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Dusty and Cam - 3.20.17 - Hour 2

Mar 20, 2017|

Ducks in the Sweet 16, no Cinderellas in this year's tourney, and up and coming QBs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. What are your brackets would fly at the. This is a final sixteen league division of dusty and Jim in the morning drop tee but series caffeine highs of what's your favorite for the series award winning pies but now attending the sand dot com and win pie for a year. Dusty and. The Oregon Ducks are still dancing man they are in need sweet. Sixteen as they knock off Rhode Island 7572. Youth in what might have bin. The ugly is to gain that the ducks have played in quite some time I would say it's probably the ugly is in the ducks have played since their loss to Colorado. There's no report cards on women's right no you don't you know give this well it was a B minus you know a win in this tournament is a win. You get it anyway you can and the ducks struggled throughout the entire game I felt like Rhode Island controlled this game. Up until about 56 minutes left and that's when organs have Disney's a better athletes well. In that you know that's thing survive and advance is deal Grammy last week it's not just a cute saying that is exactly what the ducks had to do. Against Rhode Island in in what. It was a clash of styles and Dorgan wants you down they wanna run. And Rhode Island monsters bleed every second they can off of the shot clock and you know the ducks got into a situation where. They had guys didn't shots stiff or Robinson averaged six points a game. For Rhode Island throughout the course a year just 21 on ten of twelve shooting off the bench right. Yeah EEO Alan Iverson's cousin who Al they're knocking down buckets he's not a big score for that team and yelled it's just one of those scenes work Rhode Island. We talk about those Cinderella performances that was a Cinderella performance they shoot 50% from the field. And give themselves a chance to win in or again if you're telling me that they would get a performance from Dillon Brooks where he goes seven of twenty from the field. I would tell you organ just lost that game and attorney. There were stretches in the giro he do we sitting down on the band C bureau can. Well I'm wondering is he gonna come back in is he gonna make it the difference but now know it was it was in Dorsey is game well in absolutely was and where we came that we've been saying all last week you know everybody that is you know send the demise organs and run in this tournament. Because a Christmas shading out this season ending ACL. Look he he's going to be a big and as you get deeper into the tournament and it all came down to how Dylan Brooks tally Dorsey in Dillon and it's performed in in the tournament. You gate of Brooks and an esque money and go eight of 26 from the field ranked. Ended Dorsey bails them now going nine of ten from the field. And the big selling those threes if for a five from three big shots huge shots dude was unconscious especially shot to put him ahead in he has been playing the best basketball. Under his you should albeit short career organ so far meaning as. He's only sophomore. He's playing the best stretch over the last five games that he's played as an organ docked in nine came any bigger than what you saw last night it again against Rhode Island man. He was. Elect just seems we battled tested and you have to see them go through the adversity because there's a reason why Rhode Island is an eleven seed however. In that situation if you're not used to seeing that style matchup because c'mon honestly the pac twelve doesn't have that kind of style. No it is a get out and run conference an organ is just better athletes he conceded the end I just knew that as long as they can keep it. With in that striking distance then let him get to the ten number in the eleven. There some point where you looked it may seem don't Brooks on the on the bench or when when Lindsay you're gonna make a difference and you didn't matter. In matter it was Dorsey came in his ability to make a shot when it was need be in a deep three and how much those wheelbarrow is that he rolled those things into on that final shot I'll. A double dragon. In this they switch in the big gun on me numb. I practiced a hesitation calypso out of luck so in my mind how's it going there and on his hands never came up and I just letting go. I mean that was so. That was an of those big time shots a UC wide open to to anyway that is cents a mean it was deep but yet on only give because why would and eight I know he was at the time when three or four from three knee you're gonna wanna get a hand up but he was deep. And when he knocks Allen down a mean. The Dior in ducks. And EU we we discuss this last week in on Friday as Sydney you know my theories on what. On Teaneck kind of maybe goes Susan struggles earlier I mean you go through some struggles early in the tournament. Because it. I think that's the worst thing you can see organ play. Right in because of the fact it wasn't that Dylan Brooks is just missing shots. Those are easy bunnies right. And do we think that and how many shots that he missed at the rent. I can read what three or four. Where he was at the rim and good looks in Indy just in ruled out lipped out went off the front of the rim for