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Dirt & Sprague, Monday 3-20-17 Hour 2

Mar 20, 2017|

The guys whip around the NFL, wonder what if anything can keep the Blazers from the 8th playoff spot after a 4-1 roadie, and chat with Whit Askew of the AGA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The bad brackets are easily explained. This is a final sixteen which edition of dirt and spray new. It grabs you by shares caffeine highs. What's your favorite of the series award winning highs vote now attending a fan dot com and went high for a year content of five. Should have been three. I guess with this team. From the NCA not sure well that it's going on some fine home. That's nice thank you for the state and dirt and spray guns and maybe that was a fun chess match to be involved in Australia. I welcome back Dan our number two here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. If you missed any of our one checking out a lot attorney talked organ docs Michigan match up to anything in dot com less Schwab tires podcast. We have a lot to get to hear in the second now we're gonna talk about the the Cleveland Cavaliers. Given the the double bird to the NBA and the people are starting a reactor that Karl Malone had some hot takes so did Charles Barkley and so we'll bring that see a little later on. We'll talk with went askew. He is the VP of government relations. For the American teaming association we'll talk about the betting any NCAA tournament. And then we'll talk about Portland trailblazers who finished the road trip four in one and now head home they have ten of their last thirteen games at home yet totally sign if they lost fights point in New Orleans gather totally gonna come home the form one room you really called that wonder. Nail bed and before we get to our NFL with around I do of football note that I wanna point to real quick look at. Portland area organ fans. I don't know of anybody seen this. They go docks the organ docs are scrounging on April 15 at jesuit high school to thirty about the high school stadium action that's not that's a good idea by Willie Taggart companies ready a minority state did it last year's a lot of font it dated the baseball and the football thing kind of combined and were out Hillsborough stadium or just Smart man and he. DM city saying that they did. Of the football game slashed down baseball game. I'm not that's brilliant I think any time organ organ state can come up to Portland where a majority of their fans are. That's always Smart good move by organ to come up here on April 15 a jesuit at 230 so. Just wanted to give you that heads up right let's get to our NFL whip around. Frozen tundra. Mean yeah. All right we'll start with that Colin Capp predict we talked about Colin cap predict on Friday eight. Michael Freeman a Bleacher Report wrote that executives point blank hate Colin cap for next. And our. In fear of protest trump tweets etc. assigning him. Well there is one guy had ESPN at begs to differ with that mindset like calling cap for nick has not been signed and that's Jim Trotter of ESPN. The bottom line with cap is going into this. He was going to have a limited number of options anyway because of the skill set he's not a guy who can work from the pocket he's not accurate from the pocket so you only have a handful of teams. That would number one be it through that interested in him all of those things are looking for starting quarterbacks and now he's relegated to a backup status. What kind of contract is he looking for then is he willing to accept that. Every one of these people I talked to say. That his political views and a social activism are eight factor but they are not deep factor for why he is not signed to this point. SO Jim Trotter says it's more about what he's looking for compensation lies in what he wants to be is a player more than is off the field. Standings and beliefs I tend to see where he's coming from I still disagree I do me a lot of this has to do. With calling cap for nick and his political stands in the way that he is attacked that and point blank give two examples now geno Smith got signed. And EJ Manuel got signed by the raiders yeah I think it's probably a case where there's a certain number GMs in the league did small sign because of his political stances so and eliminates half probably in the pool of teams. But he can go play for and and when you do that and you eliminate whatever 1615 teams Jeremy it is. All of a sudden the sample size is much smaller and some of those teams just won't want him. Because of what Trotter saying he's not a good pocket quarterback can. Cap breaks almost reached the point for me where he's turned into a little bit of a Tim Tebow. He gets way more headlines that he probably deserves I do I I think he is what he is the quarterback I'm not saying. He can't be I guess decently relevance. On a bad football team which is where you'll probably be playing next year he does get a job. But we notice ceiling is I think is best days as a pro NFL quarterback from behind him. And and as it seems like we're spending a lot of time talking about a guy who's either going to be a starter on one of the worst teams the league. RB a backup somewhere and he's probably not worth this much coverage here is the president of the NFL PA Eric Winston his thoughts on the NFL trying to get players to pay basically shut out. I think guys finally understood exactly how far they release. When they do something