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Primetime 3.17.17 Hour 3

Mar 18, 2017|

Ducks win, what it's like to lose as a 16 seed to a 1 seed, and Fri randoms.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. And Bryant didn't notice that's what happens in the term limits on just warning you now prime time on generating those fail them. We'll go to Obama right houses uses a lot of success a lot of great physical like well what was well Paula Gordon. This is a tournament edition of primetime with guys again soon. Brought you back three got markets need a local lender who specializes in and gave up. The markets can help go to after the markets dot com trying to iron on 1080 yeah. All right welcome back well once again at the independent. Sports bar and grill big spacious. Sexy news sports. Heart failure and now Broadway. I thought they may not have us back after yesterday yeah I got a little sideways. But they did they had a spectacle figure in here we are a couple hours down two hours to go of the club coming up with hot. Trained in plain news you know it. No automobiles that I all fights I'll find them on what might some sort of Carnoustie issue weren't in there is Saint Patrick's Day so but still a really good vibe down here it's not and show or anything else it's kind of nice however it's kind of showed that goes places it's so big he. Then you kind of have a little your little elbow room you know the space anyway crammed in the air space is under valued at restaurants and bars yet this has a law that. Great art great selection of club Beers and good food as well so. Utility five southwest Broadway if you get enough work you wanna take in Saint Patrick's Day tickets and action. The NC turned it down here at the independent sports bar with us we'll be here till seven and it notes that they will be open at 830. Both tomorrow and Sunday. Inventing a five dollar bloody Mary's are your home for all the NCAA actions if you want him left. If you'll scared me the saint patty's day being you don't wanna come on out on the outcome on the weekend. So. Coming up at 515 we'll talk a little bit about how Oregon looked today. And every recap that what I also the follow up to how sixteen seeds feel. When they get their ass handed to home by a one seed North Carolina today within a when it by forty ish in Kansas is up 22 you have half. But we'll talk about that we have some Friday random as well. And then in the club our wrap it up from a six to seven the let's get caught up and everything that's going on quite a bit happen and in sport. It's time for the hot by the side. Pod topics and opinions or we thought they owned part of the and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot on private five. I have been saying yeah experience. Behind my reply to replies again soon on 1080 boats made. Number five. They was mentioning can only chance in the Dodgers that's right he's to be catcher that he really yeah he's getting his big gas to squat down. Seat or pace Bibi go captured Jones's great. Really for giant man. Are right we start with number five you don't have to do Fiat nuances of these photos involved. She you don't don't post those that slugger back. You're he's no all good look at. I'm gonna throw some World Baseball Classic gadget would you like it or not affect their play and you're not there that's you right. USA is playing Puerto Rico tonight and it's a big game because they're hunted down incidents in the key levels of the tournament its market stroman for us. And your voice Seth Lugo from the Mets for the bad guys. This is for first place in pool at the top two teams of bullet advances imperative it's in the final the final floor. Japan the Netherlands are already in the final USA QU SA Eric Posner should come up big again tonight he's mister flash don't throw the other night when we're. Okay I'll back to back ray I think it starts at six to number who or. For you baseball grows. All right number four. I yes. But might even before. What is number. Eight fingers. Four years. New York Giants signed Jason Pierre Paul to a four year deal though I'm. I thought out on a limb here and say. You know what this. The vehicle what the. Dustin and Kim in the morning and ball screens workable again. He says ice tickets to 300 ball after every practice after every practice for me I thought about that and I think. Now with the practice I was mentally and physically. So the team. I was I was different. If I would put in the effort wasn't built into my DNA I didn't love the game of football I didn't Alia Abu bro I don't I didn't love but I put salty water. I'd love. I love going in competing against somebody else island beating somebody I like knowing that I can beat somebody that is what it was football was just an outlet. Now I still do that and everyday life you hit people every day I tried to be a try I tried to. The level where it's mentally competing towards trying to better yourself. It's not a monetary value for me anymore it is it is a motivational thing so if you lose your motivation make your job how how he would what are you going to. Home of the best and M in the morning weekdays from six tonight name them. And it goes. Number poor. Topic but it never happened let's try this again eight fingers. Four years. Giants signed Jason Pierre Paul to a four year deal forty million guaranteed could be upwards of sixty million in total value defeat yet to bed. And I know a lot of people made fun of him but this the guy did head further larger contract. They franchise tag if he blows up