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Primetime 3.17.17 Club Hour

Mar 18, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicit the primetime with ice chicken soup I'm Isaak the cool wind in. Mind that. This is our podcasts that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not for the picnic. Do the right things since 1952. Sand madness live from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway is brought to you by bared the Nike hoops Summitt and by O'Reilly auto parts. This is a tournament week additional prime time white guys again soon trapped you got Oswego market on 1080 both him. So following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for a children's health. Up go up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six so. Well look I was pretty self explanatory. And the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to flatten Glen his time as sleeve and leave it up well. All that big yeah I didn't see. Okay. You know. Yeah it's really. Renewable diesel. I love. Full game. Once again find work by the my show yes. But in the clintons played like a fiddle playing your your little on 'cause they did their do you get at the beginning of that sound like it's on the lake music. It was a notes that the Libor is people work they're comedians have people working a couple of days of people play music. Mike works down drops an elitist met Sam Neill in Havana that was really cool that it. He's he is eight he won texture. The Texas all the time ever many. And he just finally came in in these all decked out in his mail. Nearly unique thing. And he finally came in here and said hello yeah that was the that was a cool moment edit mr. Hastert's choice moment between friends I pictured himself so. Much differently yeah beats you but now we have he was wearing shorts could do very sock yeah. So we're here at the independence. Sports bar and grill downtown and being theme of this bar. Is. The old independently. Portland mavericks. And that was the team that. It did the documentary god Kurt Russell her Russell C yes. And they are wild increase together got the mavericks flagged up and my buddy got eclectic collection I guess is making up some of the old uniforms orbit. We're gonna have a basic and have a bunch the mavericks have fun and it's very cool ethical. When you go into the bathroom and I just want to point this out before reaching your train I don't we're gonna go with us affiliate two bathrooms. Here to men's rooms winds. Is closest to the farthest the one I'm talking about. When you go win there. In you are standing. At the toilet in the stall. So there's that there's just did the urinal and then there's the stall spoiler it's fewer if it's doable or fit. And when you're standing at the toilet in the stalled Thursday picture that the the that is above the toilet that is. Dan has got because it was tonight a. It's only and it's as though if you for a loop well at first you look at angle hate and an eagle wait. That's disgusting. And then you go oh wait no it's not the and then you go. Examining the stirs up a book read the books in the UDC keynote of I don't I've been there but I'm trying to remember what the only. Well you don't have to do I'm just gonna leave it. At that that's that thin so when you rose coming here I have to go look at where you will you're here you should. It's it's it's a good photo. It's in Justine why it's framed and up where it is. I think I get what they're getting at grade but there's two Bill Murray photos behind him so that's in the other Batman. Hello the other ones that stick Garrett I got to go check bids. You'll like it at that act but then you'll still dirty but then you'll examining closely. It's quite it's mesmerizing like three the art it's the credit to try to see the spaceship earth you know what it kind of bids. And when you see it you'll motive talking about well I don't know where I'm going next bridge you rose coming to the independent sports are we ever and that. In that stole look at it look it up at that picture it's quite. But interest and you're gonna leave it back in I'm going to leave it at that that's called the great tease right there and zero fail. Well. I kind of don't and a I did I should say what it is just a look at the habits I will go look at. What your trains all right so this we think it's yesterday as the show got away from us. I was listening this bottling it really did it yet he hit it veto harder at it you'll have to scrape off Parker. Like a BA in your Bonnie yeah well that she'd been sick. He doesn't deny these cheap that's he's claiming he's getting better he claims that he wants to go out with you. Let me guess. Sprint claims that he wants to go out and he wants to prove it but he's not yes. I'm and I'm not certain whether that's authentic or Fitch has no idea what I'd sort of thing I don't mind keep you have a one night stand with break. You just you do your thing you'd see each year it's whoever you want a huge I don't my