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Dusty and Cam - 3.10.17 - Hour 1

Mar 10, 2017|

Blazers-Sixers and NFL free agency vs. other free agencies periods.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning you know I say should we really swimsuits and you say. Yeah weather permitting new dusty narrow turned into. Certainly now. I almost going to battle to hold myself a good day tied for me it's Tug of just jam in the morning you know I'm penny below should. On the table. Damn bit. They were almost there. Working for the weekend and lover boy Leo is said. It's Friday folks. The tent the march I was watching History Channel and I was I love the district aideed to U I absolutely. Where you are infatuated with a history Channel 8 aliens no no no I was watching. About the history of American how the men and a bill. America he watched that Syria yet and I about the forward yeah family. We're zero working for the week in an area hour days he's created to. The work Alex yeah created I four it's amazing Emil and I I love history I think it's one of the greatest things about our country is just how everything is made. And all these these entrepreneurs and in everything about it so you think about the work we would just add nine to five I think about nine to five I personally think of Dolly Parton. When I hear you and I used in. You know Luigi offered. Reasoning amount. She offered lot. My France if she did finally determine is bus. I that was kind of my goal or two and a half that was. My goal was if I was gonna play in a Major League Baseball I wanted organic amounted. That was every musical. Yeah similar yeah. You know like Dolly Parton is and saying yeah. She's she's she's goddess. She's. So you know that her Reynolds and you know the vessel during the Texas get you know get Bloomberg Tennessee. Is where she sinister got and Hollywood is always. They had that big fire there and human being thank you did last summer took out basically the entire. Entire town to get the national park their Great Smoky Mountains. She apparently like funds the school district. And he's he's bailing people out left and right and nobody really knows about it. Dolly Reagan pardoned. I remember I was that's first however were sport coat was to go see the Dolly Parton concert. Well I don't know much uber nice to stay up and watched a lot of geese the shows on Saturday. It was either he talk Morris who was a lot of those things you'd have all word. Well. This is unfortunate to miss this the Lawrence Welk Show those classic shows the key to my parents used to make you watch sure they made you watch them we did we did huddle around and watched live as well what's wrong with your loved Lawrence well what's wrong with admitting that is nothing wrong with a -- then I just tell you that I'm donating my cell phone. All I know about a Lawrence Welk is does a lot of time shares now. On this excellent hunters as in the Evian name is I don't know his name is set up again still a good deal parents and your grand old opry. And one offer stuff in here and ending the old grand Ole opry I found not I've been the national couple times yeah awesome city I drove by it. Drew buyers through. I didn't draft groove the degree angle all reports are that the national on no I've been in Nashville I just in guns at a grand Ole opry. Nap time now dinnertime had to be really cool stand on the stage of the people have been on that stage. You know and isn't that a year and it's very nostalgic exit two which like me when I walked out of Notre Dame stadium and I'd have to stand their first second think about who's actually stepped foot on this did you young yield. Many went no eating no really yourself and own home conscious. But isn't it weird though that you'd get done that feeling that. This past summer when I walked into Fenway Park. It's like there's like a weight. That don't you sit there you go on Q if you can't how interested how much greatness is here it's weird how when you walk into a place. You can feel that with the right energy I do believe it you know leave their history there's energy there's everything. You can absorb when you're there it's mostly it's it's you internalize Ian because there's people that locked in they have no idea and all those people -- happened they're not opening themselves up to it. Right right they're not willing Maryland's open missiles are dissolved energies in the lives in this Belgium yeah we're getting to Crawford and missed but it is it's crazy day you can feel you can feel that when you lock into place like a grand Ole opry York. In old Yankee Stadium. And I wonder from feel that it like the Roman coliseum I would that's one thing I would loved yielded two I would. Goalies I crease the part of lighting while he's invent ways like knowing the people that that stood there and I don't honestly you know they are in violence. Its interest in Russell Crowe. The fifth cut cut cut up. I would feel the energy of Russell Crowe. Well I think that's is good senate where this trend is gonna go folks felt this course or start it would Dolly Parton talked. He and I remember was just