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Dirt & Sprague, Monday 3-20-17 Hour 1

Mar 20, 2017|

The guys wonder how your bracket looks, are you feeling better or worse about Ducks chances for a Final Four spot, and who else impressed on first weekend of the Tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Durden spray gun Jay Nady goes and this is a final sixteen which edition of dirt and sprayed me. Brought to you but series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning highs vote and Alex Kennedy fan dot com and windpipe. Four year old hotel room Adobe says that this. Suites unlike the matchup I was glued to the hesitation to really know much says plus the latest Brian Rooney. Dirt and spray guns and maybe a. Pilots doing it this way quote too in the rose city it is time returns break here on 1080 the fan brand and spraying. Along side as always Andy Dirk Johnson happy Monday did everybody out there hope you're able to have a good weekend. And get in all the sports. And enjoy the sunshine a little bit of a mixed yesterday but he does get cotton that trap of seeing the sun and think he was much warmer than it actually was a my daughter hike. And I would not to get breakfast yesterday morning with a girl from her sitting out clearly the so cited study out. And no more aliens in a surely blow. It's freezing out here somewhere around four in the afternoon you can actually maybe do like your shirt sleeves him move around a little bit basketball shorts I think I only. I counted this I only missed three games. I Witten re watched as I. I don't know why I needed to but I felt I needed to re watch the Villanova Wisconsin game. I miss that when that wind played some pick up hoops and then I decided to just not watch Kansas and Michigan State. Because one and at Kansas would blow them out I was ended up being OK on that one. Until it was nice I wanted to go to the park but kids you know an army to watch and not a single game you got to take a little break every now and then I will say and we talked a lot on Friday about how. At Thursday Friday that the snooze fest opening today's not great now our major Saturday and Sunday was really but Saturday and Sunday made up for dinner menu at top teams going down you are games that came down the wire big upsets game winning shots I mean that was. It it was the tournament needed that after after the opening 48 hours or bit of a snooze fest it was nice to have a thrilling weekend so do we need to use the. The proverbial. My brackets busted or because mine is Elena las I'm officially done I think Villanova Illinois Solana whose bracket isn't busted armed armed. Behind but I still have both my national champion ended teams in the championship game in three of the four final fourteen so I'm looking at it like you have been zag and you tell them. I know OK okay. Arizona oh yeah Arizona who I had very little and no I've Arizona beating North Carolina and the final one in the whole thing they both those teams could have so much downgrade you guys did the you know I didn't pick the right upsets in the first couple rounds but I've still got some some heavyweights there so I might be one sneaking back up late. They did two things that I love about the tournament are in we will listen or point out by like excited check this out on city defend I konduz to see how all the personalities are doing. Becky in accounting has the second highest score but the standards of fan employees. Back in exile all I have to say is not a fan employee knows how to just FYI I'm pretty sure they probably only pick the favorites does Becky and accounting and you go through employees cam is leading with nine BL and you and IA and a bunch of other people are Tyree 88 yet you count all those. It drops key here some hundred dirt is dropping a hundred rob people. Ali how they know that happened. But the other part that does cracked me up because I you know I. Readily admit homer pick I took deduction when the whole thing yes it was a bit of a nail biter. But it if it cracked me up because a lot of people made fun of that pick an Oz like lake really like we know who's gonna win the whole thing car and I like the vast majority of people that made funny I turn it around I asked them who they pick to win the whole thing. And they all told me Villanova in Villanova didn't make it out of the opening weekend facts of the units are. I've I've picked door again to get to the final four. Because and distorting it to the final four and a half and however I did not have Michigan continuing on their run what Taylor I will get to this in like ten minutes I think I thought that was a bad draw brilliant bad match ID for Hillary and I feel the same I would have felt much better against Louisville at that you've been this Michigan stimulus plan that at all that's cute Collie do the dot com run readership to normal thank. You know what's funny about that is when we looked at the bracket we looked at the match ups. When you look at the region that organ was in with Kansas and and move a lot of you were like. We had techsters are I'd I'd much rather play Kansas in lieu of all night I didn't get that like a lot he would will they got the length. What are the link get them. We got another round of thirty other and are thrown over I was more concerned I thought origin if they would have faced Lou little can really turn their guards over and run up and down then and get a lot of transition buckets. But now you've got seniors and you've got some lengthy guys with Michigan they can handle the ball and shoot. And I don't know where this mother and it's a Wagner came from from from Berlin. My goodness thousand in the best performances of the entire weekend I I was so close to call that northwest and Oregon zag upset. Oh yes you Marat always this yeah her Atlantic color odds game so I wasn't able to watch the whole thing live and I'm sitting in a truck I'm following along in leg as the score I see