one of whatever reason. I don't think you're gonna get a performance like that from dawn Brooks in the sweet sixteen. If you can get a performance like that from him and still. Win the basketball game you know yeah that's that that shows you how deep your team is but. That's what a good teammate does it picks it up when it's down I mean he saw a nineteen points that you can't throw that away 720 all yesterday was make another force shots and were not even having this conversation it was a better night. So this is this is one of those things he they'll play better vs Michigan but they're gonna have to play better versed in Michigan what. Is a big concern though is that Rhode Island was able to impose their will on on the docks there I mean Rhode Island was able to you. It in the you know they in Orton got a lead built up a double digit lead. But then as Rhode Island just started making a shot after shot and they ground that piece to a halt. In all the ducks really didn't have an answer and that's where Gallic Krispy Shea where you can have him come off the bench and knocked down a couple shots. And that is a very viable PC you miss out later in the turn it because he wasn't just Dylan Ennis and doled Brooks that. Struggled from the field mean pain Pritchard of one of six is well and he turnovers man. Turn overs were just a killer. You know perhaps this. Organs gonna face a lot of a lot of teams when you're coming up now with Michigan and as you deeper into this tournament your your scene that the big teams the elite teams. How those quality bigs from gone Zagat air zona. Organist fast there athletic and they have to be able to play that if you're game planning organ maybe. At this point your job is to keep this game slow and keep it close but still 7275 mean there's some points on the board yeah. Sally gets a 5050 game I mean it that day it wasn't that slow yeah. And then now as you move under the seat sixteen you've got a big in more than about Wagner the kid from Michigan yours Wagner. Who do you look like in a mean he'll look like a world beater against a little bull and little had no answer that kid zero but. ES 26 points that's not an end in this is thing about Michigan is that. They're a team where your certain they're still trying to figure out who these guys are because you have Tom Walton. They're guard dude is he an off day against a little hole. He's been lights out the last month of the season and really in that conference turnaround that they made. On. He had an off day but dare guard heavy in if you can match up with the guards and aids can be hard to find in Jordan bell. He better not get a foul trouble against Wagner is going to be a long day for organs in sweet sixteen. You are you you'll have the depth you look your only have got eighty guys claim that it that's that's the depth of that team you can't afford guys get ultra nets turn admit that's turning men rotation now don't you guys. Roll with only got you there seem that you got but now the ducks move on a sweet sixteen along with two other pactel teams showed for the pac twelve in the turn and a side note ACC. Oh yeah as a conference. All that notoriety out of the gate. They got nine berths to the tournament I believe nine that ranked ninth on I nine times and they have a one. Team still remaining North Carolina. Is the loan ACC team. Remaining as yesterday we saw Florida State which. They were everybody said they were fraught as a three goal in mean they'd they really were they didn't deserve to be a three seed. Notre Dame got bounced out West Virginia and those two games were. Blowouts. Do you quit the bad against South Carolina and in whit what was. You know there's food this is an agency what that game pleading Greenville, South Carolina. Duke eighteen seed. Was playing a hundred miles from the South Carolina campus as a 78 balls Leo again it would absolutely was an away game. And in the big thing about that is. That game was actually supposed to be in Greensboro, North Carolina the NCAA assume no no we're gonna change it now does bathroom mills and so I duke loses Virginia gets absolutely pummeled by Florida. I needed turning Laura what happen Ford looks like Billy Donovan of Florida. LLO. So they're there you have it yet one team still land. Oh in the mobile. Oh also bounced. So you had 56 teams in the round of 32 ACC now so powerful right now they go one in five yesterday Andy here we are with. A sweet sixteen where. I thought I USC's comply and off to. I think a good metrics say Ned that the pac twelve has it as a legitimate chance CNN national champion your three teams left organ actually ranked high your. Then Arizona by whom by some of the match I was listening to on I will find it in the rate of I will find its larger to have. How in 19% chance. Ranked higher than Arizona. Because Arizona still have to get through. They have to get on in Baghdad in indoor West Virginia here I had both times this year were top ten teams you always get it and they got a little bit of a battle to. There in that. Dad south region. It is the goblins that everybody said it would be but guess is standing out of it 1234. And that is the size that is the one that bracket that went chock is the south region the region of death. As North Carolina Butler. UCLA and Kentucky are all the teams that are still standing. I think this