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Dusty and Cam - 3.17.17 - Hour 3

Mar 17, 2017|

Weekend Would You Rather, St. Paddy's Day traditions, and Tyson Alger.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. It's gentlemen where you kind of think this is a different it's a good team. The team like that the success of the this is determined recognition of Palestinian jam in the morning but I have three hard games need a local lender whose best. It's legal mortgage. It's dusty and slam. Giants fan madness that'd be independent sports bar and grill at 830 and 7 PM the party gets under way 28 minutes from now. And the independent dirt is Greg in prime time broadcasting live from there's right back Bayard. Reilly have parts nick youth summit in the independent. Really thought out there I Crawford you got robbed last night there you've been struggling today you've not been very talkative. But we do this every weekend it is the would you rather and I doubt you prepared. Florida ASEAN now I am I am prepared I have my own would you rather offer for today and Jim you'll start as the pilot started let's start asking. Taking a crack got a buddy Obama might sometimes elect come out of the woodwork and offers a Latino you mentioned ST yeah about getting rock. Yeah okay there's also something else we views before is called getting. Wilcox yeah now so my question is does include would you rather it's the effort Robert and would you both because knowing that you people that are that comes with the would you rather just yet at the robs in the Wilcox. Would you rather. Be rocked the or would you rather. Be will this is tough man gate now this is video it's really tough about this is that. Robin I've gone out and we've done routine before but legitimately. Yes clarify that no story time with that we made to a bar you sell illegals being in your military. Oh we can we we live down the street from each other. And this is years and years ago in so we met at that of our. Local watering hole in we had two drinks. Cheap. And it's. At and I aim and it got rocketed up staying quit and I went home. When I got home. I walked in the door. In I was fine over like it was like two and a half hours to drinks. And then all of a sudden I went to lay down and then in I. Was. A rack. Like that's it likely eaten yet activity in and I didn't nice head it was just I don't really remember much into my head was just robbing the entire next day who's at the worst hangover ever in a rocks as of work he's a cute. I got obliterated last. Any good I go to jury had just kill you today music yes in geography. And died and that's the only deal with the big. Because. Two drinks work night either vodka tonics with. And we were just so pretty slippery little towel sorry labor is either the innocence. And yeah I don't know we have been I mean. Somebody wanted to get down. Indeed they had shot him. I guess this is someone jammed raw after Wilcox you've been both both are in both yeah I have been bullied out how that has both yet you've been both. I got done and I've been neither me. When you did when you've been robbed or Wilcox you've been there's the word ball a little Isaak and I've been on a nice golf trip worse you drink wine and passed out officially at 6 o'clock o'clock and boy and I couldn't we couldn't inbox. Also stayed up late inning line. Warning literally lights go red red head we both and I you're trying to stay up and you handle with him no he he did make along that we were ping pong and it out. And he did make it but anyway go bankrupt I think I'd get rot because as I said last night on prime time. Roth is somewhat of a spirit animal for me I think we're very similar people putting ruling the double helix of the DNA intertwining. Abby assists and feel like that's my kindred spirit so yeah I know I'll be further out million views may be they opposite the world. You guys are our animals no doubt about it yet we're like wolves and a path you said spirit animal. You guys are completely different though but I consider as a deadly yin and Yang you know okay. There is less of an unknown when you get dropped yet there is Wilcox I personally get myself in a lot of trouble when I drink heavily. I don't need and Wilcox and that a factor into the mix there both UN and dusty have been Wilcox and he. Yes welcome willingly I love it I I will I even when you then will I did not only before it was Wilcox and a we're in New Orleans and oh yes. I'm turn this yellow book. The contest but I -- look Cox I like the wildcard and and I'd like idol there's no wrong answer this question around to answer the brilliance of it. Now okay let's talk about a hair. Carlos Beltran and Kerschner RTV three is gonna put a graphic up here on the screen for all you watching at home he has bleached his beard belonged. Giving belong to beard he has dark hair. Any bleach is pure blonde for the World Baseball Classic play for Puerto Rico. And he also is memorable for coloring on his hair. Almost Carlos Boozer status but worse he drew he's sharp beat in the lines on his hair. Yes remember that I don't remember that he sharp mile and color or just hereditary so my question is is applies to both you would you rather. Dye your facial hair blonde either bureau bluntly bleach blonde or. Coloring your hair. What I'm guilty one of them so it doesn't matter like Carlos