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Dirt & Sprague, Friday 3-17-17 Hour 2

Mar 17, 2017|

The guys check in with Gina Mizell in Corvallis for the WBB NCAA opener and the Spring Football game on Saturday, and recap the Ducks 93-77 win over Iona.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Sand madness live from the independent sports bar and grill on selfless Broadway is brought you by bared the ninety hoops Summitt and by O'Reilly auto parts. Are highly compensated brackets consultants are. Here I don't even really care. Wherever they put us hopefully the same to. And that has played in this tournament shows up there because as we all know they can end. Rick this is determined origination of dirt and spray. You brought you back up we go market need a local lender who specializes in PA down after the markets can help. I'll mortgage dot com to. Dirt and spray gun generated golf buddies. No fail him. Van de welcoming into the east. Second hour here third Sprague Ted eighty defend live at the independent sports bar and grill to 25 southwest Broadway wanna come out and enjoy the NCAA tournament let us. And over a couple hundred people were hanging out today prime time will be out here live viewing their show. For the second day in a row as well after we wrapped up at three. A lot to get to hear in the second hour talk a little organ state football. At 115. 130 if the death game is official at that point and actually it's gonna be officially in the next five or ten minutes up. Out we'll talk about that it also gives an NFL news and notes some pretty big moves in the NFL potentially. One with. Marshawn Lynch in the Seattle Seahawks and we'll update you on that. But we wanted to talk a little organ state football. With that you know my Zell good friend of the show better on for two years in a row it's kind of our organ state goats you she covers Oregon State. For the Oregonian or give alive dot com is where he can find caller great work. And she's on Twitter act Gina my cell giver of follow I'm sure most Europeans already have so I don't need to throw they had all out but. Hey you know what it's there for you anyway Shiite Shia maligned yet swipe card. We get to go OK all right cool what's great Iran you demise L joining us now. Gina thinks taken its time and Alex daisy really busy day for Korea. Afloat before we get in a football wanna kind of just ask you a general. How are we figured out our recruiting organ date women's basketball is gonna go in this tournament. How well I mean I think expectations are pretty islets and earning a number keep eat bread and I think that that it's here. On there in every day and the way in. In stock and where south Carolina at number one. You got it in the door a little bit awkward eight. It is peanut numbered at least be a bit early debt that they kind of struggling down at spoke. I think it got an opportunity here that I don't work again up opera ever I've art that but. They expect to make it next weekend expect maker I think that's definitely you know a possibility they play great defense. And they rebound with solid and keep them in game but the biggest. Think it is seen as they need to get from our team that they complimentary opposite option I think we keep that you think you could get a quick but. They immediately want Blair couple players really. And we'll be able to do that I I. You know I don't make it began back in little while late in the game against oddly enough. You know we use up all the outlook he would enable me to get right now are our two lead out on Sunday and then you'll make it did not often. Yesterday Brent atmospheric gill coliseum this afternoon we'll I had a lot of folks unedited spring game snuck up bottom a little bit organ state starting and usually early. Obviously with his spring practice but this free game is tomorrow. Another quarterback battle this one that everybody is gonna have a trial but outside of that what are some of the big story lines are looking forward to watching for tomorrow. And yellow quarterback record is the big one and is that that all of that and organize our route that the jig that you get as. The Kurt wrap up the daily. Kind of what we think the only the dead pretty much all throughout the great but yesterday area you're in the talking about how. Now they don't necessarily how it's a timetable on negative in the starter at the Iraq between the UN. And markets that married and their gear and backed out of luck. I look tomorrow because you'll hear and had a really good spree began. Flat here and not kind of looked at apple wouldn't be needed a starter after spring practice. I definitely the number one inning but then. And aren't the other thing to keep blocking none of the many younger player that meeting and haven't seen before. Are you just did it I like. I and they are hot in or are out early enrollees which eager. Been here on campus already up eight you know between. It and the record your wallet the cornerback who supports our recruits from Hubert green they go but he did not beat you would not able to play. Even because of academics. Though they may kind of match up in the primitive and that app on any thing to keep young I'd go about it and then on how often. Dude you're committed Carter play and does not an open opportunity. Mother I think he got outside linebacker and even inside linebacker you look at it and I'm. Gil you look at the lions are a lot of. Expert with the younger guys kind of built in GAAP and now I played