is great sheriff backed up and then. Also a good showing for guns attitude getting today battling northwestern in the way that they did. The West Coast teams are worked very well represented in the tournament as a whole where you look at only sixteen news. From our on the West Coast that that truly got enemy when you talk and I mean I'm I'm not saying UC Davis because they don't legitimately have missed a shot but you talking in zag at Saint Mary's Arizona. UCLA USC. And a organ. David those teams played very well and has had a good showing so far and I get three forced a dancer for the pac twelve. Let's gusts may begin at a championship folks. We shall see we had some great finishes so cross where that can zag in northwestern game was one of them. Was it the drama though of this tournament is kind of manufactured at this point. Because Nadal pull out a jock and there's one thing we talked about last week that not a lot of fans like that's actually coming true. It is testing came on the fan. This is a final sixteen wind condition of dusty examine the molten rock scene by series cafe and high on Canadian open a. Who is Cinderella remaining. In the NCAA tournament. Three and go ahead and gone home and save. Save the does that count as Cinderella. No. I say no way. Wanna see they've been there before they have like it Xavier is always come and they are good they can't use the Cinderella anymore Xavier there is no new dads you all very isn't. And that's the point of right now the NCAA tournament are sweet sixteen. Is full of the big conference teams and teams indoor teams that have history. Right I mean there is this is been a an NCAA tournament where we talked about this last week. And there're couple Texas zags got little fired up said yeah right Cinderella isn't dead. But we ruler reference in that article of how mid major schools. And how'd they get pillaged of there and seniors with a grad transfer rule. They've had to go a different route in eight may have. May be the beginning of the end of Cinderella runs in the NCAA tournament is all of these programs that are remain in the sweet sixteen. From ones that are either from power conferences and have an inherent recruiting edge. Or had a history. Of being a smaller program that is really stinking good a lot Gonzaga. Xavier it's no longer Boller now that there in the big east. But those are your three teams that are from major conferences. So we said at the start of every tournament there's only a handful of teams. Legitimately they're gonna win this this whole thing. And every year we wait for that Cinderella it's gonna make around you watching pitcher you're hoping your season you're waiting to see something is Wisconsin to know all. Wisconsin has been and how many they've had five straight sweet sixteens. Now that's ridiculous I mean this this is just is this is what it is where were out right now and that's and the senior leading team. All these other teams are storied programs since I just every year we're gonna have the same conversation right now it's got to be is it gonna take a they've never won a national championship they've had a there's very close. You know a lot of people are wanting to make. South Carolina. And the Cinderella. I am sorry you're not getting gimme the same that there is Cinderella fees from. Hey a major conference school ranked well he's from the SEC you know by the way. Frank Martin coach kids Kansas State to aid an elite eight. Right remember that deeds. Over trigger true but when you see a team like a South Carolina you can becomes out of the woodwork. Occasionally you builder and a power five top button is it is it's it's rare to see that it's not a traditional power now. You know that yeah Hewitt six serial killer TO what is a serial killer look like Frank Martin okay you're stereotyping. Yeah. Yeah I mean he looks like and then if he's sorry I don't know if it's a strength and conditioning coach but there is his duty that was on their bench. Most terrifying human outside of Frank Martin I've ever seen. Like they age he is a terrifying human any really good basketball coach. I mean he it because they do it on the defense and the floor wrecked our it I would love watching them play. Because it they're kind of that old school fundamentally sound basketball who knew playing defense works. And that old adage defense wins championships and me go us duke. But. If you wanna say east and South Carolina being your Cinderella go ahead but I don't think you're gonna be pulling in the periphery like Butler did. Like Wichita State George Mason as you've done when you see South Carolina Gamecocks it doesn't. You did you know president Lee nor that is there and what's yeah where's George Mason you know out like the first thing I top on criminals and yeah where's where's exit your wares Butler. Right yeah tons of people out there. It. But we also live like you've seen dollar enough to know where you are so final four when they played duke in the championship and it was in Indianapolis in the storyline going up was just is nauseating as Jerome Bettis playing his finals by. Super Bowl in detail underdog in underdog ever I know you would know Bibby being in their hometown it was a final four in Indy and and and we got to know that they are from Indianapolis. There's a little bit too that where I think people. Aren't