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Primetime 3.17.17 Hour 1

Mar 17, 2017|

More hot tourney talk, and discussing some of the most exciting older tourney teams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time on Jay Nady in the sale and no basketball party begins they're all really good if you had to pick one for your TV picket unaccompanied. Brought to talk a little. Cut off all. This is a tournament week edition of primetime with eyes again soon. Brought him back I think they'll markets need a local lender who specializes in the game down after the markets can help that I think the markets dot com primetime Mon ten AB. How Brad what they do. Love bill does that given year I don't know that I don't know how an either or yesterday was that freaking gong show. Got a little sideways in here last night at the line they're. There really escalated quickly. It's dropped that suit your sports pros. We're down near the independent sports bar and grill I sliced off the ground do not hear him on those self was Broadway plays displays pop in. Yesterday and poverty in today because Saint Patrick's Day I'd say at least double the crowd yeah I exercise early that's only going to continue to build. Throughout the night as we are celebrating stump the Irish. Don't you and a little over celebrating I I you know what I'm celebrating on celebrating life and DNC turn it. There you go OK leave our veterans day I can pass the Irish like anything that's like Bloomberg light in like with some read it it. Scandinavian German and Irish it's as I'd blend in real well when it comes to that. They are really really white cultures I'm right in there well usually. You know Saint Patrick's Day it can be can be a rough night out because people start per year early yeah. You know my daughter lives in Chicago and be careful and it's oh it's in both Chicago media it's the humble people Pago Pago. Balls to the wall toggle for saint Patrick's they said rivers or she lives overcome a by Wrigley Field which is like right along like where they did the trade group. And she says that there were people last night like 1:2 in the morning says he'd like they just don't stop they they start the night before. And they go setup the jurors to get ready for the parade route and then they tailgate all throughout the night. And then they start to get in the morning like 67 they start with a bloody Mary's and it just goes all weekend long. Hello Chicago. She attends another reason to let Chicago but until that's deaths over the national it's all over the country everybody's getting all. Fired up watches and games out of here in here for the USC they're yeah USC SI UIPS have you closed not all of them we had. I think it's mostly just gambling I doubt there's a lot of US a year as have you people here but. We could become a web back and forth everytime a shot was made. Once out of the bar would get all rowdy and then the other and it was it's a thing is everybody ready for their bracket average for the brackets and my bus that I guess that you went into games. But it's it's fun when. You get a crowd like that. They try to get into a game and try to get that environment that's where you don't want to sit home. Wanna come back to a place like this that Kamal by joyous. Where they get instilled happened back like UCLA is the late game tonight yes that's the last step right around like 650 yes it will be here will be here. But the whole show again last night a little sideways out there were lucky to be back up but dammit what we're gonna bring you today a at which I think story each try again I have some stories about last night public how Kelly did you stay. Well boy are we got out here if you get well. That means it was a while I was about eleven OK I was one of the last and guess who else was one of the last Crawford Alex Crawford based on it. You guys have a buddy manned ship and that it ties in all it's getting ready to go an unbelievable that he was carried it over. But I before the radar chili peppers concert he was just like he it's like he was in Chicago this news is they gave you on Ryan over there he's sitting with dusty he was their last night one of my buddies drew it was a it was a good time but I had to go to BYE sixth grade band extravagance that idea I had to go which I'm telling ya that's I know you guys have a good time but let me please have the we New Year's sixth grade middle school band played super calloused fragile this. I kicks reality ocean just off. That's six Levy to a whole new stratosphere maybe we could mark that might that was and again the super talent prejudice at X reality oceans. That the name of the song I don't look the Mary Poppins thing well you're not quite announcing it I don't know what the hell you call a picket super power of fragile SPX BO pollution sure let's go without. I just know that sued and they played it or what I assumed. Was. An attempt at at that that's gone get a very slowdown in addition to things about little kid. What was it like at the band concert at two things about little keeping content up one. They're awful we knew. They're quick. Right they don't they only learned like two or three songs yeah but we had to sit in the sixth and seventh yeah