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Kevin Todd Interview 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Back with Day 2 picks for the NCAA Tournament, Kevin Todd of thesportsbrokers.com joined Dirt & Sprague.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Sounds great line time to win some money straight line brought to you by my bookie got no beef. Visit it right now I enter the promo code radio alone. And you get a 50% to bonus up to 3000 dollars just go to my bookie got LV's the promo code for a radio sign up get that 50% bonus up to 3000 dollars and it's obvious right line with our boy Kevin Todd distorts brokers dot com. On Twitter at Kevin tot he SB 18022062. Sixty we both went to and one yesterday we take three games today. Kevin thanks for joining us once again man who is your first pick. Well and as little at the audience know that the team that I'm giving out over the year fellas are just my opinions. The games where you really want information where you can move thousands of dollars it needs to call the office at 1802206262. Where they can go to web site and join up at the sports brokers dot com I'm just saying I don't suggest they're going crazy on my opinion that's almost say it. On that Michigan game was brutal value out of the losses now are you can only got a second three. They got just chalked it up don't want it. I don't know you know we were that bad beat up bunch of people here at the cars go I'll call off all like you could tell they always devastate Atlanta at three point attempt. Well as noisy down to the free throws they went to the lineup for the one on one and I wonder what went there and no one guy it was like 80% kept on missing the fun out of the one who want. And FF. Gotta make you free throws out tonight Kevin are not my bookie got LV the sports brokers dot com its first pick. First they come to give Rhode Island is game was at plus one it's now minus two I still local like Rhode Island. In this match up only because Creighton. Is not that good against the spread of the tournament in fact the 181. Against the spread through last ten NC 88 Turner's. There award three won their last five NCAA tourney games as a favorite because his team opened up as a favorite. And no 141 gets it over the last six as he's serving games overall. Are like Rhode Island here to played one of the best basketball right now the country although we do to Michigan uptake of Rhode Island might just it's so. Yeah unfortunately I was actually gonna go Rhode Island today I'll go months Prager a minus the two immediate he's right it was at 11 and a half and now it is that you. You know you could say what you want we don't all know everything about Rhode Island basketball but we do you know they have a lot of experience. And I don't know how would that spread you basically just saying win by a bucket yeah I'll take my chances on that line. And nominates a Rhode Island minus the two as well boarded that action on it anyway so I'm gonna go there as well what's your second pitch Kevin. Quite simply is not taken the Miami Hurricanes minus the one. Against Michigan State I like Miami they're playing well effective play very good defense they helped duke this fifty point did that help. They very good Virginia Tech team to sixty. Eight point story capable out. Sixty includes a few points and eight of their last ten games Miami's by the way get to spread their last six games scholar at AT has lost. Michigan State is not the same team I think Miami had the better athletes. Mean he is pleased to its seven against the spread their last nine games. As an underdog. When he played at neutral site there's three that there's 38. The last eleven like the hurricanes here against Michigan State. Way to wanted to have. I'm tiny cat inside the sports brokers dot com I've bookie got LB give a follow on Twitter at Kevin Todd. He as being my second pick I'm actually gonna go with a 611 match up 8427. Tip. And Yemeni go Cincinnati. Vs Kansas State right now I get the bearcats are four point favorites. Give me Cincinnati and this one Kansas State was lucky to be wake force in my opinion. Bruce Weber is not a great coach and I think a moment like this Cincinnati is too talented. They're two well coached I think they are going to end up winning this game by double digits. I'm gonna take a bearcats to beat on the in the 611. Matchup in Cincinnati minus the four. For my second stick by the way folks this is rocky bide my bookie got LV. If you sign up now my book he got ill be getting 50% bonus up to 3000. Dollars which got used the promo code. Radio. Again that's my bookie got LB all right Kevin what's your final pick of the day. Well I gotta agree with you might elastic at Cincinnati is well. Meanwhile let alone at this stage there always war against the spread the last war NCAA tournament games as a underdog. In your Troy gets to spread the last four NCAA games as an underdog between one and six point. Cincinnati. Ford Focus has been the last four games as a favorite. Ford want to get to robredo last five games overall. Cincinnati another team that plays defense. And when they're hot because drained a three just as good as anybody I he would double digit win here for Cincinnati. All right there you go he's got Cincinnati as well we've got sued the same knicks and our three which is gonna make this contest very interesting could boil down to that one game. That is not the same and I aim to go. With a different take than he is said yet. And I actually don't wanna be bigger favorites here. You've got you've got UC Davis. Vs Kansas now -- I love this match up obviously Kansas is going to wind as the 116 match up. UC Davis is not very good ball club and Kansas let's remember what Kansas did the last time they played. All that's right they got bumped in their first game in the big twelve tournament. They've had more than enough time off. There 823 point favorite right now even though I hate spreads that high because usually these teams went by about money I think kid's gonna win this game by close to thirty. As a statement game Josh Jackson is going to be back for the jayhawks. Frank Mason the third. I'm gonna take Kansas any. Huge crowd and Dominique gamble on Kansas minus the 23 pilots recap here Kevin's getting old Rhode Island minus two over Creighton Miami minus one and a half against Michigan State NN Cincinnati alliance sport. Against Kansas State you've got Rhode Island minus two as well against Creighton a Cincinnati is well minus four. Against Kansas State in in the 23. Minus twenty for Kansas over UC Davis and it's gonna come at a Kansas UC Davis Cup. In Miami Michigan State yes it is and I'm already picture and spread with a shaved head Ken and it'll look great man who brought it. Are you are amazed us is they are you a bit nervous betting against Tom Izzo in the NCAA tournament just a little. No because it is not the same Michigan State team that and I mean I'm. They're not listen you'd put up the totality used to get my knees can get out coached most likely but I believe that. They have the better athletes Miami they've rather tall big guys they complain. And listen if you could hold them to assist people only imagine what they're gonna hold Michigan State's so the totals telling you. That this game is going to be very very tight I believe the totally game is won 26. So I can see Miami would in his game you know. Fifty nines and fifty. Out there is Kevin Todd the sports brokers dot com 102206262. Give McCall. And he can also follow on Twitter tweets out some of his picks. Actor Kevin Todd TSB has brought you by my bookie dot LV. Sign up now get 50% bonus of the 3000 dollars in the promo code a radio there's are sixth Nixon then these last few days. Kevin good luck you my man we got one game difference let's see if that one game as the the difference maker in our vet. Excellent like I said this is this for me guys until football season LC Geithner to summer. We can't wait mail related more to it thanks rob and not take care about.

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