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Dusty and Cam - 3.10.17 - Hour 3

Mar 10, 2017|

Weekend Would U Rather, Redskins are a shitshow, and Blazers dodge a bullet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning with a dusty narrow and ten Cleveland that. I doubt we'll go about it. Online yeah. Just didn't jam in the morning and uncheck any you know sale and. I am done wow. I'm of these so these experiences everybody's texting in. Yeah it's not. Talking head man well. That guns thank your lucky stars is what you do you know. All of the military once the guys are about their military experience is on their home. I can't and then put that in respect you guys have to deal with and league east and a cargo planes you do not submit and. I'm good flew into Denver in the plane dropped in the little lady in front mile all the way to the ceiling smash her nose. Wear your seatbelt yeah that's limited winner of Lindsay who you know. A plane got struck by lightning while flying back from England. Plane dropped a hundred feet as basically saying to back it up due to a delicate Titanic in the middle of the Atlantic at that point. And you sound like you can even hope like safely crash landing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Now you know you're on the route of in Malaysia airlines in that case disappear disappearing off the face the earth. They keep them come and they're actually agree more Sharon at five factories your five. But before me that it's always awkward it's. Often sensitive this exceedingly entertaining its preference we can we had to get too little. Allied missiles or your other flyer on the world at Austin Hatcher captain crabbing boat in the bearing seed. We don't have to answer on the say it was. That's your first would you railroad and I don't know though I doubt it was like where they don't know about the towel now the text I don't I liked about that was a good tax. I'm hatch the Michigan basketball player he's been in two. Airplane accidents where he lost his siblings and his mom once and his dad to step mom another time. And he medically retired in. Missed a missed on the third or who's behind us viewers got to keep getting struck relating to keep it as that goes with this at seven times this is that the gravity crude Sparky. Okay let's talk about dangerous things Erie in Foster reportedly thinks he could fight a walls. Right not to beat the walls in a fight mainly because. He has studied the walls in because he has opposing thumbs up and says he studied the wolf you're just able to agree movies. Many never cry wolf never seen it. I heard the story of the boy who cried it's great okay excellent my question is which mammal would you most want to use square off against now the chances of gas. Are high in all of these instances the first one will go with the walls. Can you should means you Graham video of the big wolf very large pool and I looked up world's most dangerous mammals polar bear topping the list. They always ask each you learn your outstanding earning his. Full results dock you for weeks that really just to learn your habits and they figure you out then go and Gilliam it and music. Is so wolf. Polar bear. Slow Lawrence you guys over the slow Lawrence. Is one of the few mammals in the world with a venomous bite. So it's like a little kind of monkey type leamer critter and lives in Bangladesh in northern India. But he looks adorable yet and I'm really cute apparently there. Indeed injured partially because a lot of people try to keep them as pets to their cute. And their poisonous yet available kill you there's no Anna David their venom venomous bite yes the venomous bites. They Lincoln gland and then they bite you and you and you die. Guaranteed gas. But they're cute so maybe you can put punt it away like a football. Eyes drop to their wolf polar bear or slow Lawrence my gosh include their teeth out with. And you know clippers yeah I apparently their teeth Spansion nice little some on the black market I hate that. The venomous gland gas seat action now one. The whole venom thing is what freaks me like them venomous guy with a tooth from dune. You're seeing do neither comedy movies did you get a reference in this single and a ninety as the toothy. Cracks that kind of thing do you need it on the do you hope that he OK okay I'll put on the list right there are. I'm going polar mayor. It'll be equate Decker yeah yeah I think so too that's kind of what I was they don't want to have these slow venom death. He's Jill Lawrence. No there's no antidote. And I'm gonna this slow lowers because they can fit in your hand which means second kick at. I can keep it and there's a chance that I break when it slams. And before a combined mean killing I think I have the best chance against the slow horse. I had three maasai got bit by a rattlesnake. That around and you guys know no. Although you can survive that Dalai stayed in the lived in briefly off seasons and Arizona ski out of the golf cart. In between came back to the golf Kurt. Very large rattlesnake in the color in under the low earth and very large. Yet rattlesnakes. And did in this receiving about them is that before they value their clients. And there is there room rattles a warning together then you end previous small warning if they're gonna strike you they'll go