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Primetime 3.20.17 Hour 1

Mar 20, 2017|

Tourney talk! Into the Sweet 16, Ducks win over Rhode Island.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find it time. And you can find the time and spin you can actually yeah right time revise against you yeah. Home what they'll all journalists and Al clubs. Think yeah yeah. This is prime time to I do. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and dropped in Jason's a candidate quit trying to I'm Jane ADP. And hey what do you do know law. Hey good Monday yeah it's not that sports and up a little bit challenging him enough. And then there's lots more soft bounce. Patty great sports weekend did you I am pretty good sports weekend. What you say it was a great sports weekend it was a solid sports weekend wealthier you know my kids Jadox. Mean their role in right now so often bubbles that people. Yeah I go I've watched quite a bit to determine that's good MBA. Did catch a little bit of the World Baseball Classic to go along with that so little sports weekend he GC I finish in the top 151000 the shamrock on I did not see that. Thank you did you shamrock run thank you. How far is that. Thirty miles. I don't think that's the case. It's. A fiery and you can. He died I just went another 27 after the finish one. He's just kept going did you you felt like you're in that kind of shape the three miles we original was it got to test you enough now I ran the shamrock grant ran the five K and I ask. Why yeah I don't know. Did you white front with UBS sees it was her work okay bunch of folks to think there's no way in hell I know you through twelve years of cheers and are you just decided out of the blue you know what goes on let's go for a shamrock grows on east one is actually really fun race. But that she unite you know now. I like it did five K because it forces you on a weekend to get up early and exercises and that's great. It's all those deals are you my future really drunk and then ask you if you'd like to just take it yeah I had I narrow iron and you remember that it. It actually happens and you committed to it not count on. I'd really like to sleep and right now have you run three miles previously in the mid Alia recent future down back on the treadmill OK so light years wouldn't like yeah you know I walked to the mailbox the other day. A senior you run down like you run from the desk to hear some times a year you seem quite windy it well look. You know. Five K is not hurt now thank you should be able to roll out of bed and ratified getting you know if they can't there's a product you're not really running let's be honest I ran pretty hard to last with Iran with my wife now. And then. She stopped and mocked his Jardine or young cookies and that was in that awkward. Scenario of do I walk with her this is really boring hmm you know now. Ordeal I just do I turn on the after burners you shredder compressor for some groceries levity and he'd check this out. And it really is like we have like I think there were ten people or something right at the star line all of her group. And it's once you start it's every man for themselves really yeah a year not there's no sort of can now Brit now is their buddies at their own pace enough. So much nicer talking and I just turn on the jets and I wanna. On the boring if you want molding the rob slant of running right no but anyway to Pete like the spartans next leg all those those obstacles fund runs I used to run five k's. In like sixteen and a half minutes. The good. Well I like to think it is FBI I have you you're out any sort of time there in my responsive and I I don't you know it's three point one miles right yeah. I can I don't know sixteen and a half as pretty get I have never run I have never run into any sort of organized. Not race. Activity outside of football I don't run I ran a portion of the half marathon each briefly in a fortune yeah. Network up for Lotus it was that rock and roll run or whatever they told the court it. It's like knots and now my friends around there like you went around might get out just mean you on I see those the loop here goes to about 52 yeah I'll meet you on 52 that's like mile eight. So scared and I'll run in with you and that's it with every year someone inevitably does this one me do you wanna join our politicos seem and I just smile. And my response is why it. I need a better realize it. Why I should run I tell you what is it like a hot fit is now running ahead meal what exactly is my motivation people swear by had to coast and I if I just cannot I don't get it. I don't get it at all like a five k's super easy enough politicos. You ever get your sleek clean out and a sleeping bag. Out in the elements where the alligators and stuff are in everyone though thanks eaters who believes that amounted gators against her about them for some sort of the frothy badger. Like every what is always miserable leaked pages but they love it looked and there must be something to it was I think like everyone does these now would make available on the data but seldom had a coaster of the dinosaurs via yeah. Is is also out after you know like three or four of them he's done and any and I don't wanna do anymore. The new it is and it is anyone ever try to review into one of these stupid obstacle races. I'm does this is the new one what they called it's well I think they're called. There's