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Dusty and Cam - 3.20.17 - Hour 3

Mar 20, 2017|

Blazers roll on the road, the NBA needs to change its scheduling, and Tom Brady's jersey.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Madness continues. Self. The final sixteen which condition of dusty and Jim in the morning. Brought to you by Sherry Kathy and prize what's your favorite series. Okay now attending the N dot com and win high for a year dusty and 1080 I. Yeah. This feels more like Major League and it does NCAA tournament doesn't it. I feel like is that this doesn't do formula son she's eager this doesn't do it for you home. Now it feels is so March Madness theme from 1983 to 2003 I know that put it this doesn't a gang take seal that up with the inventors of awesome theme music and say it was a great thing I descended doesn't do it for me as much and I must say it is. But how does the offended bill surprised and outraged now if but herded do you use gotta protest in your front yard day he's a guy Matt back I have cry for hanging in the crew. Then allows Syria. This is for this dad needs another protest examine the air and at times that time of the day the music festivals that doesn't do for you how it is the Portland trailblazers three game win streak going the foreign one. On their road trip to do it for Ed does that did she go under or does it for me I have the final question no no I have the real question wait let. The question for the blazers who took well okay I'm what I want honest I want this. Honestly. I I need. I need to feel like there's a little bit of clarity in my ending in what I'm watching with with the blazers can is this. All because it uses. This is a legitimate question and I have to I have to bring this up because. There's there's gonna be so much scrutiny of why this is happening teams are tanking you. Blazers have more energy for some reason I don't know there's gonna be multiple theories they're chasing the eight seat there's mediocrity at the bottom of the Western Conference right they're starting to win late yeah. Is this. Realistically can we know we traces back. To betray that Neil O'Shea did with me simple only its aid this is the myths seem at peace with children and Lee why these blazers are better. Yeah I don't see how you can't go sound convinced them. Well OK here's the thing so that since February what fifteenth. Wasn't the day after him. Visit Valentine's Day than they did that newsroom that date he had the last game before the trade deadline sheer shirt heard via. An all star break couldn't hone things go. Dade traded for use of Turkish there were 23 and 33. They are currently. 32 you in 27. So they are Latin that would be nine and four in that stretch. I mean they're playing a heck of a lot better basketball. I think that you can Trace a lot of it back to use of generic it's absolutely just. A spark a legitimate scoring option he's bailed them out and of several games so far. But also. Let's not forget that Damian Miller shooting struggles. Those where can't all be tied to use of Turkish just showing up right in his. Emergence. Coming New York it's this year. The duty shooting 50% from the field 44% from three average in 31 points a game and looks like a different player post all star break. That's my question why is he different player post also are Great Dane Miller just didn't just. Decide to start making baskets. He has confidence but he's playing different he's attacking the rim more than it's ever been and why because when you have a big Mike and the like what mirror continues and stretched. And open up lanes inside. There are things the deem is meant it you if you have to defend the whole court with Damien thirty used to be all he had to do was defend him in the perimeter because he could keep your big in the inside. He couldn't get to the rack and it really doesn't get a foul him and then you that would leave CDO permit perimeter. He can do both now in NLD Miller has stretched the entire four on the offensive side because of one man. Well Lil heard it though has also. Credited the fact he didn't do anything over the all star break his injured ankle feels is important leaps and bounds better. I kept enough for two weeks and he he really was not the same player after he engine that ankle. In that week seemed to you help him. So I think it's I think they kind they go hand in hand below a year saying. I think it's und. Out of police cell that ucits heritage. Is just a day just as big if not a bigger impact than just dame getting a week of rest because. For not just Damian Miller. It in defending that pick and roll. In that flare. But it's opening up opportunities for no vale who I know on my goodness. Talking about people that we it never talked about offensively ever in this since the since no Obama stepped foot in this blazers roster. We never mentioned him in the offensive point of view it's always been always a good defender he somebody that can that can defend multiple positions usually play them that. Well how the brain. There has only have to give