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Sinner and Saint 3.11.16 Hour 2

Mar 11, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Now before we go any further I'd just like to say publicly. This is the single proudest moment. About America. And tech navy. All right hour two of the cinema saying kick it off in about. Twelve minutes or so will be talking with Darren Bennett about Irish whiskey get everybody. Ready for some saint patty's day because you know we care. Bring in the ground or on the grill back trying to get that in a little more option for those of you that. Enjoy your food and beverage with your sports. If you missed any part of the first hour and our conversation you can go onto tea the fan dot com and download the podcast. If you leave your radio you don't have to leave. And it the Fannie they're giving out little thing. It's awesome. What that it's great that it is great depth and you can get all the music were planned you begin its topics that are coming up. Photos and articles and everything about the current breaking news you can participate. In the contest it would do when we have fanned madness coming up. Play records against fan knows against beyond sales and baby and yeah horse Becky from accounting. The most famous labor come IK. I think like I've. I've met Vito is in sales well at bat but you instills accusing counting there. That you know you don't. Sports who works in the building I were in the building. It's hard to get to know these people really did do is spend time around them and then have you heard him babies talk and some ignore it. Right and so the fifth baby can talk right now hold those stand baby will face a baby is that number are promotions got a Solutia. It is all over the fan baby and elevenths was issued in the name guest column but I think. Easy but the baby can't talk he's been will open up on this thing easy he's the most competitive every year I think you're ignoring what I'm trying to lay down for babies don't talk babies don't taught you how to grow and get all why don't they called the thin toddler. Because he's a fan baby. Oh goodness he's not talking. And I think you're thinking too much about this of course I. Why why you so upset about it or your second we're gonna talk tournament. By people. Why can't tell our listeners. Why will darken as eight's the NCAA tournament so much. I need the NCAA tournament for a very basic principle that is to be diluted talent base. To not the big corporate. And rule words that are making he's done well that's our unpaid nap every everywhere that's everywhere that doesn't bond now what bothers me the most is that you have to sit there and you have to watch these college athletes were maybe one or two of them are actually. Possibly. Up to the level of playing in the NBA but that's the whole idea of college athletics is not all these guys are going to the next level that exploring. What's got a taste of the NBA. Like I don't wanna see 35 seconds of defense yeah right you don't have the same issue with the spread offense in college football where that's not gonna translate to the NFL now because that's exciting just as much as the NFL it's terrible. What about Virginia going down and hold teams to 28 points guns that golden olden fort San Diego the one eight hey you know what you know it's with a 58 point victory you know what I keep hearing now beyoncé all the time. Man I just love that defense. I love watching them play defense. But isn't that the complaint of the old three go out nearly Allen used to play defense in the NBA it back in the doorway when they're tough back empty fields and that's fine bouquet when you look at the NBA great all the major complaint with the NBA after the all star break is why don't they play defense or. Anybody ever play defense it was what it was 200 of its own renders the read and I understand writers are note 400 we're all saying is they have always ask. Why don't they play defense and then you actually watch a college game. And I've had enough friends who have watched it and look at it and go god this is a slow. This is so boring. God what a page issued earlier in the shot clock why aren't they running the floor. Why is it that I have to sit here and watch the score fourteen points in the first half. Again that's the beauty of the turn meant is you've got eight games being played at the same time so you don't have to sit and watch every possession. As the games get down to the final play it doesn't matter that the one point victory any 4445. Game. Or 102103. Easiest thing you ought to go red sunsets. But that's what the tournament is it's the original red zone is and that you get CBS put up and then you've got true TV you've got. TNT you got all the games on three different channels and somebody is living reverend brings a TVs over. Brings cooler full beard he says the bodies and you watch your brackets melt down. Yeah yeah all my brackets skirt brow. Yeah you can hate that we get what you fill out a bracket it's going to be screwed Brooke I think the only thing that I enjoy a about college basketball for the most part. Is that you get to see may be one or two players that actually are gonna make it battalion that's the only reason you're watching it is just to scalp for the