that he had he come back from back at the very successful year. You don't get hurt at the end of the year they're to have that type bag again they end up you know hitting them a long term deal this guide it is true that on the field a good bring him. Despite all of these you know that the fireworks stuff that would make it fun event that I have heard the right has to have its contract and I feel good. The giants are also that a sign quarterback he knows them food adaptability is just do a better team about the way you look at the diets. People on paper they had a very good defense last year guess Greta pars are good if you get consistently had a good and it got it together running back situation. Don't think that they may be in the mix next year's favorable team beat all these jets are bring an end Josh you know kids are just over visiting at Vegas that. Full rebuild. That Marshawn Lynch be making a return. To his hometown raiders out of this yet don't wanna do police those two years left on his deal with the Seahawks. So he could be released in the negotiated new deal with Oakland if that's what he wants you or. Seattle and Oakland can work out eight raise. Yeah and I guess that was kind of Reading about this book last year they had to deal worked out that creativity decided to stay retired. And Oprah wanted to know they'll what are you know oh really your business. That was one view cap mess you know he makes these try to change that they were gonna work out a deal and I guess which ones they retired but. They're sanded they've. Again it's it's kind of kicking the tires on this and hopefully that's of interest in. No this this may end up happening but it is up to Seattle may you own his rights even though he's now retired list. Seattle on the right return for a year if he plays under that contract he's cute nine million not gonna happen next here at seven million in 2018 what other CR snow. They did announce that they re signed quarterback position on the shedd from one point five million and Luke Wilson. As well as the fact is Seidenberg to. Blazers could get Evan Turner back tomorrow in Atlanta. Once again a story we're following here in only hear that no one else says. The blazers can still tie the cavs were home court advantage in the playoffs. There in the finals rather. At this point since Cleveland won the other night the blazers would have to win their final fifteen of the cavs would lose all their remaining games if that happens. They tie should they meet in the finals. I don't know what the tiebreaker we're attacked picked her home court in the finals this is the story this is you'll only hear exclusively here on Eddie Goodell hands covered a lot of reminds. A Portland and you come to this program. Sorry. And I can't. It might throw cheap shots like I had a target my room Portland is two and a half back of Denver for the eighth seed Elena besides that will Barton dropped 35 last night on the clippers will then. No the nuggets have won Fordham road. But they will be without Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler tomorrow would make. Played Houston the blizzard we're gonna pull this thing off where they're gonna and it's like a half game out of me. That would speed. Both laser thing every year on them. Number I wore on him. And number one is debut at the NCAA. Sport and it's Davey you are right now in progress Kansas. Had been nervous girl while they were losing twenty to 21. That they are now beating sixteen seed UC Davis sixty soon. To 36. You're saying that this one's over Tampa or Carolina had it won by forty today Dayton leads Wichita State at half. Dayton is the seven C 2927. That would go even though that's the seventies and the tendency is favored by six and a half ahead here. I do. It's his seed leads destroyed fifty to 38 at half. And in the first half Cincinnati is up thirteen. On the Kansas State Cincinnati. A six seed North Carolina beat Texas other 10364. Little ball over Jacksonville State's 7863. This was the game of the day at USC came back and be six seed SMU. Upset of 6665. F thirty wins and thanks for coming this and you bows out the first round there was that two years ago another niceties and make a thirty win here and they lost to UCLA. In a nail biter by once they're done with California teens in fact they had a chance to win at the end they have little running floater that didn't fall for well. Baylor is a three seed they'd be in Mexico state 9173. So Baylor avoids. The dubious fate of being the first school. To lose as a top five or better Peres as a five seed or better. Eat in the first shot each of the last three years could have happened to a better team has really root against them but they win this was a gig gave Michigan a seven seed beats Oklahoma State the DNC. 9291. That was an offensive explosion. Michigan could not miss I want to see what they shot. But I I watched that game the second half they and everything Michigan put up when he. They were they were on fire or again of course they beats I don't in 9377. We'll talk more about how they looked at our next segment. An organ will move on to play Rhode Island RI the eleven seed did upset Creighton that was popular. Upset pick. In the final that was 8472. When other game the eight seed Arkansas beat Seton Hall. Pretty controversial play it either that won the final was 7771. Seton Hall Kate got called for a flagrant. Which was borderline. Fragrant with actually it was a good show those and intentional foul but I can be jumping. I think that's a real tough call to make at the