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Dusty and Cam - 3.10.17 - Hour 2

Mar 10, 2017|

NFL free agency -- where are Tony Romo, Jimmy G, and Brock Osweiler headed? Also, Nurkic fever and scary flying experiences.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning at this who really knew each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even born free GP. Which doesn't care. And the man who acceptance permissible jury document itself is a college all American gem Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty examine the more you know on 1080 votes. And the Chuck Norris day everybody. Degrades. Chuck Norris celebrating. His birthday you know held checked our system he's 87 75. Though. Housing. Chart Carlos rain Norris. Is 77 did where Lincoln is his first name really Carlos. Yeah. I did not know that. But you think chuck pusher for Charles yeah notes along for Carlos is that true yes. According to Wikipedia is Chuck Norris Latino. I don't think so I don't think you have to be you know you don't have to be those lower lows no kind of it's kind of weird day goes by chuck consider Karl low. Yeah tuck school where it's Hollywood stage names there. Had to check doors though data folks. Yeah abide by the way going in the break I did to that person I was gonna really think of we are talking agrees freeagent ever this person this text or texts in this new I was trying to think of Stephen house into the bills yes Stephen how skews the main kick. Hander Jack. Oh did you just try to convince me that kick that the country injured after it no Reggie White was the one I was. I wanted to the other he permitted that that one student is well it's home close to me he's the first guy were blocked in a game really. Now that go for it and it didn't go get it first dialing your throat of the walls man the F fifteen on the backside fifteen blunt that was an aim of the sound like something you'd like to you Crawford with. That was the name of the play I don't know what it'll fifteen blunt that's that was the name of the play I was on the right yeah. You're on the right and you had to get him yet the backside. And she. Eat. Chucked me aside. Isn't just a guru to job. Tells me out there you. Longer Rihanna felt he did he squared off milk. Absolutely and musicals do you ever coolest dude ever yeah I think somehow kick your butt Nokia posted. Keep working that's infuriating that isn't what you're seeing right there it's way more infuriating to have a guy. That is nice is you to death because you're just looking at an eagle can gimme some shouldn't at a time when he yet maybe that's why they teach sportsmanship because they know it's actually more infuriating it is more in period the guided his runs his mouth Vanessa let everybody know what he. That goes easy began to. The guy that knocks you over consistently. And then just goes hey I was nice try and ice how early he really hit me kind of. That's aren't they Ned Flanders youth right yellow I don't really yeah. There aren't there next time. Free agency is hitting peak reality show right now especially the quarterback position and that should not obvious prized anybody. As we have got three. Just absolutely bizarre K well four if you wanted to Kirk cousins and there. You've got. For truly bizarre. Scenarios playing out. In the NFL right now. We had every single respected reporter in the NFL was reporting earlier this week. That the Dallas Cowboys had several on releasing Tony Romo. Letting him hit free agency and moving forward with the clearing up your cap space men have a deck press got neither quarterback of the future. But apparently Jerry Jones decided bullet Jerry Jones. In had a change of heart is that now we're trying to fleece a team let's go after a trade. And see what we can get for Tony rounds. What do you make of this because it seems like this maybe hostage. It's here's what I make of this is mr. Graham has now become the Beirut the statement of choice of the media. And Tony Romo gave his combine that combines. Good bye speech. Did you did you happen look at his answer Graham and and listen to it yet he's he would wait for an easy is that his house is plotting the death his home weight room. With a Bob Dylan playing in the background without a busy trying to set and you'd. So somebody is told Tony Romo that he's no longer going to be with the cowboys or why would toner almost sit on in the ground with. Whoever's filming him that it was he holding it I don't know from somebody was filming him into and maybe his wife and some of his kids previous trainer can. Why would. The cowboys tell Tony Romo and Tony Roma's done this before his remembered during the season we talked about prior to having ducked press got. Be the leader and then Tony Romo was hurt. I said Torah was gonna go up and give a speech he's gonna get and do press conference and say how he's stepping back sure enough. He hit a press conference. That fired that week later. And said I'm gonna step out of the way there on a dime trying to do what's best for the team Geary is doing it again and now Jerry Jones