you what I'm saying is is when you're in the lead when you're and other groups of people. Are you obligated to not be cheap when Khalid people well I think there is etiquette. Yes there is etiquette yes and that's while others point counts. Which is why I was hesitant to hang out that because I think it I think he is so cheap. That I would think that any setting and it would be really it's like eight you know that eats he's that guy. Yeah it in the in the group settings. When there is etiquette to being in a group said he even if your teeth look we all of us want to pay. You know look I mean. More in our prayers out air out. But sometimes it's just let me ask you this though that's how it works when does the group become the group if it's just too. Is it more acceptable to. The thing now I didn't order this. Legacy is that it is that three is it Ford as a couple think what does it become. I'm not just hang in her mind or just got to split the check. If they don't like that it's not every situation is this. I'm with you if you're I would like 56 people it's ridiculous we're going to be like and let's let's look at individual bills this basic bit there for several hours just to. But if it's just you at him and you guys are out of the bar. Would that be different if he if he wanted split jets as opposed to it it was like they were you hanging. Well it just depends on the scenario depends on how much are consuming as it depends on if one guy's gets in the way more than yet again and there's a lot of varied as he can't. He can't stick this in new distant nights he's box we stated that the U. Yes but he ends but here's and this is I'm just play devil's advocate but I'm trying to defend spray. Fitted you black that GE of self awareness. When it comes to. The achievement for us like how are you supposed to recognize. The social etiquette that you don't have daddy but that's what makes it hard for cheap people is they just don't. They don't have the source the wearer mr. really is that what they're doing eighties look down upon by everyone else in the group that's okay. She people are people did it as pets tag at stake cheat people are people. Well okay I yeah that was my whole point is learning. But at the evolve grow you got you mean you know and I think these scenarios have those up into it's a separate holds up sub topic. But I think that not being cheap or beach you know whatever EG I. That's what the hardest on alert behaviors. That you can happen in my experience. You're either cheaper you're not. There's not a lot of middle ground. It is either. I'd either Europe penitentiary your visor or you're not and I think that comes from each other I don't know but like it DNA thing. And that's a learned behavior you're bored with it but I don't think she people become and chief flooded if they get money. I think there's a difference between keeping frugal. And she is just like if you that's not a good thing. Frugal burgers here OK understood I think it's two different things. But cheap I think to me is the definition of key is when you're going out of your way. You. Thank. You you're going out of your way. His save. A penny. Or buckle whenever you know out like here it's in its and it's beyond. It's beyond your your your. You're socially acceptable bounds to be so. That's when you're essence she felt it only affects you figure that's fine guys don't know if it only takes you that's my new could be key. It near it you know in your own. World doubts but when you start getting into groups of people. We're all Brooke I think that again no nobody wants to just paid the tab yeah we wanna do this fairly and equitably and let's let's figure it out but. Beams sheet is like alligator arms is a perfect example of DT where that's yes yes like that's cheat yes alligator are being frugal yeah hugely because here saying I am not going to pick up the check and I'm gonna make it look like. I'm in the bathroom or something yeah you know you're doing out on. Her that you thought you yeah you surveyed the situation as you're like yeah. This guy is probably get asked to pick up the tab at I'm gonna do everything I can't could make sure that I got around. When that half knowing your cheat you're going beyond the normal measures. Of what is acceptable and that's yes and it pisses other people off. Because most the time what happens when you're keep that a group setting is somebody else picks up your slack. Yes that's what happens yeah and if you're a person that does that sometimes you used throughout lake city lefty forgot what it if you're a person that does that regularly. That's needs to be addressed they do relate that vultures yes absolutely. Did that well absolutely it's not the you don't wanna pay up that they you don't wanna have fulfilled that you don't wanna spend the money. It is it's I think that's good luck to me there's a principled would you bet. You've made it back like you have to keep your it's a word I think it's a character thing you updated bet if you