end we you know they're obviously foul and I kind of thought that was yet I think at that time as a one point game one yeah I think so any kiddy show you did you intentionally found they called flagrant and it really costly they made the free throws and then obviously get the ball back that intentionally foul again and that that's sealed the game. Michigan shooting percentage Michigan from behind the arc shot 55%. The shot 51%. Overall. From the from the field. Yeah when you shoot 55 from behind you are come and go and say that that's that's aptitude to lose anyway you know that'd be a one point game Michigan by the real promise they hit a three if he had it just it didn't count was after the buzzer. When I counted they were just dump all that sound for so. Michigan they looked pretty good man and I've I've watched Oklahoma State 2000 wasn't present them in their defense so. Take after what it's worth at Michigan look good they're hot they only turned the ball over four times a night game and their. Hello there might come well they won the Big Ten tournament that they did gather the ones that ran off the runway and if they have this fear that their anxieties I have been in this actually I have been in the elite eight they shot sixteen for 29. Art in. Our rights are coming up next or did look pretty get today off and now the move on to take on road idle talk little about that. It is by fifteen. On the team. Sand madness live from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway is brought to you by Baird by the Nike hoop Summitt and by O'Reilly auto parts of this is a tournament week additional primetime what I sick insert tracks you buy a suite a mortgage on ten they need both prayer I'm. I coming up I have a follow up to yesterday actually was two days ago our conversation about how sixteen seats feel when they get their ass kicked but at one seeds. Is that good athlete lease you may determine but you lose by forty it's like how do you remember it well there's actually a really good. Sports Illustrated article that was forwarded on by a Twitter followers that I won Iowa. A wanna address that because it interviews several of the players from some teams they got bludgeoned. And what they say is actually pretty interest is like North Carolina they have a who did they play. If they tell last year I know someone some teams but how things went by Victoria to end up winning by 39 in the don't be. Yeah tennis is another I believe the only tech announce our government as you say the only Texas team determined the Davidson and as a union that I am I talking about. I don't like talking I don't know how. But like if you're if you're Texas southern I just. What do you is that a happy memory like anyone think it's not a and we lost by forty. It's I had I thought I bet to beat intrigue. Mean we'll cover intriguing story with the ducks win by sixteen. And out. The comfortable win wire line they looked pretty good I don't know just has no defense and so or against it could be managed they attacked the rim it it. At every. Turned it don't Brooks had eighteen actually tell Dorsey was nine at thirteen you're 24. I thought Payton Richard was really good and I think that. You know he he actually didn't play that well I don't I didn't think in the pac twelve tournament. And I yet he cannot Indies for seven from downtown in six to ten in this game sixteen points three steals. You know. It's it's performances like that from guys who give you more than they were giving you before. That really really really help you help propel you in the tournament and I think that's pretty encouraging is it move onto the next from a paid. Richard went so well yeah I was it was easy breezy form beat the the only concern to me and I talked about this all. But lead up tournament. And this is the one team that I feel like I can speak somewhat intelligently on accede organ played more than that anyone else. Is your life is good at Pritchard can be. I still think he's learning to play the position and I think he is guilty of this and you look at today and I know you kind of pointed this out that against Iona. It wasn't really need to move the ball we get 93 point oh only eleven assists and went organ fault that these lulls which we've all seen them go into view. This year the office just vols and and they don't. I think at times Pritchard books a little lost running the team and without offense it's out of sorts. You know if for long stretches and that's where I've been to the time yup that's just brutal. And today it didn't matter because these events just individually especially the front court org did whatever they want if you. There were able to really dominate the paint but that's my question is when they played the better team when they play Louisville. You know if they get on the play Kansas team. If Richard Gordon be able to run this offense against better defensive teams. You know for all the talk of Boucher and obviously she is a big deal now that he's out. But now we've got I think the play of Richard. Is gonna be a normal as huge as as this thing. Goes on that in you know if you matchup with its size you get any big B Williams got to step but they. So far so good so they didn't want to play out Rhode Island now Rhode Island is a team that is sort of that while their experience that their top six scorers are juniors and seniors. And they have been in the turn it since the Jim harrick like Lamar Odom days. So it's been eighteen years or so let out their back if they look pretty get beaten Creighton has no effect does