is saying. Hold your horses scalpel is we need to get something for this got. In net buoy here's why you why they're doing this is because he cut and you get a bunch of dead cap space yeah you pull the trigger on the trade. He gone that we four point seven million dollars is gone in its entirety to another team. The problem that Dallas is gonna have here is that. Other teams know that Dallas can't afford to have him on in make any really any other moves in free agency right. They did just can't they're already over the salary cap. And they need to relieve that 24 point seven million dollars and notice that. And nobody will know in so we went over this yesterday. It really is coming down to two potentially three teens. That are going to be in these Roma sweepstakes where it's a team that rumble want to go to you contenders we yeah seed Tommy Houston or Denver. Or maybe if you did really likes what Jacksonville's done probably portals is what I mean that that's what Jackson knows is been said he stayed there are holding for yet but it if if he's. Intrigued by then it could be Jack's created they're saying now so it really is like two teams. That Dallas has to trade in those two teams now have the leverage knowing that Dallas can't make any moves him and their sit there like art whatever you know now. They're gonna wait another gonna do just like Adrian Peterson and all the veteran teams are waiting for guy he's gonna waited out. New watch too much money here is gonna let it cool on older veterans. In Denver has the ultimate leverage with having and not just Jefferson in that Paxson went down you re probably sick they did with an elite is going to be. It is the starter in the future to them and then Houston they got rid of rock cost Weiler. But that opens up a lot of cap space to go and have a stopgap guy if Dallas doesn't wanna Trace them so. I think the end game for this is Jerry Jones is gonna end up releasing him anyways right I would think so why would Tony Roma do that. He knows he's he's done as a cowboy. He knows it begin either way what you via trade or free agents someway somehow he knows that he's been told that I'm done. And I think that there's argument conversations with the agents. I think that's what happened. Is suddenly somebody found out that Houston was get rid aux Wyler in Dallas went wait a minute because how many football insiders can get that wrong. Every single one of them today on. Tony Earl was getting released yet how all those guys get it wrong girl connected to the same people somebody had buyer's remorse in the end up well. In its Jerry Jones that certainly didn't Syria just now is the skin the same B thing be said about Jimmy grew up close is your gonna count it's funny. About 0:1 AM our time here four of B 430 in Boston. Which is really sink in early. On Jimmy ground blows official in ceramic count the what do you guys have I don't have instrument is an attack mark that they have there no I would save verified. Account every check mark I think they haven't checked Omar remember I had no verified oh there you know I don't know whether they are sure there's a thing there's a thing his news dot thing with again that the dude I don't know his verified insert an account. Hattig heartfelt goodbye Obama knew very heartfelt is a site give you sell Boston thinks it is literally said peace Al Boston now thanks very it is patriots. Yeah at 4:30 in the morning that is pretty fishy so reserved blue. The patriots have traded Jimmy drop below 4:30 in the morning it's time when the jury grapples non Boston the deal is it wears you out he's in Chicago. He was out last night watching a black Sox said then that would mean you'd be 2:30 in the morning yet their time right. So now what you have. Is Jimmy ground below. It's still up. By the way and it's still on is it's gonna count the sleeping in he can't really say why doubt he's sleeping I'm sure his phone is below weighing. Up if you partied out last night like they say he did he sleep. He's aging is kicking down the door and dean Jimmie and one is going on now. Did there's a few things at play here. Did you mean problem get drunk with his buddies in say disobey funny and put that out. Okay then that means he's probably hacked. And exactly what happened in somebody changed his password in locked him out so he can't change it right exactly. My Greece that it covers the patriots three SP him. Said in this somebody very close to grow closes its hacker hoax. But do you find it odd that his agent isn't like coming out in saying hey guys you know this is a real. Wait a minute now we're talking about it agent that deals with Bill Belichick right who talks. Agents wise if you're dealing if you're current patriot. If you deal with a Bill Belichick and the patriots you know you don't discuss things publicly. Yeah but in Idaho and that he just treat to think about who we're talking about your guys agents not gonna say thing because everybody in the patriots organization right now is calling. And going what is going on you better not say a Ding word to anybody. At any point not only