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Sinner and Saint 3.11.16 Hour 1

Mar 11, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. That is right Saturday morning consider insane thanks for joining us. I am very excited we are what eighteen hours. 816 hours from selection Sunday are the anticipation. And then you. Feel the energy in the room will do our kids just erupting from me. So I learn some thing about well I knew that he edited certain disdain for college basketball but I didn't know that he hated all things college basketball. And he hates the NCAA tournament idea. How does anyone. He's the NCAA tournament this is this this is the opportunity. For anyone to win their office pool right it's it's. It's a crapshoot the odds are billion to one a trillion to one. It's some bigger allows all sports fan to participated he give buzzer beaters you get small schools. He kids that are not gonna play in the NBA they can go out become superstars. The jury MacNamara as of the world's in the day and deed goes in the wooed Joe's. And all of these great. Small white guys to go out there and. I think at Slater's new do you like it I think that's really the only reason you do like it literally after the first weekend there's nothing left to watch because these statement that will bring. Around the college basketball and sports world this. All my brackets screwed up bro Devern Hansack ratcheted up throw shooter it's. It's it's very much an echo chamber I won't lie about that but it's something that I think it's very relatable because even. Even the smartest guys that know everything about college basketball. Joseph and thirties right now in the bracket bunker all of and you all the information. ESPN's bracket bunker. I don't know thirties and he's given you all of the information you know about it. His brackets can suck it say that I really love when ESPN gets these really huge events and then they make their main stage until like a war room late yeah did you did you watch ESPN this week when they NFL free agency was going on. A little bit of it that see that the funny thing is that the part of sports it drives me crazy so we're both on one side and yeah this week's biggest news. Like a whole free agency cameras they have this big massive table and out of the states where literally I think there might have been ten people all surrounding it and like. Intermittently throughout five minutes a conversation they keep going back to Adam chapter. And he's like on his cellphone like. Okay and I don't my Donnie I think three's cell photographs I'm hearing from OK at least you know too it's like a war in situations predict you see at least would. College math to a right now like going into selection Sunday there are games being played you there's there's the ACC tournament is going to be. Notre Dame and duke that sounds like a very fun matchup to me you've got organ point against Arizona for the pac twelve championship. You've got games at least being played. Bill over hype of NFL free agency and the idea that Brandon Marshall who's never really. Bend you know of the number one receiver in the NFL he's never been the guy that it's taken a team and led them to any great heights. Just made the New York Giants Super Bowl contender. All adults say that that's not the narrative that's connected with that vote woman what's narrative it's that he's gonna be able to you help. Develop and bring along ODB one look. That's wrong to do is why is it he'd trouble in the locker no he's not know the but he's been with five this is the argument against TL code in the hall of fame when you look at you'll see go look at what if you so great body blows county nine NL live Brady Marshal actually absolutely remade himself heat. Was able to go to a doctor and get diagnose with the bipolar disorder yeah and now he is an absolute champion for mental health in the NFL he is actually like. What are the best role models you can have a right now now we do admit early in his career he had some turbulent times but. Those turbulent times are things that he learned from he'd be able to take auto Bakken junior gold look I've been through to get. Key you take somebody that's been through it is a mental health professional and put a momentary gen staff does though that's because he's not a player he win that's on that's not what go to beckons gonna listen to you know. But I don't know that it was to Brenda Marshall though either. And we have got to give it a try Alicia got solid receiver I don't think you do what was the weakness what are the weak spots in the New York Giants. It wasn't wide receiver you've sterling Shepperd who came on is a good rookie you've got to know Beckham junior adding another receiver so that what Eli can miss it. Plague it's it's not it's not the solution that any. Explicit and might work and I know that you wanna get into the Brown's conversation did you and iron opposites sides of bats. But all of these conversations are a bunch of what lifts the entire NFL free agency is what if at least with the NCAA tournament things are happening there's going to be. A ton of games you're gonna get down to the end of Thursday and Friday. And three or four times throughout the day you're going to have buzzer beaters you're going to have picked a team they could've or should've won a game it's gonna come down to the last shot it's not going to be because alpha