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Sinner & Saint HR 1

Mar 18, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. Good morning and happy Saturday Portland. You heard the fine styling as the Joseph Fisher leave enough the show this morning. There is sports update with all of the games in round two of the tournament yet blazers you get timbers there isn't on things going on. When you're Joseph Fisher's Roy Simmons one thing no will Americans. You're welcome. Joseph items morning. I'm doing all right Daryn OK just OK why just OK it's round two of the NCAA tournament you burn out all their energy and Thursday and Friday the independent. Loads as a burnt out my energy last night a little whoo yeah being that it was. They're happy holiday of the Notre Dame Irish. I I think all Irish and on the exclusively the Notre Dame I saw them on the TV warming up CNET first thing with mine but yeah it was. Surprisingly not doing as bad as anticipated bugged yeah around two days so that's I make it things very young bass boat right away yeah I didn't even think about picking against the fighting Irish. Knowing him and Reagan slaughtered on saint patty's day. You think the kids can avoid it. Well you know I aide I took West Virginia in this morning and now I'm thoroughly regretting it. Whipple saint patty's day connection there and yeah I think they're gonna placement spiraling borrowing don't play inspired notre go in we have with the spears and variation mean well that's the rumor about the Jordan's flu game right is that he was inspired by the Irish as well. Wasn't necessarily the full bloom bloom more of a hangover from. I have heard of this Irish motivation but you never heard that it was today and you went out got is. Blitzed and a's play with a hangover not necessarily the flu. Flu like symptoms volatile they were initiated. By his own BA is serious in Irish influences maybe the Scots that was in his tummy from the night before or not technically scotches Scottish. So Irish with Jesus Fisher tomorrow democratic. There right gets you know there's people dream Scott's last night not knowing the difference though. That's probably true there's probably a lot of people just drinking green PBR which is not necessarily an Irish guy here. If you like to join along with us today 55305. Is you text line. He can hit us at Twitter at 1080 the fan dot com at the lead gainers and at Joseph fish three. To keep the conversation going to a beloved free to participate I'm curious where brackets are sitting right now I'm looking MI and the whole left side. Looks pretty red to the right side looks pretty good so I'm dealing. OK ish. The worst loss I suffered was SMU that was by the league team and make a little bit of Iran I've been going to the elite eight had a losing while Virginia. Let him beat duke etc. I mean I'd just I don't trust. This Duke Team so much having grace announced gonna trip somebody or punch somebody objected. That'll affect the way the rotations gallon so he'll be done so if you don't see that come and shame on you will be asked so now now Virginia. Is 99 need to go through that side of things to keep it kind of all even. But SMU's mileage battle Los how's your bracket look at their Joey assay and they're SMU had them in the sweet sixteen okay so yeah resided. Not not as not as bad bear births it's all right I'm trying to see what's going on in my pool but I mean SMU was a big Warren. That's the only sweet sixteen team though that I have that. I lost so. Does that make you feel dumb or Smart when like they had a shot at the end right SMU's got the shot the little floater that goes off the ran it looks like you you feel like it's going in. Are you okay with those losses still disruption bracket a fair amount it. Are you okay with those losses the one point losses are tough to swallow that's for sure though you think those are tough recede for mead a thirty point losses are tougher as well when you're like who I had no idea yes see this. I guess there's the good and I played and so they're playing USC it's not like them planned you know eastern Kentucky Southern Methodist University its. It's a it's a big. Conference school right you do that talent that USC has is undeniable they've got a coach it's been to the terms of war when you take you know ADR from. From for a Gulf Coast he's made a run before he signed up for USC right after that USC was a top 25 team at points this. Yeah and they just they didn't have consistently throughout the season but he played in a really tough conference and for a conference like the pac twelve and only got what four bids this year. To be one of those teams they've got momentum coming from the first four game. OK with that those that hurt his bat. Bill in I'd. Do hear to same and it's just been that one point away from have been that just a little bit better bracket that's you share. You know I had Oklahoma State to. That was a tough one because although they hit the three at the end to give them a one point loss like they were down by four it was just. We you know I had. Who bandied. Moves you add that one hurts them that one because that's a mental mistake at the end they may pieces that's quite the comeback of minutes late. Oh I didn't know the score of the game. If you're listening we will talk about this later what was you were. Dumbest moment. In sport don't know assure right now I know I'm decides I'm looking at a on