calling Bill Belichick probably going what in the world is going on but we're not talking about. This phone call that happened. Click so you can't like. Ears saying new England and have issue if Jimmy rebels agents at. We haven't heard that's weather yes Jimmy grapple has been traded or not absolutely be an account was hacked yes because the patriots want to be the ones that make statements not people on the outside. Is he's currently a patriot right now he's under contract as a patriot. Patriot people do not want anybody on the outside making common they wanna controlled in house yet that scene that mean that is. I I don't see why they would have an issue with aging and duties hacked. Order we don't know what happened Majid induces. Yeah I'll I would not be surprised if only eight patriot media person or something releases a statement I would not be surprised she I would expect that only. So teaming up may or may not be traded may or may not be hacked. So who paints officially been deleted as of them two minutes ago so he got it apparently may be mr. Graham. Or he woke up from his Bender and he deleted it. I don't know Q would you be bitter if your body grab your phone and in that. Ya I don't Dem is grounds for we're gonna have a discussion. And any discussion with you. You don't bring that you'd be talking much to him all Libyan. Could. Now you're too public to go to fisticuffs we just puts you in the outer circle is huge. Gunned you be sure I mean he shunned if anything it's if it doesn't affect him got a funny notes and that's not funny. The so we're talking about it is good frank if we're talking about it every game frank and it is his ex girlfriend. Scorned lover. We. Don't know and I don't I do you enjoy a good social media hack that's actually act not one between delete it can't act. Yeah so problem we don't know about but there are there was one trade that went down where the Texans pulled the record I'm Brock costs Weiler. And there's more to free agency did just quarterback drama one guy lands on a seed after Ginn burned just a couple weeks ago. In a bunch of former beavers have a new homes. This is dusting cam on the. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Any drop below conspiracy. Theory chances. You know everybody wants to your own in Jimmy grapple. Except for the Denver. Raucous. Because DC at their fans this. They had dated yet Q nine. In Denver held a poll we want to be your quarterback. They had the lists of Paxton lynch. Trevor Ximian Tony Romo and Peyton Manning. Romo got 4%. Manning has 6% Paxson it's 1080%. Of the people want Trevor Ximian. To be their quarterback in Denver well he's our community impact for him I guess so they like Trevor Ximian while Brock also other us on the analyst who's not and he's not on the Texans anymore if you put the look what what's the English description for it adds adjective as serviceable. The end of Brock also known and well Trevor Ximian. I'm give him that description serviceable quarterback no museum that sure conversation ends aren't. Serves aren't looking because it was better than serviceable really did an air. Wembley way about it guided C blew me away hold Ximian I I liked him better than Alex Smith. I did last year Alex Smith air. Trevor sent yeah began when nine and seven yeah okay strangely enough. Parent I think that he he reminds me a little bit how. Kirk cousins is in his in when he first got started. And I'm not gonna disagree with you on the ideal there remains to be seen but first people in Denver. Apparently daylight like Revver Ximian Jefferson in that some don't know what packs in the show. Brock costs other history yesterday. He's in. Any traded to Cleveland Browns this is so bizarre. They send their 72 million dollar quarterback just went one year India's DO TU Cleveland along with a second round pick next year. In a sixth round pick this year. Indian returned to Houston Texans got a fourth round draft pick in this years draft from the Cleveland Browns couldn't. Can it be a better example of how the NFL as a year years sport. I mean there that example right in front of you you try you pay somebody for what you need. And then all the said he went oops this isn't very good and he was terrible. You got to the playoffs she won a playoff game with him. You flip it played the patriots and you got exposed. If he got fired. Again thirty years sport while their playoff game was against deem most injury riddled team that we've seen the class in which is still one. You still wanna game you got you face the patriots you've played them decently. And yeah better than what you expected in the first half and expected to be that close in the first half now. In that playoff win Brock console other against the Oakland Raiders went to fourteen of 2560. Yards and a touchdown. As he was going against Conner took. Yes I do I get I do it the game when they're not very close of car would have been the court but. Who we knew happened Brock costs Weiler who would just one year and this is. I didn't we see teams trying to hold on and I'll give be used in credit bill O'Brien