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Primetime 3.20.17 Hour 2

Mar 21, 2017|

Tom Brady's SB jersey was found, also who is Mike Hopkins.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time on Jay Nady no sale I'm a master ball a bully who's a begins. They've done that like eight million times and lately games. Seems like a lot this is a tournament which edition of primetime where advise against suit brought you back up as we go markets need a local lender who specializes in VA loan. The markets came out good athlete on markets. Primetime on 1080 days. All right hour two of our sports talk today nice heavy on Monday. Fired at you noticed. First this spring. Is today the first sprint yeah so the beaver spring game was the winter game. Yeah technically. Yeah they played in over the weekend so that would Biggio the would no I did not go. I did see some that on the pac twelve though now why do you like he's got the suggestion of of going to the spring game yeah I wasn't gonna drive for that I did see it though on TV or watch part of it. Really it was oh my son title networks aren't they carry all of the spring games. Deny that although it wasn't a spring game it was we're sound and over the ages three. And scrimmage those in the spring pretty it's. Why do they not embrace the spring game idea what a lot of times if you don't have depth. You just don't have the the roster size with the injuries or with with quality. So they give you don't have to offensive lines they meet you gotta have ten guys that can play. Otherwise you just they if you have a bad offensive line you can't evaluate anything. Again you're trying to evaluate quarterbacks have one gets stuck behind a horse bleep up and slider just like a bad right tackle everything kind of grinds to a hole so you really have to. You really have to have depth and talent across the board on a two deep in order to run a true. Spring game record in all of makes sense yes and did they know this. Well listen if you're beaver fan favorite. We will have Gary Anderson on tomorrow and the gear peer to talk about it that's Leonard era damaged more correct for 32. About that. For a 32. Very precise. Quotes from the get back on corporate. It was. Lot of big talk. Big to molest the suppose time because they Simmons guy who is disposed is again Mike. So I am yes the first day of spring and I'm celebrating by. Like sneezing employment as a lot because also in the allergies are back here with the d.s little bit today. Yen yesterday eighteen we just use is called out there yes it was great forum was really cold for the shimmer Akram was. Yes I'll answer but cold afternoon it was is beautiful it was perfect you're like 35 in the morning. MM really warmed up in the afternoon and it was pleasing. Our tax police are telling us the text pros say that the next ensemble see the sun is April 3 could Rickie doesn't nineteen. Global warming my ass. What do we have coming up Washington hires new basketball coach will tell you who it is because snuck that in over the weekend you did. And in our stopwatch here in our next segment we're talking a little bit about the duck. Players on and there are you know prospects in the next level one tech says. Brandon Roy's NBA game was better than his college team and that could happen to a couple of ducks if there's really no talent yet it happens you know it's jobs. We hit you can go and in Boston and a lot of that is fit I mean they would see Dre among green becoming an all NBA first or team guy when he. I keep played all four years in Michigan State when he came out and for his first year or two guy could do a damn thing couldn't get the batch yet he didn't stand out college I don't. And then he goes so committee goes in and Steve Kerr deploys and a different way now dream mongering as a is an absolute stud well hey they found Tom Brady's Jersey big this thing yeah. Yeah and maybe some spikes seems to do everything I look at it. Yet did they find Von Miller summoned to. I think it was Von Miller's Jersey and spikes now as a helmet was adamant it was a helmet when he get out of there with a helmet with a pretty impressive. It's a bag prelude is where it going to look easy Daniela. Like a camera bag or something like cramming in there and and not have anyone PDT I guess but here it's a melee after those games I'm surprised doesn't happen more often. Well it is interesting and I eight. I eat there. I go back and forth none but here's what happened let's tell let's let's did bros on well look what went down so the FBI's on this yeah. The Texas Rangers the FBI Interpol trump is involved he's gonna build a wall because of this Elvis Andrews at the whole thing man. The FBI tracked down and it was in Mexico now remember this is Tom Brady's Super Bowl game worn Jersey after they came back can be darkened he doesn't and showers your does immediate thing in the comes back he can't find his Jersey yeah he had written is in his bag when he came