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Primetime 3.17.17 Hour 2

Mar 17, 2017|

Ducks win in the tourney, looked really good.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the prime time of the eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Prime time months and maybe they'll say I'm a basketball bullies are begins. They've done that like eight million times and lead in games. Seems like a lot this is a tournament which edition of primetime what advise against suit brought you back up as we go markets need a local lender who specializes in VA loan. The markets came out good athlete on markets. Primetime on 1080 days. All right welcome back with the independent sports bar and grill downtown Portland on Broadway. He voted by southwest broadly worded Saint Patrick's Day. And everybody's having good time lead nations are occurring here it's lookup Mumbai and heartache we do any safe manner uber if you will it be a lift. A couple of things here. We are gonna talk about the local teens. Right Neal hot local sports dot let me tell you about the local sports team and local local teams. They want to be good. In doubt that's the big news. You see Oregon State with a I don't I don't like games over yet is anyone 5650 find okay the beavers almost lost over the league TV business you see gratitude because Seattle Long Beach able to beat him a bit beavers went to. I well I had it on I heard an updated but if he had to. Yet they had put it on and are they did not put it on it was not any duty there weren't any hot down. Oregon State women's basketball you know and unfortunately the women's tournament does not get a lot of coverage. He reviewed and it's worth far and probably every other sports story to. Now the ducks. Eight you know a pretty. Close pretty convincing pretty clean wind yeah yeah we will see with with. You know two or three GC a struggle for Abbey's others did that got. What I think bridging the four that they really struggled then they kind of turn it on late. This was kind of a wire to wire work and just look good I know what got I think they cut it to thirteen. You know thirteen fourteen somewhere there in the second half sort of put their foot on the gas and extended it back out and like it was never. They were up eighteen at half and extended it from there and and kind of let their foot off the gas put the final was 9377. They would Iona. They don't have much defense do and we knew that going Morgan did whatever they wanted to let you know what I love I look did Allman is such a good coach the brash they're just. They're so well coached and it's just the idea that lucky you outmanned. The team you're playing so stop settling for threes. It it just attacked the rim. You know and the ducks did that ad nauseam and there was nothing I only could do about it I don't. But is it Sony like this what exactly did in the first half yesterday the exact opposite is like you are so much better than the team you're playing in yet you allow them. To dictate the tempo and hold you to 26 points you're standing around or settling for jumpers and in that's exactly what they want you to. Taking it right to these teams that you out man in Oregon did that today that I sick. About organ tumors or incomplete defense on the other hand I don't shoots the three very well and or it was evil chased off the line a bunch. And end it wasn't just an off with the explosion from working or you can play some defense do we get the team now I have to you know to play. Let's suppose the iota is a very good off its basketball team and Orton was able to control. Yes I think a couple of things. Surged to out of that game. One everybody's counting I've had help like the spot there him yet knows everybody is expecting everybody's counting him out because of the Boucher injury yeah. In I don't think many people. Around the country even know that Boucher came off the bench like they're starting five is intact yes it's really good it's really athletic. You know if they run into somebody was size that's events that are from Providence. But the moment he could coach used to lead the pack to a defensive player of the year in Jordan ballots is the you don't have the luxury when bella shape. Played on the floor together big V Williams in this game played fifteen minutes just one of war four points but he had yet six boards and he got culture before and now he's. Gonna have to be big for at the end they get any news that we did every year when a team makes a run in the NCAA tournament there's always one of these guys that comes off the bench are key contributors someone that did. You know didn't play a starring role and that's gonna you gonna have to fill in for sure it. We'll Dorsey bricks and though we're all really get. But the guy I was most impressed with today was he Pritchard now I thought he Pritchard was really strong and you know we said this last week. That in the turn it like he just said I mean you're gonna need guys that they pick Richard to key contributor to the TV anyway. That's not like he's come out of nowhere but he did not play very well in the tackle turned it. And he's just a freshman. And so you know you you you knew that if Boucher was. Was going down that injury ultimately I think. I think Hilton for for the national team this takes the top off a tee but your gonna need when I played the local campus of the world but they are still really tough and bacon they can take this deep. Especially if they get play like that compete Richard I thought he was really good he scored sixteen points to six at any four threes four of seven. From downtown and three steals coupled with says he was really good. And that's a kid you