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Primetime 3.20.17 Club Hour

Mar 21, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They still listen to the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool and but. This is our podcast that welcome to our part now that's prescilla shards of but it. Do the right thing since 1952. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac and suit brought to you by series cafe and high on two and eighty Fran. Following show may contain adult fame is not suitable for a children's. But I know up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Well I was pretty self explanatory. And the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to flatten Glen his time as we've been. Patrick. Nobody. Soon. Nice. He blows it includes. Yeah. It's. Good when you mini. OK okay. Oh yeah that. And tear on them can't eliminate beautiful beautiful beautiful Monday the first day of spring in the last season for the next couple weeks. Perhaps. Blood to lead Sunday. And again it's now a little bit as I saw some in the forecast Thursday. In your face. Now I I believe I checked because I was looking earlier there this weekend is that April 3 the last nice bright but I think it's supposed to be. Mostly cloudy accomplished it. In many years and there's a chance that. Bolton here. But the greens for the the next month and it's against. Covina home. Sun it was gorgeous. Perfect things they pay how about this giant chicken yeah I kind of thought this was an Internet hoax that first. It was not when you think you see the video on the Internet as as I've become. It's just become suspicious this from CNN I don't trust anything if you haven't seen the big chicken video. Find a comfortable place to sit because nothing can prepare you for the moment this behemoth rules that it is too. Looking like the final Boston video game is it's like the what a great way to describe him as him or her click the chicken the fights Peter Griffin on Family Guy that's what it looks like. That's actually a person's let's check. This chicken is enormous there's no way did chicken can be real Israel. And CNN says that is huge chicken and if he can with the FC and chick. Planet earth needs a whole episode dedicated as did lose big chicken miss. Did not go unnoticed by two there were people spent most of the weekend being scared of him in debating whether or not he is actually just a large chicken. For a large child in the chicken suit now is that ticket allowed the cock fight does this go get bad thing to Mexico stats. Think that's quicker secretariat of fighting as much you may not want to admit you share the earth at this late model dinosaur is definitely not fake. The reassuring question has all the characteristics and he Brahma chicken. Pretty large breed of chicken cultivated in the United States but it knows it's being insisted. For awhile and turn of the twentieth century they were the most in demand meet green in the country. And some of the birds bold step to eighteen plus pounds. That's got to be more than eighty pounds doesn't it so they're saying these monsters can feed a whole family of four for like the week. Please say it's the Stanley bucket off one chicken. We knew it came from you that's right because we just we're gonna load everything up exactly droids and chemicals humanly possible right. It's still weird because I think it's heater even covered in feathers cedar huge. Us some chicken. Now we talk sounds a little like last week we talked about like what if you could only kill wind during the Heatley you can kill with your bare hands. And we've pretty much ruled the Dow and a year being able the chicken and that's about it. I'm we don't you kill method I don't think I'm killing that thank you probably snapped and. Think it is gonna stop there and yet in the her you mentioned taking a cult like that's the face these little things. This Texas tried to realize fog horn might warn you city it's that I'm not happening in the new equipment obviously you can. Where did this come. Well we it was these well there is a guy who posted it on the Internet and just where everything else comes from. Some guy posted on the could do we know is is liking Kentucky I got to believe this is somewhere mid West Virginia perhaps the other said the cultural time work. And annoying it's in that but. That's probably just as easily via no that's not an oratory in are known. Now Kansas home this is maybe Missouri maybe possibly northern Florida. Only a flu season this thing can come. Daylight it is really alarming particularly with the F and check it when you see it. Scary chicken looks like T Rex and I would like to know can you ride this check. And maybe not meet. Like a little kid they'll probably beat your wife read the ticket to know them. Really big chicken. People are saying that you can only weighs about twenty pounds yeah. That's about right read I mean it's big but it's not like it doesn't. I guess it's not a big is a tricky I guess there's no Canadian to like really compare it right. Right I think that's his biggest Turkey I don't think so I mean some Turkey this supposed turkeys are big old. No clues it might just be then there's nothing really like kind of frame of reference to it but it's in the pits. Coalition to OK so it's too busy regular ticking give him and he pastor Rick he's squeezing out he's squeezing out that thing yeah like he barely fits through it. Now if you look at the wall. The pen and he conceded it's got a cement wall the base of it that's probably. Three feet. He's stalls that. And in the rest is chain link. Or restricted. No he's