a lot in your right it feel early in the week and it will not gore out because I. But I'm looking at the weather will not we will be out I'd go tomorrow but. On him and did it eat your how how to clean look up at an in and other credit to air. Retired legitimize now organ live dot com she's downing Corvallis. For the women's basketball tourney game long beach state they can't they tip off at around two clocks covering that in then. It organ state spring game. I tomorrow do we expect. Can we expect them to announce a starter posts. Spring game or do you think they dragged this into may be the offseason slash start of fall camp. Because I don't Gary Anderson said a couple different times that. They wanna like get off by a starter we expect tomorrow whoever plays the best of that is let's say Jake gluten that they announced him as the starting quarterback. You know now I'm kind of confused on what he'll do he has yet you're right that would. Let Gary you're an antenna and begin actually politically that they want to get fine. A starter early and what do you do need early could mean look every election. Mean obviously it happened in spring practice though. I will see but I'm gurian your string you got tired. About it agreement every single bracket yet. What the timetable are the guys looking. What are your spot and he said that Palin they still comparable with immediate starter and not a starter will be aimed at. Might not even be publicly went on the diet now so. We'll be I wouldn't count on a martyr being named after the spring and watch how they and then the unit one though won't be rapid but again from what I. It would not about arms around her shirt on but obviously a lot of pain going to play quarterback but I do not an art than it right every. It up the playbook aren't able throw it much at the top and that they want you candidate and you know they I think you need to involve the whole unit. So we'll see you but now what. At seem to mean that the question the last few years with this team obviously and and now. You know maybe if somebody really great and I'll Mara and so that they can perform in a pressure environment and one thing that Anderson had mentioned it special play it. From not just the quarterback but from all the offensive weapons now that kind of that X after the up there looking bored you know to me that that mean down the field route but we'll look the app if you indeed I've got to act now yeah. QB determine what to do about it right now but we'll. FF and lot's a luck and every level that there was as scheduling note that might have flown under the radar I think. For some folks we just because there's so much going on the world of sports but ordered state made exchange their schedule but at Colorado State game for for those who didn't. Osce that story of what exactly did they change in how do you think it's impacts their schedule in 2070. Yes so what happened is that we're scheduled to play caller out of state and there are third not a conference game on that. 23 I believe whatever that weekend. I'm and they decide into the lobby when he picked up but going to either even opener. At Colorado at eight even before labor at the early at Morgan State has ever played. What started it well while the united out cutlery and did you that among Colorado at eight items they are opening a brainy idiotic I get an upper many. Open against marquee power I've opponent though about night you know there's an incentive for Colorado's eight an important date. It's gonna give them. Q by week's hearing you parents out not going to be beneficial or recruiting beneficial for distracting. These guys are kind of speak out in a getaway because they're uttered by a week in October just before they played entry on the third night though that. I'm like it and it took a break up the schedule a little bit more because it was very strange lack even more than open they're either at Minnesota on Thursday night. And then got up I mean immediately soccer they had like ten days off basically Q and without playing a game and then they played chanted back it out not certainly not ideal for reading book while Nina trying to get your act. Well it'll Al parts partially 113 were made but. I'm app so you you have booked Eric your trip to Colorado SP in September unique you let him die your adoration I'm glad I have not not yet because piper yeah. I have to put you obviously they they moved up spring ball on the time line just because they feel it's best for them. The unfortunate part I didn't think about this so late I think marketed you'd the damn city thing where they come up to Hillsborough and have a practice and then you go watch a baseball game is that now officially dead for them then. Yet to turn this year and not something that they would bite you revived Obama at some point is fit again are a lot of you don't like a lot of logistic echo and the. Like back you up to try to find. Or right I'm with a baseball in the they'll come up with plain old girl you stick did. Nicole would debate all opponent that they're willing to come up to Portland and play again so yeah. With the main that this spring practice that they were able to make that work but does it feel like you're not last year and so they hook yet. Are you a return to that and and I haven't really gotten any word I don't think Gary Anderson necessarily know that you like you think spring no they don't that he hated it but I don't know cynic you go practice schedule moving toward you kind of