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Sinner & Saint HR 2

Mar 18, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now before we go any further I'd just like to say publicly. Is the single proudest moment. About America. And tech navy. I kids we made it's hour two if you missed any part of the first hour when Jill revealed in his bracket is still in good shape it's very exciting revelation and I think anybody that mr. wanna go back to less Schwab tires podcast. Download and listen back that that'll be available at 1080. The fan dot com that's right after the show. We'll put Joseph workload that podcast up. To participate the show 55305. That is fixed line you can tweet at a sign that the Luke Anderson Joseph is that acts. Jo fish at three and of course that 1080 offend dot com we are frantically. Looking for a gift. Work shifts depending on how you like to pronounce that of Verne Lundqvist couldn't drilled in the head. With a basketball and the slow motion replay Joseph UConn and I missed you said it was maybe the greatest thing you've ever seen. Yeah outpour Vern you know he's got that a goal it. Hang in below his chin and added. How did CBS they did in dirty they've they've played it in slow Mo extreme slow Mo loved him gay and they hit in the face with the basketball and it says is a lot of ways of jest. She and had in the you know old man now fat hanging from the phase I'm sorry Vern I'm sorry that I had to say that but CBS they did and dirty by peninsula Omaha. Bull once upon a time you produced a television broadcasts and it was for your viewers but now you put something like that on their lives on the Internet forever. And a sound one of those lasting legacies do you always is this Burton's last turn them and I know he's done with college shall also assume he's done with college basketball as well under. After this year that's what I was wondering too because that's on tough way to go out I know I saw him. On the game another authority has done so maybe this is is swan song. And hopefully that'll beat you gotta be the lasting memory is a big fat and get drew little basketball and the slow motion jiggle. Yeah that that kind of fits in really well a little bit later we're gonna try to get to your worst moment in sports history. Of abuse and athletes so Vanderbilt at the end of the game Matthew Davis Fisher. Had his own. So wolf treasury oh those are send those through the tax on again 55305. And we'll try to get those that'll be at that. 1030. And think you dad's been there isn't just now all right a bird logo will go to 1080 the fan dot com and Agile be reached we now that. For birdie to get to and look at and watch him just jiggle. Lincoln jello mold. I hate blazers are playing the hawks tonight that a big win over the spurs after a battle lost. Really ugly loss to the pelicans earlier this week. We can go and break down game film for all we want to really my question. To you out there is. Are you still in the camp where you wanna see the blazers make the playoffs I sit on that side and just go hey what's the worst thing that happens they lose quickly to the ones lead. At least they're playing more basketball at least they're in the turn you can't win if you're not in so I'm rooting for that but Joseph your your strongly on the camp of tank tanked anchor. Well TJ leaf got bought the only teaching relief I'm not an oil palm on that Campbell who who's the who's your guy who are you going down forty wanna get. Get into the five spot he Alonso bald disagreeable varsity in the rose quarter to sell their yelling with picket signs saying he's gonna did you the latest. I'd did any of refresh my memory no wise it's it's hardly keep up exactly he's our balls let trumped what all the stuff he's saying how cool there's a pretty fair comparison should have cabinet position well bore hole. In 22 point that's nice to a minister that right now he's my favorite person in sports right now Omar ball came out yeah and said that. Long Zo ball is not just the best player in the draft. He is the best player in the world better than LeBron James. Well I think there's some guy firm probably Latvia that's gonna merge come draft time. Top ten pick probably that NATO is an outdoor now available up up up and that that guy's gonna end up being the best player in the world watch. Is blue marble oh draft eligible. He's I'd bet you he's looked into it in the found out that he wasn't so he hasn't been talking it Steve Marcellus Wiley a one on one you we've got Charles Barkley opening protest openly protesting. The UCLA in the turn it because of blondes and his father. Are so let's get back to this tonight's blazers game are you rooting for victory not jail. I know roof were competitive game I'll root for fire at this blazers team. But at the end I wanna see a loss I wanna like I said I don't wanna lose anymore ping pong balls that they Ernie have heard it. And at this season a it's a loss personally I think. Year you're gonna make your argument for the eight seed but the all Lee Terry rare read we remember an eight seed is when they beat the one seed and that was. All state and I believe when Denver did it with the Kennedy years ago. So it can't happen it happens all the time in hockey it's something that's a real rarity in basketball but even if they moved up and were six seed this year. There's two teams that are