Boozer but like dead spray on your hair does go to Iran both feel you have mayor got around when I'm talking like maybe O lines and I know what you're saying would be colored and edge media yeah they did you just be straight graffiti on your head like you fill in the power -- he had exactly did you bring in the fences like Safeco Field. I'm blonde and him because I've done the blonde I've done it. They did it they did through the bleach in their trip to cover of the more obsessive bald spot. Right I did it 2001. In fact as a safety was in the that he was in the news and on the media that Kim dye his hair would people think. It was very Serbia the Russell Westbrook of your day pretty good and it was very there is hot hot news that I had gone platinum. You may follow what eyewear but he bleached blonde in your hair that's what people did. And knows what people do I'll go I'll go Beltran with the with the committee's listening era blunt facial hair and won't bleach Fischler he mentioned in my creepy status bleached. NB grade. Did it. Beats. 2 straight at a central casting and there and Isuzu is the biggest day for vasectomies are yesterday and today dissenting he's in the nation. I believe simply easier to advertise get sick to meet Joseph on the couch. Mike and my question comes from Jim Harbaugh treated up this morning he's get a colonoscopy today O Hamid said the attack every day Rooter what was it attack every day with. Enthusiasm. Unknown to mankind you know which really jagr likes to say a lot deeply timers call us we so my question is straight up. Would you rather get a vasectomy or call us only. The colonoscopy because that's the need. That's I need that the only major city officials assert get them. Ya because that's colon cancers very prevalent. As you as you age is your prostate dollars and helium the need to have your tubes cut in fried in singed his. It's not a need. An added advantage I guess for some people but there's a there's positives to it barrel almost of course there's positives certainly. But I get you know what yeah I gotta go to what what's your priorities your priorities. 32. To quote the Newlywed Game. What is it in the bud. All right colonoscopy is all around that is the best and you should let us and that but. It is. OK so. Yes strangely there reportedly to most unproductive days of the year. They say. Work wise you you can speak to that I'm in productive right now due to save us a lot of Warrick. Would you rather have these Thursday and Friday off a marked man is opening days. Or the Monday after the Super Bowl which one would you rather see seagate two days Thursday Friday or Monday poster rule Nicklaus. What is it Monday visible now. But at this problem I have my day which I really think these are days where we go when we don't it's the Friday after its its its Thanksgiving Friday. That's my one Rego you don't have data off yap and but is Super Bowl yes. None of this rule because there's an expectation that you worked that day. Think there is not an expectation to work Thursday Friday March Madness like death within thirty know they built into the country you know we're like yeah whatever and you kind of pentagon is releasing don't do it yeah it's like a month. Whom we already know. Monday of this of both say no you're supposed to go to work that no we shouldn't be expected to go to work. All right Nestle holding. Yet us like on Monday that after Super Bowl present stay every every year I'd just do it it's what the president's what are the residents would want that trust me to want trying to do some good yet. If he did. To change a lot approval rating yet approval rating would skyrocket. I last won the sexiest sports one offense is actually sports related who would you rather see come out of retirement and play in the NFL again. Because you know the rumors of a Marshawn Lynch coming in play for the raiders who Jozy Calvin Johnson. Make you Sean Peyton Manning or Charles Woodson. All these coming for ESPN's. Tom. Players they'd wanna see him out of retirement from my own ad in OK he hit you Herschel Walker. How could he said he could still hear this what is they can do he showed still run a 44 that's right. He's fifties. And MM AOK. I'm honest I don't you policy Herschel Walker carried the football. Bobby Wagner just going downhill whom the umpire. I live remotely oxygen or Calvin Johnson pain Manny or Charles Woodson not Pete Manning got me to try and bring you an idea yeah right front and not a Detroit the united front yeah you got in Detroit and there's the caviar today I think you need. Toss in the dead. With all of we not delve back and pretty much tied in Marshall put on ten more pounds ghostly stand of type. Stand Jimmy get it yet outrage. But probably be better blocker and into the camps but not under percent federal. The losing July 5 there was a July 5 off on with that. It's a good one yeah gutsy but you do that happens though because sometimes get talent or desire on a Friday. You get July 5 thought yeah. Super Bowl Sunday is always on Sunday and Monday's it worked like you like you said does your expected you work on the Monday. Really hard. And unlike this. All right you anymore and that's it thanks guys and. Well how about that and from the and what comes abrupt and yeah it low not as abrupt as. Deluge of Wednesday this week yes you're right down game someone