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Dusty and Cam - 3.9.17 - Hour 2

Mar 9, 2017|

Eamonn Brennan joins the show to talk college hoops, NFL free agency, and the best cars in your high school parking lot.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've dusty terra. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland from the vet have a on the local. Haven't had never been didn't know. And 1080. Just after 7 AM on year Thursday morning dusty here came Cleveland with youth. The madness has begun. As conference during the week regarding him quite a few upsets across the board. But the big dogs are starting to play right now across the ACC the pac twelve tournament rarity in the second round and we're gonna start finding out who's who do. As in the tournament selection committee will announce on Sunday and for a preview that the talks and colleges who bring any Eamon Brennan of the ESPN. Thanks singing a few minutes horse man I don't. You are doing very well all right now. Because basketball is very regional this is going to be Christmas tree because you've been watching all season long but fans get sucked into their own conference their own teams. In duke Carolina Kentucky's of the world there's a lot unknown in and gets organ fans wanna know. Is this team if final four team. Yeah I think so absolutely I mean. I would organize appear below. Where I would probably have you know the Villanova isn't exact as maybe North Carolina the the world but. Not much further below that and you know I think today whatever issued early in the year. Mobility Brooke are coming back from injury and Muslims and non conference offers. Very in history they guard really well they they do just that they targeted. Very little quality and they are necessary spectacular leg. Mind blowing me good editing but they're good at everything and I don't do anything poorly and that's that's and who works really well in the car. Yeah you mentioned organism is a team that alone does yes it is that can make the final four but there are fourteens out here in the west. You silly errors on organ and and wanna throw Gonzaga ended that which team is built the best to be able to make the deepest run. Yet I think you could make that argument for organ sharing bear. They're better and right like Arizona and the and a really good team and personal team can do a lot of different things would be a pretty young group of guys. You know we heard a guy who you know on the curve it went really well he's come back but still haven't had a whole even. To really sort of be calm. The leader this team in a lot of ways I think a lot of people in he would be where it even began. Coming back midway or even where Erika. But the helping to do. And UCLA. Ability to guard better lately and scored so well. Then you kind of feel dirty word defense that are. It still it seemed and you know. You don't make if you shot and and particularly interesting. I think organ probably the best talent on the team that can really go after that point that he now has the guys. Let you know at the garden on Brooke I can close out games where you from the perimeter. Create matchup problems you know and then in the -- I oppose them. And ended in that can really ought to stop after stop in the term I think adding that you. Even bring is our guess ESPN college basketball writer now it the pac twelve has three teams in the top ten. Ducks UCLA all Arizona we all know they're good with. Could those be the only eighteen Zinn is the congress really that top heavier do you think medi cal USC you talk. Our our little slighted in national perception. Yeah I I don't. I don't know that they are being. You are probably not even really in the discussion. Right now and I'm probably wouldn't be actually get a few more wins. I think the pac twelve years. The thing about it last year it would be very good league last year and a lot deeper than they did this year. But there was some. Beard RPI inflation going unless you're eating you know aren't particularly good in the legally and for whatever so adamant really respectable marked item. Kind of apocalyptic battle much you can watch me they don't look good keep it here for whatever reason letter in Austin and Washington State or an eight on them harder. The mathematical scheduling that. You know I thinking like how our European Union in my unit he's still had. Pretty impressive you know pop or ER PI know that and get them noticed the committee Uighurs and metric but they're not I'm not come. In the northern arm BP I had done it he's in big east. Pretty much all Egypt and then the last game of the regular season they're getting outscored purpose doesn't buy it I'd actual opponent typically you've here. Here bottom after the under carpet at. Eric you have either bad bet. They're not quite good at their present at three you're all week ago. On the floor and so I think I think there's an argument be made that. US team's talent they get in the Panama booed at a packed well because. Well we appreciate you especially the women beat him and you do have three really really good team and a whole lot well the turnaround I'm Natalie. Even bread is our guest ESPN college basketball writer that you follow basketball year round I'm I'm assuming because this is part if you or got no job. As all of us that are on the outside looking in and go blow with basketball season now college basketball's here the tournament here. The tournament selection committee tried to make a little more interest in their