like yesterday. I've event bigger question about Dolly coming from lover boy Henry for your course only are always real or fake O real. Shouldn't real defense. Well I'm on that train every day you tell you better or. What are your face what are. Burger again no vote. Those are real her phases gossamer you have written verification that bitter phases guns we're done there's no matter seven he's a look back it can't I mean Dolly was in dollars in overtime. With those things you know. Did he can get those taken that day she was ahead of her talking with. Of the pioneer by pioneer with a gift mania. Today in sports history 1963. Pete Rose debuted in spring training. Pete Rose 63 he had two at bats. And of course the kicking got to hit accorsi got this little better keep up a little bit. A bit. He walked to the proper batters. Jim dale weekend would you rather at 8 o'clock. That is Crawford is. And give weird. This does not getting weird and we'll discuss near death experiences on today's program if you have any please cinema blend. That's 55305. Is the Michigan basketball team. They have one. Kurt Warner has that old man takes on the NFL free agency and involve credence to be a big one in the blazers get a historic night. Round one Bosnian. Peace to the stats. On today's show. He decided that we're very excited to kind of show kind of right itself you know skirts or talk about my tweet a lot of effort. Find that tweaked your tweet by tweet. They you treat it like we did it last night in EDU researched I took me probably fifteen no thought five minutes to get it. Five minutes wow hydrated then Miley loves hello don't rooted wow diluted common elements did later. Cannot take on this while OK I did. I didn't lose the Magic Johnson thing you guys you tell them like Magic Johnson went off the roof off the you know. I am. I'd be impressed with I am impressed but then you don't even know that's that's pretty sure you need depended. On it all up up up. Time do we go. Bere boom. Pac twelve tournaments. By now not doing that yet. And the blazers have announced and make a date for Tuesday's can't the game against the timberwolves. It'll be April 3. April 3 folks. That would be the same day as the NCAA. National championship game this season the blazers will not make the game second time. And I think three years but the blazers will play. A makeup game is there any other NBA games that they've now they can't think Italy's big for basically make a blazers a low key hoping that organ possibly incentives to help make the national championship game today. Because if you had your options would you watch the blazers timberwolves. Or. The doctor zags and national championship game. I think about that now you're watching the golf course I'm watching the locating. What's in the national championship game. Making things even harder on Portland is that the next day in the back to back. They have to go to Salt Lake City. So after they played a game easy turning back to backs relatively close they have to go three hour flight over 12100 miles to Salt Lake City. To take on the Utah Jazz fallen dead. Hey wake up I said wake up. I mean to the Geneva and ended up the success of the group here that's what launch Opel TJ leave or all of out of the Bruins survived even though they didn't play their best even know USC didn't play mirror their best they really didn't have enough for the public shares. That they gave themselves. What's good that's Bill Walton often. You still pay of the hilly side and about. On the facts are turning to continue to fifth ranked aborted take you down Arizona State eighty to 57. Ducks a meet up with cal at 6 o'clock tonight this Emmys after golden bears not Duffy does 7875. Number seven UR Arizona veins. Kicked off their run with a win over Colorado 92 to 78. And their drinking UCLA. To go on USC in the nightcap with Taiwan between the LA schools but as the Bruins held off a late charge 7674. Zoning UCLA played 830 tonight on his prize how many close games in the first two rounds. No no no no these UCLA one because we have like UCLA USC now is that surprising because. It's a third time they've played this year in USC kinda has that luxury of playing it before you know. Like they had that game and right. Elsewhere in the country. There could be a one seat open Kansas lost their opener to TC individual journey from 19 drinks Baylor lost to Kansas State. So 01 into TC may possibly opening up for the pactel and maybe. Maybe maybe. Here's Tony there's Jeanne yes science not for a not for you Huskies are. He now. CPI been six years in the run and pass there he's not here and role play is certainly keeping them out and do leg. 600 bucks it was ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Throw the CBI. A lot of fans how does that third tier chlorine as a CBI banner and thereafter it is building to get a dearly yet. The 65 minute NCAA tournament thirty TU. In the N ninety would you hang in ninety manner that would in ninety yet and I can't act and I are T yeah. See you guys you know generally that means that if you win the CBI. That means a year than 90s90. Complete home Monday night to be sixth best team in college basketball because he takes 65. 