rays a woods better. Then Maryland that you know that they want or whatever whatever the game is but it comes down to one shot and and the team that's playing for that one win in the tournament. That makes their school standout when CJ McColl took Lehigh passing duke. Those are moments that you remember and then you know. Sure you'll see some of the guys in the NBA in a come out there play. So for me this is just this is. A great moment in college sports. That the national media has been able to exploit makes billions of dollars off of and I don't see anything wrong with that I don't know why you're so angry at. So there about a lot of things. You about the ducks. Iron about the decks a little concerned though about some of the breaking news that just came down this morning about LaMarcus Aldridge. That deserves addressing I think we're definitely getting into that and on the genuinely not to. Because that's. That's career altering that's not just oops I torme IAC LC next year that's. That's some scary stuff harder ideas and then when you look back again and its future back in 07 when he was diagnosed with wolf parkinson's white. It's it has to do with this heart you know again I wanna make sure that. People out there are no that's not being reported as to the cause of why the dark amber at me as her happening. But that's something to keep in mind because it's you know something that has actually do with the heart in his heart health so you wonder he's gonna be okay. And at this point it's not so much about like how is this impact the spurs but I mean what what's this guy's career going to be. Well I don't know I mean how obviously there's they're not a lot of information this literally just came out the last few minutes yes so this is something that is going to affect on this season right now I've got the spurs that are wanna game and half back of the warriors who were struggling so as far as the basketball impact. It's lose in an impact player on one of the top teams in the west. But yes from a career standpoint this is one of those things were when you talk about the horror you worry about the safety of the player and you know their ability to play basketball again. And and the way didn't Miami's had to deal with Chris Bosh and blood clots it's a different scenario but. It's still one of those things where if the blood clot gets to his heart's. Then you can possibly have a player news you know. Not surviving a basketball game and got the scariest thing and I think is a management team as she is of course shifted. You don't listen to the doctors and you wanna protect your player and you wanna protect your team. But also. Imagine that image and what it does for you know. Just the sport in general it's just a really scary moment when you lose a superstar LaMarcus Aldridge is is. One of those guys that I think his pen quieter since leaving Portland he went to San Antonio kind of on purpose but. Don't get it wrong I mean he's he's a star in the sleep for. Nurse at a at a blazer fans to its I mean I know that we can had a mixed reaction when he came back the first time but I think this is kind of a weird moment for blazer fans really got. Again we you know Hillary stay we don't know the severity of what's going on he's out indefinitely which we can only assume it's it's pretty serious but at same time it. This can you know tugs at the heart strings a little bit if you're blazers fan this is a guy who really kind of carry your franchise through some pretty rough times and was there for some really great time so it's. It's concerning to think that maybe his career is gonna be over. What could this happen even your most hated player right and in a bit there's there's a separation I think between the kind of hatred you have for you know any athlete who hasn't. You know gone off the court and done something heinous right if you just hate them for the style of play that you know the way they kind of go out. So even if you don't like the way that he left and now that he is a spur you can't stand LaMarcus of course it does. He gets right to admit it what it does is it it separates the sport becomes a human thing when you're worried about his health now. The other thing that we don't know is is does this affect his daily life and if it forces an early retirement that's a big loss for the NBA yeah but you hope that. He can go on and live a normal life right that would be the big fear you never want to see somebody that's. You know put in a position where they can't go and you know. Yeah I hate to say you you know come knowing what Derrick Rose talked about I think you know in the wrong context but. To be able see your kids grow up and you'll spend time with the family and do all that and that's. That's the thing that would worry me most if it was something that really affected his day today the basketball becomes secondary but. We're also in the middle of the NBA season we're kind of getting to the point were wrapping up. And you have to kind of look at what what it means for the top of the west. There's another piece of music came out yesterday that are are audited just flowed out here really quick pleased because I don't think you really no the full scope of this thing. So mercy basketball player. By the name of Kendall manual. Nineteen year old redshirt freshman guard from Billings Montana. This is after the beavers got bounced. From the