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Dusty and Cam - 3.15.17 - Hour 2

Mar 15, 2017|

Eddie Lacy signed with the Seahawks, NCAA Tourney Cinderellas, and the Toradol issue in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. One time wizard but. This is a tournament week and as you know doesn't you jam in the morning. Grab you by. He's a local lender specializing in the gala. Dusty and a month's vanity. I'm the man this is underway the first four insert last night TU game sixteen seeds and elevenths continues today. Rich you SE going to be next and tonight on true TV. Seattle Seahawks signed the running back they went big in free agency. We're not talking Adrian Peterson they went big weight lies Eddie lacy. As an added to the destiny running back sale now they have see different size today drafted last year Thomas Rawls. And they had an. Really see the moll let's see here he said weight struggles. Over his career in Green Day. Signing into a one year deal worth five point 5000003. Million which is guaranteed what do you think. Of this signing for the Seahawks are. It's good I think for me the Seahawks have. Always been trying to find since March marks on him in that long when it's been a year or trying to find them back that can be durable. Re back can be a physical inside the tackle runner between the tackle then that's who went to that's what are hoping for now. Does any have weight issues. This I think I think it's overblown too because I'd I think that the Green Bay Packers. Wanted to different style of runner if you look at the styles. What the Green Bay Packers are asking you and how to run compared to what the Seahawks are doing and how they're asking you to run are two different sets styles. The Green Bay Packers want you to run a ton of stretch yeah stretch means your your set your line the nine at the nine hole which is up outside the tight end. And he got a deal to cut back and go against grain one right back you have to be able to pause and run some what they call stutter which is a backside guard polling. And then he beat you'll have a you know have a ton of of well. It's occasionally built in with a few fullbacks in their but it's a different kind of running game the Seahawks once you get downhill immediately they'll run some zone read. With the Russell Wilson but they wanna run a power style game of running in this is what. Hopefully hopefully. Eddie lacy can bring. Apparently Eddie lacy had at three visits one in Green Day his former team Minnesota and then Seattle. And he weighed in at 267. Power is off seasonal reasons. His offseason weight. My goodness on well Pete Carroll saying he months and about 240. We did which would put him as one of the if not the biggest. Running backs in the NFL. A 240 pounds. Yeah for me I don't really I don't I'm not even not planning and care about his way. I mean if he can carry a football state helping me Jerome Bettis was absent bowling ball you know he looked terrible the end of his career but he could still find ways to have great feet and gain yards. I think we're making way too much out of it if the dude is just can't physically even move out there. Then it then there's a problem. Well there it obviously it is it is an issue that's Seattle Felton necessary to put in his contract has just lock in for a NFL network. He said that any laces deal with Seattle includes a 385. Thousand dollar wait bonus from. And then that would be tied to me one million dollar weekly roster bonus so if you doesn't make the weight. He's not on the active roster. Apparently so I told the store before the NFL has built into their collective bargaining agreement wait funny. And wade finds are built in you can you have to weigh in one time per week now the NFL sets or your team sets in your strength coach. Set your proposed weight if Pete Carroll has set his proposed wait for Eddie lacy 240 pounds on every Thursday if he decides the way in. And she is a pound to three pounds overweight they can be up to five to 600 dollars per pound per day that he is fine hail the NFL has that. When I was plane was 400 dollars per pound. My weight was 272 I knew I had to be there every Thursday. And I knew that in every team in every every everybody follows this parameter some teams in foursome more than the others the patriots. Extremely strict. On their weight limits don't mess around you'll be fine. Lot of the textures rich texting in feast in us. From beast no deceased nun in the backfield and with Eddie lacy he's going to be a big back and you LA data adds another dimension. But the apparent they're not done in I don't know of this is telling in their durability questions obviously that he was humans in five games this year for Green Day. Do you think that they end up going after me again with this movie brings him down to twelve million dollars and salary cap space so that gives them about. 