when they say something that's important. People here people are some people know what's going on now we're gonna do about right it's not just enough. To speak about it we know we'll put those words and actions. All right let's move on to new England and our NFL went around New Orleans and New England where Malcolm Butler watched is underway and right now it's heating up. And Mike Greece of ESPN has his two cents on the patriots and Malcolm Butler. Heidi get this point we are now involved there and assigned to discuss a long term contract extension last off season. And some close to that negotiation actually felt like they were gonna get a deal done but they never did. And it's time has passed that now looks like. They're not really close to any case another peace treaty signed Stephon Gilmore to that big free agent contract how does that affect Melvin Butler. That's why the patriots are now considering life without. Malcolm bother. So there's Mike recent ESPN according to reports to Mike Daugherty CSN New England. They basically have a contract in place New Orleans and Malcolm Butler view but. They're still going back and forth on guaranteed money that's the only thing holding up that deal what Malcolm Butler. Pretty close to being in New Orleans saint not a huge surprise that committees now heading back to New England they've had their issues now for a while willingness spent a lot of money this off season and look like now about there was going to be one of the casualties of all they're spending. On a looks like the saints are stop America they're also look at an anti tale they're nearing a contract with hammers college girlfriend loves the mine his college girlfriends a big fan of the city in New Orleans especially on there and music scene they have their so she's off fired up. Now this is taller for the ducks can now and I had to things like empty player full plates all over the place. Of about it bothers me is a good defensive back and is that this is a sign that New Orleans made they lose Brennan cooks on the offensive end. Offenses are there issues the defense that -- one of the worst defenses in the league over the last handful years it's illegal about the Butler still young and a guy deserves to get paid just knock it happens why are what is wrong man we still can't make fun of anti tail in the invisible girlfriend yet it is an anti semantic I had a fake girlfriend. In a dude pretending to be a girl and a jet that was a girlfriend if Belfour. People don't forget Dinah fake car accident by a wanna go to Jacksonville. Where I got a kick out of this story nick comes from Blake morals I don't know if you saw Lister put on point this out. So borrows has been spending the last few months working on his mechanics in California. And when he read a quote from Blake portals Africa talking about Tony seventeen being a make or break season he said it's huge. It's as big as however you want it to be built regardless we've got to be here on April 10 for the offseason conditioning program we've got to show up for camp in August and eventually they're going to start playing football game so I think all that stuff is irrelevant. I'm confident with what I've done this offseason and I'll be able to come help this team be as good as we possibly can't meet. Everything involving the contract. That's up to them I look forward to playing football. He is working on his mechanics and focusing more in California this off season. How hot as is gonna fix we're gonna mechanics like morals can be a great quarterback next year. Putting out quickly we give up on guys like like portals to meet this is not a long term answer at quarterback position. Also find a reminder southeast 44 years old he's been in the league now for three years. Hobbled when you have a year like he had last year where I mean coming up at 22 dozen fifteen to 35 touchdown passes. Jacksonville's one of those sexy teams and may factor in the jaguars they can make a run in the AFC south. Is touchdowns went from 35 down at 23 he didn't miss any games he threw eighteen picks today and sixteen picks so. He was still a turnover machine he fumbled at six times through sixteen picks 22 turnovers in sixteen games too much. Touchdowns the numbers went down fewer yards a lower completion percentage. Fewer completion in the numbers were down across the board like foremost is to me is not long after quarterback. Any anti tumor on his mechanics I want the writing on the wall Yahoo! and finally our last little nugget out of the NFL it's kind of a sad one. The 49ers great Dwight Clark this I was really sad the man that had to catch he announced over the weekend that he has a LS. 4040 former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo. He's already started a support page for Dwight Clark and Clark is actually said that. The Barlow is reached out to him almost every single day since he told his really close friends. Which is a great time but it's really unfortunate for one of the the best tight ends and also have. Arguably one of the biggest played never seen an NFL history I mean that's up there right turn their whole organization but when you think of the greatest plays in the history of the NFL that's Cendant. Short list of the conversations Sally out stuff he's about like Clark. All right there's our NFL look around we do every Monday at 1 o'clock coming up next. The blazers have a big weekend and finished their road trip. Four and one as Damian Miller