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Eamonn Brennan - ESPN College Basketball writer - 3.17.17

Mar 17, 2017|

Eamonn Brennan joins Dusty and Cam to discuss the start of the NCAA Tourney.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Hi there one in the books Dave team gets underway at about two hours from now the NCAA tournament rejoining the program. A second time in about a week is Eamon Brennan of ESPN college basketball writer. Gracious enough to join us and thanks take a time and I don't. Do well first off pat on the back GO we'd put you. On the spot last time you were on last week and we said give me 318. Or give me few teams that will be dug double digit seeds. That may make some hay and EU immediately said Middle Tennessee State as one of them so the twelve beating the five. You nailed that and then you said Princeton Providence. Providence at a seventeen point lead in Princeton gave Notre Dame everything they can handle so thank you for that I actually made my bracket with the Middle Tennessee State that. So thank you all of them yeah I'm happy to be if there I was actually. Trying to surprised by the not invited. Defect that middle Tennessee won but I was surprised that four of game hit. It has shifted all the way true middle being favored by appointment happen based. And like. I can't fingered Andy Reid and putt. Com. Sort of the pol like I was just gonna make a joke and say any reason but I don't mean to talk about the break. It you know I thought bill was good but. I could very easily made argument that Minnesota was better all year. You know visited the contact pat and and very and then come back that up at a middle probably a little underrated a rumble like. On the whole they look like exactly better team than Minnesota and admiral McConnell on that book or T inherit it was pretty surprising to have. One of those teams wherever I want to upset that rural and taking two point were shipped in the D'Qwell he's no longer an underdog and and that will he come through it it was kind of rare and refreshing yet also kind of what yesterday were like what with not a whole lot of surprising. Yeah we do with that set I mean they all that does is gonna go there and he was there anything that surprise you yesterday whether mean. From a not so stay employed in teams getting knocked off no but that may be the way that a couple teams played that looks sloppy and ugly was there anything really surprising. I mean you have it I mean met Richard it. Well. Per share was surprising him I'm Super Bowl. Yeah yeah yeah and you can headquarters and we have kind of a big croak. Tom. Sitting in front out of anger at eagle today and you know that won't. I'd be yelling at various team that I see they go to the final four. You know being lazy transition defense or something. Getting wrote grumpy. Other it was pretty quiet all day the only time really got you know that allowed NCAA tournament like gap. Yellow kind of thing from multiple people. Was. That your data bank. Because it was just so. But it too easy it can be reached out. It was that trademark like that you know actually trying to rally that it is. Universally recognized gesture a rep I am about it that we call. And that it was hit by about it because you've. You literally one point. Did you happen beckoning. And it that these horror and tried out a number but I'd. Happenstance that Davey having you go down a lot of girl and I kind of wrote it last night. You know that it was the first time in 2000 and no wonder greater than two point one again. I first round of the NBA permanent. You look at. You know sort of the result him and how things shake out. No game got close there are shaky second has even been gag and Villanova player he's shaky very future but he's shaky first had. He's had single digit lead in the second hat into the gears on and Florida State on soap or that no one was really. Com threatened all the way down the stretch Virginia would need the closest thing in and we talked about Princeton notre dam that was one. Where earlier today it was like that this is there we go Litton Paterno where we're getting Garnett had a shop and it didn't hurt him all on. And it set the tone for the rest of their own and channel their business. You know speaking of that he meant it in in the scenarios and I have a theory and I don't know I don't know how I. Trust my theories all the time but when you have the opportunity to win a basketball game and you're down by one why do we see two teams. Is it coming from the bench is it tar is that the identity of we live and die by the three ball you have a chance to win a battle game both with president mussina two verses in rewind. Why should the 2627. Footer with your hand in the face to get to the rim is it just me yours at the fact tuition of the three ball now changed how teams are gonna attack when they need a bucket. Well I think you're adding it mostly to keep involved to Vanderbilt got more. A higher percentage of the points from breed. Then and yet there's even that demand and I think their top five in division one. And that this year and really didn't score much. Would any sort of content deeper inside the ark Asia one registered figured out what he's what it seemed I don't why it. We duke you know you guys tutors and you know you're not particularly deep. Or law and and use struggle on the bench you have. You know fire away. This shot that they got at the end of the game has there was not a good shot and I had no problem the statement breeder it'd be good luck. But yet that tablet that we sequence emperor printed it similar and that. Pretty didn't see it quite well they shot it pretty frequently. And it was a big part of our identity and it kept them in the game against Notre Dame and outlook actually I had no probably because that is computer. Mean you know taking a shot that he can make it you add Nader in the game reopened in rip on May want them off the dribble. You bet back like forcing Campbell heard a spender like that. That think that he can look what you batter getting go to the rim yeah share because it may be get out that the big thing for me it is you're probably an idea about out there goes that on you you can Morton get that Iran he got a better chance but. It's different than mine have been much problem like that and don't want it get shot but you know when when you have teams are really strict on oriented. And that's how they survive how they figured by coming up at the ban. You know debate you get to a point where it feels like it then gets shot you had anything else they're gonna get. Even rent ESPN college now smaller letters our guest. So the west region had a full docket two of games in the winners come out ahead in you have guns Aggie your leery of Arizona. As the year forty stay West Virginia Notre Dame than Saint Mary's which team out last in that region do you view the most confidence after that first round games. OK maybe in Barry. Arizona pander to be met if they frequently are back to expand and beat Arizona. On the second round that I think they manage to really get an underrated. I think just because of the way the schedule worked out and how good in back to law. You know you'd basically won a lot easier on and on December. They beat everybody else pretty handily. And they lose three times to really get indicted in an outlet that you know they haven't beaten any ought to ignore our. But you know. Depending on what what are metrics do you work in here thinking about college basketball and narrated. Why am I mean can come back come in PPI and similar metric that kind of all there you know I don't know this is true. It's hit it and a way to inform your perspective but all of them kinda think Saint Mary's is better than Aaron DN I don't think that the case but. It at least support or you make your argument that they're closer than a lot of people would would argue just often you know face value and I hate that. Patty said all that I would fully expect and they're very a couple of loose. And and they didn't and I think I think they can give Arizona and jet. I'd grappled Palkot. Before I let you go real quick a one game that you can't miss today which one are you geared up for which when you think is indeed that did the tightest game that people need to sit down. And makes today skip work for. Well boy I mean I don't even know what games are on and just barely recovered from just yeah that now I think. I think they'll be into it really hit the organ played well and I don't lose but I am relation to you how they vote without appreciate it. And you know believe you again air don't want cash. The tough way to carry engaged in bit. They look really good and lock in against Spain on it today and artistic control leg game to get it's you know like to get up and Albert but really doesn't target. Then downhill a little bit better about organ moving forward getting to Brackett 88 game former C goes from. Perfect thank you for this I'm an even Brandon ESPN college basketball writer always appreciated Todd. You do it it.