the paper in my mail there's a couple who won't get to that an hour to suggest there. Think it embodied Texan and 55 thru five you're dumbest moment in sports as a player as an athlete out on the field of competition. No matter what level was woman's time that you're an absolute idiot I think I've got a good one that should be entertaining for folks Kazaa. I made it quite often if you're Burleson of the show I think you know that's and that's kind of what we bring to the table. The little weird things going on sports a two outside of determine if all you've done is lock yourself in your man cave and put up four were screens and you have TBS TNT true TB. And CVS is going all the time. If you're just watching basketball for the last couple blazers couple other things that are rather peculiar. Marshawn Lynch combatant NFL. Seems bizarre to me especially him running backs like Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson still sit in other unsigned. So will need to get to that that's. It confuses me out of how does that say would view. We'll get to where put bars on coming back after a year sitting out when does that ever worked for were. The NFL. Let alone running backwards a position where the older you get. Or you are. Mazar thinks it's hard no I don't live I understand it's hard to think of the time that's what took the year off at that position and came back as if you know. They were. I looked for a good point 3.4 ready to just hit the ground running its he had done nothing comes the minor league yeah I looked it up to confine anybody that's ever made that move I mean you have guys sit out because of injury and it works out of the last Kennedy that was Adrian Peterson no we lost touch him with that at all. So that's a little bit confusing you mentioned the blazers playing today. Are you. We you and I haven't talked is did I and we CU occasionally but we haven't talked about this are you a thanks guys for the blazers or you A get the playoffs you you can do. Maybe you'll run up against a team like you did last year that it's injured in the first round. And you'll get a free advancement. I'm definitely attain guy I mean there's this yeah I mean there's nothing. When is the last time some was like you know I remember that time we need the play Oz has an eight seed back in 2000 whenever. And that showed that the scenes that displays organization has a lot of heart like no one references back to when they had to Ater seven seed and lest they pull off a mirror poll. Like all I'm Golden State against the mavericks like. Each of the chance to pull up the miracle. Deal yes you do IAC if you do that in the third rate there is a literally zero chance that a chance might be extremely small village. You always struck me as an optimist. Where you go out I mean your cowboys fan you should've picked out boy's teacher today oh yeah I mean year old little and those closest thing to bed is sure that's what vote on our quick you know Obey I mean. Why not why not just get in there and mix it up to see what happens last year you saw what happens when you play against the clippers who I thought we're a better team until one by one you will use star players. And next thing you know your your move and into the second round now I realize that you know they. Got you know lost a five game series to the eventual represented a for the west but there were times in that series we kind of went okay. Our blazers this war against the warriors what was the big stat is that they led. A lot. They do that series and the majority of it but do you want more basketball. Look more bass was always nice that would displays his team this year I'm kind of spend. Time. I did well I don't know exactly I'm kind of done that at this point I'd mortgages making it nice to end the season with that lol calm yachts not. You know make it as bad but. This year if you. You know losing those law a losing those ping ball balls are now and it's a little pull frustrating and seeing them but there is again the draft you go to get. Who is what makes it's so empty because at this point I get the topic probably not get the top three epic. You look five through ten and who's the person that really gets you interest. Meanwhile the balls up on a fall that far no birth I mean I haven't 31 round draft pick second gets you up there pretty high and what you. It can't be you've still got the 31 round picks and you're going to be you're gonna have options and you're still gonna be able to move up even if you can try and do your best make a run. I don't know that's the way I feel about it will schools start this top of the second hour are your thoughts to. Again keep those coming on the sex like 55305. Hit us up a Twitter Leggett said it's asked Joseph fished. Three that's with the C absolutely Anderson that's with the SE and net 1080 the fan that is with numbers and letters. Let's just say I was confusing as a as an abbey a long Twitter handle what is Twitter need to be so would it be room. And yeah loses 1080 I had any longer you know Esther she. A minute and have you do little experiment anybody up and it's on Twitter I was considering changing minds so it's easier to find my Twitter handle. Go to Luke 1080 and just take a look at the picture there. Luke 1080 go to Luke at Luke 1080. And just tell me what you see and tell me if I guess profile pictures some that you're talking to trade now for that I'll just say hello to I wanna