pac twelve turn key donated to impeach Thursday no they didn't come. And he was charged with fourth degree assault for punching his remain in the face. Is the remain on the T know if here's the part that their I want eighty. Answer for me because this seemed weird to me and I know it's a bit nit picky but just hear me out trip. This by the police report says that it happened just before 2:30 PM on Thursday. Urged middle the afternoon it's touch and a guy. At 230 in the afternoon on Thursday out of the mood to I think you do any time what you have stuff to do. Like usually if your punch and a guy I don't it's kind of on a whim brightly hear stories about athletes punch and other people it's usually like. What a morning after you drink too much or like nine at night when you're leaving a club and something happens with your girlfriend or boyfriend whatever. This is like the most random thing I've ever heard just. The tie with a fist fights have you been in life. I have 00. Brown reds are approved and it's not an expert on the matter I'm just blankly when I was a kid. There's why isn't del Rey eazy e.'s eighteen years old yeah I have a there's always fights schoolyard fight in high school and college in the campus fights and you don't get another mile Mears who let me give you more freezing this was at his house. So Donna dorm both it's processors to thirty. On Thursday at someone's house he just decides to punch him in the face. Don't you have something to do I mean which should punch somebody in the face that's kind of a wrap on your day right yeah but I think it's an impulsive thing I think it's one of those things where it's easy if you could control yourself you would not once again face and I don't think time of day factors and even. So I'd know I'd judge genuinely don't I'm thinking of the times that I was in fights in and I think it was only dark for one of them. The handful fights SE for me if I'm only regulars buy I gotta think about what else I'm doing the rest of the day see if if your planning and out. What you're doing it after you and somebody you got a bunch of at all that's rational but when you're explaining you're right there. Is a pattern of thought that this doesn't end would you punching them in what they I had to punch somebody before I went to work out what kind of messed my day outright and I think you're explaining in right now why you've never been a fistfight at. I think that's a big what you just did what you hear answered my question you know it's it's it's morbid curiosity ray and SP go right. It weird to know how I don't the F weird you know I think the people that are going to punch somebody in the face it is not something that they planned out it is a complete reaction. It is something where you you can't control your emotions. And then you often to punch somebody CM but here's a question. Is did to get his habit. That well and from that it was it was that he said say something again like I guess. Hi I see it ask him to be punched in the face of us from the police reportedly got what are you asking for. The blazers got more than mass for when they got Yusuf Nur kitsch. They're each fever is sweeping the rose city that is next since saint Anthony's defense and the. Welcome back Ricky Henderson will alert in this. Are covering everything that's going on in the sports realm the best that we possibly can we wanna make sure anybody who's just joined the program that big breaking news this morning LaMarcus Aldridge. Out with a minor heart arrhythmia and definitely for the San Antonio Spurs. They're gonna keep it monitored him do more testing they can figure out exactly. How bad this could potentially be. Both from a basketball standpoint and then just kind of you know when Marcus oldest. General overall health. Remember back in 2007. He was diagnosed with wolf parkinson's. I miss some games for boys what cinder white syndrome wolf Parkinson white syndrome. The whole thing. But he missing gaze back in 2007 and in the Boise season for that so bit that's that 'cause they rapid heartbeat this is and red mail don't know how they're connected to their connected. But again this is brand new news so we'll keep ya posted a free find out any more on that as the show goes on. Right now we need to talk about. This surging Portland trailblazers. And Merck rich fever. I haven't. I did I won't Moreland has it it's contagious it is contagious and I'll say I admit at first even after her cat his first great game. But he knew her owner Kia yeah we go back. Even after he had an really is his first game as a blazer was pretty good yes sides turnovers but after that I still kind of spent skeptical Oregon which uniform you learn to get her there against other than match. He you know he Yorker as skeptical because he southern turner every showing you saw that he was completely not in shape he said well at this much time off for the season and not much impact you can really see this. Sixers game. Was might IC trains in dental. We might but it was also a sixers team that was fairly depleted and they went to overtime. It was but also recognize that they were on a four game winning streak in the NBA one of the most physically exerting things you can do is get on a winning streak great because night in night out you have to give a 110%. When some nights you really don't in terms of back to backs everything what I but he didn't skip a