that from here on out from here on out now there were in the sweet sixteen. With those blue. There there it is viewership is gonna start to dip depth it's going to drop. You know this Texas 55 DO five says. In that a historically. By the way first cheer on Steve you well and then sweet sixteen only date. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday is not going to be very very bright. What you see here is that a lot of people think you know in the NBA seems a stage now teams are fixed players sit too good Dave Chappelle. Never should gave you all that money. Now now urging him on our money. And that is. Something they sit there and you look and you go. If the NBA's races are taking taking away from the NCAA tournament either because look what happened on Saturday. You know sat ABC's all hot and bothered because cavaliers rest guys truck and nick there's no competition there on Saturday. BA is completely different to what it could be used to be you just watched games you know now it's there's just there's just so many more layers to it to me and it it is I try to keep a local because just mentally. Three when I watch but. I'm just one demo Dirk there's a lot of other feelings of what you loved about watching college basketball. For me it just felt like there was more on the line and every secondly every minute every possession. Felt like there was something on the line I don't feel that sometimes an NBA. Other sports right now do you think there's a sense of urgency to me that's always true yeah we wouldn't want it when you're when you know that you have one game to play in your done. You get. May give full effort and Ed crying crying northwestern kid to you all the emotions of it crying northwestern with great rubber bands I've ever had programs only embraces on the I didn't have a bands in brown mind Joseph right on forward you under Branson is sick over by yet bro yeah I really can't. An update for a topic yesterday Alba Adam silver steps then when it comes to players resting in marquee games and why you lots and turning this is dusting camp. This is a final sixteen win commission of dusty can jam in the morning. Roughly by series. I'm Kennedy is okay. And in northwestern kid. We've become so famous oh I don't know if everybody everybody that watched that game and sat there and it. We've discussed this yesterday I hope that mean gets replaced from the crime Jordan. They crying northwestern kid down the crime and to northwestern kid takes over you don't think that's a little out of bounds tonight have a child be I think. Thought CBS. Did an exorbitant. About an old little color and crying kids and embrace it but I diagonal labs like. I wonder what crank it down about that plan OK. It is like it's it's kid Nancy we've seen crying kid to forgo Michael Stewart show and and say whether or not Williams weekly radio kaelin's due all right you if you're driving down I five in uses these cars here this. I'm we'll everybody's secure handout at the new joy crying northwestern did. I continued who takes pleasure in watching ninety crowd hooted pleasure I don't I gave Glaser wife Terry practice I didn't take any play I hit play and I was entertained by it I love I'm not gonna lie and put in this economy Lesnar makes your payment is pleasure. Well I am okay yeah living out there. Lester I day I was in different I had I felt bad form actually did anybody else think. This bit never read their report on ice and then as again but he got ripped them honestly they got ripped who. Northwestern the call was unfair. Big idea I had a edited at Daytona but the kid got ripped him like no he's gonna have to which go back to school before or transmitted and and and that's gonna love that the kids famous yeah he just got his fifteen minutes for life yeah he'll be on every Twitter Ime is our infamous. Because middle school kids he's a mean brutal heat I mean point nowadays is it what do people really care about these guys or famous he's Indian Tosh Plano in I don't know by the end of the sentence. But I thought and as a semi off. That's many Darren or well like. Likened rebelled northwestern guy he can't act like that Al rebels aren't we gotta argue though or how powerful or famous at this point I had might wanna might my kids came home and sit catch me outside how about that. But so what this goes back to I mean outside girl how about that crap Gerri what Jerry Rice to be dead yet today I don't and I said what the hell is that. Out as you what does that mean in Morgantown as you do what is best what does that mean. What is the meat what does it mean an analyst at the end and all the sudden I look at there's this idiot person that's famous for saying now on doctor filth so my point was. Is that you said how is infamous or famous I believe he cares and win my personal separation my favorite part of the Dr. Phil interview that girl is in doctor Phil's like. Why do you talk less. If the history of bad doctor hill she is sitting there like I'm from the streets is like your mom doesn't look like I'm out of. On top. He had that