this kind of Reading through. That didn't see a lot of the game. They are 28 of 31 from the free throw line. Yet they got the line a lot. And that's interesting because you get into a free throw battle with ducks are not a good for efficiencies and effectiveness they were four there were just fourteen point one today. And again the matter because they are up that's. Just need to see I I've I have no idea what to make of Rhode Island haven't seen him play a lick but a lot of the pundits. But I saw a lot of people have Rhode Island. Beating Creighton I don't think that was an upset but I've seen I give love these so called experts picked him to be organ. I just think organist criminally underrated. I think losing to Arizona and losing Boucher. And you met this early I think it's just easy for a lot of the national writers to dismiss or again. I think organized and held a team I think they're balanced and I think hoarding can not only I idea I have been beating Rhode Island. I hoarding can make it deep run I think working QB global this is to me. Right now I think a great spot for organ because don't expect anything out about. Everyone's got to write them off and yeah about that Arizona game came right down to the wire if they beat Arizona did the QC I think we're talking about organ completely differently that based it was a one possession game. Well there's a really tough there's no doubt about that. You mean beat Boucher injury does kill them if you're thinking about like if if you're gonna have to stroll through Lou bowling Kansas. Just to get to the final four I. If that's any negative bracket opens up. And they can still get their back I just I think without Boucher adds it's it's a tough ask. But they are still really tough and so we'll see what happens maybe Michigan. Knocks off we'll who may be Kansas loses in and things do open up waiving your right it's like. No I think a lot of times people read that you know one of the better players out and make no mistake this week she was their second best player. But he came off the beds are a lot of people don't even know that Oregon starting five is still intact and even in so they think that they just lost a key guy in the in the right a mosque but. They shouldn't be written off especially with a coach like Dave Altman. And if guys like Pete Richardson in other guys start stepping up but they look pretty good today. One of the things about Rhode Island they were four of 41 from three this game. And they won by twelve. Is that scary that always scares me when you're getting ready played with that we keep getting ready to play a team that she felt really really cold the game before. I I think that sometimes you know their deeds duty even out they get hot. I'll next game. Others say it I'm definitely not having zeroed out and play a lot of people that watched this a lot more than I do. Say that this is not going to be easy road for organ playing Rhode Island far from it I think what was that with that the 116 game the other eleven. I think the rim I think you would have much rather see the sixty believe it or not that you would feel it's kind of sounds like the eleven was better than it was better this this is great things as they lost their best player Kevin and everyone thought Rhode Island gonna win Rhode Island with the value -- You know at a tough matchup at that to me. Boucher or not. Told that there's no excuse Oregon lose this case should win yes they should definitely wins. But Lamar Odom was there if you wondering you know he had the drug problem that. Idiot like the weird stroke in Vegas right to go like that natural Viagra and stroked out like. At the hook rich pretty. I didn't ask him if he didn't text people say well he was he was he lies he looks yet road rattling here on he looked all right. You know what are right there right. That's the only thing I by the way I'd know about Rhode Island Lamar Odom yeah play there that's Jim harrick coached out while he was there when widowed with their. That is the only thing I know about right out of the ramps. They are the rents that's the the extent of my Rhode Island basketball knowledge. I have oh it's the thoughts of my time. Because they also beat Kansas onetime intern that's. Upset now who has I think they were like an 89 in Kansas as the one they played in the second round they beat him in tomorrow it might think was on that team. And got their point guard was even better caddie was good I think it was like Tyson Wheeler something. You've ever him I don't. You were. Not up on my Rhode Island basketball. I could have next. What is it like to be bludgeoned by a one seed is actually a good thing is that. A positive experience good memories while some of the players that have been in those games talk about it 528 years Mike. Amiss live from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway is bright you might pared the magic who summits and by Bill O'Reilly auto parts. This is a tournament week additional prime time white eyes against duke trap you got us we've done market are intimidated prayer meet. Sell roses. Okay that many drivers there. Again. Permit me it. So Tyson Wheeler. Was the point guard at the Jim harrick. Elite eight team at Rhode Island lot of people were saying it it's you know mobile GAAP Mobley Mobley was the two guard. So I had it backwards Lamar Odom came the next year so Tyson Wheeler Cuttino Mobley the backcourt was tight I mean it was dynamite. And they beat Kansas. They made all league leading eighth those two guys graduated or left. And did Lamar Odom