credit. For CNN on. This is not working this is and this is a bad move is Mike Smith their GM yeah yeah they decided to work you were cut me. And what does Cleveland get out of it because deal overwhelming consensus what people are saying at a Cleveland is. Dare get a cut Brock also up. What do they get out of the author with the get out of it picks picks picks to compile now remember how many picks I think it's they have eleven. Picks going in to this draft now they have thirteen. They have the first overall pick in the twelfth overall pick yes what are you trying to do you're trying to. Gain assets. Is one of my favorite things is. Assets well that's what you have you have a ton of picks you can package all of those picks up where somebody that you really need it. To me. Solid days out where you think and because I know the only one that's thinking that this is the group this is this has been thrown out there. The patriots want the number one overall pick for Jimmy growth low. But this might take the number well I pick up and seven other picks who knows how many I've seen a guy name Mike Dicky get a hold draft for one would label. On an RG three tie Paula Jim bigger problem yeah. Which was to first two seconds give it to me and I think a third. But if you look at what Cleveland has. Over the next two years. It's not just this year shaft is they've got four picks in the first two rounds this year they've got four picks in the first rounds next year. That is CEO of eight picks. In the top 64. Over the next two years which is a lot of good trade bait ends up in the idea behind first and second round picks as you're getting starters right you're getting guys in the first trend you should get a guy who starts routine almost as immediately. Right in this in the second round you're getting a guy that might not start this year but. The day before his rookie deals over his for four years I got better be productive for Iraq. And dad that's you yup C of eight guys in the next two years that you believe if you're Cleveland you can turn into starters. And Dave has so many holes on the roster. Mean if they do if they do decide to freedom man it she trying get Jimmy grapple. I unifil the other holes seeing in the enough did little to lure free agents to eighteen you include. Absolutely is and what is he works well and that is going to be the major question you Cleveland's the only team right now that I believe is set up. And is ready to be able to make a push for a drop if it's if there's anything it's gonna be done you know if there's any team that's gonna do it. Bill Belichick is not gonna hold any grudge because the browns is not the team that it was so it. That I dismissed him they called the ravens so there's an of the class and a fired and yet while that's a different browns organization that's a that's the ravens campus colon. This is a different franchise and he understands that he won't have to face them ever probably. Well for the rest of his Kircus Tom Brady's not simply the browns in the playoffs. Yeah and here's this though. Patriots don't have a lot of leaks Cleveland does ESPN's Justine Anderson. On is reporting that there are quote no trade talks involving Jimmy drop low and the Cleveland Browns and as of right now. So. Did dad is away in the circling back to this whole thing on why Brock costs while there might be cut is because you're trying to acquire assets to you there. Mr. Bush trade out and get a a guy like a drop low. Or you're just trying to get as many assets as you possibly can't. Dare I say we don't say this very often in a focus it's easily one sided a win win. In the NFL in per trade but doing them a solid that is the browns are doing the Houston a solid. Leaders are taking on absorbing a ton of cap space. When they haven't gone off woman in space in when they release Brock costs Weiler lending money what's gonna happen is that money's dead but he does have offset language in his contract. So if he goes and signs somewhere else. For whatever that contract is worth that comes off the books and so at the worst right now. The browns will be taking a sixteen million dollar hit me if Brock costs rather gets cut doesn't sign anywhere. He's fighting get sick is you know six years murdered sixteen million is going to be a bucks but you see guys like Brian Hoyer. Who got six million dollars a year to go to San Cisco. Right data depriving the market for a guy like Brock counselor somewhere in there serviceable backed up you can reliant. Easy get to come in we need games as starter probably not old but work if you put him in in a pinch is he going to be able lottery you know he can he did in Denver right. So now might be six million dollar so the pride and eat about ten million dollars arm on the straight. But. Or are all agree trade you're getting teams because I think both teams are getting what they want. One got rid of franchise killer that's office whether one absorbed picks you compile to try to get their franchise guy in. So I remembered the draft is not to April. Back to something the end of April and a which have a