getting into it as much and then also. You take the upsets in we haven't gotten them right leg in your bracket I think of for a lot of people the bracket. Not going their way has kinda lost the luster of the tournament. Right interest in does that mean will people get into it a lot do you still on a bus this do you still have the champs in. In play act Inzaghi Zagat has an eye champs so there's still play and I don't. Last night like when I was emailing you guys. For our show emails like I don't know I haven't fell as a grab by this tourney. As previous years our rove is the lack of the Cinderella and my bracket is totally busted but my brackets usually bus it's I don't think that's it. I don't know I don't add the in my be the Cinderella thing for me and I don't know though like I know that's a cheap unless dumb. Maybe three wives of the four still in play because I Villanova going 53 of the four MI disinterested in. I don't know I I think I was in the may be mean I was expecting that this year for some reason I filling this year was so top heavy that we were gonna have this kind of finish. Enough while I mean there's people trying to make their case for South Carolina that. A year if you're gonna tell me that a team from the SEC is a Cinderella. I'm sorry I'm not gonna buy at Iowa and I would even by you know the northwestern story which they feel that they got hosed in that they should be begins Agha. What did you think of that goaltending. Called never the non gold and I I I at this point now where the argument is going to be is college basketball here we are is we need to have that we'd have the ability. To either and you wanna call what is throw the red flag in college basketball. You wanna have a review global played you wanna have some sort of time when a coach can can stop the game. Ask for things to be review bull is it under two minutes a mean at this point. When you all are in a critical situation. Where one play into one and done right you have the option to go through the losers bracket you played all year to get a certain situation. Here you are you playing your best basketball against the team. And you see this and you have back on a call made against you we can do. Yet here you can't fix that. That begins Agha finish was an out of what a turn of events that and that had BK is yet northwestern is making a charge in sag was still leading that game rank of and win that play happens the goal tend should've been two points at as it turned out. It was a technical foul. Right immediately after so how would you react to not only did you negate the two point San of the goaltender but then you give them to extract in the ball. I think big guns I came out empty handed on the possession after the technical shot thing but Chris Collins kid every right to be tests it was his wife in the there needs to be some sort of situation where you can can review it end. You know I've heard a bunch of different. Variations on what. Team like what the answer is but basketball is very tough because in that situation where do you stop and and have the challenge. Because as it was called on the floor. It was a blocked shot in played play went on right you're the only reason why stop this because Chris Collins got a technical foul called on him. Now you can't just stop the play in middle again Zagat fast break right. And say we too will win on a challenge that. C have to wait until now possesses over right and then go back in May be review it when your team gets the ball back you can immediately call a timeout say I want that reviewed Zach is. That there's no good way to do I fix this solution there isn't it this is this is basketball at its best you can. To be able to take the momentum out of the game two especially if there's a change of possession the EC it. There was a stop and play there was a technical foul called there was an emotional reaction because. Everybody saw it except the guys wearing stripes. So is that everybody is editing what I didn't see it live I didn't see it all I sought immediately life I didn't win. And then they'll go up as is Hanna what is under what I know his hand but I don't we have ever is still low reached the small slow Mo replay as sought but we have the advantage of CNET because it's it's an HD camera grandes referees eyes are trained to go in different spots yeah I know it's not easy to be. An NC two a referee yeah but elated by no mean god sakes Nell but the fact that. Collins did any was called for technical foul so then I mean that would be I guess so DD easy swayed Teague did jury view. Is he just swear at the official and get teed up and then say no go and check that out and then one state they can rescind the technical foul. Mean maybe that. Is that what it would be if you don't have the ball and you call a timeout you get teed. So would that be the way you do a contingency teams trying to call timeouts. When they are having to go out stop momentum. The way sports. Are sold to us in this country now is at its most important thing the amount of money wouldn't win basketball coaches make 34 million dollars. In UC about a money that's on the line when you get an extra million dollars go to the next the next level. And a guy in some stripes. Didn't catch a call for you you can understand why so much is on the line now. It is it's tremendous the opportunity