don't want to bet. Don't say yes. You don't wanna pay up. What you don't wanna bet it's out don't bet. That way it drives me insane when people make gay debt knowingly like OK let's do this. And they don't pay us because they lost its funny did you get worked up about a lot of okay always paid my debt I don't you don't get worked up about a lot of things you're pretty. You're pretty even keel but I would tell you did. She can belt ulcers. Might be the cute things that will rile you up every single time again I don't care if you keep that it if you cared you keep in mind but the we have here when we're out and we're doing our thing together you'd be cheaper to borrow and then you don't have dropped just beating fair bit and just be fair. And it is kinda keep to city idiots blew off my portion of that they'll come. But you have five guys all had a bunch of Beers and not just just. There are win. We're broke cash that the guy who pays for it you know I mean they now I don't know it's a feeling but also by the exceed this towards you that the throw in the cash guy. When he deliberately frozen significantly less than what he. He knows he spent that's another one that's another way to that's right like if it's usually used for seventy bucks and you know you know roughly what you spend and then the guide does one of these. Olympic ticket on that he throws like forty doubt in your life really now. I guess he thinks that might throw at it a couple of twenties. That it's a perception of hey I've got this covered when it reality. Even knows damn well he didn't cover his Porsche or let's say let's make it simple math let's say of a hundred dollar bill institute guys it you threw down fifty. No whoever's paying is going to have to tip typically that would tip 20% now that's a 120. Dollars you should throw down six feet. It's things like that like it's just and it it's like sometimes he'll do it on purpose I get that. But people that you do that on purpose that drives me crazy that you are trying to save. Ten dollars yeah I bet you definitely young. But he but it's really important he used to put that ten dollars back in your wallet I'm sorry that tells me everything I need to know tonight. It could have some inside that I judge a that's the that's all right go through life. Anyway we have trained his political mavericks wanted to go look at that picture you are on the thing. You. Should we work. Did you just say we just got her shower. Sixty. Are. Poland Jennie these machines. You know I. Plus is talking to the owner of the bar I don't yeah you sit right at the bar and then. Did you ask him about the photo above the you're all good. Dude I did go waited yet did you can't hit I did catch you have it's about the toilet not the journal yeah it's above the toilet. Yeah what do you think it's mesmerizing isn't it served. Buddy can you see where that would how do you describe. I don't vote for a thirty year either for this and that bathroom. If you look around. It's sports theme but it's done. Yeah it's a weird seemed to have of the do you bathroom. Lie I did ask him about it yeah because you came on that yet a little weird wild that was the owner talking to you that if he goes with the dog and I said well I think you go to talking about the what he's done is again there because. People love it but for every ten compliments again about it elder few people who were like wait why is that there won't cut completely. I'm not the data it's it's. Anyway let's just say this the erotic arts it's it's very pleased to have it in a bathroom. Yeah but it's also lifts its all so let me say this though it's also perfect. It's perfect it it. But it's I don't know what to make it up. For a loop but folks I don't know how to put into a category we're not in his strategy to be our own little insight joking he's you've ever seen it or you're gonna come in here check it out. All right trainees or. So I was gets a glorious day in our view it looks like Spotify. Or whatever yeah or whatever course if they brought the little rats on there like every like thirty minutes or whatever you get that you have to listen the one. And the attitude that was Rite Aid was. About. Train think. There was bad about like big insure that you don't get hit by a train. And I was like what. As the what is this like who is patent for this I just think Luke Luke this is this such a crisis. They sit and I forget the number but it with a couple hundred people every year die. I train crossings. And I'm honestly having this thought in my head as I'm sitting there on the bad list its part the first that I've ever listen you are bloodstream during that disputed out. But this what it really was going around in my head and I just kept thinking how can you play it it's a cold aren't pretty in this was the dad. Everyone thinks that the traded get a stop for them and it will a mile after he hits. First off I don't think the train's gonna stop. The truck that I act. The train don't TV it's gonna stop just about. You