silent and that would hurt. Terribly police there's an image. Anecdote and it ended up speaking I'm not and small started again today come on today's small story out of that anybody today the symptom. Such as Dodd speaking of Austin hatch in play crack at a friend. That's been in like three car next and is seeking of Austin had worked earlier that I know where I don't president would you rather repeatedly no I just remembered that he also has been repeatedly and accidents with cars that are bad I'm very curious to hear a day I was looking up. I liked always include a through one does is right on my hunger starts peaking and arousing a deep funk fast food items that were basically considered failures. And you guys might some of these are older like these are little bit before my time so maybe you remember these the bell beat her. It was like a Taco Bell sloppy Joseph with taco meat in between two hamburger buns the belt before it sounds terrible the mic DLT. Deseret hear about that. Tila is AJ it doesn't mean McDonald's burger. And it was in a styrofoam container the veggies and all that or not but I remember they were kept coal that was two sides is grizzlies like you folded together and you could dressing yourself you and your veggies instead of holding Chris from the murder in the the bond in the paddy on the other side I remember the big deal seated good idea I grew up with the foam holders. Yeah styrofoam apparently is bad for the embarrassing it or jury duty another movie with Pauly Shore at Pauley shore where the guy who goes crazy his murder because of styrofoam in the landfill and I was in a Manila time. My buddy sat next to Pauly Shore on a plane for connecting all these different dots if you can make and I thought. Other third option is the mix the daddy yes her over the makes the Getty. I don't but apparently McDonald's for a limited time offered spaghetti you know little container and as Kim and a team Canada in they had pizza McDonald's in Canada there it is couldn't. These get deep thinking I didn't get much McDonald's experience among may be split happy meals my sister and gone with the deal T yo it's what you wanna bring back basically I think the deal tees actually good idea. The make deals I do make the yes are what is the deep. Donald's. We make McDonald's LT well I make vowels in the big mic. Yeah I think it it. But I really feel it's a political play on words dust is like the blt the make DLT yeah. Well I don't Reynolds. I'm bungle on its feet and bring back styrofoam nominally DOC and I wanna try the bell beef for. That sounds like diarrhea that. That's a month but also lay low and drained you at about 1 o'clock in the morning what did you guys you know it is now on product is. Is yet let's go get a shelter a bell beaver and they'll be heard. Why you see me my friends go to the bathroom at 1 in the morning snow ice and you know I think we did earlier began daddy had that's true. That's true okay I'm okay so Iran is reportedly dating. Guys are about adapted for yes we did talk about that yes I know your producing her seriously I don't know we really appreciate and I asked the question is set something up and you got nick. Radio is theater of the mind maybe some more listening yesterday okay cell. Pilot Doug jailer had the number one album. In 2001 he self titled Jalen. I'm so my question is I looked up other female stars singers musicians. That a number one albums in 2001. That peaked at number 1 and I am my cushions to would you rather date. Out of these three assuming you were single. Obviously both have also lives really need to. Nominee it's. Portland depending on how did this this is a night bring an end okay no candidate is more than well here's the other three all married again. Here's the other three female artist you had number one albums in 2001 Janet Jackson Hole. And letting Britney Spears. Or Aaliyah. Who are IP data plane crash. The lead did die and playing great he's got a little of that white trash here. Now you are little. Is saying she's got a lot of white trash America do for my eyes when my doubters crazies purity is. I don't know. I don't know that I had a real things really do you unassuming kind of saw that goodness I didn't know she was dead. In just two days ago in a plane crash by the way yes Craig told me yeah. Yeah and in terrible tragedy Dominican he's behind on is he's yeah he's filming a music video right out there and made. They overloaded the plane now. I'm going Janet Jackson. Yeah. She's she's really at the end for me this vision of why he treasure crazy and it. I mean I like Janet I want what you and Brittany had the same narrative we did we did shaved heads we've gone both gone crazy to get back up. Yeah but 2001 Britney was a different animal. That was reality victory one more time. That's that was the east without the snake and MTV awards. It never Sheehan python honor and I am MTV awards him number two doesn't three with her and Ginny kissed. I thought it was a Madonna Madonna wow now I'm talking. Now we're talking. I'm now is that during doubles. So is like everybody's. You know testosterone is our peak pole and you like a long night. And I'm gonna go early on this and not only leave as hot here in the area I'll go with the lead to you man and go Italy two days a little Britney. There. You see that guy