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Dusty and Cam - 3.17.17 - Hour 2

Mar 17, 2017|

Eamonn Brennan interview, Ducks start their tourney rum, and Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Did you brackets ready yeah I'd look at the top. This disease turned midweek edition of dusty and jam in the morning. Crap you've I have become more kids need a local lender who specializes. I think the markets can now go to Oswego mortgage dot com dusty and what people may call me a gold. I'd day one in the books dainty gets underway at about two hours from now the NCAA tournament rejoining the program. A second time in about a week is Eamon Brennan of ESPN college basketball writer gracious enough to join us and thanks stated time and they don't. Do well first off pat on the back GO we'd put you. On the spot last time you were on last week and we said give me 318. Or give me a few teams that will be dug double digit seeds. That name makes him pay and EU immediately said Middle Tennessee State as one of them so the twelve beating the five. You nailed that and then you said Princeton in Providence. Providence at a seventeen point lead in Princeton gave Notre Dame everything they can handle so thank you for that actually made my bracket with the Middle Tennessee State pick. So thank you all of them yeah haven't had a previous there I was actually. China surprised by the not by a defect that middle Tennessee won but I was surprised that Portland game hit. Into shape it all the way true middle being favored by appointment happen based. And like. I can't think there's any reason but. Sort of the pop like just gonna make a joke Danny reading the wrong thing to talk about the a break. But it you know I thought it'll look good but. I can very easily made argument that Minnesota was battered all year. You know visited the compact at a Britain and very and then come back that up in the middle probably a little underrated a rumble like. On the whole villain like exactly better team in Minnesota and admiral what kind of on that book or. One of those in wherever I want to upset that Merlin taking two point worshipped there amid the well he's no longer underdog and and that will become through it there was kind of rare refresh and yet also kind of what yesterday it was like what was not a whole lot of surprise. Yeah we do with that set I mean they all that is is gonna go there and he was there anything that surprise you yesterday whether mean. From an upset standpoint in teams getting knocked off no but that may be the way that a couple teams played that looks sloppy and ugly was there anything really surprising. I mean yes and I mean Matt. Richard. Per share was surprising him I'm Super Bowl. You know I've yet again. You can headquarters in we have kind of a big group. Tom. Sitting in front of a bank of eagle OK and you know that all. I'd be yelling at very hit seeing that I see they go to the final four. You know being lazy transition defense or something. Getting wrote grumpy. Other it would pretty quiet all day the only really got you know that loud NCAA tournament like gap. Yellow kind of thing for multiple people. Was. That your data bank. Because it was just so. A impunity. Can you reach out. It was that trademark lacked news that you'd actually trying to rally that it is. Universally recognized gesture a rep I am a proud that we call. And that it was hit by about it because you've bit. You literally just wanna and I did not happen beckoning. And it that these sort of tried out a number but I've. Happenstance that Davey having you go down the line everywhere else and I kind of wrote it last night. You know it it was the first time in 2000 and no under greater than two point one again. I first round of the NBA turn it. You look at. You know prove to result in and how things shake out. You know game got close there are shaky second hadn't even do dragon Villanova player he's shaky very future that he's shaky first. He's had single digit lead in the second hat he's figures on and short statement on so or that no one was really. Com threatened all the way down the stretch Virginia would need the closest thing in the and we talked about friends and then that was the one. Earlier today it was like that this is there we go to open tournament where where it got an edit. Shop Newton Notre Dame all thought it now and it set the tone for the rest of their own channel their business. You know speaking of that he meant it in in the scenarios and I have a theory and I don't know I don't know how I. Trust my theories all the time but when you have the opportunity to win a basketball game and you're down by one why do we see two teams. Is it coming from the bench is it tar is that the identity of we live and die by the three ball you have a chance to win about forty both with president mussina two verses in Hawaii. Why should the 2627. Footer with your hand in the face take it to the rim is it just me yours at the fact tuition of the three ball now changed how teams are gonna attack when