descending the league on fire and it's only a matter of time until there officially the eight seed. We'll talk a little blazers next on ten ED with him. Well it's not a matter of F it's a matter of who wins the Portland trailblazers will get the eight seed. They are game back of the nuggets. And the nuggets play Houston tonight there's going to be no Gallinari there's going to be no Wilson Chandler they will lose out ball game that can happen. And the blazers play Milwaukee tomorrow. At the Mota senators they get then the box tomorrow Thursday the next. And then Saturday they get the tea mostly the three game homestand before they go on the road to LA come back home for Denver Houston and Phoenix. And then Minnesota Utah and the rest that just finish out at home Minnesota Utah San Antonio New Orleans. And it's not been cleared of people out there it's been clear to me for about two weeks now. On even though they lost to New Orleans they are they're gonna get DH CDM the easiest remaining schedule of the teams contending for the eight seed. They finished ten of their thirteen at home. And Damian Miller is not allowing this team to lose whatsoever if 49 points on an insane 21 shots. As they beat Miami albeit without Dion Waiters may be Miami won fifteen to 104. Yet that was nuts watching him go off yesterday was fourteen at 21 from the floor in Dallas following its when he seven point game and Alanna. The game before that he had a 36 in San Antonio's he was named player of the week in and rightly sullen. In LA that there's no point discussing. The merits of making the playoffs this team is going to be in the Western Conference playoffs and they will probably be. The eighth seed and take on golden staters San Antonio and united still only is going to be pretty series but. I would say it's been fun to watch load in the second half men and I you know he didn't play great the first after the season I know we talked briefly about this last Thursday. Because they were coming off that win against San Antonio but. Not the last game before the all star break the second against Utah and they just got smoked in thirteen points whose 319 from the Clinton and Aris is stretches in the first Japanese didn't he didn't feel right and I think a lot of times where it with. Professional athletes and if they're not missing time with an injury sometimes we don't know exactly that something's wrong with them and the rumors sized deal with an ankle issue. Any clearly took the all star break to get his mind right in his body right he got away from the game Jason quick wrote a piece. I just the other day and it was great on CSN about. Cut his is approach to the all star break in just written press the reset button and I think the I think he's he's basically a one bad shooting night it was against Philly he was six of 21 outside of that. He's basically shot at least 45% or better and every single one of these games. I issued 48% for the month of march I shouldn't 42% from three the numbers are up across the board and nannies well deserving of winning player of the week in western. Koppel and he has been an absolute Terre post all star game and I I saw tweet from Michael Lee who writes for the vertical dot com and I kind of chuckled to the how fishing he's been forty plus percent from. From three point thirty plus you know six assists a game accent Iraq and any ended with still think these coaches shouldn't have snubbed him the economic. Mean it's alien to that. End his play. Is about arrest and hold all wrote a piece about this quake now wrote a piece about this. I disconnecting from the game for about 56 days was the best thing for army was able tonight. Beyond his heel Larry slash ankle and whatever allowed that to rest a little bit. Which is made a difference from Dell stars numbing thing we get out here that's complete. Horse bleep they were garbage team in the first half were terrible his stats weren't bad but who the hell are you bumping from that all star team. I just as so that probably bugged me like that was an amazing performance yesterday. I was able to turn back and forth in the blazer game and attorney. To watch some of these were 49 points on 21 shots in Perry scored 46. On 21 shots is well you two point guard score 45. Plus points on 21 shots. It just so incredibly efficient and somebody Texas about this is a good point. Montgomerie does have 553. Old five. If we go ten and five over the remaining schedule we should finish above 500 which by the way heading the absolutely can do. Make the playoffs have third 31 round draft picks and a potential future senator if you are too. Mean that is beginning year I would have been very excited what do you guys think. If that was your season eight seed making the playoffs now. No didn't know with generic kitchen you say Dirk is is doing this and that for you but Turkish played well again immediately went to fall yesterday against the some life sciences nice to see him play well against one of the premier big guys and Lee human that was something to this point of his tenure as a blazer struggle with when you play the better big guys. He is and perform quite as who also is icy and apple haven't that how. To see him have that kind of performance. Arm but no on in the day at the thought process around this team. Was not let's get the eight seeding to draft picks at the beginning of the year. I you know hide it in terms of where we were maybe a month or two ago that MR IE 31 round picks