he'd period wrote about an hour yesterday and hours not that. Now that's about the here's the part that did. That riles me up to my kids and 632 series to its first. The concert started seventh lap hall laughs. To try to get Derrick I'm trying to be reasonable father like hey I'm I've showed up do the best I can't overrated and and I get there right is what whatever I get there they're just finishing it up. It's like they're really get to hear Mikey had and that's the sit there and listen to kids that I don't know in the seventh and eighth grade played Lee. Whatever it's really it's it's double awful for me. Get to see my kid plays due to be there for moral support at the end of screaming out tonight whether Osama hang out tonight they have a green beer. Party it up I'll be here. I'm coming down the well. Mike Lynch of oh wait I had no sign of Crawford I guess he was rough on here this morning well it is stunning development that the 48 hours straight we don't begin. Hitting please like naive now. You don't get back on page you know there's like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite it what he did was he went Jason Taylor. Then what he did an interview when you're 26 and single thing dirt so he got out here and so I'm sure he had an even another experience now. That we didn't even know about doing that you know who knows how late that he's got a good show he's got to get like 4:30 in the morning is an end. Well if you can't make it down tonight I just want to let you know that they will have five dollar bloody marys. In their opening at 830 tomorrow. And Sunday as of this weekend you can come in as well it's the independent. Sports bar and grill. But downtown Portland were right by. -- out just steakhouse right by us I think sauce boxes across the street. And yes. Mary's club Aries the right next door give choice and you leave you could take a right. Take a left the threat they're feeding of marriage yes ethnic grapple with her final final. At the Benson last night after we left here at eleven I think they called us all here but I can't remember the and we walked down the street in everything was closing. Off at like 11 o'clock I couldn't believe it's a we discussed I was disgusted. That's when the fun begins the city you're reliving that there will anyway. We have Chicago has the Florio bars not nothing bettered party in Chicago QA ME and the floor again you need an energy what you eat dinner like 11 o'clock at night. Europe. Well Leo we at with the Joseph I think today. We'll see what happens yeah a lot of the talk lot of big job but it's Friday. We'll have Friday random I did a follow up from our conversation two days ago you were asking an easy question about how sixteen seeds. Feel when they get their ass kicked out like right now we're north Carolina's up by forty. Which I have a follow up to that because there was one today yet maybe that was that was Lewis got North Carolina it's on right now one O one day is 61 right now yeah. Good lord that's forty that's a blow to last I checked in it was ten to ten at one point that Kansas math covenant but that. Well anyway it got to follow up to that we've got to Damione Lewis stuff. We've got look at my notes here. Searching searching. Our own lives if it's medical news and notes solely you know I got a couple signings photo calls for called today you'll Oregon State's spring games tomorrow daft right around the corner they. That's not given an early spring practice. The low we talk and all those things today and so much more but if you're sixteen for sixteen guy. Granite. Sixteen pursuits like. Bracket guy you know this morning brought a guy who called all the games yesterday I had pretty much all the talk advance except for you there was very few upsets there were two Maryland Lawson Minnesota lost about getting this guy and he that the guy who greets you are tech earnings and hours out perfect and by the way most veto a lot lot of experts had that did those work upsets. They were slow your roll out brawl just is breathe a little bit honest now like you leaving about exceed your very quickly anyways that you knew that they like the princess of what happened I gave I know it's a great Ocean City CNET France SA has already come out and he tried to do yet so yeah he's depending. How he said he said that. OK so might princesses the guy in New York yeah he's a radio hosts he falls asleep noble one. Yeah he's this little guy now these is holding confusing but he's still on the air on WFAN. The number one guy in the alleged the most famous radio host will sports host of all time. And he was breaking down the Maryland Florida State game they. Didn't play during the year and they don't play in the first round of the tournament. Well he said first of all the first thing he said which is right about. Is he said you think people really watch any of these teams he's not whether March Madness the brackets is that he's seen this evening unites of guy. People think they aired they pretend that they know what's going on at Merrill under whatever they don't know. And he said on sort of the same way because I don't want all the let you know I do my brackets like you have any said he got a text of his wife about his kid who