32 all right. All right wait through the ninety's this is age a lot of math for an eight best earlier top 100. Is that dinner where the I was CBI champion's T shirt. Where'd next week. I what is going on in NFL free agency goodness gracious the several respected reporters. Reported net Tony Romo would be released earlier this week. They dug idea. And apparently he's being shopped mr. Jerry Jones has changed arts and this is weird he was Jerry Jones that a change of our guests all April 8 and make good decisions. All. And he might through these patriots quarterback Jimmy gravel as its current account. Close today farewell to the pats in the city of Boston. But apparently it was hacked or visit joke. Or could be true. Who the hell knows. And then at the Texans traded rocked us while there were. And a sick around picked her bag peanuts to the Cleveland Browns. Doing them a solid from the Cleveland Cleveland because. Cleveland is doing the Texans have excelled all right but apparently they're gonna cut him. I would too. In the pulled the record pretty quickly on that extra. But I did for it to the Texas just acknowledging Indian why didn't out of at a guest. I unwary start of the blazers in the midst of the longest winning streak of their season. But the same old story reared its ugly head again last night 55. 305. That is the tech sign it is 615 on the fan. This is just you and jam in the morning gone to Canadian goods and the he has a personal tour are you doing good. That's old demon comes. Whoever you want. What we need to learn from a hand. Hello learn from window lost for the season. Liz George Terry Stotts volleying who Portland's overtime victory won 140108. Against the volatile Philadelphia 76ers last night. Would rather learn lessons in a win and a loss. Boy isn't that the truth ha you're well fault this had that option beyond the blazers now just a touchdown under. 500 they're twenty and 35. They're trying to make deadly bug in a way patriots esque comeback to get by America's present Afghan. Is if you look at the Western Conference standings right knee out they sit a half game back of those Denver Nuggets for the eighth and final playoff spot. On their equal in the loss column which is a good thing one game back in the win column which is great at the half game. An error a full game up now on the Dallas Mavericks on we sit in ninth and to two games up on the Minnesota Timberwolves cell. That is where you sit right now as the fourth win in a row for the blazers. Is it the longest winning streak of the season and for Portland. Which is surprising. Right if this is a team that's in playoff contention that if you wanna know anything about where the Western Conference playoff race is that on Denver and Portland. Where the bade Denver still hasn't had a four game winning streak all season long. I do that feeds three playoff team to go 82 games and not had a four game winning streak that's a hard thing to deal. In the blazers finally got their fourth win of the year it's currently the second longest winning streak and the entire Western Conference. I think there was there was also thought to locally who everybody this was the a million game did you get that feeling in the first in the beginning of it to just. Just overall watching the first quarter leg off steam roll Torre seventy and you can deceive the momentum start to carry. And then all of a sudden those little pesky little Philadelphia 76 her. I thought it was is. I thought it was the same old story we've seen all year long I wasn't it kind of is the same thing rearing its ugly head or Damon CJ did you lead. You have what seems to be a good spark off the venture Malin grabbed his first run in the game. A mole heartless is involved and you look likes you are gonna run away with the game and then the second and third quarters come and you go well O. I thought to I saw dame role as ankle early in the game in the first quarter I thought that affected him because he didn't shoot well. Last night he didn't look right to me he just physically didn't look right easel for six from three. Six for 21 from the field thank god she's a good free throw shooter twelve for twelve is that where he made the difference no. But this game isn't close of dame just. Is dame makes a couple extra shots or some three's this game this game is is over in regulation is the momentum would have changed but he didn't but that is a matter the wins when he. One thing that was different was you sit there kitsch that mean this game this is played out of the blazers 35 losses this year. This story that you saw. Had played out over the course this season probably in twenty to thirty those games. Where each year within striking distance you're playing to the level of your competition. You'd you'd go out in their driveway at least one quarter where you're going. There's no way were the blazers. Are this bad right in Nadal would be the first quarter doubts dorm 27 to seventeen ranked and then you sit there there's a two quarter stretch Regis go what is going on here either gamer