different ones like summer called Spartan the other ones are like tough mother's yeah and the tough mother yeah that's how my wife Tori cl yeah exactly and all of a sudden people are trying to like it seems like the last year do you there's a lot of people trying to get beat and why everyone wants me to run anywhere it's not a Japanese Simi I am a very slow mover on a land mammal. And we just sweet sweet kind of cruise and a very slow deliberate pace. And there seems to be some sort of fascination with getting meter race I don't pretty. It's a community team event will let me say this community far from it by illegal play pool or something yes I thought we do that a dinner. Under billiard Steen had a bad if you wanna play like a snooker tournament I didn't. But there's two things I don't do well one large groups of people to Racine and running why are you trying to combine those two so six. And a half and high school cross country. And I know this bastard here wants proof just trust me I guess you look at that. And then now I'm 32 now. 3230 to me 32 minute now again. My wife dragged down world but clearly I think that that eight years shaven at least 45 seconds off at least if the wife isn't there holding you back but. I figured twice the weight. Twice the time it at a racetrack we go to spray used to be I was probably as trying to buck. Astray but thirty backed them. I think I weighed a 130 pounds in the fourth cricket team hero eat eat everything and not gain any weight but do you ever have that. Never really not you like in. Critical relief. It's is it but it's not really I can tell it's a glorious time in the ninth grade I weighed more than I do now with the you're kidding now. You did I weigh about to lose 65 issue right now in three bills in the ninth grade and then ninth grade I probably weighed 280 to 85 only non-GAAP because when I was a sophomore how much there was junior high school Lily as a solid right weighed three bills I didn't know you guys were such fat that setback at at the you just a big guy don't I give you as fat I've got mugged in like the same way I'm a large ship but you're fat like in ninth grade that means you were fat. It was the exact same size I'll really yeah viewsonic is a sophomore in high school I am I just use the same like I didn't grow. Again it's like when I take back my statement yeah and whereas someone like every college per because my brother he shoot skewed. So we are told the story like everyone thought I was gonna be like 6667. Of the Mike is great offensive tackle him because I was 638 and 280 to ninety is a sophomore. And then. I just stopped the book but they can drink too much copiers on the gets everything just the breaks came screeching to a halt yes I am I am smaller now. Then I was in the ninth or tenth interest in. Do you ever am so one must point about racing yeah. Skis me. Smokers cup did you do well having a cigarette because that's the best with no mention them I don't smoke cigarettes I could've. That lit a cigar though you should because there's gonna make a bull's David did hand out here. That's good during the red like you know he get the water station during the reds beer and perhaps you should. I don't think it was sanctioned drinking and smoking makes sports better there's not been bloodier and more enjoyable than someone competing wall light meat eater. But PC like old photos of like gang guys like in the 60s70s. The great photo of us who is that I Glenn Dawson who is the chiefs quarterback. It's like Super Bowl what are two when he's like get I have to I mean he has got like a barber red bird as just. Good times right there. So they have this bit so the five K they had a course where you just you go out back just right downtown on NATO you know doctor so you can see the people who are really fast and they're coming they're already coming back and say you're running right next to them. Do you ever have you ever seen or like maybe even witnessed a race like that where that where you watch the guys up front and how fast are going yes it's. It's unbelievable it's ridiculous these dudes were full law being homeboy Iran I think he ran. Right under I think he ran for a minute and 592 miles and then won the fight Jake and it was probably just a warmup preferred the eight K year and a half marathon. Yeah I had for him February you we didn't have their new facilities now when I was there we had just a crappy within one facility for everybody. So when we would like glue leg during winter conditioner whatever we would jog around the track like a lot of attract people would be out there and it was embarrassing. To have some gal just. Like slapping you you're like what the hell like their run in three laps every one on competing like dirt laughing you twice your like wait a minute. And you and they are not even break it has no. They're just flying surge histories and it's amazing it is rickets who think like good marathon runners they average yeah it's like in the high for unknown and that. They marathon or 26 tee that blows me away. But even the short races like the five games now. Who that guy. But that there's there's something in I'm sorry if this offends runner broke to go for there's something really do she about the overly serious I wanna win this fund beer drinking five K event he's got like babies and get a full loading these guys are like here everybody up there were some high