know he won four straight state titles out. For a while he's still he's played in big games like I feel like I feel like this was a stage. For hitting you know assaults that he's freshman wilt at least. You know he gets that certainly Gonzaga looked flat out steered in the first half yesterday they you know obviously they come down but or again did not in Payton Richard being a freshman. He stepped right into like he's been in big games before he played great. The only thing that scares me about. Pritchard is our I think he's still learning how to play. Point guard. And there are times we've we've mentioned this NIC organ played more than any team in college basketball this year the study development rights watch our program watch organ. And when they go to be offensive both if you look that if you're gonna figure to try to pick apart anything from this game only eleven assists for organ. And when you play better defensive teens. This offense can get very stagnant. But it relies on one on one play and they don't move the ball well and Richard at times is guilty of this that it's not a true point guard facilitator. Yeah. And they go with you long stretches. That's the only thing that would scare me up about well this performance today's is only eleven assists when you put up 93 point. So in the know say about that is how I feel like. Against Iona. Every one of their players pretty much can do whatever they wanted to and the starters we did so you don't really have like they don't really for their defense and really force. The ducks to have to play that waiting till Brooks gets the ball up top he can drive straighten it you know held same way. So I think. But maybe a little missy was that this game but yeah. So they're gonna gonna play you look at bill was seven of eight Brooke six evident Dorsey night of thirteenth if I mean that's they did whatever they want you get. Get that from your front court your wings and you're not lives in many games now so they move on to play at Rhode Island RI did beat him. And we talked about Rhode Island everybody was talking about Rhode Island vina. But you know kind of asleep for a sleeper because all of that they're top six scorers. Are all. Juniors and seniors. And Creighton lost their best player to a knee injury the only finished the season seven and eight. Ukraine started eighteen and one I ever dynamite. They lost their best player offense they have not been seen since you Rhode Island really actually did even have that much trouble with them I think the final was something like. And they'd beat him by about. Ten or eleven that was fairly comfortable and so this is not going to be easy gain even militant elevenths noddle. Lot of people and I can't say a lot I'd seen a couple of national pundits. Better have Rhode Island PD or putts and I think that's disrespectful to organize. I get I don't know how much people watch or in the bit to be fair I didn't watch Rhode Island I didn't watch a lot of East Coast basketball. But I do think there is a national. I think I think organ is criminally underrated I really do. I think organ is the most balanced team in the pac twelve I wish they had Boucher. I know they don't playoff it's like UCLA and they don't play defense like Arizona but I think it's the best combination of those and I think or media without whose shape is he. It's got to be able to make it deep rut. Yet. They are under rated. After the cliche thing I've I think before that people had their eye on org what they were top flight team out right. But they drop that with the injury than dropping to three C I think people just it's easy. When you could give these teams in the air base gold to their brackets it's easy to just eliminate the like right teams on the right path and not even think about it so you think negotiate out. Forget it well watch out and don't sleep on a lot I definitely think. That you know what what what I think is going to be interesting is when they get to the sweet sixteen if they can beat Rhode Island again that's not an easy game and you Rhode Island beat Creighton 84 sevenths you. The gonna have to play well but he obviously they could be broad irons Levinson. You couldn't sleep sixteen at the she Michigan today that Michigan would mood. Busy getting in is on fire live clearly could defense but that was an off Oklahoma's closure I'm having wants Oklahoma State a few times the final score like he was 99 loyalty Oklahoma State has held an offense that so they like I had the you know on the things here Michigan just outscored him. But then you've got maybe Michigan or local right there. That's where I think the Boucher who lost in the really good they're gonna play their ass off but that I think I just feel like that's for the Revver may be the road. So you get in need is this thinking is like that you need other guys to step up but I love it that everybody's discounting them. Keep doing that today that's where you want to beat this beat the underdog don't want the pressure of the tournament the term it's enough pressure resident. I wanna see UCLA to be honest with you this if there wasn't a lot of high point UCLA you know come in this year. You know that the the idiot ball down. If it you don't think that he's put a target on on bad teams back for every team in the tourney. And lucky silly should roll tonight but I think they tip off right around what 650 I think it's the late game tonight. And not that you need extra motivation but you don't think that everyone that's gonna play UCL a in this tournament doesn't wanna take a red hot poker Kramer right where you know. That that the senior ball is its. Yeah happen about the music glad you're going Hewitt Lou I