will let the heck is that just drop our honor ocean so we. Paid forty Grimm the students. And talked and why. Now she's a skins in by champion as she still their logo for her merchandising you pupil. He has also becoming a mean now you wherein. I just word hello I'm waiting for dad and me and me. As I'm waiting for you to become one I don't have that I don't have enough gumption to be mean. Now I just happens you don't take it in Asia this year and using Michael Jordan wanna become trying Jordan. He's Michael Jordan giving Michael Jordan wanna become sealing his truth and he's doing another Ruth did a bird that's. A ditty. Diddy was the measurement for Buena. Inches. She's got nothing but the best. Museum me is the root let's admit it didn't happen. That that that and not Michael's sudden having beverages for you to we know if they don't keep having beverages. I need more ceiling as the roof. It is all one of the best things is a guy who's been you know this guy who butchers the he butchers the old sayings. You know how old although he's sent back at. He's Yogi Berra hit right have a modern day Yogi Berra and that are around Michael Jordan I was early modern day yogi and boo is anybody can become. Yogi Berra Joseph he Gil you isms are. The world's greatest. The world's yeah. Yeah you know wonderful. He. And allens true Adam silver has called on the owners to step then in case people are. Thinking of resting guys now. He has sent a memo. To all thirty NBA owners saying. Hey guys. Build league is. Or the network partners are pretty pissed right now and did you guys please get involved. In need decisions to rest players during games and not just make it coaches and general managers yet because checks are coming to you. And they really are undergoing the players do and basically they said is. The deal league's hands are tied. Because they can't force team tested it to rest players but what the league is gonna do is he saying you we will have harsh punishment if you don't need here to the league's policy. On giving notice. To your opponent to the league in the broadcast partners win those players are gonna be resting you're going to see and and. X collective bargaining agreement cure that's what's gonna happen you're gonna have new injury report criteria. You're gonna have guys that say I have I have a strange to me. Well that reports gonna have to come two days prior to that he came in when a team comes to town you can have strict regulations. And this is also was how can you tell me that if a basketball player is tired and fatigued. He might have a back strain. List among the list among the injury report you know he's on the injury report. He's in a week just like the NFL does we don't have the luxury of having a weeks long it added injury report like NFL does. But that's all you're gonna have to do you know players are gonna start coming up with. Their own injuries are to say I'm resting tonight coach my back lemon back spasms you know what that is your broker you're just tired you know. Well anyway if you wanna do that's how you gonna start regulating injury it's great hockey great. Popovich really did start the resting guys thing because EZU don't want with a time before he used to just be. Will lower back tightness like you said Brad May be something was nagging you'd daisy I brains don't push it. Don't push it but now it's just they're cop and on dissent. Like or an item Tim Duncan two years ago he Dave played in Portland now in on the box score it's a DNP. In and that was. That's why they're holy war I need to say but when you do that you going human NBA championships. In you know less in the NBA finals in Western Conference finals year after year here. That's really what matters in the DN BA's looking at right now is they've got a problem. With I give you my take an economics term micro verses macro right here because if you look at what be what individual NBA teams scare about. Is do you think that the cavaliers fan base is upset that they arrested and hi every LeBron and Kevin Love and one game Mercer no no no they work because they all care does your team when a chip and they're there money still is green the big picture. What the NBA is looking at is we need to cavs had their stars on the floor but it the cavs know hey. We're still gonna get that national TV checked. In in the ABC and TNT they can't called take back some of that money and that's something that is has been released by the way in now you're but now you're commissioner is stepping up. It but EE in that and that's why he's having to fight this battle because. Teams don't do this at home. They do on the road because they need to you have their local fan base they need to appease those people. Right and in they do that that's not gonna hurt their ticket sales. What's Gunner in sold their bottom line is an affected whatsoever because wind when Cleveland goes to Golden State and they rest guys. Or you know bone steak does San Antonio and rest guys nobody. In the Golden State Warriors organization nobody in their fan base is really affected by