clearly up top you've got Golden State and get San Antonio the wild card in this playoffs going to be Houston right so that's how you're west kind of lays out. Peru right now without terrain and I'm very curious what happens with this warriors team so to rant gets isn't he reevaluated comes back. And doesn't have to be the same you know lifting he doesn't play. Fully healthy or B doesn't come back at all this warriors team has been very different since his departure Seth Curry's been shooting. Something like 20% on open threes so he hasn't been all that great. Maybe they're not vulnerable we still have the championship pedigree because you've got I mean you know. Three all stars still in there with clay and staff. And dream mine greens you don't have to necessarily worry about the team as a whole there probably go to win the series sheer. But at least you have a chance to go and do it they just beat the spurs and I know you're not giving their best effort a regular season game. In March as you would in a playoff series but you can go out at least you're being competitive. If this is the team and a framework that you're gonna continue whip. We've already signed Allen Crabbe you already signed Myers wondered why not get the guys that are in their and get them some experience. You're gonna get Evan Turner back for the playoffs if you're in no input these guys in there and figure out what you have I don't see anybody that sits beyond. Five and even in the top five it's mostly large are not gonna replace CJ your dame. In the starting line up with anybody you draft. Even if you going get somebody that has potential they're not gonna come in and start over America it's not going to be a player that goes in over. If give Evan Turner Aminu is your starting lineup for article is. You'd I don't see anybody that starts right away that makes its team that much better. Going in the next season. The way the contracts are laid out when Neil Bush's put this team together it felt like he just jettisoned guys and not pay them a ton of money so why not make the playoffs. I mean it's. The fact of making the playoffs just that have you get swept and I don't think that anything but eight seed. Is an option at this point and when you look at who is in the eighth seed I keep an eye on Denver. They're playing good basketball Yokich just about gets a triple double every night it seems like now. I feel like the good the teams are very into one after eight that's Richard Tennessee and the blazers. To mean just are gonna be that team that makes any sort runner makes it interesting. You're probably right but again go out and have these guys play if you if you're going to attack if you if you're going to go out. And go hey this team is isn't you know we're not playing for playoff spot though the only thing that you can do that really benefits is team. Putting Jake layman impact on the tenth and putting in these guys that are at the back end of your bench and give them heavy minutes. And go out there and see what you have on this roster again there's not a lot of spaces for you to go out and just. You don't. Eliminate people that are already playing without losing a ton of money he got three number one overall picks are three guys can come in. And changed the look of this team for next year. Probably not it's very hard for me to see that the NBA draft is turned into something where you go and you try to get to the top seed takes the most. Potential is not the best NBA player in the draft. Debt down towards the bottom of the first round maybe you're getting a four year guy that can come in and play some minutes for you but it's not a draft. Where it in the NFL where you go when you like I'm looking for starters in the first round I'm looking guys that can change this franchise right away look at a team like Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Lakers. Who have been tanking have been playing poorly. And they're adding these pieces that one day might could be possibly an all star. If that's what the blazers are gonna do it doesn't make any sense you've got a roster that's essentially full. You know who your players are going to be next year and the year after and you've got to enough draft exe and go and make a move but if you package of draft pick. With a player with a big contract maybe you can move off of whatever picture in and that's how uses three picks you have to make some moves. With your current roster to allow space for anybody to play anyway. So why go and tank when hey let's see if motorcade has just been a flash in the hand or PS potentially be a starter for years to come. I think my definition of blazers tanking is not it's definitely not 76ers stinking. Oh yeah and at this point you couldn't if you wanna do you couldn't get open get a better odds than the Mets. Even if you wanted to fuel lost every game from here out. You'll have you know a shot the three spot maybe maybe to get really lucky jump up to that one spot. But then who do you take Markel faults gamma play good he could do that here we look at the trade those draft picks though you're making you're one pick that you have control of worse but well again if you're gonna winning if you're gonna move a starter out of this lineup if you go and make a big trade something that's big splash that's gonna change. The way this team looks next year you can package