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Dusty and Cam - 3.15.17 - Hour 1

Mar 15, 2017|

Blazers suck vs. the Pelicans and could Ezekiel Elliott be punished by the NFL?

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. You brackets ready yeah well. This is a tournament recognition of dust and jam in the morning. Brought you back up even more kids need a local lender whose. I'd sleep a mortgage can help go to Oswego mortgage dot com dusty and what people may call review gold through them. Stepping up their folks they should be some more optimism in the world today as. The NCAA tournament is under way on this hump day Tuesday in her first four games not beats good little middle life. And what is a rainy. Portland Oregon. Greater metro area why sort of building my park to discover in my house you are Drucker cuts off you know what I think if there is a guy that I know that I trust to build and marquis might be you you know. You know. Will take. To a recording you we will not take cats if it's gusties arc there's no cap while on the camera right unless the big cats like tigers those kind of Carol lions cells are different rules are really large. Cats you know I want to do zoo. I did not realize how big that tiger at the organs do it's easy monster. Big guy own mind. She's kept huge those cats are homeless at some Mara island I was the zoo. It is sunny middle class Friday and I have I have a general turn of a question for a lot of are out there yet it would it. Is Thursday and Friday the most unproductive work DC and in the world no no no. Now okay in our small little country that we call the United States of America. Our Thursday and Friday back to back the worst most unproductive days still going now what. Monday after the super yet but I'm talking two days ago I'll use you. Productive because remember the most unproductive workday there's actual. You can actually get work done on the money after the Super Bowl because there's nothing distracting you other than the fact you're extremely hung over Kuerten or have worse won't amount assault even take in. Thursday and Friday I don't know how we view. Don't like sports at all. I think the people around you delete one person they'll just be distracting you the entire time going. Oh on their computer or mobile phone all the time you know what I will I'll say this. G your point men will schedule vasectomies. In order to Easton not to go to work at all which by the way I mean you want a scalpel anywhere near mine. Only thing that the smell of things being burned I go ahead and I think that. That sucks yeah they're really does. I am feeling I may be getting on that scares the be Jesus out of a whole lot of I've I've biamby and let's not like he's gonna like its knees in. Like the whole thing comes off. You think so I don't wanna get out of gas and I've had friends that have had a vasectomy her K now. And it didn't work in your friends with Antonio Cromartie ha. And it didn't work well. And if you're going I did this in your turn to tell me there's a full life finds a way right begun quoting Jurassic Park here life into finds a way. I'm Lori and Allen doctor's orders. What ever doctor's orders sit around with ice bag and there's like no stipulation yet to get so many out writing got a clean pipes like get it there's a there's no relation of time. And it's a life to its ally Tony scalpel and friends I mean burned down their. Monroe I don't want to just show how he felt now being now being prescribed there's a new technology he put a show off valve inside your where you put that like where's the valve that is like on your fire like a new. On this like a little switch. Will both teens weird. Her thanks to stone him. Yeah seems like they're right options few days you're talking two days that are wasted them male work weeks I think it is Thursday Friday sets let people see just. Mail and then come on down fan madness is we're gonna get independent sports bar and grill. On Thursday and Friday 8:30 AM to 7 PM on both days the opening days of the attorney. Dirge Sprague Trenton community broadcasting live down there. We're gonna be had now after the show tomorrow. Eager to 1080 defend dot com for full details is brought you dire great sponsors Baird O'Reilly auto parts the Nike hoop summit. And independent sports bar and grill it's going to be a great time and will be out there I start tomorrow. Right when our show gets done. And at 8:30 AMAs can wield it last half hour they're gonna open up early open up the doors to schemes don't start until 915 and 915 yet at each table because there's a lot of people that are gonna be going down so let's do this not. Morning drinking fool I haven't. You know. We're. Averages has it there's only one acceptable mourning their 222 acceptable morning beverages others number one is is gluing coffee. Pales in coffee okay that's one or one and two is of course your bloody Mary but has to be your your garden variety bloody Mary like I put a picture or minus Graham. But the greatest play America ever made we went after Reid commented we got outs yet but he can appreciate that have them there an element of Dolly's held them almost