got injured in a sporting events piled. Until he was he was dressed racket he'd pulled the distractions aren't really going to injured kids. While any time I screw something up now like I MJ both hit that's gonna gonna do I get them I figured out someone dead I'm gonna go to guy. Just received a text message in my son got his hand got the microwave and freak got hijacked a bus full of big win so I look a little bit of a family emergency right now I. I can't be expected to know who's living and dying I raised badgers and I was bitten the it won't that was a district that's a good one. Yeah but you know that's handsets it's just not that big or you know what just gloss that over and never addressed yeah yeah prices like you know you fell asleep on the air multiple times. Slow anyway slowly year old at your bracket guide this morning is a long way to go. Right this afternoon long way to go to your perfect bracket all right we'll get into some bracket stuff coming up next in I have a little something else thinking about today. When watching Arkansas play team ever forty minutes of hell I do for forty minutes of hell will that fund Nolan Richardson what Todd Davis on some of those scenes Portland no Williams Williams Bruce Williamson on those guys they won a championship. Think they want Egyptian I'm pretty sure they did yeah I think Arkansas won one wit it I remember Arkansas being good going Richardson yeah he does watch in Arkansas pedantic. Could forty minutes of hell come back and work in today's game and that's normal start coming up next it's 312 on the feet. Is brought to you by Baird but I imagine you've summit and by O'Reilly auto blurred so this is a tournament week additional prime time what I sickens suit brought you back at us we go market on Jay Nady both rim. When he asks Ryder left for the after party last night definitely hard rights. Make no mistake. Who went straight dugout show they were closing varies did not happen though we went hard right not even an appearance though. You know meeting and think about it we just went right. What was the next and never write again and then write again and then write again that you something called like Olympus or some them. I'm here I think that's cults fleiss had a good little cocktail there. Held at night to Cooper home anyway Hoover was like a hundred bucks to get home last night. I get very little price gouge it's the first I think who were all the time is the first. Price spike that I've ever had to. Into it's we went to lifted the 66 dollars yet about that yet they get John's saint patty's day. You know that is well let's say tactics well nobody is that we get any worse than I don't that is that you can in the back tax that just looks like you're gonna hard sort of started sixty horsepower sixty. What should know quite I was just to bring over here in the woman that was to bring he said I not driving tonight. It's because I don't even know wanted to know if you know bit the odds of bodily fluids ending up in micro. The horror at what Ouattara Tyler yet Todd are are entered into a river driver he was driving grandma around in great they just. Who'll forget she puke all all all our response is brand new disgusting thing I ever got back. Hi there. I was driving up to Seattle once with a oral Boston's classic out he had just bought a brand new Honda Pilot bringing 200000. Close. But at about our way back our promotions director jet in flight and had a little too much of the merit or game. And we were like oh I wanna see right around Tacoma like maybe forty minutes out. And just. Guys I'm not feeling that well rubles or he's given that same about a time to process that I just gave view. Oh wait it guy who's in the heat vents are all on the dash. Brand new car and might I say. That there is no worse no no than pharma though it did you cannot get rid of it in your car I don't care what you do you can for breezy you can scrap that. It is their you'll smell that for the next year. I'm blinking really hard around trying not to smell like it against Dallas labor around our Canadian that there dot com poll question. Which team and made college basketball most exciting. He got five options on here for you by big choice I'm throwing back here this college basketball to be used to be so much better than it is now. So you've got the late or early. Duke teams slug date yep. Great yellows they may basketball exciting because they were the villain yes Jerry Tarkanian. And you Adobe that's going to be my winner. Michigan the fab five two years of forty minutes of hell Arkansas. Or beat Paul was head Loyola I scoring machine you know gathers and like every twelve seconds Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers strength. That's right which is I almost let's. Shaq when he was an LSU on here they were damn good. But I did and I I'd those those five stuck out to need that anyway I was I put that up there are so you can vote it's an eighty to pin dot com. Because they all are existing. And college basketball just doesn't have anything like that any of those sound anymore. Maybe I guess coach Cain do his cause they still gonna have that you know mystique about them. But I was watching Arkansas plague on him. What is forty minutes