credit to coach Stotts in his knowledge of why put. No fondly in there in the starting line up between a man knows basketball is he forced to put no mom millionaire or it just there is a strategic reason bully. And I think it is he doesn't take shots from starters and he's not a guy that's gonna give you scoring punch off the bench or something you desperately needs so you have to and then. But you look at what he's been able to use last three games. We talked about this when he scored. Twelve points on last Wednesday in is the San Antonio on that Thursday we said there were only three games the entire season. Prior to that night where he'd scored in double digits from. He scored in double digits the last three games it's a very small sample size but we we sit batted the adjustment to what teams are doing. To try and defend the blaze is a decent circuits. Is not guarding Obama. And know of all night is finally. Making teams pay. Because he's gone for a 4475. To seven from the field and he's not taking shots from DP ME is aware to deal literally shot attempt last night was from nine feet. Awarded those points come from because it isn't just manufacture themselves out of nowhere. Where those points in those shots coming from they're just not guardian their double team me and not use of their pitch well if you look at last night telegram at thirty minutes but he's only one for four knew he had five points. UT was two for nine he still shot. To prime one for four from three. But who shots was he taken are they gone our big guarding Allen Crabbe I mean what where that's this did those are just come out of nowhere what I said earlier in the show no Vaughn play. Is getting 11 he's getting the worst offender now on the court always getting no defender a lot well literally somebody on there but they're gonna leave him open for twenty feet. Picked up behind Ed jump shot. Brother and I mean nugget now it is it is still has kind of frustrating to see missed dunks. In most every game but here. A swing better it's three games but. What the big were the big spark has been. Is you have legit third option in their contract and Damian Miller is playing out of his mind. Just absolutely out of his mind and haven't you seen now. Like Indian it really start becoming apparent. After that women's is San Antonio. I remember we're talking about chemistry lies that this team just doesn't seem like. The reason seem like they were Ivan ID did they did lash like something was off. There's a wedge in somewhere winning winning fixes a lot of things worse. And seen a San Antonio team and fixes that Timmy was a really good spark plug for them because when you beat a top team in the west that's that's one of those. Aha moments guys were good enough in a battle tested game we are good enough to winning game now when the series is a different story but game yes. How big of a difference does this make against the this is a very tough road trip. Ranked yet five games in all on the road you had a four games in five night situation your home road. One day off and then back to back on the road and then you have another backtracked and that I mean you played six games and eight days. No winner we you know start to you really start buying in that this team is. Turned has turned a legitimate corner there in two over their last ten games mean the plane really stinking good basketball. If you look at just there last painfully and if and Marc Keith Morris. If they call that on the boundary. How well we're looking at this team is with the one loss in. In New Orleans which stages adds a lady get laid innate that would be their only loss in the entire month. Of march so far. And weird nineteen gate nineteen days and into the month march or and I asked this question on Twitter us niceties forty wins kitchen and leaders forty wins is that is that attainable anymore wins rooms left eight. Josh. Yet. He gets CNBC. It's in you because you have Denver on that one of the games we have Denver in the one of those games and then you've got can you name me. Chaos they be better than 86 to finish I don't know. I don't I honestly I don't because I don't know Minnesota's plan for. Is it is seems like they're out there right what is New Orleans insane Antonio play. Is it really matter what other team yeah I agree with you well when the blazers are playing in the mentality is as we'd have to be in every game now and it doesn't matter gimme your best shot word on and that we're not worried about what the lakers are doing. We're gonna play above the level to still play at a level your competition. That's what they did in New Orleans I think that was a lightbulb moment. Ya well they're definitely not good enough to overlook anybody. Mill by a factor five a forty enough. Testing came on offense. Both the. This is a final sixteen which edition of dusty and jam in the morning rusty by Sherry cafe and a high fund generated program. They are supporting it yes. That is 6055305. That's the conversation we haven't. But I've what decision is a lot he was sent him for not be enough but it's