is one play away. And when it's under those two minutes in your in a crucial situation like northwestern. How was amazing yeah. Dole's hurdles or huge place a rare order just to wipe it clean and say well it's no no it means a lot. It's like it is for some people their mindset it is like conduct but it's not life and death but it is sometimes. UK you're talking about will northwestern ever be here again. And then this takes as they can review three point plays after the fact the scorcher is changed during play and do the same thing and that that's it. Mean that is it doesn't own this the only way you can near reviews. It is what that texture says. It is yet to play a deposition when the other team as ball and then the next dead ball you go back in and you try to make Iraq but in the grand scheme of things TO. Big gap was still it was the game is still in inside a saver right and that and no no matter what northwestern can can fight thing in mind about it they would have been down three and set a five in that situation you just me it's one of those what is scenarios there. You can't fix it. But she can't you can you can't in I have review you can't fix it in the future. Yeah that's difficult it's difficult to say will be fixable or how do you fix it I believe the DNC to able deftly about some new rules in this offseason new else they need to do. Is start recorders in reset the thousand quarters because. How many times we see teams getting into foul trouble. Early in in that what more is an old basketball yet mean apps no ad quarters in college bass all because they have haves and we see early in the game in the half. These teams are getting into foul trouble you're in the double bonus with like ten minute no I play 99 now this. Headquarters right what are what are you hold onto a house with coach Braswell nothing it doesn't make sense. It out as a dozen eggs on the tradition they not the winner of the women's game they have quarters in games go faster all right with more fun to watch till. I it's Abdi Aden is beyond me because. You see that. Did the big turn in big conference teams are also get the benefit of a lot of calls right here ten minute orders you twelve minute or 1010 okay well I mean you forty minutes you importing any names here and having ones sent to ten minute quarters and reset the fouls and at every quarter. And you won't be in a situation where all free throws at the end of the town like Josh it's brutal and more commercial breaks it's burner and and and learn that and I'm and other commercial under the fourteen minute broad. And may be weakened may we can fix college basketball a lot more because. You saw Arizona or in their games and a date got the benefit of the whistles being sought on their end in Rhode Island. Was in foul trouble really early in in the first and second half of their game in Arizona against Saint Mary's. They got to benefit a bunch calls early to you and I don't think dad. What was it they had I wrote this down. Arizona. Had four call fouls called on them in the first eighteen minutes of the second half. Four. Is the Indy Saint Mary's is in the double bonus I mean I'm sorry but. Airs on wasn't pulling back clean of basketball. It's crazy to think about. Art five factories your five that is tax on. I still don't believe that south Carolina's syndrome no matter how much you try and tell me about Alex English when in the last turn me game. In 1973. Big Ben as big troll for the Steel City. But it really makes you think. Here's governor sports that are. This is a final sixteen week additional dusty and jam in the mornings drafty vice Ares cafe and hide funds and maybe you both for him. Big Ben is trolling. Pittsburgh in the Steel City its duties and over the weekend. I did Big Ben is it mean this is and solid troll he said it. I'm leaning towards gun back in 2017. And big men are we 35. Next season and remember right after the season got over he gave is that the likes it there via. And he said. Well. I don't even know if I'll be back in the body's pretty banged up right now and everybody kind of scoff doubt and last data it. And now he's saying I'm leaning towards it there's no way Big Ben doesn't play this year right. He's coming back yeah this is that this is one of those situations where he can. Oh irritate fans I think this is a play against the EU this is a total. Strong strong arm move against the Steelers and trying to get coach Tomlin the rest and out. More disciplined because that was one of his biggest complaints in the off season. Was I want guys on board quit this crap and Tony Brown FaceBook and in the locker room during a game after game. This was one of the things he called up the coaches during the year about not being focus and discipline I said look. This man right here Ben Roethlisberger is why they are so good they have a lot of good pieces around them. But they need to realize and everybody that organization these realize you need to have a focus that goes this way thumbs up. We're not gonna go this average mentality and so Ben Roethlisberger you want call holding them hostage what he's doing. Is creating a sense of urgency for the rest of everyone in that organization you'll mobile it's time to get going well yeah he's gonna be 35 result there. Well what do what do we what do we move around for. In we're looking at a bunch and