he's massive and I do wanna know can you fight with these things if so why aren't people use them is. Fighting roosters. If this is. Or are they just like gentle giants. I would think from sheer intimidation size alone can Regis she simply now. Equipped with a glow on its head. That's just wondering with the regard having nothing comes strikeout pitch it is scary turn run the other way and it's only a chicken and put it. It normally weird I'm normally say I'm not this is the freedom chicken that's so what other animal could be so giant that it would hear you wouldn't normally doesn't. My big one is an eight. Who wrapped Cheney and you've seen the movie event tiny Energen around you know both would be very scary if you receive it now I haven't seen in men in the movie day day in large and aunt to like the size of the dog and that the dog after the Leeds area is its hearing that they would be terrified and seen here online like the path. Q that's like a petty coming magically gets 7080 pound man don't strong opinions. It would crush you and hands her freaky looking. Museum like up close. Thinks we know things understood through spider into the mix here yeah that's an obvious enhancements hood but spiders are scared of any lead in their small I'm saying. She can eat in the legal ones yet that's true they have been nice casinos get a minute right now maybe balloon handlers. Giant turtles Ernie minutes hearing. Sometimes think of the number one thing that isn't scary but if you immediate what about like I knew that her fruit fly or fly. But about a giant house can't. To shape and my ass kicked by a regular house cat critic can't go nuts on new and repeat restricts. And I I don't interact with cats featured pic of Dele cat once they didn't. Fight unit into the house who can stupidity can perform open we know it was my wife. Group of feral cat was your wife at the time no blood was demanding that I go in or you know. We're within days to go would there you try to. And try to wrangle this cat it was the devastate the addition every man flew about a fifty pounds world. I'm afraid of the jets squirrels are pretty awesome. It'd just be cute and it costs included Lou leash on this guys write us. The giant possibly that's the freaky. Possibly I'm not scared positives from little Erica politically can be consumed Rwanda than usual signs like princess bride you're told me wouldn't be scared of big giant. Why. But it's BI again. All around just no guarantees. Giants. Keep your flying and it doesn't freak me out as much as pertains whacked him some good. Gonna fly off with the ending but like a pop the it giant teeth in its little Brett fees. That's so good I think your misunderstanding how giant time making this fly in my head. Well again we're not anything they like the size of like a sliding glass door Qaeda that's. You've just been ridiculous. Nickname that's that big roots here you clean it if you make something like decides that she. BP did you blow something up but you make anything they just people marshmallow man again big enough it's here. If any and we you blow it up enough but if you if you took a flight you beat the size of the dog one not afraid at possibly the size of the dog. Yes freaking me the hell out. Thanks when we return. The death of the legend. Isn't this club on the team. And eighty. And yeah. Well over the weekend while we were. Watching college basketball check buried dad and son but it's. Legend Chuck Berry which I know very little about. Lose the significance of him that I cannot speak for me didn't work I mean every windows this. Johnny needed players. Yeah I'm I'm with you I can't sit here and tell you that I know and ten chuck Berry's. Obviously Vegas Nelly he screwed moved. He's preventive strike is Nellie was walking out of place and you're asking him about Chuck Berry can their gloves it was no they are. I join you then musical legends of the what's your favorite song in New Delhi had nothing. Couldn't couldn't come over one pretty good look don't be good really got out of one mile. There's like. Well if I had any opinion on nearly four. I know negative. Ruler route Beethoven and old affluent. Rocker room music Johnny B good how about minding Alain. He did might be going to forget about. You know that was his only number one hit but not yeah that's is known him wincing at the leader ruins. As I tell you they would your big only really do it. Again. Yeah I'm just not. Well not up on it inning to lift some amateur there was an assistant. The lot of guys I definitely think even when David though we died down I knew that David though week. But I'm not like a David though we fanatic and I know that there's a cultural significance here but it. I I could probably name you. And you know 78 David Bowie songs and then that's pretty give them and then I'm I'm gonna run out which I guess is better than took very good. He also was a little bit before my time is a lot of people like that that you're aware of but you don't and. But I think the understanding that yes that's true I mean is that. Even the greats aren't everyone's tastes right see that's no big deal to consume them you don't really know much about them right. But chuck varies interest in little mean there's a lot of it stuff about him that. One of the main things was he's pretty much. T he was coming up in the fifties and sixties right now which is a time when the blacks and whites were coming together. Racial harmony rightfully work I mean that was a time when. You know. Things were starting to you turn we have some right exactly so. Chalks music. You know him being a black guy he was many think