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Dirt & Sprague, Friday 3-17-17 Hour 1

Mar 17, 2017|

The guys back at The Independent Sports Bar for day 2 of the NCAA Tournament, as the Ducks cruise versus Iona, plus Kevin Todd has his day 2 picks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Durden spray gun trinity mills room it was still lose interest we'll have a doctor to make a judgment. We are guys you'll all. Try to dual boot or. This is the tournament a recognition of dirt and spread. Yeah front to back up we go markets need a local lender who specializes in VA loan plus legal markets can help. Good athlete come markets dot com. Durbin spray dogs and didn't. All right let's do and it as well. Oh all want to happy Saint Patrick's Day to everybody out there happy. Brian Gay as well durden Sprague live at the independent sports bar and grill for date to. Of the first round match ups in the NCAA tournament the address astute when he five southwest Broadway come on down it is. Jam packed I mean there's literally people that are struggling to find his seat right now but it is a good time. A lot of duck fans are here enjoying themselves the ducks are up basically twenty points at the half and I don't. And the independent has been a great place to host for this kind of venue. Now for two days. Yeah it's been awesome yesterday it was fun we all survived back out here for dates do and it's just great to have a big crowd around a lot of talk fans here. In the building today I think everybody likes what they're CNN that there were some odd tense moments in the first half violent and made it a ball game and you're wondering all right is this thing really get a cup not a liar you don't want to give it to like that a chance to think they can hang around in the second half so nice is the organ Paul weigh their little bits and intake is he said basically it's point one lead in the locker room. Yeah we got a great show today got a lot to kids who got Kevin Todd we're gonna sprinkle lime with Kevin Todd my bookie dot LV he's gonna join us at 1230. And give us his three picks remember we're going head to head these two days we were both to a one yesterday. The game he missed was Maryland yet Maryland minus one and a half over Xavier Xavier ended up winning that game pretty comfortably. And then again it's cured me was Wisconsin Virginia Tech. That was a really close game and then Wisconsin all the way in the second half and won by ten so two and one yesterday. They'll join us at 1230 with his three picks legitimized l.s gonna join is that wind. Because we understand not every listener out there is a duck fan so for you not duck fans out there or even duck fans listening and watching the game. Outrigger preview of the spring game organs they spring game is tomorrow's a geno myself organ live dot com's gonna join us at 1 o'clock. That once knocked off Bobby and I didn't realize the spring game was this weekend's of the good talking GM to take a look at some of the strange story lines I think the quarterback battles obviously still gonna be the biggest one and your beater fittest when I watch other those guys play this weekend and if one guy he got a separate himself and on top of that I mean. So much attention on college basketball this week rightfully so organ spring practice starts next weeks and get this free game for organ state this weekend. The ducks get started next week it just reminds you that it's right around a corner. Yeah no doubt about it so we got a lot to get you some football stories some pretty humans Marshawn Lynch may be coming out of retirement. But what does that mean for him in terms of the team he plays on call it cap predict actual talk about this in like ten minutes there's a it's an interesting thought. Up about Colin cap for next. An NFL circles Mike Freeman Bleacher Report wrote the story. And now wanna read a few quotes from that story in regards to can't tap verdict in his free agency so we'll talk about that one in ten minutes but before we get to that. But you make a day one I thought about the one last night I did it. A little saucy last night I look at time at the shell and really great and I did the independent yesterday but we watched most of the games here in and I headed out to my brother in law's house and we watched the remaining games from the night. And I don't know like I thought yesterday it was cool like my brackets really not busted much which is great but. Oh this point it. One a little more buzzer beater action yeah. I think we always like games to come down to the wire you always want those those last second moments that we have one early Notre Dame Princeton. I mean it was the first game of the day I think it probably turned out to be the best game of the day so. It's never great when you start off on that high and the noted it's kind of hard to keep that momentum going all afternoon but. The day so far it romped to a better start up with a lot of blogs yesterday a lot of ten point wins yesterday. Not any huge upsets against the any top seeds go down 02 seeds lost those three seeds lost so. But it may have one of those kind of days it's it's to be expected. But so hard and it brought to better start and Michigan Oklahoma State was a good game backdoor cover their at the end of the Oklahoma State hit a three everybody's losing their mind yeah actress' rent