ask you to as we said did they did they cut you off to the Shah after Mike I design director things easy and I got the speed humbled Bregman ceased. He dozens. Well that's not a humble bragged that nice just to brag that's just a brash bragging let's what I do you know that's not releasing dueling court hearing today without a camp you were hearing why are you changing the subject wearing dream that's yes and have been hit a good free do I don't much crap gonna get from people you're you're new word to a zoo until. It's Saint Patrick's Day. Not good organist and own green. When happened I like the color. What happens if somebody can just you. The campaign choose its green. You get do you get a backhand is what you. Don't page him don't pinch. Even between men of this thing I don't need to pinching of the things that are upsets I never thought it would be a Kansas. Like all in this unseat patties and I'd love saint by the state happy saint patty's did every automaker into an a right. OK I that's there's something about Saint Patrick's Day that could spell doom for the organ dots. Would you discuss that and how to get past. The IT department blocking March Madness we have some recommendations coming on the tax on 55 DO five it is a fourteen on the fence. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning breath you got us we've got markets on ten AB so slim. Appealing Jesse Colby smoke would agree just said adding all our. He didn't he just the bar he was jet fuel and Jesse's came down in that heat and polling he Madison. We'll saint patty's day treat god there watching him what did you get covered I got that gets humid. No this actually wrong might Israel as they came a little leather carrying pouch is rom this and it does it aids around this looks till I might crack it. Now none none none now a gal way I got. Jamison some sweet is. I just talking about how you embrace this holiday my idea you. And and other disease that he's a you know Irish whiskey and I got old Forester Cox they get an IQ does. Awesome the signature to. The good stuff yeah it was just an awesome he is. You wanna come here love it the bars instead he'll be down offender and minister ranked you know. There may be a way. That word in this is to Iona. In it's all tied into today. We did this research you share today's saint Patrick said. Gee you know the mascot for a Iona. Big gales. The gales I see which are doing the gay licks its Irish. Is hiring and it's saint Patrick stats it's not Dylan bricks getting wasted today before the game. It's I'm going with my. The way you take your bracket that makes no sense at all. This who makes total sense it Saint Patrick's Day they're gonna have a look at the Irish on their on their hands begins Diana. And now you'll be more concerned but yeah but okay amity Abbott's committee I don't let me amen amen to convert your your theory into another theory and which school. Is incessantly green if not organ anymore. God that it might be a better point you might of might have a nun then we're talking about it during that puts blue and yellow. There and their home uniforms are Basilan Sulu islands are. White black and silver or whatever color we. Cut its like the colors of the rainbow. And I'm I'm digging deeper. In. I this texture retiring the last segment can usually about having a day after the Super Bowl off. In this section says can you please explain the difficulty of working the day if this rule and simply curious as it passed a sports fan and logical thinkers that scientists think you it. A very simple as that it's called. Hang overs. But the from alcohol or food food mostly food for the good common man who'd it it like. Friday after Thanksgiving it's not just because it's it's and be wasted day we have holiday before it's that people be a productive at work. Does the it's so much today before. On but mostly those. So I think it's blues. And then then now beaver fan is coming in and saying. Hey look. We would love it found it would knock off the lead the ducks that. We mentioned a pentagon earlier was. Reminding there and their workers that if you streaming games of the March Madness tournament. And you can kill people. Because it compromises our Internet to strike news owner and very. Very and then earlier Singh got all these people are saying hey B I T department has blocked. Our. Now armored this string me services for the game. And so we had somebody that says all he had to do is Google and being work off of proxy servers use a goatee then T get this streaming services. So I don't know exactly how that works because it's not broken down step by step. But apparently you can do that you Google and being good to proxy server. And you can back channel you're way past the IT department to bow my figure it. Nine TO you know. Nine TO. You know what is surprisingly mean not been shut down our throats today. Northwestern basketball was because we're not paying attention frank and I think you're right I thought I northwestern celebrity. Alumni right now is has a huge chubby every every journalist. Indicated mideast is green he was on Mike and all that's. Liked the whole show we we I mean I know Mike. Now that's my goal your duty is noted a mercy was critical no mercy he just just just find a way. But I even like when you at a Twitter when you're looking on the exports that are stuff last night