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Primetime 3.20.17 Hour 3

Mar 21, 2017|

Ducks win in the tourney, Blazers hot stretch, and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Hey Brian Douglas and that's what happens in the term limits on just warning you now prime time on generating those fail him. But what about our noses uses a lot of success a lot of great isn't going to while watching his golf ball abortive. This is a tournament which edition of primetime with eyes again suit brought you back three got markets need a local lender who specializes in BA loan. The markets can help go to after the markets dot com primetime on 1080 yeah. Frankly semi long. Nice Monday first day of spring. Thank you for being here we will talk some brackets. Intelligence at some point we need to get to the blazers up weekend surging red up when Andrew was imminent in the club ripped Chuck Berry. And giant chickens. In did you notice that our our train conversation to be noticed the the spots ready now are across this great land of ours is trading has become a big deal. I ran into some train bros did you hit on Saturday night they used to work. On the railroad. Town on the Ira Norris with the rumblings of the grey buffalo and I asked them I say hey. What's beyond chains man why are they really that buy ink in the can you really get blind side like snuck up snuck up. Can be trees not us upon your book is important. Action. They train. In a civilian and I'm here a lot of these spar snowman yet. Love the thing peer at the trade ministry should get the words out the trade that's Killian will look at I think the bottom line with that is and that was in Friday's club by belief yet who spoke with us. The bottom line is you don't. Do you photo shoots. Out in the middle of by to a five count why do so why needed DeMarre are on track we have no respect for the trains and we should rank. Well we we definitely don't have respect for the trains tracks yes right we have William role respect for the training. I'm dance and out of the way to train. I'm assuming is that these spots that are running now let the tracks all of the airwaves is telling people that trains can't stop in time. Train you hit the brakes and. Grabbed (%expletive) neutrino stop. So that so we have coming up folks all of those so items. I'm Gary Anderson Oregon State football coach will join us on tomorrow's broadcast. If that's very exciting for all of you look at spring game of the weekends we talked about all things spring beepers or. We do need to get my Grammy Award in his own might. On the right now let's get to the hot cited five. Odd topics and opinions or we thought they owned park that day and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private five. You guys have been sued. Experience. The puck might reply to replies again soon on Dennehy the man. Number flies well Washington. Mike Hopkins as their head basketball coach over the weekend Vegas the top you guys been here for twenty years and was the coach in waiting and kind of people were surprised because they kind of was gonna sit down but they have assigned an extension now. Because Hopkins both of for the you don't. Yes so you were discussing Jim big time he has been a head coach at Syracuse since 1976. Boards and the coach before him. The great. The venerable. The unmistakable. Roy Danforth. Clearly. Where they any good before band got their. Yes. Yeah Roy Danforth really had a cook and his men effect. I think big time goes all the success due to code stand for the the end worth because he had an internment actually into the final 42 years before they have to go over. Just a ride the coattails of Roy Danforth for thirty years. It's actually more than thirty years fifty years. I still think of the seventies and eighties is like twenty and thirty years ago 76 a B. At some points up killing or ignite. Quantum of. Hi Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl Jersey has been found the the FBI tracked down in Mexico in the hands of a credentialed man. Who is an editor or newspaper he was credential for the simple as name is Marie CO Ortega indebted budgets they've. It profoundly self isn't him. Jerry Rice a couple of giants players would Keith Miller Tom Brady himself mayor Robert Kraft. The other is video that shows clearly him walking in to the locker room empty handed in him walking out with something under his arm. They are saying this is a felony since the value of the Jersey is. Quite high end of her also had Tom Brady's. Patriots Jersey from the Seahawks Super Bowl win and Von Miller's helmet from the does it and they're saying that he probably has a couple pairs of cleats that are missing as well. Those have been have been recovered. Look for several hundred thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise and bad they're not gonna look the other way but the question Jason Gore why. Do we not make a bigger deal of the Brady missing Seahawks Jersey. Does this was certainly alert usually. Huge deal I wouldn't Brady they add a Gabby once in the second time he's like really. I had heard bill. You know what I think you're learning about the Von Miller how many you get right to know either I