back to back because of condensation or it helps I understand that the credit comes where you look at this team and you say wow. You can actually run an offense this guy you knew he could be the defense presents right. But the passing the shooting the ability to have that high block screen for deemed to get open and CJ get open it's insane. No you know what's insane and you know. You can look at all the numbers and it's been very well documented you know the comparison for his statistics on the game and on Friday night Thursday night. Where you look at it you you know we haven't seen a stat line this since 1986. Season whatever. The amazing thing is that team chemistry right we were trying to put our finger on what's wrong with this blazers team all year. When you hear Damian Miller Dutch. Overuse of America which and you see the photo of them a hug you on court embracing. It's a it's a long. Embrace that it's it's one of these things where there's mutual admiration between these guys. He's a 22 year old senator too it's not like he came in and he's a veteran that was looking for a spot to fit. And kind of fill in for somebody he's a young guy you can kind of see the future but. When when. Email alert is complementing his basketball IQ his toughness. The difference it's made in this team and being able to run the offense you know inside out vs the way they've done it where it. He of two great scoring guards that can create their own shots. And they go out and they have to do all the work themselves in your playing through a guy like that. The ancillary benefits were helps a guy like Allen Crabbe who doesn't create his own shot as well reading get other guys involved in the offense. And now Terry Stotts can go out and go OK I've got weapons inside and out how to make this work. An early game out of the eighth spot. And Denver's holding that's by absentee you made the trade with to get their back upset her and it's making Ellis big impact those are the things that are really amazing to me the things that. We didn't expect. Even if he played well to have that cohesion immediately that's shocking to me. Why I think also. And the whole narrative that. We absolutely crush it at the trade deadline like this gave me hope again in dealership right he says even after this move I was kind of like end. What's the point why didn't we make it drive at Jimmy Butler why didn't we try to go for Andre drowned Rendell like why can't why we try to do that we have all these picks piled up what do we do it. And he kind of looked at this decision in getting your kitchen can it seemed like a Blase deal but obviously he saw something Palo wise that was gonna be able to click immediately. I mean there are urged to meet just kind of seemed like trade date Rea Blakey kind of just want the mint tea a couple of the picks and then try to make a move for bigger high. Marquee player but he's looking like about her key player it's insane. And why and and it's not just a local story and it would love to hear your thoughts if you've gotten her leakage fever 55305. Share with us some attacks like. Your thoughts but this is something that's that's a big national story the blazers. Have Ben a story all year end the NBA conversation because this was the young team that surprised to bring last year right the blazers came out in November and looked good they looked like they really continue the momentum they had from last year. December January. Were awful February is kind of kind of getting better Evan Turner was starting to find his position in the team. Then he gets hurt. Which is again is another thing to think about like what's this got to look like when Evan Turner comes it's it's a curiosity that I have as well but rightly started to get a little little Menem. Didn't when he got hurt every act that's it. That's the end of it. And then they make this trade for a backer of senator nobody knows anything about and even if it was just a trade by O'Shea O'Shea to go out and you don't remove the temptation to try to sign Mason Paul went into next year right you didn't have the cap space. It's just in the you'd be able afford to do so you used to as in a business sense of the doubled okay wants kennels middle and moves or whatever. I think anybody expected this my curiosity is if you could ask Neil O'Shea. I'm sure that you could tell you that this is what he expected but I wonder in his heart of hearts it even really thought that he would have even three quarters of this impact on the team. Yeah I think he thought there'd be an impact but like you're saying not this much I think he saw the specific skills that he had when he was at Denver. Because if you go to look I I was curious enough that it went back and look to some Turkish tape when he was actually playing for Denver and any started the season as starter he lost his starting job at at the center position after after being injured but I think it when you looked at him at Denver he was a lot more of a post player and that was kind of his whole presence right he could run the floor OK but once he got into the post he can actually be effective offensively. And I think that's a dealership looked and said OK if I can utilize that at least. You know it brings some defenders down into the box game would get open CJ we go out and Allen Crabbe would get opal we can finally get these shooters. The shots that they want the shots