CJ is off. The bench is doesn't do anything for you and they end up faltering and they lose a tight game. We'd seen that. In an honestly price twenty to thirty of of the blazers losses this year it was that story. The use of Turkish comes up 28 points when he rebounds eight assists in six blocked shots up. My goodness. He was he was the reason why the Portland this. This is not an anomaly folks this isn't the you don't. You don't just how of these games and don't have it is specially I don't care how bad do you think of the Philadelphia 76ers are there still pro athletes. You can't distraught these numbers and say this is an anomaly this is something that some guy just did. Arbitrarily. Just decided to put up ungodly numbers. In his first stretch with a team that he's kids it's so new it's still appeal process for gosh sakes this is the this is the love fest early in the relationship in your going is this where you'll can I touch it now is this is a speaker we gonna go down to Vegas and get a ring. And get married right now because there's a lot of people are buying him where's the tattoos everything right now that he is doing. Is untouchable there's going to be ebbs and flows down but when you see something like this you have to take it for what it's worth this man has talent and he's young and he has a gift. We're gonna see more of it. Boy. Alfre community tried to you. Do his best that they game should deprive their one and in regulation. That overtime but isn't that kind of those turnovers late in the game CJ stepping on the on the out of bounds and in the corner area the offer community turnovers wonderland dribbling through the lane which is seen. The errant pass with eleven seconds ago I mean that was all of those games or thank goodness for Robert Covington. In that. Why he felt CJ McCollum is beyond my short. Exactly were without Brett brown was gonna Killen who I guess fish anymore was that he was a brain fart and he hooked up with him why did you foul. I we we don't have a foul to give you there and so used to being around what do you do what are you doing that things senator Robert Covington is a good boy really who the week he said the blaze a killer yeah copy yeah LA's mean the crowd he's you laser killer guy like shoes and everybody yeah man he can join Blake Robert Covington he'd enjoy and Robert Horry. Was did Devin Booker. Colonel Trevor Booker big chuck of yet who would trade Burke was this for. The Utah Jazz like the last two years he would just kill the blazers. On the robber coming tonight he sent the blazers in Philly remember that I do with that Terry says Robert Covington syndrome is that is such a like that is British royalty name right there but you're right about their kids man in that guy he is. He's gotten a spark my big question now the blazers are different team with him ranked. Like year you look clearly. You look at Dayton. You need rapid good point about crunch time set. Where Damian Miller got to the Iraqis Lleyton because a decent market setting a pick up top they were forced to switch in a created a mismatch for day. Here is my big question now. Teams haven't adjusted to Portland right remember. And it last year Portland's offense a style that running gun style. It was like. People were Hart were slow to adjust to write in that led to a surgeon blazers. The blazers have a different offense out sending teams need to create a book on them and how you defend them what is successful on the way you defend that. What is this team look like when you have a book out on. I don't via mail make a difference I'm I'm into Q you had a team that was extremely one dimensional. Can you knew you regard heavy and you can defend perimeters very easily with the blazers if you're guard heavy. And you have guys who don't have the size to get to the rack like Damon CJ. They can get there but you're gonna have big men. That can intimidate you you're going to the rack unit you know have somebody that can hit a perimeter jumper. Now you saw oak over stepped off of him. Late in the game and you know in Newton nurture said 21 footer I didn't make that shot then as he gets more more confident he can create that shot we also have a big man. I can get to the basket on the pick and roll better than anybody I've seen since I've been here. Roy better than LA yeah physically. No more imposing more imposing yeah. I mean. I'd love to Mason plumbing and from my gut when I start I was I was really disappointed but now. From what I've seen I'm a realist meant I'd just my eyeballs can tell me. Yeah he is an elite player with his ability to get to Iraq I say in with fiscally and physically get as a way with this team always playing the level of their competition. Right in that kind of being that the story of the year you know go toe to toe with some of the best teams in the league and of and toe to toe with some of the worst teams normally like you saw last night but. I'm really wondering what great coaches. That have great talent. Like it if you have Steve Kerr. And Gregg Popovich. And did you know Brad Stevens does likes. How if they now that they have tape on Portland