or one and a starter and then move up into the top it. I realize that there's more value in the pick the the lower the number I get that but it. Again I think you have to put in maximum effort to everything that you can to win all the games from here out. It and they'd spot and see what your team can do against playoff competition and playoff global basketball. All what you are gonna see is complete Jews give a 100% because that's one thing I do love about Damian Miller does that he holed not. Let this team fall into the mode of giving up our season regardless of how it's going needs he's heard it he knows that that it contained TARP is out there he knows. How the season has gone. They see. Dale well knows that he always go out there and try get to eight C because it's his job to win ball games and so you will see the blazers go out and chart performance as a matter of is it. Is this team any different than they were a week ago two weeks ago obviously since they've gone abusive. It's a lot different but. We see what they can what they can do with him a lot of pelicans you know it's a very inconsistent that's the bipolar blazers went former. And you're exactly right there and a tricky spot you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't it makes it very difficult I need to drink. The cider rite of spring festivals coming out so we invite in Helena Louis to talk cider with us that is next when we do the ground and grill. This is 1080 the fan. This business in her illness and on 1080 you don't say I don't know. The text line is reminding us that the blazers took Drexler at fourteen. And then we've got Porter accuracy at point 448. Minute reminder he was passed up by every single team. In the NBA at least once. So the draft is one of those things we have to find value whatever predicts that you're selecting and into people get passionate about it and I appreciate that. But to be quite honest I think the city of Portland just the more basketball you have the better women did you go and you loses games but it's more fun when new and their point. It's fun to lose yes. Thank you you have to get their two loses games it's so eager to see what the potential is an elf but at whatever happens happens. And that the most important thing is that the blazers used these three number one brat draft picks. Whether they take three people or they take one you gotta find somebody it's can make an impact on this team if you look at their draft picks and you know other than siege in dame. Nobody else has brought in through free agency or trade. And you'd like to see you then just you know at a player that can really contribute an honest I wish I knew that was because the top of the draft is so guard heavy it's going to be difficult for replace they did to the offseason more time do. Drink tasty beverages like cider yeah. I heard not long let's. Go ahead and start drinking now TV don't drink in the morning he can't drink all day let's go to the ground on the growth. Can recommend applying Weiner cocktails to compliment your meal I'm taking back their water owners now. And the fan we believe you're more sophisticated than that he won't group. Good team entering college for the best culinary sports offerings of the day. The fan presents a truly enlightened sports experience what's this thing. Insisted that the this is good drummer in the group. A weekly feature on those sooner or innocent on Jenny the only sound here. Helena Louis is me marketing director insider propagandist. For the Portland cider company Helen you came to talk about the cider rite of spring festival which Portland center company is sponsoring. Thank you so much for joining us. OK I can't hear you and all in my from mine every honoree may be too far away trying to again. I can't really hear him in a move over this microphone and how we do and so far folks. Having him it can Ian McNabb yes I can that sounds fantastic. So tell me you real quickly a little bit about the cider rite of spring festival. He had definitely so this tighter credit spring festival is next Saturday march 20 fan and it's actually a fund raiser for the northwest writers association. Which is like association of 75200. Members of same makers across the northwest and so. This festival is gonna try over a hundred different fighters span over thirty different batteries need to try things to celebrate spring. Excellence is greater ease that's a nice word I know I like to say that I like you guys had a makers Saturdays I'd like that well we will Portland's known for its breweries. There are a lot of cider makers are cite a reason a kind of around town how did you get into sighted yourself so. It's actually pretty interesting. My husband's best friend in his seats and make he was the best man letting confronted them for almost ten years now. And he started making tighter at home so I was. And he was trying his very first actions that would explode in the kitchen where what America. And so I've been China's steps and he actually had a Ricky importance and he makes amazing stuff. And that's how I got involved. And so he was hired on a cider maker port inside it was a ready going who was he. Yes it was already know he's in there TV excellent well I'm excited to chide you brought a couple different samples here so tuna hand in that glass and tell me what ordered trying here. So the first aren't so