I think he was pitching for China. He wore what appeared to be dress she was out to the mound in the World Baseball Classic now I don't have his name here in astronomy but at GC event. Wearing dress she he. Is 37 I believe retired. Apparently didn't have they were cleats they looked like dress shoes OK so my question is would you rather. Pitch. A complete game in dress shoes and imagine that blister. Or editor. We intently tips sure we just know when to and it's cool did you really gaming sure whatever. I don't I don't know how or cowboy boots honestly if that's madre issue of choice. Obviously it's in Indian addressed Q did you dress shoes or. For a whole year you're shoot you have to Wear everywhere is a football cleats. Imagine wearing cleats everywhere. I is that he's done enough you've got a lot of sound though they click clack sound. There is really great salads a baseball cleats sound now are you know and we would metal cleats hard classes I'm tired or tapped danced everywhere I was going directly quickly. Who don't have curtains here in my life. I always wanted to learn how to tap dance. I mean I would love to be non Indian river dance that's what I wanted guys it's not usually it's who. Feel like I want the Ted Danson and I'm going to join like Jim dyke my daughters and a dance the night she'll get in advance of the actor had all day. Because have a great data Argo to tap dancing with him teensy great ICC Billy will want to do it myself I took months of swing lessons with my wife I was a ballroom dancing in college I think it's awesome apparently Portland has a big tankers in easy to have been square dancing promenade. Yeah all I know you learn now he knows double school in front how to promenade and now we square dancing was a hole like a persona got a hold hands with a girl like that was probably needing that's. I Don and she wouldn't hold my hand I'd simply follow mud but he met someone dresses. Are also going your shoes I'm going cleats maybe. Respect to meeting clinic last collar Tilton the class home. I have an iPhone colored leather cleats your going with he. Chris. Are you going with the LA river rated above the bell beef or if you add that they'll be for Texas some point. I just I'm open to do some bell beef in this weekend. Allred sentence that they'll be for sense and something you pay for it on the corner she's. Don't make sense do you get in the Tom Brady's. Take home mile rail you don't held no Tom Brady's ninety MLB for a noble what's with the businesses are both a purple area. You get approval cared OK are you really read the bill beaver you better put on your blue apron Rick. Oh they sky six and planned. Aren't our IP Aaliyah man nearest him fiercely as Hersh or send them back next yeah. And an update to restore from a day go red flags keep flying around the red skins. Testing came on the tenth career. This newsroom just jam in the morning on 1080 okay. So I wanted to land in and we're gonna get similarly there was none in the system suddenly Cannes favorite son. Running second round and. This time yesterday we are talking about to be Washington Redskins. In mid dysfunction. With the Scott McClellan there a general manager their front office being a joke all the wide receivers leaving. And then we'd heard. That you know they'd. Negotiated trade for Kirk cousins with the 49ers because the fact that he hates Mike Shanahan Kyle Shanahan dad. And there's bad blood there. Well yesterday. A couple of things came to ahead. Scott McClellan was fired. Yesterday they let him go. And here's agency part. We're talking about just how kind of back stab me that culture is there. Immediately. There were leaks from the front office that. It was because inclusion as a drinking problem again. Ranked he had a drinking problem in San Francisco is a case he's drinking Guinea shows a drunk in the locker room all this stuff. And that is something that Chris. Cooley. Right Chris Cooley the former tight end for Washington. Who's very good friends with Daniel Snyder infect Daniel Snyder's giving him a radio show in his the insider for her sing Chris Cooley reports. And because its days station owned by Daniel Snyder the earth and music maybe started drinking again and got. I don't know it is like OK we're all a little bit nip this in the bud in right. Well. So all of these it started coming on this kind of smear campaign campaign against. Scott McClellan. Well yeah all Mike Jones of the Washington Post has been sitting on some information about Scott the clone for quite awhile now. And he's been hearing these kind of compiling all of these. Accounts. Of what really detentions have been in Seoul. As all of these leaks are coming out. Mike Jones this and says most teams there are busy signing free agents Redskins are misery firing their GM who every one who worked with him play for him. Respected I was told late in the season jealousy at the top when mom would one day use Google off they would use one block I'm. The cleanse drinking as an excuse to can him and that's exactly what's happened the players his coaching staff and even as coaches all respect him. And appreciate. McClellan. And then he starts going one not and he's he's talking about all of these instances in these reporting always is is is he saved up to where people are stopped and said how much they