releasing numbers early. We've seen the leagues and different conferences. Really focus on their end of the year turn immense. But team like Monmouth or anything like that that wins the regular season but doesn't get it at large bid. With the NC to Ayers a C. Conference decision would would you actually see teams or conferences exe lean numb making the priority be more. Of the regular season not just about the tournament. I'm going to be fantastic. Did and my argument for a year that. Like. In any situation. In. Sport over you know report the mountain or really any Internet like. You don't. You know step that he and it will a simple title over three months. And declare your result in right year research paper. And then turn around and do it again for regained an app that beat the results that I've had reports like that make note that. Visit CNET winning the regular season it mom you know much less prone to random fluke. Candidate that he met. Wind is greeting them three days that our senate. And you could it hurt their mid major teams all the time on our current men. They go mood in the second or third round of their comfort kind of at all and it anywhere you know picking and who are currently. And we're gonna hurt in it ironic that some thirteen and fifteen even going to them as a pal work and I you know even the Ivy League it the good old Ivy League. Which route you sort what do you do fraternity for years this year and for their proper permit. It will be individually they wanna award bear automatic bid. They're regular season champion. They can't they don't because proper term and make money and that. You know they wanna make that money is well I can't blame them for that but a lot of smaller league where that. Pretty much the only league related moneymaker except in its current. But it kind of a bummer when you teach me it really really good team for 34 months. Look at all in one week and then and earning ninety. Our man I need you I need you right now I needed team that you think will be like at ten liner worse. The U single winning gamer to. Gimme gimme my sleeper pick for for the NCAA turn meant the team you think will probably be it to attend liner worse that that's gonna when a couple games. Can her worst school. Okay. Would be. Here. Didn't mean provident is kind of interesting provident is kind of interesting. Depending on where they are not in the bracket. I think pre dated it. Entertainment well it's not some. Days you know it is you know went undefeated and ideally yeah well last year we yielded. In any update an amendment at a similar but similar really good ears. I mean they're from different countries sheet but it mission statement can be discounted that we're talking about oh. That could be equity dumping and a little parity is probably going to be around that range and they are you know. A much better team than the one that be patient pain in the first round last year have been really good all year mark and it is really are you now. And they sort of dominated apartment unit this year or last year or that. This team we're just talking about urban beating the conference and at the end of the year there is really good this year. Our man if I win my bracket pool I will be sending you a Crist twenty dollar bill in the mail that comes. Yeah and you're not going oh yeah Dick things I think are. I have everything I did I usually immediately forget the fact is out there. He is he mid branded. You. Well I wrote down prince in Providence Middle Tennessee State. So I'm gonna go I'm gonna go within it though if one of those is like a ten minor worse on the net I'm gonna take is. And it takes is a. I've been I didn't fill out brackets still sort of working here because this part of our job be it. I honestly think that I should just handed over to. Does that there is vending cart lady and just have her feel about. The I would have more success that's fair because the more I try to guess and do that pages it is time negatives and give it slaughtered and I've no idea. You know they'd be upset though. In the NCAA bracket. Is one that everybody. Just beats their head into the law against because you just don't know a lot of these teams. So Providence Princeton Middle Tennessee State cat right goats third round viewing. Lou I'm not going they're not you're there and it won't want to get a makes it sweet sixteen and one of the main bats and that's what history says that one of those teams gonna make the sweet sixteen I don't know. Will seems to us thanks demon Brennan is being called NASCAR writer right after a slow start free agency market start to catch fire. And a C south is getting a lot tougher. 55305 gusting came on the fan. This does the game gem in the morning on ten Canadian. But tiger about fell victim. Love bill bid didn't. Animals. They're coming. Why is unethical. And would refuse to go live to both families this goods consultants. To tribal pandora station. Because I felt that devote its use all of that stands that you are right. It gives you new addition in ninety indoor. Oh in on the given new addition to straight Bobby Brown solo career as it heats in Montell Jordan. I love my build and to hopefully poisoned station on pandora. Do you idol absolutely love it I duck fans seem to be fired up and Eamon Brennan. Crawford getting text messages from his buddy dowdy calling. And 1080 the fan and Eamon Brennan fake news because there is a tier below Logan's action according to eaten in Britain apparently were pushing the U dub southern Oregon