78 million dollars and wiggle room here full word to be rookie son and I'll let you know you think they go after because they're meeting we Jamaal Charles today as well. Oh they're gonna have multiple backs they're gonna bring in a stable of guys to go to do that in this this thing that Eddie leave at least he's fat. If you're seeing as you did anyways he walked up to you he's not fat he's big he's a big demand you big dude is fat is Tolbert. Who just signed an extreme deal with the Steelers that is fast. The guys that there's a difference between baby fat offensive line fat and big yeah Eddie lacy is big he's big dude. And Jamaal Charles added the running back market though. Back handsets that where it's at net five million dollars and when you deal Adrian Peterson the TVs Mary and Jamaal Charles still out on the market. You see those guys did the down curve for lower seller's I was really curious because I guarantee there was some sort of conversation with Adrian Peterson while he was in Seattle I'm very curious who the amount of money. As he was asking for. And I think it was so exorbitant the Seahawks really good to see you later for. You among your 32 where you're not getting them. On other note from the NFL the New Orleans Saints will be meeting with the restricted free agent Malcolm Butler tomorrow. And this is. Patriots are going to be better this is going to be an interesting one the patriots tendered Malcolm mother with a first round tender. This year and restricted free agency meaning if he team decides to sign Malcolm dollar to an offer sheet. I'm in the patriots up not to match it and the patriots will get that teams peck. New Orleans selects eleventh overall. In this year's strapped. In the branding could straighten nor Owens picked up new new England's. Purse tropic which is 32 overall. If Sean Payton in the saints decided it's signed Malcolm dollar doing tender in the patriots don't match. We could have beat patriots and saints swapping. Let's see Malcolm Butler in the 32 pick to New Orleans for branding cooks in the eleventh over also unreal. That would've said the reigning extremists actually turn in TO. The patriots get the eleventh pick from New Orleans and cooks for Malcolm Butler and 32. They're just so much better while everybody else when it comes to how. They set deals and how they get rewarded even in free agency even in the draft. There are any value at 32. Stick anymore because it's almost like old wounds. Give me the second round guys. But if you give this pit was the last time the patriots had a top ten pick but there and they treated Richard Seymour to Oakland that was in 20067. You have yeah around then Nina. So long Robinson they've had a top ten pick. Yes in the native and he's still have Super Bowl appearances after. You out on have to look that up because I wanna say that they had another one in my life. In their but it either way if you lose Malcolm Butler that's a really good back defensive back off. Both teams are getting better but it feels like the patriots might be getting even better. Yet but they did data in doing so we Babel so have they may lose Dante aired Donta hightower today wreck in May have a loss he's got any any decision they would have the absence of Malcolm Butler in this case in Donta hightower those be two big. Absences from. From there defense from a year ago but that's a free agency news in the NFL Seahawks man. They got a lot of backs Thomas Rawls CJ process dowdy lacy could begin Jamaal Charles as well. And then did the patriots that. Malcolm dollar deal my goodness. We shall see I 55305. That is tax under the NCAA tournament is underway Cinderella could already be out house a possible. This is dusting him. This is a tournament origination of Dustin jam in the morning brought you by us we go markets on ten AB so slim. And it's the first four games you wants us that mount Saint Mary's and New Orleans. And Kansas State Wake Forest I lose. Honestly back and forth between the World Baseball Classic is a while what Puerto Rico and Dominican who and then I watched a little with the blazers and now got derailed very quickly and then finally was not watching wake forcing Kansas State which was probably. Between baseball that in the basketball news quality game. College basketball I mean there is a not expecting superstars to to show off at that point but there was so many fouls economy me a little bit disinterested. Yeah the demon deacons Wake Forest should have been routed in their game against Kansas State and they were the ninth team in the ACC. But I mean we shouldn't be surprised that I'm Danny Masood investing caring all right all right and mean in then when it with a call to back in the two backer of that to triangles. Visit I don't know. I knew we are getting at the where it's like wait yeah whereas North Carolina NC stately course are all there all right there Riley and each other and they are. Far away. The lowest on the totem pole over there right now RA is now and then night NC state kind of net connect there. And they were outmanned it did 1213 of their first 21 points read the pal strike. Madrassa like those guys is getting out of hand. If that thirteen top shots early in Kansas State in a winning 9588. I was more intrigued by the sixteen seeds is did you see the mighty mites that replying. There it is so adorable. There are two idea of