they go how do I slow them down. What what is the adjustment from great coached teams in teams to league talent that's going to be it gets out of the big indicator of you know where ceiling is with this team has right now. Mean they haven't played great teams but they've been taking care of their business right are in in when you had a good teams early like Toronto early. On data no one minute they're like what the houses place team like where these guys come from because is that totally different offense now that they're feeling more comfortable. It's very exciting man third option third first and third option third option we either asking third option where is that third option desolate. And you just showed up you looking EC with guys like Allen Crabbe. It could be pressure of not having to be that guy. He's been looking pretty good over the last handful of games and about again with with Alan crap. Consistency is a talent god doesn't go eight of twelve from the field last night in drop eighteen points. The bench has a dismal night I mean they were dreadful mean I mean I was one for seven yeah I have offensively I thought yet though did some great things defensively undoubtedly shots. In doing what he need to do she just needs to understand. Probably give the ball. All your news or you know let it it talked I can look I know he's probably. He's the best guy out there when it comes to defense but there are things you know he's Dana lane and it's like it nearly is forgetting Sarah Marshall or is trying to learn to serve he's a do less unless it is lazy is getting is a reminder though everybody isn't it like a Twitter just blew up face that blew up. With what was it knee new thinking I know what the meaning was thinking. I've turned the ball over three times tonight dribbling in I need to stop dribbling so we tried to get the ball out of his hands which is what every blade of stand. When Al farouq Aminu is dribbling in the open court says he was trying to double down recordings like I shouldn't be doing this guys overthrow a 69 Mo heartless with does he go go gadget arms. Why that's how you do Alter your freak out and go and yes. Parents. Aren't they got a very winds Leo at any you know what we're when we're talking about a well coached teams that are talented. I think the Portland trailblazers may be getting that with their next opponent as the Washington Wizards come to town tomorrow night. That is a good team that is a well coached team they're third in the Eastern Conference at 39 and 24. And they've got big said they can match up with Portland I think that this is going to be a good pretty good measuring stick the Euro match up of Wear you out where the blazers talk. In in kind of this next wave and evolution because they're not gonna catch Washington sleeping right now because the wizards. Our I just to gain back of the second spot in the Western Conference or in the Eastern Conference. And baking kindness knowledge that they that they wanna go after this let me say this giant polish hammer. Burst Bosnian beasts and that's Marcy Gord Thomson David the polish hammer and he got a tank. Yes when he got his free agent money from Washington Q a back to Poland and bought eight taint. Who consist by attacking people in Poland while Taylor I love this man only keep simple and human the garage to help Dicky why are over here shipping that would be pretty extensive and and while looking forward to a man we'll find out tomorrow night 55305. That is the tax on. Kurt Warner shots fired NFL free agents average guys oh Katie says. But is the NFL set up for the most intriguing offseason in free agency. Is Crawford a sort senator. Widespread text easier. That's a message of what number. Two or. Diner buys. Six I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I'm here and there we have all of my life I mean. Don't cordless text just now it's 5530. Fly messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does steal and jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually say that well today. 55305. Curt Warner's now all of Boehner. So he's taken shots at the young guys right he's going back in my day care. Yeah yesterday. They're bound drag after we got off the air about 9:30 AM our time on Kurt Warner throughout between the said this free agent money being paid for some average players is getting ridiculous. He no longer have to prove yourself it's become more about timing. He will knew him on my horror she is unfair. Is that fair maker wanted to stop Allen. Yup I. No it's not fair well it would yes today's yes no yes no definitely caused investing in explode. I'm not surprised any more than anybody looked I'd. I got. I got nothing when it comes everybody's opinions everybody's got one who's offended who's not. This is BS guys are making too much money. I will stay on I will stand on this and I will say it till I'm blue in the face you are worth what someone is willing to pay. If someone offers you money you were never not worth it. Never now you'll have people that will say that your not worth that you didn't perform up to it. But until that time this is a business