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Dirt & Sprague, Monday 3-20-17 Hour 3

Mar 20, 2017|

Who's fault is it when NBA players all take nights off in prime time nationally televised games...Tom Brady's SB jersey has been found, and how do the Ducks match up with Michigan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This week is extra sweet. This is a final sixteen which edition of dirt and spray news. Grabs you by a series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies but now attending Eaton fan dot com and win high for a year I know how to character we have our basketball team or move the south region as the number 123. Unforeseen accident so it's not an easy bracket obviously that we're gonna go to dirt and sprayed on Kennedy's. Am. It's at this hour Curtis gray every Monday to the other but Monday's only well. Every Toronto Raptors regulars follow we will volume back. In New Jersey gave here in a minute we entered Jersey game yesterday. Found Tom Brady's Jersey south of the border. South were they did and happened how organized got to win yesterday they survived an advance literally to the sweet sixteen we'll talk about craziness the NCAA tournament wants to get to. I hear the final I do wanna continue the conversation we're having their. Towards the end the last hour of the show about just the MBA in there and their Saturday night problem not I think this has been highlighted. As of late because of the last two Saturday night's let's say what's the problem it's been two Saturday nights is derived only and look teams have been doing this for a long time and Greg how long now is Gregg Popovich been just randomly sitting guys throughout the year. Five years five years not just randomly zealots of not planets on told not plan I've given human yemenite often come from time to time it's a conversation you know is it unfair to fans that paid for tickets should they get them. The full price of that ticket for example of not seeing this player and apple are involved but. It has become I think a bigger issue for the league now the last two weekends because I do think they're fighting firm. Relevancy nominate either right where the fight its rivals right now the NCAA tournament going on and they have to contend with football season early in the years so. They really China brand is Saturday night as prime time you know two good teams are gonna come together it's Saturday night Saturday nights at the NBA and the winner in the spring and in the last two weekends. And in total slobs and elected there's different. Ideas about how to fixes some one I know you always agree with and I agreement the simplest one is just shortened season. That that that's option number one if you shorten the season a 62 games to give a more off days in between. Then you're probably not get how this issue of guys willing to sit out or our coaches wanting to rest her players yeah. But in the short term ends never gonna happen by the way does he ever got that revenue has never gonna happen in the short and I just I really don't think advance. There's a reasonable solution I think this is just something that's gonna continue to happen in the NBA we cannot bitch and moan if we don't like think guys are playing on Saturday nights and coaches arresting guys. And nothing's gonna change in end unfortunately I think some fans are just got to take it in the shorts and these cable in and there's a lot in. Listing thoughts coming in at 55305. On this topic I'll always one players an example that did sit out and that's LeBron like LeBron is kind of the key figure I would point to this right we go to the warrior spurs games so we want to the spurs have been doing this they're known for it. And the warriors are just now picking up kind of the same method probably because Steve Kerr has been a former spur any kind of Gregg Popovich guy but he's LeBron. Rights lease at the Big Three on Saturday night. Does anybody really kind of understand. How many minutes LeBron played. No I don't think people realize what I think it's one thing to see the number so he's 29 right now he's played 40768. Minutes he's buying Jason Terry by a less than 200 and he's only a thousand away from Michael Jordan. He's right there he's gonna pass to Jordan probably by next year. If you counted minutes playoff games accent Iraq. You're basically saying that but with all the minutes with all the seasons all the extra games because of these long playoff runs. LeBron James has played more seasons than Michael Jordan his durability. Is gonna be the ultimate testament to his career outside of everything else here cheese of points rebounds says. Championship Brinks. You need to understand that when you have players like that and I'm putting Tyree there I'm putting Kevin Love because they're on the same team. When you're talking about legendary status. Are we when LeBron retires gonna say. Yeah. Man he took those Saturdays off till Saturday night games up no you're not gonna remember any of that crap you're gonna count his rings and Nina got Greg you gonna rank them according me how you think he he fits. In need the all time perspective. That's