that. I said this yesterday and I'll say it again and there are beat Intel fan bases and people start standing up and stop consuming it there will not be change. This in the history if you wanna buy the ticket no problem there's fifty other people behind you that will give him in a buyer for the same amount or the buy for less. And they'll keep showing up and you'll keep showing up and it just doesn't change there's no way to stop unless you affect change how do you affect change. Gonna have a mass exodus when it comes to watching consuming the sport. They're more teams. That are putting on a bad bad product because they're taking. Or or more games affected because teams are resting players right now. Mean guys news because all argue this on. Adam silver and don't worry about and good teams resting players. When you've got an issue of you've got teams in LA. Phoenix. New York and Brooklyn. New York Knicks who are all legitimately. Not playing players because they want to suck. Every single night that they play. Every single night yet. He's upset because their marquee games which are few and far between right yet but they're great teams that are resting guys every single game. It is. A rare occasion this is the power of Deanna or the the NBA in their ability to beef player friendly this is Adam silver he's a great commissioner. But they've allowed the players to become the controlling factor in this league is a players league. It's called super teams. Everybody's on one team when your stars are evenly distributed and they're all join in up with a one team. You get this hot garbage it's at the bottom yeah and that's why you're league looks this way. In I'd argue. More games are affected because. If tanking in the product is crucial because they suck we don't care right you're gonna get the national right national televised games this is that this is nothing more than the broadcast partners really getting fired up about it. And they have a right to because they paid billions of dollars. The ducts or Kansas City down to the sweet sixteen how Tom Brady Ian Desmond Howard are playing a role in the 2017 Michigan surge in basketball. The first discussion of sorts and. This is a final sixteen regulation of dust and jam in the morning rusty by serious cafe and high on terror navy so prayer meet. The organizer bound for Kansas City they take on. They take on Michigan and sweet sixteenth. With a chance to union meet up with the winner of Kansas incurred to you by the way every ten years Kansas City does he get the radio broadcaster Kansas City for the NFL every time you with us down. I know that guy now. Are you kidding me no. I've no idea what you're talking about who. We what is your radio broadcaster every time he scored a touchdown. When he Suisse says Kansas City the way he says Kansas City when they score a touchdown is gratifying to dissolve radio broadcaster radio ruckus that Kansas City, Kansas and I don't listen to Kansas City every time they score I have never saw some analysts and not achieve some broadcast all day and you guys stuck RS. Law. Some real their nose and I'm sure we have Larry came I go knock somebody just shocks and that you know. Know whom you speak of but they take on that Michigan who has revived short shorts. That I have you noticed that they are aggressively short shorts aggressively short basketball program. And it's very fitting that Michigan basketball deal once you bring back short shorts after they were the ones that brought us baggy shorts they brought us black socks and baggy shorts with the fab five yes they were the originators fashion trend and really baggy shorts before that. Everybody was John Stockton and Karl Malone in and out there. It did you come on they were not yours they're real time cotton polyester now earlier polyester all lies they were so bad. That's so bad I was fortunate my. Jay junior year 1991. Is when they stepped up. Real junior 9192. And finally had linked to the knees really cool. Truly needs. Hop anyway yeah. Khan to the needs that's today he's trio in Arabic but all above and eases back. Above and eases back in a big way and Michigan goes shorter than anybody I've seen in recent memory as a whole. On oh goodness now centrist is saying air Ed Michael Jordan took the baggy shorts and also known known. He made them all into this is blown up my taxes on our own right now I'm looking out my opponent deceit ventures Tex come an end. This is what he lives or he's gonna fellow bearing down Michael Jordan. I might know that he's this government he might he might have a little bit more. I think it was as a team as a whole it was Michigan yes sure. Murdering will go home we'll give centrists is due because he'll be joining us Thursday from Kansas City. And hopefully. You know we can. We can no get some barbecue recommendations because can't city's great barbecue city. Did it is and it's not Kevin Harlan guys it's not Kevin Harlan who does that Kansas City to Mitchell discusses its Mitchell's the next. A kind of looked up chrome Google it I'll put that on ask jeeves