do I do and you know what I I I hate to to be this way could actually take the ball kids but I list norm are actually. All seem like pretty good kids. I want you see a lady go down in flaming wreckage. I would love to see UCLA get bounced tonight the I don't get its key curry had talked about this seekers that he goes yes it's really unfortunate. Paid a seeker is played in this tournament speaker has played a lot of big games because it's just unfortunate that they put. It did that was talking about he. The bar ball has put this spotlight audience on its kid he said. It's not just can't think it's the entire team and that is that kind of extra motivation that you don't needed extra pressure. You know wait when you get these threats against I do wanna see how UCLA handled. I'd like c.'s Selig go the final four I'm not reconsider because I think their blast to watch. We will just talk about all our one was that is an offer to buy team a team that you wanna watch it's funny cause I welcome their probably yet the best authentic college astronauts I wanna see in advance. I spoke fourteen come next Oregon State has their spring game tomorrow. And an Oregon football note as well title college football in our next segment it is up for fourteen on the fans. Madness live from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway is like you might paired by the Nike hoops Summitt. And my O'Reilly auto parts of this is a tournament week edition of primetime what Isaak can soothe. Trust you I have picked up market until they need both trim. What is happening. Why did right now. I got a happy couple guys what a big photo with the of the brightest. Flash on a camera no demands I have like like three big blurry spot right in front of me right now nice but Judy's TV lights are out there helped negate its. Like an old confused man right now they it was pretty it was a security it's the price of fame gives a damn thing where prices the current and that's what's happening right now I can't see it thank you for Talladega this. I kicks reality oceans are. The attack at a at a love that you think that's what that. I don't know what to do that was is giving you my best yes. Pretty some very profits. I'm not too long to actually the other revote Logan and Emily Blunt I think power for. Well like I like he's mentally nobody beats theme do you Julie Andrews but tell Emily blood takes over the role. So hey ground really independent sports bar that's what you were a party and for him to get time Saint Patrick's Day base wants to beat Kansas. Freaking losing a can I did. Turns her head over there know the turn and is still. It's like the hardest. That when your team's good out in there in. The race for the college football playoff we're there in the NBA playoffs are where whatever yeah. No matter where there ya there's nothing more nerve racking. Then watching your team in the NCAA tournament you know I don't have to worry about that because you are you as terrible as that was it yet 98. Or apparently it's deadly tournament I don't get a get out places that in the first round with juicy like you watch it like game one of the NBA. Playoffs are cathodic DOD okay there's seven games this you know what it does. This is yes and it's in your losing to teams yet no freaking business losing that but the and there they go well I tied what they've played guys that North Carolina could playing UC Davis or UC Davis that's right. They did say I lights on the eve that bracket predictor of the gifts like the probability odds. The only sixteen vs one match up. They said even edit 1% chance with this game right here at you know what they're gonna lose critical and it's like what like 7% stick a are ready I mean already rough start up with they had it done if you asked the country pull the country. And ask them. What one seed is most likely to be the first to lose what what team what school was most likely to be the first to lose doesn't want to do with sixty pick you know and it knows gonna win at Kansas. You got a reputation. We had a reputation well at least they've won two champions at three egyptians but to. Modern in my last yet 1881 note believe. Lot of Fata forced to look they've had their runs the term so hard to watch sometimes our rights the little college football I was looking at. Organ lines dot com Jason you go there I do go there at these got a spring coming up but tomorrow after effects of us are really gave its. I think you got offense vs defense thing they don't they don't be split squads though. I think defense gets points for likely turn over Vick played government gets points for. Like sustain drives and now it's they they come up with some sort of convoluted score but it's not. Like a traditional like black vs white scrimmage where you know guys are gonna give broken up into different teams that it's square off you know as I was reading about them. Here yet while they had some quotes in there about. The schedule yeah Gary Anderson the dearly as they just changed that game that Colorado State teams now August 26 as we get a bite. Well they're he had I mean they kind of had violate that he was pointing out and this is a this is a really good point. I don't know what organs it's gonna be like next year deal. Mean it's too early to talk about that putt but you liked the way they ended trending up there they're trading up the court correctly should get better you've got to replace a couple starters on the offensive line. The guys on the defensive side of the ball but one would fake that you can build upon what you did at the end of the year when organs they would actually played a pretty good football men you know obviously they've they've won