and help came back just full court press up and down the entire time so fun to watch it then you know Loyola marymount. You know that Loyola marymount LSU game until homework on all of the all of this today. In those recent quotes from from Paul Westphal Bo Kimble. And Lula married now imagine this since in this tournament that we're watching today. Loyola marymount so he gathers died. And Bo Kimble led Loyola marymount this is the team feel remembered they they would score 130 points a game yeah they were of the league gathers led the country in scoring and rebounding. Ends. They they got to the elite eight and they played Shaq Seles you see out the final score of that game was a 148241. Ed and I want you to really overtime here realize that the get Michigan and Oklahoma State they played that ninety I was 1991. Something like that. And everyone was blown away at the scoring explosion. That was ninety points you right eighty points in today's college about now game. And we were due enhance what did you watch Michigan Oklahoma State today yeah a little bit of it as a big game yeah yeah actually north wanted a team can play any defense look this good couldn't miss. You know me you know every day. It didn't have been 9291. That's only about sixty points off of what LSU is you will very much. Did that that night did it so I wonder could do that returned in college basketball. Today because I tell you what any of those. Would make for much more interest the tournament and much more. Justine sports and I don't think he can I think that unfortunately that's that's gone by the wayside. And why you just don't build team anymore. This you can't pick if you look back when all those teams having common. It's the guys stayed multiple years. Mean you know but that the one conducting didn't it didn't happen Stacey Augmon Larry Johnson Greg Anthony. Those guys were there for multiple runs you know the arc the Duke Team they weren't there for all years later in the you know I wanna say. That it wasn't until Jason Williams Biggs was Grant Hill. You can have a whatever left early all those guys were for your players you got to build those teams against other great teams. Even without the state for two years you know they weren't one and done they went to final fours. You got to build up there are some continuity there I also think that the waiting game has developed. I just think that the individual style of play and it's it's changed the way these guys or are developed and I just I don't buy it I I just think this is college basketball and I don't think it's gonna get fixed I think this is what you see now where. If you're coach paid. You're gonna play defense because you know that a good offensively you're not gonna have continuity you're gonna shoot the three and you're gonna play defense in this is what we get it. But I would I would say. Be careful saying that Arkansas or Lou marymount where you know he'd. Did it play defense Ono you know he plays great defense the BB defense and sixty because well they did their style was more. Pressure that flow more Arkansas and loyal burnout or more of we're gonna pressure pressure pressure and then we're gonna pressure again we're gonna create turnovers in their defense often times created they're often so I think I need. Of course Lou Loyola marymount is known for their offence guys but. They play. But it was known it it it's kind of remembered more as an up and down south I'd I don't know if it would work either but I would be I'd be fascinated to see someone. Try it tonight with the one and done thing. Of course you're not gonna have. You know guys stay in 34 years but it doesn't mean you can't implement the system as a matter fact that system may actually be more. Preferable to kids if you only play one or two years it it. Because the thing about those systems. Is they were really difficult I mean they like the conditioning the and what you had to go through in order to beat in the shape to play that way. I think the big question is would kids. Commit to that well if you think about. This is what Paul was that said you know red clip a quote from him since he said he he didn't think it would work. Because. Kids at the the idea of it is amazing. Kids that come to my practices and they would throw up their hands and walk off because it's it was that hard I ran them that hard because you have to eat. Conditioned that way in order to play that style so you can go out that you could sell kids and say hey let's imagine the selling. Point you like look you you're you're gonna get the green light you're gonna be able to shoot whenever you want your pick your numbers in our system are gonna look better than any other. System. But they get on campus and they realize pool OK I have to run this much effort played as much defense. No chance the other piece he and he said he did not think that if the coach tried that that he would get anybody to commit to because these kids are all prima Donna's now. And that's why I kind of went back to the EU thing where you know a lot of these guys that are stories just are gonna buy it because it there is a real sense of individuals. Look at the number one you know draft picks of the last couple years. Having played the