but the short short way. No Michigan Wolverines. They're red hot right now I mean they caught fire in the Big Ten tournament they were kind of their middle there a Big Ten team. And new debt bubble was about to be Burson turn if they got an early exit if you thought there heading that way. With their plane crashing on the way to the Big Ten tournament. But scary day go on and an incredible run they hold off in the round of 64. Or an Oklahoma State team they win by one. They advance hassle bull. In DP TC. In their read on Roland Pete Campbell. The Sports Illustrated wrote what I thought resisted at prince. Pretty incredible article about this guy named great Harden. Who is the executive associate athletic director that is a lot of titles. And to have it. A city's executive associate a full director Ed that everybody's title now does go to every university everybody's an associate athletic director but executive yeah. That's another addition I haven't heard before yeah exactly. Executive associate yet is that the white troops who that he's a little bit more than you assistant to the regional manager. Executive but in this guy's of those guys that they kept teammate around and be cut it by giving him more titles because of the fact of his value. He's a guy that was brought in by both Shem Bakalar in 1986 because there's an alcohol and drug problem on the Michigan campus. And bush and bikers like did I need to guy can handle this he is a social worker before he landed on Michigan. And his role has kind of just been like mentor. Kind of part time psychologist. Part time administrator. On both more or less just hand Elaine players and kind of how they are off the floor not as much or or playing field as much as they are. And when Michigan this year is one and three in Big Ten play in it just gotten. Trounced by Illinois. They had Derek wall and junior who has emerged as their game changer in the reason that they had a big turnaround is his scoring and he when he met with Greg Harden. And Harden gave him a ages let kids event in Hardin gave him some advice which is sometimes. Selfishness. Works in sports. In from that conversation on. Michigan's season has turned. And you have Derek Walton junior has gone from a middle of the road decent Big Ten player in the star this Michigan basketball team. And the incredible part about what great Harden is done. Is he had to give the same pep talk. To Tom Brady. Who was gonna leave. In Desmond Howard who's thinking of transferring when they moved him from running back to wide receiver. You correlation here on this guy is like this secret weapon. Of Michigan athletics in its turn the Michigan basketball season around just by him given little putt Tug of be selfish I beefy I don't whom police. Right I'm I'm a huge proponent of trying to find number one motivations. How to speak to athletes how to make it work how how did connect. With your brain to be able to say something and there's a light bulb moment. There are a lot of smarter people out there than any holy smokes there's millions. When you have some of that this kind of insight from social order experiences that I understand how to connect with the young man or a young woman. In this way Michigan has it who would we call they will what's what are we looking for. If a unicorn of sorts don't day. Helping their low whisper like out athlete whisper. Someway somehow. Indicated you they're gonna give credit to this Tuesday to agree is great hard Greg Harden yeah I wanna know. Yeah fortunately we're talking don't know. Well it being credible part about this in ten deterrent as after that immediately after that. Walton junior. Who has kind of put this team as likely is team in assists and has turned in their scoring later he'd had three. Scoring performances the twenty points or more. In the season prior to that. And since that he is only failed to get to double figures once he scored twenty points or more nine times. Nine times and we would get this game and how organ stacks up against Michigan. Guard plays where and obviously organist strong and it's going to be how today out of the ducks slowdown. Who was involved sooner. Wagner of Wagner and mr. short shorts himself. Was number five Wilson EJ Wilson. It's slowing down those two guys and their bigs is gonna be we're organ wins or loses game. But I always love define these stories about how you can turn. It's the little things that turned a season on the center right here in those those little things I can just change your fortunes and we we'd talked about earlier the Damian Miller Robert in just having that reset button in having that mental break. And it'd a loss to Illinois did that for this Michigan basketball team and yeah he says that this Walton G near kid is wired like Desmond Howard. Like Tom Brady in in this current time moments that's going to be the guy that ends up winning games. For Michigan. I loved this quote the alpha dog as unquote. Surfaced and starting biting folks in the boot. Into. It's crazy man the alpha dog hair found that touchdown called no. Mitchell