all that's important to warm. That's all that matters to these guys that's what's so funny to me is Charles Barkley is getting on there are Karl Malone. You know always pathetic man so one of their paid multi millions of dollars more than you work it's a new wage it's a new day there's more money to be had. You're blaming the players for that that's stupid. Also the whole playing thing. Why is this career compared any other career. We understand that people that do really dangerous jobs like the military like police work like being a firefighter. There drastically different why don't we need to say because those athletes make substantially more in these other guys. They should have to play. They're different careers they're different demands on your body there's different this they're different that you can't compare those two. And tell me that because a police officer gets the last days off for a military officer can't take it day off. That LeBron James shouldn't shouldn't sit down ever for game. It's ridiculous those are two different arguments are two different conversation so to me. I think what stems from this is there's a mandate minis we had by the leak. And how that comes to be I don't know Adam silver needs to figure that out because right now he's screwing is TV partnership. But as far as the players go. Come on get out here Charles Barkley like LeBron cares about rings is Carol playing a Sarid a Saturday night prime time game rival and let people are saying and you know somebody said knowledge is a lot of us are gonna continue to watch other sports including college basketball over the NBA that's fine. Maybe it is Saturday GAAP what I'll probably be watching college basketball over the NBA results NCAA tournament while that would really watch predominantly college tournament even before LeBron played against the clippers that wasn't a great came to me is an MBA Fannie lake is the clippers are imploding. What happened two weeks. The NCAA tournament stops playing on weekends and two weeks. Yeah so in May I am at its its way possibly so of course it's gonna change when the ratings. Decline then watch how fast the NBA changed we mini MBA change is a big issue or the regular season Null financially it's not viable. And cut NBA finals time everybody's going to be watching only get San Antonio or Cleveland. Our Golden State Cleveland whatever the finals matchup is the ratings will be extremely high again the league's not gonna overreact. To a couple of bad Saturday night games because guys sat out and yes maybe the ratings were down for those games but that there's nothing really to lead can do in this case like everybody that's throwing out the idea of the league comes in. Would this this independent medical as you know analysis of saying this guy's not heard this guy's not courteous to play. Never going to be allowed to happen and it teams aren't at all how old doctor really do have a lock her mother says LeBron has the play tonight he's not hurt it's just it's nothing's gonna change from no but it. If it goes to you know ABC ESPN Disney and TNT turner in their partner is. At the highest levels going out and silver and sand we're not put up with this crap word there's going to be legal issues. If you don't figure something out because you just jacked up bar. You know rights fees and were not getting what we paid for. And the same thing with fans acidic yeah he would win the NBA went to the dynamic ticket pricing. And they're putting a premium on the high profile teams every year that these games are worth more and then they don't deliver. When teams sit all the guys that they've jacked up the prices for. It I think they're gonna have issues from fan bases and backlash from potential lawsuits saying don't. And it'll be a hassle and so a lot of bad PR. On the NBA then because the teams in the players aren't. They're not breaking a rule this is again like where where were sitting here and it's happening on attending gig goes a point the fingers of the players. Instead of the teams in the league like. This is allowed the teams advocates for this the spurs do this the warriors do as the cavs do this. This happens sometimes it right the leak and somebody said you know it there in the entertainment industry they should be asked to perform. If signs of that is showing canceled if you would you be happy. Is signs bill no Rosetta react well to glorify and I are sick yet you believe that money for your ticket is is no different than when a concert happens when you get a an artist that comes to town because he was in Seattle two nights ago. By my voice is shot went to reschedule the concert. All yeah I mean you don't get some guys don't get to see those players again the source they are not have to look at times sorely get a refund the don't give a kickback to to the broadcasters as well as the fans. No to me anti kickback it's figuring out this is on the lead the league needs to figure this out because you're right this is all gonna stem at the top with the TV executives. And cost the league. Money now I also think this is funny like how over reactionary everybody is to these two games sample sizes. I