there were missing. Wonder honesty we've talked about this Eagles locker rooms and on field stuff isn't merely how easy would be just steal stuff. This just happens quite a bit and so it never really. In nearly getting you know they'll make a big deal out of it but this time it happened to beat Tom Brady Thomas had enough yeah I want me. Blazers looking at me and they won eight of ten Damian Miller is averaging 36 points per game over his last six. And the next four are against losing teams tomorrow they host Milwaukee. In the blazes did get ten of their last thirteen home and according to 538 the blazers now are the favorite to land the eight seed in the tournament. The blazers are just one back in Denver in the last four that number eight seed in Denver tonight is playing in Houston. And they will be once again without. Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler and. The blisters just all the sudden after might just that pelicans game they just moved. Oh dean Hiller got clear that we again buddhism firing circuits is playing well playing much better just to see the Evan Turner coast. Announced for him when he's literally had forty knocking I think turner at six. And Evan Turner posted a shot of him leaving your refinance said that lets you give we've given them their combined for 55%. He's a funny well play vocal and is well played. Consummate film is there a saying that the league could shorten regular season overtime. It is currently fifteen minutes. They wanna shorted maybe to ten minutes. They would not change it for the playoffs they would do this because they think fifteen minutes is too long especially on a short week yes they descended go to this and they don't really care yeah. There are regular season but also in the NFL I'm reports on saints in Markham Butler close to a deal the saints are also getting new anti tea now. Receiving good. Not really been all right but these aren't easy season. He's service. A couple of other signings the raiders signed linebacker Joseph money Dinkins and cornerback EJ Manuel. And the jets have landed Josh McCown. Clearly states is over this your quarterback is fast jets to the loose. Number one pick Felix he's played from every NFL it is emperor wore on him. You know also forgot to mention about Ali back in Democrat Jim mayhem an extension. To stay at Syracuse again he's not gonna return I did you say that well and I miss him because that there was a river that Peter did he say the extension and that's where Hopkins left. But according to Syracuse and others say that Hopkins left and they're like hey Jim can stick around a little bit. And so that this was not that I Hopkins left even though the Syracuse job was was his. For the take okay here's the update on the region's basketball teams in NCAA tournament play all in one nice little box for you. Yes packages that were on the organ men. Close out the Rhode Island game money thirty to sixteen run including me sick to advice read by your see that happening goes it. They danced the seat sixteen for the third time in five seasons they're gonna meet red hot Michigan in Kansas City this game will be Thursday. Just after 4 PM Vegas has Michigan favored by one now done sag is a Google favored over West Virginia and they're gonna tip. Only about thirty minutes after the Oregon game so they're both gonna be on at the same time on Thursday the Oregon women now listen to this Jason. Where do I find women's basketball scores. You again I'm guessing you and I have got to hear ya on the organ women are ten seed. In the women's tournament. You're not in an instrument there there in the wind instrument. And a right now they are upsetting to see duke in Durham, North Carolina 6253. With five minutes ago at duke. To be honest I don't have the same level of hatred for Duca missed basket of the duke duke men's basketball you (%expletive) I've heard they're more insufferable when the man really. It became increased to. I don't know that that's that's pretty wild also the beavers. And the lady beads. Are to see Dave Mardy advances seed sixteen in their place Florida State in Stockton California on a Saturday. And then they'll lady Huskies are in their two and they play Oklahoma tonight. Efforts cancer go to the sweet sixteen and I saw this and hot when his best when news Baylor beat Texas southern by 89 points. Point. You only win by thirty they're beating Syracuse beat it Mike I 89 points. Yes. That's pretty wild it was the 116 matchup. He. And fourth quarters after pop pop. So I do like Harlem Globetrotters and then you put in four white girls and Egyptian act that's the greatest with a multi reports I don't know what you wanna put four white guys Egyptian. Try everything completely important passengers there. That's by the way if you don't know that is. Rick Pitino they beat someone by like forty if someone asked about it got a score that was Rick pitino's tickets or do I tried I tried to be bad. That's not cited five folks that's everything going on in sports today. I'll talk about the ducks and their chance is now on the seat sixteen and smother NCAA tournament notes when we return on the fan. I that's me on the elbow. Right it's your French horn guys