was due they were down by four they hit a three basically. At the bus I can just hope for a better day today organ looks like it's going to be a blowout but Arkansas and Seton Hall coming up wire a little bit. It's opening get a couple buzzer beaters this afternoon. Yeah no doubt about the Vanderbilt game was pretty good we got to watch that one African off the year I had northwestern and a couple people we are having fun which they had picked Vanderbilt. And so that you know came down the wire watching it right at the bar over here in the back and forth in did you see the end of that game. So. Northwestern. Vanderbilt gets a bucket and they go up one. Northwestern gets the ball and about seventeen seconds or so. And I don't know why but one of the Vanderbilt players Powell's the kid and it was a Chris Webber moment he just lost track yes Simon's score and they were in the bonus so a northwestern goes to the free throw line up and they shoot two free throws. And they take the one point lead and in Vanderbilt comes down. And they try to get the go ahead be miss northwestern gets out in the end up winning 6866. This is the kids like I forget his name and my the web page I brought it up I just lost it. Arm but I we have the audio of this kid in the post game just because. Northwest there was in the opponents that he felt for no reason and they interviewed this kid in god bless him he's going to talk to the media in the post game in this is what he had to say. So close euphoria on menus is totally mementos from her confused with the salsa okay. Because it amuses. Taught as a team. Especially and we are loaded so it does harm. Just a closed him over have been on managers or coaches they're mandatory. And just assume oh man. And that's an important problems from the. NASA there's Vanderbilt guard Matthew Fisher Davis is who was inexplicably passed. Hello a lot of like that three people that beat Vanderbilt right next to us. They literally screaming what are you can only guy is really I mean it was a reverse Chris Chris Webber moment he just lost track of everything and I mean kudos to him for talking in the media after the game we are all watched not added added after we got off the year did yet we were sitting here watching them on TV and you're wondering why. All of a sudden northwestern shooting free throws. Because it looked like they were basically is gonna bring the ball the court called time out and then set up a last shot situation. And all of a sudden next thing you know you look up in Michigan free throws and an easy the replay. That he fouled and and then on top of that and Vanderbilt last possession. It's there are down by two and they took a three from like I don't want it don't want to have a doubt one of the exhibit three from about five feet behind the three point line that. Gotta finish games that you can't get this far have a moment like that at the end that was the first bone headed play we've seen at tournaments plus and it may might have and you might have been my brother in law but when the kids from Vanderbilt because they're down one shoots that three pointer. Somebody turns the beat goes step Curry's ruined became a fast I kind of laughed but I'm thinking. You know the way that kid was playing in the weighty voice to that shot it's like you're having been C in the NBA lately and that's kind of what these guys you know as we fees long three I think you got fifteen seconds you're down by one point and that's the look you're gonna go with I'm not gonna go as extremists is they step Curry's role in the game of basketball but. Eat it just got to get a better look him out of the final sack and I think not only that shot dirt but I think the foul committed by him when it seems already in the bonus. I think that's that's an aspect of the NCAA tournament that people talk about but it. You see first hand in game action of that pressure builds in that arena does that I I was I was at the turn of it when they had it at the motives that are a couple years ago swipe guard. And just being courtside there was a couple close games. There is a weird energy did you kind of feel like the crowd in momentum like everything you just feel the emotions of teams like that. And so I just think there are certain moments which is let's use the RI as an example. People picking Rhode Island because they have the experience right. You know maybe that plays a factor in this situation because like I just have no other explanation for why did decides that fouling someone like that. Is that thing to do even if your your unaware there in the bonus that he still you play him straight up like that's what you should have been taught that we should know bite or at any given that environment in its entirely different mindset well and I think dot fans are hoping that's up the plays in their factor this year is they went on that run in the elite eight obviously were eliminated by Oklahoma buddy Gil went off and by the need to really do in that situation but you're hoping it's it's something they can build off of from last year and this year in an in use that to their advantage and I saw farming there was an anxiousness coming into this afternoon for a lot of the fans myself included just wondering. What's it didn't get a look like I mean you're this is he too now without Chris and JR house big B Williams gonna come off the