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Dirt & Sprague, Friday 3-17-17 Hour 3

Mar 17, 2017|

The guys wonder what the Seahawks are up to possibly trading Richard Sherman, plus other NFL news and notes, and how do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. He's one of the best weeks in sports it was a pretty special day we had a couple thousand. People here in new arena people that I've been watching northwestern basketball for a lot of years there have been way. Waiting for this day this is an attorney midweek edition of dirt and spray. You brought you back up we go markets need a local lender who specializes in PA round I was legal markets can help good athlete on mortgage dot com. The elbow left side you. We are in good. Durden spray gun ten million. It's much harder spray happy Friday thing happy saint Patrick states in the end. Live here on ten and advance got drugs that are after this break it was follow. We will fly you back live at the independent sports bar and grill they do have fanned mabus a packed house so far today it was a jam packed for the entire deck game you've got fans. Of filter the way up the doors and it made room for new fans so pack sells great day so far of the amendments. That's been a lot of fun to watch all these games duck fans still hanging out. And as they have most of today to watch these games then even though we don't have as many great games we did last year is that look it up. And it's like to both a couple of other games as well last there was actually a great pursuit is kind of forgot how good you last see your lines well my mind was stuck on organ state losing to DC you had. I've got about Michigan state of the TC losing in their opening game but not to get time out the independent. And you know coming out with us coming up in the being here Moammar our our show I think it's it would be doing their show live as soon as we're going to be hanging out. Out here all evening at the independent sports bar and also can say hello Ali give a quick thank you to our sponsors of fan madness of brought to you by Baird O'Reilly auto parts the Nike hoops summit in of course the independent sports bar and grill that's where we're at. October 11 seven answers so interesting article that we just sobbed. I've come across the wire that the Seahawks. Are entertaining the notion of trading one of their key players publicly what's going on. What the player isn't one offer they're looking for coming up in ten minutes from now well and I know we're gonna talk about the the club conversation about me being cheat a little later as well yeah we and that's segment also discuss. Our plan potentially looming for the summer of what we wanna do what it's like. Literally you know sports going on the baseball all absolutely one of Arco where absolutely. I can't lie like that throw the I don't out to see what listeners would think about that yeah we'll get to that as we'll hear later I do wanna just making a quick trip around the National Football League snitching news. I'm coming up today yesterday we brought it to get the Minnesota Vikings site are running back and they came out today Adrian Peterson's done we told you that. And and it sounds like the landing spots that are heating up for Adrian Peterson there's still about one albums Oakland. The other one green bank. Both of which I think would be great pits two teams that I have a lot of fountain place a playoff caliber teams. It could use a veteran running back and you just wonder what's the better fit for him because I think both teams that. Wave that they're built it they both kind of make the same sense to me it's just about where you wanna play you wanna go to California. Or do you wanna stay in the cold weather and and play against your former team next season arm and also by the way we need to think about this. These teams have a choice and right now they're not choosing Adrian Peterson now he may have to lower his asking price yacht and he may end up somewhere. Pretty soon but right now these teams are choosing other guys over an 80 over Adrian Peterson. Who's well into his thirties and by all accounts is asking for maybe a little too much money so that's going to be important thinks he was who's willing to pay him the most. And how much lower as he can. Put his asking price that because to me when you match if those two teams Green Bay could absolutely utilize them. And I think Oakland out they don't have with devious Murray. But absolutely utilizing I don't think there's any difference in that regard yeah it's about where he wants to live or which team he may actually try to get close to it that's probably really cares eating a lot of money into Pittman discount how much he's gonna demand. Culminated Peterson's sounds like opening Green Bay both have their eyes. On Peterson. A quarterback has landed in the off season landscape. Lot of fans cheering about that in the USC SMU and as he just took the lead 6362. Lives two minutes ago in the game birds yells yes and Navarro hit the update on that USC leads by one. I geno Smith. Former New York Jets quarterback if you wanna call Matt