NBA you look at it is we when she had a taste of the NBA you really can't go back I mean how how can you go watch somebody like LeBron James a rush to me like Kevin Durant somebody who's so dynamic scoring. And then go back and start to watch a basketball game where. Literally oh you're seeing is just screens getting set and people hesitating on shots like that's what bothers me so much if I wanna watch a sport. Of one of the inner paint there's nothing entertaining about that but even. Like the Cinderella stories in the Davidson's in the George masons and Butler played for back to back national championships and those don't entertain new ad all I mean it didn't. If you follow the narrative of it I guess what that's all thing determined is built for these stories you go and you try to find these superstars jury MacNamara I'm remembered may get a comment on it a Syracuse game and a pick against them. Because there's Starr is a five foot and white kid who's just pocket up the reason I told my buddy ago the only way they win that game is if MacNamara score sixty points. It's 59 and they want but I didn't pick him do that wasn't gonna happen. And that's a first round game and gets forgotten that you watch these games and there's there's kids that are never going to play in the NBA whether it's size. Or speed or just the the flat out talent they get to go out and make a name for themselves you mean you watch a great team like the fab five. The fab five didn't all become NBA superstars but that was a team that was super entertaining and of course all the ones now vacated. But at that moment in time it changed basketball from the college level and made an impact on the NBA there's stories. Every year that if you want to be entertained you can fall along with you're just you're just trying to make a stand on the wrong hill here ethnic. Excuse me you're you're you're picking a battle that is going the problem with college basketball is there not professional. How is that an argument. It's not that they're not professionals is they're not going to be no it's because the translation to the next level is absolutely nowhere there's nothing there's 320. Plus division one college basketball teams that are vying for 64 spots. 68 spots in internment. And you've only got thirty. NB AT you're never going to find and all they ever all you looked out at every single one of those division one teams played the same way no big yes they they feel idea UCL a scored ninety points a game and tell you how how well you all what you want to bolt running the court actually making a difference what uptrend tell you this. You have these very very small little instances of players like Alonso ball or Lester Ben Simmons that are actually going to make a difference in the didn't make determinant. Does it matter he was still a player who was going to translate to the next level if you want college football. There are at least a handful maybe ten to fifteen players you could see at a time any gamer ego Dak I can play in the NBA that's because the NFL are iso NFL player. You 53 man roster and you cycle through players and the guy goes on in the NFL and you know makes it on a team. For complete special teams are to be a third down back or what there's there's all of these specialties spots we can go and get into a game even if you don't become a superstar in the NBA if you're that. Its eighth ninth guy. You might not even play on a team has had a short bench and you've got. So few spots because if you get great players in the NBA they can stay healthy and we're just talk about Dirk. Cortes 30000 points played twenty years from one team. He's forget never had anybody. Even threatened to take his position on that teams you your spots because your fewer teams your pure roster spots. And then you go into the draft and everybody drafts for this potential right. Baltic Darko Milicic seven foot tall and if we can craft amendment what do we want to be. You see more boss in the NBA draft because everybody's going. What he could be not what it is the NFL drafts the guys for who they are now because they're gonna go and play as rookies make big impacts. Prairie view a list that we talked about earlier in the show up but free fire away AP. College fastball players in the air do. Denzel Valentine. Frank. Kaminsky Kaminsky. This current good McDermott current sharp shooting seven footer for the for the horn is a judge for commencement winter break the tank is don't Dermot related to Dermot Mulroney. No I don't think you're doing math correctly I'm sorry. I get those names picked up Trey Burke. This girl. Players of the year for college fastball right. It's a different sport just like college fumbled a different sport. I don't know I just think it's suggesting that these are your best players in this is how they translate to the next level when they got like step Currie. Who went and and made this magical run you know in the turn amenities this great scorer and David city didn't get a look from a big school and he's going. He's make in this big impact on college basketball. He was very. Likely to be a burn on the NBA when sort of ankle problems and the and you kind of look at you houses Kagan make in the size do you question it. And to have somebody like that