bench and play are they going to be able them. Dominate inside like we were used to seeing them dominate inside all regular season give the 11 AM Pacific tip. You kind of want an idea you just don't wanna come out flat let one of those thirteen or fourteen seeds hang around with the all day especially the only thing we know bio and up. Is there there are good shooting team if they can fill it up quick and they're good three point shooting team so. One of those things rear closed at the half they get hot the second half and I say you know exactly what's going on here why are we losing to I own a cell. That there's a major calming factor to this first half for me and just. Seeing Morgan come out and do what they're supposed to do a mere three seed you play and I own a I noticed a decent team but when he to a twelve. He should be up by fifteen or twenty points so nice to see that they finish off in the second half it gives you a little confidence going ahead in the tournament. Yeah organ is up eighteen at the half 5537. And by the way I don't as best player Jordan Washington. Went down there with them under a minute to go in the half he went down and people couldn't tell it was an que les. A knee and ankle but he went down in the didn't up maybe he'll be OK and play in the second half but right now their best player Jordan Williams. Who has fourteen of their 37 points. He injured himself is again you know Pete Pete Pete Williams I think is the name a lot of the fans will be watching as it's far as long as they're in the tournament. And out right now he's coming off the bench he's got four points he's got to rebalance. The action that was able to see for the most part. Looks fine it's still an adjustment factor because of the minutes he's going to be given the Jordan bells playing out of his mind he's six for six from the field. Fifteen points five rebounds in Tyler Dorsey which is going to be a real wildcard for them. If he shows up we could really make the ducks got much more lethal he's got fourteen points at the half. Libel when you lose a guy like Boucher comes down to everybody else stepping up and not easy Bigby Williams is the one that'll get a lot of those minutes that we say would have crowd but. You need all your best players that come off I mean if you have Boucher coming off the bench maybe you can get away with a gain of Brooke's not shooting lights out or Dorsey not really showing up for. Richard not to and a whole lot they're the ones that the pressure for me falls on in his seat and coming out shoot 65% as it seemed a bit of a roof they're not settling for shots. All like they can do sometimes in their offense gets its stagnant I a great first half organ aspect great show today legitimize Al let one Kevin tides bring in line at 1230 coming up next though we'll take a break from some NCAA tournament basketball go to the NFL. This Donald Trump to blame for Colin Capp predict not having a job. And if you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Tune it is this some interesting thoughts from Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report on Colin Capp predict who is still. A free agent got parents break happy Friday. They score update glory of the ducks up being there close to being up 3063 to 38 against Iona Payton Richard dissident three. And down low level this could be good news for duck in the work gets passed Creighton or Rhode Island. Little kind of struggle and right now it's still the opening minutes of their game but they're struggling against Jacksonville State. Down ten to four so it's taken a little bit but maybe you'll get it going. As well I want to take any a segment and talk non college basketball there. So the NFL free agency landscape has been really interesting to me that's a lot of movement we'll get to see more the movement a little later in the show. But one story in particular I copy window. This morning was one of Colin tapper. Now cap critics still hasn't signed a deal with anybody and I want you to bear in mind as we talked about Mike Glenn and right we did he got a lot of money yet seated and a lot of healing my clintons better McCafferty that's fine I disagree but that's fine. But geno Smith just got signed he did. And now people are kind of wondering geno Smith got signed ecology effort it can't get signed well. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report dot com wrote a story about this. And used suggesting that a big reason I can't predict is not. Going to be signed or a lot of teams are staying away is because NFL exacts. Straight hate calling tapper nick I want a I want to read if you tidbits from the story. This is from Mike Freeman bleach reported that some teams here the backlash from fans. After getting him they think there might be protest the war and I couldn't believe this trump will tweet about the team. I'd say that a number is around 10% so it's small. Then there's the other 10% that has a mix of those feelings about 20% of the league either hates calling cap critic or feels that. It's gonna be too much backlash for them to really wanna go through. He got he added third the re the rest genuinely hate him and can't stand what he did. They want nothing to do with them they won't move on they think showing no interest as a form of punishment. I think some teams also wanna use Catholic as a cautionary tale to stop other