back. Gonzo. Yes so. We guy's name that had it is a man by the name of Marie CO Ortega. And he was an editor at a news paper. In on Mexico when he was credentials he has been credentialed for several. A super bulls. Yeah and master of the self he's got photos of himself with Brady with craft with Heath Miller written but two giant players Jerry Rice. The video shows now there is video clear video. Of him. Walking into the locker room with nothing but add a like a computer Baghdad. And walking out of the locker room with the jerseys tucked under his left elbow it's like this intruder -- comb back into the let's not grainy it is totally obvious he's got some vendors that it's him and then he's got what looks like the jerseys car to make editors and he's obviously has something owners aren't that he did not have when he walked into the I mean it's really cut and dry out and it's amazing to me Howell. They how they found that it's like I guess fox was the one. That had the footage. Yet went back and they've poured over they said that the you know they've they saw him go in they sub come out with something under his arm and then that led to the investigation and they found in the heat big. I guess he just he wasn't trying to so we just haven't yet this when he had brain housing seller okay. I have so many questions here ask away the first question is. They don't have cameras and long criminal film guys on naked in the air you know so they are really lucky. To have gotten this footage. Or maybe they're not because fox we shoot dean. Outside go either shooting the door yet seed can definitely see guys coming in and now gang guys on the inside the locker room coming in yeah but he did just don't show you know obviously for obvious reasons pres reasons they don't show any anything else. So I'm I'm. I don't understand why it took them so long if they have they've had this the whole time. You can't seated it's a Jersey it's just he's got some of the tucked under his arms so you know it's it's like you can the jerseys why this is rolled up like he. He rolled up his dark in in something so it's. That's it was probably hard to go back and fight every single person that went through that be like wait a minute who is this guy but it might as some tucked under his arm may. Even if you see the video it's very clear who the guy is because yeah it's not like there's a breeder film you can see guys' faces clearly yeah. And you can see who it is they know who all the media are now and he's been to multiple Super Bowls. So you. I've done this if he if you go and watch the video you have a senior UBI poll. That's pretty obvious why didn't they catch him sooner it's taken Mike. Well I guess as the now on its nose in February and you got a track him down in. Notes the but he's not like he's hiding he's easy when he's a regular guy he resigns or is he resigned from his position on March 14 so he knew that they are close and and on and so it must've been really lucky that fox was able to capture that on tape yeah. I think that's really lucky. Considering that they don't happen to have a camera on him going in and coming out to they have that on every one I don't think so you try to have a camera on the front door just watching guys they did then yes they probably had anyone who went in or out you have an on camera a case of the night that to me think that it's I would now be used this donkey. Your bag man why you cure don't meet your arm. Yeah shows the bag and no one's ever the wiser now that's true age as he cared like a loaf of bread that's for move on his part so they also found. Brady's Seahawks symbol Jersey that he had. And he had and a bronze at any at a Broncos somebody who they think is Von Miller's because but Miller's helmet went missing that's impressive when do you got it don't it. In all those things and he's a nut he is in sports memorabilia dealer yeah he's serving knows that a body and I just think how stupid is the guy. The things you probably can't you can't tell that. So you just sit up probably is just one of those things where it's you just think you'd be kickass to have Tom Brady's Jersey and and he does it by just. That's that's private collection could you can't sell that stuff. Mean especially this one and how high profile that was there's no way you can move it unless you've got like connection that resemble wide case up on the black market. Where the black market it's you just just roll around a year old in the docks like other so Tom Brady's Jersey work like fat. But you know go like on the silk record and so Brady's Jersey. But harder to move that's up anyone realizes. And and they're saying this is a felony. Well I mean depend on what you you've got these things that I think someone put it at a hundred grand which is ridiculous people Hussein but they go Paul is guy offered a hundred grand for it. So you say that this is stupid that they spare resources now I do. Understand why do you relate really