these little teeny tiny guys that. Argon. Like swing and hay makers at each other on mount Saint Mary's has got to guard named junior Robinson. Who is 55. I did not stutter on that he is five foot five inches. And he is being guarded by. This guy neat Frye who is listed as 61 they cities find it last night how inflation. Fighting 60 wait a minute now. This is listed at 61 in five going knows their Chris Davey is Gillis five a whole XCDC. Guys Alex and Crawford was 58 so yeah got a smaller than property that way I would be five. My view would say your 61 when you're really five so I mean. I'm not 57 in his thing. The 55 guy. How tall are you. I mean half. The 55 guy Isaiah Thomas the asset and a game. Did 23 points. He's 2328. He carried this team please I'm I can say the size doesn't matter no size does not matter and he's a little fun player to watch. He's gonna get crushed though against Villanova so it was fun to watch and do little mighty knights play against each other and then I gave you a dramatic finish as it was a six is one point game. But New Orleans had a guide their one of their best players got benched this deep divot out. Does he joked his teammate took his best friend yeah because one guy zig when he's exact in his leg argue they called a timeout when to break. In the little guy and let off its early dinner and got. Let's give the back story to that crude LC OK you see you can set it straight. We just said a guy choked his own teammate yeah on the sideline walking off the court and he had only one ounce. You can do you kick let's Ali let's state the obvious candy doubt. But yet they however. These guys. Are best friends and almost Brothers. Yes and is here he did of part that is so discouraging. Is that. When you look at it this New Orleans team all everybody's you remember from them is losing in this person's first four. And having. A guy choke another did it and their coach. I think his name's mark slut. Marks passenger. Un is the cuts in Orleans he was telling the story after the games like those guys are roommates their best friends they're like Brothers. They just none of those that all of our Brothers before I don't have brother saw a but I thought oh my sister and me Odyssey here. In C think that like these mean this New Orleans team is a bunch of renegades see you never choked her never did anything media that are bunch of jerks. Well I guess after their press conference on Monday. And ninety everybody goes to the dollar went in the reporters are on there. Be in the PR person is like tell players okay now go back around the around the curtain and you exit through this door. And they didn't listen to her they came around the front and they went every single media member and said thank you because nobody covers thirteenth here. And so like these are guys that are in the night and coached Intel did these kind of wind did it on their own they're not bad deeds. Let's stay sure look like today when you're choking each other on the floor during the game. Well a sibling thing is funny because we've I'd never run so that he my sister would hold me down and she'd try to spin on me and I mean like my dad like yo dude. Nerve to you know their troop led do much other slayings my head into the stairs on time and of in a fight like literally he's sitting on top me saying my head into the stairs right I mean sometimes I wish I would had a brother gonna take some out I think the worst thing ever did was idea threw home. Nearer never heard it yet nearer to that's about is all I can do open and he just needed yet you tonight that generals. However Brothers I have two sons. And don't get after a little bit who yeah and I say this is one of the most somewhere may commit. You know you know national TV. Guess you kind of hold those emotions back a little bit a little good law does look good. But I'm not or Erica or Erica overblown right. No I mean does it mean to be snow. And you know PG Mills Lane and ever. You ready you ready you ready let's get off Ole. We had I had buddies now that we get into it when my best friends. In one of the dads are just going to include a boxing gloves were going after that your your your guys get out on the deck in we got some boxing. Air about thirty seconds we don't we be done tired exhausted suing you didn't land a blow anywhere this man playmakers. You know one of the things that came out of death in the first four. You did do you know that ever since starting this first Ford deal. They've had at least one team go to the round of 32 so they win in Dayton wherever they go it's must be tough. Tough stress can get gaunt but they end up winning at least one team makes it around 32 obviously TCU played in as eleven seed and made to the final four. And 2011 that first year that they didn't. There is a lot less hope that Derrick could that this can happen because they're saying that the idea of Cinderella. Cinderella in the NCAA tournaments already dead this year. Is it really existing article Lisa along to me and I'm resist I sat there nesting about a going oh my gosh this is dead ought. The idea of this Cinderella making the run because