pointless they should shut it down and cheaper better drafting try to get impact player. In the draft for all we know we can't get one in free agency C and we talked about this before and it's amazing that that is still a conversation because. Here's the problem with the Portland trailblazers. They're too good. You are too good to tank because guess what. You've already you'd you're playing catch up in the tank job which is gonna be even harder to do the playing catch up in the playoff race series it. Lakers shut everyone down suns shot and everyone down though it didn't mix in the nets. Have more than that's just sock it to overpaid detain the magic have shut everybody down like you are not going to be there's no way that this team can catch anybody. To make it worth your while the tank because everybody else behind you is gonna start taking as well because they go oh geez it was turning in the top ten. While we are you have a leg up on them we're gonna shut it down now and you'll be over the Texas. That's the reality where your. I mean it truly is in your not gonna ask you. Players the list. Basketball the other conversations it's stale for me because it's a very good basketball team so that that conversation or that thought processes. Yeah that's you know what it's just it's delusional. But if you're gonna ask this team to not fight and finish the season a forty wins get Sheehan I think forty. Get Sheehan that's a very attainable especially with the guys on the schedule the rest of there than teams are gonna face this rest of the year. This team is too good yet try to crappy tank teams don't beat disperse and beat him when the spurs needed that game because of they would've won that game at the time. The spurs would've taken over the number one seed. That is a sign of a good quality basketball team. And a third mini scheduled thinking is the futile attempt because you get the knicks in the lakers and the pelicans. Who are just not good teams mayor and check it out to Hispanics to left on the schedule and turn to take against those teams. You know teams that are probably quitting you know one thing. Problem or I'm run dude has a question. Here's the other thing though that neck comes in the blazers benefit when your talking about. Making this pushing getting their forty when you asked the question is forty wins enough to get Chan if thirteen games left in need eight wins. Right yet thirteen. Daddy is. Mean at said. It's tough putt straight go in five for team that really hasn't done that except at this point all season long. But they've only got two back to backs remaining in only three games on the road in that Timmy makes. Eight wins very doable when you look at the schedule and the fact that one hero games is against the lakers. And then you have another one which will begin state aid timberwolves team on April 3. That where do we know where the timberwolves are because right now. That's a team that blazers have a significant leg up on them. For the eight spot there's a four game difference between then. In Minnesota. In Minnesota all in on me in what two weeks don't we shut down mode. Mean they literally had they are one of those teams elegy shut down and say hey we're in the top ten right now let's trending in the top five. Because there's a there's a very real possibility that they could do that if they are out of the playoff hunt. So. You just don't know what's gonna happen even though there's thirteen now working thirteen games left you ended with four at home. Why in in anybody's mind he would not push to get as much you can get 42. Image there there's there's a legitimate chance so that this. I just you have to control your own destiny right now the blazers control their own destiny you're gonna face Denver they're gonna face teams that are in in bad scenarios and with four. Four at home to finish. Yeah and there's teams that have a lot of really tough schedules down the stretch as well which. Has become a big thing in the NBA. Again this week and we had another weekend in another situation where NBA scheduling resting became a massive issue Christine. Because you had. The cavaliers they arrested what three guys and damn well Kyra read. LeBron and Kevin Love this weekend around any injury for another. Nationally televised game here. And then Doc Rivers. He came out in shots fired at the NBA is that if you don't want guys did it did Rask games and your prime time moments don't scheduled teams to run a gauntlet like. Hail her so this is this is a tough stand off. The league has negotiated it's the most favorable league in all professional sports for player friendliness when it comes to money. Contracts. And guaranteed so the league said this guys were gonna do whatever we can't make sure you get there every red cent we're gonna take care via. No problem let's negotiate players' league players Lee. Now the league is leaning on same we're gonna sell these billion dollar contracts this is giving you those huge money pay out. We're gonna sell those TV congress really get that one point four billion dollar