players in the future from doing. Like he did when I spoke to in public sex com might if you go one even called him an embarrassment. To football. So some eye opening stuff from Mike Freeman a Bleacher Report I'm white collar Catholic may not be signed yet. Which I think if you we can look back at him opting out of his contract and wonder how big of a mistake that ultimately ends up being I I still think there will be a team that steps up and gives them an opportunity it'll be a matter of how much money he can gets off. But I mean when you hear about geno Smith hit the money he got up towards Michael and and got a ton of money basically to be a stopgap and and a backup quarterback in the future. If you're thinking if something like governor casting its side but that this stuff really doesn't surprise me got much I disagree within wholeheartedly. But this is my big fear factor for him going in the free agency that. Even him coming out and saying look next here on knock it in the old I did my protest for a year next you're not gonna go do that again. There's still going to be trepidation from NFL organizations because they segment of their fan base. Will will will protest the signing I just think it will end I think it's comical that NFL owners will draw this line of elect guys who. They'll beat their wives or beat their kids are or. Get in trouble off the field go give them second chances and allow them to play on the roster and they won't worry about the fan backlash inciting those kind of guys. What a player taking in the end in making a political statement. Is where they're gonna draw the line that there's a comical factor for there for me but. At some point I mean we're just at the ways you can't governing ends up landing anyway. Yet the difficult thing is it's it's really as simple as he's a better player this is that a problem. I'm not because he has struggled like he has since you know he took over series Cisco and let him all those runs. And he's taken that step back post Jim Harbaugh people look hitting a man is he worked the risk that I said when he opted out and by the way it should be noted. He was probably going to get released by San Cisco anyway. But before he opted out I thought you know like. That could be a Smart move friend of Mike Clinton's demanding that he could probably get around the same number if not more just because I'm not better than Michael and it went out geno Smith has the inside. There is no. Way I will ever hear about how geno Smith is a better now hear the call account unaudited zero chance on innocent conversation no it's not close so. I think there's sits some merit to what Mike Freeman who think the disappointing part to meet. First of all the fact that like a trump tweet it's part of an explanation. That's stupid don't live your life like that that's idiotic approach this thing. I don't know I don't go fight fight that I feel a lot of people made that a bigger deal than it was like NFL ratings were hurt people were texting and this tapper to know what wasn't it wasn't about calling now property felonies and epic of it yields a sliver of the person Vicki. I know a lot of people disagreed with his meaning and in what he was doing and that's the answer and that's fine your title that right just like he was entitled to Neil. Hearing the National Anthem by. They tell me that it was them to blame for the ratings decline in its ridiculous and if he's already coming out at things I can he would be more. And by the way he's been incredibly proactive in helping organizations he started camps. Helping communities and different in different regions of our country. Is it is it really epic of a deal you can't deal with like thirty. You know political people who root for your team that are gonna. I grow up if you're willing to deal people that metal and drugs get arrested if you said domestic violence consume alcohol the U lies. All those guys that you that are great players so you know this is true and you have this kind of thought in this kind of have been team in NFL circles it disappoints me it really does because this is a political stance yes it was. Our social stance I think more little than political. Fight. Come on move on he's moving on he's trying to move on he's still doing good things. I just I'm just disappointed by. Beyond all and I think the other part of the article that was interesting was that NFL owners might be trying to step up and and have this be the cautionary tale in the future that they don't want players to take political stances they don't want that to be an issue. That comes out here to deal with with their fan base and an end there's a sentiment out there I sense in the article that. The NFL owners feel like if they can keep on Catholic out of the league that that big punish him for taking this act and they don't allow him another chance. That's gonna keep future NFL players from doing political stances are taking geezer. We're speaking their mind about politics in the locker room guess after beginning you know. Let's talk property it's not great he is not a top fifteen quarterback in the league I think he's a borderline starter in my mind. This notion that he stuck to these terrible teammate as a as a listener points out geno Smith just got side. Geno Smith got punched in the face by one of his teammates in the locker room Garland paper yeah he would