they're up by 1 AM like damn mad you know I just would have been nice to see a good effort from northwestern. And then next thing I know it's like 1050 minutes later a second just look on Twitter to see what's happening. It's a three point ballgame that I go back and watch it when I get home the gold tending through the hoop call can't miss that I mean come on CNN minutes and that was it what it was a three point game and I always had to have they got the goals and right. Northwestern would have been down three down three instead they so instead they were down Kobe Bryant hauled all call and sky patsy that that's my biggest problem yes they miss a goaltending call and I am with everybody asks you can't miss that. What the hell are you doing get any meat and getting a technical foul. When your teams in the middle of grabbing all the momentum. You're playing pretty decent defense on a really good offensive team and a ten point swing right there with a three point game Lewis. I ask that they are not really that was all she wrote they were done needle in my every two point yet another possession like I don't. I am not saying Collins is not a great coach judge's orders mothers cannot get a technical foul that's tough to handle dies a coach I thought that little bowl game was horribly officiated. I thought the Wisconsin Villanova game as I'd blow oil cooler well let's turn admin has been horribly officiated does not been a good tournament for the official there I don't island organ game was terribly officiated. The idea send. They're just flat out missing missing who balls are being deflected off of bridges in the USC's suggestion yesterday. A USC was up for this Baylor kid hits him with a body everybody reacts including the Baylor Q like there's a foul. They don't call without the USC kids still trying to sell it he dribbles the ball with one hand. And then it just goes out of bounds and the refs still points USC's way because he realized he missed the call if so his way of making it up the sink even though it's evident. I'm gonna give the condoms the ball here and it did help they still law. I identified myself rooting for USC last night because of all the trash socked it would against the pac twelve during these selection Sunday stuff. To have four teams in the sweet sixteen would have been whole areas one about being USC who everybody argued shouldn't even abandoned the tournament. Agreed to experts come on our show once a USC doesn't belong. And they won the plane game then they've upset SMU in the first round they damn near beat Baylor last night. I have four teams in the sweet sixteen would have been awesome yeah it would have been awesome you have three pac twelve teams in the sweet sixteen Arizona or gain UCLA looked really good the second half and by that we don't overlook that win. I know Cincinnati plays in the smaller conference Cincinnati's EDM good basketball team that plays really good defense. And Alonso ball that offense man when they're clicking. They really might have a legit shot. When the whole tournament now. I'm not gonna put it past them ways OS they can't put a 150 run on a team faster than admitting college basketball you you think you're hanging around with some things are close and then in two minutes you're down 20 am as a local now there's Butler. Butler just won't go away. But it don't matter who's there is simply do this is the show can we disagree is a show where never knocked in a pick Butler again on in the first round I'm always gonna pick against Butler. I always out of spite I don't care I will sacrifice the hell remain points it takes I ate up there and I hate that they're always popular I just think driving us they always won in the tournament in a closet is seen insisted dirt has Purdue and Butler are two teams for him that I he's never really be been able to explain in Idaho there's no bug him there's no method behind that madness and just I hate Butler and there they are again in the sweet sixteen now I think get it a lot of crazy things going on determine over the weekend we'll get to that we've got wind askew. American Gaming Association he's the VP of government relations he's gonna join us today at 130 best bow tie and sports great bow tie a friend of the show Heinemann before we're in a toxin gambling obviously because a lot of money is wagered. And then also. Could we be pretty close to all the commissioners in all the major leagues in this country meaning together and pushing. Legalized. Gambling legislation maybe B may get up to the states what have you are we pretty close there is one commission they came out. And Dow was an advocate for legalized gambling says inevitable so I think there's a big step there's so we'll talk to win askew of the American Gaming Association today. 130 we got NFL whip around at 1 o'clock. A lot to get too including the organ docs and real quick before we get to them. I'll give an update. So we did a men and women's bracket. Hokey authorities located pieces an update now when energy is kicking off bears sect in games today some of home. And so they haven't been completely updated just to what we have thus far. Would you like to know the scores and by scores I mean I just counted each game you got right is one Oka and same thing with demands a couple of your brackets on tea fan dot com. And we went off that. Right now currently in the lead. Is Maine oh I'm winning right now I have 35 right now women's bracket. And I am 35 right in the men's. This is gonna bite me long term though because you guys didn't take it in the shorts quite like I did over the weekend I had Villanova in the championship game well yeah I am organ winning it all speak for yourself their body right at some point you're gonna stuck do. In second place. Is one in leader John so he got 32 right thus far in the women's bracket and if you wouldn't have been stubborn and pick Washington as a three seed to win him not take a Washington the united I think