the war. Yes though that Gary Anderson was talking about. How last year they played early in the had a bye and then they had eleven straight game gap and it just was a meat grinder brutal out this year he point this really helps them by Luminex Colorado State game to August 26. They get to play. Four games. Have a break up they get to play. Three games have a break come back a little early because that's that next games of Thursday's that you that we can now. And then the final four it's like that's perfect idiots it's it's the best you can block you have a board you've been through the rigors of a football season that's gonna help them time. It if I'm telling you that you can't you get 456. Games in. You would give anything to just hit a handful of days to rest and recover. It seems in the NFL where you know a guy like Russell Wilson right Regis he's prided do you think it. What you don't how much can a week really make a difference the MBA all star break which is what like four or five days what does that do for Virginia limited its ankle. Amazed ages what do we could not having the it anyone can do for your help. I don't think you do for your mental psyche. You skip through these dog days rest if this isn't going well and it is it will eat you up at its that you out so this really sets up well for its state and you know. The couple things to watch were ordered state one. The upper right with which aren't Harlow Lester finally surgically at the end of the year certain run the ball a little bit better and we saw the offense get going. Well of course you now are loads of those other guys are gone. That's the biggest thing we ever want to say quarterback play quarterback play I think it's gonna be that the Jake let it. We see we've we've heard Gary Anderson say that he wants to throw the football he wants to make it more of a downfield passing attack. That seems to lean towards the the JC transfer Eumig Marion in I. You've got an element about their but I I do you think about it's gonna be him so. I'll read up on it I have not seen their practice for a kid baby up and then this spring gives get a debit card club network if you wanna look at it. But did bring it up I guess all three quarterbacks had gotten the same wraps but I still think it's gonna be the mutton kid. But the ultimate transfer guys these JC kid. You're gonna have to get it you wanna go from what day it went for last year yes if you wanna go before whip team to a seven win team. Quarterback play is nice the office White House to be more consistent the start of the year you can't play the way they did last year at the beginning of the year and win ball games you just not going to. And I didn't wanna watch is set Collins may end up redshirt. You know it's it's he recovers from that meningitis they're they're saying that that he may not play I thought he was their best offensive player last year. So you know is that the I because they Hodges is that that you cover there that's gonna work to replace that I guess he's beginning rave reviews due to return ball. So it appears to see how this team a balls and if you can build upon it but. I really thought that Oregon State took. Huge steps in this rebuilt the last six weeks even though those were all wins the last six weeks of the season last year. You saw something different for Morgan State I have no reason to because this team gets deeper. It's better recruiting gets in better shape and had a better. I resembles what coach Petersen wants it to be. I think this team can hit six win team and maybe pressed for a bowl game next year as a Washington beat him pretty have. Yeah that's but if I was out yeah game on them they've hung tough it out and then they just don't have the horses they would wash. Within Washington State you know obviously they have been beat the guy they blew that lead up. And then they went to Stanford ugly game but only lost by eleven then there was the UCLA game that they were. Look at pretty good and I we're and they won their last in Arizona and Oregon. Like I said. Working there we talked about it it's like I had no moral victories are frustrating but. Morgan State the last handful of games there at the here that started the book. Like a real football team that's third to look like a team but could play some offense and and not paying your defense out to dry so many times last year really the last two years. The defense put up worthy efforts in this cabinet wash it did and you just can't have that many three and out figure often it's just not being able to run the ball that unseated then have your defense out there just. That they Wear down and hopefully that's not the case and you look at the schedule the winds are there. But I I think this team win five games has the 520 that you get what are two or did those those. Critical swing games. There's a chance or this state is playing for their last couple games maybe get to a bowl game. I got a couple of duck items as well and we'll get to those coming up next from the independent sports bar it's nice Datsyuk and here's Mike. We are good. Talking to a college football yeah well in Oregon State fan yell at Tammy that they were down 31 nothing you'd I'll tell ya I was that's their game. Organs they played them tough they just didn't have the high end athletes and they make life difficult for you Doug it was a big place. No the damn kept breaking and ended the year double break up big jumped in the second half. Or if they'd I get there up 31 dollar and debuted at took their foot off the gas than ordered they've played them very tough in the second half. And the first half with a lot of simple breakdown is though even in games like that where they