in new. Thinking I just worked the symbols of navy's trying. Hey. All of the old triangle if it. Vicky in the bank and yet just go on the trying to all right maybe work and long you know triangle players everywhere have been put out of work because I would assume now that that's all digital. Yeah probably the art of playing the triangle that just does lost doesn't work anymore maybe that Barack here's a member UK you played the Sanders the the two pages yes seeing the pieces of wood together did you ever bell like it church. We are you a bell and I never bailed. Now. Those school play the recorder that I can play a mean rendition of hot cross bone. Opened the recorder. There was some three blind mice so they. We were discussed scene before we get into NC turn the talk here in the ducts. We were discussed scene if Brandon Roy's Nathan. Hale basketball team could make any noise in the tournament with a branded games. Well no would just as competitive corrected in the answers likely no but then we inserted LeBron James. And we feel I did when it. But what if they were coached by Lorenzo Roma. Would then they go back to the ninety not give bounce I don't think it there in the tourney bid to get bounced in the sweet sixteen okay what are the in this is from Willis Cyril of this one. What if it's LeBron. And the UConn women's team. I think you're I don't know if you're make in the NCAA tournament now there RD and it. 030 and it yet they're losing first or November appears Sedaris let's say they're foresees therefore seek I think they're getting upset by road wins and they're getting bounced. So you think LeBron can win it with high school kids around in high school boys. We really good high with the Nathan Healy it's got like four and 53 periods yet you could win it with a vote but LeBron. Would be bounce in the first round with one with the women not only would give balanced the deer be demolished by forty points. Maybe by 89 points. I don't know about that iso camp we've been Baylor won by 89 blows my mind I'm okay yeah well the ducks advance now they beat Iona. And they beat Rhode Island so let's not rollout the the confetti. And they don't have to face the juicy because of Louisville got miles by Michigan this is looking great now this is playing really well. I feel well they are I mean you get to the sweet sixteen years going to play a team that's that's playing well whether they're better than you or not I'm paid. That blood they're playing well enough to to be in the sweet sixteens are either their. So this is getting again who knows who wins Michigan looks like they're really talented with a voice for that one I mean it's essentially a pickup I'll. I don't really understand. Why Michigan didn't have a very good year. I was reading about them after this they'll look like to have some players after this with the matchup in the Alec had seen Michigan play outside of the Big Ten tournament where I watched part of to their games. But it it sounds like Michigan was just grossly under achieving. And some people thought that the coach may end up getting the the Joseph chop because of that they say this was a talented team that underperformed all year. And then at the end of the year they kind of got their act together and and this is what people thought Michigan could be the start of the year so they are. Legit talented blitzer looks like it anyway. And they get guys knocking down shots from all over the place yet they have the big guy in the middle who I'd don't. Know his name off the top of my heavens now a look at up for you of the dead by a guy in the middle that looked really good. If you're being less in the second half asserted. Appear to be really balanced the out in that way Tuesday they're twelve and two of their last fourteen games. And that includes two wins of that was Constantine really shocked and two wins over the Purdue team everybody is jogging in one and a global now so Oregon right now. You know who knows what happens against Michigan but yet you are getting another breaking getting the seven C that's a guess on paper that's better than. Up playing a little but maybe not. The way Michigan handled mobile in the second half but I just think it ends for or again no matter who wins yet again ain't Kansas and Purdue look like. To me bulls' final four level teams and I don't know without Boucher if or again can get by that even if they beat Michigan but. If you know if I were to tell you started determined that they would get the elite eight without the shake. It do you take an RP. Yeah I mean you only want. I mean is like crack at it even heard her share could you take talent and RPI Annan in I think with the Shea you're thinking I don't I think a lot of people thought. Organ was as good as anybody and why not lower but did they gave you look at what they think is you say what they did against Arizona Arizona right I think still is is yet to be. You know scene at adding maybe the verdict still out on them. But a lot of people think the UCLA right now. Looks as good as anyone and in the tournament a lot of people the UCLA can cut down the nets in organs just as good is is is they are mean they're right there. Yeah I just think again