that he was like one of the first. Black artists. That to be very white people really love he was born in 1920s and that changed everything. I guys seem Fuzzy and flew up because he influence then he influences. A rock and roll on all of their loved him and his it that's chuck Baird. People say in this is this I did know about it you know I'm not super familiar with the is where people say that there are brought to roll doesn't exist without chuck. They need it for everyone that was in the in the 50s6070s. And beyond that you can Trace an inspiration back due to chuck there. The other punch at the very fact is that all the way until 2014 and he was ninety when he died he saw originally was 87 years old that duty he lived in Saint Louis. He would go perform once a month and blueberry hill which is a Barnes and can do perform there once a month until he was 87 and I was a member video is where the little sea captains past. Is an animal that berries and am I know that that's. That's one of those life well lived he's largely considered one of the best guitarists of all time it. And I looked up Dion rolling stone's list how many of the top ten greatest guitarists of all time according to Rolling Stones to think he can name. John Barry is in the top ten he gave me enough time a big check your rattle off six or seven of them and we had nothing but time here. I'm guessing prince is probably on there now known Eric Clapton. Now the now again they did the top one hon they did the top 100 yeah. Understand the top ten of those 100 Santander is probably on there. He is not Snyder's prints who else do you say Santana Clapton Clapton is number two. Eddie did him in May be on there in the top ten yet he's number. Eat. Trying to think who wrote the very was number seven Jimmy Page is probably on there he's third. Who else would be you know there. Come ahead maybe Angus young I beyond their Jimi Hendrix and beyond their index is one. There running show on there now. Steve Erie bond will be on there is none there. They had him just outside of the top ten which it to me is criminal but. I think that blue lines and beyond their maybe some blues guys may be. The mainland you mean mainland. DDT and yet he's six maybe John Lee Hooker no. They got he got most of them they're four left. You know I mean and you know they're all I mean obviously amazing guitarist yeah but number ten as Pete Townsend. Have to give me enough time I would hope that number nine is doing Allman. That when I probably wouldn't have come up with in the top ten days that would god do that day was Van Halen seven Chuck Berry six he'd be keen. Five Jeff Beck. Now when we got them. And for Louis Keith Richards and I'm not a big Jeff Beck got. Things are they just not mine though McCafferty's. This really good guitar players I can and popular bands you've Joseph Perry. Is a really good guitar player he's always put on a bunch of those lists one that you don't really think go. But I've seen a bunch of those this before is they say that slash of Guns 'N Roses is a phenomenal. The thought I was gonna guess guitar players in this slash I is Camille. Necessarily think about it but he is a full on like virtuoso and I guess hasn't had lessons are these just some heart yeah. He has great Jack late. Make Turkmen yeah there's a really cool. Because John Mayer I don't know if it's a documentary or not it's a. I guess the documentary is not it's unscripted minutes calls. I think it might get loud in gets the edge. From YouTube. Jack White. And who's the other one. Com. I saw this years and years ago and it's just these three guys sitting around talking about and playing guitar and it is fascinating. It's called it might get not have to look that up. But it's with with the other guys probably Fred Durst. At the instinct yeah I don't necessarily think that that's maybe and understood the I also feel like Jimmy Page. Yes Jimmy Page the edge in Jack White in it came out a long. And immediate news it was a while back but it really interest in the two deceit. These three guys just. Talking about influences and and how they've played different techniques and stuff and it's it's is. That world always fascinates me I if I can have one skill in might just be good at not a professional but just didn't. Your to have to where you could kind of monkey around with fitter maybe. You know played just as is a hobby I wish I completely. Also being David Gilmour should be in the top ten but he's just outside of that data Gilmore and com senior Avon and the team that's really. On their list but they do that list every agreement will be in the next here it's amazing when you go that we went and saw Van Halen. When they zoom in on. Eddie gave him a when he plays that they put the camera like on his hands. And figure out how he even. Tony makes the sounds of that they gonna put hill it just looks like he's just kinda. Flaming at that thing it's it's amazing to watch. Up close when you see some that really knows what they're doing I mean world class the other one is it years you know Gary Clark junior. Iron 318 unbelievable I saw him play with the Foo Fighters. It's. It's otherworldly to watch readers and so stuff obviously I couldn't take him out on a no he just say he's not. I guess super popular music individual stuff but he is a same thing just a virtuoso and it is amazing to watch that. All right well he's a legend Chuck Berry dead at the age of ninety. Coming up next I have audio for you ready for some fun and I am ready for some odd and I have crops grow. Yes. You you broke me in. Here's Mike. Over their ears on 1080. And okay and some of fun with