Dorgan say to lose in the second round to that you in your lost the opening round out of a hilarious you did you have 32 and a women's right now just counting off one for each in the men's you have 34 Oprah. See your sit no Kay and Jason Zweig guard here in. You're in the caboose buddy you got thirty in the women's only thirty actually get thirty in the limits like are you take Marquette to go far. He picked out West Virginia he picked Kentucky to go far to this once again backs of the theory you do not do research when you fill out a bracket. No blind trust Manny just fill out random team he also got 33 in the men's so that's kind of where it stands right now to drastically change today and I wanna point this out because we're not gonna talk about this is a segment this is literally a minute thing. I don't know who saw this I noticed this I was that make men amends that Kennedy school here of the weekend celebrating my sister in laws cancer free party. And we pulled up and apps Texan scores. And I was like you know my brother a lot and a body. And we had to look at this many times I couldn't believe this and I'm a 1000% sure that this was the final score a hole I know you're gonna say. Did you see the women Baylor team yes Texas southern 119. Till thirty yes they won the by 89. Bleeping point and NCAA tournament game. They should be banned from ever being eligible in the tournament again in fact we should knock him down to the FCS women's basketball has the fever. 11930. That but but yeah I got a little bulletin yeah how do you even purposely win by 89 point study only scored thirty and by the way one player scored nineteen of the thirty points well here at Texas southern well. My brother was like hey maybe Texas southern sector starters I said what did Baylor do Ron their starters. 119 to thirty really if you didn't they should be like a rule like first other should be emerged he ruled that if you're up by fifty just call the game because nobody can erase that deficit also after coach such a tiger played like just don't shoot this thing out let the shot clock expire at the same thing you need to -- a 119 alimony only got like twenty halfway to the second half no embrace him multi when punched him right in the face they said some mad about Palin she punched him right in the face. Unbelievable. You should lose your scholarship for that kind of stuff I'm not kidding me and some of that stuff is they really. Losing make 89 points are we got a great show today were on tour at certain Sprague I Peter Johnson. An app Brandon Sprague would ask you VP of government relations American Gaming Association you'll join us at 130 Vick coming up next. The ducks advanced to the sweet sixteen and take on Michigan. Well the ducks move on or in the get a bad match simple talked ducks an attorney next yet turn spray on 1080 the fan. Welcome back to end our people just bearing the dictator of Iraq in Rome beat king of Morocco. I mean aside from Elvis. Man analysts all the stuff from Chuck Berry self don't even get started on that nonsense going shed Elvis fan boy there is her listeners and ever Zia's out if there's some you wanna (%expletive) dirt off with just tell him how much better Elvis was than anybody else and Raikkonen right. Because there are took a college class and ever since he took said college class all I know and I Elvis Presley you know I don't know prize is not mesa well I guess it was early this only about Elvis Presley and nobody can dispute Chuck Berry it was the Avery was one of the originators of rock and roll music men ninety years old all right teacher Barry loves music well and he also was in back to the future. His cousin Marvin do you always final is anti things and back I think he did a man. And it is arguably the best trilogy of all time out what I not it's in the conversation there's no doubt now that so they that's such a Barry found his music was from argument for why did you see that. Did you see Nelly the rapper they interviewed million rapper and go hey what do you think about the passing and he goes man it's really sad legally just they were checked Aires on. He can name on. Our. Jeff says seriously one job run run Rudolph he can go to Christmas song I don't care. You should be able to name one Chuck Berry song by the way he won Marten tweet just no mention ablaze road trip in the opening how high you guys really are pissed that they might make the playoff. Yeah no I am and the F I don't know if they'll declare they're gonna make the playoffs when I plays I just don't really. Let's I don't know why any time on the open when foreign won a road trip they did play well. I'm a little later -- and what the opening segment has to do with it will get there I do if anybody ever at any point in the history of this radio show his texted to 55 thrill five trade Damian Miller I would appreciate you text in -- -- -- yes please step that would be I would please texture apologies will take them right now I want you saw or trying to back up your logic of of trading a guy who whats he averaging a second half like thirty points or one and 50% from the floor 45% from three. It was straight second leading scorer the all star break to Westbrook. But let's not go back to the NCAA tourney because it was a great weekend in hoops and the ducks survived the Rhode Island Rams 75. To 72 in the round of 32 dang near loss but. Thanks a large parts Tyler Dorsey in his 27 points including the go ahead shot they they were able to to squeak by pass Rhode Island. They finish the game on an 188 run after trailing 64 to 57 late in the second half believe their four minutes or so left. And they finished the game on an eighteen to eight run and they move on to their second straight sweet sixteen. Here is Dana Altman in the post game on the ducks escaping Rhode Island. The seven plus seven on the boards 122112. Chance points was the difference in this game and because of our turnovers. You know we put ourself