they need a bucket. Well I think it I think is mostly good scheme involved two Vanderbilt got more. Higher percentage of the points from three. Then any other team in the tournament and I think their top five in division one. And that this year and really didn't score much. Would any sort of consistency and Idearc agent Scott one breakthrough figured out what he let it seemed I don't was it. We duke you know you guys shooters and you know you're not particularly deep. Com or long hidden and you'd struggle on beat them you know you know fire away. This shot that they got. At the end of the game has there was not a good shot. And I had no problem would be taking a breeder it'd be good luck on the yet at tablet between sequence them where printed it similar and that. Pretty didn't see it quite well they shot it pretty frequently. And it was a big part of Eric Kennedy and it kept them in the game against Notre Dame and outlook actually I don't know probably because that would computer. You know taking it shot that he can make it he had made in the game. Reopened in rip on May want them all the trouble. You know step back like forcing Campbell murdered and her like that. That think that he can look what you batter getting go to the rim yeah per share because it may be shipped out that the big thing from me and it is your problem agony about out there goes on you you can Morton get that rim. He got a better chance but. Bit different than mine too much problem with that and go on how to get shot but you know when when you seemed really three point oriented. And that's how they survived how they figure bobbing up and sedan. You know debate you get to a point where it feels like it has been shot even any military gonna get. Even rent ESPN college now smaller routers are guest. So the west region had a full docket two of gains in the winners come out ahead and you have guns Aggie your leery of Arizona. As a year for a stay West Virginia Notre Dame than Saint Mary's which team out last in that region gave you the most confidence after that first round games. Oh OK maybe in Perry. Arizona senator to be mad if they frequently are back to inherit beat Arizona. On the second round I think being married to really get an underrated. I think because of the way it schedule worked out and how to give back to law. You know you stated one law easier on and on December. They beat everybody else pretty handily. And they lose three times to really get indicted in an aisle sudden that you know I haven't been any ought to ignore. But you know. Depending on what what sort of metrics you you work in here thinking about college basketball and narrated. Why am I mean can come back come in PPI and similar metric that kind of all there you know I don't know that is true. It's hit it and don't way to inform your perspective but all of them kinda think Saint Mary's is better than airing on Deanna I don't think that the case but. It is at least support or you make your argument that bear closer than a lot of people would would argue just often you know face value and 800. Patty said all that I was fully expect integrity can't pollute. And and they didn't and I think I think they can give Arizona and jet. I'd let her apple did Palkot. Before I let you go real quick a one game that you can't miss today which one are you geared up for which when you think is indeed that did the tightest game that people need to sit down. And makes today. Skip work for. Oh boy I mean I don't even know what games are on and just barely recovered from just yeah that now I think. I got into it really hit the organ player that I'll probably I don't lose but I am really Nixon did you how they look now appreciate it. And you know believe you again air don't want to shoot a tough way to cap gains and bit. They look really good and lock in against Spain on it today and make artistic control leg game against the you know like you get up and down but really doesn't ardea. Then now still a little bit better. Or moving forward thinking to bracket Diego game former C goes from. Perfect thank you for this time any even Brandon ESPN college basketball writer always appreciated Todd. He he says the dot games in your minds are going to be squarely on where. I'm gonna be on that Rhode Island Creighton game because I can't get a feel I've ever be honest I watched about ten minutes of the great game one time. And I've heard great things about Rhode Island but I want to see because. Relieved that team is give you the most excited well scenario because that's in the it's in the Sacramento region the winner will play organ I won Indy tiles that and then he had Dayton Wichita State per. Say I want to see every game in the south and that southern region I need to see you Selig can't stated he'd Dayton Wichita. That one in for Susan meet him but everything in the south he saw three games in that bracket ready to go. Part of the region that that that's that and we called it a region of death everyone else the same though every one of those games has got me