change that every single year at any. Don't spring ball out here so we'll see what they do next year but I know a lot of and the in the Portland area or is that. Happening here but I think it's important to note that they understood that people aren't they understand that. That they want a return to dot it and it is the matter China it probably does it work out so hopefully next year or or at least on the road at some point. I did Johnny on this one Gina I near you cover in the the current state women's basketball team as they tipped it off to die today Corvallis. I'm just curious from a a women's brackets standpoint your two cents on this. A lot of people are gonna follow organ and organ state regionally and see you know how far this the women can go. Is it a little bit of blading or defeating in terms of fill it out a bracket are looking at a bracket where everybody's basically got a pencil and UConn as the winner and stuff like nobody can. And with that yet. Yeah outline and I mean it did this the year that somebody can knock off that there would want to because there just eloped from thirteen minute that the build a cute and the number one team in the country but they're not as good as it where it. Rihanna you're right jeopardy and and Morton taught at apple crew from the app. Ear so yeah I mean leaking into the whole debate on it you can't get it back for the sport but that's something that. Our group was not about last year the final board bad bet now why would you want to excellence and not something that everyone a stride that stride forward now. And maybe you got a court of the favorites at all again this year but I think there. A lot of opportunity or other teens in make handing out into the wild make the final or relaxed here and organ and locking and walking in with respect and eat it went on. A Cinderella Iran cannot adopt a creek a great thing for the pact while at Eugene there on your cue from the final or lack Eric. I don't believe they had never been there before I remember correctly spell on there is more determined than that you win the national championship I mean you're on the mat I'd bet. Generally the blue blood in the national title cell Abbott under the indirect Bergen is and I though I think at midnight the other around an and it's UConn. Reigned supreme again men and appreciate their greatness an and. And all of that but look you happened with mark and I had to get a lot of or a lot of organ and you'll be bottling and you can vote in there and that air. Yup ever follow actually demise onto her she's going to be incredibly busy for the the next handful of good days and in coming weeks that she's covering ordered state women's basketball and should be covering. He organs State's spring game which is tomorrow sneaking up on everybody Tina thanks very given us the time you know you incredibly busy and a half but they gave didn't see the beavers can now blowout long beach state. I think god you don't sleep all the latest weekend. And a half half half a lot of time. There yet you know my Zeller and live dot com three confide all her great work always to graces with her time. And not about the viewpoint like we do talk about we don't invest or how it's it's UConn probably going to win but. Is that much different from the guys I know it's one team vs maybe 45. But. You still enjoy most concerned and watching to see if they lose that's enough to rove being a little bit deceiving anybody anybody out there can knock off UConn let's let's talk a little bit about organ state football there spring game is tomorrow we'll talk about the ducks at the end the bottom of the hour and then get into some NFL stuff for crunch time. But let's not let organ state football what do you expect to see from the beavers and a spring game. And should they make it a point to announce their quarterback. At the end of a spring game is that gonna benefit them. Better long term we'll talk about that next on an ED defame it. And welcome back kids coming up Big Ten minutes we'll talk about the organ ducks who prevailed against Iona. They won 93 to 77. That's our FaceBook post of blood down a the sun is back maybe it is FaceBook dot com back plus 1080 and Alex getting the ducks play if you watched that game. Eating they go further than people expect after watching what she saw albeit against iota but what you saw. That maybe a little more hopeful that maybe to go deeper talk about that ten minutes but I want to have a organ state football at the spring game is tomorrow and you're still right of like and that really snuck up on me swagger earlier this week was like page we get Gina for a Thursday or Friday. And I said. For what I was by spring game I think it's a Saturday I go to now after the Reagan is eighty check it out he was again guided Saturday site. B we talked you were. You know I wanna see. Gary Anderson I think it is is putting this program in the right direction Stella got to a ball game yet I think that's going to be a must for every B graphene your three. I'd like this even name a starter after tomorrow I think it benefits them better going into the offseason and then arriving back for fall ball what the odd percent and I need your Bieber fan and you're watching the game tomorrow that's what you wanna see you wanna see one of the guys separate themselves and yet and that's a disrespect any of the guys that are on the roster but I think for the most part. You know what you haven't most of the names we don't we don't Garretson is apt moment