school kids in there there obviously just you know like. High school track athletes or. Cross country runners yeah so there were some notable but you look at the older guys that just our age guys that are. They're up there with their Oakley is on and you know like this all decked out ready to win them like they're taking it seriously where aerodynamics beings there warming up took it. Warming up I mean does that. Just ran so it's Kennedy she bit I think the same time it's also kind inspiring like you can angle. You that's pretty bad ass. My favorite part about runners is you if you account of the guy that runs lob but isn't in good physical shape it's the canvas they were several of those in the race yeah. The week there's a guy when I lived in the center and he was the cross country may be just the track coach at the sinner and I know him like he went he went to my church. And he looked like a short fat cal Ripken like you would just you you have like a full one belly. And yet that dude could just bring out miles in like fasting you're like how. You run fifteen miles a day. And have a beer guess so that's a guy that. He's like yeah this is a god is a candidate to be 35400 pound guy if he didn't exercise yeah isn't that right did exactly that's what I think there Brenner dudes that are in seal like you do you look don't look good but they run and they'll be all the talk you look at back are there and you see a bad body now. But because he runs that's a great body forehand. Yeah you know I mean it's just it's even act I didn't run he would he would be super duper fad that I'm on a rational. You it's got the wreck that's what the flag but there are a lot of guys I there's all kinds of defiance just suited you run ten miles a day. I assume your skinny right like you're really good shape and no it's not the case which to me is just it's fascinating. You would think that you can't it's like Kevin a Coke problem being overweight how is that possible and yet people minutes to do it. All right while we should keep it going herbal yes sports. Ports weaken how are your bracket. Really be new Clyde Villanova playing kansas' national championship game. Buckshot couple. Is still alive Villanova not some eyes Ulanova winning and as you remember Sam Mike was all Honda. You know who's worse than all the all combined what. I'll tell you next one is army. I'm still in the makes you still there and going and you have kids that do do. The move you're still in the mix but I am still in the mix and I'm currently fifth so I need Kansas to win it all down in I need my other final forced come through. I'm a big Arizona fan now now. Now can I still win without the champion if I get the three of the four final fourteenth I still have a into the final 40 yeah. Yeah he went OK yeah I think if Israel depends on who else went like you want somebody that nobody picked to win. Now if Kansas wins you're probably screw it writes and she picked Villanova is a lot of people take cans but if somebody picks Michigan to win or South Carolina even done Zagat. Then now and they earned her I mean if they didn't pick them that they win and that puts you back in the mail I think the best case scenario was a team from the east like Baylor. Winning yet. Because of their race is my Villanova mistake of my other three final four teams are still there now. They put up and it's been a lot of ball left a lot of ball left we'll start to bracket talks in the ducks in dancing next on the fan. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime tides against suit grabs you by series cafe and highs on ten navy both Israel and. Okay 1080 the fan dot com via pulled question. Two days. Sweet sixteen is set. Now which team do you think has the best chance of making the final four the that your bracket is officially and shoot guns I got. Arizona. Or again. Or UCLA and vote at 1080 defend dot com. Because it's different counts different animal because some teams have been ousted. Organs bracket opened up a little bit without little bull. You know although Michigan doesn't. Look like they're going to be an easy out Michigan's red hot right now I think Kansas looks the best of anybody what if Arizona. Has Saint Mary's. Xavier and Dunn's idea yeah to get to the final four easiest path to the final four and that's not to say any of those teams. Or it's not to say I mean same period simmers lost to them that they pushed them it's it's not to say that the contact war. Xavier wouldn't be damages Slough about that. Arizona Jimmie has the easiest path I think Kansas right now looks like the best team in the tournament. But two year point you which went as the best chance I would say Arizona because Inzaghi doesn't look very good. I haven't seen a ton of Xavier but I I beat there. I Arizona at least on paper looks like they have the easiest path easiest path. Well yeah I mean you silly it looks good though. Yeah don't forget about them you sit there looks good that play Kentucky. And I think very play Kentucky to deny they did play and I threw one I think Kentucky got a but I think it was close. The UCLA. You said Kansas looks like the best team I think Kansas looks like the best team in the turner. Well they certainly turned it on late night game against Michigan State that was pretty fun they stopped AM Monday. Well they end for Moses gay most of the game they did lay their foot on the gas and it's go time