were being blown up 31 nothing at the half. B I still saw progress being made it Oregon State last year. When they were severely undermanned. And I would expect this team to be deeper be more physical and be competitive and more games and hopefully you know some of those close games are translated into w.s. And and Diddy did that maybe 56 win market maybe even if you get six maybe get doable. On the organ cited things we're getting a lot of people who look people love to talk about recruiting. Yeah recruiting gets the gets its fourth fifth. We don't talk about it too much here don't follow it that much. I know it's important but I have yes I just feel like we we. It's only so much insecure about what a seven year old kid is doing and I think that the media culture that's treated. These monsters. When they're seventeen and being cut the social media and it's just I don't know it's I always feel weird feed that fire but you know every coach. House to say they wanna build a fence around the state right yes well Willie Taggart stints with the is not very high. Well I don't think it has to be in the state of Oregon you know it's now but you know what though or you'll Gary Anderson so that suits like I think it's just you have to say that they actually giving case there's ever did it. You know a real learning but organist I think they have a lot more prospects then. You know even five to ten years ago he feels it feels like it's getting better idiot that was nothing compared it you know no other states it's just. Lucky if you if you gave them treats their pets that. Is it that big a deal that dominated state recruit I think either coach would probably tell you know when you're at or did you know where you need to recruit. California. Hit it you need to recruit nationally had no question to go pull those kids meet its nice to get the local kids because you wanna build that relationship and you want to. You kind of want to establish that base but this is it like LSU and Alabama an Ohio State and even Virginia Tech and and the Florida schools when you look at the roster. And you're gonna have 85% of it it's from your home state it's not gonna be the case if you're organ in fact. You make you did did the argument especially with a Morgan. Reported just northern California. If you look up and down their roster at the California school. The other when Washington's getting your top guys that's not get it stinks death and Washington got another one. And I'm I'm looking forward here and I can't even. How'd I can't even remember who it is his kid she did jesuit kid you talking about terrible Penske is that would allow us. What hurts you about molded and shows Washington over Oregon and Stanford yes there's another one knew just picked. Washington over Oregon and Oregon State's. I'd be key to Lowe's kid may trailer that was done and having strayed low it gets he just picked easy played jesuit. I think they rank him like. Is he is that the quicker he says he's top five athlete. Whenever that is let's means you don't know where he's gonna play right that I pizza that's funny that people athlete. That that's where I would have probably. You know file with the recruits yet know would you go to the GBM live back here you go right back dated no way they were gonna put me so it is these called me an athlete. Code for yeah you'll sniff it feel it's for yachts trailer it's it's a Q those did he just shows Washington. Over Oregon and Oregon State. But if you're quick your Orkut I think you have to feel really good bit. It you know with all the turmoil you had the coaching change over the the coach is leading the DUI thing. Little brother he did not on his son son did the work out scandal. And you still put together by all accounts the top 25 recruiting class suddenly people went in together you know at 78 teams in the country do that fast easy job I'm really into instead. To see how I'm. Kids that wanna know is that you'd be done freaking out now he wanted to slow the effects no not shock jock. Now you know it is duels you'll service. Especially when it's Kansas still salty when they're when they're trailing by two with six minutes into the game this that they do inning of runs they would really get. Where we talk about Oregon all I I guess I'm fascinated to see how will tiger does you know that team. You know with the team looks like you did Ezekiel it was a complete overhaul apple loses them holding group. I wanna see what the offense looks like anyway it can't be any worse. But that's rule should recruit itself it really showed. Like there's no reason to not have a top twenty recruiting class if your organs if you do that your company coach. Organ shouldn't have a ton of down years that the meat you're gonna win. Eleven games and and play for a you know the actual title every single year but to me organ can't Washington. Both have enough going for it and both have a pretty catch today. Where to me there's no reason that organ or Washington on a consistent basis should be 89 win teams every single year. And I think there's enough talent to godly I think workers who McKnight gave next year. I'll bet baby weighed eight but to me if you win seven games I don't think that's a success at all this is not a team that's that's lacking in talent he just did. I don't know what happened last year I don't with a young team there's dangers involved I your quarterback play cod stocks that may be all those things kind of combined bit. There's no reason to meet it in my in my mind it would tech experts here that they shouldn't be eight Bustamante does not on organ line they had that unity organ Prodi you know. They have all the measurements and you know all