without without one your top players and you've gone up against the elite elite teams that are also playing well now. That's really to answer the tough ask my husband and again I mean look how would Dorsey played his balls off and I RI kind of ten and they needed every single go including aid. Dagger three go down the stretch to dagger threes if you go down the stretch of that game. They were down four. To Rhode Island with two minutes like yeah danger zone right. They did everything right to wrestle me literally everything Dorsey while Jordan got a couple huge offensive rebounds. They they claim you lead defense of Rhode Island did not get a clean look the final five minutes of that game Dorsey hit a huge three. And then Dylan Brooke's got the charge call. Which you know I get it I I think some Rhode Island fans and I think they have every right to be I about organ got the benefit of a lot of calls because I organ was the more aggressive team. And the rest than played I didn't think that was a that was a bad call that's a block I just think in college they really got to do something about. The slide over slide under. The the guy that guy is already left or is driving and drug charge that they called that a charge way too much. As not only did he sign underneath him but he was a it was don't Brooks right yeah I took it. The B side or even but he was he was leaning into me every road I was trying to avoid him and Brooks did the little the leaning tower just. Is not and it's just agents disputes well he got the call I did it was huge cult hit they've. Eliminated that in the NBA altogether and I think that they should try to eliminate that in college because it is it is rather maddening. When your guy and gets Elaine or gets loose it breaks down the defense and then somebody just slides over and puts his hands over his balls and falls down I think that's stupid now. And it hurts the game but they got the call there and then you good on the other end endorsing hits another three whom Al top I mean that's. It's one of those your leg tour. Well well he was Fiona Apple that he checks stuff it is kind of took about the brushed had a great comment. Afterwards and that was in a Vietnamese like what's wrong with the he missed that one shot you kidding me. He's got a ribbon a little bit when they're free throws or problem yeah it was pretty easy but you know again only eleven assists in this their profits again it just goes of these lulls. The entire first half where there is no rhythm to it led. This is why I like Dorgan going into this more so than UCLA and Arizona although you see they looks really stinking good right now. When you win. Ordered the offense isn't clicking they have the defense of chops I thought they were the most balanced and really the pac twelve teams even without Boucher you sought. The office was feeling and it wasn't going well but Dorsey was able to carry on. Brooks and a couple big shots but their defense is what won them that game defense and then the the office aboard second chance points in the last what 78 minutes of the game. Well and in their defense in on the last two potential game tying threes for Rhode Island was really stout as well. And so they just did everything right men and and has survived an advance and now they move on the Kansas City so we'll see they're gonna play Michigan it. The laughter four on Thursday in yet allowed people wondering why. So the gun Zagat game and your game are gonna be on the same time yeah why don't stereos with only really do sag of them that they don't yet why did they don't have exclusivity for every game there's two me games. What Mike Garrett talking about the years. You know they could edit because they're two games in each regional ranks of the fans. In Kansas City area are are lining up for two games and you know obviously do the math. Are you could play. Maybe the East Coast the east regional on in wherever it wears these regional this year. You know I'll talk might have not a matter. The printing and China. Without would be is that east or west. They do us police I think of it is us who it's a little maybe it is he's a long way east. Any new. Maybe they can play those games during the day. So Thursday. They're playing in Casey. And then San Jose. Those are the two different places on Thursday so put this the Kansas City one. I don't know 4 o'clock Casey time 1 o'clock our time and then do San Jose ones late because what. Yeah I associate with eight games rides kind of filly he should they should each have their own dishes on her own standalone well they would have to play them during. Did the morning hours or the early afternoon hours and it sounds like that's yet they don't they don't wanna do that they they want everything in primetime. And I'm sure that there's. You know math on that I'm sure that that helps the ratings and they get more money that must do more Adam by the way their New York if they get they get more ad revenue that way so. That it that is gonna kinda sucked though on Thursday weren't any on the air. We're going to be watching we have to flip back and forth between two games. And maybe how I supposed to do my job. Well what happens is that Kansas