that the offenses. You know it's interesting. Oh no big beat Kentucky you Selig today yeah this is a rematch in UCLA yet they be easier lay in rep arena by the union may be Kentucky's may be Kentucky yet they beat Kentucky at Kentucky 9792. And it was really early on in the season. So again I sort of rematch here. OK well anyway plus seven best of B Michigan right back to back they beat Kentucky in Michigan. Now UCLA's legit no there's no question. But what does about say is you know sometimes you look at this term written. And becomes a beautiful place on building is boring whatever. But it can be hard to watch like Wichita State Kentucky. Yes you know it it had been an exciting game but it was slow and not a lot of offense and knows sometimes the defense in this this happened at the end of the duke Rhode Island game two they're just. Especially organ really put the screws German release are playing defense it was thirty seconds of Rhode Island just throwing the ball around the top film and then desperately trying to get. Low something that's because you got to really elite defense clamping down yet and they're Rhode Island whit better athlete he has so there's so it's like that's. That's what organ was able that in other other reasons I organ was able to Mac when which we'll talk about it what my point was was. When you look at Kansas and you look at UCLA. And then who else do you throw in this category of chest is leaks. In I mean you lead off cents. The elite in that. You don't see that hole held a lot in this term in now right now those two teams. They do need that those two teams kind of have to look you know he'll eat and I see you watch the first weekend EC team has looked. Kansas thanked god because I didn't know if they. Nothing to do it. They do have that look and Josh Jackson looks like he's just gonna carry him and he's not even their best player no answering Mason. And then UCLA Mon dough ball. I mean say what you will about big Boller in the far lots Obama the best player in the term is dynamite he probably is the best parent term and you really fun to watch. And so in net and it's not to say that it's just those two teams is just those two players meaning they have guys all over the place they can they can score and shoot and I think. In this day and age of this game that's what matters in this term that that's what goes deep because they don't play good divas like Kentucky's going to be a tough a tough out now. Because they really do clamped down they'd AM date did you Allen saw their defense did lay it against which I stay but. Which does seek the same thing which has taken to doesn't affect Kentucky blocked their final to a taps. I mean so you need transcend an offense well and those two schools and I can tell he's got a couple guys. Vicky just make individual place. Whether it's a deep three or was it fox who was breaking it down and mark who just can get to the rim. And in finish in the they've got a big fill in the middle and bam with goes to be like a top fifteen pick that when they dump the ball bounded him he looks. He looks like a young Dwight Howard has that kind of body and he just it's kind of freaked out there. Kentucky. From what I see into the turn me Kentucky looks like the most athletic team top to Bob there's certainly athlete athletes and their long yup yup play I guess the point spread. Sure you do that. But he got which one will start with down Kansas Purdue SC Braga in Hainan Kansas. Because they would they did. You know that's I finished yes the game because that bridges guy. Forum on Michigan State cute. Back guy is unique in the NBA but he's a load Michigan State in the final what 89 minutes of that game could do nothing. Offensively enough of the have a great offense that they could Kansas just score at will and got up and down Cannes got hot yep. But they admit they played Purdue and Purdue out of a piece on the cans and how much of the cans can you watched. They really struggled Kansas did with Michigan State's bigs and pretty has got some bigs they have the necklace from think what says it. Number fifty they have for Purdue but I haven't seen you play this year. When a player of the year candidate yeah but when I watched them their big guy in the middle we got to dress number fifty. We he just he just controlled the glass and he was the difference maker. In that game against what was that Iowa State. That they didn't have an answer for but at the same time. Engages the athletics is an of Kansas and that criticism of Kentucky to me have really stood out so far in the games. Dicey well there's such Caleb his name is some the pretty Kent yeah announcing they're talking not exam launch much of me start with an S it was illness on against wanna get out. He's legit so if you watched Kansas play they're clear Achilles heel is. They they really only have one big guy that's Linda Lucas and he can be prone to foul trouble. They have they even had to go deep into the bench into a guy who doesn't even play that much that Colby guy came in for Kansas to guard those bigs are machines they really game trouble and Purdue. Matches up really well in that department so you know I mean it's. You get a lot of it's about matchups and Purdue does look like they have some things they can exploit Kansas and they remember they won the Big Ten. What do you think the point spread is any in this member this is in Kansas City