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Gina Mizell Interview 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

From Corvallis, Gina Mizell of The Oregonian, previews not only Oregon State's Spring Football game, but the Women's Basketball team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You demise L joining us now. Gina thinks he's taken the time and notes daisy really busy day for Korea. Afloat before we get in a football wanna kind of just ask you a general. How are we figured out our recruiting organ date women's basketball is gonna go in this tournament. How well I mean I think expectations are pretty high with and earning the number you eat bread expecting it that it's here. On there in every day and that went in and stopped and where South Carolina the number one. Maybe that opened the door a little bit awkward day it is the peanut number creepy but really dead that they kind of struggling down at the help. I think it got an opportunity here that I don't working again not enough but opera ever I've arc that but. I expect to make it in the weekend that ethnic Iraq I think that's definitely you know a possibility that play great and and they rebound with solid and keep them in game but the biggest. Think it is seen as they need to get from our team that they complimentary often than not I think we keep that you execute our quick but. They immediately one Blair couple players really get up and and we'll be able to do that I'd I'd. You know I don't think it began back in little while late in the game I guess oddly enough. Yeah you're old outlook he would enable you to get right now are our two lead out on Sunday and then you'll make it did not often. You know yesterday Brent atmospheric you'll policy in this afternoon we'll I had a lot of folks unedited spring game snuck up bottom a little bit organ state starting and usually early. Obviously witness spring practice but it's free game is tomorrow. Another quarterback battle this one that everybody is gonna have a trial but outside of that what are some of the big story lines are looking forward to watching for tomorrow. And yellow quarterback record is the big one and that that all the informing on as far as that the jig that you get as. The Kurt wrapped up the daily. Kind of what we can only see it that pretty much all throughout the great but yesterday period you're in the talking about how are now they don't necessarily have a. As a timetable on agony in the starter epic but Iraq between you and markets with Mary Ann and their gear and that the pot luck. Got well. Morrow began yogurt and had a really good spree and. Flat here or not I know what apple wouldn't and being injured starter after spring practice so definitely the number one inning but then. And aren't but the other thing to keep blocking none of the many younger player that meeting and haven't seen the coral. Are just sitting I'd like. I and they Hagen or are out early enrollees which eager I've been here on campus already up eight you know it. It on the record your wallet that cornerback who supports our recruits from Cuba agreed they go but he did not. He was not able to play it even because academic staff noted that kind of map to not be in the primitive and that app on any thing to keep young I'd go about it and then on how often. Dude you're primitive art or play and does not an open opportunity. Mother I think he got outside linebacker and even inside linebacker you look at it and I'm. Gil you look at the lions are a lot of. It hurt the anger this kind of built the gap and now I'm played a lot. In your right does it feel early in the week and it will not inquire about because the but I'm looking at the weather will not we will be out I'd go tomorrow but. I'm I'm in it to eat your how how to clean look I'm an hour an in and other credit air. Retired legitimize no organ live dot com she's downing Corvallis. For the women's basketball tourney game long beach state they can't they tip off at around two clocks covering that in in. You organ state spring game. I tomorrow do we expect. And we expect them to announce a starter posts. Spring game or do you think they dragged this into may be the offseason slash start of fall camp. Because I don't Gary Anderson said a couple different times that. They wanna like get off by a starter we expect tomorrow whoever plays the best of that is let's say Jake gluten that they announced him as the starting quarterback. You know now I'm kind of confused on what they'll do you he has yet you're right that would. Let Gary your an antenna and begin a tactic that at least that they want to get fine. Ace starter early and what do you continued early could mean look every election. Mean obviously it happened in spring practice though. Apple C but I'm Jerry in your industry knew that aren't. About it pretty much every single bracket just. What the timetable for the guys looking. What are your spot and and he said that Palin they still comparable way. Mean it started not a starter will be aimed at it might not even be publicly went on the diet now so. We'll be I would count on the part of being named after the spring and watch how they got and then the unit one though it won't happen but again from what I seen. They wouldn't have about arm around her shirt on but obviously a lot of pain going to play quarterback by adding art that they are right create. Is picking up the playbook aren't able -- much of the topic that they want you let him hit and you know they had they continued to evolve a whole unit. So well do you but you know what. At seem to mean that the question the last few years with this team obviously and and now you know maybe if somebody really great and I'll tomorrow so that they can perform a pressure environment and one thing that Anderson had mentioned it special play it. From not just the quarterback but from all the offensive weapons now that kind of that X that the up there looking or you know to me that that mean down the field route but I won't look the act of it eat it I've got to act now yeah. QB determine what you're