kick it's know a lot of train you know it's called Bonnie and dumb people. Like you can not see the train coming. How is it the hundreds of people according to this dad are dying every year like hit by attorney. Because they're not a perfect beer ads and they really like it was going around in my head. I cut all my Dick Sheridan goes to show prep. And you all look around for sometimes different this stupid stories for the for the club at a steady development. And this came to us I think was from Abilene Texas. And there was a bottle well. She wanted to be a models you dropped out of school to pursue bodily by the way she was also pregnant when she dropped out of school to become a model. So she's picky bodily shots. And you can try them online. That you could see the shots they would just cut this or because you know during its photo shoot she gets here she gets hit by the trade she's dead she bit. How did but you back. Not kind of dead she's old Dave Everett that story about how your brain works for like ten minutes after you die I. I don't think so would this one I think this is this is the bodybuilding story now. Would you say he's a Monty a bottle bottom go model Texas hit tight tree. So well it's either wanna be model but either way so she on anything anymore not anything so she's off the train track yeah this is clearly here you know. So what could they get I find it odd that she's pregnant it'd like you don't wanna do what my life I'm gonna be a bottle flights had dropped out of school. She's a train tracks whither whither friends. Who's taking the photos that she apparently it's gonna submit to a minor league agents nice photos it's the whole thing. So. She don't train tracks and they hear the train coming as you're prone to do right and they get this the sink day that I just got that you're the commercial about. This trade won't stop for you she's used to train company. So she kicks off of those train tracks she removes himself from it the problem is there's another fitted train tracks right behind her. So she gets off of the train tracks ghost and spend on the other one. Let's go all the way there don't. Let's go this is my question how the aft and you see that you need a home. It's spring. Speak up argue it's bumpy at the white peak job I did read my guts yet it's clean. You keep hearing coming from garlic you can see it coming from a mile away. How involved in your photo shoot you have to be beat. To be like oh guide train coming I want to take a couple step backwards onto this the other 20 wait there's another trained bay now. But yeah. Maybe they had a really good pose going emitted wanna ruin it. If you thought like it we can get one more shot in the portrait coats. But I honestly couldn't believe it I'm like this there's no weakness commercial makes any sense. Why are they wasting my time with speed to a train safety commercial and then that very day. Pregnant bottle slam gets drilled by the terrain that's too bad. Like in and is this Dexter says it's not a Prius don't think it's not spraying. And they enable a conductor will blow the this all right we'll blow the whistle. McCain moves well this is like this is I promised you want I would never died via train ever either aligned end end. I feel kind of nice a bit but the whole unknown. Don't most people. Who have died the trains say that. I feel like everybody's cocky sniff it right now that yeah I'm not gonna die by train. You can hit my that he will do it well and that's the commercial side it's like for a 500 people the year I forget I think I wasn't paid that close to imagine you have like now. You're not ready they're at right now for not getting hit I train. If you get hit by trade. This tragedy I feel like that's your full. You don't need the scenario. Aren't you leave your take your bodily jot you move from what this this is even worse. So are playing coveted so you moved you moved up the crap about your trade. What trades back up but you snuck up on you. Separate tricky. Or did you just hear calling the turn your back you go clearly there can't be had not. Or train or maybe it wasn't. Are you sure it was future needs to separate issue cheers you didn't hear a train and think to get off these tracts and and go belly up right in front of them only trained as she heard which is on the other track no. They saw a different face off the train she got up the charts to avoid it. And got on the the other tracks where the other treatments coming from Myanmar and click your brother cartoon but why coyote does that. Not pregnant models. You have a pretty good news and I'm trying to figure out. Mean these aren't. Mean they're not high and drunk and stupid these are normal people people hundreds a year. There's got to you know hundreds of people there's got to be something. They're just past the like this guy says trains are really quiet I work by them all the time. Is that true I don't think that to be true that maybe that is true trades are quite I don't know about you I think