has landed in New York. With the giants the giants picked up geno Smith today he had made it very geno Smith fashion it's not even a big news for the New York Giants today. He chooses to go to the giant that makes all. I'm going to be your abstaining or go to tech company gets that I can't hide now they're Mexican and make a signing that's more important and more vital to their team next season and geno Smith. On its amazing to me and I know we touched on this at 1215. In amazes me that geno Smith can get a contract before calling cap for me yet I don't know he's a backup you tell me call account for nick would be a better backup option to geno Smith. I think you're high as a kite if you believe that but now geno Smith still around in the NFL yet don't get that went all the familiar talking about the giants made to date Jason Pierre Paul agreed to a four year contract. 62 million dollar deal. As a as a New Jersey answered back with a three of their only other islands let's send you back on top. A USC minutes when he let Jason Pierre plugged a matter how many fingers he's got he's got hands not account like forty million dollars guaranteed for Jason Pierre Paul I think he's dividend of up on that wanted to ask you get forty million guarantee and he Kate earned. Fifteen million I was reading from Ian Rapoport in the first two to three years of that contract with the incentives. Which is just amazing like even a stud players that we want all the jokes about his hand. He's still a stud productive player for the giants may not seem most of that money. But he could see a pretty good chunk of it and here's something I'm legitimately curious about. Did he blow up his citing him. How does he sign it's good question. He's got to go left you know I believe that was the right and let them act can't remember he was writing Kennedys got assigned let you know and I would be weird witness. Everything yet he has left handed it everywhere and all of Mays got four million dollars look at Sandoz a forty million guaranteed bank I think I just by his stamp that's permanently the rest of my signature in the ink into Stanford well there you go. No doubt that's a good signing for that night she continued at your defense of life be bolstered. I think decks of the giants they're looking to make that next jump up and we know they have Brandon Marshall now. To me it's all gonna arrest on Eli Manning at defense was exceptional last year. I don't they had what it took to take their team deeper than where they finished yeah it's gonna go at Eli Manning because even though his numbers look great. He was a little inconsistent throwing the ball down the field he needs to be able to do that better is no excuse now he has the wide receiver corps. They're still kind of in limbo with the running back situation it sounds like they're willing to bring back Shane Vereen but they're still not strong in that regard maybe they go that route the draft. But I think it's going to be up to Eli Manning if you like comes out if you kind of revitalize itself a little bit. And be more productive throw the ball down the field I. I think the giants are gonna be right back in that conversation as well and never a good that defense looked against Aaron Rodgers in the first they shut out remain if they would got any kind of production offensively against one of the worst defense is in the playoffs last year. I firmly believe they would have stopped that Aaron Rodgers Green Bay run. Yep so by the giants signing Jason Pierre Paul forty million guarantee couple quick seahawk headlines they signed his John shed to a one year contract so jet heading back. For sticking with I should say Seattle the yet as Seattle headline but give us data is what got me a little off guard but apparently. The Oakland Raiders. Are entertaining the idea of seeing if Marshawn Lynch still wants to play football but. You gotta remember the Seahawks still on his right so if he does end up coming out of retirement if Oakland can convince them. Become play next season. You have to make a trade mart because he's likely schools he thought Rihanna I've seen some people already seen it eloquence not willing to give up much if anything at all funny shocking as a retired players might not always gonna play for Seattle like maybe a conditional seventh. Round addicted to anything. I didn't know Seattle in in this is just stupid me for not knowing that I didn't know they held his rights and I'm assuming that's because he didn't officially fires were. Biologically his retirement papers right what yeah I would assume so and that's interesting hopefully can go Adrian Peterson but it sounds like maybe they save a little money if they wanna go Marshawn Lynch you know that direction if you can convince them to come out maybe that's an okay pick up I don't think he's an every down back. But I mean you know this is the guy today at 34 years ago he was leading the league in yards after contact. And so I still think he may have something panic in the chamber he sat out the NFL. Rested his body a little bit I'm sure he'd be very interested in playing in his hometown of the