interest and wouldn't it be a totally UCLA move to be in the know that NN news. To tenth state. In a 143 not just a really good football school. And Kent State the golden flashes. Who oh on Nick Saban yeah Don James. All related and Lou is TVs out when Lou Holtz you can connected. Have great football people to Kent State. Well maybe we shouldn't and weigh the merits of cradle of coaches Miami of Ohio where Kent State. We'll see who will meet dual stack of championships. I did ducks get their run in the big dance underway today at eleven here a day in Albany company have to say about the dots as did just a life without Chris Boucher. This is dusting him. This is a tournament week additional Dustin jam in the morning brought about how they got markets all intimidate you both fair and. Your next. Did their run in the NCAA tourney underway today at eleven he joins and a game of tennis sports bar and grill. Neither from 8:30 AM all the way. The seventy endurance brake prime time broadcasting live on site for diesels gonna 1080 the fan dot com it's fronted by Bayard O'Reilly auto parts the Nike hoop summit ended and the sports bar growth. Alan chances meet and see a lot of the great human history and a puny Anthony. On came by but is set Crawford well on his way to being inebriated yesterday in a kiosk channel it and yeah there was he's now. I was gonna new liver transplant. Slide in the future battles stem cell Latin rights and we've let a really banking on future of medicine you probably should probably shed KG demean you put that through the grinder and I had a kickass brio by the way. Independently we Barger now. It's always good decisions and pancakes expert to can both part Duke Team you love breakfast burritos I do I've been searching and I costly search for good breakers Brito and independent sport for a real did not disappoint. Well Austin L we allowed to humans are I cowboys there Ryan. Jeff. In many as we said. And that's the problem of the events like that is the he warns they buy you beer. We could say no no he can't. Well Crawford's nurse and I go to nursing or any. He's that party and party and but I'm gonna be down there for the Ord in Iona game so I think that. That's cry when they get their sentiments the dias at eleven and hunker down watch like sag Damon. Indeed after yet again because it's Friday and second day of attorney bill lot of question marks heading into this game for the ducks. I mean obviously and we've talked about this how do you respond without crisper Boucher. And still fifteen point favorites over Iona. But Dana Altman for the first time addressed publicly and what the loss of Chris Boucher actually means that this team. Bush shot blocking without a doubt. You know he's he led the conference chop block came in and norte. Three game and an aspect count the number of shots he altered you know so you take. The three that he blocked and another three or poorly all that's certain shots in the paint that. You have to create effect on so. That it's going to be the biggest thing the second biggest thing is the rebounding. There's three point shooting we've got a lot of volunteers to shoot trees so that's much of problem but the shot blocking rebounding. And his personality Cruces. Very popular on our team you know he's. Easy going personality. You know we. And will mesh the things she does for us but at the intangibles that he brought. Are going to be probably a bigger hole. And that eight to get seven shots. Seven shots per game rank. In media go down organs schedule. And you look at that is save team sheets just under 50% on the seven shots right right and they get 380 start in seven shots in the paint Krispy Shea. Affected. If you look down their schedule and their results from this past year. In you wanna go through how many games that like six points is different. You're looking at six games over the course of this year. If he averages seven adjusted sought to game and they make less than 50% just on that our return number out that's a swing in six different game so well. I don't know averages just over eighty points for game organ averages 79. I have I have in my personal theory is that organ is gonna be exhausted of hearing this crap about Christmas Sabine is the one that's gonna affect how they make a run I believe he's in effect. I think Morgan puts it on them. Tonight I had this afternoon I'd argue ideas I don't think. I think from from across the board this team is gonna be ready it's going to be sharp and they are going to come out of the gates and moving quick. Owns this isn't I mean that's a good basketball team they'll probably be a little bit I just I don't fear his game at all. And they shouldn't you shouldn't fear this game at all because. I Aon. They're not that you heard we were brought on their Josh Thompson neared their beat writer again these are kind of bunch in nomad deeds that that made a gun zone junior right. Yeah it he said every single player on this team. Has a connection to a different call or someone in one way or another