deal. With ESPN and TNT. So now that we got to the money guys we're gonna put you on prime time games on Monday it is it was a Good Friday Saturday who idiot every game day there's a prime time game. Now all the sudden players are gone who don't give us back to backs. This is a given take a hole between two strong armed groups one's going we want all the money well we gave me the money. Play and now fans are going I just sold my birthday party to show up to watch stepped curry. In and LeBron James and you guys are playing who wins here. Nobody person who wins well. And that's where comes down to you with the players win honestly while. Realistic what happens here is. But the play a bigger take in the good either under a lot of the star players though. Day in the image is so important like as like LeBron like their image mean so much to them. That Jeremy takes a small hit but really to your point they're still winning but here's the thing is that. The aid cavs general manager after by the way the NBA called the cavaliers. Minutes. And literally he said seven minutes after they announced that LeBron Tyreke and Kevin Love were sitting out. The NBA called because they were test is is ABC was a prime time game got even though they're still competing with the NCAA tournament. You nickel in seven minutes after he'd be scratched him. And he tight he actually talked with the Ramona shell earned in his name Dietz has Jean David Griffin. And said they were happy. But he said. I feel for the league are really do you but it is what it is from an injury standpoint and plus. I don't care ABC's getting money I get paid to win a championship. That's when I get paid to do. That's a tie Lou is getting paid to do that's what LeBron Tyree and Kevin Love are getting paid to do is not. Beyond TV. They get paid to win a championship. We have a conundrum. We have a problem NBA basketball we have a win. In April. Win in Maine win June league. We have a regular season league this trying to sell you. Big time prime time games. With TV would eyes and multiple networks and you have players getting guaranteed money so where's your motivation. If you know you have to be healthy in the stretch when the when the when the season matters the most is the playoffs who were not dump. Give me a 45 C does America and get me in I can find ways to be healthy teams have had injuries from broken hands tinted bad means we've seen it happen. What is this league going to do to fix this because the more chance we get from players and fans. I'm just I've we championships is only thing that matters. Week. Week 237 games aren't I got I got one for you at it's not that hard I really don't think it's that hard. There's property sports owner. This is a final sixteen week additional dusty and jam in the mornings rapper TI series happened. Hi I'm Jay Nady drove through. Isn't that pigs at the NBA's schedule really easy. Let the NBA continues to fight it. Just eliminate. Four games and five net situations. I mean I know that they sell a scheduling is a very tough thing. I get it. May be you extend the weekend as this he's not in a week write a regular start earlier about start earlier. Well the errors at the MBA starts in October note guys nobody nobody cares nobody does nobody in that. Doesn't as seemed to be ill likely could you have teams that. A they tried to eliminate a lot of them for teams in the lay said but two or three. But if you extend the season out a week. You just have those extended road trips have an extra day off. Is that all is that hard. Is a year tell me that these guys who have to are forced to sit out games because I can't say seven games in twelve days right that's why they rest their guys. Cleveland in the same exit the situation you know where they played I think eight games in thirteen days or whatever. You extended not a week goes longer road trips get broken up by a day. He'll have this problem. I have another question and see if this if this theory is also part of with the MBAs dealing with is that at the end of the season just like with the NFL does with flex schedules. Do you think in my conspiracy tin foil hat theory. Is that the NBA tries to schedule big games at the end of the year to try to spark of the interest for fans and people to say these are critical games. We need to see these top teams played the end of the year because they're jockeying for their playoff positions and once these teams getting their positions. At the end of the year there like bin Laden will Wear five games were ten games apple what went in my jockeying for anymore you know I it it there's that theory for mean. Is the image trying to set it up with scheduling to try to be really good at the end of the year up and fortunately. Teamster. We're not gonna have a wap wap well glad that the schedule next year is starting seven to ten days earlier well good started even earlier. That's and that to me. It seems like that is a fix that the NBA has just been so stubborn thank goodness for Adams over all right he's the best commissioner right now the all sports right. By