that they need I don't think he ever anticipated this kind of ball control this kind of passing this kind of distribution on the wing I mean that one play where. Nur quiz. What was he was like post up like pretty outside of the wing and then dean just like cuts down the lane. Just a one handed draw balance past it was that low level elevation that he got it right into the pocket and then they got that three point play like that to mean. Is what you want out of a setter right in this modern NBA age like that's what she wants somebody you could actually handle the ball shoot and play. What fifty that's your. You what's critic put up 4840. Six into every night it felt like the other that's what you want to put it but again how quickly he found that chemistry with the stars of this team and CJ and then courtesy and that they and that and what are you always looking for. Of course you're looking for the numbers but you want a player that makes the players around him better. And it makes the job easier for your superstars and because of the way he's. If you couldn't make it easier for Damon CG night in night out. That's enough right but then you can go when you can make the players around you better. Now this is when you start to get this you know he's almost got like the Paul Bunyan legend going already. This is very early if you expect this to continue to do you have to feel a little bit insane but fans it's what you do right up. The thing that makes you think that this is really sustainable is his size and and you go well listen if he can just be. You know where a fraction of this and stay healthy but he doesn't look. Like he's a vulnerable 22 year old stick figure out there is that if he can add weight he looks good aware of a man he is here the monster. And so here's my curiosity is kind of going into the so we'll look at the current four game win streak you've got win two wins against the thunder who. I don't know how you value thunder but Damian Miller and these blazers have always played well against them. You take those two wins you've got the nets. And you've got the sixers. Do you expect. More of a challenge from the wizards. Well yeah because the wizards are also out of four game winning streak in a and John Walsh finally coming into his own as a leader of the team I know we can say that every single year right like John was always finally turned the corner but this is I think this is really the point where Washington is trying to make that push to get into the two spot. In the east. You know could you want that home court advantage for when you're gonna have to play eventually busted down the line. When he gets deeper into the playoffs and a debt that that matchup in the semifinal is our on site at the same for other quarterfinal is just imminently happening it will happen it's just who is going to get that home court advantage and so you're gonna see huge push from them tonight. And just into the next when he games of flight we have to get this done. I ya this it's going to be a huge challenge which by the way to do their two best players are perimeter players to complete a little bit of defense. Our two best players are perimeter players who cannot play defense complete some defense they Mueller's it will give is is like allergic to defense. Vick did. The thing that the thing that I point to as far as defense goes is if you have a rim protecting your size in the middle. It allows you to cheat and play passing and you can over commit. And as a small guy that's for Damon loads gonna make his money on defense right you're not going to be able to go and be that ball stopper just go out and shut down a player. But if you trust the people behind you can go out you can get in the passing lane and that's rule looking for. The other really intriguing thing is. If this is. The blazers. Run that they can go on and get into that eight spot and this is what we're gonna see him like you said you add Evan Turner. With the the sad news about LaMarcus Aldridge with the injury to Kevin Durant the top of the west looks more vulnerable. Is there a matchup that you wanna see and is there a possibility that this blazers team. With momentum can make some noise in the playoffs. Before we get to that let's go to the news. Do you meat tender rising and previously. It's not that kind of need. Don't know if they misunderstood the lyrics. Absence of that sometimes they coach them in every hour you think you've had some a lot of misunderstandings. If that's just the first or. Probably it's first misunderstanding I mean you don't meet this summer notre shop which happens. And it. Don't sideways look back in center in saint Luke Anderson we'll Americans. Happy to have you along for a Saturday will hates the NCAA tournament I hate in NFL free agency. But there happen and we're gonna talk about animal died and those in the second hour we continue our conversation. About the blazers. Ish I can order related to the rest of the NBA pretty good ending catch and news are ready this morning. Former shrill boys are LaMarcus Aldridge was diagnosed with ace minor hurt ridge media and he's out indefinitely for the spurs. They're gonna do more testing in the inning get more results so not a lot of information about it now go to war kind of keeper Ryan and see if we can. Continue to teach you know learn and share more. As it goes on but it would cheer I don't I'll. Beliefs