body on Monday your free dinners hot body you. Free bruise. Out there. Sports land. This comes just from us Joliet. It's a news story. He really. I Emery. This is Ozzie room. He got this knowing that when the crocodile latched on I was singing and grown. I'm known for Schumer he took a cruel and somehow survived. The only Bailey now the whole country wants to know why. Let's out of that house back partisan loyalty it eaten look Crawford off than us try and so it was shown to get in there and test the theory. These was noted Cilic. I eighteen year old Lee to Powell pulled all the bravado and dragging to go he just mixed deliberately plunged into crocodile infested waltzes. How many drinks it's your hat. At that point that ten cups then I just credible committee and said he wasn't funny saying. And that was any kind of sad I'm gonna do it Anderson and I just isn't commenting and I disdain. The British tourists had been trying to win Chris could only watch in horror as the Crockett tacked snapping on to resign star checked in ten Karen. Late jumped into the Johnston reaper in the early Allah as of Sunday morning from the moment he hit the water jug the crocodile heat team grading you on dragging him down. He punched it in this Knauss. But it drag team seeks reaches. And was about to cripple the death roll. A split second desperate decision to gadgets I saved his life the croc released and that this days. One floppy down. And pull myself up late was covered in blood most of it still stay in scene but incredibly. Rough strikingly he has no regrets. Do you understand that much of the country thinks that you'll one of the stupidest people around right now yeah and did you what's your response to that. I'm not really. More on this. And I'm not conquer porn I've never had a guy scream like you know he was a seat terrifies me was obscene agony and CNN it was just sheer panic. Initially it was thought late might lose he's out in highly but surgeons at key to a site didn't. But. Irons in you left thumb broken. Tightness skiing. Think he had knocks on the top and bottom. Local fishermen cite the Rockies will know what in the area Hilton swims around baseball lights and is about to rain makes his insides. Police says he doesn't want to say the crocodile that attacked and killed the right just a setup a trap to catch and remove it. Now that's being trapped. I'm one that could put off on power relays back into the wall. And no one at ten you know. Despite being in north Queensland local and growing up knowing the dangers of Crocs in waterways. The young man denies he's done anything wrong hands can hang. As for the girl you read Steve Lott apple leases at tight golf he's can be instead to go on a need to debt. To clean their whom. Caring car and. You might beat the devil. Crops grow. Guaranteed areas which we need to be in smoke by that guy and probably give you even money. That within five years that arm is gone and maybe not player crux some pins getting that guy he's lose in the land. Yeah don't do you have to be well they said. But paying dancing game it hit the tin cups Arizona said ten cups addicted handcuffs again. People who still have the bravado that even after having your ass kick there I what when he when he talked about I. After I got a fair shot at it I think and get away with a total idiot. You know had unions now because it fosters is Australian for beer. Eyes basically. Boxed wine. It's intentional passes and of crappy wind. He had to really popular in Australia to wind do you need before you jump in with a Gator. I mean unbelievable is there an amount the second he jumped in that truck was sit right there like now it's easiest prey ever. As I got what I did wrong well I got a date at a at a got a movie day it's proven a point here. Think editing wrong has proven what the point you're adopt this in the year about to lose a living hell. A dumb can one individual be. That is stunning. Stupidity. Yet hate to break early like a speaker must get John in here. Now we're gonna give him he's he's gonna be stunned with a big uses segment. Was it's going to be actually bonus segment on bush we breaker renamed fisherman's life. I don't know coach. Will be right back 6:40 am fan. Hey hey what's up now was so narrow this is early bird. Ordered it not only your third. We brought our yes I told you yeah you better brings of the table we broke early we have a whole we'll see. We have like ten minutes but the thing so I'm not editor app that it ordered army through the day begin at nine big breaking Johnson can't eat us. Both hold on I've got to get your second or confide literally completely drawn up warrants. When the phone great I was like who called me on the optical and radio and revenue for the network the Yale. And two I'm getting ready to fit on therapy not say that I thought I'd have when he apparently big on before you guys cult and not gonna have to multitask. Looks for the new formula of what's John Dean on eBay I'm guessing some being dumb and worthless but trying to cool Kennedy junior's I Al movement. They're still able to shut up. Under Skype really in he didn't Tom Brady's Super Bowl game weren't you got promoted back. This is CNET guy sold none of that statement. This isn't always like a collector he's wanted and it sounds. I think that's super cool a war he had liked them because black market connection worsened I was gonna fire at. And then I just couldn't cut the publicity that came along with I've definitely gotten away with it twice already. This piece go Brady. Two double duty from two years ago and then stole. Von Miller hurt somebody other than those