ton of time. You have conversations about what they're gonna do with those six. One other note Russell look him. He got to deal. Russell look in four years 53 million dollar volume 25 million guarantee deserves it unlike last year where he sent a Denver and got at least he's going to be a Los Angeles charger that's a weird to say. On that deal 25 million guaranteed he negotiated it himself. So you see that 53 million dollars barrels and is not worth it what he's got 45 million guarantee pretty much he got the money that he was supposed to get last year he got this year not so we did a one year stint and the chargers have been known to be number again with their. And news their business practices. And they've they've paid guys exorbitant amounts of money they gave Russell look at one a small note from that trade is that many believe Russell tune in the chargers violated. The tampering rules are because he doesn't have an agent yeah in agents can disguise akin contact teams and talk terms are between Tuesday Wednesday. Bill players couldn't talk to teams until 1 PM Pacific time on Thursday. His contract was set in stone. Mere hours after that 1 PM so they're saying there's no way they could have. Dude and I can uninteresting new year into Sydney cable TV 53 million when he fed guaranteed okay sounds good. So is our law and order dropped right now yeah they don't many people believe the end this is. Clear cut tampering with the NFL and so but accusing go prove broke through it took my phone delete. There you go right there with easing its pre treatment don't destroy your phone Russell I don't do it just delete everything on a. A historic. A historic night for the Bosnian beast of the reached is pretty rare in the last thirty years. Right now those Crawford to sports and this isn't just Ian jam in the morning you know until Canadian Australian. Abusive and our kids had a big night for the Portland trailblazers we sat on display in the 114108. Win over the Philadelphia 76ers. And our kitchen going. Nine of eighteen from the field 28 points twenty rebounds. Eight assists six block shots. Two steals in the game. It was a massive game if we elk and a new Indy as you're watching you going goodness. This is impressive. But how impressive it was is only the beginning in the last thirty years XS 31 years. Only Shaquille O'Neal in Charles Barkley. Shaq and sir Charles are the only guys to you have a line of at least 28198. Sixth that doesn't happen case this. This just doesn't happen you don't get to throw up those numbers and say that's an anomaly it's not real so what's going on Portland right now we have mean meter pitch. Fever. Call it what it is pitcher and a here's the thermometer in your round what hours ago on Friday Turkish feel harassed checked out so I I sit here and show our values you rectal thermometers anymore no you don't need to do with. We're talking about moral stopping bullying said wherever you put that he put it your ear out for most the time off I'm still under the tongue. You we have won nearly we have one of the forehead skaters sure qualities you guys didn't mount Eden you know have kids student. Yeah I had and haven't my temperature taken in years track so I spent. About five minutes try to figure out how to tweak to mr. Bosnian beast I needed I needed to figure out something unique because I don't know. I can be a little bit to get as you say this property before he gives leaving the obligatory magic Twitter feed. Okay yeah you know you usually I just cozy. Love the offer for me sir glumly grade guys happy I'm not setting that they'll always write you a little bit more okay so I went out we'll get follow act came Cleveland I did a little research. And I sit imam gonna meet true. There. You imam drug mean to you know that. I've got the fever I'm looking Mirotic. EI and AMG. ER OZNICU. Hockey mom grows the need to. Arts and Q. OK that is Bosnian for do you have if I've got the fever you know it Disney I've got takes a little bit of effort I appreciate honestly did you what did you use use Google Trends like ease Gulu translate about the best thing you can deal well. Yeah either barreling down in my local Bosnian restaurant and ask them less than there actually is one by my house of trying to very cohesive market to go there with me so I can swipe my foreign tell you I have markets B were you on earth need to. You've got it you've got and you've got whatever that that's that whatever that he wouldn't you just said there there. You have it that's impressive I applaud you for going down the roads are using Google only use than native language. Amendments that's now joined our Portland. Wonderful city and is doing things for us his basketball fans. That we've been waiting for from a big man for Ole I don't know I having in mind the whole theory now moving forward is the Portland trailblazers should do nothing. But draft eastern European centers if there ever gonna draft or sign a center in must be eastern European. Because they've done it twice and it's worked out pretty good in sabonis and no wreckage gallon cell move on tour