Oakland Raiders. Even though there probably not gonna play Oakland next year yet that's the easy part is keeping you get the hometown value there have been playing in front of his friends and family hundred or reliever Vegas after. So both say I don't know we'll see what Seattle's gonna ask for him or. Maybe that's the way for Oakland do they have to push Marshawn Lynch are they pushing Seattle to get march. USC just hit a three USC back on topic SMU. 606065. Ways finals really. Plus your bracket this would be bad for me yes that would double we'll keep it here until this game goes final moments ends up being a bunch of timeouts looks like SMU. I was gonna hang onto it they are down by one about twenty seconds left on the clock to let you know. Offensively let's let's go listen to get the pac twelve though man that's a perception around a conference this year asset you may. Let's call now are saying goes you are following USC song that you own on line let the free throw line down by blind. But a second that's a big big slamming into the pac twelve a lot of folks and told us USC didn't belong in the almost lost their plane game they knock office have you with in people like going on at the front of the compact well I'd be happy for Haiti and feel that they could pull this off we'll see if this kid can get these free throws with twelve seconds left put them off. But if USC can hold on and it's happy happy for a boy 88 fielding your right it's great for the conference at USC. Can advance past this first game against the US CS did you come out of the wire twelve seconds left that's going to be Fausto announce all that's sensible take a break we'll update you on the outcome and a ball game. Early jump it's still going on on the other side is the officials are reviewing. What's going on right on the reviewing whether or not USC made it for your team on their last possessions of the two little bits I gave it to three. The trojans and still stay up violence and let me jump out of here is that also the question to ponder. There in the commercial break. Should the Seahawks consider trading Richard Sherman. 55305. What do you think rely about it yet but it's sports bar and grill they to have their madness that the more hundreds break next a penny to the fans. They do a team on a Mac yeah it's Friday Saint Patrick's Day he asked him. What do think of the idea of me and a bachelor reds game this summer. We'll be right bachelorette. I don't know we actually have been able to call it that but. We have I think we play we think in the name of it gives you on this can just come over there right now but still on it and use that name of the girl or the woman. Cathy as like a play on the name of what we're playing who I like your idea that you know I like your idea that looks like about bats coming up here. In the final of 42 minutes of our work week had to update to the US CS have you game came down a liar SMU was out of foul line down by one. They've missed the front end of the free throws a USC got the ball back they had found USC USC goes to the foul line. They've missed the free throw and has that you had a chance in the final possession that brought the ball the court took too long. We get another set did not get a good look off it has a layup attempt in the lying. And USC pulls off an upset believe what is it like our four years in a row announce the winner of a playing game is won a tournament game. No it's every single year since every single year since the out large the last four at large teams. We were in first four games. So I think it's seven now is the very first time they did it was when VCU went to the final four. The got a couple teams get to the sweet sixteen but every year since they expanded those first four games to include the last four out large teams. One of those teams advanced to at least the round of 32. You go to USC pulls off one of the first upsets the eleven seed USC over succeed SMU and their nose on my immediate end that's typical thing though as you just you can never tell sometimes USC has talent but we talk to rob with the look prediction machine dot com earlier this week. You know a lot of people felt the same way that he felt they were kind of one of the weaker. When he plus win teams in this tournament native belong. Well they want to play in game or the first forest most college and they just upset a team that a lot of people I'd at least in the sweet sixteen if not elite eight. Upsetting at duke so to me pretty big win for the conference happy for Katie interview and I saw this that. SMU. Was all went to against USC this year 293. Against everybody else thought that they study USC rob me I didn't not know that they play and had twice this year but now oh into against the trojans and you know that's that's going into the game also what the hell was their plate it was awful it's almost like these teams sometimes I see this in the NBA to. It's almost like these teams sometimes. Don't have scenarios at the end of a ball game where they go hang. There's ten seconds left. Let's run exploit them. You are we are counting down the clock. Like that shot off