about it right now but we'll. FF. Lots of luck and every level whether there was as scheduling note that might have flown under the radar I think. For some folks we just because there's so much going on the world of sports but ordered state may exchange their schedule but at Colorado State game for for those who didn't. Posse that story of what exactly did they change in how do you think it's impacts their schedule in 2070. Yes so what happened is that we're scheduled to play caller out of date and there are. I heard it not a conference game on September 23 I believe whatever that weekend. Hominid that I had into the August 26. That's going to be they're even open our. At Colorado even before labored at the early at the door if they could ever played where started it well off the united out a couple of reasons that you got out on Colorado eight items they are opening a brand new idiotic I get an opportunity. Open against marquee power I have opponent though. On about you know there's an incentive for Colorado eight an important date it any given you by week's hearing unit sell popcorn being. An official are recruiting beneficial or just wrapping. Indictment kind of speak out in a good way because there are other by a week in October just before they played entry on the third night though that. I'm like that it took a break up the schedule a little bit more because it was very strange lack even more than open they're either that in a note on Thursday night. And that they had up I meet immediately rocker they had like. And is not basically Q and. But without playing a game and then they played chain can keep it out not certainly. Not ideals are ready but alt Nina trying to get your club schedule out that parts partially why that those inboard main back. I'm gap though. Eat you up your your trip to Colorado SP in September unique you're at camp Geiger adoration I'm glad I have not and I yet because piper yeah. Put you obviously they they moved up spring ball on the timeline is because they feel it's best for them. The unfortunate part I did think about this so late I think marketed you'd the damn city thing where they come up to Hillsborough and have a practice and then you go watch a baseball game is that now officially dead for them that. Yet different this year and not something that they would like cute revived not at some point is fit again are a lot of scheduling a lot of logistic echo and the. Like back you up to try to find. Or right I'm with a baseball in the they'll come up and plain old girl you stick the pretty cool would it be Al opponent that they're willing to come up to Portland and play again so yeah but the main. That that spring practice that they were able to make that work but does it feel like you're not last year and though they hooked it or your return to that and and I haven't really gotten any word I don't think Jerry Anderson necessarily know that you like you think spring you know they currently I don't think it hate it but I don't know cynic you go practice schedule moving toward you kind of change that everything you're that you. Doug spring ball out here so we'll see what they do next year but I know a lot of and then in the Portland area where it's at that. Happening here but I think it's important to note that they understood that people aren't they understand that. That they wanted to return to dot it and it's a matter China it all the logistics worked out so hopefully next year or or at least on the road that I'm playing. I did Johnny on this one Gina I near you cover in the then it's state women's basketball team as they tipped it off to die today Corvallis. I'm just curious from a a women's brackets standpoint your two cents on this. A lot of people are gonna follow organ and organ state regionally and see you know how far this the women can go. Is it a little bit of blading or defeating in terms of fill it out a bracket are looking at a bracket where everybody's face begun canceling UConn as the winner and stuff like nobody can. And with that yet. Yeah outline and I mean it did this the year that somebody cannot opt that there is one because that's. A lot from my team I mean that the bill that can thank the number one team in the country but they're not as good. There where it. Rihanna Stuart my jumper and a Morgan taught at apple crew and the app. Ears so yeah I mean we can get into the whole debate on it you Condit is back for the sport but that's something that. Our group was not about last year the final board that that now why would you want to excellent and not something that everyone at stride that stride forward now. Yeah maybe you gone to court the favorites it's not at all again this year but I think there. A lot of opportunity or other teens in make it I mean got you into on the wild make the final or relaxed here and organ and locking and locking in August 7 eat it went on. Cinderella run and that would obviously agree agree in the pact while at Eugene that's your cue from the final or a lot Eric. I don't believe they had ever been there before I remember correctly spell on there is more determined than that you win the national championship I mean you're on the man I'd bet. Generally the blue blood in the national title sell Abbott under the indirect Bergen is and I though I think Jack. The other around an and it UConn reigned supreme again men Bennett appreciate their treatment and end. And all of that but look you what happened with Martin and I know that I get a lot of or a lot of organ and you'll be bottling and he can bump in there and that. Air. Up. Ever follow actually demise onto her she's gonna be incredibly busy for the the next handful of good days and in coming weeks and she's covering ordered state women's basketball and should be covering. He organ state spring game which is tomorrow sneaking up on everybody Tina thanks very given us the time we know you incredibly busy. And a half and they gave didn't see the beavers can now blowout long beach state. I think god you don't sleep all the latest weekend.

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