and it was in. A northwestern being shoved down your throat because. Dare I say they got the message on something that 99%. Of people don't care about northwestern or their first tournament victory. But I will say this it was pretty cool to see the reaction of their fans and how live their fans were in a game against android ME c'mon he's never won a tournament game. For and we agreed there and win it the way they did. No controversy while controversial that's controversy it's controversial play by Matthew Fisher Davis they keep you fouled inexplicably. With ten seconds to go and no reason to do it as the game was tied. And send northwest and the free throw line. And really was the eventual game winners not just ballot guy but you fouled intentionally the one of the best treat their shooters in the entire country. And you send that free throw line and he buried bull problem and I'll decide northwestern beat their first tournament victory and that were young man Matthew Fisher Davis ends up. Living in the news cycle right now as you biggest bone headed play in the tournament but when we are discussed this earlier. Will remember him in his name in night I don't think so you'll see more memorable is just northwestern getting that win NASA that such valiant men. That sucks a valiant man but. It's the way go rather than they're than never they never had. You know what I'm saying you know even when you're in that opportunity you're you're an athlete you just know going into it you never know at one of those situations. You don't regret it. New oops mistake while I think you regret that Powell and I really. Really think you do Wear Bryce drew he's coaches guys down the floor and and the kid is looking at my dog found a column. And drew and pressures like I. Don't I never thought that he needed to tell him not to tell because the game was tied and they're gonna have to force a shot to win it in this is get taxed on it you can't tell northwestern act like had been there before. They haven't. And they are acting like they've never been there for. Don't humble there's a Bill Lewis does sell did the look on Doug Collins faced did you notice that disease see his face. I didn't know fuse happier super disappointed if this kid you know in a good thing they went back to because he was so nervous for his son. That. EU did you see it was eating him away inside. India was. He was even in shock of of the Fallon how it happened. That he knew it wasn't over yet though and was so owners but what a cool moment that would beaded. To see your kid do that at a program that's been struggling so much or is that a name. They dubbed us after. And Colin no and Chris Collins sorry the northwestern yet EI obstacle we've got called you know that they would go after him to get him you. And getting body the thing anybody at this point. Aaron. Now all right well five factor of five that is tech side the ducks' front starts this morning. A morning meeting with Iona 11 AM how the ducks fare in the tourney without Kris Chris Boucher. Tess and Alter the org don't mean is in Sacramento he joins us next right now it's Crawford a sports. This is a tournament week additional Dustin jam in the morning brought here by us we've got markets on ten AB so spare them. Low but it. We're getting ready for 11 AM. The tip off. Of what we're again and Iona 143 net of Sacramento region for the golden ones that are Crawford told us that that's community fair credit union down their goal and one. But ran as of right now we beautiful new facility. It is beautiful as of right now. Fan madness senate the independent sports bar has opened it is 8:30 AM ID 32 actually so. From now until 7 PM. Tonight dirt and Sprague will be their primes LB there broadcasting on site we're heading down after our show gets done. It is stand madness the word awesome all the games all the TV's it's an awesome place take any game you had great breakfast breeder is wonderful. And happy in pancakes. And pancakes also to you to under the burqa Austria's huge. But instead finished our debts you do officials all the pancakes and his Kershaw never splitting that. Oh how cute it was cute that's adorable and you know that was awkward enough for him because it's first time I've sat down and eaten food with him did you in airlock arms CIA as it there's you know some people don't wanna share. If opera doc can be a bothersome thing for some people aren't sharing food yet as I did you make eye contact Keith Gerald who you'll know. I don't like the guy who reaches on my plate says gonna have a bite I like to be offered by of course. Well. I don't expect him to offer you a bite of his dude if you go down but you can get your anti independent we're down there from now until 7 o'clock tonight. It's a great time is right to buy dared rally out of parts the Nike hoop summit in the independent sports bar. And grow. But 11 AM is in the ducks played in for a preview. We are heading down to Sacramento. Tyson already Oregon in joins us now hey man thanks for joining us this morning I don't. Any good gas carrier. Doing very well all right let's get down to it the question that everybody's been asking is out of the dikes overcome the injury to Chris appreciate it but I wanna know. From the what is what is a sense in the feeling of this team. Without Chris Boucher how are they mentally heading into this tournament