this came as a free agent. But not a draft electrodes. They drafted and he couldn't he couldn't come. Moeller for the longest time that's right because this'll seventy million deal but more and get cold Cold War cold or Enron and later. But it really happy to this picks to talk about Bosnia real quick here. After one of their cages. Blocks are baskets last they'd dig into the crowd there is like three Bosnian women pulling up a flag in the audience CDC data in the crowd them I was there last night you guys see that. Yeah I did they were very attractive right behind the bucket yes. Well yes they were white who would you have heard me and honored to be locked down into the have you heard of the eastern European women my eye out okay and where are like. That's cool I don't know I like it's like cool that CB board the Bosnian flyer heard an attractive women in Europe girl I know there's Arkin women I notice. No I'm not like I'm not stunned by anonymous saying it's and it's cooler than you tune they are what am I never did they just look down upon him glide not news gonna go to triple double. In that game I was told revert dribbled a woman and T and noble yet there is it there's a run where. He is put them some good numbers and entries does decided to put a Monday on the bench for awhile. Ernie miss CF thirty he'd ever played 38 you do it all a lot of minutes he says he still not very good shape yet what he's locking up the floor at the end of regulation. Think he's a sweater to be noticed. Well yeah he's heavy sweater these guys are heavy sweaters are going to be like pounds he know that but everybody is different every sweats differently you know. I think that. Are gonna have like use of generic it's I've gotten to assist away and Mike and done deal easy money. And then the blazers melt down started happening where he couldn't afford to pass the ball anymore he had to shoot. Everything because Jerry we're making his shot went in there were two heat he pat kick out to offer continue wide open in the corner and missed a wide open three. Dame came off that he had the ball is seen doing his he holds the ball like it's an apple. Like people say grapefruit know he'll like it's an apple I look at his and her school and dangerous comes like around and he's segment plots are right Lola tee and he comes up mrs. right. They're in those are huge debt on night. Nick could have been triple double territory. And he's special is special cat is he the second best passer on the team right now from what you've seen the you coach I don't now owned me me nature facilitator. Yeah keep that offense flowed around what he was able to do to run him over him pass the most heartless over the top and has bounced past the dame. I can't think right now these are the best facilitator other than dame. Out there on the court I know CDs you mean he he's pretty good passer. Allen Crabbe is not gonna be known for that nobody else it's not Farouk. The heartless no I think he's the number two facilitator a nineteen year. Own Bob Griese on the this team need does need to cut down on turnovers though. Costner is out they turn the ball over so much wealth being aggressive right. We look at it that way or seven on the out of bounds line or stepping on the out of bounds on the ball good inexplicably during the ball out of bounds at eleven seconds ago you and protect the basketball. Turnovers are just like in football that it is through their points off turnovers as your opponent. Trying to drive through lane to lane off your legs and there's been a lot of legs really ugly ones can we not forget. Do we forget. What Americans did. With the last what was it 28 seconds left in the game which he swatted the ball off the foot was a co was who was it that he got that he stop the inbounds play. Yeah of course an internal and external huge yeah man number. Yes he did you see that we're nimble yeah I like that he is you know yeah. He can move. Huge play how many guys are that aggressive on an inbounds play that was the changer there is that we went to voice the four points and then the other one I really like I like this. I really do like the set that they run and now high low action where he just walled off I'm in on the number 22 is truer the 76ers who is at work yet. But he just absolutely. Walled him off underneath the bucket. And you you inbound Hines is such an easy pass in the blazes have not had the Billy needed to Zachary does. That's awesome design especially when you have some. Little stick power forward trending down and markets use face forward mixing a ball goes up top reversed spirit I got it right there two free throws later a unity in a junker found him I like him he's really get. I was wondering what people in Denver thought. Of what's going on right now. They're not very happy about it they're not happy with the way that this is going but there are some people like have a Latino like. What decent markets is doing right now. Is exactly what Denver envisioned him to do it and become and in the player he would be. And they said that he was getting close their remember it