the vegetables are the guys this is just stated yeah it the idiot lead ducks now it's not a good class for them. These guys you know like Evan Bayliss who worked out Carol brown. The be drafted I don't know I don't think programming executive who knows with that the man I you know that's. He may get drafted if that thing gives gives the GOP in the clear but it. The key was how does the amputated and happy that's of that leg amputated because of that partly you let the cup might I guarantee they ripped that thing seven ways from Sunday. And knocked it out tonight. You know Ferrell Brownback guys that. Fifty times better athlete that I happen might that might need never was was. You know to the point where they connected my leg. And I got red flag to the come by and was told by several teams cave where you're off part draft boards because of it because I had a bone on bone condition in my. Beat stuff like that when you're you know it's Maliki the first or second round I. Be healthy he was probably after a fourth round so it'll all of that's gonna depend on the and what happens without it if they got you okay I could easily taken a flier on him but if there's at all any question about that the he may end up being a free agent guy filling these guys make. Cameron hunt Reggie Daniels. Ties to Coleman doing Stanford. The size Johnny Reagan. I I I figured it's French it's not a great it's kind of it's not a great class you know who ran the best forty weeding out of all those bros. Looks like Reggie deals you know in a 454. It's just it's just not. You know we only had one terror brown get invited can't find I don't think you have a lot of kind of physical freaks and specimens ever. Brandon Bair. It wasn't a guy that was really like highly thought of which you've looked at the structure that I think he can play in the NFL I think it team has got to look at that. I don't know if you look up and down this this class. How many NFL guys met the neither one of them can't stick it doesn't meet someone does take a flyer on one. But these crawl back half of the draft or free agent guys and it's it's crazy how things change you know needs to put. Mean it was when your what they have seven guys are some great guys draft thing that's. It's a good classes but the the weird thing about organ is despite that success it hasn't been like major. NFL pipeline but they have had you know would look at especially the you know deepened the wind and over the last can't live years. You put them some guys yet felt Kiko Alonso. You know go back you've had several dvds. Even the old guys like Bob Michael and continue our Barbara that work super high graphics that they were still NFL guys. And this year's class for whatever reason maybe this again. Is another reason why did they kind of fell off last year how does that we ask where's the stars. But where I'm like who was the you got the impression that the fresh where the Q best defenders that yet we're we're two freshman. And every three it was supposed to be your guide and Freeman kind of fell off and it did have a great season get dangers that he decided to come back and then obviously your freshman quarterback he didn't have a great offensive line by any stretch of the imagination. You know your big weapon on the outside he came back he didn't go into the draft he's coming back forgot your name Kerry did so. This is just be a pro potential that yes if he ever got his head on straight and and can figure it out that guy has an NFL body absolutely. And look at it. In some of the guys that are still on the team that they keep fuel probe. MITRE guys you know yeah he's heard it isn't he's gonna back as a sophomore so it's going to be a couple of years at the end of the year but. There's not a lot. Don't know you said you don't like Royce Freeman on the necks low I don't I that I kind of and I baby photo Crosby I may be in that the keys and NFL guys when healthy Crosby's an NFL I think revote could make the leak. I mean you got guys have some. The physical skills there that kind of have that raw ability. But I I don't like I wanna see Freeman when he comes out they were. Whispers inside their program that. Went when they test when they're you know. Cut their own version the pro days debt free and runs in the 46 or seven range that he that he was not going to impress at the NFL come by especially after the year's film he put on there. And I've always thought phrase as good a college player years. He is always left me wanting more he just has it there's always been something that just. Doesn't quite. Jump out of you on film for a guy that looks like that it should be dominating college football and he scares me. That he is not going to be a player on the next level he definitely looks the part. A Tyree Robinson. Is that Hasbro potential yet does yeah those are right at their best athletes are young and I think there's plenty of talent pool working to win. And win. Early big next year. All right coming up next there is a guy. In Major League Baseball whose attempt to do something that no player has done in 75 years. Long time tell you what it is for 46 on the fans. From the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway. Like you might fare quite dramatic U summit. And by O'Reilly auto parts this is attorney midweek edition of primetime what I chicken soup. Rocky about we don't market on TN AV OK and. All right I'm 55 it. Left Friday read them. Hopefully club. I've got hot train news and hot airplane news yes boy out to automobile news yeah there's there's someone when he got out of well I guess I was thinking of planes trains and automobiles. The drinking does kind of involve automobiles this train