NCAA tournament. It'd and you all I don't ever light. Charter member whose words I was listening to review they said. What are the problems the U system is no one cares what you win or lose you play solid gains don't give him. You lose it in a tournament it's all right you got another tournament next week and it's more about your individual gave any city it's getting harder and harder. Did you get the elite players to have team. By. And you're gonna in order to play this doubt you're talking about you have to have ultimate team by the closest thing I think was a couple of years ago. Went Kentucky went 1112 deep around the year they have like eight guys drafted nine guys. Kentucky get a little bit of that because Kentucky could press because they just platoon guys and that's what is it do you have the depth Buick can you play 1011 guys. The towns so spread out now I don't know if you can't. Yeah well Houston's have a massive success with a in the NBA you know it does Connie go to what might he and Tony likes to do that is. Let's get a shot up within the first seven seconds of the shot clock that's what you wanna do. I just you know it's just a sport is you watch this turn it it's just a sport that needs an offensive shot in the arm man yes it's just it's it's great we love the term that we loved of the bracket format. But the college game is so over coached and visit total possessions are down with and its offense is limited it needs somebody to come in. You know I didn't think it was something turned on its ear I think you'd be fun to watch. He's usually in the BS MU game I didn't I. And if I guess it's another advantage against a better that it wasn't a god awful three but what it is. What is that possession but what is it will be well let's travel around and wait till there's three seconds and then just throw up a floater. I did I I don't come from the basketball world I've now played organized basketball since I was in the cemetery. But to me when when we're plate the meat tastes a bit about Weiss we knew what we're doing seven period writes about what we got the backdoor cut. In football we practiced situationally. That that's like a quarter of our practice is situational football and there's money team alive. Bum bum junior I took the NFL that doesn't have situational awareness that when you get down that you need eight to play play our unique. You know it's for the team you got something. The star of the but it everywhere these games that you don't have something set. But you don't have something you can call the sudden I get not calling timeout I think you had three timeouts they wanna call is the bleeding you don't want let the defense that up. But you're telling me at no point during your practice you have something sex. You have something you can go to to ensure that you get a good look how many of these games we have to see come down to the end. With a golf shot before someone has something in their pocket. What I can hold up a finger and it won both what we're supposed to know that you get halfway decent quote. Yeah it is gloves and I mean that I think such is the situation where it's okay let's go back and talk about that because well one. He's a they had three timeouts are three time outs. Gutsy that's stupid because they defense got sued anyway I mean if you look if you if your if your logic. By not calling a timeout is free float it down their lipstick on before they get set well then why then are you pulling the ball out and standing they're dribbling at her five seconds because that. That's essentially allows the defense is that you're gonna go they offense well but let's talk about this we come back and want to get your thoughts if you would Texas at 55305. Could the up tempo forty minutes of hell Loyola marymount style ball. Return in today's game especially with all the threes being shot what would it look like it could be you know I think it'd be interesting. The season when at least try it 55305. Let's say Texas your 55305 welcome back to talk more about it it is 329 and here is Mike. Sand madness lies from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway is bright you might be aired. But the Nigerian summit. And by O'Reilly auto flirts this is a tournament week additional prime time what I sickens soup trapped inside of three dollar mortgage on ten any of prayer room. By the way Internet. Motorola marymount. LSU elite eight game yeah. That was 148 wants what I want to go to overtime. I was reading a story about that today that said that that guard for LSU the point guard admitted throwing the ball out of bounds on purpose. To catch his breath. Really that's how fast pace of that game was thought. I've met some of those like quarter. Will like Europe like a thirteen fourteen play drive and you're running back a fumble you throw a pick it you don't really care could you just happy to be off the field. And I look back touchdown return over either way give me the hell off the field I can respect that but your point about. Last second shots and we've seen. While Princeton had one yesterday out Vanderbilt had one yesterday. In SMU had one today don't openness in any emceed at all the action but at least as that news was not an ill advised three. No