where it's a little silly it's a little silly but the same time the guy stole something that was valued at a 100000 dollars. And so somebody said half a million well that's a Risley what they said but people are saying that the value of it is probably closer to a 10200000. Dollars. But at some are still a diamond ring. And it was violated a 10200 grand would be dumb to go after it is it's an expensive item but it's interesting that. You don't maybe see this more often you don't really hear this because in the locker rooms that it is a melee in there thundered and there are no cameras mean there are cameras. TV cameras but they're usually shooting specific young she guys say do and enemies and so I think it would be very easy to steal stuff. That's on sound of a lot ideal see this often at all now even down the field I thought about this we've been down on the field for a couple of national titles that organist played in. When when the final. When the clock ticks to zero in the confetti falls and then everyone's kind of run and off the field. How many different dice throw their helmets take off their shoulder pads. Game balls thrown around it is just it is anarchy down there. And we'll. I'll have bags because your carried Mike went through and what not how easy would it be to go over picked up something in the melee. Shoving your back and then immediately just walk out of the stadium. To me almost impossible to get caught. With something like that. Matt I can't believe that he said if if fox doesn't have a camera trained and this guy's a double of the carried out under his army people said in his bag. This is never found. And crazy and find the video on TMZ. I'm pretty I'm pretty tender right now and then they got a guy. Marie CO Ortega he's AM Vienna news like editor is there an extradition baying for Tom Brady Jersey that. And I want to do the lives we're saying is it's stupid right because it's a couple jerseys but this is several hundred thousands of dollars between bond dealers helmet. To Tom Brady sequel jerseys they say heat you likely probably has some cleats that he sold to from Brady and from Von Miller but they have recovered those yet. Literally be be charged with stealing half a million dollars were the stuff and last time I checked. When you still have a million dollar was dubbed they will put you imprisoned for awhile you'll get to be like to see I'm gonna wedding give that back now. This has probably faced and serious jail time. Right stopwatch. Next on the fan. All right 1110 minutes Washington. Hires. A new coach a basketball coach. They hired a guy to replace the runs are roll bar can't they just have to and you lawyer and a guy and they snuck it in over the weekend and nobody knows who the guy is Mike does Mike. Might have best opinion on him because the guy comes from Syracuse and guess he was the coach in waiting and his name is not Jim behind you know when that he's a wolf. One year Jimmy time Judy I'm Jimmy I'm leaves Syracuse for his one year swan song in Washington. Is the bird to Syracuse after whatever it's been thirty years he runs that matchup zone was the coach before or do they go to takes it all the waited in ninety honestly I don't even know he's been mayor since there's been there forever seventies. Seventies. She. Sentence. Incidents and beloved seventies and if I was born in the survive memories I was born in the seventies as well. Fond fond memories there remember anything about them seventies and eighties shells in the self all right Mike let's get Roland big Fella. This seven plus seven on boards in the twenty to 112 chance when was the difference in this game to brash and because of our turnovers. You know we put ourself and hold our offensive execution was not good today. Their pressure got us out of sorts. That is the brushed and all men on the ducks tough went over eleven C Rhode Island yesterday buyer cell. You are more confident in the ducks' chances of making the final four today than you were on Friday. Now I think it's it's going to be tough where there was little or whether as Michigan Michigan's won what twelve or fourteen include in the Big Ten tournament played great the second half against Louisville. Have a bunch of guys that can fill it up. I mean there's no easy outs at this point. And you know organs survived and advanced and I that they played great defense down the stretch they just were war bigger stronger faster. Then Rhode Island. But again the thing it's yours you better organism is all year long they've gone through these offensive lulls where they just don't get into a good offense is that. They don't take good shots and you know Dorsey build an outgoing nine to death. And I think that's that's legitimately scary I think organ should be Michigan I think they're better than Michigan. But do I feel better about them it advancing no I think this is gonna be tough either way. OK more confident in the chances making it tough for Knoll I would I would