the made a huge impact in college from a small school going and and and finally make it to the top it it doesn't happen all the time when it does it makes specialty and go back and you look at it. And Steve Nash a Santa Clara and and the run Mitzi Jim Coleman had of Lehigh just beating duke makes him stand out it makes it fun. And yet they don't all have to connect and make it for for dean and Dick out still to be a star. Make him mad I need to whiskey that you just if such a college. Ask bowl homer. Instead they it's that thing I'm sure white guy who wish she would have played in the NBA I wish it would have played varsity a kid me. Rear sharpshooter. No I was not I was I was scrappy guy who's I was translation I sucked. Hey listen I'm very bad legal at all sports I was. We've gone over this may be the greatest javy applicable time because I was the most average guy and every team that I put what's what's really award for the Daschle JV player of the year at this the JV heat and general at the national Jimmy Buffett did it. To submit my resume that you know they awards ceremony that like the dominoes. It's temporary everybody gets us a roundtable pizza. Colin coward here for toy and Portland were inching closer to the madness and before you know what golf what good people Toyota Portland are also looking. Forward this rank and wanna make sure your car is in peak condition take advantage of easy on line service scheduling at Toyota Portland dot com they even opera one hour guarantee or three. A complete oil and lube service for just wanna 995. Done in an hour. 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Of course if you letter in the mail they were talking. We tournament after my house. Caller yeah they they don't play around lectures it's not an elderly and everything. One sleepless night Wesley finally made a call to optima tax relief at 2 AM. We're gonna get a machine but I didn't actually got to talk to an actual person in the middle of the night. I'm just what he was looking for other great people in Eugene look people that know what they're doing up. Optima tackling know what they're optimum tax relief came through with flying colors like they've been incredible Obama. We don't have to come close I would absolutely overjoyed to speak was please advice it weird any kind of trouble ERS how a lot of actually don't trust anybody. Call optimal for a free consultation call 80375292208037529220803752922. Ol us. Popped him actually. Some restrictions apply for complete details please as the ultimate actually dot com. This is the Cinderella saints and detonating. Am. We're getting you prepared third. Everything you need to know about NFL free agency the NCAA tournament and port saint patty's day coming up. When I get to one thought from the text line you can keep your thoughts coming up 55305. To be part of the show national JV player of the year. Has to be at Izzy is that there aren't any left. Reopen one for one death from Adams in north Adam in north plains that's great thank you for that the ultimate show. But there's there's. A lot of people that make a mistake in the during green beer for Saint Patrick's Day and we feel like that is not something that dissonance thing can give behind. With the usually drinking Irish whiskey at one time the most popular spirits in the world and it's working its way back let's go to the ground or in the growth. Can recommend applying Weiner cocktails to compliment your meal I think they've got their water hole this got. You defend we believe you're more sophisticated than that he. Good team entering college for the best culinary sports offerings of the day. The fan presents a truly enlightened sports experience what's this can. It's the suit but that is. It's good. This is good drummer in the group. A weekly feature on the sinner in the city on Jenny the only sound here. Very open. Very happy to welcome back to the show Darren had it he is the luxury portfolio specialist for beams and Torre and now. He's second annual visit for saint patty's day last year he introduced me to Jamison cast mates. Is one that I took komen really enjoyed it. But you're gonna bring some new Irish whiskey too with Darren thanks for join in the months and say thanks so much for having me back to guys really excited to join me again and talk about some. Wonderful Irish whiskey for my portfolio. I think that actually last year the Jamison guy is is another from the mine and somebody I know over from southern but it was not me out. Now whenever I was drinking whiskey that's a bit so they'll blends together. There ever deeply immediately you direct who I tell you what man you start drinking Irish whiskey and get forgetful but that's Leslie I o'clock in the morning that's a change that is all of elementary quick question before getting into the spirits he brought them in front of us. Do you hate the NCA tournament I love it. You know I'm definitely more interest in the last couple years on the big duck fan and the boxers are looking great. Even in years past those. When I don't pay any attention to college basketball by the time term comes around kind of bracket. I'm definitely pay attention and trying to once money will fantastic and then there can be better any better marriage in saint patty's