and hold our offensive execution was not good today. Their pressure got us out of sorts. Yes a Dana Altman mentions the rebounding I think that's been the biggest thing for them they really attack the glass and Chris Boucher went down. Here is the man of the the hour Tyler Dorsey 27 points including the go ahead shot. He talked about that last shot that won the game for the ducks are. It was a double dragon and in this they switch in the big gun on me numb. I practiced a hesitation calypso out of luck so in my mind how's it going there and on his hands never came up and I just letting go. Yeah as soon as he shot I don't know why you guys I knew he mounted as soon as he shot he sets a confident player now McClellan and mr. march evil I mean it was big and eternal last year to remember what he did he was huge in the opening round game and in the game winning shot yesterday Nigeria is also talking about being in the zone disease killer for organ right now. When you're and that's only do so Locke being around that it was distracting you economically deliver on the two big you know maybe you could feel like it's gonna go and you know we'll just wanted to look like that I get credit on my teammates coach Tom they got a big offensive rebounds and on the big east it's a rebound and on May sound you know Tom I just shot this afternoon movement are not cold season to make you need a car and Vietnam doesn't think it's tonight. So Dorsey gets a lot of this time with 27 points but like you mentioned such a team effort especially at the end there where. They had to battle and they got three offensive rebounds to get him to hit the tying shot at 72 all which. To prove to me to be the biggest moment of the game for organ yet and that there's a lot of takeaways from this game number one whenever your teams involved and NCAA tournament game make sure to have the fridge fully stocked and alcohol on that came in handy in the second half yesterday when they were down by eleven it was very reminiscent to me of their game against saint Joe's last year in the second round where they were down I wanna say like eleven with three minutes to go and had to come back. And find a way to land in and you mentioned Dorsey being a man of the hour they won that game because of him Maggie you look up and down the rest of the box score. Dylan Brooks to me just was off all night it started on the opening possession of the game he missed a wide open three they got an offensive rebound missed another wide open jump shot. And you could just tell wasn't going to be his night he did hit some big shots but later big game read a Big Three later and I enough. But he also heating quit he he was tough on the often won or I need some plays alive so that's what you like to see if when the shots not go and he doesn't. Quit playing like some guys down with a colleague dilemma. Absolutely that's that's why is the pactel player of the year agency did not a shock on did the other thing that I thought really stood out was how much they miss Boucher. I bet it's going to be used to suck I'm sure mobile bring up an uneven over excuses the right word but. When Jordan bell wasn't on the floor bell had twelve rebounds I thought they were able to control the paint for the most part on both ends of the floor when bell was out there. But in the stretches in which she did not play any key was off the floor for about seven minutes last night. Big B Williams had two rebounds. They were giving up offensive boards are gonna defense of rebounds second chance points. They just they they got hurt inside when when George Mel was out there and I think that was the first time it was really evident they just not having a player like who Shea. Coming off the bench and either playing with bell to have two big guys on the floor at the same time. Or let Boucher run that second unit it it Skinner heard amend and that's the concern and. Against Michigan well and it it was yet another example where they did exactly what they needed to although I I would point to. It's a it's always a mixed bag for me I never like say it was team blew in that team won it you have to give Morgan credit because again they got the offensive boards when he needed to be it the big shots. And they did what they need to do do defensively. What I would point to was profiling got a little wide eyed at the end that ball game including their last two. Not two possessions but it was one possession with two chances there term. And it's yet another example we talked about this after SMU USC. At what point do we start to wonder these college coaches are paid millions they don't they're not prepared for any late game situations they just give the ball these kids and go well. Okay great in what did you get for Rhode Island yes stepped back MBA three. Over the 6869. Jordan bell that led to an air ball and basically they had no chance of getting it organ runs on the clock and they all of bogon. I think for people who might you know be questioning the docs. Rhode Island shot out of their minds in neck you had guys who thought the chat then Robinson do you average six points all CNET zealots when he wanted to clear highest yet I mean a word you remember in fade away seventeen footers and all sorts to stop so. For everybody say and all the ducks are what it. Rhode Island may be played their best game and if there were playing their best ball the year but they word just making shots that they hadn't made all season long so. Don't see I don't think the docs you know look at. Look at what North Carolina survived they had a big lead then Arkansas comes all the way back in in this happens in the tournament. And it's your ability to weather the storm get back to some fundamentals on rebounding and defense. Exit commuting to get some good shots late and bring yourself back and ask for the ducks did. Like any other positive I will point to moving forward for them is outside of bell who led the six points twelve rebounds