sell that I just don't think com. Without the shedding it was to be really tough for them to make the final four alluded to get a good dropped the remember you know. They have played I owner and Rhode Island this all we've seen them play and it is about to get much tougher now again you got another break because global not their Michigan is. He said he thought I think maybe they're better than Michigan I don't they're better than Michigan. But Michigan is playing better right now. And that is the beauty of the NCA term is that Michigan team is freaking hot. Other or again you know I mean they've been doing this all year there's still 31 in five they've got guys who can search all over the court they have excellent defense and a great coach so. There's no telling who wins this game when they have the skin spread out like one gets basically pick up game to another probably gonna need to play a little bit better. And they have so far but they can certainly be an issue but I think that here's the question is about getting to the final four. You start to get in tune I thought it would maybe happen here with global global got bounce they have an and they have a chance to use it dance humiliate I think even Purdue. But certainly Kansas you get to that point act I think without cliche it's just. It's almost too much to ask those two teams are really good Purdue is legit. And so whoever wins that game I think is the team that goes console war from that region done. The cliche thing is unfortunate ducks are still in there. And down. You know what you never know you can always get hot you get a guy hot like Dorsey was nine of ten against Rhode Island you just never know man. Anybody can win on any given night and or no one and done scenario worrying can clamp it down and play elite defense in the tournament sometimes that's enough. The West Virginia is making shots and getting into the pressure. Eventually that could have gotten another term over you know twenty times thirty or more fourteen. This fourteen turnovers have been a result. In a bunch of point they're good at trapped Roger Williams got us. On every inbound catch in their first he'll get the ball out of his hands before someone else. To make a quiet. The other Arab concern is on the golf course part of the pressure of West Virginia is their ability to get to the blacks. I do look at this is one of those. I. That is Seth Greenburg ESPN saying that West Virginia is a bad matchup for top seeded Jim Zagreb fire sell. Whose actual once again failed to make it past the alien. It seems to be that Waylon died. I seem a little bit again Zagat haven't seen a ton of West Virginia. But you know the Bob Huggins. Those are tough teams they press they play good defense they're rugged their physical. Some a couple times we watch and you know big twelve games. Let. Listening to people that are in the know there are a lot of people that seem to share that opinion. That this is a really tough matchup for beans agony did not look good in the second half against northwestern. I definitely got to the favorable call on the horrific goaltending in the technical foul. This is tough for me I guess I'll buy it. Simply because indicted doesn't look great and a lot of people think that West Virginia just it isn't it's a bad matchup. Yes. I buy this they will not make the elite eight because they're not gonna get out of the sweet sixteen and the question is going to beat them. Seth Greenberg and that was it. Was. Was right in west Virginia's really tough and the reason it's a bad matchup for guns I get is. Just tough physical West Virginia compete in any guns Agha. Again that part of this is coming out West Coast Conference is don't think. Gay night in night out get the you know the grit and the toughness. That teams like West Virginia and teams from the big twelve of the AC whatever throwing you. Night in and night out and I just think it's really hard. It's really hard it west Virginia's really hard to face and I don't know they guns Zagat is. Is. Some of their fully prepared their damn good Gonzaga is damn good it's just. They just it's. They're not to I don't think they're gonna be ready for their toughness of west Virginia's gun Tudjman mountain they're gonna beat him because guns Agha as sucked OK there I said it back. But I think part of the reason guns I guess offices because the conference that they plan. I really think mark Fuchs. Any I know he schedules that they scheduled Arizona Arizona Florida Florida that's great I think they need anymore but I mean load up the big boy lay. Teams in the non conference to get you ready for games like this. I think west Virginia's is gonna take I think it was in his intake on that kind of regular extend their two adding there was one other big void that they players in the hearing on. Unbelievably proud of my guys. That put off with me which is not easy to do and they've become mentally tough as mentally tough competitive. I trust to be