based on what we think you're worth at the time of signing your contract. I would never look at somebody and tell them you're not worth it. I would never do that because in sports you just don't know sports is all about that. Get there are plenty of business people in this world they get paid outlandish money the dual. Deserve it. Or don't think that they earn it these guys this is just this is this the way we watch football now we see a fourteen billion dollar industry. And we expect. Guys did to not take more. You see guys and players wanna take pay cuts that's it's not gonna happen plus. This football team or this I'm sorry this football industry we talk about the NFL. It is the most underpaid sport of of the big four of the victory. Major League Baseball. NBA. Compared to what you do and what your body goes through the longevity and what it takes and physically what you're going to go through any other sport. The NFL is by far the most underpaid. Yeah health insurance. Average career shorter physical physical Busey you're gonna put her body through. Not even close quite literally the average contract is spur player from way far less mean it's completely it is I mean in every sense you and your mentioning the things that. You know. Aren't teams of bull. About about it the long term effects that you don't think about as your player when year going through it. But then you look at it. Strictly on paper it also. They are per player and even lowest paid sport in whom it of a big alignment or did right because of the four hours the player salaries out the clear salary total. Is a 170 milling and this year that's. A little over five point three billion dollars do the math it's a fourteen billion dollar industry but do the math. Could you argue though that the way that the NFL is set up like this. Makes NFL free agency the most exciting in the most intriguing it's it's not just the fact that. The NFL has. Is such as the attack the NFL's most popular sport. That we have right now right. But the way that it is set out in the fact that there's no guarantees. In this league it sets up for free agency to be damaged more exciting and win Kurt Warner says something like that in makes even less sense that. You know it'd these average players getting paid ridiculous amounts. Look unlike any other sports. It's that we all know that these guys can get cut. In making get released after one year hence Brock us why there. Well Brock also other he just got dealt because they pulled the record never like after everybody last yours I don't think Brock also others were dead money. You know that general precision in fourteen million after that conversation it happened. Everything I can't think they're worth that Texans went one year like yankees not you get the right there he's miserable but it doesn't hurt their pocketbook at the end. Texans are like me. Not really because 250 million dollar check every every year then yeah area aren't really hurt us but. It if you look at it from this regard. Those are no guarantees and affected all these guys can be cut this free agent class and was supposed to be lackluster in the NFL. And they had all these teams with a lot of salary cap space because they've been navigating it so carefully. Right but then you have every year because of the way these contracts are set up in because of contracts like curt Warner's tweet of guys getting paid a lot of money and all the sudden the free agent market was flooded with good players now. Because they get released. And what was supposed to be a lackluster free agent class is now a good one in could be a great one if Jerry Jones decides ever to let go of Tony Romo right. And I think who would curt Warner's referring to is he's talking about Mike Glenn and get in fifteen. Million dollars from the bay a button and he's looking at this guy that hasn't had a couple starts. He's pretty much just saying I'm a hall of fame primate seventy million dollars in my career in these guys are doing are making ungodly amounts. When I first got with the NFL 1998. Every former player that was sitting there at the time or guys that were vested veterans that guys are 67 years. Were sitting behind me and I remember walking into there and remember Brian Davis was a linebacker from New Orleans and he was an eight year veteran he looked amused. Most of US men that kind of money you guys who may consider after rounder getting that kind of money. Look me dead the guy is that this is ridiculous it's under. This is this part of the deal part of the progression everybody that played the sixties feels the seventies was overpaid and the guys in the eighties that. This is this what it is your timing in life is is what. It is it's all about the luck of the draw and when you're an athlete. And you have an earning average of of of four years and that's pushing it in three years. Three now is your average earning rate. In the NFL. You take it. And you don't feel bad about that it is and that's the other thing that bothers visas. Curt Warner's part of the brother that we stand together and when he says this it just looks bad from a guy. They