and Urquhart is playing the way is playing. Sure I'll take it as a positive from where we were a month ago as a fan base but no not from going back to the beginning of the year. When there are a lot of people to look to this teams have been made the second round of the playoffs last year they should build on that annually GM cannot say nation when 52 games there's still five games below 500. Which you know what I would point out to aside from how people feel about where this team is going they're gonna to me either making the playoffs and you know people are taxing in light look there are so up and down one guy says there's a lot of coal minister it right maybe they do completely blow this thing in Denver can play well and finish out their schedule in and be okay William the toughest one of the remaining teams. I think they're going to make it. What what I would look at from a blazer perspective aside from the continued consistency that you've gotten from use of markets which is fantastic by the way. He is only 22. We know at CJ is and Damione Lewis has been a madman. It's not the playoffs are me you and I are probably going to be doing the pre close game play off shelves it's not the playoffs that I look at and go on so interest it. To me it's great they may win a game against consider San Antonio they're gonna lose that series in a maximum of five games that's a long as the series will go. I'm sorry it's gonna happen. When I looked to his eyes circled this it's the draft day are if you are a diehard blazers and I don't know how with three firsts. And all the assets that you have. I don't know how you don't circle the drafting though that's bigger to meet in the policies in the post season is going to be there. And I know some people out there that's a big deal look easier in the playoffs again. It's a bragging point I guess at some level now to me I don't I don't care about being the eight seed they're gonna make it their schedules easy. There you go. I look at more than draft because now looking at the roster I'm going continued dump any of the contracts. And what can you get or who continue get. With the 31 to me that's that's the symbol that's everything the playoffs are gonna be there doing great you're gonna lose in the first round. I'm more concerned about what they do on draft day for sure and the closer we get to bat the more excited I get I have enjoyed watching Damon this stretch it's been incredibly fine. Watching him in Turkey H bomb like coming on a little bit because I did a lot helping them on that's not gonna narrow on to say and he's been playing good solid. Eight games yourself. And CJ doing what he does don't do don't do the bottom eyes I'm more interested in the draft then I am being 08 CB eighteen gonna be there. Will be here talking about them is a playoff team but I still look at the need to draft area. Yeah and Euribor surrounded the draft to play a lot more about the future disorganization than an ace potential first round series where you get swept her lose in five games to San Antonio. A Golden State in and I think that and it. I I have a tempered excitement I guess if you will about the draft picks because one you have to remember what the impacts are. One of homes Cleveland Cleveland has one of the best records in the NBA that's a very late first round pick. On the other one is Memphis into Denver's first round pick he got an emphasis for us from pick right now they have about the tenth best record. In the NBA so you're looking at a take it could be nineteen can be when he could be 21 depending. I'm Memphis finishes at the season of the blazers continue to play. The way the playing right now they themselves will be out of the lotteries so you have three not lottery draft picks now can you parlay that into something bigger sure that the potentials they are. But did the task is much more difficult. For Neil O'Shea did to me the biggest the biggest positive has been watching lured in the second half. And just watching how he works with meritage and I think watching her cage over the final government it was 1412 games left. There are in the regular season to see if that is something that's concrete I've loved watching him last yes it was a great sign a weighted against the some Whiteside. I still wanna see it for the remainder of the regular season because if you do lord of the off season. Basically plugging that hole of saying there is your center in the future and we feel like he can be a starter here in the long term. Then to me it's much more exciting than just saying boy you got a guy who's a flash in the pan and play good stretches but Bristow an anonymous pencil on. Q and Iverson points out of going nine and three the rest the way to finish over 500 so listen rock I just a couple games but nine and three if they wanna finish over 500. No no way I know his team finishes I'm not thinking about that I'm just looking at Houston I think they can lose to Houston. At Utah on April 4 against Utah again two games later Minnesota's gonna fight to the end they just got armory cast me. And then you've got the spurs may be they shut it down at the end there because they can't get the one seed. I don't know maybe they can go 93 it's going to be tough they got Denver to still play enacted determine the ultimate tiebreaker. Kumble when you look at the standings Portland to me right there. They they could catch him on a half game tonight yeah. And then they play tomorrow against