able. To play against a team like duke. And play so well on the big stage. Says a lot about the. Attitude hey frank Martin's head coach of South Carolina he's talking about the character of his tee after they blew the doors off duke in the second half there are four teams. Of a seven or higher seed left Michigan and Wisconsin South Carolina. And Xavier. Buyer sell at least one of those teams will advance the leading absolutely. And it'll happen. You've got enough cracks at it and in you you talk to be like Michigan. Obviously could knock off organ and it seems like everyone just says that Wisconsin is criminally under seeded and that Wisconsin. Should not be an underdog. I don't know what to make a South Carolina but Xavier has run rough shot over both games they've played it stopping models of people. So one of those teams advancing yeah now I'll buy dot com and bite you because I have Michigan going to alienate my bracket and really need Elena and down so. And then Wisconsin's really tough yeah. By the way Arizona and Iowa State the two of the teams that can snag a play not that you. OK so they played Arizona and they're non conference Utah valley city or state Bryant. Come on whenever quite a pack. Florida Iowa State. Arizona Washington. Back in Tennessee. And that that's that's and that's that's pretty ged. Mean not ducking anyone not saying that as mean I just think that you get really. The return of it to you get prepared for the tournament. By going through. And ACC. Or big twelve or even Big Ten schedule this year what is it is it just to think their entirety and in their entire year they've played four yeah turner Grasso saying it's like that was 'cause Connick and other really good. But it's it's a different animal in those big boy leagues again when you play Wednesday and then. Right then and Saturday and they have not played a tournament teams since December 3 which will well and okay same here though. I apologize faced a nonconference. Since December 3 and I would have been Arizona. Who is the team long beach state was and who was that we were talking about earlier this year really scheduled just schedule literally everyone that's getting cause asthma that's like guns agony incident he had us by forty every time significant what does it hurt your your doesn't hurt got to make attorney prepares you for the term vision for games like this. We thought we played good defense in the first they did to their very good defensive team so far. You know it's it's an easy task to score on them and that's book about the image became close in the first half. And that's what really opened up things like I'm forums do isn't it it's. That's due to most hated grace and Allen after their loss to South Carolina by herself of all the teams that you can think of there's nothing better than watching duke. Loose. All the teams. Wow. Bold statement profound and you know trying to think if there's a there's no and in college that I enjoy watching none other than gives the team in college. And I'm trying to think in the lakers forwards. Now let's do it for me yankees. It's duke. Yankees is fun to watch it could be everything good for a while like everyone else has ups and downs duke is as good would you rather out would you rather duke suck. Or be really getting get upset OP really getting guys that really not just here. It's just I would love to see Duke's program just far you know what I don't wanna major scandal. That's what I want more than anything else I just want like cheating scandal could just. Bright beam players just everything just beg Miami football style just coach K that whole thing just get. Taken down to its foundation and I. Wonderful I just love the Lehigh is every like two or three years taking you down in the first round it's so glorious it is Obama have to buy this I don't think there's another. Better than money next year is someone pointed it out oh Baylor football. Yeah now and then and but I I do like it don't understand Baylor football there's a guy can hate duke led Pittsburgh kind of shallow reasons. I despise being there for very legitimately. Just say they're female team beat it had to do the women I know I cannot. They beat a team by eighty something. So what you konduz and all the time notably the largest market like it did discuss a series of times the disparity that was passed on to him the good and the bad teams. Big baby so when late eighty point did anyone get raped. That's not them where presents a win it's a it's a positive step forward for Baylor suck watch rented by. Oh Greg Jones when it comes to divorce custody and child support issues trust Goldberg Jones held. 1800. Divorce. If your phone questions answered it no charge Washington's new coach is. Somebody Mike. Next here's Mike. My series. Ellis like the final score that Baylor women's game and it was. 100. I'm like god. It was 119 to thirty and what the hell. He really was not the 116 matchup I imagine. I don't know no idea where