loses that we get some of the great audio no because they're playing the late game now. So will be off the air by the time they're in like a mid first half of time you start cursing in Ankara on things about it you're pretty scares me Kansas looks is good is. Anyone right now Kansas looks really sunny days right now. Can't isn't typical for him. To me just is right here now the last. Seven minutes of the Michigan State game. Was as good as they have played in the NC term. Since I've been a life report really say it feels like that that means Jay took a close game and show within a win by twenty day were so good ineffective Josh Jackson. See I think. This tournament. It can be hard to watch you know depending on the matchups and who's playing wrecked some organ Rhode Island game was tough to walk Deanna had candy I get it. Motor William West Virginia was overrule the and then did you see the Notre Dame. Princeton game with a sort of the the deterrent that was the first game and outside the Notre Dame planned cigarette. What's written. Yeah West Virginia but he's at the when he just says yes some element both the Notre Dame games have been on watchable Florida Virginia's by what you're talking about. There were like I vehemently 45 to 39 and a lot of sane is some of these players these high level NBA draft picks he's tough I take. Like Josh Jackson's wanna Kansas and wants a ball UCLA. They are. Worth watching and and I think that I don't know this to be true I haven't done enough homework on it I do remember that Anthony Davis. When he won with Kentucky that team that only lost two games. Maybe Kansas in the final and I remember and that can think he was just loaded many more cans was gonna beat them. But Anthony Davis and I game had six points. Really he had and so Carmelo Anthony did at Syracuse where he was a one and done who who literally was just worth I mean by just dominating in. It's just that I think a lot of times you hear about these wind on kids of these tight these kids that you know are gonna be high graphics and you watch them and you go like draining them last year. Now didn't I don't think he jumped out you go right you watch them and you go. Believe that's like the top I take but this year at least you have two of those guys that are projected to be top three picks. It looks like both of them are saying gimme that damn ball I am going to carry my team to the final four is there a better player in the tournament and then long Boller Josh Jackson. No I think Alonzo balls the bestseller they look like the two best players and they're gonna be. Along with though Washington kid who's not in the tournament they're gonna be the top three picks in the draft now as a guy who didn't watch wanna Kansas 'cause I don't see the TV did you guys see. Watching Josh Jackson for basically like the second time in the tournament. All moved my god he's he's an uneasiness that we are incredible what he hasn't quite been this way Elian having watched all of pretty much all of their games. That was even special for him like he was feeling it. But you can obviously see. His offensive abilities like he's everywhere did you see that stepped back. Three on nub bridges O'Hara and bridges is that that machines taking as really get into the Reggie Miller called. Kevin Durant ask and it really was it looked like Kevin Durant Jackson couldn't miss. So he's been a little up and down he doesn't make his foul shots. He can get lazy on defense but he can guard he can he's a two way player he guards he does a lot of positions. Josh Jackson is is really awesome and free and easy playing his best basketball at the right time blonde on balls and do this all year but Alonso ball is Geoffrey Mason is the other Kansas is. The big east he's just been their best player their best player he's the one of the Ponce the national player of the year but. We've seen Kansas icing Kansas probably. Eight to ten times this year because drop always has a month. And I don't know if there's a game where Josh Jackson hasn't done something we are kind of like who. Knew he has allow Iraqis we're sure there's a little bit of that but you're right along the ball has done this. Gay men in game out for UCLA in fact I mean with the exception of what TJ relief among the ball usually is is kind of the same team they were last year. And you silly it was it was kind of crap and you threw don't you throw those two guys that do it. Also new thin looks like a team. Actually capable of. Winning novel makes me feel great about that they'd see cowboys' offense. And count. Well you're getting to you we're getting one of the color theory the level of basket off an off. Dilemma bass on the term that really ratchets up now because you look at some of these matters look at Purdue Kansas. Pretty Kansas is going to be matchup of the two players. Who are probably the most likely one of the two will win national player of the year yet and then you go to UCLA. In Kentucky and look at the lottery picks that are in that game and how well they're playing on sane is it seem like in years past. Even though lottery has either wouldn't make determined or when they were in the turn it it wouldn't be that impacts fall the