Milwaukee and then boom suddenly you're tied for the eighth seed I I do crack up died you know I just like I'm a blazer fan odds and never hesitate in saying that bitten. Enjoyment of watching small spurts of success from players distracts me out and all but look no Obama is the latest example now you can. He's got three straight games or scoring in double figures and we've had multiple people text and throughout the day after comes on line comes violent people get excited having allowed NASA to within their kitsch ms. people appointed counsel should be more on this group that at all he's played solid minutes all season and he's averaging lower than four points a game boy and I. I don't know. I try to be Sonos is I can't I don't know what I miss watching this team that other people see and I guarantee there is substantially more people that feel the same ways as listener. Not gonna be surprised if Portland takes the spurs are warriors to seven games. I don't know what I'm missing that other people are seeing is it just watching Willard go crazy and think he's gonna do natural whole series. Yeah I and I don't understand that line of thinking at all. The make a lot of sense I don't I don't follow either or but Portland right now the schedule is lining up in Turkey just playing really well in Dini Miller. Is your Western Conference player of the week and an absolute terror post all star break it's been a lot of fun to watch the email will go out it. Hey how much money's been gamble on in the NCAA tournament. And you people continue to bet more more money is the tournament goes on or does it have to do. With where your bracket is also how much closer we are delete how much closer are we to legalized. Betting we'll talk to win askew he is the VP of government relations for the American Gaming Association you'll join us in next. I would imagine there is great happy Monday to be out there Mondays are going well don't forget Ron footer actor and spray give us a follow we will follow you back. All lots of money being thrown around over the last couple days in the NCAA tournament so without what better person to bring on our buddy. Wit askew VP of government relations for the American Gaming Association. He joins us on the guild mortgage mobile hot line Al wet thanks for coming on the show again man we really enjoyed our first conversation were pumped out here. Back on let's just go through some of the numbers I mean we all know people lay money down on the NCAA tournament exactly how much money. Was gambled their on the opening weekend decides tournament. Well guys it's really good to be back with you and I've. I'm always out though that it would you guys scared a few weeks ago thanks for the patient. You know interest it's it's staggering when you look at the numbers obviously you know we were all glued DirecTV over the weekend March Madness super exciting. An American certainly agree. Because they're a wager and are wagering over ten point four billion dollars this year on the big part of that and end. The problem with that is. 7% of that he has done so illegally. When you look at the Nevada sports books which I know that you know well. Only 295. Million is being placed on March Madness there so there's a big gap between what's being done legally. All the pop it up in the Nevada sports books. Forces these billions of dollars that Americans are are put it on March Madness. As we speak salutes it's popular. But it also was very illegal. You know I wanted to ask you this last time Whipple we ran out of time so I'm just curious now that we have college basketball's tournament going and all that money's being thrown around him most of it being illegal. On the there's something else wanna touch on with you in this interview in regards to legalized betting I'm just curious your two cents is your personal opinion. How would you go about legalized sports betting what would you change how would you implement it to be okay in regards to working with the sports leagues. Well first and foremost the federal government and the United States congress has got to get out of the way. You know there's just 25 year old prohibition on sports betting. The palace before Al Gore even invented the Internet. Definitely it was a dollar thirteen. End. The Washington Redskins won the last syllable probably the last bullet. Back. I live in DC but the fact is. This wall has got to be overturned in Washington that allowed states to decide. What's in their best interest and through doing that. But it can then put a regulatory model and a licensing model. In taxation in the placed the same way that they've done it's forty states with existing portrait mortar casinos. Like Nevada and the 39 other states. And so each state will decide what level of regulation. And licensing. Requirements here should be but the fact is they can't do that until Washington gets out of their way. Emma title went askew VP of government relations for the American. Gaming association talk and now little legalized sports gambling after all the money that was thrown around here and will continue to be thrown around. In the NCAA tournament double one newsworthy item that I think will will support your cause and and in our cause as well because we're obviously on board. A with what you guys are arguing what was the comments from the MLS commissioner that happened. At the SXSW. Conference just for those of the listeners a didn't hear what he had to say. What exactly were his