skittish John Edwards who thought there was a minute left there was like six seconds left they gave this kid doing it looks up there's three. What that point you can't passing more you gotta make a play any goes in 86 a typical floating shot. And of course he misses a C. Yep so USC pulls off an upset in the opening round at the trojans to beat SMU and you feel pretty good right now I did not and I was also playing up the syntax and SMU apparently at all of their timeouts are not all the bids three timeouts left there at the end again call on the that the clock dribbled down. It get a good look as that you ounce and the first of my BA teams goes bye bye and he too is another even your little worried about like a six. KS MU got West Virginia in the elite eight. Feel good about that. It. Everything else is kinda took organs probably gets lucky doubts in your city avenue your brackets down but. Go all the idiot. He's so that's and shock pretty heavily and they got no obligation to the final four zone. North Carolina and then minus the whole or in winning and get excited to have an effect better half you've got Villanova it's not a game that's so they are all that so they rule UST Wednesday beat SMU they that's a sentence and so we saw this when discussing curious your thoughts. 55305. Escape across the wire that apparently Seattle Seahawks. Not actively looking to trade Richard Sherman but according. It's a Michael Lombardi. Is senator to entertain the offer if people. A pony up the right amount he's a court I truly believe based on what I hear around a National Football League that the Seahawks would in fact for the right deal. Trader Richard Sherman says Seattle potentially looking at dealing one of their best defensive player thought I think the package would have to be pretty substantial for Seattle to wanna go a different direction. Not say they can't develop another good player to Sean sheds working out pretty well the Portland State native is resigning today he he played pretty well last year for them obviously Earl Thomas he's ahead of his rehab schedule so that sounds good camp chances there. But to me you can't just give up on him now I would also. Counter with this is that how many players in the NFL which you honestly labeled there and say a team when it was into enough for fourth. I don't know on any I don't know why can't even name one adding even Aaron Rodgers green they would listen to a great crazy deal they would take it. But I think you elicit so for Mike Lombardi come on say this the optional entertained and noted. Meaning that take a phone call doesn't mean they're going to get rid of him you do wonder though for that team the way they're structured. They're really good at that at the draft in the way of getting away for a couple years not to place certain got pace certain guys that played really well for them. Do they reached a point where maybe a Richard Sherman and or an oral Thomas or a Bobby Wagner. Kind of become expendable and they say even though you're still pretty good. We may be looking to move on and we make this draft somebody in your position in and try to build him up. Because I mean he got to look at the tax structure in the way that they paid these contracts out. They've chosen their guys they pick the guys they wanted to pay at each position on both sides of the ball. Maybe they feel that they wanted to lots of money to somebody else or maybe they just feel ultimately this player has X amount of years left in his prime yeah let's get ahead of a little bit he may still have 123 big years. But let's get a pretty good package in return not say that's how did you Richard Sherman. Deciding the Seattle Seahawks are kind of one of those organizations and by the way. To me that's what Smart organizations do they get ahead of the curve a little bit back to the patriots do so well all we're gonna trade Seymour let's. I don't get that two years later the guys not doing anything in the NFL suddenly it looks like gate at a great idea itself. If Seattle does that wouldn't shock me in the least because I think they are one of those forward thinking organization. I'm thinking if he's played a lot of snaps over the last him for years and in you just wonder is there a need. A curve I guess who has production where maybe he's not one of the elite level players this career goes on and leads the NFL in interceptions. Fifth 2011 I think there's an interesting parts this one is. You wonder how much the off the field stuff has to do with these rumors because he has been a bit of a headache. You know he's been a guy's been and the news for some of the wrong reasons as of late so. You wondering if Seattle's looking at that thing you know what and his guys just becoming too much of a headache we don't want to deal with him anymore and if somebody's gonna come along when those offers. We're not gonna say no and and I did you bring up at a point that. How many guys in the league that you won't even listen to Tom Brady might be the only one outside of that I still England who would listen out for Evan you're always gonna listen but the other part of this is is the