pay the guy calling tap predict. One need courage award in the 49ers that they team voted for the best teammate the courage of world that's stuff he was the one that they'd voted for it when you actually look at his numbers. They were decent last year they were I mean like the niners Sox in a lot of it was garbage time and I look I would be willing to give him a big time contract is starting quarterback but his numbers were better. Far better than what geno Smith did last year is numbers were better than what Michael did it last circus Mike Glenn I didn't play so. I don't necessarily buy into this this sentiment that he can't play any more if Mike Lennon can get a job in the NFL calling capita should be able to let. It's going to be one of those issues if it reminds me almost like Barry Bonds at the end of his career that they're there. It felt like there was collusion amongst the other and now the owner same. We don't want this guy average it's a cautionary tale for steroids don't sign him don't sign it and it was back channeling going on and I'm sort of get that sense that happening that they're just say hey nobody touched a guy in Miami went up to view a protest and. I would almost think like if that's the route they do go and Mike Freeman is saying that's what they're doing. I would almost be afraid of that but that would backfire in your face because you can say what you are about cap predict but let's not act like other players didn't join that movement let's not act like other guys on other teams the Seahawks. Rallied together and they did what they thought is is representing of that statement. Our players on all these other teams agreed with data and discuss how impact that was Torrey Smith who was just released by the niners. And signed elsewhere and he tweeted some of the affected you could say would you want the tavern it's going to be a legend for that and this is the funny part for everybody hates Catholics for that reason. Bull what did he accomplish all look at him backing down now he's not nearly. I'm sorry did you watch the news for eight months because he basically led that entire conversation like doing what he did so. You can say that you know he's he's I hit a created he did he meet no change in. That's fine but you can't tell me that the landscape for the conversations were brought up. Because of what he did that's what's so funny to me that's the impact that's an impact right here. You'll give an opinion you watch the news channel they're doing stories on it. That's the impact he created a conversation about something that quite frankly people wanna admit this they're just really uncomfortable talking about because they have no understanding of it. The other people per. Patriotic reasons disagree with it and then the other people agreement itself there's always like three different ways to dice that up but to me. I just wonder if it's gonna back fire alarm on the NFL cautionary tale that's. That's kind of spit in the face a little bit the players have yet you better shut your mouth you're not getting my. Sign me right out here come to work do your job and don't speak your mind at three it's ridiculous so called Catholics doesn't inside we don't know he will be haven't seen any rumblings that he's visiting teams but. Mike Reno Bleacher Report dot com is basically reporting that teams are kind of black calling him. I'd try to use him as a cautionary tale to other players don't view. What he did all right it's time to win some money. We want some yesterday Kevin Todd and I combined with more in two on the day we take three more games eats today. Who we betting odds comes regular line Kevin Todd my book you got LB is that. Brigham and Reagan. And ago. Iraq and Iran today baby and we are sounds trite line time to win some. Money straight line brought to you by my bookie dot LV. Visit there right now enter the promo code radio alone. And you get 50%. Bonus up to 3000 dollars just go to my bookie got LB's the promo code radio sign up to that 50% bonus up to 3000 dollars and it's obvious right line with our boy Kevin Todd distorts brokers dot com. On Twitter at Kevin Todd TSB 18022062. Sixty we both went to a one yesterday we take three games today Kevin thanks for joining us once again man who is your first pick. All I'm a little at the audience know that the team that I'm giving out over the year fellas are just my opinions. The games where you really want information when you can move thousands of dollars it needs to call the office at 1802206262. Where they can go to web site and join up at the sports brokered dot com I'm just saying I don't suggest they're going crazy on my opinion at all of saying it. On that Michigan game was brutal value out of the losses now are you can only got a last second three. Big it is chalked it up don't want it. I am now yeah we were that bad feet made a bunch of people here at the cars go I'll call off all like you could tell they always devastate Atlanta at three point attempt. Well as noisy go to the free throws they went to the lineup for the one the one that won what with the and a one guy it was like 80% kept on missing the front and on the one of one. And FF. Gotta make you free throws out tonight Kevin are not my book he got LV the sports brokers dot com its first pick. First they come to give Rhode Island is game was at a plus one it's now minus