call retreads or what this would would you say yeah he's say color last chance you about possible okay. And is so these guys finished third in their league. They made a run in the kind of benefited from CNN. Knocking off Mon Mets. On their home floor remember when we talked about back in the conference German Darren on this tournament. Where the two tops the top two seeds actually got bounced relatively early in that tournament. And they were kind of the beneficiary sitting at the end in waiting. Kind of against it when they played Siena in in the chant commerce championship game. On. Organ is better in though they're far better defensively it'll be when you talk about does adjusted shots can big be Williams be that guy. Can he be that guy that can you not gonna get a seven adjusted shots and three blocks per game but can he be a got to kind of blocks the middle just enough. In if wording can get. Any level of production out of him. Then I think you're gonna be okay can you shouldn't lean on Chris Bruce is score you you lean on threes every now and then you know be leaning on Dorsey you're lien and on Brooke's right. You gotta kind of pal Matt. It and that's how you limit tournament but there's a lot there was. Some excellent big man play yesterday both from Donte' gave Arizona an indoor link showed up. It's gonna be hard to to lose Krispy shipped off and expect that you can't match up verses. The size that some of these teams are gonna Africa or six or me some recent huge. But. With Iona that's not worried. Should not it's not Butler into the tournament yes it Tyler Dorsey on. You can build big UN's. I'm definitely Carville who we see him do day in practice every day that's us already did that actual alternative song. He's gonna keep come and be ready on them to hit the glass and made defensive plays for us and today jumps or to jump hook you guys down low and on. He's been effective force and I think he's gonna step up and be ready. That's exactly earlier saying he sub. Big good bigs in there he's more traditional than the nearly connectors Boucher he's just a rebounder back to the basket and shot blocker in time I mean. It is by no means 11 o'clock would be a good. Measuring stick of kind of where this teamed up mentally all right yeah because is it the fear for organ. Not you know beating I don't know but maybe getting. That that pressure in in. Dylan Brooks in and try to tell literacy maybe feeling like they need to carry the team more than they do against a team like Iona. But you're gonna need them and you got to ride them in the tourney the may be dead that push a little bit too much pushing by those well. The only thing that I can think it was may be Coachella tries to get other a few guys started differently so they so teams are gonna game planning is still Brooks and understand that. I I would man I would just give them and the ball and let him go. Now there's no I mean what are what are you hiding at this point they get they're gonna take their star and he's gonna drive them out. Now they just don't make it don't reinvent the wheel dance with the girl that did you brought president's not directly. You know Ed you got to yes that's exactly news that's exactly what. Well it I nobody is likely shift the tournament exactly know why would you change something. Going into any he's not my oh Thomas they're not gonna do that. Now. Adept death is death is going to be big did you get a little bit further and determine. But again you're gonna have to see you know as it is Texas I am I really don't know much I'm just kind of going on the fly with Creighton and Rhode Island drive. But I do you remember seeing in that one greens better players eat towards ACL awhile ago. On in big drops seven and eight and so that's the 611 match in this. In that same rack in the same region Sacramento remote that's fine today so is you're looking forward. Could be succeed is little shorthanded. The eleven CD physically you without match in in a Rhode Island as well. And to sit there and say that organs chances are done at this round of thirty TO. When there are 64 with just because the Oscars trichet. Are premature and I think your reasoning seemed right yes. They out right but I think it is pretty ridiculous that when you watch is some of the national London's. And they talk about like this being the death blow to the program. And it its. Crisper Shea yeah to a final four NASA which. B Chip Beck is you need to be an elite eight but after thirty when he gets a sweet sixteen yes it's going to be imitate a monster problem it's going to be huge problem monster problems and were talking you got to get two wins even get there. That your dad. Adrian Peterson doesn't appear to be the target for the raiders who they are targeting should scare the AFC west is Crawford a sports and or remove. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning breath you got us they go bargains on generated so trim. I wouldn't. Well it's my films we do get VCR news we got some sports news and talk and we'll all news. Lots of NCAA tourney and we save bacteria because it is the hot is hot topic today. Could I got some Korea good coming out when he got a little fun about the turn and giving me wait let's actually. The frightening when you think about it. Undone one place you don't wanna work this week but. We we're talking yesterday well the last couple of days about the running back market in how they tedious Marie going to you. Minnesota could lead to you Adrian Peterson went into switching teams semifinal to respond Oakland broke I'm ready made teams to kind of fits the bill of what Adrian Peterson's looking for a team with cap flexibility in a win now window. And be rid legitimate Super Bowl contender. In with a good offensive line. Well at the rumors are the reports are now that that isn't the way that the raiders are thinking at all great pop and their radio guy. He set on his weekly show. Of the raiders aren't in preliminary should be should be noted. These are very early stages of talks there's a lot of moving parts. 31 year old Marshawn Lynch beast smoked I had to head back home. In Oakland with the raiders deserve better fit in your eyes and a the seahawk fans EB I go. Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute he's on the retired reserve retired list he still. The rights of the Seahawks by the way the Seahawks do have his rights and nine million dollars. They have to release him he just to clear waivers and all these other things have to line up the planet's have to lifer and end up on Oakland bolt. Honestly though if you're the Seahawks. What would you do. The you probably try to work out a trade because use. Conundrum there. Neither after trade for or hope and pray that Seattle discuss fine. Motorola really issue right now you're now on our division and has really matter we Lindsay via the Lindsay tells Super Bowl you know OK don't threats. On. Which I think he that could be a possibility that they do something like that if Marcum that. With the marsh John's relationship with Pete Carroll with the franchise here on. But obviously first again trying to get something if you get like either you take the Dallas rout of Tony Romo would you be willing though if years Seattle. Would that be enough it is he's a popular guy like Marshawn Lynch to good question John Schneider's going to be up there along with Pete Carroll going would mean rubbing their hands together RA you want him what are what are you willing to give let's talk let's go may be a fourth or fifth round pick in you go. All right. More were on your way mirror what if you're Oakland though would you. Is it fourth round pick I think that this prime fourth. A fourth round is probably fair value for you right to put a number on what Marshawn Lynch is value is he's taken a year off these are physically always gonna be in great shape he's 31 years old. What would you ask for him to do in Oakland QB great in Oakland C two to four without going out but you. Not asking him to be here every down back you know have that. So you have a little bit of flexibility there. But at the same time if it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen this year. Because. If the raiders moved to Vegas like Marshall into his talked about playing in Oakland Rex is like Intel hometown right. Well if you didn't do better do it now you know like first volume 312. They're not gonna be no Clinton anymore thank you really need to get on this in self. The planets may be aligning for Oakland to fill that void. On the relative cheap with marsh on the. I hope I don't know how seahawk fans who feel about this and Andy be a little bit probably upset but this would be great for football. If Marshawn Lynch came back to the raiders as as as much as they're gonna be some hate and some disdain. Know be the traders sides of what it is a look at the guy wants to go play for his hometown team. And that he grew up loving and Gary one yeah Super Bowl should when you do if you hand the ball to him. Other than that if he wants to back a player that I don't know how much are buying into it with a serious. Yeah it's all really early but of course after Greg caucuses that Adams after Justine Anderson chime in a foreign owned by the way. Are we are hearing is well Marshawn Lynch is talking with the raiders got to dig into my sources. Past losses from oh also of note. The Seahawks have reached doom when you deals with the Luke Wilson at tight end in Du'Shon said there and in their defense and backfield good signs. So old. A one year deal isn't. Another one year deal for multiple in multiple guys in this is no surprise that all in a film deals a one year deal. This reeks of the what the patriots did with the Donta hightower in that. Is said all right well we know the markets are going to be very Nike gets on re great for you what you want you're not gonna get. So go and go under but see what you can get and then just come back and talk to us you hear that the patriots didn't make an offer to hightower until the fourteenth. No point in Plano that up. Three