I mean they have to be in the first or second round. But this guy says you know UConn women they may always win big but they don't embarrass the other team. Because you can help winning by 89 points yeah so it says to mean that they're trying to make a point so either he's saying that big that Baylor that old. That that's the Baylor coach. There's all defiant is is doing this to kind of as an F viewed as an double middle finger. Just. It's it's. Gotta be careful I am not trying to prove to anything the UConn is duly UConn women's basketball is. Unbelievable. But it goes to show you the disparity. Between the haves and the have nots of women's college basketball it's just that cannot happen. No I in the men's game in the turning knowledge as they cannot calculations only limit forty yeah I just you can't you're not gonna beat a team by 89 the discrepancy is just isn't isn't their talent wise. But you see this and girls high school basketball ought to. Where did you get a really good team and an airplane someone but the ceiling in the floor so far apart women's basketball between the haves and the have nots. That. It for a team like UConn or Baylor teams are really capable of beating three great work and many others probably forty teams. It talks yeah I mean we've talked about before on this and do you think that Baylor tried to make a statement is it's so bad. That they can't help but when Maine and points no that's an FD there's no. Wit by 89 come. They beat Texas southern 119 to thirty that's that's an F viewed as some other way I have problem is that's my honesty do yes idea who. You know it's going on right now the ducks are being did. Tense scene over the TC female like he's verses the team knows the latest C gets 3329 in the third. Court term if the corners that you put cores if you know. Discusses his ties Rula girls gospel team lost 63 to three. But that three no. Points but nothing and let him then and winery that like asked courts you forget it was a nothing but net beautiful three from the corner move baby who can pay SO Washington has their new basketball coach folks yes they do. Washington over the weekend rather. It is pretty stealthy it slid it did Tonya book as we were all tied up with college basketball on the blazers dominating the league. And they hired. Mike competence. Micah Gibbs via my cup I can. Great hire I really think it is a marketing Mike Hopkins was the coach in waiting at Syracuse can. They are announced its two years ago that next year was is finally here once she retired Hopkins is supposed to be the guy took over. He's been an assistant there under bad time for wanna say twenty years or something like that he's been there for long into a does that mean the matchup zones Gammon. Probably I would imagine that the matchup zone is going to be coming to Washington love them answered some that they play. Like when I read this league had no idea who he was that they they said that every came as a surprise because. You know big time is he's have been down next year I know they decide to do to that you 'cause Hopkins left behind just signed a contract until oh I didn't see that I I. I assumed that it was because he signed the excess and Hopkins is like I'm not stick around though this. It was after that it was. Oh less our coach in waiting has gone pay big time can you stay around and he was like yup. Does Hopkins we've been well so Hopkins has been tied to you. Basically every hope open head coaching job for the last five or six years yeah he's interviewed a USC he's interviewed at a university organ state jobs entirely. I don't know I don't know if he was looking for different opportunity. In didn't wanna wait one more year or more are needed to be crippling sanctions committee gets streaky it knows how filthy that program visited have all minority under sanctions but I know it's possible but what they are what's their. What are they lost scholarships for the last ten years an area of medicine in the first whatever was going nine ACC nearby Syria if half but Hopkins is from the West Coast is California guy. He's a really really good recruiter he's been vital in getting mellow. Jonny Flynn if you remember him for team Christmas is in the MBA now. Some other of the top players recently he's been vital in getting them Lloyd Christmas. He makes a leak throw another shrimp on the Bobbie yes he did and he's one of the big time and you spiritual power play time is a great contrast walker. Since I mean it's hard to know right it's like you can see why they hired him but I saw this from Jon Wilner who is of the Mercury news and he went back and look at every coach higher. In the pac twelve from 2000 on. In there over Tony could you show up your mind my love and what was that. Why did you that you always do that that's the year 2000 on the fact that sealed. Still and that Conan O'Brien go to Brandon yeah. And he said that there of only been three. Other hires. That work career assisting