day and the first weekend of the tournament so let's dive into what you bright here you've got three glasses in front of me. The first one is what the first one remembering today as cultural bag and so this is our blended Irish whiskey that's kind of the flagship for our entire lineup. Were a little bit unique as far as Irish whisky goes where we don't have one single brand that we. Have multiple. Marks of we'd for the most part we have. The two Megan. Splendid Irish whiskey and then we going to a couple of single malt soul to is letters while. Okay that's when compared to more traditional. The single malts are going to be more like a scotched yeah I think I mean they air a little bit more on the Scott side are also world double distilled so that is a more of a Scottish style of distillation most Irish whiskey is due tripled to so. And so so when we get to the tier Connell McConnell Maarty definitely unity and a lot more of those Scott you know stood for sure. Till Megan. As as a as a distillery is the oldest continually license distillery in Ireland now. Following prohibition in and into the fifties and sixties Irish whiskey really took a backseat to other spears throughout the world in a lot of those Irish distillery closed down. So in 1987 there was actually one operating distillery in Ireland. And a man in John healing came back and with the mission of re by analyzing a re introducing some of these old brands started the Cooley distillery and that's now owned by massive beams and Torrey. But we also have to kill Megan distillery which is located fairly close by. And while it was even close the town's people continue to pay the taxes on the distillery they continued their licensing fees to maintain that license so that we can sit here and say. We've been continuously license since they started licensing the stories in Ireland and 1757. That's a pretty good distinction considering the popularity of Irish whiskey at one time in the world I guess that was the number one spirit. Three shocked about this before but for anybody that's kind of forgotten story of written. There's a lot of rules for different types of of liquors in and urban and certainly one of those in with skis and you have to have certain components for it to even qualify. But I Irish whiskey it's it's not too complicated just needs to be distilled and Ireland. Other than main rules of Irish was here that it's still not Ireland with a grain has grown and Ireland and its age for at least three years in Ireland. So it's really similar to Scotch whisky Canadian whiskey though all the rules or are fairly similar Japanese whiskey as many of the same rules and some other regulations as well. So the yet not necessarily an ingredient like the 51% corn requirements for it to be true American male or something like bands are you concede big swings and variations in some of these Irish rehearse there and it an especially as the popularity of Irish whiskey and and and one whiskey that. We shall not name three in particular that you are seeing that you're seeing. You know some very varied. Major differences throughout the entire category. The ways he's we're drinking today at all all or double distilled the till Megan is combination of pot stilled malt whiskey and then green whiskey that's done in our column still one other thing about killing and it's really cool is that we are on the oldest. Pot's still in the world and still uses to make them this was very cool is that does that predate the 1750 license winners that. On I don't believe it's battled. And I think it was replaced sometime in the early eighteen hundreds OK so as not battled good today and editorial. And and it's a really cool distillery you know we. This is it a though old till making his Stiller is still run. A lot on water powered so there's a big water wheel there we have and the the fans are Irish whiskey we calmly keepers of the wheel. So you go to the Chilean. Website and sign up and yet invited the cool parties and things like that so we kill bag and has it's the notes that I'm gonna familiar with the Irish whiskey has its sweet upfront it's gonna smooth finish it's nice easy drinking what we move into next on this a little sampling we're gonna move now accident here com also this is getting into a single mom I'm. And so tear Connell. Is it got a really cool story this this whiskey was introduced by a lot family plot distillery in 1876. And the weight of a the reason why this was Jesus is that it was a tribute to a race horse that they tendered into. A a big Irish raised the national party stakes. And it was a 101 underdog and it won so. Clearly they cleared up pretty decent chunk of change on that and I decided to pay tribute to the horse by calling their their new sumo that you're Connell. Are you also mentioned Powell Powell popular Irish whiskey was mean pre prohibition this whiskey was at one point the number one selling Irish was he in the world. Which probably means it was number one selling whiskey in the world there was billboards for this and signs on the on the walls that Yankee Stadium. Before prohibition and then prohibition came along. Till the whiskey and very much Gillibrand well I'll tell you that this. Is this is something that's really need you mention that I