guess suddenly this is gonna happen every single Saturday night in prime time television live yeah it that is fight again everything is one of the best game sevens and MBA history last year in the finals at all son because of a Saturday night prime time game the products broke down by the way most do you don't watch anyway because the tournament was going on the product is Don Naimi is gonna lose all their fans like. So we just we overreact to this crap so quickly if it's if fascinates me it's like I always get pissed off and all of don't delete I'll 'cause of Saturday night regular season game sixty. All right thanks bill pledges and is trying to I mean they are doing setting about a slightly next year how far they moving up the start of the season like two weeks oh you have week and a half affairs to do they get aside those trying to avoid the four game in five night issue and eliminate some of the back to backs yet so they're they're try. And it changed that a little bit extra so will be alleviated slightly. On next season and also say this I get mean yeah I put myself let's say the blazers are in our in Cleveland situation right now and are there in the top seed in the Western Conference. And you got a guy like Willard who was maybe dragon for a couple of games would you have any problem as a blazer fan if they sat and out one night. There on the road in DO insert. Doubt there on the road will now be used our remember I sit it out to rest and I would love that as a fan you are fresh come playoff time are over the league finding some teams. At the end of the regular season several years back who sat all of our guys because they had clinched their playoff spot. So so the league has stepped in in previous years in this situation where they. Ended up you know sitting for five regulars. If you go back I wanna say even in the ninety's late ninety's maybe. That they actually find teams for doing that. So to say you know that this. Yes sure you want that to be that they are able it would docket if he sits a guy who's not Curtis just arrest char bio means that I just their people there's there's myself in that I I'm just I'm blown away at it as a whole response to Barkley statement different times equal today's athletes whining because their bodies are tired last time I checked. The advancement a sport science has helped athletes demand more from their body. Which includes. Rest because that's sports science. And also whining this is what's so funny we all love the NBA right to earn and I love the MBA. This is a players league. And you know it's really funny about the Jordan took a year and a half year and a half off by the way. Oh yeah I know it was just because he wanted to face they're putting tiger about it left for years app lets point this out too this is also what I love lovely I love this and other people this pisses them off and they probably want to admit this. This is all due to LeBron James he is taking in a full on choke hold on the MBA. Because he is well aware how much of this is a players league. And he does what the players once he does things that make people feel uncomfortable I think a lot of this comes back to him. And how this all unfolds because the players league they want arrest because they have found studies that show it's better for your body the travel more than anybody in professional sports. I you could argue their asked to do a little more with their bodies and anybody in professional sports. I'm sorry it it's what it is the MBA so we missed two Saturday night games I think you'll be okay. Yeah I think somebody brings under the pointed to bigger issue is that there there's just not that many relevant teams in the league that's the bigger issue for the NBA right now is that it's kind of center around 45 different teams and a lot of teams are urges largely irrelevant blazers on a national scale being one of those teams in this kind of stuck a -- spot three candidates MBAs always been this it's always been always lie about this scenario yeah there was you know everybody was involved know they work out that to me is the bigger issue the league faces instead of guys randomly sitting out and resting. Forgive say they found Tom Brady's Jersey south of the border will update you on the Jersey gates indeed care. Next on offense. Panamax and tutorial on Monday and another ten minutes your conduct survived and advanced over the weekend. I like Rhode Island Younis by the way your ability short little weird I couldn't quite tell what's happening at the top of the shorts they went Stockton. Yeah they did go short shorts they do go usually insurance appreciated sure I like the color scheme of the light blue with a dark blue I did do it one other thing I noticed and I came to. About Lamar Odom could still alive. Yemen and he he recovered out of a brothel boy card ashy got them back to life he was in the building and then she went got engaged interest in Thomson you have about. And as science of tomorrow amounts elegant TMZ article long time he won't always go down for me just from a basketball perspective one of my favorite players to watch was goody a lot of candy a 610 lefty