and Dorsey of course sewage is lemon Billy is stat line was Sunday you haven't seen from pactel players it's like the wall and 73 and a dad to 45 points. You shoot 90% from the floor nobody's done that since Walton. And the national title game outside of those two guys. Who really had a great on any Brooks they did other things other than scoring an alien and have been ninety but seven to twenty from the floor. Pritchard who was great in the opening round went over riled up was only one of six to turn the ball over four times. It really runny offences as efficient and inefficiency it is you would want and in. Don't let us only had seven points as well for those came at the free throw line cutting that would be the other positive I'll point to his. You survived a game in which two were your starters are three your starters. Really weren't at their best yap so organ advances to their second straight sweet sixteen date all coming gets his guys to rally. And they come back late in the second half and move on past Rhode Island and they have to play the seven seeded Michigan Wolverines. Who upset the Louisville Cardinals Michigan is on a terror right now and I would make the argument. I think this is a worst draw for them in Louisville will talk about miscue what do you think of that matchup good bad. How do you like it Michigan organ sweet sixteen we'll talk about that next bubble. Hey welcome back in 1233 here on 1080 have been happy Monday. Looks like the weather still hasn't really turned it terrible rain yet which is a good thing. Hanging in there today memory hang in today is today the first day of spring. Don't know nine cent and a now about somebody told me that. You thought somebody told you that are you know somebody told you all well good little machine it is the first day is ringer now literally on computers you can think Google machine asking us to Google something that you said good technically they are not remember as a my dad my dad lives for the stuff so well I think you have marched Monday march throwing it is the first day they're ranked boom goes the dynamite I was right on now on will you donated yesterday a barbecue a primary and are revise any real estate job barbecued chicken and you get whenever you get like a brief. For for sunshine you got to open up the barbecue you do no doubt no doubt. Coming up in fifteen minutes we'll talk while the rest of the NCAA tournament action over the weekend and also somebody's wife went insane. To the point where she got ejected from the building crazy sports lifestyle of crazy sports I don't know how I'd react if my wife was in the situation was like brother and fifteen minutes let down. Which are origin as organ moves on to the suites the round of sixteen and I know legacy is sweet sixteen reference to it in. In a general news reporting sports sense yes. Fishing come up with a different name for give these rules are stupid attach it to any sort of paid advertising promotion right it's not a specific corporate champion of the NCAA. And no I don't know guys we several listeners come under the new name because final sixteen doesn't sound anchor and now I'm just gonna called sweet sixteen not you can use that term regional semi finals would you prefer that. No because when it says that on basketball reference I have to literally click the season and see how many games that means they won 'cause I don't follow the whole listing of that committee. Some Zoellick called sweet sixteen's tanks and Archie Manning you know we're not seller right now sweet sixteen ducks going back their second straight year and get Michigan seven seeded Michigan Wolverines that the new big 17 games in a row including the Big Ten championship red hot road and they the appended the two seed in the midwest region Louisville. So now they face or again and we may disagree on this but having watched that game. And also watched Michigan on this run that they've been doing since the Big Ten tournament even dating back to the conference play. I'm start to think this is not a good matchup for organ considering you don't have Chris Boucher and considering big B Williams hasn't really done much for organ. Yeah I mean Michigan is strong inside. They were out rebounded by a global 37 of thirty so I saw that you are such keep mine and you and I game against the cardinals say they shot 50% from the floor I'm 4857 they show up 49%. So that they had shots going in a high rates and you know luggage. Every every game's gonna be tough at this point Rhode Island just proved it they had a cat off the bench who scored six points all year. And came out with twenty plus it was Tenet's fault from the floor you you're just gonna have performances like that. But I don't necessarily like to buy into what happened last game will therefore then happen in the next in money every NCAA tournament game is different bowl teams. Now get what 34 days off to go back to the drawing board and an eight LA on Thursday so. Guess Michigan's playing great basketball right now nobody's gonna dispute that. But but you also to remember Horry is now played what three games without Boucher I still think it's a learning curve for them. About what I said last segment that that they beat Rhode Island basically without and it's not doing much Pritchard didn't play great. In Dillon Brooks didn't hit shots at a very high level of those things changed I ain't that. Overcomes a loss of Chris pollution or concern I have is that the defensive end because both Wagner in DJ will send our long linked the big guys but can handle the ball almost stepped out and shoot so if Jordan bell as picking up any of those guys. And they can draw him away from the basket then they can start going in didn't get guys to run in so. I think defensively the Dana Altman's really gonna have to drill down then and figure out how to keep bell are already protecting presence. Yet that's going to be the difficult thing to me because I think you might