I'm gonna say Kansas probably by seven or eight I think kids to be a pretty good Fe Kansas by five. Look I've Kansas by fine. Okay how about. Well final I don't know what to make that one. I don't think many people were impressed by organ. Michigan's seems to be the dart also Michigan's favored by two Michigan minus one out. They could and I don't think there's a lot of people that are I think that's going to be great that are by and what organ and cell Michigan hit sixteen. Threes in their first game yet they did. They weren't that they didn't know I don't against I don't think so what do we have a couple of big shots ballet is a mentally that's the one game I did not see a bunch of I cot I think most. Of most of the games but I didn't I arbitrary cop maybe two minutes to realize a Louisville in Michigan Michigan in the second half. Was really get I mean they just look like the better team and Tim we know how good little is Al West Virginia gun zag and OC I think this one I think West Virginia be favored in this. Really yeah they're they're definitely not they are favored now zig and zag. I think what my guess is three. And a half it is guns at a minus three I think West Virginia is going to be. The an Arizona. Taking on Xavier played that's that's my surprise and again knowing nothing about Florida State but. In a Florida State had the ACC we they were a top fifteen team most of the year I told you guys mirror overrated I have not seen them buddy who is overrated Clark coordinate all your mop the floor with. Yeah how's that happened was that ninety wounded 66 mean how does Virginia score like twenty points I don't know because there are an awful offense every here. This was neither of them. They're incredible defense their offense is never being good now they just really desire to see not I mean look it's not it's one thing deceit. Teams get blown out in the first or second around that just are outmanned via its another to see the higher seeds don't get torched like that by a show lately what an eleven seed in the and a who David you know I guess Florida was was so let's see Africa Africa at the I Xavier Arizona. Employ I don't know what to make it out to Arizona maybe by three also Arizona by six or seven here's on my touchdown and kind of flora well Wisconsin. No idea Wisconsin minus one of the Florida. Favored by four. Florida to grow from South Carolina dealer cash. Everywhere the secular to play basketball anybody that while the clean found out by beating duke gamecocks at. Baylor a little bit about five. Three and half. He Sealy Kentucky. Boy this that this is my game of this sweet sixteen that's got to be a minus Warren pick a wealth I could watch one game of any of this we sixteen I would wanna watch this one. I I just wanna see the IP turnaround and I think the difference this won't be. I think IBC UCLA's defense is her skis and you see these offences phenomenal but Kentucky can run and I just think Anthony's defense is the difference in this. Other Kentucky favored. In the rematch fight to. UCLA minus one and a half to the started as a pitch and then Boller plays North Carolina. Other looks pretty did well Butler beat they what men butlers the one that beat. Yeah the Villanova twice he lets its doozies what's seats. Butler Xavier. I feel like he just pencil and in every year ahead as they are good that they destroy every Wisconsin's it's yeah Wisconsin. Well sure they tournament he'd see right here everybody's talking about Big Ten Wichita State being in the seated in Wichita State was and is seated. The biggest news seen Lou was Wisconsin yeah and be with Hayes in that other. Who's the lady is like kids on remember what his name is there when really they had to be yours guys get to the white kid but they'll all those guys I mean. Couple those guys been their along time yeah they're good players and they make you earn it and that's and there are a lot of the the pundits that were saying that they say it was a ridiculous. That they put Wisconsin on the the line that they did there's no way Wisconsin should be OK it's North Carolina valor gulf all like Carolina by three Carolina by a touchdown. No love for Butler now. But that's a good game now north Carolina's looked as good as Kansas has opened to the term and so far really. Yeah even against arc the tea archetype in Maliki you know they did about Arkansas governor. Well on the new had the and Nolan Richardson with a sixty minutes they'll. I guess that's not the was 4040 days so not quite sale when I was sixty yard and cute if you wanna bet that when it doesn't a couple of times then commuted sixty minutes ago. Pay down the ducks looked OK. I. No questioning what SL you tell yourself decide what that next is Mike. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime Isaac and suit brought you by series cafe and high on Jennie DOC I'm. Still to come the Jersey has been found at Jersey Jersey's. Maybe even some spikes. Oh Washington has a basketball coach blazers have a strong weekend. Of the we're talk him brackets BP's. It's I forgot to tell you something that you Dick I'd tell this he still doing anything. Yeah he's out there is the key BBB I never CD TV he. What game was he doing was he up there a well do it again. Not during the tournament by. The easiest pin they can't call him a pattern in the of the day he does like analysts stuff mountain and that's during the regular season he hostile color commentator. I just I never see or hear from a for more Dickie V anymore we'll excuse you don't watch college ask money is can't discount that's where he resides. But they'll try to somebody from last week the app that issue we begin this on the show on the porch in right here Dick I'd tell them like he's still around. Thank you BJP. -- So you guys have we're we're lamenting our brackets. Yet because you know people Kara then yeah mine is knowing cares Wednesday. But I you know who has zero final four teams left in his bracket with someone at the station. I know now think bigger. Bigger Obama think big that he felt went out again Obama did and you did indeed do that but you know he's done fine he had zero. No trump didn't I don't know whose whose big Mike's friends Cessna hippies get a big zero use break it down that hot Florida State Maryland game was the pro. The way earth did he take that he lost all of that this sport spoke is RD lost all of his final four picks could be he had. Duke. Little bowl. Villanova and Wichita State crown will do Camilla and overlap somewhat. Are different records those that he had in the files where they guess that's not. Vegas does not make 20 are out there you can Villanova. Got the news makes a little man. We have from the west. Imus wrote a done wrong. He wrote dammit. I'll be back Jenna trying to pick who we would had there that's been balanced. Notre Dame Notre Dame probably. So unless he is going all east eastern teams will Notre Dame or or maybe Florida State because that's the one in the two were still around policy here. In that it's around Arizona still around that would go to the three which is Florida State TA and edited so he had Villanova little Notre Dame which Tustin okay that's the way to go to. Pretty cool like anyone knows for heaven's. Yeah but due to differences he's the one that claims claim does yes he didn't whereas guys like united Smart I know idea an opponent they look. I have not seen Purdue play once this year and tell quick name Florida's coach. But the Donovan no IA's and Oklahoma City. And I have no idea exactly you. No and let's Cisco and Billy Donovan anyways at one point he didn't coach there and he was really good. But yeah he's kind of one of those gadgets like eight. Yeah on the on the when he I'm now known to any money racket he tries to breakdowns in my records. Although it also treated did me out this and I said it earlier in the week it pains me to say because I think he's a total putts thank you for the duke knows what the hell he's talking to thank you Doug Gottlieb it was on one of the national shows. And someone asked him who the most overrated team was this gonna fall and he did say Villanova. He not go out was it was a week once he did was gonna get your job and they did he's always known this house just a he's sharp he's been and he knows me knows what is that he's. And because vessel dial list and so Oregon wins and it was not for T know it was not but you know like I mean Rhode Island. It was a tough little team gave mall hatton or again you know they were down. There were down four points. With two minutes. And if you look at each possession from that point on I mean they were. They worry. Awesome I mean every mean they they they outscored them seven to nothing in the last two minutes. Then he'd do a bunch of huge offensive rebounds my jordin bell. They had that huge three the first huge three by Tyler Dorsey that he huge charge that was drawn by. Dylan Brooks and then Dorsey hit that big old fat three out top terrible shot but it's one of those like. Sword isn't it great you exactly you know like that shop and almost nine of ten network and kind of ten. Then they had great defense on the potential game tying threes both of them are also it is they did they did absolutely everything they needed to do too as you said survive and advance since the last six or seven minutes of that game I just really thought fit that the talent level. You see this like when when he leaked talent really. Just kind of put the screws you defensively burlap road I would did not get a good look. A legitimate good look at the final six minutes of that game and the other one I know some people are are bitching and moaning about the officials thought I was Rhode Island I'd probably do that too. But I think at times when you're an aggressive team you get the benefit I think they'd let them. Play when your when your swarming like that and I I do feel like org and got the benefit. Of the doubt on. A lot of calls down the stretch but I think that comes with being the aggressor the charge call was pretty. That was pretty bad you might charge on austere are valid what did you think well there was blocking is lenient. Mean he Brooks gave clearly was weak and I MB was close enough to megawatts it I didn't have that thought yeah I I thought it was I thought it was a pretty sketchy call but again. I thought organ was the aggressor and I thought they got the calls because of it. And and and we did determine the game may have played a role but Morgan just organ did what they had to do. They made plays down that distressed and on the offensive glass Rhode Island didn't have the size or the F criticism to hang with organ. And you see with a organ they got a couple guys that are just stone cold killers there in big moments I think this guy's right you know any the. The text machine 