that can handle Iraq shoot pass. We can make an argument in a little bit LeBron and them it was LeBron just need to imply himself. Now. Amaro maligned yet docs about an immense talk about that coming to the bottom of the hour but so the breaking news all of the sports world today has been the update in Jersey gate. Dunked on we had deflate gauge its spy engage. Lately but the patriots it's been that deflate gate because if you remember from the symbol Tom Brady's game winning Jersey was stolen out of his locker. And for weeks on end now months on end we had no clue what happened to Tom Brady's Jersey well Jay Glazer of all people. Crack the case here's what he told column this morning. Really the all time you start your tricks. But because you're dealing with a felony you gotta make sure that every single thing is right now original lines so they're happy we're comfortable and after. Richard this morning about 5 o'clock in the morning our time here that which NFL's now confirm which in fact it was an international. Member of the media. Who they had zeroed in on. Toward not just Tom Brady's Jersey from this Super Bowl but they previous Super Bowl as well. It was the FB IN FL security pitcher security Houston Police Department. They had gone down. And were able to track the suspect down and recover. New Jersey's. And bringing them back now to New England to return to the patriots and Tom Britt. That a law enforcement focusing on this what happened Jersey time Brady apparently the man who stole it was Martin overtake. More friend newspaper a major Newsday well down in Mexico is debatable people don't know if he really did work for the newspaper well apparently he was supposed to be. The EP resigned earlier this week he's cited family health issues is the reason why he resigned. Maarten aren't they you know they found out MX Domenica Tom Brady jerseys in his trunk well and I Monty I had what Von Miller Super Bowl 50% only to realize cleats in his Jersey apple in Martin and and by the way he also as Tom Brady's other Super Bowl Jersey number 49 bucks a ticket I even though little was missing yes so there's like if you go on TMZ dot com right now they've got Marie CO taking pictures with Tom Brady post Super Bowl he's got a Sophie with them. In the locker room he also as one with our Robert Kraft the team owner. He's got one would looks like Heath Miller. And now Brandon Jake it's Roethlisberger this guy is notorious for self he's a locker room with these athletes. But no he's the one he snuck out the Jersey. And people are still kinda confused how this happens VI Houston PD is blaming the NFL's is key security team. For allowing this to happen as as well Lee showed how do you let this guy get credentialed. And then he ends up stealing your Jersey you can't find out about until months later in the FBI jumps in. But I know there's they're not even sure this guy was he real journalist. And he even sell it to his credit he didn't sell a Jersey didn't try to put on the black market now now he kept these bad boys in. Now was I don't know what how what do you do to him he lives in Mexico loves it in these sensory experience somebody said is this the final shot building trust wall. I mean I mean it's at the Jersey cell I think that you build the wall and there's days that Brady's Jersey stays in the US vague you know who's trumps boy. A fellow there it's Tom Brady now has boy had died very trump put the FBI on this case and you don't you don't mess with craft and Brady imagine aliens coming back they see that lost half gone to America not America nationwide they build that. Tom Brady's Jersey still north plains sound says whole we're at this relieves me. So much of the losing sleep over Brady's messengers. Guys like this in you is this a big deal of you guys can now power all eyes long I am kind of curious about. I've he's an alarm of the guy I wanna know more about him after and if we have these things but why did he still I mean. Don't sell and you bee move and am I'd have offense salt and so like cash in if he had a Super Bowl Jersey from a couple years ago I understand maybe this year he. Couldn't move it back quickly. But if you've got cleats and a Jersey from last wired you move in these things and in didn't paid what's going on or maybe he shot out emails to everybody but nobody believed him because he said hey it's me Maurice she'll from Mexico I need you send me your address if I got it I don't sell you on Miller's cleats like Friday fronting 500000. Dollars and I'll mail you the cleats in the Super Bowl. My goodness is of me says like a car it's like a car crash fans fascinating I can't I can't look away lord going I wanna know is they seem to have some filming him walking up I wanna know where he puts in Jersey and how not one person goes hey. What's your name why he got tons Jersey well you why he had to of had a back like the columns breaking down the tape on radio which was just interest in the theory is it happened right there you see it right there for the cities like none taken a dump in the bathroom I cannot see it there's not ended TV in front of me. But apparently he put it in a duffel