look you do and see oh hunter who moved 1080 you know you definitely do I wanna dive into the NCA turn immense. Not very many upsets and I wonder if that is a good or bad thing. For the tournament that is next this is a senator in the saint attended that. This is no center in this day and spontaneity hello Sam. Cornerback kids know will Americans today it is Joseph Fisher and myself we dinners and very happy to have you windows. It is round two of the NCAA tournament the greatest spectacle in sports. Police close to it in America what does it but you know what the World Cup only comes around once every four years what's what's a bigger annual tournament. Then the and oh yeah I would have to say that nothing is. Parallel comparison to this it's a narrow it it's fun and the nice thing for me is when you look at all of the money that the television networks have spent in the sponsor money rolling into. It's just nice that the kids don't get paid. Skid that the other money's gone in the right hands it adds a nice people that are doing all the real work like selling the ad space. The they're collecting the checks I mean that's those that are. Those are the people root for the blood sweat and tears into turn against then getting food I ask you to do something for me a break on Twitter UN looked. The photo for Luke and we were 1080. Describes the fine folks that maybe do not have Twitter that haven't gone and done the. Right tell us what that photo is just I'm surprised I still have that Twitter page by that I thought I clicked did seems to be a I'm wolf a midget on a strip pole with a photo shops face. Some crackhead it looks lake. As they easiest I mean that's the best way I can put it. But then yeah it's everything the Internet is and should be and will be forever. And oh in the the picture comes from face in the whole dot com and looks like at the box no good. Lasers can be providing these finds pictures anyway is that number I think it'd be easier Twitter handle for me that's why I've got ended up you know you go in you searched through all of the available Twitter. Handles that you can use and you know a descendant avenues now as management have explained everybody I appreciate Anderson with the need I appreciate this guy's humor I think we should personally get him on 1080 Luke 1080 and then he's the second. Who personality today is not a bad idea hit eleven or reach out Timothy B wants to do call in for the show. Move that next time you're in from Northampton you have to do this I did get to a question. How are people feeling about the lack of upsets. In the tournament so far on the tax like 55305. The lack of upsets this year is great for me because I went chalk in my bracket for the most part. But it picked the higher seed that's gonna only give you a quick break down to seek kind of know what we're looking at a given. Analyze the brackets as closely as I have. So far here your upsets Joseph there's 1 in the eastern bracket that's all we're talking about before that's USC. Over SMU's CO major conference team winning there's no big surprise. It was a one point game venues in the west there's only one upset Xavier over Maryland. And then in the midwest you've only got two and tell me if these sound like that big of upsets Michigan State is a nine over Miami's Nate seat. Who didn't pick Michigan State Mac game in. Wow you. Tell me. Well aid is always wins with one eye and know what they had terrible regulars is they don't end this Disney's standards. That the fair boy but it is Michigan State's an easy one to previous guy all right coaching got a little sorry is still ahead they get I know they have yet they keep they rental was that one and then your only other upset Rhode Island over Creighton biggie says 45 teams in the tournament and another team that was in the top 25 I points this year we silence yellow and good to see great blues and owning up to big surprise. And in the south there's only two upsets as well tell me this sounds like an upset number and Wichita State Albert beaten down 66 point favorite going into that yet and then the other the other game is a favors to middle Tennessee over Minnesota middle Tennessee actually favored by a point happen that game. As a twelve seed and I feel like a lot of people were with Middle Tennessee State in that game was well right there's always a twelve beats a five yeah there's never been a tournament where were we've missed out on that you look through the mall and you look at the line and it makes it pretty easy so that's kind of what you got for upsets. How do you feel about it where you'd don't have a lot of small conference teams still playing you don't have a lot of you know high numbers next teams still playing. How do you doubt does that make you feel about round one and two. It's. It's not surprising because I feel like I had the sentiment going into last year. You know all the craziness that one I feel like this is one of the more wide open seasons between the ones twos and three seeds and feel like there's a lot of teams second runway with the this year more when Wendell. But with that being said you look at all the teams are remaining. And it's the same names you know so there's the parity is lacking this year aim when you go look at last season as far as. Those first round games you had a middle Tennessee defend a fifteen seed winning it so there's a lot more surprising last year when they do it. Syracuse