thoughts and how supportive of your guys is efforts is that going to be. And also barely any major sporting league commissioner making public comments. Essentially saying that the writings on the wall and that legal regulated sports betting is inevitable. It's something that we take very seriously because it certainly we couldn't agree to work. The fact is when you don't have regulation in you have walls in place that sweep every playing under the world. There's no way to ensure. The integrity of your game no question that regulation and and so I think you know that the commissioner's comments as well as you know other prominent figures like Adam server. Even commissioner ran for that whose mates in recent comments suggesting that fear that they're looking closely at this issue end and it seems to be inevitable. You know we would agree and we would ask them to you know to continue to publicly make up dialogue. Because. Lawmakers in Washington. And need to understand that there's just bashed illegal market that does nothing to protect consumers and does nothing to protect the the integrity of the game. And by the way there's no jobs and their economic revenue benefits for illegal gambling. So all these factors together matter. He ended and the commissioner of Major League soccer what is the latest in a groundswell of support ensuring that it's time to overturn this felt Walt. Well you got Don Garber the guy you're just mentioning there the commissioner of MLS speaking out at SXSW. You mention silver we know man Fred we know all their stances. I feel like you're one away with good Dow ended the weird thing with fidelity is he wanting knowledge of publicly but behind the scenes in money wise they they sponsor they they have sponsorship deals. With like draft kings infineon duel and all that so it's cutting their pretty close to admitting it publicly that it should be okay. If that coalition were work together these commissioners of these major sports leagues and in our country. Give me a timeline of how soon you think they'd be able to push some of the the federal government and and legislation to make this a legalized or we talked in. Five years down the road ten years down there and you think and further than that in these commissioners are able to come together and start banning together to push this. Yes yes. It's a range of stakeholders whether it be supporting our troops were broadcasting interest or law enforcement or federalism groups that believe its stake should choose what's in the best interest. And certainly each sector of the regulated gaming industry of which I represent. If we can all come together. And in message to Capitol Hill and it states that this is an issue and a problem we're plotting. There were optimistic that isn't just for your term of president trot. We could have some success. Now the trick is that a lot of other major issues dominating the national headlines that we got to work our way through. Which is why it's important that we not put the carpet for the worst so we've got this divorce range of stakeholders is important at all. Working together or working girl ankles here to help educate lawmakers and and policy makers and domestic dot. But we're optimistic that if that happens we're going to be successful. And perhaps allow your stick to than what's again. Didn't see these legal sports betting business which you know. They chose not to because they want to host an NCAA term that I guess and that it worked out so well. And don't even get a start on that went on I don't even get us started on that we miss we we went we miss sports accurate title would ask you VP of government relations. For the American Gaming Association and you know we're just mentioning Rodger Goodell and and I did the NFL's hesitancy or against it to get behind this but. Once sports story that we've been following rather closely as the situation around the Oakland Raiders and it sounds like now they're backing is once again in place. Potentially to move to Las Vegas. I guess my question would be do you think that. Changes the status if the raiders are to move to Vegas during the short term and I'd say they're playing their next season. Do you think that helps kind of slowing the momentum I guess and in the favor of the NFL being on board but does. We're looking at it certainly doesn't hurt I think it's important to recognize some context it's so not only did. The National Hockey League decide to put its newest expansion team in Las Vegas to. Literally cannot first class or read an extra work to. You know the first class gaming facilities that this world knows who lost their against. But I did offense looking at or the raiders are. That's great but if you also look at nationally there are brick and mortar casinos. In forty states. That means they're a lot of cities that are most communities to have professional sports whether it's the NFL or others. In near proximity already. And so the notion that. That sports and entertainment cannot co exist with gaming entertainment it is it's just wrong. It and you're starting to see that. When you've seen the expansion most of brick and mortar casinos across the country. Also in the shadows of professional sports teams and their stadiums so this is just one yet another example. It and you know curators in the NFL team owners decide that. That's in the best interest of the week. But I'm sure that the lost Vegas community will be thrilled to have them as yet a