bag he does kind of snuck over to the locker. Stuffed it in a back in and walked out because yes he was is carrying the Jersey out on a. Surely somebody what do you all liked if you're elected TV crew union had your big in lockers yet the camera and then usually have a Baghdad's got parked so in other stuff you you kid. Put that in their pretty quick yeah. Yeah I mean there was a burly right in the chaos of the game and oh yeah regulars and everybody thought I really felt like I as staff NFL security has been over the years will need to -- bar stool sports is credential you picked it and they gave this guy his credential falling to third for which would have been the funniest damn thing of marshalls stores was somehow behind an infinite lives cut short right thank you steeler credential we still Brady's Jersey. Okay hearing. I got the video it's popping up on TMZ you don't need to once it medal Belichick walks and wanna see this for a quick all right said guys walking any kind of behind Bill Belichick. He looks professional tees get the suit he's got to China he plays the part he does why can I like how they like model is face out. Are there is and he walks he's got its he's got like a laptop backed laptop bag there we'll probably know laptop ego it's Tom Brady's Jersey man well. Maybe when we we give this guy more credit. He didn't sell any of this merge Middle Ages is a sports family do that the killer try to answer and that's a pretty solid heist and -- and again town back a small play duties told Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey he's like -- guys not happened yet he's like the guy in Dark Knight they chased down he stole the -- when they finally got him he's thrown on the river smiling Jack got you some he was wanna see the world burn and as -- points or we get real serious crimes and other important stuff going on in this country and Tom Brady's Jersey as well reporting resources into. Intel says that's our tax dollars at work rapists child and women abusers go free but don't you dare steeler Jersey hash tag USA priorities you get that right debuted at their ready ADR index what do they say about the NCAA tournament right survived an advance. That's what you're inducted yesterday what did you make their win over Rhode Island am what does it mean for their game Thursday against Michigan we'll talk organ and NCAA tournament yeah. They're close facilities are how all Tyrell it is it is now. And easy to play in the masters or. They organized trying to give me a heart attack yesterday and it worked. That was closed almost it's did you at what point did you think they were losing the game. Or did you never had that the kayaking is an arrogance that runs through my body did not allow my mind to necessarily go there yeah acts and playing up for the faith you are may be the most hockey fan I think. At the station readily admit it. You should there're there're fewer there if you scare from almost eleven point lead but I can sell my says Rhode Island man. Rhode Island but it went the other Rhode Island well an autograph I came back to now now. There's two things though I was like OK they can't continue to make shoot this well I mean they were just there are making everything. And the other thing was having watched what they did in that cal game towards the end of the season. When they played bad for thirty minutes and then she just cranked up the pressure eggs. Out what shots rise started down threes all over the place play defense. Yesterday if if he didn't wash your name it they're down by eleven in the second half facial look and get about what the fifteen minute mark of the first half 1415 minute mark they built about an eight or nine point lead. Or was pressuring on defense and force some turnovers there at Johnson thinks look like normal organs weigh in Rhode Island came out of nowhere are they close half font strong run. It's an an eight point lead in half they open it up immediately to about eleven points early in the second half. The ducks had to come back Tyler Dorsey and so bitten basin leading game one and shot he had three Florida less than a minute left he finished the game. With 27 point two was nine to ten from the floor saw a stat line he was the first pactel player. With 25 plus points in the shoot 90%. From the floor. Since bill wall in the 1973 national championship game but they say survive and advance about the tournament that's exactly what your index did you know. I got the defense that they play to lock them down at the end of this at the end of the game and obviously they prevailed offensively but to play the kind of defense they did. Was really impressive ending the game on an 188 run after being down seven wood about 54 minutes ago. On any thing to. Even though normally I'm kind of in different. With the war in my head sometimes I wonder if she'll wise as a better to lose or win this game yeah with the better topic I Ky my and I can't found myself really rooting against Rhode Island simply for the fact of their head coach that DN Hurley yeah. It odd to me they bugged me too he kind of was trash talking to players he was yelling at the officials the