played okay last year of the for the most part of it is a guy that's hitting get ya. Over the top so I. Watching what what can do it is is to me get a beat the key for organ state season next year Gary Andersen its first two years hasn't had a quarterback play. And if you can get that guy they could come out this. With a decent numbers up and be able to move the ball through the air the running game I think what Ryan also in good hands you're going to be able to run the football successfully. You just have to have a balanced attack on offense and ended one of those guys. Whether it's the newcomer or or the guys are on the roster last year it when that job on Saturday to me that that. It's UA a a sense of confidence going in the next season organs. Everything you even read about it he filed a practice reports from from Jean or team Iran or anybody else that covers Oregon State. You would basically be lock away every time and say let Jake loot and took first raps Jay pollutants and less wraps but the best arm strength. Timmy I think the writing is on the wall that is for whatever reason they haven't announced it. I I don't have any doubts that it's not going to be Jake gluten. And I I still even knowing that it can. The program may knowing that I'd still like him to come out announce that you know others. There's something to that I think for some of these kids of today. Jake is our guy looks great now Jay wooten goes in for the next four or five months for sure until he comes back for fall ball no an art on the leader. I can establish got to my place in this locker room on this team. You're still gonna have the support and I think competitive drive from Garretson. And markets make Mary because I think those are your three quarterbacks. So I'd like them to go that route but we'll see we've seen him handle this differently before where Gary Anderson near wind. Had no problems saying while we may play both quarterbacks all yearlong I didn't like that it didn't work out for them long term after that season. I'd like to see different if you bought it in I'm watching him on Saturday inches hope that that shows up the big arm and any shows it in in any team environment if you I mean it reminds me almost kind of a last year for organ state fans where. For me when Garrett and it was all hype it was all hearsay result. Well he is got the strength he can do it in and really hadn't seen him have the opportunity to run an offense and if I remember correctly I don't think he was a part of its pre game last year. Saw it Garretson it was you farthest forgive yes I'll continue like this spring game wedge it just gives a chance to kind of watch and see how guys running offense are they looked in game action and it's not just practice reports are saying he's got a strong army he could throw the ball fifty yards and he completed in the tight spots and in watching what he could do against every state secondary that will be placed lob with yeah I think you name in the starter and allow him to grow as a leader in that locker room this off season and give him the reins to run this offense he's also. You you're also talking about a guy that has the size of quarterbacks that they've. Once we're used to seeing the sun media types. The 6465. Prototypical guys now he's different he's a little more mobile than they can't fields in the main means of the world. So but that's still a good thing because when you look at their quarterbacks the last couple of years. It's felt like kind of 510. Tell barely six foot type players which some guys can be really good that way. But other guys I think. You leading a little more confident when you're 646 while not as they gluten is going to be like they've heard anybody had. The last couple seasons but you just a little more hopeful because the arm strength because of that side that that helps them in critical moment the other they don't wanna see suicide from the quarterback battle. Obviously an immediate defense of life and how that's going to look you know we talk with Kevin clued in the middle of their spring ball. And I we addressed that of you know what do you expect from that units. What are you looking for specifically because last year they were one of the worst teams of actually taking down the quarterback out and I'd be brought to the point of you know we had a lot of plays where we just we can wrap we will wrap guys who didn't bring him down that's what hurt your stats. But I still don't think there was a great defense of life for them last year I wanna see how old. How revamped in how improved that unit can be going into. All fallen since he would like it's free ball and I and I will watch rely on the decides to I mean to be able to run the football you have to have a successful offensive line and and it really wasn't juggling act last year to find a group that would work and yet a lot of guys are mean injuries are you guys that I mean it was just a weird season for organ stayed on the offensive line. I think your open is a little more stability on the outside the ball this year because the matter you quarterback is he got to try and find a way to keep up right I mean you mentioned that. But lewd and he can move a little daddy's not as a mobile Exxon nanny and her or or camp feel that we're basically treats in the pocket let. He's not a set Collins and that was the beauty about a guy like Collins back there was a little pressure it's like I make a run away from guys and can pick up a personalities legs. We do the