came in Lamar Odom at Rhode Island lost the first round you lost thirteen games a year in the loss in the first round the Charlotte stuff. Go figure how he wasn't that great however I kind of assumed that the big run would have been with him and then to put on probation so yeah yeah oh yeah. America how the hell did he get Lamar Odom left Rhode Island I think we know I mean c'mon I don't I don't actually don't know if they got information that. I I ever remember them or maybe usage generics I assume they were on probation and they had been pretty good run there. Look at Rhode Island basketball anyway follow up to a couple days ago we are talking about. Are you ask the question how sixteen seats feel when they get it's just the Ronald yeah. It makes for a seven day losing by forty to North Carolina both Sports Illustrated chronicle the there there a couple of interviews in this in this piece that I thought were pretty good did actually answer your questions from the guys who have been in those games. One was so Winthrop player from 2002 you. And Winthrop had made three straight tournament appearances. And if not they're building towards and that's their right to their first year they lost as a fourteen. And they lost is at play in the debate these by the same guys came back and they were sixteen seed paired up against. Carlos Boozer Mike Dunleavy is Duke Team. Those of that you get that where you get the team they're like deregulate hey we can do that we'd been there before we can do this we're gonna take him out they were confident they were tough. There experience. The final score of the game was 8437. So they interviewed this yeah it's got a plan if they get punched. I think you'd turtle they interviewed that one of the guys that from that team they they also interviewed a guy from Mississippi Valley State. Who got beat by UCLA seventeen to twenty behind it. And then we're here's a right state player who lost to Bob knight's Indiana team as a one seed if I had 9754. And what they all say is. It's interesting you're asking is it. Positive is the answer is yes good area of it they all do they they they say first of all getting there is like winning it. Just getting their for schools like that is likely to turn me in and of itself is so you go to the experience of just the week leading up to the game. In all the press conferences that you don't normally get. You play at least one game at a big arena with a ton allowed fans that you're like holy crap this is big time. I don't normally does that play in front of a hundred people exactly so each and every one of them. They gets blown out the other thing is is they feel. That they could've done better like they want another shot so like you and I know we all know. That sixteenth seeds are below 130. And the average margin of victory winning five play 45 points with a one seed yet occasionally there's a couple solos which shows you that that average margin of victory at 25. It's probably actually a lot bigger throw out a couple anomalies where becomes close so when you're UC Davis right. Now down by thirty to Kansas. You don't. Think of the oh the sixteenth seeds are O and thirty year worker Owen a 130 whatever you think that what you think he is okay we got our ass kicked but van. We played terrible I wanted to crack. Right they all said now that we're kind of a fluke that we lost that way even though most of them lose that way. Thought so they still had their heads they're like wow we didn't play very well would it bring our best they were really dead. But we still got to shake coach k's hands it was amazing being on the court looking over at coach k's like game planning against us. They're actual fans in the stands going crazy. The week was amazing leading up to it we thought we were gonna win and I'll never forget it it was the time in my life that's that they all say. Hear what I just want to that because. Not that I ever at football different you don't have a tournament like that but. A couple times over my eight briefly we'll take you there if you are you we played a team that just. Ali whipped us and never that I have that thought that don't let. Another crack at that if we just would've done. XYZ. We're really committed dad of the year with like good. Thought I'd do you believe the I'd do that again let boomers all much better than you've played Florida State yeah and you lined up against his Corey Simon and Darnell Dockett. Docking was back headstart on the market was that like eight time pro bowler with the back they had to block Simon and then your gas you until finally the back of Ximian and it startled ought and he was better than Corey Simon he was right it brought a freshman and why had even still like he wasn't on the scouting report. This is just might bring me all Americans. This guy's better than the other one. Don't you love the fact that you lined up against those guys. It was fun to compete against it but it at no point was run like you don't look at. Let's do that again they could be just the sort let's forget and as that's the point that's what they're saying it's like it's fun to go guard Carlos Boozer. I think it's it's fun to go guard the player of the year I also think it's different basketball because knowing it's not true but it isn't heard is this. Hurt as much but just let's take game one I was keep Haas and I'd like you had a cramp because I needed like buying idea easy just. Public I don't remember any of those games on the that we played U dub when you're they went to the Rose Bowl in the same thing just