you think. You know I think initially it was quite the blow I think when they've played bad Saturday actual. Tournament final game compared to when everyone was still kind of in a little bit of shock from a on the mailing out about. Six hours between the diagnosis. Big game time in terms you know figuring out how they were gonna just sort of saying. They have a week I think everyone kind of kind of adjusted to it and they they've they've realized that like. Yes losing Chris Boucher is is that there is a big piece through them but also this is looking not acting. I have the ability to weather an injury that has at least not belong brought expecting to look good don't grow a little bit and big big trouble but. You know I think they have the pieces they're kind of built around. A lot like that I think of no big deal William couldn't quite a little bit of gold there. You know Boucher has been a very good player. You know he's sick and in the stretch where. Stress stress. Four or just. Look it's three point ability but you know he hasn't been the bass player for them and tournament before last year you kind of disappear with a bit carried and economists well. You know and that's happened against them just you know lucky he didn't play unique role in the early rock elite eight run last year so I think they're kind of looking at this as. Yeah this is deafening this is that it's something that's not ideal by. They hauled into one of the better. Coaches and make an adjustment in my country and you know weak technical group better than I did you know given a coward lastly. You've got to eat you beat me too because our masking his coach Ullman that does this team changed a little bit identity lines with what not having Boucher out. Did they adapt as they're gonna be change offensively defensively does a rotation changed. Obviously it does but what I'm trying to say how how can coach Altman make up for the gap in not having him out there. He I think we when you have. A big Buick income before you feel a little bit more of an inside game appreciate at a country shooting. A lot of very little actually a lot more than Altman's preferred. You know about kind of like one of his biggest. Gripes with Boucher throughout the season he has 10-Q are relying on my three little bit too much so. You know you also have that involvement good yesterday and go we don't forgot to wanna shoot the three ball so. You know they're they're they're not gonna have a lot of trouble finding another guy who tried. Mob but. I would big Julien who marry you know they have more I kind of let it. Classic inside guys who you know he's not gonna eat clock in the quarter 1520 points for them but you eat a big body inside you might actually be better to adapt. Defending may begin bigger player he's a much bigger bodies been cliche you know there were saying I appreciate this so skinny. I mean. I think one of the benefits organ had is. You know early in this. He's an I had Boucher moved to the bench. You know he happened in the ferry and are now you know it's back and that's their starting five I think I think the biggest thing that this group and I heard. Organ or is just debt. You know that the ducks haven't had a kind of debt this year they're bench is very very limited so I think more than anything because that's you're gonna see an effect that guys like. When Dylan Brooks gets in the Al trouble that have to go to the potential plot earlier and I. You know they just don't quite have moved scoring firepower. Coming off the bench or you might padlocked shut. I said Forte is that I think your star has to elevate his game be on to get you past not only first round game second round game were to match went organ did last year. Is this all along Dylan Brooks for him to elevate this team knowledge to just this first win but to make a run stressing this region. If it is. That's coming. The tough thing for organ because I think during the actual tournament. You side bill Brooks crafting a little bit lets you matters gonna get him. The window and expresses secretly buried here at the very core players who isn't afraid to kind of take between Lebanon back. But when he goes back in the country's in trouble and greetings and arrow. That's where Powell at least ten minutes the plane came in and yes so on the bench and he's on the bands that are very get. So it it kind of tightrope curb Brooks because you know big east he's one of the best players in the country you can you can definitely. All this came from its bootstraps and and put a mama's. Back but he's got to be careful because. You know one of his his best attribute our decisions and could be and that. He can't be too intense he's down he's very careful that typing at the combo between and then. That Tyler Dorsey we can't during the actual term and that's about what we see now a parent or eat the two years he's been here without problem player that I think. Organ envisioned when they out when they brought them a freshman last year so. A lot umbrella but it if they can continue to get point point point and I rebound out powered or feature of the term and I think and we have very big boost for them. Orient is team that does a lot of things good degree they don't really do anything you leaked except for shot blocking at the ram. And that makes him a very tough out is Dana Altman is to say. Who they