days ago was the first offer they don't think they called every other team it's it what do you guys offer what are you doing what you put on there was no but apparently happened is hot high towers Asia caused unchecked and politics at what's on the table. And they said they told me goes aren't as low give you inner. Buying them and heated up resigning it's fair and that's what's kind of happening with a lot of these guys that they wanna bet on themselves but if there's a story. About it the the set and he did did wave of one year deals and if he's the one year five year deal now on the NFL there's no. 234 this is what's happened with the rookie contracts and how you have your rights for five years and now when guys finally get to that. Free agency window where they can go out and get paid. In teams don't have your rights anymore you're an aged veteran or you're at the point where Europe middle till tier player. Your an elite player and teams are not at the point where they can feel comfortable with their cap where they're willing to offer multiple players. 2345 year deal senior get a one year deal. And it's incentive based it is it is Russell woke tune on all over that he goes out. And he gets a deal like San Diego because crap teams offer bad contracts like that and he. We're right there is a complete period you are a one year deal player or your five year deal player which gets a bunch of money guaranteed up front. Really they're all one your deals folksy just half. To realize in the NFL it is one and back sit well even those guys like let TVs Murray's deal with Minnesota three years. With an. Opt out after one Cha. I did teen kids is a false cities of what everybody sees the paper it's not even name and opt out it's a void. Like it's a they can just void the contract and say he had no we don't like Q right now. In that Indy if you look at this the league is that is gonna probably be the biggest hang out that the NFL has in the collective bargaining rumor right. I mean right now that among other things slowed the players are at the players or even necessarily in your. They're not asking for a significant bump in the percentage of league revenue is that they want fourteen billion dollar revenue. Payroll 172 times 32 it's five point four billion dollars is the percentage of payroll for players. Out of the fourteen billion dollars of revenue innate date are. If you've heard a decent at the saying. It's not necessarily that they want. Maurer of that high it's just the way that the money the other many talented they are wanting from revenues yet they won guarantees in guaranteed money. Because you see these these deals and they are big right and the thank you how many times losing 86 or not will that is still it counts against the captain. As the season goes right right in at the beginning of the season. But what happens it with a lot of these guys is it it's automated they'll never seat. Just given that money speaking of cap number the Seahawks are willing to do something with somebody also potentially a set was set. She got. But you I don't know number 25. 00 you talk with Richard Sherman Richard Sherman. Apparently is now number now thirteen point eight million dollar cap number now how. Colleges this because this comes from Bob can go to and he say it's. This is like. Bob condone is the guy that Bob is we go to you as he's very very very well respect very credible. He is an insider for the Seahawks this is set up. For exactly what the patriots are dealing with a Malcolm Butler right now with the New Orleans Saints but all what Bob condone it is. He's reporting on a rumor. From Michael Lombardi. Right yet is so. So he is saying here's what I'm hearing a bow. A rumor that started in this is kind of maybe how the patriots are how the Seahawks would think. In that is that you could have a situation where. Seattle wants to deal Richard Sherman because of the salary cap hell that they're gonna kinda dead there we already knew they were gonna be and he was gonna happen eventually. It SE with the aging backs backfield that they have Piaf age he's got. The tears remaining on his contract he's got thirteen point six million dollar cap number this year which is only behind Russell Wilson. And then thirteen point TU. And the following year. Which would behind and be behind only Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner for the team. We're talking not eating corners. Their dad is and it its business it doesn't last it's. Also too in let's be honest is good is Pete Carroll sells you that it doesn't bother him and he likes his players and he doesn't mind and lets them be them. Maybe I'm just I'm just putting this out there may be the antics of Richard Sherman might be wearing just to Scotia dance. The there is that potential while he could he's done. He's gonna bolder and bolder man he's gone so political so did attacking. From attacking reporters. Calling him out and I'll ruin your career. Mean these are these just things in the U just U. You're in your own bubble sometimes