should expect a little bit more peace just from an a little bit more about Scottish. Scotch whisky field to lighten it didn't get any of that until extremely. Late yet you get kind of all that Irish whiskey the easy drinking the kind of it's even a little bit lighter than they kill bag and so. It's very easy drink but you get that smoky. Heap flavor almost after you've finished its own. Or in the into the thing yet it's it's got a ton of characteristics of water nice highland mall I really yet a lot of Scots characteristics out of this was key in at the mean for the price point it's it's ridiculous orderly transfer bottled 3495. So for a you know eat your older 68 year old single malt Irish whiskey. It's it's a pretty amazing bargain pressure as fantastic it's that's. I'm gonna have to get myself model that and now you've got one more on the tasting. Yeah so here so this one's really unique in that this is reputed Irish whiskey is so common Mara is the result you Irish whiskey and I was through produces a tribute to. Some of the and the the more bootleg Irish whiskey is of the day the eighteenth and nineteenth century though a lot of the the distillery is at one point there were hundreds of stories operating in Ireland and only has some of them were the wherever licensed. In and so this dial is kind of more indicative of those unlicensed distillery is that word multi in their Barley over repeat buyer. Yeah doing things a little bit more on the down low and that's over Clinton in there with this column are you need a lot of punch in the face and right right in the nose you net I'm of that smoke and get out of woods throughout. Yet got it's got some of those nice sweet characteristics of the mall in the Pete is a little lighter than what you might expect from a big bowl like low fro earlier order or some of the other I'll malls from Colin yes definitely got that smoke characters one a doesn't have. They. Maybe it's the spice are kind of some of the more aggressive no sugita Scott's it was still that easy drinking has an Irish whiskey but he gets that real smoked and in the nose up and kind of a kind of clean finish on it too so that's really it's one of my favorite season and my entire oil leases with them using skis. Yes well I yeah needed I would say to both the new and give me the to get them you know your call your Connell the kill bag and are both great the kill bag and it feels a lot more traditional that your Connell is definitely legacy and has that really late Pete Aniston in the third one is. The economy are Omar sheik Omar. It's I would say it's almost like Gil a light Scotch. Super clean you do approach. I would highly recommend go and I'm trying to any of these again the price point again real quick so we didn't talk about the kill bag rent out rent out till Megan is coming and in 1995. Once it goes on sale at the end of April I believe it's gonna go to 2095 so it's a really reasonable. Affordable Irish whiskey. That's your Connell is 3495. And then there are some picture aged task finishes on your Connelly can find some places and organ. And then call tomorrow as I believe 4495. And should be pretty readily available once again you can always find he's with he's on Oregon liquor search dot com greater resource. And and next week we're doing some pretty big saint patty's day our two nations and one of the big ones as a benefit for the children's cancer association on patties are real. And I will be down there all weekend long with all these with skis on special if you're Neruda patties one of the best back bars in Portland Darren thanks for joining the ground Grohl thank you so much as absolutely should have me back. When we get back we have to dive into the madness that is NFL free agency more sinner and saint when we continue since saint any advance. The recent news. Yeah let's do news. Lucas. So drunk he forgot the show's coming back. Still having conversations. Catcher here realizes run there. The sitter in saint. They defend. Thanks for joining us. And Luke still isn't aware that we're on the air I'm aware I'm fully aware they're just out in me and Darren are just talking Irish whiskey were talking gulf talking all the things that you hate. Now I don't like yes you know like gulf feel like there's whiskey eighth tournament. I hit a lot of things. UAE. Hater you're angry young man I'm not angry young man shot up. How do you think you've the browns tactic of accumulating picks taking the Brock counselor contract. Just to get rid of them and tell me what you think of their tactics. From the analytic standpoint in free agency so far have they got rid of him yet. Now without the promise they made it to giver of RG three which is kind of a move the third of RG three they have gotten rid of brought costs Weiler. And now all who is their quarterback. Their quarterback is Cody Kessler told me Kessler. He's quarterback of the future now he's are current quarterback. The browns have never had a quarterback of the future Tim Couch maybe. They've been stealth test since Bernie close the loop. The last two wins are by Heisman Trophy winners RG three. And Johnny Mann Zell Miller gets out no wins don't forget about Derek Anderson you know he's got the play out in the last two wins. The browns are RG three. And