period in media he had repeal it later like looks. If Brady were this whatever five that you can give you the jerk I'll give ya. You know billion dollars or 500 gram or and then when Brady made it because nobody heard about earth do you go. I'm get the guy thought oh I get a little bit I've done it twice already and that that Brady made such a big deal about it maybe he could you know they like crap like aired a little bit now he's got to just read it out. I just think it's murder didn't and each. Is this notion of the black market. I think that's we hearted and anyone gives it credit for. Just sold on the black market really Diana like if you had if you Lagos a big like hot black market added you know where to go sell. Known. I wouldn't equipment that I would know the big. No preparing to repair a one hour on the black art how do you. Julie your link to the black markets fairly decently you're just some dude you're just some guy that has credentials in your stealing jerseys. It doesn't make you a master criminal. I mean it's. Though it does not make you master criminal but it Garrett and I currently this is what happens there. It's let's figure this guy you have hired short remembered yet. It's not inconceivable. There's somebody out there knows you have 3-D C were bolstered keeper two humor or go. Andy Jack I know some rich. You know. Guy in the air America I says look you're you're curious they're prepared to avoid creating we have picnic the fifth in the ball. Going to be worth a lot of money you can wrap this up to it and then all what you a hundred grand for and that's not inconceivable to best scenario could happen. The keystone to like the cartel clothing the Medellin cartel is is pop and a hundred keeper breeding jerseys. Maybe we you can Archos maybe you've got autograph jerseys hanging in the back it is typical truck down. Then again it's not like you saw this on Craig's this is hundreds of thousands of dollars I just think this is the whole. He'd be pretty still these are they care where these are really about oh wait I have no way to sell these I guess I'll just hold onto. I'll darker entirely possible. So kind of crypto very story. You don't want I just happened like south of the border BC who knows what else he had. Note images may 25 dollar gift card Q black market dot com and expect to think it's typical road for exactly there's a it was a Jim Jefferies as the Jesus Stanton can be heat is a real good bit about like dude we banned guns can like go get him on the black market. Did the funny bit about that about just you can't just like walked up tonight the docs like got. What I would be your guy. It doesn't work like that make movies. Movies didn't release all you heard the black market for us. Idiot maybe cans like okay you're in 2007 we went back to New York City guard with a prayer in my life who we are with a couple of couples. And we were in Times Square feet in Times Square. And we were walking through. Times Square and the big deal was you know the good coach grant bigger purses be your coach grant yeah. Horse. Yes and apparently with the big deal out of delivers a big deal at the time there you can fight state coaching bag in New York City. And so here are my wife and end this in light of the prisoner lips were like go we wanna get some of those until America wonder. Really aren't electric FICO expected this store somewhere. And just wandered through Times Square to reduce crowd the people and god would be walking through the crowd and we've become ever ready Djokovic that. Biggest walking because they go coach Eric the only good. So what that. Let's back and it just wonder if you hundreds of people. Talking to nobody goes back. They'd been close quite yet I never heard it means that you lacked the guy down. And then they hit you like around a quarter and his partner with you there with like a big double back all the big coach back to you ball. Cuba's was diesel to coach bag and figure talkative. Like six figures were the merchandise plus. Maybe maybe a Mexico other people walker are gone aren't Miller Albert. We need to operate our great leader Michael Jordan used the Walt. I will say that if you walk around Mexico league if you ever go down there you go to like the two mysteriously come. When we went down like Ty Cobb is a new piece you go to like the Kabul liable whatever you'd want your way in you'll get offered everything from weed daycare when do women. They just like as you block thinking what you want and possibly know about here and now I've got about some you know they throughout the keyword but you're like yeah. But anything you want is available to you between the parking lot and the front door. How about the boot they're injured I agree more when he won the fifth Super Bowl. Now that big either stuck up it's like wants money on my big question of the breed Jersey is 18 so they found that this. Journalists. Also had Tom Brady's Jersey from the Seahawks Super Bowl yeah. Why you. Did no one knows that was missing. And yet this Jersey from this Super Bowl is is like the most coveted missing items PLO but only because when Brady said that this vote was missing. He kind of threat they go Brasilia by the way that happened last time to. And the nobody you'd know that no one details outlined by hand and I think this one the big deal won't. That that plays in the Mike Furrey Erica White he'd try to do what it because. Got a Whitaker or a couple of times apparently you've had Buford doable and so my guess here's. Here this guy like I could totally pull this off I've done it twice. Nobody cared nobody says anything record Aubrey. You say a