build a team that scares in the most what does that team do great what is the biggest weakness that organ can be exploited our. Organs biggest weaknesses are as a team rebound well the doctor about rebounded well all Ilan. And we saw that during kind of the final stretch of the regular when may have. I that Stanford game when they had though they had fewer rebound then I think Al while their players have offered to bring down first. That have crashing glass little bulky and they're big they usually get dominated our strong. Inside player. So. Gerri is if they if they are right into it seems the guys and could consistently score on the inside the you know got in the trouble that but on the flip side. That's may be aware if if big B Williams Serbs to get comfortable those men in the end and start to become kind of a player that he would be would have probably in junior college last year. I you to junior college player of the year to Ku is the focal point of his offenses he's mango and not a whole lot of people can kind of down on and the kind of feel like you've been pressing a little bit. And it seems like since it might be out priest that's the word and the band. But if if you can come along eat you are much more traditional inside player than Boucher was I think I hope the match up against. But I'm looking is that I have been kind of there we just are cute. You can follow him on Twitter at Thyssen AL GE. This is going to be. This can be found little run here EU. There's a big hole is you can't. Sit there and under estimate the role that Chris Boucher played for the sound. A but. They're good ended the organ docs can still make Iran in this NCAA tournament. Well tell he's got me very interested in how much it will change with BB Williams in his ability to be inside. And less a stretch five or having a guy a five about philosophy and do what. Boucher abroad so this is that that will be significant and if they aren't as good at rebounding. As he says and they face a team that's gonna bang in the inside. They're gonna need an inside presence to get those rebounds and block out on the short shots. This is going to be an we do you I own is gonna throw up and heard. Villa then never gonna try and offense she she added that in the building you know and they're gonna come out fired. And you just gotta withstand. That barrage of threes. I will be in will be ended it injury interesting to see dealt with big B Williams you heard Tyson say. He's a rebounder he's an inside presence right Greg. The weakest part of this team you just got done send me that was read Hyundai OK so they did was that you hold it right there should write so. Eight hopefully the kid does oppressed but. It that's kind of the neo on him all year is that. The tough son connected to get comfortable finer than. In May be does little bit and that the thing we're talking about miers under when he when he was surgeon will be for the blazers is. Now he does not to look over shoulder another Krispy Shea will replace him in an instant the first time some bad happens and but we shall see it's it says. Been quite the stage to be thrust into you you must pivotal role is the pac twelve championship game in the in the NCAA tournament. But the ducks get underway at eleven we need to have that preview plus hey. It sit patty's day. What's your go to on saint patty's day whether it's food. Blues 55305. Is tech side orchard traditions. This is dusting camp. This is a tournament which additional dusty and jam in the morning in front you buy us we've got markets on 1080 so soon and. And then kind of remember when grand marshals on the giants it is said. Before he's really good friends a geno Smith that may keep him with the jets well well well twelfth. The jets cut geno Smith and the giants to sign them. Giants are making some absolute moves well he had a severely limited today. Disappear call it safe. 54 million dollar guaranteed deal four year deal 54 million dollars so what do what do you say in the break. He says that's how it got ten million dollars per finger that he has to school. But. I'm just saying. One at the full contract is if it's this is just a approximately 54 million dollars is averaging seventeen million a year eight. The death came is that Karen TE yes. 54 million guaranteed. Yeah but you sit there what is the what is with the bonuses what he's gonna get. Is the second eighty million dollar deal. That's ridiculous as he did they have the two big I have the two highest paid defense employment in the league. Because of what. Got from Miami came from Emmy last year you know I'm talking about yeah it was the next. God. Becomes snack I know what the heck is. Olivia and now Libya burn that's not snacks yeah Olivier burn shots what does he get. Ungodly amounts last year coming from Miami and now you've got to have the two eyes back stretchers well I'm a paid is no it's. And cap couch. In just the good guys that they had. Unveiled Sevilla digs hula from UCLA. He's a Portland active Douglass high school big outs but. They also big into Daytona valuations really good because they Jonathan against you these free agent and did he sign anywhere. We see that in him these are the top defense tackles on the market. David Harris and Jason Pierre Paul Vernon. And they're loaded man. And they always have then they always have giants are low enough for final