Johnny man's well. Just let that sink in whatever they're doing or were doing was not working any thing they dude that is different themes. Work. The truck and. Just can't you know I know you hate what they're doing you think it's idiotic that you need to get a quarterback can build around him. I like the idea of stockpiling draft picks him 112 round draft picks this year they have eleven next year the eleventh was the second round draft pick they upgraded from. A fourth round pick when they made the trade for Brock costs Weiler they'd get a ton of cap space they can take Donna Brock consort contract and get rid of him and it won't hurt. Here's what concerns me about the text here's what concerns me about the browns and here's what concerns that the birth. You may have had some philosophical. Work conversations before here that. Sure yeah this one conversation where a lot of Irish whiskey and I'm. This conversation once about how. If you put constraints on yourself. You might work better. Didn't this was the creativity number nation would tell you is is the idea that if you have freed on. That creativity is actually harder to come by where if you give someone constraints. If forces them to think in a different pattern and it's a real this time just go out and meadow and daydream and stare at a you have nothing pushing you to be creative yet. And and the constraints that should help cut. I think that the browns have too much freedom at this point. Now that's absolutely ridiculous 'cause you you're thinking of draft picks and you're thinking of money as monetary right now and it's something that like it's gonna give you more. I think if you have and this is the same kind of appear to go along with having the first pick in the draft. I think if you have the ultimate freedoms and you have every single option. I think decking link you in some hot water because now you can increase your chances of making a bigger mistake. That they love eleven Dixie. Chicks shortest guy when he set dread there are making it bigger mistake. Then what they won wonderful ball game last year. This the freedom that the browns have is that they can do no worse then being. A team that's never won anything they haven't won a championship since pre Super Bowl days with Jim Brown. They have band aid disappointment at every turn like I said their last great quarterback was burning codes are. If you record it. Pretty good he was given that their last big quarterbacks really did at perpetually looking drunk. He's still got a bad technique economics you said you said that with a path tens. All right I'll that is still really getting getting drug but that is. That is the the idea in their. Our freedom isn't necessarily what they're doing now and building in these freedoms with the way they've set up their draft picks and all that their freedom isn't that they can do no worse. Yeah sure I guess they could theoretically lose every single game that this year bit. They're still the number one overall draft pick their the worst team in football from last year. They need to do something different than what they've always done. And that what they've done is they've gone into baseball and taken an analytic Scotty hired him as a general manager president of operations. They've got hue Jackson the give him give him a little bit of time vs firing their coach after every season hopefully. And and you look at the wave that they're doing things is very different thing going out and adding pieces through free agency that are going to be surrounded by nothing. If you can go and an add a bunch of second round draft picks let's say you shed half of them after next year be taken guys that have NFL potential. You have a middling season or even get a bad season might be better to get higher draft pick rate. But eventually learn something about the guys that you have there and you learn something about Cody Kessler and you can. Elimination I think we found out everything we need to know that occurred because I really knew another score rest are really do you have the traditional standpoint that you have to build. Around the you know your list starts with this get the quarterback. Then get up front right and my fourteen offensive line gave your good defense of one. Knew you before teams that didn't okay. The Steelers did not have Ben Roethlisberger pegged as their quarterback. Of right now when he started playing that Tommy Maddux he was the greatest player and ex FL history. He came over and you drafted Ben Roethlisberger to sit and wait. For his position being a great defense Gerri great running game he comes in he wins what thirteen straight games and actually go to the Super Bowl in his sophomore campaign Ben Roethlisberger becomes. A great quarterback because he was surrounded by a great seat. Tom Brady was not supposed to be a quarterback that led that patriot team disapproval they had Drew Brees or I'm sorry Drew Bledsoe who was the number one overall pick. He was a guy that was supposed to captain that team they put Tom Brady and he threw the ball maybe twenty times a game. Deacon down just don't loses the game and then he gets to develop in a position where a they won three Super Bowls in four years. That's a very good way to build a quarterback Russell