this letter to spring has actually sponsored by square miles at a company for conduct presenting sponsor and where where they look at it says they are located. That would mean others location. They are part and and and this is spare and fine which is there award winning honked Apple's yet has kind of some some Beers notes to it so how much. Which hop how much side. You know I don't know the exact amount of pops and and it used a variety of different again in Washington hops so it's got a really a best pop. Yeah and it's it's it's very it's not too sweet so it's it's kind of very balanced. And so it's I think for somebody that is a whole hundred cited lets you sweep this is this doesn't have. A ton of that is is there any regulation rules and now for you know for something to be considered Bergen. Past B 51% corn how much apple you have to have offered to be cider and how few ops before around my house before it becomes a beer. That's a good question so actually there's no real regulation insiders still pretty. New industry when it comes to people having missing system of what they call hot cider what they call for insider anything like that. But basically the court that if it's a free based products so Scott Apple's Scott pairs not the main thing that makes me that if it's considered us. Excellent and how many of these cider she says there's going to be over a hundred at the festival how many of them have you tried. Have you looked at the list and how many have you just really excited to 400 I guarantee is a chart and the single want to have Ngo. I've tried everything. So any guess on how many drug. You know that is a really hard question answer I was at the at a conference in Chicago just a couple months ago. Sounds on a good thing that's not a bad gig yeah that. And so well and I got to try on my gosh probably over a hundred fighters because he gonna try things from across the entire country got anything to super bizarre that it really stood out in. So. Why and there is. There was anything crazy that's just how because there was so many things that we're from East Coast that are very traditional and from my fortunes and their back yard and I got to try some had been like an ice site had been each help side and super sweet I am not with really funky so that would say most different. And focusing OK we've run another one to try soon figured might as well be. Irresponsible it's not has said this is actually appointments at a company so it's called sinker and it is our new it year round site. Seven different fruits and it basically like almost like a fruit punch for products okay well yeah it's it'd nice kind of unique. Hutu it looks it looks almost like we're having a ruse that. It definitely. If it's on Allen's weakness it's that can be attached and the spurned by. It's perfect for the summer and honestly I'm excited is this one's going to be big fast and taking it. And it is definitely a spring timers at times. Is this one for for Joseph yeah. Yes. Much as I take a huge drew there right now what do what do you think there Joni get your impression of him well I'm not say angry a fan. That I usually just avoid data not a big wind stand in just have a really like that but obviously it being a cider. Doesn't taste anything like that actual saying greed do you get a lot of the fruit tastes and easy drink easy lay in this is I've dipped in the siders lately more because they realize how good they are. Easier drinking on the big mark nearly fan myself I. I've grown up dream that anything skating and this is hard you party animal I know let popping bottles of Martin LA's that's what I do but no this is. I've with the beanie seeing green at I do not have any hesitation streaking this at all like I wouldn't normalcy angriest and. Aiken yes I'm very tasty if you're an and you got to go check out the Portland at a house on its second establishment next when he tapped the site you can check everything. And so that you sent on Hawthorne yeah. Cross street it's actually right next to Baghdad the hop and over. Already in the middle of the the heart of the Hawthorne district and that's your second location with 21 yes we makers and sacraments so we've got our large production facility there and that's small for him that it's eight. Awkwardly and things like that. And then by house. Guest city contracting its costs and not west plus our. Or very cool I highly recommend that you go and do that in this us angry it's it's just a little bubble Cisco just a little bit of that termination effervescent. To it very easy to drink it something considerable family and replace champagne with the if you wanted to. It's very good for Martin millions maybe well that's you know I yeah I saw about the Arnault is this year for some more adult like we will get you and your Thanksgiving. We attic and Atlanta that's perfect whom all my thought is that if you showed up to a party that everybody was drinking wine or something like that you could be to bring this and I think it would would. Fit in but it would stand out at the same time so I think it's a very cool product we got here. And boy if you go to this site right it's been stressful this can be over a hundred different products to track. Now and one of the things that's most exciting to me about the center and spring festival. And different is that not only do you get a child side but we