word. And you Greg I'm gonna do it again the only factor is that good iron. Greedy maybe because it happened the second time Brady native beat people up. We should have done a stolen like rocks your your stuff back I would have been so ever do that don't. We talked about this league and you've been on the field like after you know when there's people stormed the field whatnot I'm. I think this happens more than we realize it is just it's clear you guys and it never. They can beat it never aiding gets gets sedated but. But people like game balls are jerseys helmets this just gets thrown on the field after big wins and there are so many people down there there's no way you can track that's that down. Right total chaos and I and I guess I feel great if this had been the second time that Brady editor stolen. I don't think he would have said anything because he didn't the first time so I think this guy. Problem was that he can pick Andre twice. But now he's in love Joba because they're saying that between these two jerseys in the Davone Miller helmet. It's several hundred thousands of dollars with the stuff but that's like full one felony disputes in serious trouble. You have. They're certainly in this you do for a half a million bucks easy. One of our architectures is the beginning TU trying to guess what you're buying any day. How many rounds will be used by U. OK I am in all honesty I am getting really good that comes up so. He could get off are you exactly what they're. Is it but Rogers eight track then. But there are no. Although is it you know Buck Rogers related material would not be bad for the stretch you know he's on the right track are. I aperture Buck Rogers memorabilia on you know what that is not what you gave Land of the Lost on Dina max's. There are no I lacked the impact player in order to make that a worthwhile purchase fund are the barbarian Hindus. I've gotten you here at the freedom act would you pick here to pick somebody you know pick up the great American player wouldn't it be eager. Yeah without yeah yeah hours. Mickey plays Nintendo gay does literally plays the Sega Genesis you please bill Walsh College football and. But after that he plays. He great bill Walsh College football money there combat of one video game that I'm are back at Washington State you know there's sometimes he'll play and I'll get her random. A tweet from him like you suck quit holding. You can't go back and police giants again think as the right go for the 1996 questions taking years. Yes you care that it UP EU charter on site here. There's no special and seen it's just the opposite lines so if you try to do it on thank you to get up on the got it always recovered an awful. They would is really long. Right now yes yes in these long not where it needs to go on for minutes at Ian Crocker we heard ordered her own joke here today. Well we called you really because are wonderful Boston MacNamara is leaving the building and we wanted to say good night you identities are always. Earned him understand what Mike did that that through that I like him I've met him a couple of times. Yeah indeed. One of Mercury the buses every if you got great you got our record the pleasure because of the few times and I that was shocking news from Mike told me I certainly wish your motto all. And most importantly are you getting paid by these dollars and learn. We'll let you know Nancy I'm your big tonight over the you are hurt by her record Merkel period and got two bad. You're right he are getting paid don't publicly. No I don't believe so I think I'm giving them free here Rebecca you know really tones were improvement. We did the Chris I'm I'm very poor predictors her betrayal. The case do any bind weed than any day. I am getting on a autograph a baseball signed by 2000. He World Series deputy and Oprah and the cubs. Really Don has a baseball for every World Series MVP since he. No kidding that's pretty cool cartoon. You are guarding. Thirty euros or ninety certainly have a base all are invited every single World Series 71 now birdied from 1973. So I need. Art cobra to be up to date and so right after the World Series and with a cut beat the popular those. Altered very fair that they started from the other nice right now also. I am. Two and a half minute Blair on the leading bitter enough to figure actually my collection could easily and painters like he. So I don't know I figured out that since. Yes but I think they've been going for well over a hundred so I get it for Ethiopia surprise but you know we'll see always Duval are going for the future. Court over that is the best player in the group. So like Jeter group or not. In my collection Leo World Series MVPs since ninety sitting three. Rick Jackson and their inquiry you have Pete Rose Tony Blair's. Yankee you're injured. Jeter mark ever Berry and Eric out. Bob Carter got out of breath from the royals. You know those guys aren't like that Glavine hall of Famer Paul hall ordered all the finger. Britain slavery in this you know. Killed Mike Schmidt. Make an appearance in their will start throwing that we night. So here. You don't pick Rick Jackson had the best armor or Rivera. Out of accurate but at the bit you're you're in the book got a yes. Don't forget during loss. Occurred nor exactly. I mean by bloody. Art bigger than a team that's within a big glass case that the chief of like go home plate. Excellent who think that it cast here Anderson beyond tomorrow they are to say football coach in real news and sports stuck where you from 37 right here on 1080 the fan you know. So yeah. Okay.

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