Wilson was a guy like that where Matt Flynn was brought in to be the starter he was this great free agent acquisition. It paid him ten million dollars. Come in and be your quarterback of the future and an ego oh wait this third round draft pick we have he's better. And that and and that's the way he was able to develop. And then even it even if you look at Ron Amadon he's a quarterback you can build around right. Yeah he was in Tampa Bay didn't build around him. They brought in men they just kept him as a backup of Joseph Montana when they're ready they want hey let's just go win a Super Bowl with this guy that's got immense talent. But now the team's ready to win a super bullets make the shift and let's go on win with then there's new don't have to start that way. I realize these are probably exceptions to the rules but how many times. Has Cleveland gone all right this is our quarterback looks around in the garbage and CO does. Every year for 25. I can see your point I I guess I I just I look at the town feel to what's going on right now and you have to wonder if possibly they're holding out fur. Sand dollar Sam Arnold. That's been cutting a lot of chatter that's been going on right like their hold now for this guy who in the Rose Bowl looked like already quarterback ready. One match the whole thing rightly so yes they realize Cody Kessler may not be your core back in the future boy what do you do get regiment take Mitchell tribute ski a mixture of this keynote I'll hold on our I. I'm sorry Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell it's why hello and it looked like. It would always huge isn't aimed at the crowd got to change your name change into some apple Cisco coming Mike. Is the name of the kid who is just bothering the hell out of me at a fast food pressure that. I tell your kid did shot up Mitchell. Late now we know Mitchell submitted you shut up yeah yeah like Q every kid chill on stopped at natural gas and tuna. Yet it the whole thing's very annoying but is there a quarterback let's justice John Watson. That you he's not that. I I would agree with you but that's I mean who else do you build around in this draft accord retake miles Garrett. Number one golf seatbelt I don't like that I don't like the idea of drafting and defense event first because I don't think that's what you really lead things and they get this is kind of led. What I go back to with my point which is I. I think you're allowing yourself so much freedom that now we use that chance if you making a really crappy decision gets a lot higher you think that's a really crappy decision taken the best pass rushers since Mario. Do we know that. No but that's the thing we don't know that like Murray really they'll receive a city game changer right Marlins had a very lackluster career. But again that's what I'm saying I don't think he is such a sure thing. Like if your luck was by statistics the most sure thing you can get Calvin Johnson he is also the quarterback that you built around it was it was Peyton Manning was the last quarterback that was successful building around a quarterback. Where you went will take Peyton Manning and a pile of garbage will make you champions and they did they won one suitable. You took Andrew Luck to replace him. They admitted to an AFC championship game or that that story still be Britain being written Bernardo it is bro I get that both paths. There's an element. Of of the let's take the greatest quarterbacks and John Elway and build around him. This so far has proven to just get that gave you up. Let's try to look into the future and see how these stories we've talked about they play out crystal balls is next sinner and saint Tenet in the span. From the attacks like 55305. Looked Indy. Luck first no line got your yeah you beat still. I'm telling you Brown's personal there's been quarterbacks in this draft. And it they were you put him in the grounds they get annihilate. I'm I'm disappointed in years lack of trust and Mitchell. You can't just trust Mitchell true biscuit. You can trust you're not using the number one overall pick on it. I can't believe you rector dad's car Mitchell. Mitchell. Did it at top. Here's we're trying to do reinsurer predict the future Republican or balls to do it I wanna I wanna go over Bill Walton person. Well. And it's very good idea. Does everybody know who Goldman's. Shirt belong brought you the 1977 blazers championship fuse a great player UCLA and he is you lunatic. On the call let's talk to Bill Walton he was going. There are all about the future drive up all about the stuff on the bottom. Rating vols win meals solar panels rivers flower worst children but there's days sitting up here on top. I'd love coal smoke that cigarette up there just have that rim. But that's that's that's grin on his British tradition Murphy of yeah I got mine in the but to heck with everybody else. By the way they are where they were. Real quick wit what's this entire clip and we still don't know how this came and helped us but real quick argue against him. Children rainbows rivers skirt. Can't can't do better than that kids happy Bill Walton as as per usual there is no one else is he talking about. But tonight he had phenomenal basketball years. The first game I can't even remember who