dish she even with the anti give anyone at all. This year there at least two if not more guys that are sure fire lottery guys then are literally. Showing new like there they're they're worth the price of admission like even into wigand's. You know was can be the top picks in gets an attorney and he didn't jump off the page you now. And I don't know if there's one guy guys do Arnold there's one guy that that jumps out at you but I've watched Kentucky. When they played Kansas. I saw Kentucky and in the term and then obviously the SEC tournament this. Kentucky every year it is ridiculous deed length in the athletic schism that Kentucky has whether it was that monk Kidd fox. The ban guide their their big guy who looks like a young Dwight Howard. John Calipari does it didn't it's a different it's just a revolving door and it doesn't matter every year it's the same. Looking guys they just. I don't Obey the speed of guys that just jump off the screening you've got criticism on Kentucky's team is ridiculous. Each and every year I think he's. Did just the best recruiter than in contrast the period I'm in terms of the death all right we'll talk more about the brackets. In the blazers so coming up here to wrap of the hour. The organ women did win they be did. The real and unseat sixteen for a socket duke so we've officially about that we've bid. Men and women both Clinton and others are your heroes. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime when guys are consumed Roxy by a series happened and how. On ten navy is also. Playing the name of the four remaining coaches in the eastern region. Florida. Wisconsin. Baylor. In South Carolina. Know Frank Martin right Greg Gardner walked Wisconsin Greg Gard can pull. I'm a Barn Hill south Carolina's ray yet. Baylor is. Redmond but no it's something through that's got your infrastructure and I should've known Bryce drew is dead actually knew that Florida I don't know. You know Florida's coach has its nose at one point I'm gonna go Billy Donovan so that's historian and sickened two name's Michael White. White. Greg guard Michael Weitz Scott Drew and Frank Martin. Is there anyone that has that now just better for him being back at perfect. If they do their lucky that I say just your no I don't think anyone has a perfect bracket left I'm assuming but does anyone just have that region. The ACC. Mike DCC nineteen and turn it. Terrorist just one left who's here and god destroyed Hamas is they did you think that means is that league is a greater than just a bedroom. I don't know what are preteens definitely have a hard time buying that that got us over at the garbage he keeps. With its one and done and weird things happen this is like a best of seven to the best team doesn't always win. We both think the zags Z gonna lose and feel about that Danzig fans think a lot of people think is next you're gonna lose they just didn't know they get no respect and I. It's just it's the conference you're always gonna have a hard time buying and zag Intel. And if they get bounced in the sweet sixteen again by a West Virginia who a lot of people experts that watch wave more basketball than you or me. Think that West Virginia is just a tough match of form didn't skip a single thing I dragon died at thirty wins who cares. Number one seed they're their fraud this is gonna be great mentioned. I think West Virginia and they come press Virginia because they pressed their half. They parked off push around a bit I think gun zag is allowed be softer and dagger was lucky to get away with the northwestern although that. They they had a good lead in the northwestern can store and backed it. To that that was as bad a call as you'll ever see in any sport in the guide reaches up through the rim. How multiple officials missed that. How do you blow that call and then the coach. Guess teed up for being pissed about it and it's sealed the win for for the sex he's you know that well you know Kansas is now the favorite in Vegas to a on favorite duke was in name. Re calibrated seats sixteen yeah. Carolina maybe there were two. Yes Carolina T you know 538 has winning now what do you comes Agha. Really EF. But this is weird is based on they do they're based on statistics and their statistics cursed statistics are so skewed because. They don't they want you have to go back we looked at their schedule digital back till the beginning of December. Before the Arab back when they played a tournament team not named Saint Mary's. That was Arizona and I get they one now they played Iowa State played Florida they played Arizona they they beat those three teams early on. December 3 and the only other tournament team they played the rest of the year was Saint Mary's. Minutes is just it's it's cured if if you had. If you in North Carolina you're at Kansas or if you had any team left and they put in the West Coast Conference will with the analysts say about those teams. Let's see here Oregon has a 5% chance according to them Michigan 6% 38% Kansas 29%. Then they have Kentucky Tony to. EC 88 Butler for North Carolina eighteen. Arizona 16%. On zag F 31%. Ha. Isn't that crazy but does anyone buy a game dagger wind added in the national chairmanship. Well your