came from bagging groceries and got his chance from an injury he should look at this and go. Man my opportunity was based upon somebody's else's misfortune. It here I am complaining. But the fact that another man is getting an opportunity based on need yeah I just don't understand that train of thought football seems to be this sport that. That has the biggest gripe with this senile. Like well they change in the first round because of that even that would but they changed the loan either rookie contracts because of guys like Sam Bradford. Yes and that is fifty million dollars from that was a little egregious you know what it needed refining. Un but in the NBA. We some massive deals in hand are right now and the overwhelming consensus was from nine veteran players guys are retired or like to get George. Facts just don't go get it yes there were guys that are worthy. Hold overs that we're like man this just this is way too much money for guys. But the majority of them even the old conventions are like dude I'm happy babies get going get paid gay yours in the NFL it seems like that conversation that you had with that. Right now who who was pissed off because you're this young I do you maybe go by budget Tennessee for a cause he was so mad. How much is a bunch. The case bookcase full case had to register re out of linebackers MI type veteran tight ends of this crap you weren't even linebacker what I told him. They don't care among rookie in my our winner mine. What are this accident. You can did you eat I don't get my mind my counselor could look at that I don't know if that's true or if that's legal that I know I think they usually utilize is now I. Hey from 1998. Thank you do is committed debt. For odd. On the radio room. Allows the business I don't wasn't I don't think I tax or two ago I just I thought that to myself I went part of the experience spans part of the the amounts of money that you have to deal with with some of these guys but. I think that it makes the NFL free agency. The most exciting now because he gives you a bunch of unknowns. 55305. As Tex signed. Deal like NFL's free agency the NBA or Major League Baseball which once sets up the best for the fans dusting camp. This is Dustin jam in the morning on 1080 love. Tied 55305. Spec soccer workers say that and it felt free agency an average did you know repaid. But does the NFL set up for the most intriguing offseason free agency. This texted five factories 05 NBA free agencies more in packed full per team but the NFL still more fun more movement let's guarantees NFL player surprisingly good at marketing themselves as individuals personalities in game changer. Now that is one thing about NFL free agency. That always gets me right ultimate team game. Right it is is supposed to be all these guys Wear helmets may can't be marketed as individuals. Yet they do it to an 1819 basis better than almost any others. Or well I will. I might have a little bit of a disagreement that because I do think that. With eleven guys on the field it's hard to sit there and to say in individualized yourself because you do have Salmonella. Not as personable as say an MBA players gonna sell you shoes sell you jerseys. And so you all these things and you feel like you can you get to know images could see his face. I think with now technology we've seen more. But I think just like what what guys have been able to do off the off the field with social media now it has made football players more. I guess more personable no I'm saying with teams though I mean you gay guys and get these massive con like Darrelle Revis going from you know in getting. Showing your value your worth. From. Here is that you have these guys that are able to prove their individual worth. Far more than what fancied to to general managers team on all account talking about what they do on the field surely I like thinking about their marketability. And how they how the NFL really prides themselves insane teen teen denoting they market themselves to James far better than they do the public now. In that is that to me is is the amazing part because in the NBA it's almost opposite where these guys get paid based off public perception. More so than what teams truly died as I also think the NFL pays you. By what you worked right now by your by by what you have out right now the NFL does not pay on potential. The NBA pays on potential. The days are added pays you on what you can view and how long your longevity in the NFL is like this guy had this what last year costly. This guy did this he teacher broke us whether Q4 wins at the end of the season he complained that he should have been a starter and ST hey this man his money. Give me money this is what the NFL has to do because it is a year by your sport it is up play by play sports. If you are based upon every. Every atom and little minutia of of an NFL player it's just it's it's sold miniscule because at any point in time your careers over. It's a move the drill sport in just that you don't have time to wait in the NFL NBA you have lots of time you know that's Larry ball on occasion you begin that. The amazing thing about what