make in their and as a ten seed if you add a Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock. You know win the you had Hawaii beating cal. You all hell had that streak cal yet you add Stephen F Austin winning as a fourteen seed over West Virginia. Here's what I think it does for the tournament and Yale you look at you get a big picture here's what it does is it just reminds you. That you have no idea what's going to happen in this tournament. You're exactly right last year was chock full of upsets and you have this kind of big swell Lincecum did this year go at. Well feels like a wide open up the top you've got all of these different options I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna pick a bunch of upsets and I'm gonna go and feel. At least I got attacks I decided not to do that that you you look at it you go are able here's. Here's kind of what I've learned over the years passed and the truth did you learn anything. You get a team like Princeton as a final shot buzzer that very easily could have gone and it is a good look up don't know why you don't go for it. Drive to basket in that situation that they decide not to yeah I just only shot more to 42% three point shooter I did it that your only down one that you got to get the basket if you to the free throw line. Give a chance to tie the game seems like the Wright played but still. You've got teams that can go out and win these games and there's a lot of games that you know are decided in the last. Three or four minutes and an Ambien a six point game that you look at you go ala didn't come down the final shot at wasn't close it's not always true. You have games where you know somebody old you know just kind of catch fire and and bring a team back. Doesn't mean the teams necessarily go on to win it you we talked a little bit about the northwestern. Vanderbilt game where you have a guy that. Almost single handedly bright team back and then unfortunately he's the guy that makes a big mistake at the end he can easily see a game like that going a different direction but. Without the furious comeback give northwestern winning by fifteen does that mean that there was dominant team in the tournament now. So. I think what this is is it's just the reminder going hey you got no shot at making a perfect bracket. Nobody has any clue what's gonna happen because even the best teams come out have bad games and even the worst team in the tournament can go and catch fire. And what happens is that both of those things happened the same time you d'antoni and and give a small school that believes in themselves more than they probably should. And then you have a team that's supposed to be winning this game that felt like bad you know shot of losing and also you shoot you took questioners. Yeah I come to the end and you you've got a couple possessions. We're like all right we're supposed to win this game how is this close. And in those moments that's what makes it turn out so great so I don't mind that there were a lot of upsets. Don't like it when it doesn't come down to a lot of last second shots I think that's what I was missing. And we didn't see it those last second shots really go in the biggest the biggest thoughts are the blunders and those chances at the end that didn't fall. Ballas and you have really before the serve the four games. Games decided by a possession one of them being Oklahoma State and they hit a three to make it a one point game at the buzzer. The prince again that you mentioned which is basically the only gain and no sense at the Michigan game to where nobody play any defense and have it in the ninety's gas which plans that Somalia to get that very much so. So there wasn't a lot of drama in that sense but I will say wells watching the games to begin with on Thursday it is that the lower seed they at least kept the kept it competitive. And they get two games in pristine. Ongoing Bucknell they played West Virginia kept it close in West Virginia had a chance to run away with that at one point early. And then buck they'll store back in May made it interesting only lost by six points yet Princeton. The catamounts avert mocked yeah to a I had winning but I originally. Change my pick back to Purdue luckily but they kept a closely got a lot of beginning to end an imported Gold Coast dunk city yep a lot of these. Lower seed that kept closing kept the games interest dean and made an intriguing to watch beginning to end which was nice in a sense but then you go through that list of menu pick those games that for a Gulf Coast I had but now you have some of those games he's got to get to yes Susan really hold on and this was the first year for me where I'd staved off of taken a lot of those. Nixon you know I did have Florida Gulf Coast at first I did have. Vermont I did have a couple other ones and I aid changed him because I had obviously got to know but maybe is just a common sense dad talking to me but then again he just never know what's gonna happen gone back to what she said. Well the trick is you gonna get it you know it I mean it eliminates down to the major conferences read these small comfort schools have never played in the game with this kind of audience with this kind of pressure on them before you play at duke North Carolina. Just those head to head matchups. Our pact but every game you play in the ACC to North Carolina or if you're duke everybody's root against you with everything that. So