my time constant. Yet again like that would make most if the sarcasm there yeah I guess I missed again nobody has ever said this Eudora I want my health right some railroad tracks because it's really quiet. Yeah venture a hit right on needed to maybe I would get it let me. Let out whenever icy tracks of any kinds of weather in car on foot or bike or on motorcycles or. Skateboards out nicely equipped but did not. I think it's you you've been hanging out of Crawford too much don't you get like a little bit of an anxiety. Around them at all times like I I never. In other words I can understand where this palace will be got hit because. I'm uber paranoid about it. Right like if you're on the train track it's it's kind of scary. But even if there's no. Rain IC we are coming here thinking who better you know you keep your head on this level just in case out right. Maybe I'm just overly paranoid about it in some people's featuring text quite. The opposite life and they're very cool yeah they're very nonchalant about it but whenever I'm around a tree Jack I feel like. That's it feel like standing out on on that on them. On a runway at figured any mall people I think I'm probably not gonna get hit because the planes are big loud and I can see different however I am on a runway. But here's the thing about train tracks while I give you know quarter whatsoever you get hit by age range. It's the easiest thing to avoid in the world because you have to be all true it's that try to go rope. Let's regulate sometimes you walk on the sidewalk and that the guy jumps the curb right there that they could drunk driver. That can't happen when the train just even got this thing off the track zionist. That he works by trains that he thinks they're quiet he said it I'm not being as Smart as they when they don't blow their home Warren's. They can sneak took one year. That's what he says I don't know if. They need and how do you thought the record speak up are you maybe he gets within like a hundred yards if you have that sneaky. What really like it was the first other that there are site answers entrees. And rent a trade real quiet it's attorney. You around different strains that I am I guess it's. Fascinating but it just the story blew my mind at all happen did one day. And I thought about an eight kids through my thoughts all morning good afternoon yesterday about this poor woman and that what I saw the photos of like she's dead. Because she. Didn't CA freaking train while she was taking for some reason modeling shots on a railroad track which by the way. Nice seeing your photos you're making the right got an idea let's call squat and awkward legal lines out by some railroad tracks. Who's the most famous person killed by trained. Anybody ever I don't know I didn't. The experiment I think total gym at the right. Well Libya take a break text by 5305 is a 631 here's my ex. Well I get a quick Google search on your trained topic yeah. Ends I found an article. From popular mechanics. I'll be might be McKee hit I called garden greens. Like getting hit by the Great Wall of China. Well not exactly. But it says that pilot that is how trains can be silent killers. How everything from train tracks to surrounding terrain can make several hundred tons of steel. Quiet. And potentially deadly spots popular why kids. Statistically every 94 minutes something or someone is getting hit by train in the United States. Most of the accidents don't involve people. Wayward livestock. Shopping carts. I'll bicycles. Poppy are I think cows. Catchers on the front of the right it just kinda distribute this out they thought they just pick him up and if they drop him off at the next location gently. I thought it. But according to the federal railroad administration's 784. People were killed were killed and trade related accidents. This is 2013. And so. This asks. The accident rate comes down to a combination of factors each increasing likelihood of disasters. The head of it says rail cars are incredibly quiet. Tracks are designed to achieve the lowest possible coefficient of friction. At age 62 I can push you train cart down the track. Unlike his steam engine that would hammer derails the mean reason why they were retired modern rail cars collide with low friction. And crushed rock underneath the tracks helps diminish impacts. So you won't hear it or feel it. I still calling yes I have seen the worst train tracks that run along highway fourteen and where I grew up in Vancouver. My buddy lives right there like maybe a hundred yards from it. Horse belief that I had ever not hurt the train as it's gone by. Never had a trade sneak up on I skipped it may be quiet. And it may not be likes you operate. Like well I don't think yeah I think you're getting to the right point the point is. Yes it would probably be difficult to have a trains ego buddy who. Much like a wild badgered but you're got to see it any year but it does happen. He's hit 794. In the entire world I looked at that was 2013 yes in 2015 