you're saying is that the two most stable franchises. In the last well for five years and then for the last seventeen years New England Seattle they don't go Biden that. Rao you know and they go on in these slow burn. And you know trusting what they have a name right let Wilson got his money because of what he was Baylor no they let you guys coming guys did they let walk who are those right now guys. Those guys that it in debt but they'll sit here anomalies in May pay but those are the two mode edition dean not Haitian go unnoticed that the two most stable franchises. Are the ones and operate this way in Pittsburgh is another great example of this. They get criticized for holding on to guys for maybe too long at times but they have the ultimate roster stability. And if they'll let a guy go who is that gimme gimme gimme right now guy because they're like. We hate this is a longer haul than what you're looking for what we think we you can. And why do you think it's so shocking though for some of the people that watch the sports and we have such different emotional reactions based upon how the money we see from players like Mike Glenn and it's fifteen million dollars Allen Crabbe it's eighteen million dollars who worked more. Is worth more. Let who are worth more Allen Crabbe because he's making more money no could it mean you can depends on what you think quarterbacks are worth a lot of money. If you're gonna be the guy that touches the ball every single time on offense you better make sure that guys comparable. So I think their reactions when I see Kurt Warner do this and I and I watched these former players and were all one ball part of the brethren right now. On nine and her play in the NFL Crawford did though he's kicker. I'm excited. To watch these guys get their opportunities. And I value what they're doing and I I expect you get money just like Russell Okung got. And guys that get money because this sport is your year it's just going to be it's gonna be that way forever. These owners who never gonna change the NFL doesn't want it that way because it makes it fun what makes it also makes it known that when you show up to work. Monday through Friday. You know that your one play away and it pushes you bad teams when free agency. And that is basically the that is the story across all sports because good franchises. Draft well and you hound them for longer time. Ranked Greg good teams speed franchises don't win free agency. Yeah you know it's hard for me to agree with that because I think of about I mean I I agree with you little bit but in in the history of of sports for medallist strayed too Herschel Walker trade. You can always Trace a major impact full times of of game changing trades or free agency or even drafts. You're right but free agency in this day and age if you're really trying to base your team off of free agency you're not a good for instance. Eating gay club you can get your team over the top on Los Seattle when they went out in they got to you know cliff April and was it. Cliff April Chris Clemons and Brad Bryant on one up offseason is aid that was it was out of us victory for years ago. I think they got all of those guys in one offseason in two homer on the short term deals and name it big in gut indeed got them over the hump. Eskew quicker and arrogant you Seattle right now and use that example name a free agent that is come in. Other than Marshawn Lynch that is had a humongous impact on how well the Seahawks have performed. Because it's certainly not Percy Harmon it's not Jimmy Graham. I mean we're talking loudly descendants say I'd be cliff April it. Yeah a federal. And you can hit and miss the Marshawn Lynch was a free agent. Got a lucky. Knew that one really well pretty. So you can't always win we you have to build your core around your draft. Yeah he was released arms or was he release that was it to maybe was a trade out of was it to my demonstrates even now continues that example and death the freeagent. I think the federal. The liberal media but day again like you look at. If you look at. New England now they get themselves over the top with one or two free agents it's if you're relying on it go head to make or break your franchise. Got April and Michael Bennet in the same year rocked the myself and that those two were very. Yeah very factual yeah. Am I but it doesn't happen very often. No it doesn't it absolute. Lee does not I would say be more impact full with draft or trades. That it would be free agent. Mom definitely drag my opinion is from one of the greatest free agents ever begin at Michael Bennett style are texting we you know. Now what you're going to see agents ever well there there's a few of them blew it. I. I have tested. I was gonna retrain my thought because what I wanted to do as it was there there's that's a whole other discussion and wanna go off into the greatest free agents ever okay. In an. They knew once it went out of his interest. On. An easy disease like the sheriff. You know he's just an. Drama drama drama the quarterback carousel Plano like an episode of the bachelor instead of free agency. This is dusting camp.