love him. In how much it affected Bruce Allen the GM led the team. Yeah what about the story to that is also be reported that. Scott Collins ability to relate to the players in fact he was. How do we reprimanded so much for during a practice that a player gutsy guy disgruntled went to the locker and Scott came down. The clue and had the interaction with the player to get up to the office. In talked to him off the ledge in a sense and that's when Bruce Allen came to don't ever go on the locker room again don't ever talk to those players. Do you realize in and I I've learned this in leadership and and that's kind of when I've played for certain coaches are certain ownership sort definitely certain head coaches. Great head coaches are great people that are massive dictators and are so insecure. They find ways to get rid of everybody that successful underneath them you'll and they will sabotage people they are current micro managers. They're so intimidated and insecure. That they can't have people that are successful or light underneath them so what do they do they come off in the fire and they get rid of him and it makes them. Being the top I look at what Washington is and I see an organization with a dysfunctional leader. In Daniel Snyder if you can just see it permeates you can see exactly a guy that can't handle when people are better than him or more success. In he has a landing in Bruce Allen who is his yes man dip in props and up but has the same complex dysfunction in this function on dysfunction. Good leaders never allow that many people are saying they added that. Nixon's departure from the team in the riding on the long is the reason why Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson left the franchise in free agency Flickr and others want and is why Kirk cousin wants out which is the report that came out right after. We got off the air this guy came from Chris mortenson. Several other reporters after that confirming or not confirming but also reporting the same thing from a lot of their sources. On always that. Kirk cousins went directly to gain a cider. Leading free trade. And and he was told without a tray without a long term contract. I want and I want to be treated either give me a long term contract and show me guys are committed to me. Or trade. Why would you ever. As a quarterback or as an owner either way. Why would you ever wanna be part of a franchise who number one doesn't commit to you and for your future and then on the other side is the owner why would you ever want somebody that's plain for you. That's disgruntled or were. Doesn't want to be there it just did this function of how that it interaction yeah starts with ownership and how you set precedent. If you don't fix that and you don't allow that to actually work itself out in you get this kind of interaction you get. The dysfunction and searched trickle down through general managers because obviously Scott Pickens got that voice of the players and he has an idea of the guy he wants and there's Purcell and then there's Daniel Snyder. Well in here's that here's one of the reasons why DN Snyder. Wants power. And he never has liked or liked Kirk cousins because their number one pick that you remember seniority to your rectum. It was RG three and then that was being a signers love affair that was his pick that was his move uber sound forced it. I Cheney hands pick. Third round pick right so there is this grudge that he has that I will hold it against the guy that Shanahan picked to. Was the right move in richer. It was it that's the guy but I'm not giving in to Shanahan who is right about him who wants and who likes him. I'm gonna sit here I I can hold them hostage and that's exactly what he wants to do and Kirk cousins once trade they denied him of it. Instead donate it's paid being traded so it's not that and that is the most confusing part. Is that we talked about the story yesterday Daniel Snyder. Refused to shake Kirk cousins handoff after he won his first game is just not. Superstars and it really is a confusing for me it really is and it's it's. It's more of an example as we all those people up early surge arm their cars driving to work with somebody that you know that's in a leadership position that can't get out of their own way. Or is that person that is so vindictive that you have to go in and have to tread water so much when you walk and to your business or your job you have to pander to them. To their ego and listen to them because they hold the power of you hold the job and they don't allow you be the best you can that's exactly what the scenario is at a high level. And you get to see dysfunction just show itself and ended it it's disappointing because you can see the potential I know their Redskins fans and I think that. Jay gruden is an excellent coach but he just dump all this talent gone and there's nothing he can do about it you do anything about Anthony can you but the game and extensions so we can extend his. Stay him dysfunction. He should lobby to bring and his brother to be the GM. I'm becomes fun when. That's never happening there he mcdaniels and certain news. John I mean the agent for patriots quarterback Jimmy drop below. Has released this statement. Jimmy's social media account was hacked end of statement. Saying it that's so sad about his bars they're gonna go on that. Not for sure be a patriots person maybe there let me slip here so I don't know it's why let it slip yeah well here's the thing is that the ultimate. Middle finger that Belichick could give is to actually traded now. Do you would you be surprised no. Oh so that's one housekeeping note. I've got another went to. And updates to you former blazer Clifford Robinson. Has come about. So we'll give you that in the blazers did something I sent them done all year. Here's Crawford sports owner. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on ten ladies love him. He nearly a year ago. There's governance we can figure out how we let. Updates. The status of Clifford Robinson one of the fan favorite here in Portland. Mr. had been himself. On the EU we found out a couple days ago that he has been hospitalized at saint Vincent's with an undisclosed illness families asking for privacy. On his former college basketball Coach Jim Calhoun. And UConn. On told teams see that he has spoken to you welcome clicking. In that he is resting and recovering. He said quote but he had something sitting on the couch something happened to a medically there working on that now yesterday. He was on the improvement side which is great news. When asked if prognosis was good he replied yes but like I said. I'm what he had was very usual for young guy. So take without what you will I wish him if you fast sounds. Since very said Graham and hills where he lived out there. You know had had several interactions with him including his brother went ties with his brother. Some reason. And when a 2000 swimming in stuff Aminu is oak cliff who's. You know around this area and still lived here locals with a split feet Gil and his whose business is we need we business is REIT weed growing up. So that's yet day two uncle cliff he in his situation. Gosh. Man. Sudan immunized against. They're your fifteen told me this number you'll financial hostile. All right but the team that he played for the Portland trailblazers here and people themselves on a look at the tailspin last night not. One of those games where he sat there and you led. Going down your level a little bit and a half the level of your opponent that is they had a game that they always seem to find to Italy's ordaining Millard is six of 21 from the field. On in CJ McCollum touted bear the load and carry the team. And turnovers late turn overs over the course of the game they had nineteen last night. I you have a big lead they squander away and you gave wiggle room for the 76ers to give a chance to win that. They found a way to pull themselves out of those games that we talked about just yesterday I should we give a little. More credit to the 76ers. Prices are Sar is it gonna say its arch Dario sarge are too who's a who's a rookie and probably really good rookie probably going to be your rookie of the year this year has certainly enmity and coming tennis certainly the blazer killer now that I wanna call it is he is JJ Barea. And Julio locus for us all be big myth. And you may have a little bit of a hot mess for the guy has talent and skill and he's thrown into the starting role because they give one's bad mean the other one's gone. If the blazers are at the point where were having to give the 76ers more credits. It now all. I I think this team is it's more playing down of the competition you know. You know. I mean Portland's better and that's. Even with those guys they say they're young they're rod they don't have a lot of talent around those guys the guys can be really good and right. Eight but it's gonna take a lot of time for them to be good at the blazers should run teams like that out of the gym like. On other good teams do to fill trust the processes with alias trying to say. Good luck with the coaches lose you know they are better although. We sit there and we look at ways and we talked about I'm just an an hour ago but it still had the biggest difference in that tailspin changing. Was your big in your ability to play inside out late in games bright edition the heat check three. That dame does it still happened last night but you didn't have to have it three straight possessions right. Now is usually those are that you would calling games those are positioned killers those are game killers when those shots don't go in from 29 feet. And he shooting out there he comes off the screen and that shot is not falling he had some really good open looks in mid range shots. It just wasn't follow me when you go what it was a 63 when he won a that's a tough night both for six from three. Usually that's a that's a kiss of death for the blazers you didn't have another answer well they had another answer he was uses near. And how important you know bill shall only owes you say you've got to make your free throws. They went 28 of 33. In that is another aspect as having a big. In the ability to use his screens up top. In that's and we talk about use of circuits is passing. Right and Israel protecting ability his scoring ability how well the fact that when Damian Miller to CJ McCollum get a screen up top. They actually get a screen and if there's going to be a body on a body up top now. And he'd win you're getting to the Iraq you're gonna get more free throw attempts right Eric Dane gets twelve. He goes twelve for twelve from the free throw line. You