have this thing we con -- pop up shop. So a lot of the items you can try you can actually buy it take home. And it's so often festivals that you like fall in love with something and change it down yeah have to do that just did it take now. Well there you go yet usually had vessels they feel like you've yet paid twenty bucks for copy dvds token. Some stuff homes so now he gets up next is really good you're like oh it's Icelandic Kool Aid by yeah monks in the northern part of the country near the blue lagoon and you can only get there yeah. He owns half of this wonderfully center it's one days a lot of things there's a Tibetan monk monastery in decline in the top of the mountain Lemmon on tap there year round. And I had a period so nice to keep things accessible. Helen Louis is again the marketing director insider propagandist for the world insider company. Check out decider rite of spring festival next weekend march 25. Over a hundred siders from around the country untapped Portland. Around the northwest OK Betsy to deal with any of those up in the eastern ones that were these make him from there. Did you join me I bought our Boston's site is. Really good all right come. Oh good you go through them get out of here yeah agreeable where the fruit tree every care is now now K from the northwest all around the northwest. I check it out and that check gets angry from the port insider company or the square mile. Her and I spurned by which is very good if your beer drinker and you're afraid to try siders or if if you hurt your wife for somebody that you go drinking with. Doesn't like beer it's a good in between so tried both album trial all of them. And Heidi are Helen thank you so much for joining us now thank you so much right when we come back we need to get into what is your worst. Moments in sports all share mine sure yours on the tax on 55305. And we wanted to Joseph as well that's an insane when we return on tentative. Oh yeah news. We do have news that's right. Sports scores don't say we're on their way back within nine their Sharia and they hang over I think is still there. Still little bit Jamison in the Tommy from last night West Virginia a 48. 39 lead with seventeen when he left to go in the second half in the first game of the second round. The NC determine the winner of this one will play in Ghana is that going to be played later today at 215. Against. Northwestern fury have gone veg written in as the winner of northwestern game that registered war I'm hoping so my bracket says so so I believe that's what's gonna happen I think that I voted down and got out will be and who does Mary Louise Dreyfus might be able to. Fish northwestern over the edge to believe her son's Julia we Julia yeah it was Verisign for sanitary. West Virginia but is out though 48396048. To go on next game is at 1140 on CBS Wisconsin Villanova again northwestern runs idea later 250. Eighteen at the Xavier Florida State middle Tennessee Butler later. And in the day off with Iowa State bird do you blazers as we mentioned that they are an action that tonight as well down in the dirty south ET AL. They didn't taken on the hawks tonight after 3 o'clock tip offs and there on the East Coast tonight on Comcast sports net and it timbers are also inaction. Tonight as well looking to start the season. Three and oh taken on the Houston Dynamo puck over at Providence park that little kick off. At 73. Bringing parties you know if you don't have the likes watching and even turn. And look back up substantial time hundreds of damn shame haven't been to one yet and I'm hoping to change that this show on it's definitely more sports scores and stories in thirty minutes until Fischer from the Toyota Portland sports desk find out why not I'll dealerships pretty cool until Portland dot com. This business center in the same spontaneity you don't say I am yeah. No will Americans today it's Joseph Fisher and I. Captain being the center and the saints rocket ship your welcome. But siders really good if you wanna get tickets to the U cider rite of spring festival go to NW cider dot com. Bring you that Mercury tickets dot com 25 dollars for advance purchase the VIP tickets is there as well. Over a hundred different siders to sample. These are really good you try that square mile. Yes yeah the hall dried apple would ever yes it ended there's yeah halfway between a beer and a society can't be mad about that they're agreed to that sense Vince is what she said as far as site if you want to aid. Cider that. Is close to a beer. Well if you're that out yeah let's say you're going to you're buying a six pack of cider or beer he'd kind of do both the death. It killed two birds one stone with this one knows you can get two birds drunk with one. That. Well and irresponsible for two different parties there aren't enough that a risky itself if he had not been paying attention to this basketball tournament right now I think the biggest story or of that maybe the saddest story from not sure. To pick Vanderbilt it's that two northwestern got their first victory ever in the NCAA tournament EM Abbas and get over here parade for them but the way it happened is that a big lead on Vanderbilt Vanderbilt comes storming back of the end. Lot of led by a young man named Matthew Davis fish. Fisher Davis Fisher Davis I'm Laura I know I want us backwards all day than maybe who knows. This guy