be right on the Wagner stuff maybe he. As figured something out for Michigan any plays this way but he did just come on the scene it was funny watching them beat Louisville on the whole time the play by play guys are like. Man let those come from we expect this at all but that's the dynamic and that's the kind of player he is going to bring and beaten. Who the hell does Dorgan have to even challenge you can tell me Jordan bell because of his out lettuce is a mum sorry. He's bigger than that and by the way did you want to abuse those guys in the post. He had a team he can the last one like moves in the post so maybe that's a one off or maybe he continues app like DJ Wilson's been a lot more consistent for them all season long. On so I think that something your apps again have to worry about again Bigby Williams being in foul trouble slash not producing for you quite yet yeah I've been a huge weakness yet it's gotta have your little concern our poll question today actor and spray after organs survived convinced against Ray Allen are you more or less confident. They returned to the elite eight more confident or less confident right now leader. Is less confident 52% of people are less confident and you mentioned Rhode Island. And they were trailing enact Damon if you were to compare teams Louisville Rhode Island Michigan or again where does Rhode Island stack up in that group. And organ barely survived so I think that's why I look at this matchup NIC be on the size now I think Michigan is a far and away better team than Rhode Island yeah I think that's an early series series matchup issues for our. I've also been hoarding to play a much better game than they did against Rhode Island. I guided it did the analysis of you can't struggle in a tournament game therefore you're gonna be weaken your next game I'd I'm messing you can't struck why nobody I and he uses the phrase they barely beat Rhode I'll enemy over doing this in North Carolina has North Carolina getting a balanced on the next round because they barely beat Arkansas we do to the Baylor has very Baylor barely beat USC because guns out of barely beat northwestern I mean it's it there's tourney games and their close games to come down to the wire. A ordering complain much better than they can Michigan is red hot right now I think it sets up as one of the more. Exciting sweet sixteen games and I'm not that shocked that global went down I wasn't that high and mobile going into the tournament about the ACC was slightly overrated and Michigan com. A with the storm in the second half they outscored them by twelve after trailing by eight at the half they were red hot and and they advanced but I I still contend that any organ can play a much better game than they did against Rhode Island on and on on the boards they weren't great. And a lot of that was dramatics they turn the ball for a ton. And that's I think they'll have to clean up if they play the way they did against Rhode Island I granted are gonna lose to Michigan. Understood to believe that they can play much better than they did get. Today yet he like organs matchup against Michigan 55305. Somebody just Texan simple organ is going to win. They very well may somebody's an organ will press and matchup zone that's that's what I wanna see is what they're pressed India because at times not very often but at times. I thought it absolutely bug Rhode Island Rhode Island got stuck in that trap and this happens when you get pressed guys break the press. And what they do is they rush up the court disease and all we broke the press. And they go for these sloppy lay ups and they end up being actually really bad shots because you still have a defender. Saddled right on your side I saw Roy Rhode Island did that at least four or five times Apple's right to the benefit of mortgage if Michigan can keep their composure. Break the press. Again I I think it's gonna be a much more difficult matchup they have to make Michigan feel really uncomfortable I think Morgan did a good job of that against Rhode Island. I think Michigan they've got veterans with all Walton at the point Irvin as a big you know swing guy who can handle the ball they've got veterans there. And they will look to go at and DJ Wilson is a big guy who can handle the ball I need to shoot it from dean and he can shoot and I think he's gonna be the most difficult match up for them absolutely and I don't know if it's going to be an essar Dorsey that's got to come out I don't know if you're gonna see you saw late in the game Keith Smith came in. Oh win there was some foul trouble issues Brooks had four. I don't know if if Altman's gonna try and use him some more as a little bit bigger athletic body to go out and it and check Wilson but he can handle the ball they used him a lot to. And relieve the press removal was trying to to put pressure on the guards Lleyton come back. And so it's going to be and when they broke it they looked they looked to go and punishing get lay ins and dunks and so. I think this is a really scary matchup for the ducks and no one that might even be worse except the removal. Are you guys via an ambitious flagrant I I'd I think the point I'm trying to make an analyst are brought this up as well I mean he can remember last year they were down big to saint Joe's at the very end they came back and won the damn near lost the second round move they came back then in the sweet sixteen and played probably their best game of the entire year end and smokes do yeah so I it's it's one of those things where it's I think every game in the NCAA tournament. Is different and and I don't necessarily so easy to bind to trends we always do this going in the first two rounds of look how great no this plane going into the tournament they can't make it out of the weekend like how could this team's play and they can't make it out of the week. And the second games always tougher in the weekend because you only have 48 hour and turn around and Scott