but it sure looked like the guy was gonna stand out there and just took up an ill advised threes they think they'll three seconds when he made his move in any threat to dribble dribble in any god like just a he's a lucky just break it. But the thing you know the game winner for USC was set up on the dribble drive made that defense collapse he found the guy wide oh yeah the earth CI was actual law I wonder. I don't know I'd I don't know what all goes on in the huddles but I know this happens and you figure out what's the blazers more than anybody right so the blazers did a slot Terry Alia I mean they they. We they get with when he comes down to. You know whatever it is five to fifteen seconds. And you have the ball the tendency is to. Run a Yoon you wanna run a play you got he got submitting your hip pocket based on how the you know game's going he's hot whatever. In college. I don't know how many of these coaches. Are just let guys free flow like I think they're just giving it their drawn again they're just drawn up. You know what. Sums they're trying to get some sort of look some sort of set. And I wonder if it's not better. Especially the NBA. When you've had some time did you do this I know Terry Stotts is that sometimes he does give the volcano words in your your I guy you're a star your point guard go deeply could have put forth the Helen. And you let it strike you let hardened or looted whoever stay at the top of the later they did that would Aldridge doubted they would just dump it down and I was hated that. It's so. I just I wonder if they're not better off. Just. Given the ball the point guard. Ellen you're dudes to move. More than you've ever move before. Without the ball. Work it around and just get a shot right who's is that bad coaching to walk into a huddle with fifteen seconds left Xavier then. We're not run and anything what I want you to do is I want you are who Ethiopia and competent point guard we're gonna give the ball though. Billy Joseph Jim baba it's not what I liken you to go out there it goes in you know what he's gonna make it happen but you all need to do it in C. You don't know what's wrong with you you wonder if maybe this seems like everybody just stops moving the all stander rallies like this that the panic it's four watch it one guy movement and move move move I don't know if you saw the Princeton if you if you go back to watch the Princeton play out. The guy. Chucked up again they were only down one they did not meet its reach into the big long 328. Feet or twenty footer if you watch the replay of that play their was their baseline cutter. It was coming open. Was was coming under his guy underneath the basket he was going to be wide open. Now he didn't pass it to them so maybe maybe they use who they play Notre Dame maybe that Notre Dame guy. Let up guarding the baseline cutter because he saw the guy was an issue is all happens instantaneously. But it looked like the big debates like cut it was coming wide open he could have fired a pass down to them. And had a layup right. It's that it's like move it move it. Worst hit and somebody somewhere if you're working your ass off it is going to be open find him play as a team it's only fifteen seconds. Let me ask you when's the last time you saw pot. In an NBA game or certainly at a college basketball game where you saw the last possession that resulted in honestly. You really clean. Saw the look within ten feet of the basket it doesn't happen pretty late it's it's. I don't know it's it's it's like yet here we talk about it we believe in it but what's left I saw one. Well look. If you guys have an opening your college your high school for coach we're here with that let's do this I mean look I know the scoring play. You know the same thing I'm not it's Carolina basketball it's common sense like we watch some of the stuff it's amazing how little. You know just how few good shots get. Lady games especially college where I mean guys like he delivered Russell was stricken begrudge you your your guys remake hero shots yeah but they can't do that in college now the. Well they just confused because I come from a sport where. Against situational football is every every thinking you're like let's go back to the national title game with with Clemson Alabama. With when they're down there at the three yard nineteen magic. Doubles when he an end and at that team not happy that a planned not has been an idea of what you wanna do. They don't or do we let down their company into New England basically ran three Q horribly miserable gone off three of the last one was that. The games like touchdown wasn't this the year two point play but you know what I mean. Just that notion is is starting to meet never before bite bed in a fourth and one situation and we're like couple boy what the hell were we gonna do you you're gonna do because you drew do you practice that time and time and time again. In it with these coaches. Cause rust or is that everything is over coats everything is so disciplined and didn't he just do you kind of strangled it just amazes me that that is never. A point of emphasis at least it doesn't seem that way to well don't whatever doesn't. But I think it's the opposite I think I think what you're