these players are used to being in a situation. Where they are kind of going against the world right so you have that kind of feel we're. You know you go and played North Carolina State and that's the biggest game of the year for Wake Forest if they can knock off duke for for North Carolina State if they can go in and beat North Carolina so big go no. You'll see just the rushing the cork cabinet since. Of how important how much urgency there is just to win those regular season games then you go play in an ACC tournament. Which probably has you know just as many people if not more than some of these you know small schools were given an entire season. So there's there's a big difference there and that's why if you look at the brackets that the champions always come out of a major conference the big he's been the only non. For all conference that really gets into it and even since the change of that. I was a little surprised to see Villanova come out of this year but. That is all. That is all that you can really do with this bracket is is figure out the teams are to be the final four and that's a UN. Right it really doesn't and then today it doesn't really matter anything else you wanna win the thing. It might come down to one or two points beautify afford to keep amid as long as you can that's how you win the thing. Joseph Marge Venice AB let's do some news. Yes so hum. I think this isn't. Sounds like news to me okay. So some news here. NCAA tournaments going on. Okay we have the West Virginia and Notre Dame right now. First asked 'til 1230 left to go West Virginia with a fifteen. To five. Lead up over the notre dame fighting are so they hang over. I literally for the Irish. Evidence in this one don't it's my time about this Charles Barkley in the UNC Wilmington. Game against Virginia. I guarantee you they win and in a 2311. Lead the team like Virginia can't come back. They're learning to shoot threes nobody's saying that about Notre Dame they can score in bunches so this game Long Will West Virginia is. My pick Ted be gone back yet so I'm like in this in my can this'll performance here keeping Dolan gathers turned. Come on child Luke and I am also today we've got other. Other NCAA tournament games we are not depth that that women's tournament. Going on at today first round. UConn at the very first game of the day. There in the third quarter. 8343. Lead over. Albany's. Terriers you know that you're pretty close game for UConn they're old Albany great gains this I believe Boston knew where the tears just tough tough sled for the U lady great Danes. I know yeah but also today than UConn the Huskies don't move. And the Internet today got Wisconsin Villanova star and an 1140. Northwestern on site at 215 Xavier Florida State 310 middle Tennessee Butler Forte and Saint Mary's Arizona which I think will be very good game. 445. Virginia Florida 540 Iowa State produce 640 to and the day off organ plane tomorrow. Against Rhode Island at. For ten on CBS for that one that's right and you get the blazers. This afternoon in Atlanta man I'd written for the win for the boys who you root for the lost. Yes at this point. They're going to be in Atlanta. 3 o'clock tipoff today on Comcast sports net the diamond that tank mode with the strength of higher draft pick. Try to do that get tired draft pick on that and then I timbers will be playing tonight as well. Over at Providence try to wanted to win streak to start the season don't yes and they're looking as those three noticed are the season and they'll be taking on Houston Dynamo 730. Kickoff that's Providence hawk so force sports scores and stories into the thirty minutes and Joseph Fisher from the toll of Portland sports desk more sports scores. In stories in thirty minutes. And then put it over. And. And then. This is both similar and assay and spontaneity. When will not hear it only really have to saint. Tell you qualify they're gel is seen before is he just put up front. No drink in these kind of held through now ideas and eat and speak in. And now it's kind of a little sore when we last Keith pending news truly the saints but he also. Really enjoyed is. Urban and insecure meets. The SE did and then now will doesn't that's not really implied so we figured he was more saintly than you and I suppose. Yeah when it comes to. Diets I will say that he is deathly more on the and Gillick said then I am I have a definite like Madrid news. A the drive to make you evil yeah I think sell the here evil maybe not all season don't. We're we're continuing our conversation about the NCAA tournament off fair and just kind of want to share one of the dots that's missing from around two. And that's where you get to upsets in the first round we go ahead had last you have a ten C verses fifteen seed middle Tennessee. In Syracuse in the second round you know you have your your eleven verses you know twelve or whatever it is where you have those matchup where it's. A day to upset somebody's got to win this next round that's something that. Is at Mitt missing at least for me where you know somebody to get at least that week to prepare get into the sweet sixteen make next week more interesting. That's a one diesel recedes or absurdities higher seeds here and win. Going into you know going into the weekend are going through the weekend going in next we can have somebody in the sweet sixteen. I can't root for those that you don't have that kind of automatic