55305 they do always call that a charge now a cause Vasco has a little bit of a problem with. These guys just stepping in front of it's a bad call if you go back to watch it it is the cause that's why has promised these guys just stepping in front of guys drive dean and Denny in the charging calls again don't they Alex you're with and the NBA like you leave they eventually eliminated that in the India yet. Any do you always ask a 100% that's a bully is while you do it I mean you're not gonna get with that's betting college state they do call charge each call charges a lot they need Ted. They need to. Work on the because it's a it's not good for the game and don't think. No I just again I think in the college game I think they side towards. On on the deepen its article it is it is a school or was harassing Rhode Island and you probably could've called. Ten to keep tack fouls down the stretch our Morgan with their aggressive defense they played in the NBA you probably do get those calls. But in college they let you go because the swarming defense that was played and that. Was the difference in the game was just went organ committed to playing defense Rhode Island did not have an answer. Yeah that's why MEI as high heat like listening to people bitch about officials in the game I mean. I get the Rhode Island feels like they were jobs they were doing like griping over there yeah but. They were trying to act like console game to its site. Bottom line is. Or he made more plays yet in order was the better team they just you know you played really well for awhile he is couldn't finish it. Or he did so suck on that Rhode Island a technical hired Jim harrick at you want a better players and Soria moves on and they now meet Michigan. Which had a game will be fourth just after 4 o'clock on Thursday. In Kansas city Michigan. Is twelve and two. In their last fourteen games and in those fourteen games they have two wins over Wisconsin. Two wins over Purdue. In a win over. Little organ is gonna have to clean it up and not have these big blow holes that we've seen over the course of the year where their office just kind of disappears on Ayman. This when I was kind of just the first half in general outside of of Dorsey was damn near perfect. They're gonna have to play cleaner they're gonna have to play better but the nice part is if you organ you played very good at all and you still one in the game. The Mets that is the definition of survive and advance yeah but maybe he could say they got lucky that. The ability they got a pretty good draw this let's beyoncé got pretty good dropped there because they were facing an eleven seed like teams are facing a lot tougher teams and now. You know if you do that against his it's like this all ideas like sometimes you get a little bit lucky it's this whole idea that if they play that exact same way against. However many. You'll 85% the rest of teams in the field might lose yet but on that night against that team that was sent Creighton wasn't it sounds like Creighton was all that hot and a other succeed anyway. They just. You know. Part of it is about draw and they got a pretty nice little draw and they've taken advantage another in the seat sixteen and by the way it's not but the other team the debt that was supposed to be there that we thought they had no chance of beating isn't there is there is Michigan so it ducks' defense against Michigan's offense is going to be one hell of a match up. The spread as we mentioned mentioned last segment is one. The ducks have every opportunity here to get to see you this thing to do create you never know you just never know. You just you wish. Especially like you just wish that that Boucher was there you wish you were you were clicking on all cylinders because now is you get into this what you would need to Shea against Purdue yeah. Mean let's not look too far. What you would need the Shea against Purdue Kansas you know I think you can match up with them a little better because they'd just don't have a ton of bigs that are gonna they're gonna hurt you. Offensively. So get by you know he got to be was Mitt Michigan first. Yeah and that's no easy task as you said one of the hottest team in the country coming off the Big Ten tournament title and should be great game now this. Has Tyler Dorsey work his way into the first round of the NBA draft and a couple of other odd bracket nuggets before we wrap up the hour. Coming up next on 1080 the fan. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac ensues rusty by series cafe and highs on 1080 both ran well through the four number one seeds are left. But do global. Villanova all lose to you cannot do losing it is the best thing for South Carolina ball teams now if you have duke. In your bracket like I did mean. They are the Vegas by the way odds on Taylor and the whole thing they were now kansas' favor I just love all the little means of all the white duke players did she decline if you do in your bracket. Can you were yet everybody hates duke I hate duke I love watching duke clues and it's wonderful. In even had to bust your bracket it's it's really delightful having endless but I really was pulling them because I needed them to go further. Back at it neither and I sold my soul squeezed out of the winner clearly and once they lose its I I he had he added due to future by the way the did the duties of 12 titles over the last eleven