same thing but he's not going to be able. The just constantly avoid Russians are watching on the offensive line let's the mob in I think keep your eye on yeah spring ball spring game for Oregon State is gonna be on Saturday believing catch down the pac twelve network the easier lot of those games. And that organ will kick off their spring ball. Next week Willie Taggart is down in Sacramento. And he watched the Oregon Ducks get their first win of the NCAA tournament they beat I don't in 93. His 77. To Jordan bells. Seventeen points ten rebounds Brooks eighteen points Dorsey 24 in Portland's own patent Pritchard. Had sixteen that's our FaceBook post of the day for our show FaceBook dot com backs us need opinion what did you think of the ducks play. It'd leave you hopeful that maybe they go deeper. That you expect we'll talk about the organ docs after their persuade in the NCAA tournament for live at the independent sports bar -- to 25 southwest probably. Come on out hang out we'll be here all day. And we'll talk about the ducks. Backed bailout back at 133 happy Friday to be happy Saint Patrick's Day Julia. Program to give Friday so far a lot out of the independent sports bar and grill day two of sand madness. But issues of order idealists do I get a shot up to one Aaron Walker who was in the house today now if you got a Aaron Walker is. He is the gentlemen have provided us with eat cat. Sex story. It sits at Aaron Walker is going. He was supposed to come here for this I keep carrying the lady now I just the air right now but he cited meter in the last commercial breaks so but he did not die in is it the building so we're gonna hang out with a biggest stories here after the show and polygamy shot up that was that quite disarray and also the final hour I think we will at some point up to discuss Saint Patrick's Day okay. The you do saint Patrick's video like Saint Patrick's Day. I'm glad you're wearing green that's gonna hit Jeff I am actually wearing green and I would they its. A total mistake I didn't even realize it was Saint Patrick's Day when I know it's you know it's funny I didn't really think about that night until I woke up and right before I left on the TV did at Saint Patrick's Day commercial on the Disney Channel my toddler was Jack at what. I have already he's got up pinch me so why nobody thinks it patches they feel like it 55305. Let's talk about the organ that's no account briefly. Brought them up throughout the course of the first hour of the show back in started 11 AM Oregon gets an opening round turn it went over Iona at 93. The 77 just a quick look at the box score. And they outscored them upped it to 537 in the first half they were outscored the second half forty to 38. Almost up by 31 point Iona made at a ball game. But Indiana orient shoots 55%. From the floor. They out rebound I Allen up forty to 27. And we that's a great sign I think for them absolutely in the player of the game had a then. And Tyler Dorsey was ignite a thirteen from the floor five rebounds 24 points. Really everybody in the starting lineup had a good ballgame big T Williams. Label coming off the bench of the ducks went 9377. What do you think it did they show you what you need to be seated. That's the hope they can make a run in this sort of well I think even without. Having to beat. I don't know 93 to 77 there was still some idea of hope out there because of the region they play it. Louisville's only up twelve right now at Jacksonville State late nets' second half. Kansas we haven't seen them play UC Davis yet but I. I still think you have the hole just because the one thing we have talked about with the organ aside from Chris Boucher and what he does defensively. In a big theme for this for this program this year has been. Gap in how deep they are how many guys they can write rely on an edit today it was a great example where. Many believe if they wanna make that run you need patent preacher to come out he would deviated they scored sixteen points. Tyler Dorsey a lot of people would argue it's vital for him to be aggressive he doesn't have scored 24 every time by any means. But he needs to be aggressive as if he's going for 24 points you know what you're gonna get from Brooks and I gotta gotta kind of set the temple for them. Was was Jordan bell because of his first half performance now he cooled off a little the second scoring wise but he finished with seventeen it's an eighty with a huge part along with bigbie Williams. A kind of anchoring down the paint and that rebounding number by the way even though it's Iona. That's their weakness they don't attack the glass and up. And for them to come out and almost doubled him up in total rebounds I think that's a really gets on that day also understand and they've been how to get hammered by a gain all that with this. Attacked the glass be aggressive don't allow teams get second chance points they give yourself opportunities get second chance points though. At least from what we saw today. I'd say there's still a lot of hope and optimism that this team absolutely. Could catch Louisville sleeping could catch Rhode islander Creighton and get to an elite eight situation. Yeah elegy to the ducks went 55305. In August there just was. I don't about a fear factor from an organ fan perspective let and unknown factor where you just wondering what they're gonna look like the first half against Arizona there were stretches where they didn't look great. Without Luke Shane and it was just such a punch in the