prepare form I know usually. There's you know. Two assistants one you know one different assistant we'll keep an eye on that other team to have something ready to go depending on whoever you face but. You know to try and turn around and especially if fits. You know coaches will obviously tell you look were preparing equally for both teams but when you've got a double digit seed I'm guessing if more of the emphasis is being put on. You know be be better seed them then. The the double digit. I think what leaves me Cadillac I I'm not disagreeing with what you were listeners are saying and attacks land last year is a good example. I think when your real Brooks and Dorsey I mean if those guys are both on fire that's hard for anybody in the country to stop. I guess my point would basically be styles make fights. If for surety and I think gives me if we're just saying that they're gonna play just your average games because these kids are so up and down with the motion may be organs not many Michigan's got maybe once called. Maybe the both called. If they're just playing average I just feel like it's a bad matchup because of sides which. By the wave Louisville would have beat Michigan we be saying the same things we not to the size and playing those big inside had a sore and I don't think metadata witnessed the whole tournament is anybody as good inside no doubt but that's where I think Rhode Island even though they were leading that dealing you have to give the ducks a lot of credit you have to look at that inning knowledge. Or island was basically playing four small guards so organ was able to dominate the boards and kudos to them for attacking glass because they recognize that is a weakness. I just view this a little differently I think this is going to be a tougher matchup for them. And they're going to need Brooks to be hot they have to have your C go for twenty plus and I think Payton Richard can't get away with having in the game like that if he does. I think they're absolutely in trouble and one last point to this is kind of what I was tax and on. I watched them hold that game. At the foul calling was a little uneven at first I mean they shot what twenty some free throws as compared to like seven if an organ guard got body even a little it was a foul up Rhode Island did it. There was absolutely no caught a sign that eight was the fat was the free throw different when he Sony sent in to eight yes seniority lists I mean they were eighteen and they missed a ton of free throws to just kill unwritten and I think if you just watch that game you could kind of feel it was about 2783 throat different CM. Another thing I will say. And I know you brought this up going in and interment nanny some of these late possessions improved it a little bit your early now granite Michigan did make the tournament last year I think they're in the play in game and they want and they lost to Notre Dame in the opening round. A but I I do buy into experience this time a year I thought you had that Dorsey talked about it immediately after the game. Where he'd be he thought back to that saint Joe's game last year where you and others why did you panic down eleven in the second half the however. Where is your mindset that he is likely renouncing spot last year we came back and one we knew the game was forty minutes and I do think about it that is another advantage that organ has an eases it this as a team that went to the elite eight this is a team. And basically the same rosters intact of last year minus one player plus one player. And and leaning on experience is something they're gonna have to do on Thursday rivalry if you tax on the ducks we obviously differ a little bit on the matchup with Michigan law stuck on the other NCAA tournament games from the weak in the ACC took it in the shorts. We lost a one seed. With two others breathing a sigh or relief in Carolina and in sag. And losses are about somebody's wife being ejected from the arena we'll get to that next on 1080 the fan at all. All right coming up big twelve minutes we'll get to our NFL look around go to the National Football League. One a T several quake we've got win ask you of the American Gaming Association sent to join us at 130 and we got a really busy week. So far on the docket set to join us this week pat Casey. Of the number one Oregon State Beavers. How and baseball has join us tomorrow to majority talked to said get down and they FA staff Peoria little one moment right now he 06 dirt the staff has one point zero odds are they off to a 71 start obese do that's kick ass Arizona State's never been swept at home since 1997. Think he's had never. A first time the demands that swept them in Tempe since rusty six that's called mango for them neither did I. SA retreat last night about not having a team involved in the tournament. I did I died for you know I feel free because it is different I mean there's been years organizer made here they've been bounced early need is you go about watching and doing interment completely different. But I went from Washington and Oregon Rhode Island game and like yelling at the TV at lake you freaking out they're down by eleven like are you kidding me not gonna make the sweet sixteen. And then I flipped over there was another gaming that was closest kind of like it or whatever the game was right after that but sake. He just sit there all relax what is out of Carolina duke game after a lot of duke maybe it was a bitter USC and he was going on right after that and you just sitting there relaxing it's completely different feeling when your teams are involved yet sucks a mean there's no other way to put in I you know I'd. Tweet that I guess you like I'm legit jealous of any families I don't care for its organ. UCLA Arizona I'm jealous like you guys get to enjoy the NCAA tournament you know organize more wins in the tournament the last three years. In organ state has dating back like in 1980. Baghdad in the yeah I looked it