there were eleven people killed by sharks in the world I'll let it. And yet we have shark eat things get really what's going to kill us is going to be getting hit by golf nurturing instinct I think I would have guessed that lets people. Like this may be a bold statement but I feel like getting hit by a train is the dumbest way you can die. I mean it's simple it's what you've been what if you choke on it skeeter tots I think that's better be getting hit by a train. Like to be more like the right read it's haters thought we don't get it shoot all the way it goes down the wrong but you know the wrong pipe I get that. I don't get that's not ignorance that's how are you worried you were doing your job. Hit by trade the 794. People that died that's all of them played their. Fall two of the things the doppler effect which explains how sound changes bitch. Based on an observers location relative to where the sound is having for a death is doppler yeah. That that fingers again by that plays a role so they say since. So if you're standing in front of a train the pitch of the siren would be paired. Edges that it yeah well. That cute cute the two suits that with the shooter picked. Since they were in front of the train where the pitch would be higher they'd be more likely to hear the train at did you hear the siren. And that doesn't explain why they didn't hear the train coming unsurprisingly. Some train collision victims often were wearing headphones or earbuds that time. OK so let me let me go back that'd make any sense. Ice that there's no way by eight rational head that you're going to explain away getting hit by a tree. I feel that is 150%. On your dumb ass if you get hit by a train. Especially if you're doing bodily shots while the staff. I I would well okay thinking glamour shots of the railroad tracks and get hit never gonna happen. So they say the board itself can be even louder than sirens on an ambulance yes but the average drill car traveling at fifty miles per hour that does not blow its horn. If you measure. That against the bulls it's between a loud voice and shout. But it says growth should you hear several tons of steel shot a beat that's you don't put upon mother reverend Jackson you're like happy. I'm still looking up at me and like oh wait there's that giant medals they could barely doubt happy I. Right or railroad tracks like four feet for birdie to square feet that's all you have to do. If loopholes court behavior a 100% think well they get you still can't figure out how to do that is quite fascinating. Always bothered me about stand by be that that poor kid gets killed late pick it buried push through whatever they really can't. He didn't see that train Gavin dumb ass so if I were walking down a train track. Eating Jeter tots that how would a guy. What do you what do you joked he'd and you had to go down because that cater to us and you were they needed here the trade gap what if what if I. The night I survived my teeter tied attack it if I walked outside he got hit by a dream. There was a kid did is they've was hurt I went to high school I just thought of this that he did not die. Down in Vancouver it right are on highway fourteen there's. Which is that they did he went to mountain. There's there's a trade that their train tracks that run right there there's some nice houses and a life you lived like indicated a gated home ends there's Revver track runs counter right by their driveway. Bat is. To it I guess he was backing out I'm assuming he was drunk or stoned I every did get the story but he backed into the trade. Not like they treated hit the tree was going body. And he backed up to his right just ripped up the back of his car and I get scared the hell out of them but he was backing out of the driveway it didn't notice that. The train was on the track packs. What always perplexed me about it about him in high school but I know that well. Ed I get to is pretty shook up by that every did have the guts to go out to be like how did your dumb ass beat it freed you didn't get hit by trade fueled. It's eight trading of yours perfectly moving through it seems pretty. This guy's right I kind of hope the train is what does suit against the economic front of him on the next you know what if that happens if I dive right trading air. Everyone of you with war then invited to come to my funeral a big part of my hands and but we all you want. I know it out by turning. Leonard Todd may yet be but not a trade balances suit he'll get hit by the drink this you'll hear it and assume it's further away did you refuse to admit how quiet they can be a that's fascinating that a good point I'll move the three feet out of the way the this I'm outstanding on the reverend Franklin that's what I'm saying it's like I I get nervous standing on the track political as a trainer not. Quayle certainly if there's a train I am but the trickster like quicksand there I had arguable week yeah owners of her projects maybe not walk on right. Maybe walked beside the right