two I still local like Rhode Island. In this match up only because Creighton. Is not that good against the spread of the tournament in fact there 181. Against the spread their last ten NCAA tournament. There are 131. Of the last five NCAA tourney games at least favorite because his team opened up as a favorite. And no 141 gets a bit less six NC serving games overall. Are like Rhode Island here to played one of the best basketball right now in the country although we do to Michigan uptake of Rhode Island might just it's so. Yeah unfortunately I was actually gonna go Rhode Island today I'll go months Prager well minus that to immediate needs right it was at 11 and a half and now it is that you. You know he could say what you want we don't all know everything about Rhode Island basketball but we do you know they have a lot of experience. And I don't know how would that spread you basically just saying win by a bucket yeah I'll take my chances on that one. And I'm gonna take Rhode Island minus that he was well boarded that action on it anyway so I'm gonna go there as well what's your second pick Kevin. Quite simply is not taken a Miami Hurricanes minus the one. Against Michigan State I like Miami they're playing well effective play very good defense they helped duke this fifty point they'd better hope. They very good Virginia Tech team to sixty. Eight point story capable out. It's people who do if you appointed eight of their last ten games Miami's by the way get to spread their last six games quality he has lost. Michigan State is not the same team I think Miami had the better athletes. Michigan's status to a seven against the spread their last nine games. As an underdog. When he played at neutral sites there's three that there are 38. The last eleven I like the party's here against Michigan State labelled one and half. I'm talking to Kevin Todd the sports brokers dot com my bookie got LB give a follow on Twitter at Kevin Todd. He as being my second pick I'm actually gonna go with a 611 match up a full work 27 tip. Phenomena go Cincinnati. Vs Kansas State right now I get the bearcats are four point favorites. Give me Cincinnati and this went Kansas State was lucky to be wake force in my opinion. Bruce Weber is not a great coach in writing a moment like this Cincinnati is too talented. They're two well coached I think they are going to end up winning this game by double digits. Obviously the bearcats to beat on the in the 611. Matchup in Cincinnati minus the four. For my second stick by the way folks this is brought to buy my book he got LV if you sign up now my book he got LV Getty 50% bonus up to 3000. Dollars which got used the promo code a radio. Again that's my bookie got LB all right Kevin what's your final pick of the day. Well I gotta agree with you want elastic at Cincinnati is well. You know while I love it just stayed there all four against the spread the last war NCAA tournament games as a underdog. You know mortuary gets to spread the last four NCAA games as an underdog between one and six point. Cincinnati. Ford Focus has been the last four games as a favorite. Ford wanna get to robredo last five games overall. Is that he's another team made up please defense. And when they're hot he can drained a three just as good as anybody I see it double digit win here for Cincinnati. All right there you go he's got Cincinnati as well we've got sued the same knicks and our three which is gonna make this content experiencing could boil down to that one game. That is not the same and I aim to go. With a different pick then he has said yet. An IMAX you know wanna be bigger favorites here. You've got you got UC Davis. Vs Kansas not I love this match up obviously Kansas is going to wind as the 116 match up. UC Davis now every good ball club and Kansas let's remember what Kansas did the last time they played. All that's right they got bumped in their first game in the big twelve tournament they've had more than enough time off. They're eight when he three point favorite right now in even though I hate spreads that high because usually these teams went by about money I think kid's gonna win this game by close to thirty. As a statement game Josh Jackson is going to be back for the jayhawks. Frank Mason the third. I'm gonna take kids as any. Huge crowd and Dominique gamble on Kansas minus the 23 islets recap here Kevin's getting old Rhode Island minus two over Creighton Miami minus one and a half against Michigan State in in Cincinnati alliance for. Against Kansas State you've got Rhode Island minus two as well against Creighton a Cincinnati is well minus four. Against Kansas State in in the 23. Minus twenty for Kansas over UC Davis and it's gonna come at a Kansas UC Davis Cup. And Miami Michigan State yes it is and I'm already picture and spread with a shaved head candidate have to look great man I don't know what it. Are you are amazed us is they are you a bit nervous betting against Tom Izzo in the NCAA tournament just a little. Not because it is not the same Michigan State team with that I mean I'm. They're not listed yet another county used to get my knees can get out coached most likely but I believe that. They have the better athletes Miami they've let's call big guys they complain. And listen if you could open to assisting can only imagine what they're gonna hold Michigan State's the totals telling