up the last time Morgan State won more than one game and return emit its 1970. Serious he's been yeah they have a tough first round exits I thought like on eighty. Rehearing before they want a couple are no luck I'll I looked it up it sees it is research. It's bad I don't know maybe that was two games but they won one and it was in 198180. I am one game and then that they bounced every time that I'm jealous I'm admittedly gels and I people's AA. Elise she got the women's. I mean I'm happy for Scott rook it does nothing for me personally is sports there's nothing. I'm happy for the people involved it does nothing for me now it's good for them Emery pulled for lady needs to go far you are not your neighbor Dow bounced him in your bracket get out Bob May necessarily IRA you gotta do that bracket we're talking orient in Michigan a lot of fuel pointing out the way RI played that led to the foul discrepancy look I'm I'm not disagreeing with that but there were calls to me late night game that way organs way that maybe shouldn't of the Dylan Brooks charge call was terrible. On that should have actually felled him out of the ball game. On just other moments like Dennis the lake a Morgan have body even touch him it was a foul verses of Rhode Island drove. Same thing I'm just saying it was it was a little it was a little up off I in favor of organ their but they still Wear the better team they prevailed. The other match apart two against Michigan somebody says I've that could put it really well. I can tell you I think about the matchup but it's not like a paid attention any of these teams besides organ up until fights and I love that analysis I mean look I will be openly honest I'd have probably seen maybe two and a half Michigan games all season watching what's the Big Ten tournament. I do not watch the opening game against Oklahoma State is that was either on before gearing to show so I wasn't paying close attention. To the win against Oklahoma City was the first game Friday. And I want some against global soleil yet but to have games I've seen in Michigan all year somebody said I couldn't agree more by the time you make it to the clean peen sixteen sized down low is hugely. Important well we'll find out we're gonna find out this Thursday in Kansas City at 4 o'clock am after ray's home after the show on Thursday I gonna be a must for what's the docs to see if org in can move on to the elite eight good actor and spray that's our poll question of the day. More confident that they'll advance or less confident let us know on Twitter. The rest of the NCAA tournament we'd Villanova go down to Wisconsin yeah everybody saw that coming. I did what percentage of people had to know Villanova nine Mike at least the elite eight. Let's a good question every leg is there anybody out today at Villanova balance before the sale occurs outside of Wisconsin I know that victim was caller column was. Harkin about them upsetting Villanova called wheat Alan and is thought I was one of his I was a big upset now we -- pick an upset sometimes it sometimes it doesn't I did see something the effectively in Wisconsin beat Villanova. Perpich brackets that existed on espn.com. Mostly to little know I think it was actually at like 8%. So people had picked Wisconsin to be villain though that many Wisconsin fans showed up brackets and then here's what we haven't talked about yet and we got to get torrent of the whip round. We're gonna have to address the elephant in the room without Jason Zweig Garwood had literally no explanation for organ zag blowing again. Western watch all men that would have been so I know you're nervous for West Virginia Oregon ran a GM IOS for Jay what is their nickname press Virginia and it's. Ryan hung up your Alley mayors come and for my Vanity Fair comes an affair they've got always to work on now breaking the process. So that's they can go down and then finish at the other end so it's one thing to prepare it's another to face it yeah true. The only thing I loved about this weekend I'm pretty sure everybody can agree on this there's an America like pop bottle from the get go out. Whatever and I. Those issues it could feel like you just love watching those guys sit on the bench just cried at their season's over somebody's Rendell and -- thank you watch everybody but the boss here give everybody about our bond I was like Carolina and went to bed because they almost Louis seventeen point lead to up our Kansas I probably should have that cell shots all all moral floor they were not to the second day tour Roy Williams fashion com. More that they're so much talent in spite of him that was the most Roy Williams game of all time and violate one quick note did you guys see this funny tweet I didn't notice this because I had to do came on and then but like two minutes left it was over. With 35 seconds left Grayson now when they were down ten points he scored to cut it to eight with 35. Somebody noticed that he put his hand up so he made sure he got credit for his bucket. How to play Grayson I grace and Allen and I didn't legend my man I sub bar stools spores sent out it's sweet. Move canard laying on the floor like yelling and an official and the clothes what do you mean I came apart might or cheer for all. You kidding me you know my father is an engine on it's is due in Iraq life is better when you clues why is that everybody enjoys everybody celebrates the Yankees are allowed to get to win the second hour the Cleveland Cavaliers gave the NBA the big middle finger we'll talk to the American gaming association's win ask you about banning in general over the first couple rounds of the NCAA tournament. Will get into the blazers weaken as they finish their road trip four and one that's their last big road trip of the season. Or start hour two with our NFL went around take a look around the National Football League next dirt Sprague back with more on 1080 the fan.

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