entire game it was chippy game yesterday. It was a chippy game I don't like the Dylan Brooks technical acknowledge these kids bark at each other a little bit stop overreacting everything the NS one I understood look like he hit that three an intern in directly said something in the Ben did you see Hurley respond. Yeah I was like oh he's my enemy when they're asked do you think you're talking do you think you're talking a mile yeah that's it you could see when he was he could lip read erode and a number of kind of bugged me a gimmick coach B above. Be above that don't want a player get on your skin might damp but they're les or look we know it's early user from Jersey and they haven't. Stepped back from anyone ever. So. And that that's not surprising nobody I and I I knew that but it still bugs me watching coach is getting tool with college players. But he doing yes shinji made immature one in this situation so what does he Yancy just shut up and. The one intolerant. But yet they B Rhode Island and and really to me and include the telling part about the wind was one they erased an eleven point second half. Deficit which is not easy to do an interment Rhode Island just did not let. Solid down the stretch as they let the lead simple way they used to timeouts and his team and the coach he used his last time out way too early on. I think there's about a minute forty seconds left when he used timeout they didn't have one from last possession and end up being just basically a wild. Series of events that led to a terrible shot that basically up blocked and that was game blouses. They're there were negative and positives I think for the orange ducks moving forward they got dominated at times and signed which is going to be a big issue move them forward to I didn't think they did at they actually Dolly glass pretty well down dominated not the right where would belt wasn't on the floor that they were the struggle inside and they allow a lot of offensive rebounds and second chance points. Three which which will be concerning against a team like Michigan but it's you know I said this earlier in the show the positive for me is that he won that game. When Dylan Brooks not having his best shooting night Dylan and it's only made one field goal. And paid for originally made when Froogle name Pritchard and that is your starting backcourt basically combined to go to a twelfth. And he still found a way to come back to when they came which to me it's hard to imagine them playing again Bap. That against Michigan in the sweet sixteen yet and if you're gonna get that kind of performance from them I I think it's gonna go horribly wrong for you Tyler Dorsey is been a monster these last two years and I'm I'm actually gonna be it's good to see what he chooses to do this offseason never he intimated last year he did he tested the Amy waters a little bit and came back does he do that again a very deep guard draft well we'll see about that but he's been money for them. Michigan's a different animal though what they presented challenges that they have. I tend to believe this is a bad matchup for organ and I'm not just buying in because they beat loophole that was a good win it was impressive to watch him come back from I think they were down by as many as eleven or nine points I was eight at the half I remember but I DJ Wilson and that Wagner kid if that's kind of play that we're gonna see from them consistently. Which we've kind of seen that dating back to the Big Ten tournament that would concern me if I'm an organ duck fan and the matchup because I don't know who won your team. Eyes we don't slow that down and the other thing too that will get overlooked with Michigan. They've got good guard play like strong guard play like guys that attack the rim they're aggressive defensively. And they're not bad midrange shooters. All I cannot put together and it's only a slight underdog but I do think Michigan should be the favorite in this one because I think it's a tough matchup for organ. He had the apple question of the day after the spring until it was after they survived an advance against Rhode Island are you more or less confident that return that they returned to the elite 851%. Say more confident 49%. So less confident I totally understandable he answers dessert there's judged like heinous it is to look that good. Turn over happy Rhode Island was shooting from a high percentage how about the Robinson kid. Who came off the bench averaged six points all season he was Tenet's fault scored 21 points. And they're advertised in the he was gonna mess at every time that did shot it felt like it was going was sent him that had the spin move around in S and Chinese clearly avenue Q did crossed over Benson and he spun around and is and hit the jump shot who is this Michael Jordan coming up their bad it was a hell yeah elderly six points without Dorsey being aggressive in doing what he did I think they would allow us that game by double digits because there was some a moment there in the second half were Rhode Island wouldn't miss. And the Robinson kid kept hitting shots and you felt the momentum. And then some odd Dorsey would come up