Holtz this both polls all with this campus. Let's no holds this okay. And post. Here it is and it that's it wow that's pretty cool gives a bit. Yeah that's one thing just admit that he's that's his signature every time as the senate does its not Delhi says every single time. And but his voice has gotten deeper over the years but he'd always Kansas City. It's every single time is with us. When did you hear that I work for years where would you years though well when you listen that she's sold broadcast we talking about. I'm a sports aficionado I loved broadcast of these low voices Sony's fishy here just like that in I had loser ninja turtle named the cardinals played it color man. The cardinals you'll deep voice scary voice when Arizona Arizona Cardinals. All the Arizona Cardinals color commentator I had everybody knows the voice that's the thing is I know voices. I was I did I don't know I don't listen to allow whole image guard believes. I need darling was a razor blades totally scary frightening. I think any to smoke more of them wasn't my voice is that will freak Craig will feet yeah I think so. I know their voices. Telling. Ron Woolsey Ron Wolf these ice and I know Kirschner a dozen helpful I know that's that's an employee theft and I recognize people's voices not their names. I hear in the background as this is what it is and I recognize the voice. I'm great with the voices and faces terrible name by the wearable cameras is yelling at TV producers Kirschner and he's yelling need a mile year. Here in the back and Randy chimes in over here and indeed have dubbed like my peanut gallery get him out of nowhere we are Dziena gallery at Il. Pressure is like a mystery science feeders too fast. I yelled you don't want to manhunt rated passer out of me it's a dream for. RA it's done. And I. What an Australian man did. To get a reporter to say this. Do you understand that life's that the country thinks that you'll one of the stupidest people around right now. That this access. It is 745 on the front. This is a final sixteen which edition of dusty and jam in the morning rusty by series have been high on generated so Sam. I got a new chair thanks the people that offers a cracked. I know we were trying to we are playing musical chairs here trying to show them any tears if one of them got broke two weeks ago that that somebody said but Brooke get. I feel like I'm arrived at a different level right now you feel different you like change. Yeah I'll love change this year is really small ominous switch back to the larger cheer which you ended up switching and we got a new one so things are. You know didn't know you turn your new cheers now. Is a lot like nuclear arsenal and noticing right now you know one other thing is is someone tried to sell me the fact that they can have a spray that's new car smell no it's not done. Now I know now invited use for briefs. You for breach your car and occasionally. A kind of stinky boys. Mean so there's that aren't all I have we gave you great he's here. And before the break. The person that is being dubbed the stupidest. Man in Australia. And at this comes us is it comes to us on the run down on enough. About a young lad you try to do impress a girl. By jumping into the water because he said none none none none now. The crux won't attack humans. On WR and a he's trying to you I'm impressed a European tourists in Australia in his lane is name is a lead to talk. He's an eighteen year old. And we'll let you hear what happened next. Late jumped into the Johnston reaper in the early hours of Sunday morning from the moment he hit the wall shut the crocodile heat team. Grading you dumb dragging him down he punched it in the snout. But he dragged teams seeks reaches and was about to cripple the death roll a split second desperate decision to gadgets I saved his life the croc. Released then back to the stairs with one folk beyond. And pull myself up. And now he just has broken arm. Broken arm. Because of that. Have you done anything dumb do impress a girl I mean this is what ordeal on the dumb. Well Lou Lou what is it was anything regretful in the new impress a girl. I don't know my whole life right. Man we all day and we've all done somebody could try to get the girl world doing some jump amid some regretful decisions I mean. But nothing IA had nothing Mecca of harm I thought that I was gonna be cool and get her attention in college her is girl. Before my wife. The I thought it would be cool to me pretend to horror be it beverage over her head that is the dumbest idea. Well I would say ever but she was so busy talking to somebody else and I needed to get her attention so I went. Would you like a beard she was yeah I get me a beer and I go. Got to beard but that's not I don't know why I'd audio sorted I so I don't know heavier all REIT will just I was just hovering at it was this hovering in our ages tilted a little I got a lot of those like. And it just you know dribble. Hit it in. And beer came out. I was very I was like oh let me carry you home from the bar and I'm like who let me Iran to