coaches. From outside of the program. You know words. They didn't promote their top assistant. And he didn't hire another head coach from somewhere. Only three times it's happened in pretty good note. And that's his point I was that this is not worked out in that it doesn't have first of all it's a really rare higher. There's a Washington where you'd think they can get like at least a Randy Bennett type guy who has. Proven success. In contrast well as a head coach. But these three names. Our Johnny Dawkins the Stanford okay. Who did not do very well. I'd David Graham. Of Washington State and don't remember David Graham in there's a reason for that caddie and jade John. From Arizona I do remember Jay John who Oregon State he was Luke Wilson's guy. Way that the artist Harry infamous there yeah hagee John thing that was like the mutiny use something yeah that was that was marketed so. It is interest it's you know it's puzzling I mean Mike Hopkins can be really get it cheers when your hiring guys like this how do you know that they're good. How do you know you have no idea they had a minute hey coach whereas. There are a bunch of other guys that you know are good coaches now what level of success they have your school that's the million dollar question you don't know but. Mean there's so many guys. On the college level who are really successful head coaches they would jump to the chance to take that jolly similar throughout the would you have rather gone and got to the old. Tommy Greene now that he's out at. He's got the job Indiana it's tough. That's tough I think they could've done better than both I enjoy this at least on paper I mean the Huskies had heard this Syracuse assistant State's no they're committed to write a clean program where academics comforts. My first thought was. The Huskies who ventured into familiar territory. To find their new coach. And that is the N ninety. The. Thank you I enjoyed that school the only guy and thank you very much at the early Ajinomoto a series he's already got bounced from the unity yes because who really cares about the ninety. Right didn't care now that's that's where we're gonna what happens when you I'm gonna zoom. Kansas loses to bring you allow bad we didn't care highways that feed sixteen was kidnapped you know when I got up in the eighth here. I tired bored of this. I'll it's a it's an interest seen higher who knows habits again I think they could've on paper gotten somebody that makes fill the more comfortable. If your husky fan but there's really no way to know. The about this guy that's also his recruiting acumen yet you say he's like he's Larry ridiculous that is the life let let's Seles Lorenzo roam our. So I will say this c'mon man I was really. Frustrated. That he left because I was excited for Barry Hyman retiring Hopkins to take over in him leaving. Granted bail I'm stay as cool. It kind of frustrated me so that's a good thing for husky fans because I wanted to Hopkins to stay in there and I think he'll do it I think he'll do a good job there. I'm the Mike Lynch stamp of approval something about that carries weight. Yeah like Washington should be happy because the producer of prime time down in Portland as is its energy standing and he wanted Mike Hopkins to stay there for CU has invalidated Stanford recruit miss AD and Washington. I think grant and human. The Russian authorities Sheehan man with a man that he. Well Liz said there's one other note that is unrelated that related to this that only get you next in the moment into the hunt by the fund related there related at that exact same shirt. A different. 447 on the tenth. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what I think ensued right. You buy a series happened. Highs on 1080 okay. So unrelated to be learned their own market. But really it is this story. Did you see that Brandon Roy a one national high school coach of the year. I did not. He did all they were the number one team in the country right. And Nathan hale. All out there are no more in the country day and they they wanna state Tyler and I think for most of the year they were ranked. Number one in the country. But. I mean c'mon. When. He got the yeah like seven or eight transfers understand that he still coached them. Okay all right OK fine but Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl you still left to give Barry Switzer credit he. He was the coach of the dies down yes but as bracelets or coach of the year. My own not yet been needed here was really bad last year. Yes they Wear and this year best team in the country now okay under braided Roy's and a the watchful eye of beer away this is now I know nothing about this that lets you from the opinion about what is Roy he coached last year's team. What's the record I'm guessing not very good. And so I think to the and he and I know nothing about them that. So anyway that's already reflects clock and he said that drainage has rolled the ball well of course C Diddy I mean