that the I don't know trying to transition and they're going to you continue to teach you in there are new and words about things. I've said about this this is sad news sand is so I asked votes thrown me off. Ed debating whether affect but the parkinson's the wolf Parkinson white syndrome that in 2007. Don't keep just going over to the bad news straight do you ago to sell. You're a transition to some weird or news or like what we're what are you in four but there. A couple things that way here here's a conversation don't consider the conversation we're having the blazers right now look like they're in real competition for the eight seed raiders you're looking at warriors team that is waiting for reevaluation. Of Kevin Durant sneak. And in the meantime what they're doing instead of maintaining the pace of Iran they are spiraling out of control. Yeah of the spurs team that is looks like their crews in the 19 out of the last and and now they lose one of that are their key players. They're playing tonight with outs. Tony Parker there playing without quite Leonard who's in concussion protocol. So you've gotten them plenty of stories of plane without everybody urged arrest everybody for health concerns so yeah. No clay Thompson no stepped curry no nobody so that's the big marquee matchup tonight. Is the top two teams in the west minus all the players bright but then there's right it's another player on the orders. Kevin Durant wall and no agreement. Yes yeah that's why I wanted to go the weird way that well this is bizarre bits in the same conversation but but let's start with the the kind of the natural qwest which is. If you're the blazers are you excited to play one of these teams. You're a little bit you're more excited to play the warriors because now that their cases seems like he's developing the point that he can be effective big man there is the weakness you can exploit. In Golden State now again that is. Absolutely. With a copy out of calendar it will not be ready for the playoffs if that is the case then. I'm not saying you have a good chance but you know heavy fighting chance against a team that has lost what six of their last eight. Well and Seth Curry's shooting percentages have been weighed down NBA is right and the last what eleven games he's shooting percentage and open threes so whenever Matt should be used to decide how far defender is. She and 20% yet opened three separate. They're not going well for that team it seems like it's that. It's kind of an imploding team right that they're they're giving in their own way and that leads. To do weird since the weird Montreal after last night's loss. To the Minnesota the Tim beast yeah lost by one but pubs but stood stepped period shall the end went there. After last night's game. IG willow didn't get the memo that he. Stefan clay would not be playing tonight and so they were asked him about it and this was his response. Anything else. We'll doesn't. It's very hard. Figured out. And everything it's things. Take losses like this can come back you guys fought back and seemed to have come on and who's. It is not a lose lose lose lose it. We've seen immoral. It's. The last thing. Do it masters say and if you didn't catch the believed early on it's a little grainy there but that was the and word. Yeah that was removed from that contact well they've done Edwards say. Yet and very bizarre behavior made the whole idea of this warriors team that has been so appealing over the last two years so much fun man. Yeah right this is team that goes out and plays with a certain amount of joy. Since it's not having fun anymore bra not only does is it might and having fun it seems like that there is. An underlying. Feud between someone in there that honoree who bellowed go out. Got to make these comments and it's again there's Ben comments made since last night that this doesn't have anything to do specifically with Steve curbed lip. In terms of the slaves yes or as laid out a relationship and it kind of feels like there's some contention there. I think now in the pass Andre Iguodala has said some very off kilter statements to the media to kind of in his mind I guess thrown off and he made a statement later saying that this was apparently quote an inside joke. Between the team I'm not sure how you would have that kind of inside joke would have been truth thirty something year old man when it's not an inside joke when you say it into a microphone though it's not in forever the national media get media doesn't know inside jokes were a big deal I thought it was a funny inside joke that like it got a great reaction from people on the team and I just fell flat right when he told that the food oh. Oh my racist joke fell flat. A minor by reference to being enslaved gas and and being under controlled the team I thought that one would kill I really thought I do buy on the initial. Yeah it's not like you know. Over 60% of the league is blacker anything's been Nell now and Benton weird within the ambit. It just kind of continues a conversation minera that this warriors team is going the wrong direction. At and down. Even if Kevin direct comes back does that solve all the problems you still need the shooting of staff Korean you need you to kind of that but it's easy like Kevin Durant was the key though. Everything started kind of crap itself once he he got hurt in you know that's understandable right 