another part of their first class entertainment experience that they are already providing to their. You know I'm not search he'd be only give us an exact figure but the first in the first couple days of of of the turn emit no way it is and everybody skipping out on worker paying attention network and following because of their bracket. I'm curious what is the percentage in terms of bats from. The first rounds to this sweet directed it to the final sixteen in X centering said it is a drop order more people continue to bat up and opened up. I can tell you yes the average gained just watch our players that don't have a bracket or habits or got a bracket. Is seven point four games watched that the average. When you look at. My upper brackets filled out and then hard copy paper brackets filled out. That number is closer to nine games average on average that they're watching soap. Regardless of and you can factory and we don't break it out based off of ground but I. Whether you've got skin in the game or not matters in terms of viewership of the games. And certainly the most avid NCAA viewers are those that are filling up the mobile brackets. And all the data that we have changed that. You can also look at research we and felt last year. Which forty million people won't go out roughly seventy million brackets but that's last year. And so the momentum is is only growing. End yeah obviously excitement of the games we had some good ones over the last couple of days probably only adds to that excitement. But for those who put out a bracket you know regardless. A look who's playing there watching. Now I would ask you is his name VP of government relations for the American. Gaming association. What you know you got a couple supporters here in Portland so we always appreciate you taking a few minutes forests and not talk and legalize sports gambling. I think it's my pleasure I appreciate the invitation and look for the rest of this tournament and it future conversation consumer to get this done. Absolutely mail honey back Johnson would ask you there the VP. Government relations for the American Gaming Association and how about RS regular line segment their from the and we five and one day for you you would. Low on Friday I don't know this is this I'm calling shenanigans right now. You seriously cracked the mikes at five and one weekend for you guy raise. Win if you would win during a three you know when I went to one I think you be more boat you'll give Donna wood three you know. Sprague went three nose breaks not shaving his head next year that's the most important part which is a huge disappointment I won the bat to every single person listens to this show. Thanks to ask you for coming a lot of money again and continued talk gambling we enjoy. I'm in that conversation with him it was back in the NBA there's another flub to prime time game for the lead on Saturday and has a lot of people asking. How we stop this from happening again Chris Simon's next antennae did fan pressure is on the us. What's different from. In the past masters execute in crunch time in history to impeach. Momentous events coming all the when you lose it's the lowest on the wall it's. Current stutter move and look at the hottest topics in sports Brian do you mind crunch could. Is 995 per month. So why would you ever pay more for a gym membership expressed rusty back crunch fitness always not only five months of why would you ever pay more for a gym membership of the the Gloria sounds to gains today. Lama Monday. Milan lol my trainers got a quick job title and my trainer mark who had a list of former general capitalistic competition put afford any finally dead lifts. State records and hurts my back thinking about just. Even envisioning I saw the video on the bars like bending it's like wow man that's nuts. So congrats to mark who but the beast was stunt men have big lifting competition for him. They you know the NBA tries to brand this Saturday night prime time action once college football season wraps up this is their night they're gonna own Saturday night's end. Even that was a Little John doing the commercials turned down for Saturday night everybody gets all fired up these matchups. The last two weeks of the bit of flopped two weeks ago I was Golden State San Antonio nobody literally nobody played in that game no no anatomy anybody watched other than Sprague. And then this past Saturday if I just throw out their Cleveland clipper in a cast clippers good match up bright pretty excited for that clippers. Do a former Cleveland defending NBA champs let's do this thing right sure not bad. Cleveland sent everybody and yet Kevin Love Carrie and LeBron all satin which they played the next day against the and yet the brunt of actually Sunday. But it and went and Golden State last week sat everybody but they played Minnesota and before they played everybody against Minnesota. Didn't play anybody in San Anton has back to back. Prime time games that you sold literal garbage for your fans so. Is there a way to fix this. That's on the NBA. There's nobody else to really blame for this we have a Barkley that that will play here in a second nine I don't necessarily disagree with them and I'm hoops guy. But to me this is a league drop this is a not a team problem this is not a blame LeBron blame. It did tie Lou blame the cavs spurs except this is an NBA league problem in front of former players that wanna speak out Karl Malone had a quote of you know servicemen