salary. Aspect that you brought up as well that I mean he signed a four year 56 million dollar contract the next two years is a base salary of north of eleven million dollars a season. And I've been wondering now with Seattle for two years will they get to this point we'll we'll they'd reach a point where they see the structure and say. We have to free up money somehow we have to be able. Did not address whether it's an offensive line concern whether it's a concern. I'm running back has brawls can stay healthy yeah whether you won another weapon on the outside whatever it might be an offensive line obviously. Is the biggest need for them might. This is how they're gonna be able to free up some cap space is trading one of those big contracts which is a matter which guy it was gonna be not saying they're gonna make a move but. Eleven million dollars a big base salary in it you think you can replace him as somebody. That's close to the same level of production and can do it on the cheap all on New England looked like you mentioned. As some Seattle last a look at. As somebody takes and they've done it I've seen it done both ways of label on a bunch of guys for a long time and they're successful or they go to patriots rout me jump ahead and and get ready guys that surprises people. And that was throws followed up they only have one thing comet a good quarterback and that that is the important thing if you know you have Russell Wilson. It's to me I just I do think Seattle is one of those teams and then you know I also think it it it's fair exit. It just wonder and I'd be curious about this because we're not gonna get this on the tax lined what's the percentage to seahawk fan that would actually be secretly like. Thank god. I love their BS thank god. Written response to it but I don't think there would be a huge anger there because I I think there are some that would cottages. It's a different kind of distraction. Then a cap break obviously but there there's still that element of pressure the egos got a little bigger he's a little more vocal and sometimes candlelight and he's any of the media fiasco where he basically called all he called fake news basically on it right. I think there's an aspect of maybe some of those fans the small percentage albeit. Mike -- breathe a sigh a relief of like you know he's a great football player nobody argued that flight is now we're at the headache each you have to deal with that aspect of him anymore delicately Seahawks potentially trading Richard Sherman guerrillas and offers 55305. Leading CR fans had to be upset if they made that move. I'll let us know also what we'll lighten the mood up a little bit waiting about Saint Patrick's Day evidence I think he's in Patrick say he added as of Friday it is Sid Patrick stay lot of folks out here. And they're green gear and go. It gives Craig a chance to defend themselves. Against the cheap accusations that were made yesterday they've been made me like multiple times in my van careers sons now Verizon have I think 5530 thought they relied on the independent sports bar girl have a great time dates and withstand madness stop by say a low. As it too coming up the top of the hour of their lives shell will be out here all afternoon all that is net. And I was like guys stands and in the studio welcome back again. Their strength at this Raddatz in thirty's or 46 minutes left of my work week I just ordered a plate and got Joe's. And about it infinite sports bar and grill out and say -- to some of the listeners they came out today and have been hanging out but I have to go pick my kid up but fortunately Paula deluge of Sammy has an X you view however have been mulling over in my gonna say hey in my got to go home I get after it again like I did yesterday and you made the executive decision to order not to exceed 35 which basically means you're gonna have to wait at least ten to fifteen minutes because a lot of people here and erect a friend. And you will be staying and hang around so if you haven't been here yet you're not paying it out yet. And you plan on coming out good news their prime beer tell about 6 o'clock. Having a good time integrates out here yesterday. I think everybody in the neighborhood knows that we had a great time here yesterday yeah a lot of people like that it was pretty evident that all of us were having fun with it. But I'm really good bet if I. Don't do the right things for my body I can really show that I'm having a good time in yesterday I didn't eat. From 9 AMC until up. Powell what we do say Ford thirty and I I had some drinks in between that and that with a quickly. Very quickly I don't staked it's a stake food conquered it. Consumer electronics Kepler reads as quickly as possible if you listeners can up to the essays tonight Oakland giving up that advanced Rex find Susie in Vegas. It's not fall guy one listener that was snapped chatting me after right Leslie duty can be OK I was like I did I know I looked bad. I go through this. Drunk Brandon always takes care of next day branded. Woke up felt great ran three and a half miles morning Alaska that's included if this is the problem