on. I'm sure he's probably a good coach and inspiring guy but look at eight national coach of the year the Porter kid. Is. The junior he's the best player in the country so the borders are gone. The Porsche guy but I did go to Missouri and was about the but yet the number one player in the country and now how does he do who people think will be. Why not next year but the year after that will be the number one draft pick in the the NBA draft after being one and done every goes Missouri. I feel like if you have that guy on your team you're gonna be wreckage. I would like you're playing other high school teams you have the best player in the country I have a feeling that's usually enough. Well I'd bring it up because what I mean let's go back you an average were on the show where this were this'll now when Brandon Roy first got here. So let's go back to 2007 or 2000 made in Brandon Roy a is doing a pressurized and Ricky the year I was great. What if I mean what if I said Haiti OK at the age of 32. That all these LB. Yes 32. At the age of 32. Gas at them or we're doing radio in 2008. And I say eighty UKC. Yes why. Brandon Roy's gonna do at the age of 32 I would what kinds of things he guessing I would not have had to coach this them team from Seattle to the good night of champions national high school coach of the year would have been number. 7842. On the list of things you would have guessed right never were totally unfathomable. Yet and yet that's exactly what happened. Like that's a funny way to turn volunteer and does it maybe bread or ends up being a great coach and he ends up with a powerhouse program and will seek to reporters are gone and now we'll see kind of you know Kenny recruit other players. Can you bring a minute what kind of coach he used a bit. The guys. Given some credit he's still the coach yeah of course. Penny Hardaway is worse yeah pretty hard with the coach of I wanna saves in Tennessee but he's the coach of a stage you beat your team to. Took over for his it is buddy was sickening that Diana signed peace and out like on. We wish showtime. The sixty minutes ports that Penny Hardaway took over a high school programs that his it was a relief program forgot there. So much questions. Here's Moses who would they be in the sweet sixteen. The answers no. Notes is what if Gregg Popovich coached organ state. Wouldn't that something. Like that they would meaning and no they would. That's a that's a knock on the include coach Sheen. They were decimated rangers' coaching can do a lot don't get hero on what well but at the end of the day you have to happen. You lead players you just you do. You could you could take Gregg Popovich. And put him. With a Morgan State and U Isaac crop you. Could go coach Kansas. And I think we know what the result of that game with BP it in my job stress that you wrote it. Don't play what is Ed that would work what if LeBron. Right now LeBron yeah losing college. With the rest of Brandon Roy's team. With Brandon Roy as the coach who they would win today when the NCAA tournament yes. They went after Alia. So LeBron with high school players took the Cleveland Cavaliers to sixty wins and the NBA if I don't have to tell me how awesome he has and just saying the rest of his. Team as a bunch of high school skinny high school kids who were about to be stars in college but yeah you just how do you defend. You get the order to. Get the now he's I've Andre he's off and supporters out LeBron as in. Did when internment. Soon. A that would that's that's a different view I mean they have other really good players and team you know tumor I think two of them two other guys are one of Washington as well yeah a much rumored he won his good guy who's about a quarter Brothers on the team to score Brothers as they get rid of the quarters. Now. But I feel like LeBron to make it a final four with anybody. A villager brought in the organs they beavers they're make in the final four knowing how to they are just how they defend. So it's like it's projects. I do you defend LeBron James. Well that helps teams average about sixty ish points a game LeBron can do that himself against the college team. How did you he would just fell out this everywhere that you that. It insists does he drive to be like a 19998. Wouldn't even be Finn now one mystery here at the picnic. I don't know if he wins the whole thing but can't that be fun to watch. Okay coming up next it's the hot five at five a lot of those sports news got an NFL signings. Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl Jersey has been found in an update on all the local teams means determine. In weather going and down to Moore college of stock next hour and yes during the club we will talk about. Other giant chicken it must be dissent is real. Yes Israel it has been. It has been proven real it's been proven repeal yes that is it wrong that I wanna go I did you big ticket and could I 42.

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