we're look at that really beat member of the golden era of quarterback play they called it data about a decade ago. Where they are saying that position has never been played. As good as it is right now Karl we've already seen some of the guys leave me you'll Peyton Manning notably pain miniskirt so over. But if you're real issue top five quarterbacks in the NFL. How many of those guys are at the end of their route that is far is bear. Just tenure in the league I mean he probably go didn't defied that everybody talks are right. Brady. Roger's Big Ben breeze threes. In and they like to throw in the younger guy now that Manning is is out of the league where they're. You know I'll I don't feel bad doing if somebody must say Eli Manning's tee Super Bowls with the though I disagree with that. Matt Ryan Russell Wilson those are guys like it's usually one guy they throw in there. Who would be your top five quarterbacks are only Greg now. Tom Brady being number one. Number two would be Matt Ryan or I'm sorry Aaron Rodgers and then I would put in Matt Ryan and then I would put in Ben Roethlisberger. And then I'd have this is where it starts to get a little cloudy it's it's it's Drew Brees is older but he's still putting up ungodly numbers. But I wanna put Russell Wilson in their because it just his ability in his youth and then it's Drew Brees you. Crisis still in the top five. When you look at the list of quarterbacks in the NFL in a starting quarterbacks. You did not do with the exception Russell Wilson. Ever seen one of those guys over thirty and and well over thirty mat rat while Matt ranks 31 well I sensitive yet the F miles on the tires Aaron Rodgers be 34 this year. You've got Tom Brady who is older than dirt. I'm Drew Brees mean we forget Drew Brees is drafted in 2001 eastern and yet he easily had indeed turns 39 this this next season he'll be 39 years old. How far are we away. From sitting there not just against the top five but the top ten quarterbacks in the league being out we have. Brady Brees Palmer Manning rivers. Roethlisberger. Rogers I mean we're looking at by 22 when he there's a very real possibility that none of those guys are in the NFL. And that's just in three seasons and in three seasons eat all those names that I to cystic could be gone in the quarterback position as you know it. Changes. Yeah this is cow like one of those times in the NFL and we went through this in I wanna say mid ninety's when it was Joseph Montana Dan Marino Jim Kelly. That kind of class of 83 there is also Ron Amadon in Troy Aikman at the end of the ninety's. You got to see a huge. Turn over because the unit that was 323334. That was what we're guy stopped playing that you looked at. Cornerbacks in thirty years old that old I mean Joseph Montana I think play toll was 37. 38 somewhere when he when he stretched did put out was sold sold rare they have solid Brett Favre stepped in. This is what football does few gives you crops and and it is this is influx of great players and they come in if it running backs or anything worse CNN there's there's a mid air however. He's that some of these quarterbacks are able to do it now because the rules and how you physically take care your body how you train in what football is now doing is taking care of their stars. Yeah in these next three years. Okay so. Embassy taken Brady Embree is in the Palmer those guys there are truly probably eaten at or near the end of their career Schroeder of of course and we I think we need 39 there too he's 366. I'm pretty easily it's a super holes then the other guys he can look at need to say those guys in that under 35 range. You probably Dolan vacated aid they so got a lot of years left on their tires because of the way that the rules are right. So. When you look at guys like Roethlisberger. He's a tough he's tough guided. To make because he'd despite the rules his play just isn't conducive to him staying alive very long here she doesn't he doesn't play the game in one of those self. Protecting modes he still plays with a reckless abandon he does not care about separate the self preservation by a by any stretch. Are there enough young cornerbacks so that when these guys cycle out real end up forgetting. About the breezes and the bradys and the Rogers really forgetting law I mean it obviously their their names in the history books will not be. Forgotten but we sit there we go. Men there is a significant drop. In the play of quarterbacks across Ciena fell what you mean significant drop because these guys are not out of the long Java leave these other players will be I believe the crop of talent. Is very high he Sosa you do receiving that because then that golden age of quarterback ranked where we're talking about ten years you look at the list the name guys. Are playing in the NFL in Favre was still in the league at that time and competing for. NFC championships. And then you look at you know the Brady's in the Manning's l.s visit Pugh said cornerback position Severin played at a higher level right right or will we just sit there and to say that. In three years when these guys cycle now when the Brady's Brees does when they cycle out will still be saying that quarterback position is played at. I don't think so there's a matter what we've seen in history the NFL specially in the modern age is at there's always five to six that's