is basically for me and Vanderbilt. Dude Fisher Davis honesty you have Fisher data as it could be Davis as I've got to Fisher Davis either way Matthew Fisher Davis Wright who he lead. The comeback 22 points off the bench he's eased parts of the comeback. At the end of the game the coach her Vanderbilt is a young man named Bryce drew you remember me remember him from his road shot. Playing for belt rays do against Ole miss years ago so. He points coached points at a player. This young man Matthew Fisher Davis sees imported at a guy going oh I need to foul thinking that Vanderbilt is down one. In reality they're up want and he's not one afoul guidance blindness it's free throws. And northwestern it's their first victory ever. That is of bad time to forget the score is Vanderbilt was one of the teams that was on the outside looking in most of the year they've played pretty well the end of the season they earned their right even with fifteen losses. They're in their rights given to determine play. And despite everybody win would've been really big for Vanderbilt let alone just a victory. All together in the tournament is something that's great for a school right especially a baseball school and Vanderbilt not grateful ball not great basketball so would have been. That's a huge blunder so made me wonder what is your worst moment. In sports. Have you got one where you screwed up you didn't know the score you dude took the ball the wrong way on a basketball court. If you'd Leon let it in a football game what ever is. Text them in 55305. We already got one on the text line and happens to be my Brothers moment in the story I'll tell really quickly because it's pretty funny. He actually ended up not even playing in the game my Brothers playing on a baseball team he goes out and they don't have an umpire to play the game my dad come to watch the game so my dad was kind of I recruited to be the umpire. For the eye of the stands yet slowly pull out of Stanford had to be coached us through baseball there's a three Brothers and a sister so he'd umpire Tony games he's. Nocioni and is that working. You know. Network of people that knew that he do umpires to blunt I think they asked the players in my brother's I get a dual magna would soon be old man goes out he gets all fitted with a Gere Susan the home plate umpire is getting ready call balls and strikes in the meantime. My brother it's in a fight with the coach takes up his Jersey the residents beaten quit the game. My dad had to stay in a at its peak and well well these kids. Brother look. He took off in an unholy ones but at the bugle moved residue left. It's quite have to stay there a part of the game. That's pretty fantastic read the great moment the bad moments sports but anyway this has acted in such figured I'd share it with the also if you get something is worth Nat. Another few jokes I've got mile all dialed up do you have aid the gap. Yeah unfortunately I do. Everybody does now think granted it and was it like an. In game moment because I never got to play of the game because IA didn't. Didn't bring my shoulder pads with me to the away games. Whoa he had and a that it is this I went to U good old sure what I school sure would Bowman and we had freshman year we had in the weight gain. And it was early right down the room we were at west Albany button. So we can drive down there's bad our ar fifteen on a bus in now. And get all the way down there who unload the some get in the locker room. Guys get their bags and I start going through my dad in. We're we're where we're commercial events as. Yeah down my shoulder pads and my daddy loves to watch me play football it's so much that he would drive to. West Albany did did he end up refereeing a game no doubt but he drove an hour hour fifteen to come watch me play in a game that I forgot my shall pass then dinner and play in and they ate my and my dad is a he's a very intimidating figure is 511 in like 260. So he's a short stocky any he's got a good scowl on them. And let's just say I didn't look at him when he was grilling me from the track where I was standing on the sidelines and he was couple feet behind me on the track. Just lane in to me. The Chinese side are and I just in a look back at them and he got back in a structural bomb back home and I saw him later that night and Gary had a nice we'll talk about that and I still have nightmares about that situation happening to this day and it's like a yeah one of the worst moments ever to dig get to play because I forgot my shoulder pads and. Our fifteen away from the weight and so that ever did that guy that I've played a fair amount we've gone over this on the show before I and may be the greatest javy applicable to this TV superstar that's correct and what played basketball baseball and football hung javy my sophomore year info on played both on the sophomore team and the JV team and as it as a pretty good football player when big and when that fast but I was pretty good and and when I played soft porn JB I would return punts and return kicks. Start of dolphins defense as the Gunner on the the punt coverage kickoff coverage held for extra points and Google's. As a literally on the field for every where you were doing everything man I was I was a Swiss army froze ice played I played constantly so then my junior year I had a good enough reputation and a plane adversity