have a big who's back to the basket no other option when you're down there except for the talent he gets thirteen free throw attempts that was never happening before. No critical free throws ten for thirteen twelve for twelve Damon and four for four is CJ gets a couple critical free throws at the end also. Into the game in a free trip to new free throws. And screens were going to be the things we're gonna talk about most the time for the blazers to get a win. If but it that it shows you how far will utility now it shows you how far away they work. It should an 88 he had that we talked about deficiencies of a big man but. Mason plumbing was a power forward playing center right now but we and we said that we knew that. But it was really hard to see because he kept developing is actually far better than when he got here right this year was a great year for him. But he was so like we it's been so long since we've seen a dominant big body big man that. You didn't know what it was like. Now I know is going to be ebbs and flows with Isa market and I think that the grade. We are talking hero who was used in writer we said yesterday gave. The blazers would be great. For the for getting a first rounder for the impact this this man has broad right K I. Do I overreacting given a name I don't know if I'm ready to given and able boy it's on the cup the mean an 89% in ninety. Right now a I get over react as a matter of my jobs on the line I might give an NA. From what I've seen these numbers have not done where who'd been Dugard Charles Barkley put up these numbers in an NBA game. There's only to you guys have aligned the ease of markets did last night in the last 31 years. And the NBA which markets is Linus died 28 points twenty rebounds eight assists six blocks and they are Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley cables are quality guys to be around. You think it. Now care how bad do you think Philadelphia 76ers. He. Did something last night at that this franchise is not seen in decades. The world from a big man and reimbursable. Big man yeah it's been along time it's been a long time we've seen because there's there's a physicist Alan gray go long was supposed to be. Right now you know better. I mean do regardless let's be better even than under rice's right. But I will. Again we'll see kind of what how teams adjust because that's the big that's big test. But right now the returns and going to be ninety person not high nines likely talking does that get. They got him in a first for a big Denver's got a B. Just debt is the Denver Nuggets are having on what is this guy doing it why in the world could we not keep him happy and not just why did we trade him but why couldn't we find a way to keep him happy. Because they've got aid they've got a senator and it's you know better. Statistically you know don't teach is better is it about fit how many times uncivilized and a lot of it is fit a lot of it is in finding a way to keep a guy mentally checked in. We've got so it's I think houses due June 1980% from the free Carolina Portland when he was 40% in Denver it's as easy as. Is he even fits your Portland he likes cities mentally checked in any can be just as easy to do those sorts of things but you know and Turkey's fevers now a thing. And Pete Larry ended up in IA you know what day is the cool thing about it and he's eating it up to. Dozen dead did you see Nike kid Nicky and east. Or hear him I'm gonna need to its. I gusher that's how it's sad. I care I know I was good to me. How was it said then. Bosnian critique her I love how would you go out Jimmy imam. I'm gonna meet you the great linguists dusty nasty sell your family you're speaking Chinese that doesn't sit gonna mean joke that I'm strategies. Yeah they're they're that's married at Nell I'm a quarter Yugoslavian so mom of the two. What do I get that thousand euros in your. Did you see your quarter Yugoslavian yeah you wish. To know that. I am. School yeah. Interest that's it you know I noises thank you thank your galleries gymnast with your out today Lauren Jones really you arson jury Uga Uga Uga. And speaking of cars and catch on fire tenth that there hot. Yet know you did you look like. That's the next thing you in Yugoslavia and Eunice now the missing link not a not any longer gonna need to. There you go that said but that's kind of what I was at just had little more emphasis. Mean I got the fever syllables or heard I have there's either future money does or watching his walk up interview with a broad goals and M and all that like it makes you smile it just made me smile yes. I just want to hug him well enough about it how about blue blazers kind of knowing know the audience there where. I did through I'd say hi yeah there you go there really is true Gonzalez didn't and I minority TV earlier in their good how willing is the ally is the TV guide notice and have been waiting to be NASA we have done what. Wait we did she won four games there rove led the sewage let's do this they would put this technology in the hues that. Man. Right. The five factories your five it's excellent. I mean is a problem month. My defense and has an ability to anything's are the ball in his hands. Defense and on the problem on defense digitally kill huge stops a unity is excellent on defense now drew brutally. Dribbling and