a man. Narrative and almost the Mamas and ID and now drink of pages of those doesn't do that for me I'm Mormon the most that a bloody Mary guy doesn't mean that's the problem. I see that as a problem crichton the ball the bubbles he drunk faster all. That's why. Want the bubbles to get drunk faster solo champagne with sugar science logic after being there should be too much if you wanna go for like long sustained day and day drinking though it is the bloody Noriega is stardust are good vegetable groups right you'd get your all your you can't. A sound like a bunch of bloody marys now. Since you're so I mean I don't know artists I think most would amount moaning that was more chuck the ball more now accountable no no yes clean what is the ball Italy's main too much are massive global all you're gonna guess that fasteners like acid in Orange juice it's different what are you saying maybe as you all this waitress c'mon this whole thing is hereby we I didn't on this tree my body is different my body want with an analysis done than the cell lumber sexual not a lot of bodies of France and find. Pro journey almost as are you wearing his flannel today league's very. Troy a flannel member's sexual today. Number sexual looks like the brawny man but how I serve brawn I like that I actually did brawny stepson shaft that's right that's gonna affect you be using recycled towels. Right now once and the actual running of the bulls on income if you agree reusable I mean that it brawny you know this is I'm right I man not come brawny man with them with the child a few cat you're wearing the thinner mustache. He said Chattem. Never mind. Puke puke even Motorola was you know all about that right now. Better education children and you just you wait your education of children. Yes on this day in sports history in 1962. Wilt Chamberlain finished this season with 4029. Points in just eighty games played. That's sounds like a lot of points right now I'll put this into perspective where it. That is 988. More points in the single season and that the next closest person which is Michael Jordan in the 8070s. Almost a thousand points mark me wrong I BA really excited about that but it basketball hasn't changed Russell Westbrook is the leading scorer in the NBA right now daily averages 31 point eight points for games almost 32. If he were to play all 82. Average that he would only be 2600 points. He Arab Wilt Chamberlain averaged fifteen. Point four points that are made it three in the key because only it was standard to the basket turnaround on fifteen I know points per game that's a 25 made field. Well it's brutal legend. It's absolute legend yeah. And really didn't Conan. Do you find it funny that it's. We are not yet. Yeah I love looking at. We'll Chamberlain and come on the Burberry and because his legs were streaking the ground of the get the biggest worst possible disturbances could lose leagues and the straps guild. Europe's little known fact. Wilt Chamberlain. In under the giant very good friends but very close friends wild. We like to be a fly on the wall met or seen. Right. In under the giant if you don't know under the giant drinking stories you should probably make them credible. Incredible he there's great stories about him at Mary's but here in Portland under the giant. Bite people it's great they're describing moving up Creighton. I it and that he TF wins deep. Conceit jelly beans and hot water at the NFL the dirty not so secret of the NFL that is going to be this offseason drama will be discussed. And what the hell happened in New Orleans last night. Analog. Both attorneys stuff. Time to weigh in go run the world and trailblazers released a statement regarding the status and held them Clifford Robinson oak cliff feet. Is been hospitalized. I don't that the family's statement in this call that a minor brain hemorrhage and I don't know if there is such thing as a minor brain hemorrhage. But that's us they're calling it here remains hospitalized and is in good spirits according to families. And he said he used a mile long road needs. Appreciate all the support different cities in giving themselves. Uncle cliff he that is the update to him he is resting comfortably at right now. I Providence. Think we're we just feel recovered form a stalker and answer period. And there's no thanks scary. Wake up I said wake up. Bill of this next. Running man's son scrawny man from nick in Hillsborough and wonderful event this Crawford right now. Scrawny man instead of a large towel he's holding this napkin going to use this. This'll so go where it there and you can dip. The man who many believe is the best remaining freeagent on the market right now. Is expected to make his announcement soon. It could be today and actually they are expecting it today Donta hightower outside linebacker. And he will take between the patriots yeah. Steelers. In the New York Jets. Palin the jets made him cupcakes. Billy yeah for his what does it takes. You know what if they've put the little things inside the cupcakes. Like ripples on an oh my friend Sarah thinks they put orioles' big Orioles inside cupcakes get out of town unbelievable you know and I've I've