like. But that's not can we not do that again let's go play New Mexico for awhile. It's right to wonder what it was like on that stage but it's totally different played a regular season game in your ass kicking football as opposed to playing in an. Well like I mean all the guys all three of the guys that they interviewed say they have pictures hanging in their houses and their offices of the games. Where they got just absolutely kills and it was still a great experience been like one guy has a picture Chris Duhon shoot the three over read it when they let this. Does BI got that I got to play that game so I can't always. I wonder what flight they realize. Your your it is. About that the here at your and your year end up to your kid in the as UC Davis is down forty it is 91 to 51. Well but at one point they believe he'll is 2321. UC Davis so I think at that point you're out there you like dude we can do this for. Right up. But this past whenever you play these sorts of of games as this that a deep underdog I only did we mark Jason's yeah. That we're gonna need them when you play any games like this notice they did it's it's. If you cut out and you put your foot on their throat the other team will roll over. Did you talk yourself into thinking that you're gonna be in this like every game I've played yeah yeah we're gonna go shock the world. A bit to get out there and and no we're not going to happen. Don't know no we're not so you can talk yourself into thinking that your going to win the game. But let's. Point in most of these reality sets in and you're like god help you can break it seems well you can break your back. You all our team did hang around and really start to believe and build on and that. That kind of false bravado becomes actual competence that's where upsets happen. That's where he gets scary and yet it he really does that help we can do this release are playing loose and then the other team the favorite starts to Parker. Because they're like what the hell is this why is that you know they shouldn't be happening and that's the formula for the ups its beauty. All right down by forty hero again and a. Well I think that though like in this game you see gives when he knows that they're down fifteen and that's in the gamblers it's like you're not coming back yeah you realize okay. Okay. They will call nick I can rednecks would we have got a stomach said like no knock against duke but you don't seem to have the passion I look I get it that I don't. Who bluntly I've phase I don't. Rave about the world the football. Football just hurts that's not as fun as basketball is this. I'm here to tell you I think that's good solid camp freaking cat. When I played. No one played harder than me I was not very I was not the biggest oil embargo on the bad I played hard. But I'm telling yet you reach a point when you play some of those teams are you just look around you're like what the F did we get ourselves into you know things look different basketball guys you just you can get over your skis and it's not like you. You consciously make the decision we're like all weren't a lot of trouble. You just kind of sit back eat you can feel the game slipping away from you know and about our highlights you're playing your ass off but you're just like the reality of it sits at your. I the this is a good end well for us because they are just that much like physically better than you. All right Friday random rabbit up next on the fan. Sam madness live from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway. This much you might be aired by the night you've summits and by O'Reilly auto parts. This is a tournament week additional prime time white eyes against who brought you back up we go market on 1080 both prayer. We'll wrap it up with a Friday at random here that we'll get on to the club. I have. There's something that I noticed. Here in the independence or expire now. That should be such and I'm good to offend train dead victims. Really across the country of of bars and you can you offended people. Probably offend the families of dead people yeah because I've got a question that's it yeah. Like my controversial house fire thing I thought getting killed by entering. I make that promise you I have not died by getting hit. By gulf are locomotive not gonna happen. Did you catch the end true TV ads. That are out basically telling us to shut the F up about the games being on true TV. Have you watched any of the coverage its own through TV part. No I haven't seen them that they don't give games so now you can watch every college every NC turn the spread over the different if there are four channel CBS CBS. TT entry TV maybe I think I think I'm like that's. But have yet they have a basically about a celebrities. That are yelling at us that the games would be on otherwise shut the hello. A valid point pretty thank you bitchy. Then it's aren't your TV what's the other option I'm not watching well the ratings dipped big time last year because it was on his only on cable and got out so I think they're getting tired of they're getting tired of hearing that. And you don't when they're there they're paid a billion dollars for the rights they should. Put them on TV and now you see every game I never when he used to be that you watch determine if your team was plain. You you would just be at the mercy of them need be gone for a live look at that if it wasn't a close game that you were gonna see it this crazy. I've waited AP you know as we can't thank you wouldn't have seen this game other than when well the first eight