was a regression and he didn't pan now whatever happened. He just shut down mentally when they brought in. Yokich right nickel Yokich. Indy when they bring him in he's like. Yeah why why are you bringing another senator it's one of those things or draft in the best available player you know. It's done is stunted his development in Denver confidence now as. Changes scenery are huge for players we've seen it I keeping them miles letters a guy who would benefit from one yes and as a did you just get. Don't get benefited right now. Personally I think Meyers Leonard knew better player now with this rotation what he's seen what he's asked to do he's not asked to come in India monster point getter he's not a guy that need to worry about. That is what you sift us he changed this the whole perspective of this team. And how they run and how they play defense how they play off that we have got to get a five blocks in the first quarter we know I I haven't seen it since I've been here. Everybody's been a good record was a role that's for sure. And it was an LA he was in the best Richie he could do it but that's not what he was. And about let's see how it A and again we talked about this earlier if you mr. conversation earlier good let's go to our podcast at 1080 the fan dot com but. I am going to be really interest emanating good teams. That are well coached in the book starts to come out on how they defend mr. blazers team is there's a lot of teams that just don't know how to defend them yet. Because it's different it's far different third option ticker things see now. All right five countries terrified that is the text signed conference tournaments and a few upsets that may be good for the pac twelve but the biggest upset. Had nothing to do with those happening on the floor. This is dusting camp. This isn't just didn't jam in the morning on 1080 sound. The luxury of flipped on the TV lots we'll midmorning basketball yeah yesterday. The Big Ten turning that was on the for the pactel tournament. So yeah. I'm back in my desk and I'm watching. Illinois one or warming up their game against Michigan. In Michigan players are in their. Lou she insurance. Looking cute. And then all of a sudden they get ready for tip off in they were wearing practice jerseys. Innocent here going wait a minute. This looks on they're wearing yellow Jordan brand practice yours they had numbers on them no names or anything on the back the big yellow Jersey is in. Blue shorts. President Mike what I scored on I don't they have their uniforms of them and it turns out that you know there was a report that their plane had. Had had a an issue taking off on Wednesday. In a they had to make an emergency landing in kind of skated off their online but there were details are few and far between about. Well it turns out that. That airplane crash. Almost killed the University of Michigan basketball team. It's banned eaten in about. It there I think in total 109. Band members players coaches and coaches' families now are on the all on the plane. Where. There were high winds is they were taking off from the airport Michigan. In as the plane went up the pilots that something's not right. Brought a bag down the landing gear snapped and they went skating off in the ended up about a hundred yards from a ravine. Where a plane. Would have gone down that wherever he goes up and claims that he emergency landing one player. And it had to get stitches. Because a couple luckily everybody's okay well but because their flight is under that the airplanes under investigation. They couldn't get any of their uniforms off off of the plane. That's scary all right you and I'm not the greatest flyer IE I half I just. Flying all the time green in the NFL the no matter anytime the plane would shaker any turbulence I'm not that guy OK I'm I don't Ayman extreme white knuckle flyer. Unlike. This is that I can imagine being on that that plane and seen and especially when you're sure going which said do tournament here. Get us used to determine. And then they have to. Oh what a load the plane. Date what is pretty just you had players thrown off the doors and doing the do the slider slider down slides apparently. Be when their coach had it was anti jet fuel cause of deed. Engine was smoking nick dot plane is gonna blow up scary it's a senior jet fuel all over his face is trying to get everybody unloaded and kind of make Germany gets a safety scare. I dare could be in Nike huge. I. Did you imagine now what they had. They don't solve died may you know that's that's the scary now have you ever had eight thank you say your bad at flying. I've had a bad flight but I never had that kind of experience a came on an airplane. Okay well I got a couple are critical critical drops where idea what I haven't turbulence yeah I have a couple pilot friends of mine bit. Dole's they're like look don't pass execution get scared when the when the flight attendants are scared at today's vote exit. That what you there's been some significant drops that I've been a part of that is sent me into it oh my goodness yeah I'm sure their people out