far he's eat Bible when something happens he's quick to own up to it. Now he has a stupid social media policy where he's there every minute nobody's perfect. Or is. If you go and you do that Q do you reacts quickly. He's always on the its he's he's not wishy washy. I would say it's the easier of the of the of the of the groups. Betsy Major League Baseball my Beazer micron merely doing what you're in it Justin it dealing with all the turmoil of the sport. You can kind of high baseball because as a regional but Manfred can do because he's not the face of steroids like Bud Selig exactly so there's there's certain situation but. Yes and while this Tex at five factor of five says this league needs to quit whining. And suck it up and start finding teams and players there's been millions of play basketball rough like I know I know that's the guts gonna be your comment is every other fancy. These guys go all this money why they are playing. Well they're up plane because they're trying to win a championship because he was the fan. Does exactly what every other fan does says all 739. The matter because you win a championship you're not considered great unless you win the title so don't tell me that these guys who play. When all you care about is the title anyway well and I value the title as a team and has a great player and that is the side it's all I'm saying Monday and that's the thing right there is that. Fans and in these fans that sent this text message and Dave this is rightfully so because you've been told he'd been told that Cindy insane because leagues wanna sell this right is that where fans league. They're not they're not in the players because the player's legacy doesn't depend on on youth. It depends on how many rings they Wear in the sport. And you know the numbers that they put up also because there bank account dusty well yeah. Via that's really what number is number one for a lot of these players sorry it is gay you're guaranteed money and give it all locked up. Yeah that is number one number two is in my good enough to be join us as super team. Number three is how many rings can we win together you and then you'll get an occasional. Goat like a LeBron James to show up yeah. Then that's once every 25 year end like this text says you know make contracts that have serious bonuses they're require 82 plays the game is serious and never allow that bingo main emotion Sears injured third party doctors can and prove once and injuring what's not reverend BP. The only way for you was a fan or anybody to really make a difference in the NBA stop consumption. True you want to if you wanna make a serious effort in push for this stop showing up to a game. Don't buy ticket cancel your ESPN subscription stop pain Ford and then and then everybody goes well gosh we don't have the television eyes. And then when the ratings go down. And you stop going to games this league won't change until that time happens the. Remote this texture in this has a lot of it and make no bones about it I'll speak for myself on this he says they're millionaires. I didn't I'll never feel bad for them for having to play game. I feel bad for him so I don't view that from either earth look I'm not I'm not we're not sitting here saying oh this is a grand is slog nobody says it thank here if you if you were to if you think about this what's in their best interest. Isn't playing in the gay and heat it isn't is you're gonna say this is a meaningless game in the end in in March but you're gonna say is a fan while it's meaningless. If you're in Cleveland right now you don't. Care whatsoever about the game one and then the zero text says if it's all the winning championships while isn't this an issue ten years ago. In that is he's very good quick Karl Malone said came on set. You it's not going to work it's called pull laying here right like you're playing. And not working. But we are having this discussion earlier before the show. It's because. In the NBA has more primetime games way more it wasn't you didn't hear about it and you just in here. And Michael Jordan played I think is last we heard the stat his last four years equity to it every game every game Al LeBron James there not. Not playing every game what's different. Well that the back to backs the fours and fives. In every primetime game might undermine had 22 minutes 23 minutes and game. That's pretty much participating who knows we will examine his number stats but if that's the measuring stick stop it. Some might endurance not you can't measure up against him that's is not would use it's not realistic. And here's the other thing too is that. When Michael Jordan was playing. Michael Jordan he was at a time where the expectation from your franchise was that you do do that here's the thing is that. We're holding it against these the players the fact that different era. Basketball. Professional sports have become more big business than a sport right. And she is if you're looking at an owner and general manager. How do you get the most out of your employee. From the business side of it. In when you do