commercial running right now on Spotify that we need it's yes. Aria if you ever thought about the dangers of trains. Well give me either. But apparently it's a finger and how we're running commercials about it I thought that it until yesterday when I saw a story and I like to discuss. Shell discuss. I think it offensive people of this once if you have a loved one that died tragically in a train accident who you probably are going to be affected negated if you're gonna offend. Frame broke yeah I'm gonna within tree growth. Yeah I have a little something for a year before we had a hotline at five I don't read about this and found that most interesting. That we have a player in Major League Baseball who's looking to be something that hasn't been done since 1942. The tree but this joint to guess. That's that's the hard it's hard guess I'll just tell you that you got let's let's for the sake of radio let's do death that. His name is Christian Betancourt. He plays in the San Diego Padres. Which automatically means I had no idea who it is. We played this game off the Arab need your San Diego Padres. And I think. We came up with a one player does stuff now. And stuff. Genachowski. Neither outfield when there builders and even now after my telling us the line at this is like two weeks ago we still can't they give any Padre players. So Christa backcourt plays for San Diego he's a catcher but they threw in into the game. We never get their ass kicked last year and he pitched an inning and two thirds that happens that again is lively arm to her dad throw him out there. And they wanna wasting their pitchers Andy likes his arm to the point where he is pitching for them in spring training this year. Now this happens a lot where it in the minors you know they put this kid's got a lively arm let's let's maybe you put him in the bullpen you know who's Matt bush that kid. For Texas who's one of the top prospects in all of baseball is now with the in the Rangers pull that he was not a pitcher for real this time he's an infielder they switched him he's injured he's met again and they put him an edit he can throw heat. So. They're having guys it has slits obviously you know Rick Ankiel was an outfielder got that a pitcher know he was a pitcher you felt you had to do it out Grisham Betancourt is trying to become. The first player since 1940 cute. You played ball. Pitcher and catcher in one year in the same season. But he's got to catch. He is gonna catch he's really get behind a later start no. He's really good behind the plate he's a back up but he's he's he is a good glove in the love him back there but he's also there work and about in spring training. The pit. Road is not an everyday player right I don't I want I don't doubt that the right of both I'm surprised more people. More guys more teams don't like guys you always intrigued by this is again not beat a baseball guy. But when. When you've played in high school that the best pitcher is always the best hitter to. The assembly is best athlete you know that that the guy that always you know he's got like a one ERA. And the author of X seventeen bombs these hidden in high school they don't like 630 it's ridiculous right. And you always wonder like at some point you have to make the distinction. Police would like mats of Baumgartner he could swing the bat this talk like I think it's a couple times maybe he's mighty B yea just like. The I don't know how are they Bryce Harper to Bryce Harper can bring the gas on the mound you wonder how many good pitchers there are they don't hit. You better without baseball players that are out played around they pitched a one time I just I've ever does that really well heart current high school supposedly harper threw the high nineties beyond them shows talk to guys like they'd never pitch again because their position players. Or vice Versa their only pitchers they don't get they give up the baton. And I've never understood why at the very least NL teams don't work on their pitchers hitting got a ties me crazy thing c'mon these guys were good athletes. They can handle the bat that you don't work on the little bit and never understood that I get that you're not getting regular reps in if you're at the highest level but I'm with you elect when you see a guy that's hit like you know 120. Guarantee that guy in high school or college was a great stay well Betancourt will be the first two way players since Brooks. Quiche nick who made 42 appearances out of the brewers' bullpen and he started three games of left field and four more at DH in 2004. But the reason I bring up 1942 uses. The last player to appear at least three games as bull the pitcher and catcher in the same season was 1942 or some guy for the Red Sox named Mike Reid I've. Feel like back in 1942 you had to play nine different positions are they cut you off. And like every game went 1980s I just that's just old type B baseball he smoked a pack of cigarettes bitterness between innings and not enough those kid yes filters either no doughnut hole. Just street Barbara we teased well. We've never really seen that we haven't seen a long time anyway the Padres plan to have Christian Betancourt bowl pitch and catch. This season but you got a little pitch and catch it right though give your take shot up. And it's. You afraid that no man baseball thaws pitcher you did a little bit of a pitcher Padilla gets into you know she might prefer to go from the top. That's not what hired. Well you heard wrong its sources close to me right up by the five is coming up next. Looks like Marshawn Lynch may be returning we'll tell you what team. We come back on the fan.

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