'cause he's he's what are your best players you understand that. You know you're gonna lose its few games at this point now because you've built up this playing relationship in this cohesion and that now your kind of an effective scoring team but. It's more than that right they've lost six of their last state and now you're seeing all these ripples set the edge of their game like. Very glaring. Probable Seth Curry not shooting well Andre Iguodala making these crazy statements of the locker emit. Kind of put into question the whole cohesion of the team. It's more than that. But it's very ensure that you say that they Kevin Durant it's the one holding give the other team when he's the freeagent they came in to. Be a part of this right it's weird that he would somehow become the team leader as it is Harry but as soon as he got hurt he had all the JaVale McGee Shaq little feud right that kind of bubbled up with a team had to go and talk to TNT and go hey stop picking on our guide that seems very bizarre scale. And it's actually Malone would have made more sense is called JaVale McGee and go. Just don't engage dude it's almost the ultimate irony because Kevin Durant is seen a bully what are the most insecure players in the NBA early that's the whole idea of him going to Golden State is he didn't wanna have the team built around him he wanted to go and be a part of the blue and already existed. But the ripple effect I thought would be the idea that. How do you find enough basketball's for all the shooters in and all of the on the court stuff. But it's not he's disrupted the chemistry of this team it seems that maybe it's it's just kind of roamed the whole thing that was the warriors. Entirely off kilter. Would've thought it's very bizarre it's very entertaining now he was the problem. Well guess he wasn't the prominent Casey. Yeah it's weird you left to avoid the problem it was Russell yeah Brooke you know and I think it's almost as if he thought he had a clean slate a Golden State. And he kind of just. I don't know the decider remake himself now is really I thought he was just kind of like and may cod to the team and I'm not saying that production wise and saying that more just. Influence wise 'cause he doesn't seem like he got to really get eject operate now. The keys out the guy screaming in the locker and he's the guy of like work just I'm gonna go in there and they do like LaMarcus Aldridge right I'm gonna go in and do my job leave me alone otherwise. I think it speaks to the frailty of team chemistry yeah you look at it with with a team like the cavs who is the best team in the east for the last three years and they have. Constantly ban that. At each other's throat are at odds with the media LeBron James is firing coaches so it's it's very. Sensitive this this idea that team chemistry will just be there and making that assumption is it leads you to places like Toledo Kyle Korver solve them together let's. And the holding his very bizarre sets up great for good vs evil that's next sinner and saint tentative plan could. Not all news makes the front today. I know look at the stories you may not mean you know about have. Then maybe you. We'll talk about it we'll talk. But MVP awards we'll sort of very we're gonna talk about championships we just play the game everybody tries to do what they can make the team better and you know whatever records rewards Zurich and around me who wins have come this way and it's. That's most miserable man in sports Gregg Popovich talking about his star player Hawaii Leonard's even in the conversation piece in the NBA this past week. Yet in his signature sequence to his MVP highlight with 39 point six boards five assists two blocks. And east deal and their win against the rockets this past week he also hit the game winning three and blocked James Harden shot at the end game. The next day he was quote randomly drug tested or selected for a drug test so what do they conspiracy theory out there please do. Do you think the NBA's trying to sabotage choir Leonard's MVP candidacy three more high profile and sellable player. That's very interesting because they've constantly avoided the most high profile and most celebrated players in LeBron James constantly with the MVP conversation right I don't wanna make it the LeBron James were just isn't over yet that's that's there and dynamic that exit well again so it's. That's the way you phrased it I guess it is kind of a correction and more before they want to diversify. The MVP candidacy and what somebody that is going to sell. That's my theory I odd I think to be a conversation starter because of James Harden wins is not so much that they'll sell but it'll be. It'll be a lightning rod for conversation on either side whatever you feel about him out Russell Westbrook as well. They really want him to keep what do keep him in the conversation despite the woes the under having because of the triple double sales. It's it's something that's very easy to market its already built in with the slogan that's why it's so appealing if it pardons got what eight rebounds. On average. And he's gotten better numbers and his team's doing well and you look at it and of course you with the turnovers are both of those guys but there's a lot of elements too where you kind of go. Who's going to be a better conversation piece that will carry us into the marketing for next year. Are you heard me