we had a a weird week. Junior class for whatever reason when I was a sophomore so that's why played on the sophomore team in the JV we couldn't fueled. An entire JV team without guys playing on both so we couldn't have a sophomore an aging B team. Let's a lot of guys cross over as one of those guys have been going into my junior year. There weren't very many seniors so I know playing at you know about I'll five foot 830. Pounds on the starting slot receiver. Which is fine except for we never threw the ball power off tackle right power off tackle left I think had six catches. My aide. My eats a junior year on varsity and I only played slots would play a little bit of specialty. The village that was on the field so do you skip board ray you're lucky I have played for a wing T offense over here Leo six catches a mile high school career probably are still not 5830. Pounds so we Leon at all so then going into my senior year I was I was expected city you know maybe get a little more right in the second year starter on varsity and two pretty good. Well I had of getting a touchdown in my first game I think had an interception my second game I came in late some feel really get a better a good start of the season. And then for like eight games an incredible run that way. Good never threw the ball we kid can run like a four to forty on the outside when we threw we just lob it up to racks on the outside. And become a great if he didn't if you got a great touchdown that he didn't whatever we're oh maxim that what that was all we did so we we can propel it through the season and I kind of gone into this pattern. Where at practice all do was catch it one hand it seemed like more fun I was asleep what ever done for the ball in the anyways. So as kind of lethargic about the whole thing but we have this stupid thing about a coach put us through. Which way he called making of champions and we did it and visualization in a murky oh sure and before the game you are right Daniel visualization of what happened for the game and give into it you go all right I'm gonna be great I'm and I'm an excel and one of the when I get the ball and the score a touchdown I do right now these visualization for every game for like 68 weeks right. And towards the end of the season the second the last game my senior year at finger point prairie. Maybe. And I finally catch a ball and got one forever and I visualize this catch for weeks and weeks and weeks. And when I caught it I was gonna juke everybody out on the field now is gonna score a touchdown. So I catch it on an out route I knew that there was defender in my hip pocket. So I catch it I'm ready to spin rates like catches and spin off this guy and I know we're the safety ism and go in a minute drill in and a minute. I've got all the moves are ready planned out like such a small on this out pattern. And immediately catch you spin back in. Except for the guy that was in my hip pocket fallen down so it wasn't still on me so I spin. Nobody is even around me and I do a spin move and nobody I turn around to look for me he's laying down and his safety is comes up the lines up on this eightieth adjusted to spin in the middle of nowhere. For no reason and he drills beat. They are you eight yards on the play and the next day in the film session grizzly what is moral what you do and Anders well but I did visualize this place so many times who's all peaked out as gonna hurdles somebody has it jumped somebody is gonna lure my shoulder and get over the goal line no amber is a personal as there are not I was gonna do I had it again I had an all geared up I've played enough football that I knew like I had an all visualized out. Know that as do spin move on nobody. Moron in front of you know both. Whenever 600 people came out to watch the dumb game debts like it here and it's like we're playing Manhattan and you just smashing buttons and oh yeah yeah that's exactly I certainly I would Athlon smash act perfect and I did six moves on nobody can it's like what button doesn't spin move. That was me the next day at ridicule actually ran into buddy India's. He is oh yeah I hadn't seen in on time outs things and remember that spin move you do it again Doerr about that so I was she's fifteen years later and people still remember. How stupid I got your Vern Lundqvist that's my forgetting the score. Doing it I'd over visualized and I socket football mind and well and Tony or is my third catch of the year after eight games. When we come back we're gonna try to predict the future sinner and saint tentative thing. This is those simmer in the same spontaneity hello. Well thank Joseph Fisher right now filling in for will. Try to get to all these predictions but I do wanna get to one thing from the tax on real quick. We're talking about our worst moments in sports. This is from the 541. I was in wrestling tournament after my first match or took Matt. As woken up to my name being announced over the loudspeaker to let me know I was. Sorry bounces around a little bit I was the next guy out on Promos say it's the water on a single thing I peed myself. So yep that's not a great moment that's bad Joseph real quickly you had some breaking news. Yeah breaking news over here. And we do little sound I can play. Now Vernon well anyways. It's an exciting yeah war I saw a very cool video I area are. I knew you guys have it somewhere. I