and you become so self absorbed that you think every did sun rises and sets over you. And people actually give your your platform we you have your own weekly. Press conference so Richard Sherman Richard German press conference in his cut out that he puts in for. Do what you gotta do surely you're excellent player probable perennial. To say sometimes the antics might Wear thin. That is. He's a good point about that because when you mentioned the reporter think. Not only did Jim more I mean I know Jim Moore very well not only did he is threatened to revoke the reporter's credentials but then when asked about it by ESP and he said I never said that what it's like blunt on tape and then it is he called it fake news he called that he figures he called it sick this. And then everybody it's just like. Eight did here's the tape other U. Abuse. I've got no problems what Richard Sherman does I really don't I've just saved from a team perspective. It may be front office people and make it their could be that thought in in some people's mind wearing me personally. Do what you gotta do Richard as long as you played back it up while on the field which he does there would do to do that. One workplace had to remind its workers you might kill someone if you are watch March Madness. Literally people may die if you watch March Madness. This is dusting camp. This is a tournament regulation of dusty and jam in the morning brought you back as we go markets on ten AB so slam. Brother miners are gonna be out at that independent sports bar and grill starting at 830 all the way to 7 PM tonight. As feigned madness. Begin down and listen. And some drinks and a great time is recognized Baird O'Reilly auto parts the next U summit in independence for our group less fun out there is a lot of hundred times that you missed on. That this is very important that I tell you that before this story. Because this is. This one went I'd never thought of that. The Pentagon. Was forced to you send out an email. Reminding employees not to watch. It or stream the NCAA tournament. On pentagon computers. And that they would have people. A monitoring the bandwidth. In the Department of Defense tends. Based on the fact that. If you if we have too many people streaming the March Madness games. We will lose communication. With people in action in in beater. And people can die. If we have too many people streaming. Be NCAA tournament you mean. People's lives are on the line with Ryan whipped out their apps were queuing with so much to me what I don't do that. I could think when you're watching the tournament that's what the to the government thinks it scares the crap buddies you don't watch some basketball and I think in that Oprah they. So at the dependant on who actually had to send us that is IK. Reminder guys lives are on the line here. Do your job today don't care about your bracket that much so that is the one place. Where I don't think that it is weird discussing this yesterday in the day before. Like everybody's just checking out lots in the game not the Pentagon. I'm I'm wanna know anyways got a story out their somebody you're getting in trouble. At their work their job Keane fired anything guy I got ahead there's got to be something out there somebody's got a good story. Their boss coming around the corner it go and what are you guys doing you. What the well received Derrick he would you ladies doing that Dell of course. A because. I I've never heard of anybody any night we aren't getting Deborah you're a major HR violation being fired for watching. College basketball and HR violation I don't know I don't think so. It is Friday and things happen on Friday checking out. Okay your own business golf shop. Rite. I remember though I got I am and as a college. I had ended to mourn my professors. Came down to a restaurant for lunch and I was in the bar. It was right after Christmas to be in her class. In now isn't that in but we'll see that again you were in the barn she found you in the bar as she came down after. Is at a restaurant OK in eyes at the bar smoltz in the restaurant. Because she went there to get lunch and now his son wave like she had a buyer drink. No she just came that is a K good to see a class today it is like right when classes got out she just came right. Right down you read an issue straight face life. No I didn't lie I just like. They get other priorities and this is the basketball in look. And I don't know I know I can use anything in you're sociology class Linda. How mean it was a Linda. But it was you get a meth but guess what I use. That experience more in my sociology and my work should I do you anything I picked opener class view. So I don't think I was ever busted by teacher ever. Produce anything now. Thought that was straight laced but that is my favorite is that that we had today. Become professor that the first day was sunny every single spring term. He would cancel classes. And will we are like first sunny day we end a booking UT down geezer like me and deal's gonna cancel class. Wind up