great somebody asked to win we're gonna see a high seed in the sweet sixteen for sure but it's. With that set out Keller move on just a little bit and go over to the NFL and talked about. What's going on at running back position. Jamaal Charles. Coming off is what second ACL in two years. You've got Adrian Peterson who is going. Onto his 32 birthday. Still reports are is looking for ten to twelve million dollars a year to play. And most of the rumors that you know people are gonna come and work him out and gonna offer in this are coming out of the Adrian Peterson camp but it seems like. The vikings have moved on there doesn't seem to be any team that is brilliance in paying him a king's ransom to have income men. And then of course the newest rumor and maybe might Fahey critics. The Oakland Raiders. Are looking to sign a Marshawn Lynch love it so Marshawn Lynch still technically would be under contract so if he goes and reinstates himself. What they did in Seattle's they kind of put a freeze on his contract. So when you retired they can retain and so he's on the reserve retired list for Seattle so be comes back he ends up as a seahawk. And that point the CI a front office has a choice of how they wanna deal with that whether or not they release him and allowed to sign with the raiders or. They go out and try to make a trade in trying to figure O value and get back form so. A sin shall you getting something for nothing that he's not willing to come back and play for the Seahawks and he resides even if you get a seventh round pick. Yours at least adding a pick first essentially a play and you didn't have. That's very easy for the siesta do this cause they have a ninety man roster at this point in the years are going into the draft and all of that you've played guys keep on. It's not a debt to make room for among active roster in the season comes around. So that's the situation with that but that's kind of boring part talk about. Joseph when you look at this what's the motivation for a guy Marshawn Lynch to come back after sitting out a year. To go and play it isn't a strong enough to hold just because your hometown team. Well it's the only way it's gonna happen is if it's. In Oakland the last couple years maybe just wanted to be his final years have fallen. Not to say genome with their car with that offense I mean as SARS there healthy and everything that's Super Bowl contending team what's funny though peace as long as they're healthy. Remember Marshawn Lynch wasn't incredibly healthy at the end of his final season with the Seahawks he came back and played in the playoffs but he didn't. Play what the last. 68 weeks Thomas Rawls came in and was you know you go to back for Intel he broke his ankle and had to bring back Kristen Michael because you have Marshawn Lynch so. It's not like. He was the picture of health and in a well reported his back spasms and all of that mean. I just wonder how much this has to do with the potential move of the raiders to Las Vegas. When you really look editor Marshawn Lynch growth in Oakland fan you've seen them we've won once in your childhood right they went to a Los Angeles and they're gonna come back. And now you have an opportunity to go one plate for your hometown team yeah well they're still your hometown team so they're gonna go and moved a lot Las Vegas. I don't thing our summit which makes that trip with them so I just wonder how much of it that. On how much is sky like Bruce Irving who was a C docket and reportedly has been and is here. And go on plane but if you could go in the final year and do everything you can like you said to help the raiders. You know contend for Super Bowl. It's got the experience. I wonder how much you really look supply yet. It does seem you know that's true. You brought it up right away is what what is there for him to play for gathering discussing rules it's not and it's not like keyed. Is missing that from his legacy years. Warning that. Take year off you think about things he get healthy realize how maybe in shape you actually are and you feel like you can make that come back. I don't know how relevant is he's because he took a beating yeah I he took a lot of hits over is. Ten year in Seattle and buffalo so. One of its just money. Right if it's just money and it's just a chance flipper ring in new back Seattle play for Rick yeah exactly you know so if if that's the motivation. I just wonder how much of this external. Because the other thing too that the people brought up is the hall of fame right Marshawn Lynch is a guy that may not have a long enough. Career and certainly not a long enough period where he was a top back. Two to be eligible for the hall of fame you wonder if that weighs on a guy. And for the money standpoint you know you retired you think that you've got this you know big brand you start to lose the attention. The endorsement deals are coming in as fast and furious as you thought they might. And I ego who. A lot more money than I realized but. Again I tie this into the running back conversation because if you look at again alligator Peterson who doesn't have a market. And the Jamaal Charles there there's no market for you would guide that kind of hobbled away from the CR that in his career. If you're the readers why would you go for Marshawn Lynch just as a favor so we can play for that or to grow prudent. Four yeah I mean will they would Davey is very is now in. Minnesota so he's