saying is. In football you have to do it that way or else you're going to fail deaths in basketball they try to do it that way they always fail now what I'm saying it has loosened it up a little bit you don't actually have to draw up a set. Because what happens when he dropped a set is everybody stands around an odd place for everything to open up what. The reality is give the ball your point guard to do is remove the in May be just maybe if you guys have played as a team and looking for each other map you can find an open you could at least get an open look bubble concept you know I think I might say Bennett College basketball maybe that's bad coaching but I think what that's that might get Tony does the idea Tony gives the ball he hits overly simple what my dear Tony does as a head coach. It's a big like it's that people don't. When he gets the ball teams started it's it's G it if he needs a good point guard to run it Steve Nash of course. And now James hard but he gives the ball to his point guard he says within the first 567 seconds I've got it right. Everybody's movement you know where everybody's supposed to be. Read it read the defense and go from there if there up on you. Go around them if you can't if there if they're sagging take the shot you know I mean it's it's not. I basketball to be football is as complex is you want it to be like it can be really really really complex Catholic Charities now basketball is not. You know it's sometimes you just got to roll the ball and let your players. Make plays and does. I don't know the strength let it out yet begin exactly squeeze it out all of the. The culprit in game it would probably did what we call it prowess is my analysis you know you know everyone's so jammed up but it went so tight that you can say you all stand up watching. It does seem that way that in the end the games. It's four guys watching one guy operate you know. All right well public it's a Texan when we get back to Texas a five by three of five like that what's coming in that the original topic is a wood forty minutes of hell. Or the old Loyola marymount style with Paul was at work in today's game greeted some of those next minutes for we will cover. How org it looked today as they play yes they did in the NCAA tournament as they want. I lots my Iona gaels its attack at some are not good now 344 on the fan. Fans madness live from the independent sports bar and grille and so it was Broadway is brought to you by Baird private Nigerian summits and by O'Reilly auto parts this is a tournament week additional price in time for the Isaac institute dropped you back up as we go bargain on Jay Nady drove him. Yeah our right title tags and text here we're talking about just the state college basketball watching this term that. And it isn't over coached sports no question. But you know when guys don't stay three or four years to develop their games it's just you know you can see why it becomes about defense and very little. You know there's a lot of guys who you. Score although this year is a pretty each year you know with. With Alonso ball in Philly the young Josh Jackson Kansas and this Kentucky kids can score lead do you have. You know the only and that's why did the elite schools let out. UCLA is fun to watch him they say are they they don't want to get up and out of the you can finish your program and a couple of textures have brought out. A press Virginia which is West Virginia they pressed down but you know the question was is with forty minutes of hell. Work in today's game would loyal very networking today's game because that the game does need an authentic shot in the arm. But most dealers saying no because basically Paul was dead. You know. Brand its players so hard and nobody would come don't know if you don't avoid it like the plague now but. West Virginia it's more than just pressing and need. What's the DD does precedent they're fun to watch will marymount wanted to just basically chuck up more shots that units and eight by Hugh more than you I'm going to score more than you and isn't that the point of the the best way to let them their basketball. A couple of text here. Shrink the shot clock it institute continuation do more scoring. That's from Jordan leave us yeah I'd like to see some rules changes I think Gary pitcher chuck what they did they drop down to 3530. Yeah but my. My fear is if they if you drop did you drop down to an NBA would just lead to more. It does lead to more bad shot you know they ought to do is gonna take a page of the NBA's book and never called traveling with the no well I know why traveling all over the value. This does not love the CBC Nolan Richardson basketball for the health Texans that Missouri did it under Mike Anderson the I don't remember the death of Venus and have been very get a look it was said that some smaller schools have tried it but it just did it hasn't been really effective. Again you may have to have the horses noted Buick yachts may have to have a lot of debt and or pull it off. Office of leasing watched Chino Hills the the ball's high school out where they basically just the mean these corporate 120 game well. But again that goes back to every time they step on the floor or they've got superior athletes