passing is another question that movies and admit that movie that. Pass with eleven seconds to go what's he he he did the chest most in my bed and I went yeah that's our dads about. Hey. Even pros make mistakes which was worse frozen mixed with which users Robert Covington fouling CJ McCollum. Or Alfred all you inexplicably tossing the ball out of bounds Covington. Covington was that that was the thought process of here comes the ball. Time going to walk up and foul this man I mean it was like. Ruble yeah that was split second decision this was a thought process well and here's to free three throw to guys shoot 88%. It were cutting today job one of the best three their shooters in the NBA he's album intentionally fouling him when it's a tie game in. Brett brown was just on the satellite TV series he wants and he is now. What did you just deal in Covington thank. I'm just used to being down by two. And we need to foul them and that was a brain fart of all brand hearts. I can't believe that art. We've got hot news from the pac twelve pac twelve tournament is underway in their sets. For the future and during the semi finals of the pactel turn. This is dusting camp. This is just jam in the morning and are intimidated it's your mom gonna need you. Half. Hey here's a reminder that a week from today. We will be out to pads the independent sports car grow. After the show. It is stand madness and it's back march 16 and seventeenth so Thursday Friday of next week. 830 to 7 PM bull Stacy 30 games and he PM both days. Fan will be out there during spring will be live along with prime downsides concede broadcasting on site we're coming out afterwards and have some Beers but we are missing as I have in death for full details you can get 1080 the fan dot. Come on thin man has brought to buy Baird a rally auto parts and the Nike hoop summit in the independent sports bar and grill in a great way to you. Liven up the party there. Get the interacting on is go to 1080 the fan dot com and sign up before fee in March brackets you tell your bracket after the selections are announced this Sunday march 12. But your bracket must be till about fifteen minutes prior to the start the first game on Thursday march 16 one bracket. When the grand prize aid check for 500 smack Korea's. March brackets brought you back carte toys and Barack Brothers tells time Leslie I don't. Thanks wife ex wife. Of anger you've got to bracket again this year I'm happy. Maybe. You can imam gonna meet true yeah. What would near kitsch do what would markets do I think that's how you feel like your bracket I feel out brackets. It crush it and Tammy I didn't say like blasters are first time ever it was it was the first time first time for everything but the other bracket now. You get your bracket here topped. If there last year I didn't I didn't well I did OK you did well OK here's in the top of the entries in the top. 25. That's cute that's very good. Considering. Considering that it's a crapshoot it is who's 26 people that played I think they're sometimes not unlike these people that I am I I honestly think sometimes if you just. Picked like a lot of I don't know a lot of people district what mascot sounds cool and you probably due to Cisco. Monty mr. interviewed Eamon Brennan he gave us the hot take somewhere you shed if it was who was the guys that he said Princeton. Providence and middle Tennessee. And he's still state. It in Murphy's burrow in Murfreesboro Tennessee my aide. Tight ends coach from the University of Washington while I was there is the line coach Middle Tennessee State. When that doesn't seem like a promotion. Well it's been already a coaching at a pay cut and lying coaches in major college now how bad but he was that you do up. And don't play fighters in the league to do is from there. It's from Seattle played users are and diners with Campbell's is not a mean bad bad Tampa uniforms he's not from Murfreesboro news page eighties dynasty of the uniforms the cream sickle those are the worst uniforms in the history of sport. So all those and oh yes. They are good to know those are the worst uniforms ever created in Saddam. Number I think we can find words zillow pod drizzle I know those circles and wilderness deltic. Those were horrific that Tampa tried to put on. Principles I think buccaneer guy that they had been here I like that god said god Buccaneers. These million residents and I know but it wasn't the only company Buccaneers. How many but I don't know. Steve the pirate. It's derby secure that Stephen I heard them dodge ball not ball 300 out of Feyerick got the ball ordered. I will go to meeting leaking game usage Americans to fill out eight A bracket this seeding other college and we can just go with what colleges which you've gone too. Between these brackets and he can just pick. I'm gonna try and see if we can do that you went to college or to the Bosnian school hard knocks baroque. Finland. School partner in mountain gonna meet you. He says he knew where he was seventeen years old when he made his professional that he and plus it's good talisman. So loud. I will be back Monday six to 9 AM up next is heard calling cal or nine and you need to breeder Sprague 37 its front on the ice can seek have a great weekend we'll be talking breath dance. On Monday show. Time vote number. Imam gonna meet true.