favorite guess there's regime by a couple right the other favored by a field goal there there are number one seed Amy why would you buy them this. Mean they're good West Coast Conference man. If you're gonna have to improve before anyone. Anyone buys it. Well is wild weekend Villanova loss little las duke lost three to four number ones or are left. But it should be get starts on non. Was answered Thursday. Really try to can't wait for a big can't wait you see you at the bar ball said. The they'll get out of here with big Boller well big dollars pissed and hit at the younger Boller high school coach noble EC they lost in the in the M. California State term it. It was his two boys he's got a senior and a freshman that play on that team yeah I guess the freshman is the better of the two remaining Brothers gave Lewis ended this next one that's coming UCLA next year isn't done. Is it isn't what does the older of the younger days. And he started blasting the coach of the team of said if he would have done the right way or his way they would have won the state titles sort of ball had been coaching in big ball there had been on there well he says he starts blast in the coach. He says he doesn't. Ball says the coach doesn't like him in the coach goes out of his what am wondering why the coach goes out of his way to do things that he doesn't like. And now he says that's what cost them the state turn it but they like man if you're an NBA team I lawns of law. You draft and he says that kid. But all my god you gotta be wary of pain in the end of this guise of this old man you gotta be really wary of that man yeah. Is he's not gonna showed up. No he won't shed a tough with his boy gets in the MBA ease its gonna get even worse is gonna continue to crank it up. He about the blazers weekend will wrap up the hour with that coming up next on the fan. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime guys again soon. Draft seen by a series cafe is high on ten navy program. Physics is Lamar ball he's gonna get full credit for Steve Alford Gil and Indiana physically the game and over the scanner down on them in maybe true when he offered. Is being rumored Indiana yeah played there when national title right. Yeah. He's probably thinking only got to got to put up with. This guy for however many more years is the next ball is coming next year yeah and I guess Leah said he's not supposed to be as good as the other two. Brothers as any and it Vinny got so if he's not a one and done. There's tears knowing they're all one and done skin but they're all on announce yet admitted that the dad won't allow them to be anything but. But whether that well this next one deserves to be done or not. There's no way that kids stick around in college so you would get a two year break right you just yet on the fresh there was a freshman you get a cup we hear Earth's can. And might cut something really quite wonderful in the Kansas Michigan State game. I'm upset that I didn't catch it but there is a guy by the name of Cassius Winston work he plays for Michigan State. Michael did you hear. Whoever the Plymouth like I was for the game he said it when he went Cassius had a 3 eastern cash is from outside. About them. There's nobody on the broadcast caught and I sat there and went I think you just I think he just did it. I think he just said Cashman outside how about that's amazing that's well played you gotta believe that he had that went in the hip pocket only he didn't just make yeah I was ready yet Delano and by the way cash is once and only hit one. Three pointer. So he had he he was. Mean in his head he was waiting for that the whole time. This will be infer that war Cassius once and hit a three you know when play by play guys they they drop a line like that you know they've been sitting on a per just happened. You know of ours or sometimes maybe even days is waiting for the appropriate time. Not. NL one final note in the morning it's the blazers but then did you. So the Kansas game. Jeanne stared Tor was an official in the game and your top people I had no idea that that did was an NCAA basketball ref snorted I. Sued genes Deere turf doesn't know he's the he's one day in Maine NFL officials you always see ya on Sunday's launch in the NFL and he's the guy that does Canada. He has kind of a fun point of yet when it did the first down that. Whatever these kind of a real he's got a real costs. Is swagger he had swagger when he's out there there was the profile on him on Monday Morning Quarterback there. I don't know if there's any and a little officials that are known he is one of you you know him if he son you don't probably and was named if you saw if you look at genes territory ebitda back IFR rat he's also a college basketball rats he was wrapping the Kansas Michigan State is that didn't. I didn't know that you could. I guess you're not a full time official is just that threw me for a loop. Is that going to be the best official in the world. Mean he's he's a work in three talented he's work and its military games and NFL. According to Wikipedia here is just currently one of two NFL refs who also officiate. NCAA men's basketball games build on the rich is the other one Bill