they're what else they're playing it doesn't happen we get to the next level. It's. If it's going to take up a major commitment from a big time school in order to pull this off Chino Hills or you know. Whatever talents did you coach doing it either get a big differences like it was this the the high school in Connecticut Arkansas or whatever it is that never that never punts never kicks yeah they go for too they are thank you can every time so that's great hey it works in the high school in Arkansas. It's it's not gonna happen now Auburn starts doing that I'll rhetorically whether you'll see more people adopted. Chip Kelly Gary you know Kelly started winning and are gonna reflect what guidance. At someone's than your casual fan don't know to be sensible it would make it more fun to watch also could it be a shift. Kind of like what you did an organ it absolutely could Yani thank. If somebody came in and try to go with if you're successful you know I think he could do it a smaller school I think you go to these. And I don't know how many of those guys he would go for that but at a smaller school. I don't know maybe you could pull it off. Yeah now but again. Smaller now but that's it you think it's chicken and the egg thing. You go to the smaller school could you give more volume but yet you athletes to pull off wares at the bigger school he had the athletes to pull it off it's different by. Which one it's more difficult to view. Look at through here. Super calloused regardless kicks reality ocean just off the cuff. There it is the thirtieth. Close yet first heart rate that's something like that that's brilliant teacher miss not having there was an overblown wind bag Bill Walton. Thinking Jesus I. Don't Burton was still around berg retired as he called a game he's calling. Why do live and I won't berg retired this year from college football. Members repeatedly big emotional stuff yeah I thought that that bird was just going away like he was done but I get burned was just. I don't know this is his last NCAA tournament Roberta is doing some gates. Here in the in the turbulent and I'm going to and they meet her I heard the boards are the weights. Her you're back. I heard the short from beyond the beyond the great. Why east vs losses the true civil war of northwest and you look at that this is cock fight with those two middle schools get together. You know I don't know cause that's why I love college basketball. But it is so deteriorated. Who's won I won a little life in that sucker the goddess with you it's just it's it's hard to watch him if it wasn't for the tournament format. Each. That the immunity to give them cocaine. With Keith back in the 80s90s and maybe it was hooked into overdrive they how to replace sixty minutes a couple I got an idea to a couple trailers and see what happens. Ballots several went out will be good to go. All right. Well leave poll question at 1080 the fan dot com is which old school teammate college basketball most exciting. Lleyton or her lead duke Tarkanian you know be the fab 540 minutes of hell or loyal and very not. And now right now. It's pretty close but looks like hearts you know beat teams. Photo site fab five number one then I. Are you know he tees and big is is because I was a kid the man however I remember getting caught up with all of that all of loyal American. Yeah that was they I was a little on the line what I this I remember the you know begun to keep you're you're you know beer you review. I remember like even like junior high and everyone had those stupid starter Parker's. Like half the school at duke it out bid had UNLV and it's just that that was a fun. It was like out of the preppy kids vs that this stupid. Like none of that's where bad kids but like you were trying to rebel you're like yeah you at all because I'm typing your from Vancouver Washington. But it was like you know what it was the lakers Celtics with Carter that you know good good people sort of wishful thing and then Michigan when they give of the fab five. I don't know if you do that every idiot my school again everyone's sort of Wear baggy shorts and in the ankle socks now like that was the cultural shift. That the fab five brought at thirty to thirty young that is really did yeah. I mean that's that's changed and and it changed basketball style forever. And by the way all those teams dirty as hell. We need is just go back to just open became players whenever the hell we want. How much money was doled out to that you know via that fab five team but not duke. Duke would never pay for publicity you ever all right are we guarantee Christian leaders on the team guaranteeing. Move on coming out while mice can have an update here about four minutes and give all your is he terms source refused to begin wanting an update. Bud out then we're gonna talk about how worried left or get advances. They'd beats. I don't they beat the beat Jesus had a with what they did it. It did but he got a little. Little while they closed the gap to about thirteen barely there metallic like 27 and we're. They were and that's what there's an encouraging things that happen in the game we'll talk about that and coming up next on 1080 the fan.

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