you. That this game is going to be very very tight I believe the totally game is won 26. So I can see Miami would in his game you know. 69 is fifty. Out there is Kevin Todd the sports brokers dot com 102206262. Give McCall. And he can also follow on Twitter tweets out some of his picks. At Kevin Todd TSB has brought you by my bookie dot LV. Sign up now get 50% bonus of the 3000 dollars in the promo code a radio there's are sixth Nixon then these last few days. Kevin good luck he Miami and we got one game difference let's see if that one game as the the difference maker in our vet. Excellent like I said this is live from the guys until full policies in the Osce Geithner to summer. We can't wait man we're looking forward to it thanks drop in on particular report. They re a great stuff Kevin Todd CSV. That's the unfortunate part make these bats. We didn't talk about hay out both have these two guys but it. Rhode Island I think it's a great pick and I I really do love Cincinnati I think they're a really good team. They lost in the conference championship game. But I am telling you Bruce Weber of Kansas State and I can't trust it and get into the better team and I love I actually really like that Kansas victim we see a lot of blogs and Gonzaga blew out South Dakota State native looked great the first app is still ended up winning that game by twenty points and easy to UC Davis and lawful. Yeah but let's Las Vegas made their self. As as long as there's not some backdoor cover were Kansas calls up the dogs in ten minutes left UC Davis close on the strong run. It should be able to win that game by 23. NCAA tournament action updates you on some of these scores the ducks are just blowing it out now against dire enough. And we'll give you an update on what Louisville's Q and against Jacksonville. State we're back with more tourney talk next on 1080 the fan. So drained so I would be independent sports aren't really you know the best part about being in a sports bar. Ice cold. Water that's right it really bad had a handful of ice cold waters today during the we know we have had a lot of ice cold water today fatal both you and I have got after a little bit yesterday we had a good time down here a lot of listeners showed up Bosnia set up it was a good time to watch some moves this is you know we talked about that yesterday. This is a good time for diehard sports fans I know it's pre dominantly men. But the ladies given the mixes well it's it's only some lady hoops fans are here in joint attorney as well but now's a good time yesterday hanging out with everybody and watched some of those. Closer each game. But he fills out a bracket man and and there's a lot of people down here I appreciate you hustled to folks who are working a lot of people down here on lap tops this kind of say you know what I'm taking my worked out of the independent of and lots of basketball. They'll be able to get a few things done and now the ducks fans so far today. Right up here in the building lots of cheers going around the room yet we're out the independent sports bar growth to 25 southwest Broadway come out hang out with a prime time's gonna do their show out here as well. And a shout out to our boy Jeffs he didn't use that GM here at the independents. He's thinking about trying to make this somewhat of let. Cubs dive bar a little bit. And I was like Geoff you've got a flight at W buddy and there's a lot of cubs fans out there and I let one of our. A lot of confidence in the area yeah hey you're always gonna fight cubs fans heading anywhere you go he still does not carry carry day where they celebrated per day in every cannot. Voice and ice cold one I didn't sing him happy birthday kind of the same time all over the world it's not suspect in the states it's all over the world so that's pretty cool. Story but not the attorney underway still underway right now and I give you some score updates the cardinal. Or cardinals I should say lieu of all they are up 3227. About two minutes to go in the first half of that game. Let me give you an update on war again or gain right now. Is up on my own 81 to 65 about seven minutes to go in the second half Arkansas 89 match up against Seton Hall. The the hogs took care business 707071. The I USC NSN you about five minutes to go the first half of that game that's a 611 matchup he was yet when to play a game as a new up thirty to twenty. War paler. Overcame me halftime deficit and they blew out New Mexico State that's second half they scored 53 points in the second and beat New Mexico State 91 to 73. And what was probably the game at the date thus far Oklahoma State and Michigan at this 710 match up that was eight Q&A half point spread it. And out Oklahoma State hit a three with like a second to go even though they were down four they shot a 3-D made it and she didn't want to. 92 to 91. But 99% of the batters according to RJ bell. In Vegas. He's at 99% of the back side Michigan lost on that shot out of a second ago. Thought that was a privilege to watch the reaction everybody because we've got a lot of gamblers here in the building last few days reacting to spreads and I is so far that the biggest nickel they want Michigan needed to win I mean that's just karma for the the plane accident if they got it whether airplane skidded off the runway and had to play a game in the Big Ten tournament will basically practice