of your diets and that doing events like this is that when you just eat basically. Justin hicks yeah I mean spreader yesterday just to get a little lucky by the curtain. You had a Tupperware thing of all means brawl Allman Altman got. That's what you make during the show yesterday in that you consumed beverages after this yes and that Obama does not an update to fill the tank and it does not know it's it's not a good thing at all I that's toll on me I should order some of their delicious which attract some of the stuff. I should have ordered one of the pulled pork sandwiches all those looks so good all escalate out there let's hug there was a check snap through. That happened over the the night but I think we figured that out but I had ordered steak not shows. That was a great choice I today at the independent murder delicious. So I don't think you can really go wrong with that I knew I dividing take advantage of that I wasn't thinking properly not at all my days as it does start could say hello overlap but at the independent sports bar and realize it's it's coming up. Well at the top of the hour I wanna read this a couple of quick text here from the offense as you lastly I would see ya can't be upset but the trading average German. But the quick thoughts here I would be upset was the return. Was at Lee's aides talked when he picked a future third inning starting caliber offensive linemen the offensive lineman was intense and a couple times I think that's a really good point if people see your offensive line. The sag get a decent draft pick maybe a third or fourth rounder and I give you an offensive lineman yeah. That I I think that's kind of fair for Richard Sherman because as one as somebody pointed out and we've talked about it briefly this is a deep defense of backed draft. It is so you kind of feel good about your development process with the Seahawks. He dropped the guy you development you get off the deployment and get another graphic for me Osama diehards ER fan and I would not be a set mostly because he's great. This is a great draft for defensive backs I think he would be replaced the ball the caveat. As you have to select the right guy whenever I thought the CI a cannot be happy to see Sherman go on field performance has declined an off field distractions. I've increased that's never good but that's not a good combination when he on it you think beyond field performance is declining. And the needs I've added with the fact that he is that causing some issues out that the guy I can't speak too much the on field performance. I don't pro football focus still has him highly regarded as one of the better defensive backs in the NFL. But the off field stuff is a 100% correct and I don't care if you're the most biased the docs in that exists you can't deny the fact it. He is a distraction like we can tackle big big one win them. Yeah they wanna Super Bowl in 2013 out we're static kind of creep to a point where you gut and it feels like a long time ago and you know a loss last year against the Atlanta. That game wasn't doesn't really close to win a kind of blew you out. So you just looked your team an issue of some really nice pieces that are somewhat younger Russell Wilson mechanics you. Can you do something if that means treating Russell. If you help Russell Wilson and help your football long term yeah because I think that's the best interest for your team if it takes trading Richard Sherman. The better team don't hesitate with that because who wants to deal with the off field stuff yet they are you lay out big Saint Patrick's Day guys. Don't ever have been I probably never will be the green thing it's fun for my daughter. I had fun would that went out with his I think most people bid. But now I'm not really is Saint Patrick's Day guy I'm not like a green beer. I'll go out to downtown Portland type guy. Graham kind of the same way man in terms of holidays where it ranks from me not up it just. It feels like there's amateur holidays out there in Saint Patrick's Day is right atop that list what's more amateur you Cinco De Mayo. Or saint Patrick daddy day I would I would say Saint Patrick's Day a little more amateur hour NC go to mile what I had a buddy. That was visiting last year around the same time and I think it was saint patty's day in fact I'm pretty sure it was and he text me goes hey dude. Let's go out details for Saint Patrick's Day news. And I like instantly text back. It does not sound like unlocks the 10 o'clock news to be a cameras there and you'll see that nobody could breathe inside that building I I think I'm okay with that adds yet one of those things yeah I had it figured out that be responsible be safe don't drive and I it is. Like beating jam packed bars lot of folks streaking green beer mean if if if you have maybe. In one of those cities like Chicago if you get into a little bit more they got a river green in and they they like to party a little harder maybe. They do is some of the places but the and other basic tactics again I will say a lot of folks around here don't depart today. They're good NUM and I see a lot of Saint Patrick's Day outfits