they don't get a day of rest. I I would beg to differ with that they give vacation time to get arrested they when they want to get sick days this is no different for the MBA it's a grind it's an eighteen game season. And players that caught other players for doing this I laughed because I'm like. You guys played 55 years ago Jill how much more technology information they have at their fingertips now. Of course they're gonna take advantage of it. Just like if those players played now they do the exact same thing the former player Cohen of the players out cracks me up. And I don't blame teams for this this is a league problem in the league really wants to sell Saturday night is a prime time thing and they should be by the way because they can be deemed manager of media. There's been mandates primetime games you're not allowed if you're scheduled for Thursday or your scheduled for Saturday. You either sit on the back to back or you sit on the second or third of a foreign five. You have to figure that out but you should mandated that you're getting a primetime game. You have to play that if it's that big of a deal mandated lots of people are not takes on this one and including Charles Barkley here's what he told rich Eisen. Bigoted jokes. Guys who make expressed or use screw you to be part of those are just but the redwood re human league to employed thirty million dollar DB. Not as you know district at a prayer and but it really employer great tend to only thirty million dollars. Is the governor to be part of the deal is being announced that turner. And all of a sudden I don't know that didn't come from money got to rest and only if you don't tell and become what we have stats that show. If you play it back to back in my mind. Bill Russell played in commerce he had a long career. Such immigrants follow Florida to play twenty year vividly Andy what the content book or years. Are you look at our Michael went to college football career as he never got hurt. They're big just good they just care about money and now Bates who would open need to happen. I've been prepared me billboard caught gangs. And boycott television there's a need got a message. Because people always understand money and I'm really is they're calling Parker as reporters. And equality are because globally young young religion. Tell the what are you Gagne to rip well what about we've always needed rest but when you make it may have about the problem basketball. And there's so much they are badly I thought rule colts employed backed a series. This guy the blonde blab it gives a great nicely in the great Leo act and make imported furtively about and you can employee. A couple basketball games. This little bit global map. This is ridiculous battle of Barton trillion that is a drop so I go is ridiculous ridiculous man well look we're up again I do what do you think about visiting bush at the NBA do should they do anything I mean you're you're saying that they. Should come in and have a mandate but that's almost the slippery slope and it's all right ID prove a guy's not hurt her guys not healthy. I got back thousand a day I'm not plan and I mean it's it's a slippery slope fighting for leagues to cannot say when guys can or cannot play and it's also bad for the product it in terms of the boycott. 'cause a simple what you bought tickets this game three weeks ago or here's the problem I have to take its not O. Is now that. NBA teams are having the dynamic pricing where four. The Cleveland Cavaliers. And the San Antonio Spurs are Golden State Warriors there are charging you more for that game than other games and then. I don't get to see all of the all stars come in and that's why I think fans have been issue is like. If every game is is the same price like it was before rent I'm just common to see NBA basketball and my team that's one thing but the minute the NBA game says. This game is more important this is a better team we can charge you more and then I don't get. Why you charged remark that's where I think fans have an issue an ambition to seek. At some you know creative lawyer looking to make a buck decides that's you know some sort of true. Actionable you know lawsuit going there that's where I think the NBA speaking out of both sides of its mouth and they have to do something to exit. Yeah I've always about his 55305 is and if anything the NBA can do to fix cities I would Charles bodies out of these players who say immense tough season long primary is that we nine opt. Thread 82 games Chris embodied by crunch fitness always nine any final months so why would you ever pay more for gym membership because find out more about where spray and I work out. At crunch dot com we'll start the final hour with that we'll also get into Jersey gates our interest in turn we found out who stole the Jersey he stolen more than just Tom Brady Jersey asks the question does anybody care. I'm cutting injures sit in the guy's story I'm not that they found the Jersey more of the guy who did it because this is not the first player or incident that he's had. A handy and okay we'll get to that a filer Tiger Woods is bald about that man. We also talked about playing golf sluggers have sent he's bald we'll talk about his baldness what the backing of the crazy weekend that is the NCAA tournament. And you trust the organized to make it back to the elite eight Laura final hour nobody ordered strike got Teddy event.

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