with a big hit he's so you look back or three pointer up and they kept organ right there within striking distance they took command late night game the offensive rebounds or big blades of the only other thing I thought about it during the game was every time they chanted UURI. On his Casale and ST the years of the it's a close to channel our gap and you are all right you all right you're the fans say it's pretty close to you TI yeah. That was a survive and advance man it's all matters your next get the win 7572. They would take on Michigan on Thursday where do you fall on the poll question more or less confident. And a tough button just curious if stuff IE I I would just go more aka site I I still resigned in the fact that I don't think they can play as bad as they did. Front from a from a headlining standpoint. I I I think Dylan Brooks is gonna be better against Michigan. He didn't get a shot going really almighty a couple of big late threes that I than comedy baucus he miss around a basket. Many got the hoop it was as. Flip and stuff up there and it kept hit like short clank clank Salvadoran emerged. I'm so bottom half of the the backboard just don't foul trouble further end out the second straight game again that's a big concern for you wonder can he stay out of foul trouble because he can. Then you're probably right I like Dana Altman with three days to get prepared. To face the pressure did you see his post game. They went that the ducks did it live FaceBook she miss those video late but them in real life FaceBook locker room thanks for. As most stayed on it you got one employee jerseys. I don't. I don't. The ski mall NATO ally Michigan tops. I don't like you -- render me up for Indonesia and the bank shot a good night and Cabrera -- zone and and this is job Lake Michigan is favored in the game and I was one point I do object that one point favorite right now and Evelyn senate enrollment and people are jumping on the Walgreen may dogs tissue free throws that bad either new mood of free throws were awful and even Dorsey holy smokes he missed that fairly new games again a great game morality missed apparently the male laughed out the frustrating thing is a matchup like this where they get taken to task by the too big for Michigan. We're gonna again look back on this team and go. What is with Chris Boucher even sure he's a bench guy version lobbying and there with the Jordan Mel you're always going to wonder what if if they end up losing the machine yep already Wednesday the Rhode Island they advanced to the sweet sixteen and they play Michigan on Thursday for a clocks calendars. Accordingly are a couple of things are getting near the final segment of the show there was a coach's wife apparently got Tass said of a game over the weekend plea deuces is your wife. On play that fund OK we'll talk about that I found it rather entertaining also did you know Tiger Woods is that ball. It was bought that ball. Ball next on tea. Good play this on for me on Friday. We think it's out there Indian tennis courts aren't real Thursday Friday thanks everybody's stuff by Sam madness. In doing that many many years. Ethics of the independent to her house and as independents great spot man love that bar we did our tennis football draft out there with listeners and madness is out there. Straight dumping some buddies stop by we a great time talking with a lot of listeners to stop by and chatted. Even got air and the man behind the cap sex story you know we finally got to meet. More background the Orioles are empowered although it passed there's a lot of they can share things I understand that but still you have to update me on that or maybe we joke is you never told us that story you could nuance data storage. They are there are lots foreign I'd like them apples supplying hired an unconscious and if an. I got up early you know and you guys realize. It's our last segment of the day and he knows 250 existing fifteen and I think it's a coming up top of the hour. I do want to throw this sound appealing Jesse is always ask me about I am gonna get a team one fans in baseball legal again. Now I am the symptom. Obstacles breaks not invited because you didn't attend the draft two years ago I was two years ago you scheduled the wrong time when listeners in me now IE an outside I don't really want a defense baseball you know take it seriously enough I don't at all you forget online up from about June to about September he'd dump on America's pastime and I don't appreciate it's CF yards and 0553050. Or send me its lead that might be working better after spring on Twitter. Shot and I'll get draft going hears sees starts DC by the way team USA educates team USA fever over the weekend off Adam Jones cash Jesse to catch and you catch Sprague what are you doing with her about was a heck of a can I don't watch. World Baseball Classic baseball because it's irrelevant it's one of the best catches illiteracy I'll go look it up. Go look at that I can sum up the whole week and I guess by watching a 102 video of a catch. Yes there and the semi finals are taken on Japan you'll be able to hear that tomorrow 530 around 910 years into our