that by going in you get a guy you give the guy rests so he can perform at his optimal level. In that's the way that teams are looking at this now because. The numbers kind of bared out they are more productive. They're they're more productive and that's ridiculous to say because he argued Michael Jordan how do you get much more productive than that. Well he's he's a warning that they like fifth time in yet then didn't you athlete is different. You know it'll never happen but I enjoyed that it won't happen because of money TV contracts the 20112012. Season when it was 66 games. Because of the lockout shortened the and it started on Christmas did. I love baton I think starting around Christmas is awesome I think this season just had more about urgent feel to it. And that's over that's ever gonna happen again you know again I mean guys one happened I thought that was great they'll never do it but it was awesome. Yeah I'm looking and Michael turns 9596 season games 7773768082. U. He played just over twenty minutes and sets his version of resting immune. And it's new you know not a not a lot in if I'm just gonna go and look at. The sync yet seems to that was kind of at the end of the year Michael Jordan around this time we're looking at march. March 15 march 5. April 1 those are the games where he was sit out. And not sit out the whole game. But. This is the time of year where he wasn't playing up a lot of minutes in those. And you know this to me really well there in those games are not on prime time. And they're not edit it according to the NBA TN Tearrius PM if they're not a Saturday or Thursday primetime game were not having this conversation. Now. Now because ABC. TNT and ESPN Brett. Pay a boatload of money in debris wise and they wanted to be a story to rebut but the reality is that Jordan played 82 Yu and these guys are playing seventies every game did you know that every game the tickets went up when Michael Jordan came out of town everybody stick it went skyrocketed. Because that's when you came to watch and ESPN and TNT are saying the same thing people sit at home now. And a bronze now plane guess we do click. Your eyes are on an Internet. I did not to dance and in this sweet sixteen. Talent Dorsey still to show yesterday in Sacramento. This is dusting camp. This is a final sixteen we get vision of dusty and cam in the morning rob do you buy series of cat and high. On an eighty okay. Very fast I think is your funds Tex and not be fired up about this. In mid scheduling thing. You know the end and one of them is paint. Maybe NBA if you don't if you are contingent thing about it. Give refunds man. Give refunds. Refunds. I mean. The fans go to get a product. And it it and any other industry. Right you do you get some that's faulty. Or it's not we wanted to buy what happens any good business gives you refund right now. Well Gary's son. In jets and patriots redo the Dutch Danson is sweet sixteen okay. The Westgate sports book has released its odds and this according to you. Ben Fox. Lou. ESPN. And he Westgate sports book in Vegas. Has released all the odds there are three teams whose odds have worsened or stayed the same. Since beginning of the tournament. You know me there now went against him on and Kentucky in their odds had apparently gotten worse than it from a 621271. Odds when. As Xavier this has to be a typo. Xavier went from twenty to one odds start to turn it to now being 100 to one odds. That's seamer it sure. I'm not an odds maker. And claimed to be. But somebody's gotta be making some money that. Ray. Dave Arizona and then into when they get the winner of bins Agha West Virginia in nearly day and then the word index. Apparently Vegas is gone nicely around boys but they're odds have not changed twenty to one odds. To win the NCAA. Title if you look at this how it stacks up at the rest of on the team's. They have the thirteenth best odds and if anybody else to between the NCAA tournament. Only you only better than Butler. South Carolina. In Xavier. Or use discourages maybe in the odds makers were about the performance against. Rhode Island we talked about this earlier but I'm not discouraged at all I thought they survived one of the worst performances they you can get I am bill Brooks shooting was a 120. Called it he's got to win you'll find a way to win at this point but we could break it down it does not matter you don't mini style points you win if you got to find a way whatever way. Just find a way to do an M Rhode Island federated team. Yeah they're they're pretty good idea for eleven seed that's an underrated team yeah and now they get Michigan. The old Marines. Wolves or wolverines picked. I think I think this appears to mention what. I'm changing the subject. Not OK whoa hold on finishing your thoughts on why well no I wanna get this is an interest in our fear that slowly started this in the beginning of the show you're looking for new mascot to you. And to put a bow on college basketball RD avenue mascot to pull for in the tournament. I don't think anybody in their right mind is rooting for