being in the group behind and he canceled classes every sunny the first and then go play golf course he did the Smart. Here's this you discover and other tech slide I was in school and I was watching the attorney. On my phone in my teacher cop. Into my phone. Did we contention. Then I got suspended. The wrong with those educators. We suspend somebody loses spends somebody were watching basketball. That's and that now here's where here's a winner right here on the PE teacher might consider watching mark tremendous professional development actually yes. They do you have wheel to wheel in the TV on carts did they still did TVs on carts. Because that was the staple in being the kid could go would go and get the car was best part convenience features says. It is good teachers are all streaming their on the projectors seeing right on time every is cart's sitting where breezed a projectors and ipads in their mere green. And he's got the cards you're over the cards when did we need wheeled the cart and get used to AB after your glass moon. We never had been the one that Karmi new money into. Who won curt can I saw the film rolls through that he Atlanta's school like. Given there's like he lets found five feet everybody's got my age knows that sound I want you know yes I'm sure they still do it and see drooling yet what he's. Hey that's cool we got in three stoplights Marty go off. Marty Amman and sort of refutes teacher of the year I teach middle school it's Friday the ducks are on my classroom is watching. Why would you is your supervisor gonna committed to turn them off. Right now I'm RI I don't know why you guys like we we were allowed to leave campus for lunch when I was in high school. Gian senior year we went over to my friend's house who live right by the school and watch games or so on. Thursday and Friday. He didn't come back we came back late well how long injured thirty in your lunch for thirty minutes okay. No this is the worst school district ever. And used to work at a high school and many of the teachers some would stream the games the IT department went in and blocked on the streaming sites of the NCAA tournament nerd alert nerds nerds. You mirrored its. Not just nerves no fun plea that's that's that's grounds for some that's why GOP multiple why can you do that going atomic wedgie you know of the atomic wedgie as and that kill you get a goes above your head. Her legs scholar at the covered wagons or the left a couple of what no no contrary the atomic weight who have always been actually comes off the urine and I had always think of. I only off. And that's that mean but what about this is how you fight that if you're at that schooler in that district. You come right back over the top with you go down to that he department say they hate. Key guys. You need to go to bat for us call it that professional development like this other teachers said later because they need it unblock it because it's part of the curriculum. Where case sorry it just so happens that March Madness coincides with our basketball portion of our PE class right. Boom we did it done solving problems left and right. Guarantee there's enough smarter kids that can probably tap into their other stream in to find a way in helping teachers out don't let those tech nerds control York. And your eyes beast today. See I always thought I would go into like maybe sports broadcasting or some links always thought it was over and over we need to go into. Developing yes sir I know I always thought it was rational development. When I watch. All right this is like the coolest. Humble brag ever on the tech sign him is like a 153. Characters of probably the coolest scene that I can imagine. When I ran into Phil Knight on the next Nike campus at the bar with his computer beer and use watching about slow games on the big screens. That's cool. I did you Boren campus that's even now are part of knowing what he's talking Indian like a little. Earth filled night I think as you are here do you settle up next human saved by the way can I watch with you there. That's really cool look felt the Auburn or ego or do you go in the nickname that is his friends called and growing up buck. And deny and yet I've Byron she'd done the book what do you call dish they would have shoot dog and a team that's cool. Now we're getting a lot of people just go on ahead and finding ways to get around these IT idea programs I think it might be your civic duty. Do you let people know what that is at some point. 55305. Is the tax on how do you get around if you're aideed of IT department. Has blocked streaming services for the NCAA turn it government's got a limited let us know we will help you out but I'm gonna give this disclaimer right now we are not responsible for the new viruses trojans adware malware anything that gets on your computer. By going to any of these sites we're just trying to help be out. Sometimes. It's always awkward. It's often offensive it's exceedingly entertaining it's Crawford's weakened would you rather in its next on the fan.