right. Her break. Her berth sewn do social inclusion haven't heard for. And when I went over so many sir our new artist I heard her credit. That's brunt brunt tucked into the media there and that's after the cavs 106 pending lawsuit the suit on Monday. Biggest story and I are of that nine release was injured bogeyed some neat. 58 seconds into his debut as a Cleveland Cavaliers he collided. Into corporal Carl whites need. Think his me to minute a penny a fractured left. Idiot at the free non medical school. Cavs we'd bogey yesterday prior Thursday sorry to train find in other big infant layouts. What does this mean for their chances of winning winning an NBA title. Going forward. We already talked about the dysfunction of the top of the west dysfunction might not be the right word but. Certainly the injury and dysfunction with the warriors the unfortunate situation LaMarcus Aldridge and the stirs. And of those continue on into the playoffs who's your biggest competition coming out of the last groups rockets. If that's the blazers that. I tried that's still have LeBron James you still level Brian James and he was able to its theory the 2007 cavs to the finals. I don't know be still has legal legs to do something like this the way that he played the end of last year's finals he's the best player on the planet. And they always have a chance as long as well let me get concerned more about them get that these straight because you presumably make up against and be. Like the Celtics or like. I don't know Washington the might be a little bigger than you I did it work for me to believe in those teams and yell they do agree together. Listen they're they're more vulnerable with it but again we don't know what Bogut added to them. So it's not like the established a reputation with them and then lost in. That would be a lot different this is something like oh let's get this guy will try it weaves and Williams a warriors will. They may not end up being affected directly back. Shia. It. Oh okay. I. That's golfer Dirk Nowitzki hitting hitting shots that put him at deep 30000 point mark for his career worst it was a fadeaway jumper on the left block. The future hall of Famer now becomes just the sixth player in league history to score 30000 points. 48 career so I don't but like delivered 30000 years to American Airlines Arena this week in celebration. Of that's scoring title but this is my actual question. We're do you think Dirk ranks on the all time list. It's very interesting. Top of the European most and the people. No I mean it Tim Duncan had a bit but it's what agencies from the Virgin Islands that are in Belle international and so are closer to it. It's very engine that it's gonna look at it because he's he's one of those guys who benefited from new NBA or he's helped kind of changed into the new NBA right. He's this. Seven foot stretch three. The goes the other than that unique it didn't exist before he did. And now we see guys like Kevin Durant in an employee of other guys that are able to kind of play that position did an elevator work together Saturdays and innovator but he's he's a talent he's a freak and one of the things that I think is overlooked a lot of times. His chest the the durability. In coming Dirks never had really a major injury you spend day in and day out and that's the thing Winnie Dunbar auriemma and and being considered the all time great. He was never really heard as a seven footer I think that's pretty rare. I might put him in the top ten I'd have to look at the list a little bit closer I'd say top 25 shares I'd say top sixty the all time I'm sixty. Now really go I really top ten. I ever again I'd have to look at it it's interest 30000 points is only six other guys that would do it I have a titles though he's discuss the one. Again I don't know where I'd put might have to look at political Pelosi didn't really prepare me for that question all on top 25 maybe. Again nobody else does what did he did before dad. Our. Yeah I guarantee music. And I don't read too much of what I thought tonight directed at the top 25 o'clock this thing you know the job. Well that's really where that it played very much music and every week I promised. Probably the most exciting active spring ball so far in the NLV in Seattle Mariners hired in very odd she began to fall around outfielder lay out a Smart team. Complete music all day on his birthday this week. Martina is Cuban. Racist yeah. What good it's good to me is Mexican you'd still be ready to talk up it's. Vick is allowed to be fund racist. It is kind of Ahmed minute please either way all say this. Like if he was actually literally and depth and they play the Mary actually it would be racist but less races this is like. Racially insensitive. Couric. You know let's listen. Did you take anything from the outside in it's very easy for the lay out what. Is all racism bad yes probably it does it's it's it's very it's very funny I I as long as he took it well. They did this video they did it and and that's the thing it shows a team camaraderie. When you're the Mariners in the longest postseason drought in the in baseball currently going at least you're having fun about it so yeah but I'm proud yes probably racist but I'm OK with it. Sorry. Annabel free agency NCAA. Basketball permit coming up more center in Santa Anita and eighty the fan.

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