Baylor any Marty no I'm tired Maryland games comics where he's going to want to abstain in the northwest angle for the Bulldog. Bulldogs school I like get Zagat. I like that doubled walked you stick a great logo to your staying in the dog it reminds me of good Tom and Jerry cartoons drawn out no love that. Erica that's why you're rooting for guns at the got to have a theory angered Marines that's drilled that's fair care. A your guns that you'll like 61 Oz when the championship mark I change subjects. I did you mention this in your update. I don't know what did you going to say Jersey. Oh yeah yeah okay so Jay Glazer right now to blazers tweeting. Sources say authorities investigating is the same suspect. Took one Miller's helmet and cleats from last year's Super Bowl. So we don't we have a we have a serial sports memorabilia. You see this to be three Super Bowls and or other. Because it Crawford's updates said that bid this suspect has been found it's not just Super Bowl 51 Jersey from Brady. But Super Bowl 49 for Brady is well which means that Von Miller would've been Super Bowl fifty. And that would it be and three Super Bowls in a row this guy's been stealing the lack of Super Bowl amassed tell you. He's a master. Thief in the movie arrives there we don't know where their from a you know they were found in Mexico we don't know if they're part of the Mexican. Sports. Memorabilia cartel though don't always nobody else. Something when is it is a credentialed member of the media stalled Tom Brady's stuff notice that they founded in Max who don't know who it is yet. Now reais putting you can do together now and did did at least get sticky fingers that's that we do you know. Right it's an intellectually as you explore how early how do you get away with. How do you get away with a helmet and cleats on Miller how do you get that out there be camera back. Can't beat you gotta think that out to their strategically. Placed our men and how there interviewing in what they're doing and he's gone he's going to show our school Sharon go. Go go let's go in game for the city it can be. Figures show the stolen stuff and you can go to jail had it not been for Tom Ridge that video. And that leaked in it was it even though they're blue note it was supposed to be video somebody else in Brady is leaning over our cat Quentin I think somebody stole my Jersey. 'cause we never heard about Super Bowl 49 years in going missing. And we never heard about Miller's helmet and cleats going missing and now we are but because Zidane locker video that was Venus posted catch that moment. It was he was supposed to be publicized we now know a Jersey get. How many can this guy get away away he might have been doing it for years. Well contingency what if he's been doing it for like twenty some troubles in a row and we just haven't no major minorities ever. Yeah because it's like oh where did years ago we just checked as eBay page. It is. Possibly brilliant. Well good job NFL right all that money spent. Yeah investigating that's the theory. He takes out the youth while you and Anthony. Peel and Anthony with Texan. The text let me that's what I know I think this is a Graceland Sandoz did an accidental the next got to click the contraband they failed the first time one unidentified I went to prison. These risk it in Mexican this is kind of like done almost demolition man ask like let him out of prison. And demolition man it was trial prison but this is real prison. To go to Wesley Snipes yeah right on thaw him out Elian until we got to onslaught OJ go down and get the contrary go kill Edgar friendly who met the guy who we just call limit her friend yeah mr. says tech says preset the focus of the FBI was defined is still in Jersey no the only reason why is because it became an international Olympic venue would cross the borders yeah Craig across the border have Houston PD investigated that. It's in the FBI becomes part of this thing. We can't have guys stealing things out of the locker room. That's right for profit. Giraffe a million dollar Jersey that's that things value debt if you lost have a million dollar would you look for it which you look forward. Yes and yet you would have book idiot zero. Early looks president like yes it shell out my blog and on the sidewalk again look for it yeah in no it's not a big name person for fox serious via. People we don't know. It's not Chris Berman I left in diluted easy there's liberated it in a way. Is wearing a great easier is it good did you see that again it remnant in London's Camden the lunar. Yeah. Now they re like sugary Gavin run away with the with the gold jacket. Yeah right Frey come on guys give me this morning there was no horse. What if it's Dan Marino would have been his DN Marino's finding money to give his Super Bowl winning your city. In his isotoner gloves and it has only fingerprints being. Ready snowflake the dolphins do Google grow over. It's even. Give him. That's universal employee Roger Goodell the flu flu. Indecency clinic have a great day this lag sports and are update is about four minutes.