kind of the magic number of elite quarterbacks there's enough. Right now developing. To say that even when that that coral easing cornerbacks are going to be going you're gonna see five to six great ones from that press got to Russell Wilson. You've seen cam knew instill in his prime from. But he Jamison Winston all these players and then you have Carson went. Who sits there and Nina Marcus Mario who who did they are all generating and trending up so I think they NFL's very healthy your car as well of course there are gar car darted down to forget that one. There's a lot of talent and I think in this league will be fine when it comes to the 56 superstars that you need to have it at the elite level for quarterback. Yeah Dave but where will be different is that you'll have Rogers. But he may be that only even meet kind of guys in that conversation for a long time that still hanging around right there because even though Matt Ryan. Plays at a very high level he his career has had that roller coaster effect through hell of a great year like he did this past year which is. Ridiculous numbers and ridiculous play. But then he's had these ebbs and flows to see we've seen him since 2008. That he's had those ups and down years where he'll be magic in there and ill just go away for free year to now. But we you'll see like it'll be Rogers in the a bunch of really young guys and that could be very exciting for Italy because. You can argue that's what happened when you had Montana. Kelly Marino and young. It has been told guys and then a bunch of young bucks that we're still trying to added to carve out an a name for themselves and any tickets. And then there's a few middle tier guys that we don't mention very often whip from a from a Matt Stafford that it will put up. Ridiculous numbers because he stuck in Detroit I mean there there's there's going to be guys that you're gonna look at angle she's what it would when the heck were we missing with him well. Now through your hands and the sexson in Texas an annual give one or two at a bigger fish Urlacher Warner. The NFL find a way to be fine if you go to Mark Bolger Alter ego wants. What is this how did this happen here. I'm well 55305. As quarterback are we an end. We're gonna see a little bit change in in the dip of play. Plus we get a big giveaway to the best events in Portland this is dusting camp. This is a final sixteen week edition of dust and jam in the morning crack team by series happened and high on Kennedy's social. Okay coming up on Friday April 7. 7 PM show. At the Mota senator it's the twentieth annual Nike hoop summit returning to Mota. What's a future basketball stars and like deal less Schwab invitational in NDP and the nation's number one ranked player Michael Porter junior. He will be on display. At the Nike hoop summit. A slight and I will be on the call for new summit on Friday April 7 and caller number five at 5032501080. Can get a family for picket there are four pack of tickets to see the hoop summit. A bomb on April 7 50325. Vote 1080 again 503250. 1080 tickets are on sale for his lowest ten bucks a Nike hoop summit dot com. If you look at the sweet sixteen man there are a ton of guys that are playing in and in the hoop summit that audit will showcase. In the sweet sixteen where show cased in Portland right here last year patent Pritchard played in it Josh Jackson from Kansas was in it dear mystery deer and fox. Of of Kentucky. Was playing in this I think everybody on Duke's roster that just lost yesterday they were down. Of college entered college basketball stars Jamal went to 5032501080. Caller number five will be going to the Nike hoops 5032501080. It's pretty indices and attacks on on the future quarterbacks. And what the wave of the future in the NFL look like at the quarterback position because. We're we're looking at the guys that we just hold on June we re reminisce about because. Not a lot of quarterbacks so when super bulls and he Moreno went on. Mean it's it the list is very small your problem people up because we didn't really talk much about and reluctantly. We didn't because it's not that you're discarding him what he's achieved he's. Had his whole career. Based on potential. And he's done things that are very very unique for his size his ability so there's no question that he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL it's not a question of that. However you need to look at who does he have around him who's the supporting cast for the coach for the dysfunction of the front office. From the owner but I see you wanna talk while we've seen guys' prime time. It's hard to get to the Super Bowl. And there's also a team. The gets in his way every single year when he does have the chance and have a quality team in quality team. You're just running into one of the greatest players in the history of this game but in that could be the it's the same kind of conversation. It but any younger aged Philip Rivers you know right or is Zeller rivers drain into grameen. And the thing about those teams they had nearly two thousands and they were loaded. Is good for your running and every every great. Superstar from Michael Jordan how many teams just sit economic times Charles Barkley sit forgot six Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton know how do I do this. For Magic Johnson who is an N 91 when