had. She's JC really get is. Bill little you know that that the bite sized version of the peanut butter cups. You know does it wouldn't Reese's peanut butter cups like they come in like that get a little ones we get together you know any with a smaller as it had a really tell anyone's heroes inside the cupcake. Nice talking low pea butter chocolate action and there's two good. And Malia also Percy Irvin says he's retired for real thesis done. No take backs him. That's reversing harbingers. It does not test this is rock and roll waves barely keeping them out and do leg. 600 Lazio and or oh my god it's early wake up. It's a good just happy for you be excited you know broad audience that we thought we could win no one else did it and now you know don't let it stop. And you know certain beach reading and tech scene and all the stuff called for the next hour hour and a half. And we got to settle down and you know like you can get some maybe just get on that flight. Get a way you don't get get get to Sacramento and really focus on the game. That man who sounds like he's struggling to speak whispers whoever he's the head basketball coach at Kansas State University. He's a really good coach and he got a raw deal at Illinois did. Coach of the year Illinois national cushion there yeah he's really Gary Williams great sideline interviews to use as he was animated and gave great answers yeah I like him a lot is full. Or vocal chords William yellow line unreal the 1111 match yet in the first story in the blame game for the south region. Bridges plays Cincinnati. And Kansas State. Beats good Dini Manning's Wake Forest Demon Deacons 95 to 88 your second favorite mascots are he bounced from the tournament. 95 points goodness gracious that's a lot I hope that we see they're supposed to be a defense of an eighteen to. I don't know still be a lot of defense in its own. They get did they will head to socked in tomorrow yeah. Two plays Cincinnati's. We're sure I know who's gonna make it there. Yeah I don't know. And in the 1616 matches as a man named 340 tips. Mount Saint Mary's facing off against an all ends and the Nazis announcing Merrins earning the right. He gets messed by Villanova I found scored 6766. Allen had some drama to sell the tournament officially unofficial. It's underway. First for tonight includes UC Davis. Big sky chance. They'll be in the early game and then US seem Providence in the eleven matchup. Where we start though the blazers pivotal match up. In the race to the eight spot in the west was in New Orleans the third game in four nights. This is dusting him. This is a tournament origination of Dustin jam in the morning roughly about how they go markets on ten AB both prayer room. Bush and you need wins. It's pressured enough not to give this one. But we do is reduced and play well enough tonight. To get the job done so. Who thinks Meyers Leonard. Or tell us some we don't know the blazers. Did not play well enough to win last night. They've got their butts handed. It to them last night in New Orleans. 100. T 77. It's the worst scoring performance. For the blazers since February 20. Of 2015. So we're over in over two years. It's still worst offensive output for this blazers team is the fourth worst scoring output under Terry Stotts coached team in Portland on ever. And 77 points they had. The first quarter sixteen points third quarter eighteen points it was one of those it to will go wrong if you can't go wrong it will go wrong and it did go wrong night. Thirty point 3%. That's not good how another shooting percentage by the way. That's the regular shooting percentage that actually shot better from three. Which is 34 point four. Than they did from the field in general my goodness. That's that's amazing to me that an NBA team can be that bad now they looked tired of it looked uninterested. They looked like they went out on Bourbon Street all night had a few hurricanes. Something. I don't know what it is. That city can suck the life ideas sometimes been known to do that the blazers are simply being wannabes. They absolutely did not look like they wanted to be there and it showed now as the third game. In four nights this blazers team. We'd discuss said this is a tough stretch for the blazers because not only do they have a four games in four nights situation that they're going to be in San Antonio tonight. Taking on the spurs which pay. Here we go Yale later mig last night because you're tired guess what get on the plane go to San Antonio in your back gathered again. But this is a tough stretch with the next two games as well because in eight days six game six different cities for the blazers team. And no you can't sit there rests on your laurels and making excuses for this and as Myers has a job he's got to play better I mean you have to play better. In when you're in crunch time you're fighting for that playoff spot you need Wentz. I love stating the obvious and we say yeah we need to play better right you were. You're gonna eat your fight against the Denver Nuggets right now there with what three games behind. Just three games and suddenly a half yes well yes suddenly it looked like this is an attainable