it's a bunch of seniors out of stuck together at a school for a really long time is. Probably. On its way out in college basketball not just on its way out it will be evaporated probably in the next I would say the next four years and here's why. You have a transverse right how many times we heard the term graduate transfer organ was a huge. Beneficiary of this mundane almost trying to get the program off the ground right getting guys from right about rice just if he young transferring up from Houston right. Our transfers to a bigger conference or graduate transfers. Where. Is these guys that. A lot of the time. They go at the small school they go to like a Davidson. In the and they sit there and they get their names seen in the tournament. And then boom they start pillaging. In the big programs are really because they got a hole they can't fill it because all the temperatures go to Kentucky. They go to U Kansas they go to UCLA and that's it so they go to these mid major programs and they recruit them straight out yeah so it breaks up. That class of juniors getting their feet wet in the tournament in could make around their senior year. And did the whole idea that we see these d.s being in these teams come ended big Cinderella dance through. It's kind of go into the wayside because did programs are being pillaged it that much. They're they're so we we mentioned that 350 plus division one basketball teams a lot of them on the east so many on the East Coast and all these players always looking to upgrade right if you do have a good tournament. In the national perspective and everybody gets to see because college basketball's one month it's one month now that's that's what it is. If you do something good in everybody sees huge Jordan get phone calls you're gonna get calls from recruiters from other places. We have a spot for you wanna compete wanna transfer went to what your upgrade my upgrade. Everybody does because that's what they're looking for a sure and aid this thing it all started started happening in you can blame and a lot of what people are saying is blame the curry family. For this because staff Curry's Ron and Davidson. It ignited this idea that look at this kid and what he could do for major program if you exploit this gradual transfer route loophole. In so his brother Seth. He will actually started. On. These sort wick he does that Dean Cain where is he yet. And each at liberty is at liberty in many transferred to duke because. She's just she's like wait a minute. Bad tournament team has got to curry he could be really good I want him and then you just have met place one phone call he's not. And would you turn that down if you worry mid major talent and a and it did hire an ACC team calls you. What are you going to say well where are you two years ago but of course your goal and that's the problem is who you're gonna go so what you did you feel a lot guys in for three years went to sign a letter of intent. Then expect all these other teams to say. Is where your yap in now he what you're gonna start seeing these units are seeing guys that. These coaches are trying to negate that by making sure their guys don't graduate. Early. Right unity you're gonna put it that you can only take eight credits this court right because he's not the summer school won all these things are these guys do in fifteen credit loads not gonna happen for those that don't know. It coaches is they want to graduate players and that's their money's good. And if you can graduated guy before his final season of eligibility. He's taken ballroom dancing like Matt Weiner did his final year USC it was merely to all dressed his whole focus is on your sport that. In now these mid major coaches are saying they're trying to rethink get in go. Way we have to slope ladies guys so they don't graduates after a bear down because that Greg trance ruled can't be is that. In one thing that isn't it that impresses me. Is that bank of all the programs or across country that are being pillaged by the us. In Zack guess. Is immune to it at this pointing guns take a pill is Washington. It right Kuerten I join us right here it's their commitment so can zag is a mid major debt that is it considered that anymore. But how about Saint Mary's Saint Mary's is an interest in big bear that program top 25 Rogen every eighty Bennett's bill. In May they're big they're basically immune to you this ravaging that happens. Year in year out. Because it happens across the country but what is it about those programs and makes that mean in that is he's been there for twenty years now right they have an established brand they are considered one of the elite so neat you went through there. I think most teams look at it differently or your right from being from a small conference and still been able to carry that come away with players to hang around no doubt I don't they understand that there are always gonna get to the dance in the end those two teams are always gonna find ways to be there yet exactly. And if this is closure is still important for those players out alone no doubt about it no doubt about it and it'd be. What is it was a guy's name out leafed through no mash at new member northern Iowa. When named Gary for a commission that big shot against Kansas. Well and knocked him off and they did that in mean they had two runs his junior year in his senior year. Those runs. Then what do what the coaches in college basketball are saying now is that those runs. Don't happen anymore because after he made that first run coaches said that as a junior he's got one you left I want him. And they'll go in though aggressively do it going as far as sending the letters. T like Georgetown. Georgia. And major programs send letters to the basketball offices of these mid major schools recruiting their players is this how would that make you feel slap in the face how would that make you feel you're recruiting and you're finding yourself. Looking at your players that you spent the time any effort and now these other teams are now sending in recruiting from within your own I mean and that's that's a conundrum for me. That's a problem in that scenario but I Q how you gonna stop but there's no way. To stop teams and other schools trying to get your players he put all the effort into. But yeah. Look there's no loyalty but in the college basketball seems even more critical oil. No but why do we expect anything different really do we expect there to be loyalty with these athletes and these coaches make 67 million dollars a year to coach college basketball. In college football do we expect to be loyalty. Don't sell me that guard anymore now. And you know there's this coach that as sacred heart. Let Tina's his last name he says that he now is using up transfers as a recruiting tool. Because he's put in this position where if he's telling these kids I'm looking out for your best interest. And Georgetown or duke come calling. And is he gonna sit there and just throw these letters in the trash. What is he supposed to do what he's honestly he has the Jack in he has given to the kid you know be like. Here man I hope you are really happiest OK yes but might suggest you want you to play forms so. It's a GS sees this as a returning to the head. Look all get you somewhere around imagine being a stepping stone school within your own division one for a U wanna call. What do you wanna call it team that would suck. I like I don't even know like did Sepp thinks you're stepping stone school. Mean you are your feeder school your minor league when you you were a feeder school in the same. Division level and a for upper Echelon schools a year for Ukraine to Europe minor league range straight world Euro minor league competing for the same championship. That's like they Hillsborough Hoss being able to compete for the World Series. It sounds like kind of like the Cleveland Browns. Very true. Very your four year stop for him in FL players. Right at and it doesn't you offseason hot button topic is a Tom Brady it's the teacher and a mass for the league right now. An escrow for a sports and. This is a tournament origination of Dustin jam in the morning breath of you back we've done market fallen ten AB both. I'd be hot button. He. NFL's off season. I mean we have probably found it as it seeding at the end again. This time it is the rampant use of portal. It's a drug that has been talked about often. When guys talk about you know. Getting ready to play them it says it in time inflammatory. Drugs. In that day in theirs is a lawsuit now set forth against the NFL. Because of the misuse. Of toward all by team's trainers and doctors. Yes. Can you fill us in on first of all it is an anti inflammatory basically what they say is that it's a leave times a billion. Yeah I mean that we we can't I and obviously not a doctor I'm not gonna go into the details of what it is so he's we can all find a researcher what toward all his I'm sure there's people out there. That have had toward all usage. I have a friend of mine that it works in post dot surgery and she with a high it's going to high school with her and she shared this with me. Which she's easy even more what's a little bit the credibility but he gives you an example of how toward all is used in post operative pain for healthy adult. The average usage for. The amount of dosage that you give is thirty milligrams. And that's over there and that's can be over a Max of two days two days and this is post up surgery this is Dick. And for me toward always was a pain earlier but it's anti inflammatory because of the swelling impacts you and so I don't know the veto by surgery. What the NFL is is been prescribing for years. I took toward all sixteen weeks. On average eight seasons worth because I thought that's what it what you should thought it was a medicine that was prescribed in it was shot you lined up. You pull down your pants and they gave you shot in the butt about probably five minutes before we head out on the field. For the actual game not not in the warm ups he always saved it for that time dozens. Usage of this was. Standard procedure right. So thirty milligrams is what she is telling me that was used prescribe what it is the Max dosage the NFL doubles that at sixty milligrams. Of their order. Well what they're using unbelievable when you think about the amount of danger it is in not only this is over two day period she says that she prescribed and what they used. This is over weeks weeks weeks weeks months worth of usage repetitive usage. That we had there's gonna be things that are better come now there's concerns. I have legitimate concerns. What it's going to do what it has done I do know that one thing that was very scary to me when I think back to using it is at the end of every game. I think some people are more prone to have bruising and bleeding right because it's a blood thinner. I would have bruising up and down my arms and on my legs and I would never have than any other time other than right after game so was concerning to me because I looked at went. Why might wire mine so much bruising all over my body. Also natural blood thinner right which is a concern. If you think about taking blows to the head. Anything about. Bleeding in your head right so all these things are now coming to. Ahead because the NFL is closing their concussion. Lawsuit which just finished in January and now here comes another rampant drug use. And toward well. And how prevalent it is is a year's ear saying that you know at the also on top of that in the amount that it is used as you said is the exceeds. What is recommended by any measure by doctors. Right I mean AD ED lite and it's mostly like a one or two off type deal where you recover surgery. That's he needed you there as he need to go. The NFL. Has all day in part of the lawsuit that is that is being brought upon them is that the NFL. Kinda knew that it was bad but they just chose to look the other way in not. And not want to research because the long term effects it's not the drug is not supposed to be used in the form that it is right. And the NFL has it and said well let's not research. What happens with the long the long term stuff like whoa do we really wanna know how it. And that's essentially led the league in that that's the league is being accused of doing right there's evidence showing. That they kind of would have had looked the other way in have been my guy I don't know man. So I've had this discussion with it with others and people said to me want your paid millions of dollars this is the risk you take. Okay. You're supposed to trust the people that are working with the I've never had when I'm when I'm younger when I'm 2223 years old. And I'd writing grew up in a medical field kick my mom's a nurse but we'd we'd and that we didn't know the details of what it is to play the level what you need to do to maintain your body. So I'm not skew old in the knowledge of what drugs do to you I know that when I took a pain bill. Mainly puke so I hated them I never took them. Yeah I did take a leave I took. Things that are called in decision which eats the lining of your stomach it is terrible sore but I took that regular to help with swelling. And in pain and so those things were prescribed to me on a daily basis I took tons of muscle relaxer first thing's called soma. To be able to help stop from being able to sit at share. Not have consisting cramping. A pain so those things brawl prescribed to me by doctors that said it was fine. So fine trusting doctors. And they're telling me that this is okay. In it we're gonna give you something that will help you play we'll be with the pain but realize we really need to get to on the field those are the exact statements. That were said to me I'm not stupid to know at age 41 now that I was being sold down the river for getting on the field I wasn't that dumb. But I did how some sort of nice even teeth. To know that these guys were trusts were you. And that they have my best interest at heart they did not have my best interest. What they had was the interest of the team the league to get the player on the field to get the value of what pain you out on Sundays those are the realities of plane. And out any other business or any other work. Don't you find yourself trusting the people that are the leaders of your company to have your best interest at heart. Most the time he would like to think that need. Is it bad to say the you're trusting the people you're working with eaten well when your tying Mel you're healthy you probably shouldn't you would hope so so why suddenly that because. You're a pro athlete that were supposed to have that. Well your give me money man who doesn't matter. It doesn't matter you just used whatever. So money value is worth the morality of of of what doctors are prescribing the right right we're supposed to think that's fine. Well and was it Chris Q macho. He in he had actually kidney failure. In this as he's on the plaintiffs in this along with his brother who both of their careers ended because he had kidney failure. And when he had kidney failure he had to get on from his brother and because there are 99% that's effectively ended bulls their careers. And basically what this'll do is if you in the abuse and overuse of that it shuts down your kidneys. In this again he had been on because this is one. That the NFL still uses the T train is alive and well T train is quite alive a fact they're used to be a picture in the locker room with this shot that I tweeted out yesterday of the Neal said he used me. You're kidding now. What. While. That leads to you in that kind of disregard. For and facts and knowledge. Well surprise you when you hear what one of the creators of toward all sad. About the way that it is used in football. It is 744 on the fan. This is a tournament week additional dusty and jam in the morning brats you got us we go markets on ten AB so spare them the hot button. Topic of the NFL offseason may turn into news. Toward gulf. The drug of choice to get players back on the field. And it's a black. Labels. By the FDA which is the highest. Degree of warning that they get some. According to this dense and article I wearied him and eight diseased basically like candy according to friends knew he says he said that you sit there and every day a good teams go as far as TU. It they just the guy's numbers on syringes the other gets you ready and it's I did the penalties tape with a number on it lined him up just. It's called Dietrich it is called teacher in it is something that is horrible for your kidneys on if it is abused and overused. On it is used for. Post op. Four. Major surgeries and we had made a doctor he chimed in who said. You know. Either he's a surgeon who regularly uses it toward all for pain doses given and thirty to sixty milligrams of BIV every eight hours for three days. But it's also dependent on the bid to patients wait in how much he is in the NFL. A lot of doctors believe that it is an egregious amount that these does it build a sixty milligrams. In in just basically come deeds full of it and every week. Of course this season mold guys it's several multiple times per week yeah you get. On year your shot of tort law even got to practice and this led T one of the men who created the drug. Toward aussies Robert greenhouse. Said he didn't know that his drug as he's being used in sports. Until he re read about RA Dickey. Who used to this terrific foot injury and and then since he started researching it and in this this is quote on it. Quote I regard that as an. It as drug abuse you can use in a way that's not intended if he uses it and waited actually harmful to the person. In my mind that's drug abuse. When I was told about this I said my goodness this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in these guys should be jailed. I want to note. Yeah that's that's that's hard to party here hard to deal with I want to know. If you as a fan. That loves the sport. When somebody gets hurt. When a player gets hurt and you see them on the fringe. Of being able to play in not being able to play. And you in now that you realize that the separation being able to play not being able to plays to inject something in the body were they don't feel the pain. But they're out there for your enjoying because it helps your team win. Does that change your perspective of how you feel about the player when you say he's not tough enough because I. I it was on the side of always seen this is a big ego sports it is they alpha male. You have to be tough well outside of your skin in the muscles you build around your body can only do so much for organs that are inside we'll have the same stuff. I can't be tougher than you with my kidneys don't work. To that that is not bad that's not tough to me that's that's ignorant so I have to I have to always I'm treading on that fine line but even then now that I'm a fan. And I look at players and I go all he can't play pool and then I have somebody sitting right next to me who's watching the game with amigos they're gonna soft. He's so soft it's just a couple of wrinkles it to mean what are you gonna do. There is a fine line. I'm just wondering. Do you find yourself doing that is fans nowadays in word you're going these guys week you'll immediately say that and then you wonder why toward all rampant. Yeah then you're the same person then says. Heck if they do that I would he do that's their bodies are paid millions of dollars at June. Got to go on one thing that I I have never gone live wood down the road of I'll he's just not tough. I hate it what it does for me is they sit there and ago. Hey man. These guys that are injury prone and that are missing about two games if you read these articles in the pressure that's put on them by team doctors and my coach is no idea. And in guys just being Knight and day they will literally be pulled aside and be like all right well. Pack your bags and year out. Can't either you take the shot. Where you you take any take you take a shot take your paycheck every go home and in this is for a lot of these guys visit Durango. Those guys that are actually. Injury prone and held out. A lot. I'm the one. I wonder how bad these injuries really all are right no because it is not it is for the training staff and coaches when you read this stuff taxi keep the guys out. The way that these guys are presented their opportunities in in the court cases it's not an option it's given T. We do we know that doctors that are under the employment of the NFL or NFL team market themselves. In their areas as team doctors which gets them marketing to get other people there's the standard people whether regulars. Everybody else and ease any construction or anything like that orthopedic wise is now using that is always team doctor he works for the greatest athletes in the world I better go see him. That's an advantage I laid on a table I was told that I had a bone sperm and then the team doctor said I'm gonna do this surgery or I'd like you're the second increase it what. You're not get a second opinion he does my surgery and then after four months of rehab I lay on the table he goes well we're gonna shoot cortisone here. I said what's I don't know according zone was a never had a shot my life. They shot me full court zone what is difference in court zone and toward all it. That's a crap I don't know there's time remembering him doing that annexing you know that following season there goes my Achilles now my blaming not. Because people said that Korda record is only weakens the attendance. I don't know I don't have all this research all I do know is I looked at that doctor he said were shooting this in you don't have an option. We need you on the field these did those the words that are coming out of his mouth. Saw. What am I supposed to do. Yeah it EF I could say no. But then I'm cut him out of a job and I don't have opportunity anymore. Well in this text and you know answer your questions as I think Trout season hurt player does the locker room and comes back fine remember RG three with that shed. But he kept going back into you know that hit the the tent met it just say it was a literal shed on of the Redskins sideline. That in that game where he shredded is need. And they kept taking him back in there and then he'd come out he's fine like everything they're doing in there in. One day at the NFL has always done in this is kind of going to the way of football evolving in shifting back to you are shifting to the way that we're at right now you know the big hits are gone. Day has made head trauma. Be ready for than the NFL's next reaction to be guys giving held out longer and in your favorite team. Then you have does deeds on the sidelines all the time because the NFL will have to make a shift because. If it's not the public pressure that does it which baby and easily swayed by them it's gonna be the fact that. Very gonna get a there was a ton of money in lawsuits will. These older players like myself that are now gonna start having more and more problems. There is they're gonna have to make a correction we have lawsuits we have lawyers would have always giving crap but we have. Those type a class action suit steep to admit change we need change and so with the NFL's doing is they're now being called on the carpet in the these changes will happen in it wolf. Him and you will affect the product however look how it affects a product mean the end of or stop having 46 guys. Only available on game day and let all 53. Which is the dumbest rule I've ever. Heard I still think it's stupid I understand the strategy of it I think it's dumb you pay 53 guys and seven guys are six guys are inactive rent whatever. This will effect change and that's who were really trying to do is former players and in lawsuits yes. I've always said. I just want medical coverage because if I turn into what I need kidneys or I need something help with that. You always need you there's a massive burden put on my family based on that can we have some sort of help with medical coverage that supplements. What we will turn into as we age that's all I've ever asked for. Here's that's really selfish cam you know I don't need a blank check if that's not what I'm asking for right. Basic needs. EQ and dozens as the you know this is why the hypocrisy in the NFL as a so laughable. There oh deem their players on portal shots they you smoke a joint for pain in your suspended of course it's a hypocrisy and in that it actually visited toward all remember that letter Eugene Monroe sent to the NFL. Asking for the league TU. Lax at stance on marijuana and allow medical marijuana he's one of the guys it's part of the sausage. On because he said their goal and there's other options out there they're not exploring them. They're going for the one that is it is because there is being proven to be far more dangerous because medical professionals can't make any money off marijuana right now. As soon as you're able to just watch what happens this week tell like in Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft and have all Allen starred in growing their we'd yet as far as and we farms in China or somewhere I don't know where they imported in I don't know there is Syria have been in the states probably soon as they're able to make money taxes that are doctors can prescribe written in market up you know. And smoking video out of. Once I was Jerry Jones he's the entire state of Oklahoma new grow operations. Then menu to India. And possibly not stupid sometimes you just gotta say WTF. Crawford melts your mind with the sports stories we haven't even considered this week dusting camp.