uniforms. So I think that's a karma for Michigan to get the big Linden. Yet Obama beat Baylor I mean Baylor you mentioned it didn't look good the first they were down at the half to New Mexico State and you're wondering art is it's our first big upset Robbins the other. Top 12 or three seed goes down and and in the opening today's tournament but they outscored in Mexico state by twenty in the second half so Baylor was the first one it. Little scary there for awhile but the second half and they came back. Yeah how should bracket units it's a pretty good shape. I didn't do great yesterday but I think like most people we all have our sweet sixteen still intact at the diet water Tutsis. That I wrote in terms of well upset picks all the way to the sweet sixteen and got Florida Gulf Coast went a couple of games self. For the most part and a got a great Dave but I'm hanging in there with the elite eight final four still. And packed yeah most of my brackets pretty get it I mentioned yesterday Winthrop kind of scrutiny Butler beat them. Coincidentally. On mind on 1080 K bracket I'd pick Butler corset and follow that up on anything and I comes on immediate. But for the most fighting now lost two or three games yesterday by attacked. There are lots to. To Wisconsin. And I speak out when rough ending yet he the other one as well so I'm still pretty good shape and I'm just like you like my alleviate my final four lakers. But that's not really gonna change until you get to the next round in the domestic investors a monumental upset yeah got one of those teams that goes down. That seated highly and yet we got to keep the duck in now at this point I mean they're not closing I think the way most people would like they had. They're only almost a by thirty points there early in the second half a great start to the second half. And since then it's been a lot of elements like game is we have got to keep and I was about five minutes ago at 83 to seventy with 516 to go in the ball game your right and I don't is that. They're perimeter oriented team they're gonna police the three's many times as any to any team in this tournament. So we'll see what debuting this kid on eye on his creepy looking right now I think the licking his lips look what it the reason why I think it's a bit of a head case in how we could soil on and any talk about Washington he was Nikita went down at the end of the first half and and when he went down oh thank it was a torn ACL learning QBs injury the way he was yelling on the floor. And he got locked up the floor he was fun to start the second half my subsites and all your friend of the show. They could comment where he needs that kid's doctor -- get but he was just fun to come out like yeah I do I do believe there is saying still high percentage of people out there I'd be curious to see what the percentage is on brackets. Of teams. Our of people that picked Rhode Island to beat organ in the next round assuming Rhode Island can get past Creighton and most people believe that can happen because. Greens missing their best player of her injury and he's also on the investigation right now but. If Rhode Island went I feel like there's a decent percentage of people out there dirt that you have Rhode Island beating Oregon in the next the next round. A lot of people out there man that was the upset pick of the tournament everybody loved growing violence they got to get through today and you guys both victim and inspirational line so you guys both took Rhode Island. And like their chances are due to our guys don't know. How great is going to be able to go on a run as you mentioned without their best player and that you took Rhode Island I think your guilt maybe a little more confident with the way organs closes game that's a little disappointing that. Because what about cruise control too early is that there's no reason we disease team I don't at sixteen by that they it was a thirteen point game there for a couple of series and I don't just missed shots and and had a chance to bring it to single digits they're almost up by thirty points at galaxy like that back in the ball again and a beard he's gonna be like I I've been on Kansas I wanna see that Kansas looks like can I have no doubts a look at against UC Davis but. L Louisville by no means is blowing out Jacksonville State they're only up nine right now with twenty seconds to go his Jacksonville State. Is looking for basically last shot of the half at Kansas comes out maybe they struggle a little bit like Inzaghi did yesterday in the first half of their game. That's the beauty is to meet there's only one hard region and that's the Villanova reaching and I think the recipes could be really wide open it's all about matchups to. A team can look like absolute crap and struggled to win one game and the next game to block that team is never know if it's very weird like that health. We ought to get to our number two we'll talk to geno might Zell did you know the organ state spring game is on Saturday. And last Sarah quest about the lady beavers they're played today in the first round of the NCAA tournament for the lay it up for the women. As they play Long Beach states and GMI Zell organ live dot com she's gonna join us kick off power to. Certain spray back with more live at the independent sports bar and grill.

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