here at the independent this afternoon. As you grilling I have actually yeah at the Alvin green I see is like a definite no I mean there are few Dutch fans and Iraqi green obviously but. Thank him for the folks are there get into it I will admit I said I don't really. PT shirt today just recently purchased it's got like two little circles of green. But green nonetheless I I never was one of those kids though if I did forget to Wear green one year and like people want to pinch you. How I always a very neat you think that that's that usually pissed me off pretty well the kid at. I usually follow that up with a nice little sock in the armed like why would you pinching me right he won eight and said that when he drink heavily everyday it's pretty much jolly Saint Patrick's Day gets a really good point that's it would be like man but yes and he said as Saint Patrick's Day Iraq's tales of the Glasgow I am fifty years old. Hey it if you like if that's your scenes. God bless you all a power TIDs no person I've done cal tells. I had a good time but it was a little too packed from for my comfort I think it's a little too cramped ism is an amateur holidays are just fun for getting drunk with that theme I enjoyed them very much instruments as an edict does seem to get after it fuel load but at Saint Patrick's Day so. And thank you get never drive by a factory a plant that even though I I may be who who waited a little bit and some people out there it's their day. We'll try to judge I'm out there announcing today mile that's my day that's my amateur holiday I enjoy I love it everybody's got out of amateur holding out there what's yours. Mine usually is that even though it's that before Thanksgiving that's my amateur night I'll they've. That's right yeah as much as Agile Telus in November when we're doing football shows you'll kick off with. Welcome to the biggest drinking night of the year. Tell us that every year. Tradition on this show let's put the ball on this Babel I live out of the independent sports glory Grilli a Saint Patrick's Day 55 real public or three show idea and the final segments he just costing that we should do it. And wrap up today dates of the NCAA tournament comes say hello lob on an independent sports bar and growth and Bannister right on 1083. It. I don't know Friday. Yeah that's. That exact disadvantage there I didn't think coming up it's after the hour welcome back end the 48. Both the regional actors I have no we have our hand on top retired mechanic in the and he had to rejoin his voice like are currently China. OK I have again it. Does not professional radio. Eight eventful. Would you like to defend your GPS. 06 I heard this segment and in order a career texted yeah keep this was caught out yesterday on prime time and I I would actually be curious because you are what you classify as a work Wi-Fi I've worked with you lovely view more than anybody else almost in cyber week which is I I spent more time and you than probably anybody other than my girls. I mean you rivals Imus and what my dog that's how sad is that. I wouldn't want to point out I've been at the fan for I think for a go around five years of August you are high and the one thing that I have never been shy about is I am cheap you are extremely cheap I have no shame in that it at lot of it does have to do with my background. I grew up in a trailer park I would get a house where government cheese was great impact abysmal with dessert because it was met and talked. That was honestly I like for a little while. We it's great to catch up at the bottom of the bottle and put the new bottle because she didn't wanna waste any got to do it's edited my mom was eight soldiers who worked two jobs were dress off and got me my little brother through life. I am just inherently cheaper I honest to god I don't care if I make 500000 a million or I stay or I'm out right now which is a blessing that I'm doing radio getting paid like get paid. I think I will always have that gene in me it's just sometimes I can't shake that. I don't really disagree with much that was said. The own thing that I would respond Q is it did get to a point listening to that that was about my family we were laughing all together because they all know it. Think you were moments like in the Jeep. I got a little uncomfortable at one point it felt like rock was getting to like where he was getting angry at me angry they're cheaper meat being cheap and I thought that was a little weird now I getting a low point he like in a very serious bill voices like. I'll never hang out with him I'd never hang out a piece Duke's treatments like. I mean I am but I just get to kind of a weird point but that's the that's the only thing like I got nothing to defend against like. I'm G it is who I am. In certain moments it actually. It benefits me in absolutely done and at other moments it absolutely I get made fun of course I have no shame in that this is a part of radio that I love. You have to be vulnerable you have to be open yet to be honest I Amy cheap skate I happen. No qualms about but I do feel the last two or three years. Being around family. You know