Bennett I don't know bill. It was weird though insert tore through the yellow flag expect it he Francis did some things he frank makes Mason. I'm okay blazers while on a weekend. The blazers you know they won in San Antonio last week yes best win of the year and then they've bludgeoned. A couple of other teams. They took Atlanta and Miami behind the woodshed and Damian littered all of a sudden decided to be an MBP guy yet. That's my exciting please yet so they followed up with two games Saturday and Sunday anyone mad at Atlanta. Rolled Atlanta. And then on one of Miami and was. I mean they were it was dropped 49 on. They won handily haired yellow alert had 49 he's averaging 36 points or his last six games. And now all of a sudden he's woken up and he had her teach in the middle and other blazes are now appear to get the eight CD you throw out that New Orleans. Game which you know go figure that thing coming as it happens in the NBA but the blazers all the sudden look. This is a teammate you kind of thought you'd see at the start of the year but you knew you through under its in the middle and done to all the said that. It's it's it's it's a given that don't you think at this point that everyone just believes that they are gonna be the eighth seed. Well nobody has any faith in Denver now. So yes I mean who else would be. What are they 82 in their last ten blazes and everyone knew this with the schedule coming they have ten of their last thirteen home at home. And you can see you can see the schedule opening up and marching out the kind of knew they'd they would assign say stayed in it. And didn't pull she didn't you knew that they would them. Date could make a run. And they have the day it did there winning games that even even that even in that. Realm he didn't really console EE kindest well actually said Tony allowed not gonna win all three Santonio Linux mammy and they've done that now the easier games come. Yeah I mean now you get no lock key. And they're all right but they're not a 500 team now there's what the seventh seed in the west. And while they're in the east Hurst is Munis. Jason I opposed. And he whose shoe I mean none of them Hubert Keller fragile as a kicks reality ocean off the that's one of the more underrated drops. You vote for him from new. From last week because that's not a joke would you I know I can't tell you your thought it was super Keller fragile list. Super calloused fragile is to get yelled Lucia it's only add that to conflict. You need sing it as well before super Khaled gradualist. I kicks reality oceans at the why did you throat are at the end it wasn't pertaining to the next step statement you just says talk. About it. This started about the new Mary Poppins Emily Blunt and a gays and now they get Milwaukee. Followed by the knicks. Fuels and lakers. That should be little mortar. Well better be. Me of the then with the that that Al New Orleans thing. So you never know when you can land and exactly and given her answer become back for go to golds they pretty soon blow players that. So goes. Clausen get bludgeoned vital stayed in all be worth. Or now. And million to thirteen or fourteen picked him. We think we can debate all over Illinois in the dated Portland has played well Portland is going to be the eighth seed. And became director of diving gold state is what two games ahead to San Antonio does he closed on Mac and yes I think he's traveling with them now look paso they're they're expected him to come back fairly soon. And so local news blog go to. TJ leaf watches on. Yes. So he's if you watch is all of you watching Nancy turning UCLA's playing you know longer watching Alonso ball dreams of getting him. You're watching TJ leaf. Who is also on that team be next Nick Collison because you know we have to compare white players do like players some looking at the blazers defense a numbers those scud recheck him back in. Because is it as well as their playing they still sucked defensively. And seem where they are team defense. Defensive efficiency they're still talk money said the thinly. That is a major difference from last year remember last year their middle of the road. Well Milliken a pair off and for awhile there when they went on that hot streak they were playing top ten well I should they finished my first. Did they really are that's lower than I thought I thought they were 1516 summer there could be both good to have that two month stretch there will essentially we've really good defense yeah. So it is so the Morey goes along the more this season is resembling last season it now while there it really kind of this. Bit. For a long time there is like everyone was talking about how they were only a game or two off of last year's pace and they kind of picked it up and you know they rattle off here. You know budget w.'s. You're right maybe just ends at the end there's like gosh is like last year lo and behold it's the same damn mediocre team at X and all you need now is gold stayed like nine guys get hurt and your read their wrecked. Okay the club hour is next we will talk about the death of Chuck Berry but also. Giant chickens. It is 6 o'clock on the fan.

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