on the Denver Nuggets are looking better they're creeping up on 500 with this kind of time left. You're gonna fight if you're gonna do it games get your only got a good score last night I'll give it to dame he tried to take it to the Iraqi tried to do some things to get this team started. I haven't seen since since my days of being here in Portland the blazers shoot that bad. From point or Blake know just in general. I'll point blank range yeah it then that is that they had a little basket. That's putting it very kindly. We knew look at Baird's thirty point three for their two point field goal percentage. That is since Terry Stotts took over this team the worst shooting. Percentage ever. Under Terry Stotts. If for the Portland trailblazers from TU is thirty point 3%. And that. That's that's very telling firfer this blazers team I mean this is that they actually shot 20% frontier. 28% from awful. I'm Vick and I think with that kind of highlights from last night is that new or kitsch. Is good right. He he is he's brought a spark this team he had a bad night. Right he went well what is it one of eight from the field. Just two points. You saw another dominant big big second time in three games and some are seeing our top hold them in check in and we see last night humid weather is bogey. Or Anthony Davis. And he struggled against those guys. New York it's doesn't change who the other people on this team are ranked. He doesn't change Damon CJ are going to be Damon CJ NCR had a rough night last night from the field. But he doesn't change that the rest of the team outside the Damon C chair streaky. And very unreliable because you saw Allan crab one of eight from the field Meyers Leonard was one of six until he got some pointing garbage time. On from the field and it was he had no bench scoring yet again. And your starters. You only got one guy in double figures are premier starting lineup now zen. Well I don't think that I'm lean on Yusuf markets to be deemed the offensive spark that I. I would I would need to see but what. What it is about this team this is an average basketball team in in NBA standards and a if sinners not a not an in the other but at that point of view NBA standards. Use of Turkish can't get started if his perimeters. Shooting team cannot even make a basket well and that is that is the starred in when dame makes Johnson when CJ makes shots the ability to get to the rim. Everything opens up but if you view of Anthony Davis and boogie cousins is hanging out in the key. When nobody else can make a jump shot that's there's there's nothing users can get he can create a few more shots but he missed shots in the in the inside to. There's this. Those two guys and you would expect nor wants to be better I expected New Orleans actually contend for the eight scene when they got what he doesn't know everybody how to not. Oh goodness now they they haven't even today having done anything but the blazers made them look like world beaters last night and they absolutely dominate a it was the Twin Towers again it looked like David Robinson and Tim Duncan all over again. Yeah. And what the most frustrating part is when you talk about you've got to get Damon CJ going in markets can get a gone when when they were shut down. And the backcourt for New Orleans. Is not good no mean invade that should have been a game where it should have been easy for those guys to get going against Jrue Holiday and when selvin. Right is holding an excellent defender though. In her carry Laver are saying that he's a great defender and Omar saying that was he's a great defender he's good. He's always good I mean I think we sit there and we look at it can be compared to back and did the guards at Portland has he's. He's he's great okay if were gonna put those comparisons don't guards stoppers on defense from what you see is one incredible service from what you see and every day yeah I mean comparatively. But yeah he's good but it shouldn't be a situation where you can't get those two guys gone in this is the most frustrating part is that. For the first time it looked like that neat nick know when blazer or offense Regis can sit there it's like. Everybody standing are needed to have that movement that Terry Stotts offense is known for it was stagnant. Guys were waiting in that's very tired that's a tired legs right. Well I just leading up to its waiting for somebody to go off him in nobody is able to do it right in until Damian Miller came back into when they cut that lead to eleven. You know there's that moment where you're like OK here they come here they come and then. New Orleans. Did what playoff teams deal in I'm not saying they are but this is disciplined as the struggle that we had with the blazers they shut the door rumble on LA and they built it right back up to twenty. And moving out of Libya I snuck into I think they got a two was eleven and a third quarter and half the gentry gives that timeout and then they just went on another eleven all right yes and it's an ever come back and held the blaze is eighteen points at court with that and Damon and every point that quarter it was brutal it was absolutely. A brutal performance