get you home faster it was raining ice slipped. I badly bruised her tail bone who might. I'm in the same line I do well. Kind of in the same boat there there's a girl wanted to wanted to issue we are like walking home from downtown re holding him now this one killed the drill there immediately though. And she gonna get into it like we want to ask her she surged seconds analog Yemen and jump in this cardinals like all right final push you saw a whole lot of word. I mean. Ass over tea kettle but she's a role in right now sufficient. Because I did that push push in them and yeah I know possible. Done. Yeah feels like something that you would do alana on a jackass guys you can tell I don't know you associate with I wasn't trying to take your launcher over the curb. Steve O was in the background would do it again that's even a bit. Ed in the this unit. So I dropped off at the hospital now since bush Jews. Know hostels are Balkan look at why the hell would you jump into the river with a crocodile. Well the better quote is got that but that's a very good question. To understand that life's at the country thinks that you'll one of the stupidest papal around right now via ocean what's your response to that. I'm not really. Among this. Mean I'm not conquer point. Are right there is no good oh really had nothing I think they could indeed be the goal part of it used to be his. We were listed his people around Roberta and Honda we have birdie the girl yes she isn't she was shackled around it yet she's 24 months might look like he's eight Al he looks exactly like Hillis like looks the word for Ozzie white trash. Needs are such a thing not a not a word if this to happen in Florida. Ten. Maybe not ideology is. I told her our problem that's your that's your Daytona and delegate more billionaire he's jump run and they keep cropping immunities there's got to be so one of the Australian equivalent to that guy that guy yeah. In this is totally I am sure if we were from. Florida it aussies have access or within Australia woods Ernie Australians out there you know we have our hands and other national polls that we have our we have our our Betty and I do not having gods we are northerners yeah. I'm seeing Nomar Californians are likes you knows and like like Clinton likes Brock. If you did this is in the no our tour boat in its billion billion yen because you guys from. Far north Queensland is what they're calling it rank and Johnstone river. I'm assuming that that area of Australia is the same way Americans look at Florida. I'm just on now on out there I don't know he could have went eagle Florida do you still have I think of old people and white linen and tells you should think of Florida that lack. Because he's the most bizarre news wanna keep Jenna Hiller is with me comes out of Florida. Like my name is different I know what that's what I think yeah go to like Miami is different than that people don't know. Canada floor for to bring his lower big long stay I no longer state maybe people from from a Tampa America's days Janis and bills yes. Load in Tallahassee all right so the next big question. The kid is down we know that. He jumped in a crocodile infested waters knowing that they were crocodile infested waters. Did it work. Teaching teaching gym do you think it worked to Osama do you think it worked to impress the girl I don't huddling and we know do you approve and they interviewed the girl. And her parents definitely need to be. Contemplating her life choices because Mississippi Paterson. Is gonna go one a day. With Lee. After the idiot jumps into the water that's why guys keep doing it gets bigger by Alec crocodile. She's really on today that would take theater girl and you know it he says did that are here's his response. That is. That is and I both my dogs. It was the greatest drop ever we have to keep that and I it is gonna height hated tennis and I had so he went from. Do you understand that my serve the country thinks that you'll one of the stupidest people around right now. You had this yeah him and it worked. We heard him speak it or not he's Australian. He's just and so nice it came lenders and Americans rallied humans and humans were down we're down a blue homer bringing. My own hands. Seeing crocodile I today cartoons on the death rule. To go all out we'll know this is what they said another gonna kill the croc why. Hey that's our little cries ball policy is now for the kids like no it's tasted blood dad yes I don't know. That's that's the bums me MIT does was across explosive view. Yeah. But yeah it's thank. Walk in the somebody's house and don't expect to get. Do it is by he had an NRA sticker on his front window lock in in the middle of the night yeah he's probably gonna shoot you is where in the series this is guns don't kill people I do rights like and I began more you know sick. This young man. Will go down in history. As being agreed a idiot. But he got the girl he got the girl and that's really all that matters. Whatever happened to the Seahawks flight not air carried he's up to a lot of good dusting him.