minutes of if you live out there you'd get it reasonable doubt but if you live here in your campus and they wouldn't put don't. The inside the NBA affect despite real I'll have you been watching you need the the stuff he studio TV shows that they have for this. Turn it have you seen any of that Bruce Pearl and Seth Davis out on those guys. Then there's there's certainly go to the inside the NBA route I think everyone is that they're getting rowdy. Like this started its inside the NBA all the football shows about all of them but a lot of the football shows how to go to this now. You've got to have a little. I only get have a little personality. But it does this person was basketball could compares it it seems like a bad impression. Of the inside the NBA guys. This is our little hard to duplicate the first one well not everybody has the personality of those guys out but I I actually enjoy like a little personality with my TV shows. I Bruce Pearl is actually easier the he is good its nose at Davis I mean he's cool personally. Out of that crew are now grant that I have nothing on that we've been doing this stupid joke. But about Bruce Pearl is my favorite of the the little cruel personality talk. Plus I appreciate the fact every girl actually looks like. Has watched tapes yes he actually likes college basketball that's Ed about the case and it doesn't do a good job of my favorite even though it's not the best personality. I feel like. Cute cute guys it's gonna pay music as one of my can't stand and a bit of adversity kind of asked Jeff about all Berkeley go got. Her Easter kind of enhance the do you wish that he has this is college speed stage you've got speech maker but god only knows what the hell he's talking about. And watches and the other one is Clark Kellogg. Clark Kellogg and knows his stuff may not be as entertaining as ever the other ones. But I would if I actually wanna get 88 good opinion on especially a smaller school I feel like Clark Kellogg has seen every team in this tournament. Multiple times I appreciate his. He is his breakdown. So how bad does that ginger Davis kids' feel for Vanderbilt you turpitude you know he's never gonna live that down oh. It's the opposite like Bryce drew willow is here remember that he's got to get malveaux. Baghdad booklets they doubted the dumb ass that foul it in his own head though you likely you're not gonna keep you away divert to death you're always gonna think about that. Like Dubai didn't you didn't know what the score was big you'd reach out hope that. It's not bunkers with a World Series this is the first round of the incidentally turner and I know what I'm saying sticks. If that individual like god I don't know they have shouldn't I mean there's a ton of guys who played at all different levels you have that moment where they screwed up where they hit the big shot or whatever. Better yet you do is always a remember that if you're the goats. You're never ever going to stop thinking like that you never gonna forget it but I was thinking today I wonder what is The Who is the one. Who frets the most it's got to be stuck right I above all sports. Of all the goats. Yet individual like blunders is the guy from the angels hit the killing himself over Knight Donnie Moore. He gave up homeless guy get all right that was a blunder you just gave up your home runs he more committed suicide. Now that may. You know might be too he's not a power rankings it might be via. Speaking of dead beat Colombian soccer player who kicked it oh don't go in against the USA you got murdered you got murdered for her that. If of one that are actually blunders the idols oh you know who else its partners but Chris Webber. All of the time out. That's pretty good view. That's a good but those like the Donnie Moore once they. He said it is it's a home run Mitch Williams another one right all right take. You know he just usually but I mean I'm in a blogger but that's the blood of a blunder like you all know what you call a timeout and Braveheart but here let's roll between his legs. Hello everyone keeps it that doesn't in the World Series about your catches molesters but Weber a cost of web wherever possible game. The Carolina yeah maybe it's him. That's the one maybe it's been an alignment I'd never have a game that I lost that I feel. Directly responsible for. I've never I mean that's a good thing about the position to really. Dude that is an off with the wind. But we beat we've beat Washington what year wash it was really good with Marques Tuiasosopo. And we want all like on a last second touchdown I was nine yards downfield and should've had a flag run on me. As we threw the touchdown pass and I per brief moment I thought I screwed that up. Like as I don't sit through it and throw it and end Neuheisel was on the sidelines freak you out yelling at me like yelling at the official to throw the flag. And he showed up like I was so far down FICO. And I was horrified as the ball is in the air. I was like holy crap he caught that and I looked looking around because I thought there'd be a flag laid in my feet. And when there was what a magical feeling that we'll let this picnic. Yep. You'd end up there. Well I mean it's a year and it would have been stupid game you know it's I can meet in this college football game but yeah that's the closest ivory came to doing something that directly like. We lost the game because you're fat ass with the conflict on the all right club hour is going to be next to wrap up the week here on the.

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