there that had experiences flying. Or had those. Where oh my gosh I don't know what to do you use out of control I'm one of those things were I fight it's he in front of me be better. So I just I just it's in don't know if it's scary just to think about what those guys are. How did that everything you are on. It was a 737 that was Alaska flight is huge plane yet that what's a good sized plane I have my bad turbulence where in nothing luckily like that that we had to dip down. In we're talking drops it felt like I'd dropped. I was at the what's the ride in in Disneyland about tower tower of terror and that's what it felt like I was on the tower of terror. I just hate I hate when there's turbulence and I'm flying and I'm hung over again I'm flying back from like a Vegas Orleans trip. And you know you're just kinda yeah you know huge is kinda not feeling right are ready and in the plays are shaking like not today police. CNN anything close cause either I'm never had any it's close besides the usual turbulence it's a little scarier idol. Nothing you bad man nothing do Batman I did have the onetime over the PA or the like is there a doctor on this flight you know that thing real idol it's. Haven't I had that too because I as an empty and I had some of them and heart attack right next do you see Jerry next next deal yeah. Did what happens what we got we landed very quickly let's put it that way but you need he made it help yeah we all had that there was one and one other. ER nurse that was on the on board the ears and commandeer nerd. It felt that there are set to another like god that's so we stabilize them and did everything we could look he had his nitro pills with them which was which is great yeah but yeah. Larry. Now XT yeah right next to me while. And if anybody else's I think I never have like a terrible flying experience luckily knock on wood I know we had a buster or bus caught on fire. And we just had delight scurry did you get off it get often and we had to get all of our bags from underneath Abbas but it wasn't like the buzz is gonna explode. It's only in the movies or something you're waiting for the guys you're running it well there's just do X ball on the busing two under Reeves takes over an hour no we did not have wildcat drive in the last. Hole look this way how much this if your pilot this guy who says very weird text line. 55 through fire at a flight one time the pilot said quote. It's not going to be a pleasant flight but it will be legal I hate. That data don't ever see that happening now Abbott and me actually recently they said we're gonna suspend all beverage service during the flight turbulence is gonna be way too bad in house like but it wasn't that bad those kind of like like day having a pilot say that is like having the anesthesiologists as the giving you the gas like oops yeah that's a classy here before you know well. Apps yeah out of there's kind of a bedside manner you should have faith repaid. My guy had a nurse do that to me when I was going in for surgery I had mice showed up here's the thing that don't tell is this it this texture brings up. 888 name that. Popped into my head yesterday when this story came about. Does the name Austin hatch ring a bell to you. Austin hatch is a kid that he was a top flight basketball recruit. Who. Was in a bad plane accident he'd committed to the University of Michigan. Bos and a plane act crash with his dad is dead ended up dying in it. Prior to that hatch had been in a plane crash and he survived it. Austin hatch. Medically retired from basketball last year and Michigan. He's not on the roster had he'd kept playing it would have been his third ago plane crash of his life in and it's time to move to Alaska. Right in the with the barriers or big East Coast where everything is have been driving distance and you just never out of it Alaska like the guy that it was on PBS this story alone in the woods what have you ever seen I would just be that guy. What's that guy. What's that it was as a bush planes what's the name of that show in LA Alaska bush people. Now the united acknowledged at least I have one that was just about airplanes and going in Alaska the piper there's certain yet plane that can take off and there are my feet are we sure there's bush people Alaska there are bush began watch Alaskan bush people. Dad died in a great show what they're going to show a strong and aborigines died mill you know where people live in the bush English. In you it's. No now do all nighter when people that live live and off the Libre but the bush was frozen up nevermind forget I don't watch the show watch Soriano got up. Its main skating thing. You know those planes they crashed more than any other ones in the world. Because it did conditions so that's Alaska not to Goodman. The desert. That's in the desert. Man Eric. 55305. That is six and please send us your horrifying travel stories. And hopefully everything's okay with your travel stories please. Please it's always awkward it's often offensive it is exceedingly entertaining it is out scrap for a weekend would you rather in its next.