and you can't have those in these stretches like this and you were talking about the Washington game could come back to haunt them this one takes over the intake up Markey Moore is stepping on the boundary line if you look no further. Then now you have just two games later this game against New Orleans he came not absolutely flat I know they're tired I know as the third game no excuse though snow really just because guess that a lot of teams are going to be run ragged in the blazers have got ten of the last. Thirteen at home. There need every single one of those to be at W and that's going to be. I have a feeling that one team whatever that eight seed is at Denver's plane get a day this is gonna everybody's going to be both 500. Through one through the eight seed Denver is right now they got the leg up early three games back of mean 500. In May want. Warrick now law law. Yeah that's game sucked last night that was brutal the best part about that game was indecent happened pre game. Our friend I did see our friend Rickles and yeah she was frightened national headlines sees freight. She did I this is something people don't know about Brooke she scares very easily she's very. Easily scared very easily compare the old tired game when we were hooked when we're doing pulls together when avert our production as our producers was. He would always scare her. And it was so easy to deal. I actually felt bad for her because that was genuine fear. In her eyes and and that's making national headlines the pelicans I don't mind they're scared that he heard two Pierre the pal here the pelican in first bird condors the pelican who easily the pelican much worse recently gone to respect the gone nor the respect the contour I light. Finding Nemo. And seen the pelicans in volatile can be news made to look nice at least it wasn't that old scary pelican that they first debuted to remember that thing you know the difference in LB Susan king baby cakes OK baby get that. It's scary that's frightening horrifying that would have been an ache she probably wouldn't doubt you're very frightening. If in doubt it wouldn't happen tactic on doorman of the people that they have the bill nasal dogs heard of the people's movies music theater. It's rendered KFC yum and that is leaking no I never actually get a CO smoothie king is it like Tuesday is going to on the juice. People bow. Did dusty storage on the first job bro I did didn't know stay loyal to set smoothie king thinks cruise south I'll come. Becoming great I am the Smith leading they put people at the bit that lard in it they deep fried there's been these amounts are better but that's. All right fair or foul Ezekiel late could be punished by the NFL first saint patty's day antics. 55305 is the tech sign right now struck a sports owner. Widespread texting. That's a message to what number did you. Two or. Niner five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and that I can unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Oh cordless text there's no it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply just play my number and they'll you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning and Ontario may be the brain of that person actually say that also asked the. 055305. Over the weekend video service. Via TNC. The cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott as part of the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Dallas. On a flow with a bunch of friends and women. There is a young lady who was. Aren't you did did people in the crowd were trying to get her to you flash them like used Marty are something. And is she kind of gave the gesture that oh should I and Ezekiel Ali just reached over grabbed. Expose her breasts to the crowd he she slapped his hand away. And that was the extent of the video teams deal later pose another video he tried to do it again and she slapped his hand away. And immediately. The reaction. Of everybody is first what the hell you doing. Second. Became now is there is the is the NFL are the Dallas Cowboys. Be holding to do something from him in a formal punishment. To Ezekiel Ali. Should be noted. That's the young lady. Continued to hang out dizzy jolly at the earth that day than matter and said he was in his representatives say is falling good fun I don't know about that. On the there are still friends that. Again as you say doesn't matter now but it is something that needs to be part of this before. Before everything. We need all you need all the details right are you need all the details that are out there and you can do with it what you met him right. I I sit there and act A continues to amaze me. How many people. No matter how many times the NFL. Teams. Agents talked to these players and athletes we see the same thing over and over again correct. It it is astonishing to me. Did to believe that AZT Elliott has not at any point from his time in high school Ohio State are now the NFL. Tell him to say I didn't know it was all good fun no you know it that's not in good fun anymore. I I don't know if you have the ability in today's days to say I didn't know. Yes you you might have had that she's 1012 years ago because