if you want to change doesn't damp caves where an exciting time. All right John wraps it up next on the fans aren't watching the World Baseball Classic. I almost got hit by extreme in Seattle in time. You really. In my car yep I was stuck on the train tracks in my car in the tree was fairly Belmont. Right now they're like Dick Schofield you can now. App hooked up only muted the currently I thought we were gonna get here by the trade. You get stuff done changed that. It was it was oddly enough it was America related incident so it was like it. It was like opening day and we were there apparently we were trying to get this big. And it was one of those where it was just bumper to bumper traffic in every time you lose you looked up like half a car. And we were going down this one's side street and Egypt India that we stopped and we're we've stopped Enron train tracks in my creditors like you hear on the train track and I'm like gap that. There's no three incumbent and then all of a sudden the little you know little gates the wife negate come down. It's litigate big Dick come down and I thought the gate was gonna hit the foot of my car. It's that like it stop it was over the hood of my car my car was speaking out barker didn't speak speaking. In the gate was right here I got out I was gonna get my carpet it was here above. The hood of the car in my bra deflected the train is to right there and we look and the tree is like 200 yards away. You're coming down. And I'm Mike week like literally department like get out of the car we're gonna get hit and get there and the people behind me kind of saw the predicament leery of and they backed up but now that I could back up. And I looked at completely off the tracks but I was back aren't up that the tree when Barney. And that was what it doesn't like you kind of peered up over the earth could I look an entirely hear the train wasn't gonna clip from a car. Had that happen one I would have laughed at you because you're if you look at them. I I wouldn't. Let it appeared to me it it hurts kids that I did get hit and this is my point about trains. You have time to think about all the BS I get out of the car the action there was no there was. I cannot happen aren't there any chance to be getting bit by trade in my GT car just what why the pork. Yeah I had let. Currently you're there was no time like the moment like we know rewrote the track. And we were I was like you'd think there is no way the train is coming I've been stuck in the traffic per hour. I've been I haven't you betrayed go by Garrett and all the suddenly those stinky down like I was like holy crap the train and we look and the true. But trade was right in a car owner was barreling down. What do you right now I had I did in that car with you this is how that would have gone down. Oh crap. And you look at your rear view mirror and I can give you the finger tip I'd be out of the car could not gonna get hit by the drink. Wolf very thankful we might spread toe he gave Brittany and cooler heads prevail. And we were able to. Great conservative car behind is that backed up a little bit leery figured out there and leave my car. A wonderful thing called car insurance you should look to do it. All sacrifice a car I thought getting hit by a string. I think I mean you're required greater your car insurance there's a little writer there that it bought ballot. I tray. Right that you know what that I've just favorite new car I don't know what. You do you drive like an old Ford Expedition I don't know what things word but I'm pretty sure it's not your logic at all. All I know look I'm not saying and who greater on here. All I'm saying is that that train appeared out of nowhere and looked apparently now. It happened at the needed here we're almost you let's let the 794. People killed by trade that I would have made fun. What career. We've made it to game editor Kurt won so vulgar. And you were able to drive yeah it's I think there's more support more importantly your vertical drop the better ones. I have a good night and I go murder. To wrap your head around the fact of my Brothers and I would wasn't certain. That's my car what they're getting hit by the trade anything he would alienate core at them back. I don't get either. They do a good luck on the carpet below every year I think what I wouldn't have been in that car went. Tonight. We'll kick out of windows only go up hatch everybody have a good weekend. Independent sports bar and grill is where we have set up shop each of the last few days great spot downtown Portland. Check it out and when you're here check out the photos that hangs above the planet after it installs now. In the bathroom closest to the bar leg extension I'll say that's okay all right we're back Monday agreed to seven rock jock. Have a great weekend. She's. For cal the fragile is a kicks reality oceans oh. Yeah. Yeah I agree I went over on the air right now were steered into news. All we.

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