believe this there was any high school tournament somewhere. As the nation when your facts. As the nation are treated out though but you referee. Either at the end of the game or during a timeout or something as the team to coach the common floor. Besides that they're on self rule out you and then windmill slams it home. And if the teams are like I guess I know this is the end of the game during its Americas and both teams go crazy and start running over the all over the for the crowd is going crazy. News or referee winds basket again basically appalachians he'd literally stole the show but it is just perfect because he's just so nonchalantly just Wilmington. That. Then the windmill slams it home and deny a let's get back to visit to back to game let's go our job you really Peebles. I I think I hope yeah. Yeah I do. Alright here's what we're Hindu let's run back through all the stories you talked about let's get to see how these fan out for the future kids. Here's what I wanna know we're gonna work your way backwards. Are you going to decider rite of spring festival. No it's okay that's the wrong answer yes you should I just got a hundred. Siders to try I should I just will not be in attendance at fair enough. Blazers tonight they're playing now hawks. This afternoon really for us but it's in the Landis though. Evening out there very pretty young women blazers played great last game so they'll play poorly this one I got the hawks back. I love the faith. That you have in the whole thing up the blazers when I know rickets go and that's an who's got Dwight Howard to go against all of America's fever spreads to the dirty south I think there is fevered as that cooled off. As of late too little not exactly the same fire I feel like there's a vaccine known around you said something that I won't go with which is Damian Lewis never gonna give less than full effort to get in CJ with. Any momentum going and I think they can beat Atlanta I think it'll get close I think in the final days of the NBA season. Bill can be be competing against Denver for that final spots. World Baseball Classic. You've got the US playing at the Dominican Republic and you've got Puerto Rico playing against Venezuela yet. Who wins. The Venezuela or Israeli. You knew either way I just pretend that I can run maximum Red Cross. Wrong not those that the semi finals matchup those will be played later today media went in the World Baseball Classic. You roots and mute that. Is gonna lose to the Dominican Republic because Dominican Republicans are really good. They've they've got really good players coming out of the DR so nobody loves baseball more than American public I agree with you that you champion. They go kids which are bets right now. Do you see. Marshawn Lynch playing for the raiders. I'm in my Madden seventeen franchise yes I see it's. No it's a great story I think that would be. Really fun at the half then that I don't think it's gonna happen as long as Adrian Peterson and Jamal tore holes. Are out there and published other events or we're forgetting and I mean did we draft scenario some residents say look at the draft you give somebody a lot younger I understand why Marshawn Lynch. Would wanna go on foot for the raiders especially is there last year and Oakland I can't figure out why the Oakland Raiders would wanna get Marshawn Lynch. I mean other than just it's kind of a fun experiment but most the time a little GM's Benny Carter who are not looking for fun. They may have as like a third down back they did not make him like the feature back by any means the only a 53 spots on your roster and do you wanna use one up for him that as well actually my question yet. All right let's take a look at this real quick I don't know if you noticed Joseph. Right now the NCAA about men's basketball tournament is going on. It is no I look at it is TV and yes it is was Virginia 6150 by the way a positive and you are and every time you say that at Notre Dame scorers and obviously you keep talking. Notre Dame's gonna. When this game. You are like a guest star of the show today so we won't be able Osaka as we go on the final four who do you have this your final four my final four I had. Do. Arizona. Teens this North Carolina and I got a duke North Carolina should be on game. Very entertaining his chance I got I got North Carolina winning it 7977. A game that for the ages. Is Tobacco Road rivalry two point gain. A thriller bearded. Is that good for college basketball again over duke and Carolina you know I hate duke Bertha what I've I well I was filled out the bracket I came to this now as like I would love to see that because they played three gate great games this year don't do Scott the last two on them. North Carolina is a favorite by a a lot of people are considering them the best team in this. The nation and especially after the what it is their first game put up a hundred. So I think that would be awesome matchup I'd love to see it. UNC on next weekend sweet sixteen elite eights it's going to be a lot of fun will will be back. So make sure you tune back in France and insane every Saturday morning 9/11 right here on Kennedy fan everybody have a great weekend. Why go home. Sorry I was on and on the other Joseph. Almost nostalgic in this notice are doing climate you'll die so I kids have a great weekend.

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