you didn't have the type of social media. In the immediate reaction to things like this. Here's what I here's what I do know. Is that when your offered an NFL contractor when your athlete you have to sign that piece of paper and once you sign that piece of paper you step into the league. Where you were scrutinized on a daily basis why along with everybody else do know this you're immediately held to a higher standard. So those standards have to be set their certain standards of people out there in this country then there's the middle tier. And then there's the upper echelons and then there's the athletes which we put on pedestals more than any other people in this country. We hold the missing the one who would you beat look at the role models these men need to be viewed some of them are built to be role models Ezekiel Elliott is not built to be a role model. He's built to be an entertainer and he knows that but he's also won a place in Dallas this has been going on for years and you have an owner. That condones bringing in men. About 42 chances third chances fort chances because they wind and their about the notoriety of making my billion dollar business via the NFL's at fault for this. However I'm not expecting. These guys I don't look at it Z kill Elliott and go that's the guy won a moderate or I wanna model mine. Personality with because if I'm hanging out with he keel Elliott and I'm on the floater I'm around that guy. I don't wanna be around that. I personally don't think I'd. If that was my buddy you're just out walking around what would you do your body. Would you laugh. And I didn't ground upside the face and go what are you doing with today's cameras and things and how would scrutinize what. You have no no ability to say I didn't know I tell my kids this all the time I said once you see it on video and once it's out social media it's their. For the rest of your life you can't hide under the ignorance of being young anymore you don't have that ability. It's out there you can see it does the NFL need to step in and make an example of him absolutely need to nip in the bud. Immediately I don't care how crazy that Lee was or she wanted to expose that. That's her right that's like that's those are her breasts in G can do what she wants with her Brett he don't have the right to do. In years if that is the number one thing in that is the number one thing that in the training of in the NFL players that they're doing now on sexual abuse. And domestic violence. Is that's the number one thing they tell them now in college in the NFL is it's not your body. Yeah right it's not your you do not have that right like in seeing you know that these are being these things are being said to the players. You're on a float you have cameras you phones are all leaning on you. You're not only under NFL investigation for domestic violence you're in the protocol where they're looking at June scrutinizing everything you do. It here you go heading you'd just do this because of one thought. Because Ezekiel Elliott is not Smart enough to understand where he's out and what he's doing in the responsibilities. You have. I'm not surprised. Can he learn his lesson this will be up to the NFL regular manager but I will tell you that as as an owner for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones is sitting in his big chair with his arm crossed and he's having now meaning gone. And what you want me to do I do this all with this is exactly what he's allowing to happen. With the NFL the people with the power. Even more than him or make an exam the boys will be boys is not accept it it is a BS excuse now you know boys will be boys is a BS excuse him and you know that being in the represented as her Ezekiel he talked to TMZ. It was deep in the worst statement that you can make is saying it was all in good fun in the woman wasn't mad at but you don't have that luxury is a pro athlete anymore you don't yes you're not Bob. And going to New Orleans and drove down you're not going hanging out at Mardi Gras you're not bill at the local bar trying to hit on the girl trying to get. You're not yet this is it who they argue cannot put. The comparisons to an NFL. A leaked. MVP candidate rookie of the year on the same levels yet there has to be standards people you have to be able hold people higher stares if we don't. We're teaching our everyone else so let it go if. If the NFL at the Dallas Cowboys need to come out and they need to you made that stance and they need to nip this thing in the bud. In May need to you make a statement on it. What is reasonable that for the NFL by 530 fives Tex this is dusting him. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning in front you buy us we got a mortgage on ten AB so scare them. I. Yeah all right easy Kelly what's the what's the punishment that you think the NFL will hand down and may not have. Care with the punishment is you really don't blow when you think is fair though because I know they'd be in the league he's been in this situation where. You hand down these punishment and then the NFL PA goes wait no you can't do that. I don't know the number. I don't know of the number of this financial deep into the game so I don't know. I don't believe he's going to be very strict with how this works because public opinion is very powerful of nowadays especially when it comes to sports and Eason you know the NFL does this and they do it. They do it almost as well as like political leaders and is that they will use thank. They will use a punishment like this is a distraction from something else strengthen. And then there's lawsuits that are up in the air herb for concussions for prescription drugs that. They invade do you use visas distractions from that are right black guys that the NFL chooses and picks to make. Important to get weighted balls and no doubt about it no doubt about it because I guess but there's a massive concussion lawsuit that was being settled. For hurting in the in the process of and a lot of an early start coming up concussions or there was a were so dark period about it. Which retired in what the U what you wanna pretend that there isn't. Bad things that happen in sports now this is one of those situations that is it looks ugly. For the NFL so what do you think would be fair though if you're putting your commissioner's hat on in you say they need to send a message wet what do you think is the message that gets thrown he's got inside on all that I may be that this is my first number that I would think yeah. Think other. And I think the user to game checks also and you know I urged game to that used to be a conviction for domestic violence from mean wrap your head around that there. I and I think that that I am I'm in agreement with you rented out would be. Because you are you lump in the fine of what the team game checks would mean. And what it would mean to you. The Dallas Cowboys not having easy Gil Alia. That is a lot and as texture says it's sad that we're growing generation of men who need to be to hold that. Bet you can't do that and they have a I do believe this has been. This has been going on. For years in that yes in the problem in the good thing I guess he would call with the waste we have social media ready haven't cameras that would. There is more opportunity to nip it in the bud. Yeah been treated with respect I just I have. I have a daughter anybody that has a daughter you have to look at this are you proud of your daughter renowned afloat or or you more proud of Ezekiel Elliot be the guy right next door. You. Because both are equal. OK however. You don't you don't get that luxury as a as a professional athlete or manner or anybody in that scenario now to do that and get away with a UVs don't you don't have the luxury now well. And you shouldn't have alliger regardless of who you are the year that I mean a man of anybody else you know and you are going to do that there's gonna be repercussions. Absolutely and you won't see from the Dallas Cowboys. I you know I did Jerry Jones. Changes. He said before or not in this instance. But he said. As excuses is off. Boys will be boys is one of those things that happens you know in as you mentioned before that's not XXP that's not excusable in like that. This isn't denying DT cowboys where you had dug the White House says they called it. Where is this a rental house where d.s Easter dude down whatever they wanted to blow and prostitutes and all that's up point down at the White House back and the world was different place. And you can't you half did may draw these lines and today textures that it's sad that this generation needs to be told that. This isn't anything that's new you'll. It's just that we're in a place ring now you can't do that in it be okay all seen it that's the problem is when everybody sees it out of sight out of mind is ever been more real. Right in today's society can everything is out in front of us you know skip Bayless did as the most embarrassing and said this could costs Ezekiel oh it's his career. That is big can be like the DNA to Z kilo lead as we know and in the NFL. He's very talented and that's part of the NFL's that now. This won't cost and it is great hardee's career wasn't. Weston and done after what he did. This is gonna cost him his career and it's gonna it's gonna cost to mail lot of money and a lot of endorsement money. And even that teams will pay is utilities on his seat as the ability around the footballer it. It will certainly always. You'll this will affect him and this is gonna be the the people's perception. Of him no misses doesn't look good it doesn't. It just doesn't bring a good light on a league that are hurting having to deal with so many black guys. I I don't have I don't have a great solution to. To why this is going to be continuing problem. And how to fix it immediately because it will always be a problem when you're an athlete like this because you're going to be in the limelight you're always going to be scrutinized now. But there it delete the NFL doesn't have any patients forty more and they don't have the ability to let it slide like they used to. Now and then that's a good thing. As they're trying to grow right they're trying to grow revenue and I didn't grow revenue you grow worldly but you have to bring more now what. More revenue or bring you more ladies into the into the play your this is this it doesn't look good. Now it it doesn't it doesn't and you know there's it there's even people on at five fax your father saying you know and now nobody can have fun anymore or whatever kidding me whatever course. Because Japanese are slap his hand away and then there's another video we try to do it again insists that the same way again and as I stop. And now again she continued to hang out with him that's decision CNET right but the fact that it is it's out there and it's public. Look. You are a public figure in you do you can't be doing things that day. You're gonna continue to make excuses for choices like this and there are a lot of a lot of techsters a lot of people does it make it right because he was intoxicated no absolutely not. This one says don't pull the dad card this is someone's daughter they were drinking. I am in no one knows the combo held between the two. What does it matter what does it honestly meth does it matter. We mean the dad card we mean anything like this and you think about it. That's your sorry that your daughter there does that make you proud not as a parent. You tell me now. At Selena is that we wanna see no absolutely that the guys you wanna hang out with if he's your friend. Or she's your friend who's is that the people you wanna hang out with are you proud of that now. Now did you know that these this this is what it is at this point you just don't have the luxury in the NFL to get away with this anymore. And then here is the hey here's the rundown for if you allege is getting your cars Zeke Elliott's during Saint Patrick's Day. Party and that the festivities. It and pulled down a young woman shirt. Exposing your brass. Slapped his hand away he tried to do it again slapped his hand away again. And now the NFL is contemplating a punishment for him here. The representatives for is he Gilead said quote it was hauling good fun and the woman wasn't mad now. At him you realize these things or how it starts at I don't know other schools cold Baylor. These are how things that that when these guys these players get away with these things. This is what precursors the rest of how a team and Alan at how groups of men interact. Now they go once you allow this to happen then it's more minutes more then it's more because you can get away with more more and more you know you have to have. Strict and stringent punishment. When it seemed like this in this is saying this is situation where there's this is a basic respect thing. Today young woman right. She's making her choice I I don't she figure chairs a lot of our own people is dumb women there's dumb man this whatever. Right but this is can't reach out and do that it now this is a bin that is a respecting your right. It's respecting somebody does something Weston space the body. Let's be honest if you're on a flow to us yet you're on a flow in everyone's chance man cheated pull your top upper whatever it is. You and your special kind of person at some point. Right oligarchs. Absolutely yes. And it's it's amazing to me and make the people that are like how do we get we're getting Tex like how do people not see. To what is wrong here and then people like this is staked out the other side it is there's a Garrett. There's a lot of people they don't under that that think that that is just good natured fun and it's an okay thing to look I don't know reality is is that it's not an okay thing to do if it's. If did you doing it somebody else that I've been on both. Well floats in new worlds I've seen everything you can imagine the seat in a Mardi Gras everything. But what I did is I use my odds came my guilty of looking now sure because I'm a human being. One thing I always knew is I never put my hands and another female off unless. Let's she gives me ultimate. Say yes. This is my intimate interaction with her and it is day I don't get that right in a public point of view NN I just don't get that right and it bears repeating. This is something that the NFL. Tells the players at their rookie symposium is something you you can't do. You hit it in the key is part of a rookie class that dot this conversation and he got it at Ohio State because as part of urban Meyer's. But it policy in the way he operates this program like we know that he's he's been talked do. About these sorts of things in the common decency respect thing in that that's all comes down to right I mean. I don't care if you're drunk. Don't know that is an excuse great that's the same person this is who's drone committed the mistake that's not an excuse. You don't get that excuse app ever yeah. Right 55 degrees your five Z Joliet he probably will be and should be punished in some form by the NFL. If not the Dallas Cowboys 44 that. But you expect to see a lot more because there's there's a lot of people that are that are fired up about. In olden and rightfully so old women's groups around the country saying. This is one of those things he can't let slide NFL and they have done it and were willing to do it for for months years. Our big news being made in Seattle. It is an Adrian Peterson they're going big. And and I not be done this is dusting care.