ventilator Peterson's not not welcome here exactly Semih they just do a swap season. Readers Guinea. Ida I don't know why the raiders would wanna do that then then. Thinking that he will play with a sense of pride for the city you'll run the harder he's due and at four he's not doing it for himself he's not. Doing it for a paycheck like you said I think up. He's got from a different cloth and the fact they pay for that's not wrong he had nodded also the fact he's playing for Oakland. Said burns coal fired him I think you just it isn't that extra motivation to want to perform. Speaking of cutting cloth. One got a cuts the cloth off the bottom of all is shirts are you show is that this is Ezekiel Elian. Booed also in the news enough for great reasons so he's handled a little bit of a checkered past there's a domestic violence. Conversation. And his pacers' new charges there's nothing like that. He had an incident where he was -- going into a pot shop in Seattle when they made their trip up there to visit the C ox. And then you've got it the most recent party videos coming out. I mentioned it earlier I use that in order cowboys shirt in here because it was your. Cleanest dirty shirts and for the record is Jason Witten on the back of an RF. Going into the ring of honor. Our yes Jason Witten is a class Stan last the cowboys that's fine the cowboys not known for. Signing exclusively. Class acts. You have some some thoughts on your body freaky Tiki. He had a little that this is there when I believe our Sydney in the near the day of the draft same pig Jalen Ramsey. I want agent who's in and add it wasn't the fact of talent I did think that Z wasn't gonna make kids has. The way that he left Ohio State declared for the draft before there. Season was over I'd you know like Callaway carried himself and I just felt like. What was he had no loss against Michigan State yet at all that pan out and gaskins you can bag I just didn't like him I don't wanna have to deal with that attitude in any off the field things that might come with him in now was and sure enough the easiest came out had a friend texting me calling me out saying. You know play the devil's advocate to me trying to tell me how bad this is and I understand it is bad because it is basically sexual soul here he. Reached over Paula girl's top down and she was gesturing like you need to see that BP C is. Thirsty is what the kids call. What he did is sexual soul. If depending on how you taking it how well delta is it if yes if there's charges of snow reports eights but this was the one thing this is why I didn't want them to take him is that I did not wanna have to answer for this I don't want to defend him or tried to wind at this point I don't want to win. My friends say is that then. Cavaliers he gets suspended cal was on him you know just obviously don't complete hypothetical like. All right at this point I I don't wanna defends the kind of wanted to have to stand up for this diet makes dumb decisions and does things like. This so that's part of being a cowboys fan right had to do Dez Bryant yet do Michael Irving it's not a new phenomenon cowboys players. It's just so I god. Seems like a never ending cycle same with TO almost well that's dumb move off the field there is a bad move by Matthew Davis Fisher of Vanderbilt he got me to thinking what is the dumbest move you over maiden sports will get to that later. In the second hour Texan in 55305. When we come back good. Vs evil this is a senator in the saints on 1080 the fan. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not may not know about her. And maybe. This meeting was an issue on selection Sunday that was a heck of a ball there going through it. How do you think that this committee did a job in terms seems to do it for us now it's OK but I feel for day. I thought for coach Miller feel for those four seniors because they deserve better than to play us there's a ten seed. All right that was. So no there was no way you can. Brooke there are no big deal Joe's filling in for this will be our conservative canceled a different normally that's where you would say and posed the questions no big deal. How is things go I know we always did it my kids coming back to me now and just this whole sinner insane thing of Kamel now was now OK now. Andy Katz adds a guy's name. Any chance I gonna Greg marshals there there was a little complain about the seating for this game in particular its Wichita State offers is Dayton it's a 710 match up. My question do you gel awarded this one backwards will realize that in the end there you go. Here's my question to you. Does the selection committee owe anything to teams that have history in the tournament says. Seven mile per game that they should win so yours seventh seed in Dayton. Why Wi-Fi an opponent that's easier to win aren't they don't know anything to the seniors. Forward if they thing. You know what's bad chip in this bid imagine that they Don because which does state wasn't a tendency. A lot of people believe that and so bing hall leading get the best matchup that big. Should have gone and been as good as they were another team that was in the top 25 it says to begin the year. And Wichita State is well and you got them is that ten seed basically seen that either of top forty T I don't know. I I'm feeling for a state and a little bit on this as well. Well but again if you don't wanna play tendencies you play a little bit better