risk for now one. Seriously 25% Japanese. God when the going got his microphone off where I ON is Mike prop. Okay and I'm going USA and then we'll win what. The world baseball I. The world are you hints you know all I know I don't rest of the US has ever made it this far in those in the previous plays gives no donated to the semi final ones and then I know made this an otherwise out of the second round now I'll camp. What Doug Mientkiewicz never let us the championship. And what's going on a foot Doug Mientkiewicz is not American was in the Canadian know he was on the American team was the other day and I'm back up next the only thing about World Baseball Classic that I am a 1000% certain on as he was the first baseman for like nine years in a row for the World Baseball Classic for team goes okay let's put a fun game of what would you do that this was your wife so Wichita State and Kentucky play nearly game yesterday as and Jim watched that Kentucky barely one which does stayed at a terrible possession late actually went to terrible possessions late. And they lost to Kentucky but during the game. Up early Gregg Marshall whose head coach of which star state fight shocker looks like a real. Deepak and looks like you he really yells at you he does Jesse's got. Was filmed by a Kentucky Sports Radio host. Get after it stands if you will for. She she she had. Apparently so around the point that security had to visit her three times during the game out later escorted her from her seat why police. After she loudly was cursing. Throughout the two halves a lot of folks runner apparently did not appreciate the fact that she was cussing out people dream became no kidding. So. What do you do if this is your wife. Well since my wife's name is Landon hominem play the little fun game if my wife is doing this at a sporting event which thank god she would never come close remotely doing this. I think I am I think I'm Shane winner for about 24 hours here shame our. See the problem is she supporting you but she's she's taking it this par and I says it is slightly turned. The fact I don't know if I'm going now I think I'm a little embarrassed front 24 hours after that I'm okay people talk about it a multi without my first question will be where you drunk. What would you like to be able to identify that right away when you know I guess. I that would mining I think they were allowed to sell alcohol in the NCAA now and you see Shanahan he's so she would've had to sneak it in all word there must have been some VIP for you know just the but no I I don't remember and a shocker is glad to see something in its own listeners as she talks like at a sporting event I can't even imagine the dirty stuff she says in the back in the bedroom hoped could work. How do I Greg marshals are upset it's not even find it's just like to a point where it's terrifying the phrase. As part about this deal was so that guide to budget is that is radio host from Kentucky act like he was standing in the media section because she was sitting right behind the media just pressing the whole game he was recordings he recorded the whole game in the NCAA came in and they didn't delete the videos from his Twitter now do they have that. Authority. A I would lose well I guess either say it's their contents I guess I don't know I don't know his wife. All right now if this isn't the mode and we and swagger there and I was recording a wife that was going eight pass. I would tells why guard look. It's been fun but. Iman is my credential because I'm not gonna listen to them and I would leave the arena and I know probably anyway no problem that an all out what right do you have to tell me I can't record somebody that's not involved in the game. It's great to watch. Yeah that's I wish the guy would have saved it and at least week a year to us. He's fantastic. And you know what she deserved to get thrown out because the Marshall family disappointed the end what the hell were you doing the last two possessions yeah as serious. Seriously good point yes you are on I'm watches a video like not that this is there's like the video of her getting escorted out of some available to security keeps coming up she's like stomping around. This chick looks nuts all I bet you there's a dominatrix thing going on without she's lean over the railing and she's got a few marbles loose. A lawyer Gregg Marshall he puts the ball on his mouth. Ties around is that you know and I'm talking about. FK let's get out of here. Space they're part of a Monday folks. Should. And the people they are the shocker they are soccer parents should. I'd tell my phone off I got fired okay thank you pay if you miss any news should they find it less subsidized podcast data the fan background and with ask you one he's the DP government relations. For the American Gaming Association we tax gambling around the NCAA tournaments legalized sports betting. Demystify that as well to do that after this break on Twitter gives following it there we will. Playback that'll do it trust no we attacked you tomorrow at new home. Obama wants next listening attending an event.

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