being financed a little more stable and I have been in the past and being around certain people would view as an example. I think I'm alone I'm less cheap than maybe I once once you absolutely up from level that when we first started working together you were. You're an extreme level ET. But put it kindly. No shape and that there's no shame that's guy Iraq man and now I more power Dickey you have got a lot better at being local was spending equivalent of Vegas and spent a lot of money in Vegas to gamble a lot of money in Vegas I took some hundreds that Jose GM's multiple days in a row and as a guy always sheet that is not the easiest thing knowing your. Probably going to lose all that money. You know and as a visited she is still degenerate gambler he did gamble a lot of sports that you you pick if he's battled right no you're right I know I'll say this to adjust to one update. That has been like had a big thing with the life. Now like a problem in the marriage just like she's always been funny for that thought this sound Maggette Houston's Craig merit to gambling. No she I like the kind of person that she'll recognize that I mean wanna buy a girder to death and all Los Angeles feel like that shirt and I use ago. Yes they will they get it out like that that's rock or a box while you get an added feature Internet young kids of so it's like you idiot it's still going there itself ally via a shirt impact so I guess not like I haven't been made fun of by that. For that I should say by. Friends and and even some of my other family as well but you know we are who we are in you talked a lot of people that know some other the richer people. A lot of remarks he. Well I don't I'm loaded or anything but I love lots of minutes he embraced you embrace that she is you don't shy away from it you know trying to think yourself you brazen it's not going to be embarrassed about cheap now I feel like we're almost on the same wave length of you embrace your shortness and I embrace I keep us. We aren't we are available we can't change I can try to change up like us only so much you use anybody that I can't teach right now I don't know growing in Bert medicine that I can take your you can spend money it is not it unstuck is I disagree with that if there's anybody else out there and it's cheap I think there's an aspect of you where you always have that in view yup. If resilient you know and I obelisk right now like spending fast and went. I bought a house recently I've I don't like to go out drinking more and it's it's too much money and I'm kind of with diced it by six packs now and I'll say this like. Just growing up like I reached the point where. 500 in my bank account what that was able to start working illegally I got had to have that I had to divide it. And then you move on ecology that might be like hey I have a thousand on hand goes up slowly but surely you and you like you have a certain number in your bank account and I'm always conscious of that it's stupid it makes no sense the only explanation I have for that. Is that. I was raised with not very much and when I got something it felt great to have it. So that's kind of reliant a lot of people defending the Centex real rough and 3 of 5 am my wife's the same way I am also chiefs ray goblet yep. They also some continue to shop at forever 21 which expensive and that's another thing that. We all have our vices my friend is what it is definitely get a view is that I'm exactly like spread about buy myself clothes that aren't on clearance only clearance close behind. Asked and I allow myself to go past that point yeah but that's that's kind of an important factor I got no lines at. It's it's been a fun today's audio independent sports bar grill without a great time. Out of San madness if you haven't stopped buying in some hammered every time I hear the rest that evening we did not get you are a fan bachelorette segments which. Nichols say for next week it's just kind of a thing we want to do that said it'd be fun this summer yet the ducks play on Sunday a against create a Rhode Island right now looks like it might be Rhode Island. So obviously a lot of break down for that on Monday. I know at some point we're scheduled to talk with pat Casey as the beavers are kicking off conference play in baseball. And they're having a damn good season but you're right I think on Monday. You know one of the segments that we we squeezed that if we talked about our summer idea of a bachelorette type. Contest for the listeners we're fine and piper a boyfriend he's gonna give the fans listener Dan Perdue and it out to be a really fun to be a lot of fun. Well what I think everybody out here at the independent sports bar and grill as I mentioned he's had a great time about your general manager Jeff flies one by a couple of times and out of this great guy. The stop by saying hello Isaac is it coming up the beat Elena shells out here as well a little thought you Monday at noon folks. Thanks to be a lot of our week of everybody does this rioting at Saint Patrick's Day number one as nexus between 1080 the fan.

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