LSU agenda. Well I was gonna ask him how the raiders women's team is Indian yet AA tournament but I just try to bring in some real interesting topics into this program right if we just spun the low poll I rest it would guys. I wish you double as an attorney I really do 55305. Also as it below the zags got us fired over duck fans now thing. You know what it in what he said even Brennan hit. Organ right on the head. They do everything really well but nothing great nothing great but that's the sign of a great team brass to you put good. And combine it altogether it turns integrate like their ears think is that like any of these. In they do have to even meet shot blocking. Bigs right. But here's where they go from you lead to being just good bigs that. There elite shot blockers and Boucher in bell but they're undersized right they're not your your true name bigs. And but they're so skilled and they're really stinking good. That's why that team organ is it's a scary team if you're prepping for them for the turn it they can do a lot of things and do them very well. On so if you miss our interview demon rent and check it out unless truck tires podcast is that 1080 the fan. Dot com I free agencies started with a little bit of but none of the but now it really has started pick up from last. But 24 hours the second to requires a lot better. On in the free agent market as yet now Tony Romo officially gonna be released this morning and will be in officially a free agent. On his market is still to be determined. But if you look at the rumors that are out there right now. The Chicago Bears. Are going to be thrown fifteen million dollars a year at Mike Glendon might. Glen in three years 43 point five million dollars that's the going rate for starting quarterback today folks. That is the going rate freight average. Quality starting quarterback. Fifteen. And it really does think about it. It's not evidence that that much anymore these Doug and paid five million dollars us he had been right there LL tell you what it's worth every red cent compared to what NBA players make and went. Major league baseball players make. Your debt. Jet also you've got to. So moves going on the indices up BMC south dare I say gonna be getting better. Receiver DeSean Jackson is departing with the tip of our with the Washington Redskins he'll join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yeah is that this Annika could that be is it that could be. Scary scary receiving corps all right Mary so you'll have all he just said that you just have Davis was to discuss his slot guy. Yeah out you're the dog outside speed man you Mike Evans then you have. Humphries and then you can add. DeSean Jackson to that. Whit who's the tight end to what used to be it was a series changes and he got nice. Yeah I don't they might they might you know we needed tied and a but that was the thing is that in the name is a have a lot of targets out there DeSean Jackson say what you want about the deeds. Well he complied upstairs he may turn into a head case but look a Dell Beckham does. He still pretty good. I Antonio Brown. There's little bit about that a little bit of that about him he still really stinking good. John Jackson in the game changer for team where we were waiting for this to move quickly but out of the excuse me the top. He KB nine yep the top one means. Free agents is only left without a contract now so it's moving quickly well and then. I apparently did patriots. Will sign. Gilmore the corner from buffalo. And now that Diana or see any of ESP informally as CSN northwest. Boehner C news reporting that. Now that Gilmore appears to be headed to New England the patriots may be willing to part with Malcolm Butler. Any trade with New Orleans for branding cook's lawyer. So that is the latest report of eight a trade that might go down because of a free agent signing in the in the Gator Gator Gator. Yes it. That brings me to another question that I have with you is that the patriots traded forward Dwayne Allen yesterday. It Indianapolis is tight end got tired and got a good tight end really think they're losing their other free agent tight end and they're gonna let Martell has been negotiate a walking he's gonna go repaid by somebody supposedly. But they give me in big of a fourth round pick. To Indy for Dwayne Allen and a sixth round pick. Right if this Malcolm Butler. Trade goes down New Orleans in branding cooks. Comes up there. Why did teams continued. To trade with the pages that they're trying to knock them they have got they have assets. Right. The meetings he want we you're given a bonafide the jets' starter for fourth round pick. That's good that's an Indianapolis gave up yesterday that's fair do you think that's fair fourth round pick. Her bonafide starter like a guy that Dwayne Allen is a good tied it like he's a really stinking good tight end now a fourth round pick is. We and that's really a number two tied into your open gras comes back fully healthy a pretty much richer back up tied and let's be honest if they run the insider system grousing get hurt our quality milk is usually gets hurt and even years. So. Well so every time the giants and World Series crown gets hurt. Let's run the Syracuse is interesting theory let's go ahead run with this now but I think that if you're gonna compete against the best you're gonna trade against the best. Most the time at the pictures are going to be the most active because they feel like beer guys everybody's expendable on the on them well. Except Albert. