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Mar 13, 2017|

Laurie Gold, Owner of Sweet Science Boxing Gym, tells the story of how she went from an uninspired gym member to a five day a week boxer to the owner of her own boxing gym.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

910 ESPN Portland presents northwest business a weekly one hour local business wildlife. If you would like your business to be featured on north was business please call 503535035. Million point. Or email NW business said entercom.com. Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. I think for downloading the podcast for northwest business suits my interview with the quarry gold. The owner of the sweet science box suggests this interview originally aired on March 11 2070. I intend ESPN Portland. I'm very happy to welcome glory build Laurie thank you take the time the site. Don't think seven and Lorie is the owner of the sweet science boxing gym I will what you described Jim since I have never that. OK so it's and boxing is. Any fitness based boxing program. So weak catered to. All levels of skill set we bring in people from an intro basis who know absolutely nothing. And progress them through the programs so that they feel comfortable using boxing is fitness. We do some light competition internally but we don't. Compete with any outside jams or not. USA boxing her golden gloves or any sanction body we just basically do it for five so the sparring component is a very small. Part of our program how do you get started with. The boxing gym okay. I live in Tampa Florida and in somewhere around 1998. I a boxing program came to our big boxed him and we are trainer was Pete Fernandez. Who actually train when. Popular boxer called Nate Campbell. And I just loved it just loved the movements. I was like a five day a week or almost immediately so I just loved the movement energy release. I'm I'm. Not a huge athletic person but I was a roller blade Aaron and locked alive and it just found it was like a nice fit for my fitness level. And it really haven't gotten back and only breaking and it machines they don't like that isolation that a big barks champ before until. Like the comradery that a boxing fitness program let house. And when you say boxing fitness isn't there's a lot of elements to boxing man bit for people that maybe have just seen a fight here there what's the training regiment for a boxer to that this is modeled after. Tom we teach people first off. The the main components that I teach are my intro class you learned your foundation your feet your feet and most important aspect. Of the conscience. And you learn your guard and then you learn the punch is the straight punches the hook punches Africa Prentice. Man whose body movement. Side to side lateral movement. Florida backed movement ducking slipping back and body movement by the since everybody learns at a different pace we make sure that we get them those fundamentals covered before they can. Progress in their own fitness program so. Everything that you see in a ring is just. What we teach back. From a competition standpoint a little bit different because you're working on reaction time instead of people telling you what to do. So you kind of starting with the aspects that you see in the rings and the movements that a box and one half but there's also all the training aspect speed bag heavy bags speed bag heavy bag medicine balls jump ropes light weights. Our Jim as pretty old school it used to be a boxing gym in the forties in the sixties so it has a sort of builds and by him. And come up the stairs and you go on to lose big Graham and me get heavy bags and not a small raying it and speed bag and other stuff that you would see in a traditional boxing gym. We're definitely not out precious. And we're not super tough either but really we straddle that line somewhere between traditional boxing programs when they go right into competition and a party a kick box type bone. Type of bark out that you find at say twenty frown fitness or whatever. You mentioned that you started taking classes similar to what you offer when you were in Florida how did you make the journey the entirely across the country to open a boxing gym in Portland Oregon. So when I was since camp. The program that I was in cattle are weird and my friend and I started teaching a university in Tampa and their fitness program so that sort of got me. Training to teach other people and of students are generally students are a little bit more amenable to learning than adults aren't. Not so when I moved to Portland my first goal was the final boxing gym because it had been in Miami six months and had some sand box so I'll. As sounds aids science chasm is in north Portland and I live in saint John's. And but months after I joined I found out that the man who on the jam mark teach out who's also he competitive and amateur. As an amateur boxer. On was looking to sell the business so some of us got together and pulled are fighting isn't very very very small amount we bought the jump off of him. Aunts through attrition and buyouts and disinterested on that kind of staff and became sole owner in 2010 there was nothing I set out to do. I mean. This is that I've done it for eighteen years now. So it just kind of fell on my lap and you know it's grown nice healthy organic pace Sierra re Aaron I have we have a record here most Emory air. Well that's wonderful and this and this march this month is your ten year anniversary and that since you've taken over ownership stance that he was in business may be two or three years prior. But very very tiny operation and then this is my second year of it being my full time job. Wonder if answer having some of support myself with you know corporate jobs fair have for many years. Afternoon to partly and then I was self employed in Florida so getting back in the corporate world lists. Well intentioned but difficult it's gonna cook. And a cup. For anyone just joined the program which I went LG she is the owner of the sweet science boxing gym they're located at 2015. North Kilpatrick streets if you are interested in taking what another entry level classes it is 503380. Q1 92 worrying go to sweet science of boxing dot org. On your website it says that everyone kind of needs to go through one of these introductory classes and register online at. And that is that an assessment thing or is that just kind of a way to. Boxing's not for everybody so we get a lot of people who I call once indicted as they come and they take introductory class may decide it's not for them. As we grow in our class size increases weakened accommodate about 25 people in our classes. We just don't want people without any rudimentary skills sent to walk in off the street because it won't be fun for that group. And it won't be fun for the other students aren't you know what they're doing and it won't really be fun for the instructing either so we trying to have a path way to changing. So I have the intro class and then we just recently added a rookie class which is a next level up from internal. And then we have our boxing work out then we have super boxing and then we have defense inspiring so we have to create a sort of that. A training path flank even though we're not trading for competition. Some people pick it up like an actor also other people. This may be not so much has sent courier your sport you know that kind of stuff so early you know you have to be realistic about skill set. And you'll ask somebody okay what have you ever boxing for Yale and I was a kid. You know via so he really needs and learned the way we teach you know our punches are numbers. Our movement and so that translates Andrea instructor. I don't know that there's a pretty typical boxing student for you what type of students what type of people gravitate towards this as training. Again there's. There's no way to ten point we have all different levels of people we have kids I do I am proud of the lessons with kids from age seven happens hill thirteen. Some of our older teens migrate into our boxing adult boxing work out classes once they follow that low introductory. We have me I'm 55 have been doing it since I was 36 I got a really late start in the game trip. Couple older people blog posts are mostly people. Two money it's have forty. Men women see in a lot more women taken around. And it's people who aren't may be tired across San Carolina supplement cross and her supplements. Running or swimming or whenever and assign a fun way to. It hit stuff and work out I mean hitting stuff is very. Cathartic trip. Like is they are very well adjusted group of people perfect human therapeutic gas yes you totally totally and then we have a little communities so that people locked in a dark. Yes sometime you feel uncomfortable feeling newbie but. We try to make sure everybody feels Wellcome and everybody in the community will help the new people out I was there you know I know how it feels. So you know trying to make everybody feel comfortable. You mentioned that there's no requirement to go on to do the sparring or to others know there's a certification. And lake. Some gyms are lower require you. To get your USA boxing card out just to spark because it's a competitive Jim and the goal is to get you into amateur competition. We decided from day one not to go down that path because we don't want to have everybody walks in the door have to buy USA boxing. In our membership OK so the competitions are. As it's an aspiring is that so much competition is exhibitions style we do those twice a year they actually have one coming up in Maine that we should be starting to train farce soon. But gasses you know no winners no losers just. Demonstrating scale sat. On a day to day basis are you taking a punch when he could confer class time late defense is part of the training but. One of the common mess actually it's a good question you asked. Is I don't wanna get hit in the head. But you don't have to get ahead in the had a few learn proper skills like blocking undocking and slipping in keys your body moving right so exempt you have the hit that had heard a but you know. It's a natural progression of the sport for those are contrast that to another business interests and that probably 10% of our asked our student based goes on to learn how to speier. I went in for a general fitness classes you've made the comparison maybe to tae Bo. Is it something where everyone's kind of learning together and that's not necessarily squaring off with somebody that writes so. It is partnered driven. So you'll be paired up with somebody have your similar skill set and or high rates. And nor ability and they do Mitt and glove work so the met person is. In charge of the glum persons or you do two to three minute. Combination. Jerrells. Based on those fronts nominations some of them makes sense from a competition standpoint most of them make sense to McCarty a standpoint. For someone that's never worn boxing gloves I think there's surprisingly heavy how much does that. Average glove way or the regulation glove away. Oh in. Competition. And I do believe Baylor 68 ounces but I'm not sure in. A fitness class depending on the size of your hand you'd Wear between twelve and sixteen ounces so. We encourage people to buy gloves and a fourteen ounces. Leather. And the last long and there they're safe for everything that we used them for hitting the heavy bags sitting the Mets doing late defense gloved a glove body contact except herself winning goal is not to get hurt yes. Period ever. Since that's my goal Tuesday. Ironically most fuel to get her outside and relaxing jam and then you know live to take a break isn't hurt themselves counselor. Yeah well that's kind of what I do similar to how a guy like that to keep an eye on me. For someone that might be interested in progressing beyond just the fitness classes somebody that has aspirations of going on fighting is there a easy path or do you have connections that you can help them. Get in touch with one of the other facilities that would trade them for an amateur fights. Yeah I frequently get calls and sometimes they can just haired and the voice that they wanna be you know training for competition. So I make a trip perfectly clear that where great for learning basic skills that working on your fitness level doing lights banged if you want a change for serious competition amateur competition. There are other boxing gyms in Portland they can attend if you had people leave your fitness classes to really fall in love with box and go on to do that. There's a couple of people have progressed in two amateur competition but nobody asked the top my had been I'm more Arab right now. For anyone just joining us for talking with LG issues the owner of sweet science boxing gym that's located at 2015. North Kilpatrick street. You can reach her at 5033802192. Or visit sweet science boxing. Dot org if someone wants to go in what should they know before they enter their first class. Didn't register on the website. And and that is sweet science boxing dot org right. And it's actually recently China I'm trying to go paperless so. I have all the documents. As a yeah electronic transaction in those couple ways to register for some pretty old school now we don't wanna lake force everybody to register early to boutique. Fitness Studio One but there's some classes that we have to limit based on like intro class who can only have ten people on that class because it's you know. A different kind of skill set and everybody learns at a different pace. But you know expectation is scum dork our. Come to learn how to. Do proper punches safely. And use your whole body. Sound that's the thing most people don't realize they think there's during with their shoulders and they really stirring less than their entire body starting at their toes and work in the way up their body in coming out to enhance. You mentioned that you were a small business owner Florida before you came to Portland it. For anybody that's interested whether it's fitness or not just getting into starting a small business what advice would you have for them. Have a plan. But. Be able to modify that plan continuing slaying. When iced I owned a pet sitting service. And hey lives in. And neighborhood and Tampa and that didn't have a pet sitting service it was kind of late. An up and coming neighborhood kind of in the hood and so I started the business for that particular neighborhood and grew it. Pretty well over eight years than they did it. And then sold its one of my employees. As far as a Jim goes I never intended that this place to be rules to even give me some kind of salaries so. And I just put a lot of work into Landon. You know we build up our reputation via word of mouth and I don't spend anything on advertising several you know whatever I put into the website and almost to the point where. Growth is. At its peak. As far as membership goes but it ebbs and flows in the seasonal Sao. You know we don't take anything for granted and we just keep trying to bring him you know people lit Lovett and Leavitt as much as they do. And we mentioned earlier that you're sobering news tenth anniversary what type of celebrations do you have planned to celebrate the sweet science ten year anniversary. Well traditionally. I'd take that seemed down to Cal's for the smoke there the USA vs Ireland smoker every year so that's generally our ten year and a third that's our anniversary party internally. And then and may we're planning am aspiring events and a party around London hopefully loud music and we get about a 120 people come in to CR events. Yeah and is that mostly friends and then we come into what somebody participate yeah there's people walked in off the street have heard it from the neighborhood and you know I just promoted via FaceBook in the lab sane and in no word. 120 people's about it capacity so you know trying to keep it as you know on the down low a little bit. Him but yes it's it's not a fun event. As you move forward do you have any plans for adding additional classes who. Kind of what's next for the gym more words kind of happy with the way things are going yeah. Time we hammer recently added. A couple of classes it's it's tough scheduling alliance because. You want to add more classes without deluding. The base of the people that are already coming to say for example 6:30 AM we do three classes a week 6:30 AM and of course is 6:30 AM most people don't wanna work out polio a small you know loyal group loyal group but it cleared add more classes in that timeframe. It would just spread out those people so it's managing class science. Figuring out what people once when they want and that's kind of one of them the more difficult. Aspects of my job is the owner of the business is making sure that. We're not so busy that we lose our integrity. And the quality of the product that we built our reputation non. And but not to turn away people who legitimately wanna learn. What are the different classes the offers is a once we've talked a little bit about the entry level class real learning kind of the basics are there. Different directions that. Members would go win after the once they start. Most people exists I'm an hour I called level three or boxing work out so we started intro to box saying. And then like I said I've just added the second level which as a rookie boxing censored takes that basic skills satin teaches people how to do combinations. Men are boxing work out where that we attend classes a week without class. Stringing together combinations working on the heavy bag working on slow or Exel who really like defense blocking stocking Maximus off. It doesn't most people exists and then we have super boxing which is our ninety minute high endurance class on Saturday mornings. And then for the people who are interested and practicing. You know contact with the unit that chain are all learn. Another box or we have our defense inspiring night and Friday night's. OK and so we are open every day. Entry level class as you can simply go to sweet science boxing dot or you can register for a class. And that will then give you the date to select a date through that. Yeah so if he goes from page of the website don't have a boxes has entered a boxing how to register click here and and I got tenure read the waiver and all that stuff sent that'll give us that give you a menu of classes based on your scale saddened. Basically says hey LG what class is ready for me and digital menu on you know where you should be. And if they have any questions that you recall call me texts me mound Maine. Console is again touched. Excellent the number for anyone interest at 5033802192. Sweet science boxing gym is located at 2015. North kill Patrick street. LG the owner sweet science by Jim thanks for talking with us and north of business and salmon. If you like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email NW business @entercom.com.