right there if you're seated at a seven. We already went through this once but if you look at it three of the 411 seeds one you have two wins by twelve and attend. Mean that's those are your upsets and you won nine winning. It's just it's not going to be easy if you wanna go and have somebody hands you a victory you need to earn a one seed that's only whether automatic. It was a really good game I mean there ought plus they gave Marcus some really good to offer best in the first hearing he's made some good pitches. Couple walls are decent couple walls they've they they're great job I didn't. Put them all play NFL and not have to ready so volunteers terrific. Those are the rest of the bullpen so it's no good exciting game beautiful short. I was. Jim Leland in between cigarettes. Discussing the World Baseball Classic their recent US lost Q I believe. PR there. Not. World Baseball Classic are we starting to care more because honestly my main street is it gone up. Slightly more this year and the I think grain and I think this is the fourth. It's time they've done it now I think so so injury level and growing a little bit for me because of how much these players here. Didn't claim for their country. Not but what about you Luke do you care do you think this is gonna grow it all mean what's that was injury global here. Well I think it's intriguing for these small countries Puerto Rico does not have a huge population and the Dominican Republican you've got venison Elliott playing along with the United States in the semifinals. So these are your match ups it's kind of fun it's good to see did the US players go and I'm carrying. There is no doubt that some of these Latin countries baseball is life when you watch with these fans show up. Just. Heard it's a ton of fun. I think it's one of these things it was an initiative to globalize baseball I think that it's working. You you've always had players coming in complaining Major League Baseball but there's a big difference for a small country to be able root for their countrymen than it is to go watch employee for its. Terrorists live for the there's truth and it's. You know that's worked for them. And LB that's their job where is this is a little bit more fun they're getting paid doesn't you know like. The guys are importer ego that sitting on the bench what he's getting Haiti's love and for the World Baseball Classic this doesn't mean anything in her Yadier Molina. These other guys that are getting paid millions so when they're all now saying that they love this because it's. So much passion for their country and all the eyes are on them back home and this is what their country is done it's. They give you a sense of how much they cared how important it is to them in how much everyone should care about it for wellness. Adding the Smart thing is a Major League Baseball doesn't have any problem with that there doesn't seem to be any conflict for the guys leaving spring training going on plan for the country's. There are a lot of the guys on pitch counts and there's you know protections built in there yeah you don't see it as a conflict for Major League Baseball and I think that's Smart baseball. Can give more global than than you kind of you can you'll see the benefits down the line as far as the financial windfall. When people paying global money vs national money for the. Sport we'll name on the Tex lines. Plus you get aired on his comeback attempt wins last time you saw there Gagne pitched. And so that's that's that's intriguing and silver in their deaths more Eric Gagne could call. Oh go out and walked crosses are. There shoot me shoot there's somebody. That lied. That was Rex Ryan. During a press conference Fluor when he was as the head coach of buffalo cursing. Live on TV and stammer a group Britain's stammering dad says demand styles on a plane again here to see can hear Helm. Terrible he sounds oh go and walk across all. There accuse me I was gonna care somebody I don't feel that live. Yes it was libraries but apparently sold this he's gonna be on NFL Sunday night's countdown. Deaths in your newest ESPN. All analyst is Rex Ryan. Who he is the mother ship. Oh my goodness personally I think this is wonderful you've got today you get a guy that basically speaks off the cuff. And yet you know it's it's funny because watching the terms of bringing in. A guy like Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith I'd like to see a little bit more Shaq but it's. Did the NBA countdown guys straight they go and they have a very relaxed. Approach to the way the talked about the show they know there's stuff there former players they have experience they go out there. Debris got it knows football as well as Rex Ryan meaning grew up with his dad as a head coach and rob on the sidelines from the time they could block. So he knows football inside now he's gonna have a lot of great stories and he's gonna be a little bit insane. Now that was it no OK houses in Dallas. That was Robin who made Katrina reference. As they as long as you don't get any of those alive receivers I faced with Rex and rob Brian. Our. I don't know they just needed them big dream back a fourth inning call each other out something about Babylon they're like five. Blazers are taken tomahawks do you wanna see them win do you wanna see them lose that is next this is a senator in the saint hunt and eighty the fan.

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