years which is pretty good. But they've also been eliminated in the second rounder earlier five times the last eleven years you Lehigh Lehigh took him out once right is fourteen or fifteen save had quite a few upsets but the differences they went I have also 1120. Yeah it's a conditional in the kind of shuts everyone up I don't really think you. At some point you can't pick apart some as a resonate. Coach K could lose in the first round for the next ten years I think he'd be just fine fighters asked if I get him out of there how about that little crying northwestern bro. You catch that is that the little kid have a and let's be honest that may be the worst call in the history if cost. Basketball which one. Stand up through the that don't quite. How do you screwed up how does not want officials see the day old Igor is hand they're go up through the read the blog bad shot that was bad. And that and then you get the technical and I get why you have the cubs had to go get booed the northerners and visions loses that's a. Let me get you through print to block the shot but you can't buy. That yeah. Collins ran out on the court yeah and they team up it AT&T and northwestern game is fun to watch. As they kind of tried to come back on Gonzaga because you gotta hand it to the northwestern bros. They are jacked up yeah I thought it was our fans were not look like northwestern resistant that's a fun story a little kid did you see the little kids yet just so obvious that they kept going that just kept going to you on the camera and he just kept crying I get I was talking about the this of my life. I'm like what is that because a lot of times he would cry when something good happen northwestern won't be noticed that either. Let's just say that there might be some emotional issues there look some people wound tight some people can't. Literally they can't control their emotions when he gets. You know in big moments like that to do so fired up for. And he was one of them and it was fascinating because he would. He would be gone crazy. Cheering he's probably blow deceased are twelve something like Patton told Leo boy northwestern then that were injured that rain in north lesser SARS mount a comeback and they pull Ali within. What people I think within five or so I think it was within that that's shot of the it would cut it to three so yeah I think that I think it was what five with a gold had happened. And they just kept showing the kid and he B chairman jango grizzly dec LaMont in the ages bust out crying so say in this the athletic directors kid and it's perhaps. And so on and off let. He was Houston. And joined. It's not a good thing or a bad thing to be that. Tied up and in northwestern basket some people are like that. Some people here are his level headed as you known to say they're there to there their highs in the low the sports crying thing. And get it we don't we don't get worked up drug and emotional but he wasn't crying because they lost he was crying because. There was a foul called I now. You know like they're just be a Fallon he would lose his ass feel like may be just meanwhile there is some prozac and Nike ads feature of sand I. Maybe he he needs one of those like work release program things as these kids is wound a little tight be careful some of them may get him eventually down power lines something do we think. I'm Tyler Dorsey has improved his sock enough to maybe jump into the first round of the draft certainly looks good and we seeing guys in the tourney that. The people fall in love with. The united ten he he you don't get money list so get it better in that and he can play both guard positions out. You know he's a little bit different than Brooks BK is he has a position yeah and so does versatile whereas Brooks is kind of the exact opposite weather sand even though he's verso in college. He won't be in the at the NBA level that's why I think a lot of people think that Dorsey is the either endorse he's not the better cause clear that he's the better NBA prospect. Good ready 6465. Yeah led us I mean like yeah he's that he's a one and it's you wanted to see you and that's and he can do a lot of different things or people compare. Dylan Brooks to Brandon Roy yeah what about Tyler Dorsey to bring to Brian Murray you know. Yeah but at the same god that everything he can be very good thing is that selling brand or ashore on Nazis NBA good it's just the idea that. He's one of those guys were nothing jumps off the page EO he's solid he's really good at pretty much everything yeah. I can see him being eighty. Be equality rotational guy in Indian BA bet means the start leveler or full time starter I think that's probably along shock for both of those guys. But being graded endures he works in the way into the first round they both of those guys. Are probably borderline. For strong guys and you know turn to retire a lot of people pay attention when a blue lights are shining the brightest. Lot of people thought the Boucher had the best feature in the NBA before and what George l.'s resident Julia belliard all those guys are kind of second round early second round pick. Guys and so is this NC term it could get them in the first round right now the guy who's leading that raised store is Dorsey out based on that performance. Our icon next the Jersey has been found who had it. 32 to seven on the fan.

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