played or won the thick of it there was Superfund. That was your docs that play to come out Bruce is gal gas I don't remember. There's there's us airs at a game there. He yeah I don't know he'd be called the Arizona. UCLA game guy to beat does not miss these silly and you gonna tell you that below that a park. But the first game played he did not call the games of reaper guy. This is and this is why this is probably one of the only good parts I like about contrast follows Bill Walton because Bill Walton. All he cares about is having fun there's like no analytics this guy whatsoever all he cares about is how what he sees on the court. And then he throws his personality into it and it's the most entertaining thing alive. Like you I don't give me. Points you know towards perhaps token neither heard stoking that crap just tell me about what. You saw do you diva of differential in the first tough love Garrett. All of these. That is very downtrend past four games actually like I don't care do you look culprits will be an invasion of the caliber she abused her car purchase your prayer and just a bit but still can't picture build off a mental masterful. The first game. I can't ever remember who played or want. I wonder of belongs in on the joke. And you already know is it better if he is or he's not. I had I quit that's a question for another day I pitching let's get to crystal ball. So. We've carried on this reducing music great I love the new music definitely gonna set up what we're gonna really just. You know I did not play your music. I'm admitting yes no 55 trip. A little bit. Parts are just ridiculous over the past things that we talked about today in the navy predict some of the feature. Of these events here Saturday said that the police that he wanted to set it up that's very I want you to go into the prediction or do. We should really have production meetings before you show you know go practice you know I'm practicing. With up. Milk fever. They go for the fifth straight today but he had the future they're about to death out of the its us. No one game out what what one that came out from the nuggets. In the eight spots so I play that you see the blazers they can. Make the playoffs. Yes they do good but it yeah I don't have any faith in the nuggets I feel like the schedule sets up pretty well moving forward. You've got right now you've got new warriors and so. Keep doing that wizards. Sons pelicans you get the spurs we don't know the sensible Marcus Aldridge again we've talked about that earlier. Or rid media pretty scary. Box next. Timberwolves lakers and is scheduled. It's not a lot of hard games I think the blazers schedule sets up really well moving forward I think gimmick that it. Warriors. They are now sitting some players that your after hundreds even gonna make it back for the first round of the playoffs do you see them actually getting out of the west and making it the violence. I do not see them in the finals I don't think it's good when you say we will evaluate at four weeks not he'll be back in four weeks. And so that sets up the last week. Of the regular season the first week of the playoffs that Kevin Durant is being evaluated. Immunity comes back he's value being game shape so I. I'm inches to see their first round match of his side I it right now I don't think they hold on one spot. Go to the turn amidst the dukes. Ducks are looking pretty good in the pac twelve tournament the dukes with that mentioned. Teams for other conferences giving it and knocked out early such as duke and others Steve see them getting any first sees. Are answered a big way I was drinking in the Irish whiskey at. Q you are I noted. Feels like you have no idea we talking about the reduction plan Arizona who wins that game that pac twelve minutes now look further than that. You think it makes the elite eight. Plenty of time to talk about that I know you're out next week we'll talk about it next week do you see them beating Arizona. Yeah probably. Well done action seers and winning that game. And it's a free agency or anything Tony Romo will eventually end up I joined the Texans until some pretty well. I think you into this text. Probably the best pick on the because and they really take this into account the whole whether thing in Denver tech guy is brutal as. Something that is if we talked about race there we talked about the browns I'd like what to do not free agency you don't over under five wins for the browns next season that's. It is there's something even more under than under. I am glad I don't think the winning minds. Oh god you don't think they win a game so no quarterback in your drafting eleven rookies that. For what I'm supposing your net and I played 112 round picks you've got 97. Overall graphics. I'm a big deal. Talk about this in the in the hall next year I'll take the browns in the over it's been recorded its on the radio. Thank you everyone for listening to the sinner in the saint this morning. On the bag next week will is on vacation is go to the coast with this lady friend. You have a great time there will hold sockets on a tournament next week join us more sinners and saints every Saturday. The steady defense. Distracting if they. The drug. Yeah.

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