push they don't you guys only got a couple. Couple years left in the tank now. Well we'll sing. What do we have here with the organ. When I went. With the saint patty's day traditions I just read the Texas and organize it in and just born this one says exactly what I will be what do you goad which should go to saint patty's day. I know that I'm gonna have some bangers and mash today are you yeah I know I like Deb editing corned beef cab I. Like I do in cart product corn beef and cabbage yeah it's good news is really glad that our politics and bangers and ash before that. Now I like that I need to have I will have my obligatory Irish car bomb today most certainly deal or do you drop it in her do you most of course they drop in proper I did drop an improper and because that probably I don't know off those top five it's definitely a tough fight during for me well. Guinness is my favorite beer. Is it really did is I don't like a lot of carbonated beer and so Guinness is not I will say this Guinness best canned beer. In a can. It is actually it it's the one beer all I certainly agree I think is. If he doesn't drop off his most from that happens and you can rank it certainly it it's still better out of the tap in if you have a night trysts. If you nineties it plug it in yet he nineties Guinness out of the tap it's still better but. It doesn't loses much of flavor in natural in in the there's not a. Or beautiful beer or. When it's when it's ready do you call it beer porn on the tennis and your four and I know that what is burning that's what it is from all I'd like to go to Ireland and drinking Guinness because I heard it tastes way better and better. Like just like it's a whole different here via I like it here to sell here's the other go to I hate that when he hated here you don't like it know what if you hit it fair you like it here and I hated that year. Mean your own. Wrong here's my other criteria for good bartender you've got to be able to make me a black and tan in doll and you cannot have it muddy up. Why you can ask talent and how you do the ports will be split you have to use a good yet to use most guys we use of a big spoon. We have to have really good ability. With your pour Williams Y lo and more to slow pour but he's so you can't disease if you muddy it up it's no Bueno. We send it back absolutely I'm. I actually called sneak by which was cider and guess which is really getting into town doesn't like containment said in Denton stand aside there at the very get. I was Paul strain with him a business when you said is there another beer porn. Peer porn porn Aaron Beard but there's danger here that is hoard more beautifully the Guinness. I moral this and it's you Stella toi. Where they have there is like asking me aero glass and then neighbor take the knife out and you take home right off the top. That's a pretty go to one now is just the ruffles of the beer and seen in how it just that and and it's just flowed gas is gorgeous yes which one it would be beautiful I gave you my answer has earned them you know why I came up with one that may rival that which I saddened dot confident my answer but I was evidence. Stults walked good looking poured beer on not torn beer. Beer poured. Of course and the organ docks today take on Iona 11 AM today that game will be on TBS for those of you that are wondering. And we'll begin at fed menace getting that thing. Updating its X two and that is underway ran down there'll be down there heard the ducks at 11830. Game 7 PM eastern Sprague primetime broadcast live on site. Thanks to bear a rally out of parts than IQ summit in the independent but we also must note. Scott relate. Sydney police in the hood Oregon State. Relievers we are and ask what's. They've played today at 205. PM on ESPN two's Oregon State fans out there. You get team in the tourney and they have they're a stag gill coliseum they take on long beach state in the ET fifteen match at self. Bill beats go ducks. Let's get it hopefully to. It was just a stimulus moron says yeah dad I just being close games I don't need upsets I want to draw the dramatic finishes what I. No I don't need upsets we've got dramatic finish yesterday but is still like to. This is. Man he's all right bullet deck at that the only team I kind of hope gets upset. Northwestern. Well our viewers what you're annoying. When you Selig who has no. Wrongly view big Voller brands the balls. Now golden balls to deep ball and and they're not gonna lose so obviously you know Olympic golden flashes to beat in the bill golden flashes in the midst date. On. And he does Bruins out. I don't know why it vet and I don't know there's some about it a lot more Lamar ball. No his teammates better as Washington State Seattle times and great article asking them. Could Lavar ball had beaten Michael Jordan one on one. His tears literally laughed. Through my if that it's a no but they did say he is a good teammate and good guys should be noted that there will be back. Monday morning at 6109. AM. Up next is the herd of calling jarred from nine to noon or noon to three from the independent sports bar at stand madness. It is certain Sprague followed by prime time with ties to consume goes all location we will see out there. This has been dusting can have a great weekend and happy in saint saint patty's day. Drive safe out there. We now it's time Bobo know the.