you're a star like when Tom greeting the U. Just this is just gonna happen. It is it's unfortunate. If you you live in Indianapolis. In your Andrew expand. Our. It's really in perceive you in San Diego because not only did you get to struggle through and ended teams left you know it's even worse now own and day out onion. But we'll see Ben Roethlisberger says leaning towards coming back. I was thinking over the weekend. T do you know how many coaches in college football. Quit college football not Gloria can you name all the coaches that won a national championship in college football. So right now the active coaches in college above that have won a national championship. Will Nick Saban. Urban Meyer. Active coaches active coaches. Donald Sweeney. And it was more are missing and missing quite a few missing now noticing too only missing two. When the pact. Near. Amber's. Gosh it'll come to me. Who in Hollywood Bob Steve Bob Stoops is Jim though officially moved Fisher there's only four or five guys in all of college football that have won a national championship. So we talk about like and I think he not like them be instantly turning going. How are these guys those that he had neither she she just used his big shiny ring was a Latino and and we so. Bill Self and John Calipari. As going how many how many coaches in college basketball are they with active coach is the rings. And as sort of behind extension young and as that well. I wonder if that number is more than in college the balsa I was actually pretty surprised to look at with less miles out now. You can count them on one hand of coach is Adam won a national championship in college football I did beating basketball. Now as college football football bio to get on your needs about a mile one hand how many guys have won a national championship college football certain basketball. You know there's six list is still really short of the guys have won national championships but. It's more in five man Morton just five guys. There's little bit more interesting question for you. Do you believe that there's more basketball coaches that have longer ten years then do you think the patients in basketball. Is well is. Ten times longer than the patients in in division wonderful because of the money. Yet why is that money is just the money or is it how do you have how you have the the long Javanese. I think it's the stress level I think it's the there are the requirements to be a good football coach converted requirements to be a good basketball coach distress in my opinion. Is tenfold yet it but in the end what you have to do because you're looking at filling 85 spots on average compared to ya fifteen. I let's say that the Z. Do you line of demarcation for successful season in college basketball compared to college football are ghosts over 500 are different yet right where like. Eight getting to deter demand unless you are basketball blue blood with gene. Getting to the turn meant. Is successful year right right and winning a game in the tournament successful years. Well 32 teams to that every single season you with 32 teams don't think about how many guys have twenty plus years in college basketball there were talking about coaching. Find a guy in football but he's run nor does he found those guys are. Dying and are dead in Joseph Paterno and Bobby Bowden the you do that's on sale of football doesn't allow you that kind of patient zero patience is well it's because also a successful year in college of balls getting to a New Year's Day six bowl or getting to the playoff there were only fourteen to get into the playoff. And if you wanna extrapolate that out she does need your six bulls you're looking allied. Twelve teams every year have what's considered to be a successful season in college football here where in college basketball. 32 to 32 teams he would return in the game hey. He's very young coach good job dia. Market up Kono ball eight league games the rest is playoffs in ad that you wanna talk about how to make your sport more relevant but how to get your coaches stay around more how to get more players and eight league games across the board rest is playoffs. I don't know what else to say it's in the impatience of it I watch college basketball I'm jealous is a football fan as a football guy to ya I look at and I see those coaches and the ability to say I've been here for fifteen years. Now I'm not going anywhere in a bid good. Go football coach walks in and tells you that I've been here three years you like to use pat here puzzled man number it's three years. Years. Football is dog hears you coaching Dodgers and football. You know Europe at sits would you dip or is texas' five factor I think art is get fired in college Houston isn't football helpers fired TCs or news from the national title game. Ernie Kent floundered for awhile how exactly now. The true and then another text says it there's over 300 with 351 division one dozen college hoops now but the reality is that. Those in power as a power operating as division one teams in place of power jobs so power jobs right. And that's that's an idea academic brothel silky Perugia. You camera you can hear depends on how many championships when sure. Blazers cap off road trip with a pair weekend wins Damian Miller dim lights up a one guy. Just might be turning a corner. Testing came on the fan.