gut I don't know if they knew how to respond to it let. They did show me some quite the second half against Arizona's house hopeful but whenever you tip at 11 AM and and you're playing a determined game. Against the team that can shoot well from outside is open they don't get hot. In the organ takes their opponents seriously now but they did that not I'm still of the belief. Especially looking at the region at the rim there's no reason to think organ can at least make it to the elite eight I think we'll all those beautiful. Jacksonville State is showing that so far they are hanging around a global. And now bill late the winner of great Rhode Island but. Just to come out that everybody played well I think it's a great sign for organ that there there was no hang over factor for the tackle championship game there was no hangover factor. The Boucher injury and I've brought this up earlier that it was so much as they made a big B Williams in and how is he gonna fill the shoes of Chris Boucher. But to me more importantly it's about. How does the rest the starting line up like I mean is Dorsey could come once or twice where regain is and it's going to be able to fill it up from the outside in. Control the offense at times until Brooks is he gonna play like the pactel player of the year. Jordan bill you mentioned he was a monster all afternoon today if he plays like that all those guys who combined patent Richards steps up. I think that's how you erase the loss of a Chris Boucher is having everybody in the starting line up. Stuff up and I think one games a field again we have to go off of so far. All those guys stepped up he said. Mind you just wonder when they got back Chris Hussein news was it's too close to the tourney game the pac twelve and up thirty of the actual title game I should say. For them to be able to make the adjustments and the emotional standpoint of what that means for the team. If you wonder that and now they got a couple days off they don't have the kind of refocus ready to go for this match up yeah and I think that's the good parts unit you can rely on his. You at least know that Dana Altman is their head coach and he knows that he's gonna drive this point home at that point home. And other focused they know they Chris we see is not walking out of that so they know he's not coming out there to help them. So they can't rely on that they can't they get over that emotion emotional hump that they had going in to tackle title game. And now with a clean slate for them knowing hey Chris is gone we're gonna have to have big B Williams stepped up. But also everybody around here passed. Pull their weight and then some we need Payton Richard. To be kind of the distributors slash aggressive player we need Tyler Dorsey to beat consists consistently aggressive. When we're playing these tourney games because of the state had a good nature of this tournament in Vienna wanted doesn't style I think there's that little. Push from all made in the rest of this roster knowing who say he's not thereof. All right you guys count us out dealt with that we're gonna floor we're gonna we're gonna got it we're gonna go down in. Replace Paulson along we're gonna bring it to you if you can beat us great but if we bring it we can compete with almost anybody. Yeah a couple of quick thoughts here at the fan tech's nine years are always welcome 55. 305 ducks looked great I don't actually play great but it wasn't close super confident with Altman adjusting and leading this team and adequate when they look good. Unlike a few high seed so that's good I feel good with my pick of then beating Kansas I think the only. So that's it's basically a listener saying he thinks their final fours into India final fourteen I think it is the only concern I have there was a mean it was a close game I mean it was like five minutes left and I ought to cut it down about thirteen. And and we were the only shows I wasn't watching. Extremely closely that organ led by about 28 points early in the second half so flooding back Hannity back in the ball game. He did you can't let guys like that hang around you know that would be the only negative I could say from today was. As the letter to put like that hang around when you're up by 28 make sure you put your. Your foot on the throat if you will and and eliminate any chance of an upset there but. Or he gets the win they look good in the process that early advance to the round of thirty do mammals did they play great Rhode Island and I weighed only caution. Think that I would say to that listener who has been beating Kansas is he he's right it it looked good today. But again this is a it's a weird heard of it in the sense they look good against Dionne today. Will they look good against Rhode Island a Creighton pitches itself varies with the match it's that you get to where they can look great one day. And you feel army and they're they're gonna be unstoppable until this certain point. Where in the very next game they could turn around and Dorsey scores ten points and Richard gives you three and suddenly you're fighting yourself down. To create a Rhode Island like it just it turns like a light switch that quickly I have confidence that it won't for them. That even if they're in a close game because of the experiencing guys leading them they can be okay. But we'll see it's over it's a weird term it that way you can always look at the start for a good team and say well. Team acts struggled. Team B did it I feel great about seeing B vs team acts. And so you know I I would say don't put all your marbles in the organ looked really good today bracket yeah our basket nothing John had done Atmel consistently go the rest of the turning way epic in James got a dime Morgan gets the win opening round their advance into the round of 32 we'll see if they end up playing Creighton or Rhode Island let us know what you think about the ducks if 55. Real fiber in some are your thoughts on the other side an update Joseph the rest determine actually a couple of games going on global not looking great so far. Against Jacksonville State you gave an accident recap what happened earlier in the afternoon crunched on its next on 1080 with him. The pressure's on. And just was different from. That's just executed crunch time he was feeling the heat. When you win this event is phenomenal when you lose it's the lowest on the wall it's. And stunned and look at the hottest topics in sports Brian do you money crunches. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Expressed rusty by crunch that is always not 95 months why would you ever pay more bridge gym membership. I was not out of the glorious awesome games yes and he's not. You get no no let's again. Who I yeah I took the day off the gym yesterday I had a choice he can't yet. Drive or actor he has yet to reach a certain point where you did have a choice of what you were going were not going to do. I also lot wanna get a quick shout out before I get into the tournament talk today by the way NFL stuff coming up top of the hour. And then we'll talk a little Saint Patrick's Day as well or yes hot takes coming into the pantex that I think Patrick's day if you look I hear about the plug some business so well I'm not I'm not at all. There there is a gentleman by the name of Don Williams and stop fighting now I have not met this gentleman. Picking the guys he business card he dropped off a business card into our promotions to attack because he also. Goes by the nickname of dirt. No he does he does and he's got he gave me his business card not me but he gave it to the promotion screws again. Give us out and so there is they'd done Williams in the building who also goes by dirt they call it their Williams or soy amerigas mints I got that down points when he did his job and I don't know there was another dirt yeah world how does that make you feel. It's so great I'm not alone really not alone on this journey strength I would think your ego you need to have to ask you are people leader out there I do you have a massive ego but I like having more than 13. In one of the day we might have to address in the final hours apparently you're brought under the bus yesterday. Yeah I it's funny too because at least in people. I tell you what takes that in and it's it's funny if you will remember that or brought that up because I was listening to the radio at that exact moment and it was me. And probably about 120 my family members. That we're listening to the same thing it's getting three under the bus and they backed up over yet. I mean it went from like solid this and this is this this is spray in this and that still likely she hit it kind of got some like it felt like there's like anger there and I didn't play but that's again why is the TV got them if it but yeah we may have to talk about that that was kind of interesting I was laughing the whole time. But it was interesting what they were saying a couple of quick thoughts your defense sacks and we were talking organs opening round win over I know enough. One fund listener said ducks need to be better with the three ball better defensive rebounds stuff vs global. I'll will be the game that turns organs fortunes and another one global it's a horrible matchup for Oregon Oregon would have a better shot against Kansas in my opinion. But it's you know it's tough to say but I think we better remember this can't just say good basketball team they are somewhat young. Makes with the experience but. But it was three regular season games yeah. So yes they may have had moments of inconsistency. And clearly it looked good in the first game that they lost TCU in the big twelve. But let's not act like they're still not really good players they have the talent advantage in that match up. And I don't think there's a quote unquote better. Matchup for Oregon I think both of those which has been incredibly tough challenge yet very good teams are wondering to couple those with a look at the rest determined action today we haven't talked much tournament. Throughout the show just some quick finals earlier Michigan beat Oklahoma State probably the best game. But the days so far Baylor blew up in Mexico state Arkansas beat Seton Hall mosier. Finals other than the Oregon game a couple of games and action right now wanna keep your eye on speaking of the docks the water of Creighton in Rhode Island. This is the plane around 323 just underway eight to four. And what I mean USC got a lot of flack for being in this tournament some people that believe that belonged in they had to make a huge comeback to win their play in game just didn't make it to this point. They were down big early as a new decade right now 5452. SMU only up by two well and that might be one of those bracket busters for a lot of people some some suggest that SMU people off some pretty big upsets and go deep in this tournament yeah I got us and you an elite eight. If you go you could literally eighteen today or Earl I don't know I have going Nazi by may have been in the sweet sixteen I can't quite remember but that could be a pretty big bracket buster for a lot of people out there just as I feel like. When SMU is brought up. I believe as a new plate do you correct that they would lead and I haven't beating duke Indiana in the streets again and some people believe that as well like that's a kind of a growing it's kind of consensus with some that SMU might have been what it takes to beat duke well. You got to get past USC first you know one game that could give you little confidence as the ducks fan we've had our eye on it because. I Jacksonville State got off to a good start against global right now the score back in 6552. So mobile. Up by thirteen about five minutes ago it looks like they will avoid the the a catastrophic upset here. And the first round but so finding dates you pick it up action dollars to peddle this news or like it was yesterday I still think it's kind of its news or it may be different for us given that we're doing a radio show in the middle of a lot of these games. But just like watching while we're on the air slash would run commercial break. I haven't really seen much today that has me like all I gotta pay attention Michigan Oklahoma State got me it was a great game and that was at one point. When for Michigan that probably should have been more of a four point win but still close game back in court. Or again I mean if you're Dorgan we ended today was a great day but that it was kind of boring as well. And you know everything else right now in North Carolina is up 23 points. Rhode Island think Creighton just started its thirteen to eight so it's still too early and that. SMU USC might beat the game to pay attention to you but. I don't think I can get a clear view from where I'm sitting in my vantage point so outside act gamers really haven't. Have been too much today dates you gather that you dumb it down Allen in the Michigan Oklahoma State it was great early on and outside factors not many. That have come down to the wire come the team yesterday I mean we edit that early game where it was Notre Dame in Princeton came down to the last shot then. I offs Iowa northwestern Vanderbilt which was an exciting finish if there was the last possession opportunity. Outside of that there weren't many games that they came down of those moments which is what we love about the tournament as it comes down I hate you're down by two you got the ball you gonna try and win the game. It's not me though so far I can't I can't remember atop my head and it's a little lazy meats and not have brought this up during the last break. Was last year's first round really exciting to be of like a big upset it was a kind of did as well as that it always doubles together from here that I can't remember I mean this is so many games I think that take place in the first few days and then you advance of the weekend and I think that they headliner at a tournament last it was a fact get a game winner in the national title game. And I think that was the one that. And stole the headlines for a lot of people last year's I don't I don't necessarily have concrete memories. Of the opening round of the tournament last hearing on I'll bring it up right now just as I was curious if there was a big upset because I never some of the lake games were pretty good. That's a Nazi and a lot right now top my head may listeners get up at 55305. Foot. I know maybe maybe we have like back to back years where the first couple days really aren't rated we hope. Maybe that's that's a better for the later round games this sixteens elite eights the final four flight I do this satellite you know I what is he the movie get out recently and the reviews were a 100% so I had this idea in my head it was due to be this like greatest movie of all time. And that that's probably part of the problem with March Madness that we get so excited for the tournament and we're just expecting chaos and buzzer beaters. And excitement throughout. Massive ten double digit upsets in round one last year so I'm a moron because I didn't remember all that action but that's pretty exciting I doubt that when you're coming from a year like that you get this year so far we haven't had very many monumental upsets yet. I can be a little boring but they. First to days the tournament let us know 55305. We live out of the independent sports bar and grill it is day to. A fan madness for us all hope is stopped by say hello. And watch the rest the tournament action I think it's coming up. At 3 o'clock to do their show live out here as well prince directed by crunch fitness always not 95 a month so why would you ever paid more. For gym membership to find out more about restrict network out. At crunch dot com bus ticket to any the final hour Michelle yeah we'll talk about you getting thrown under the bus by one Isaac rob and Jason's Danica. Well zip maintained that he didn't do any throwing under the bus OK we give you that last night Canadian three under the bus we'll talk about that lot of listeners want us to discuss the events on prime time last night so we get to that. Feel like Saint Patrick's Day is it amateur hour what are your thoughts on the holiday that is today we'll talk about that. What we'll start with some action in the NFL some movement the quarterback's going to places guys are signing and could somebody be coming out of retirement start was an NFL talk. Don't go anywhere look I harder to break on 1080 different.

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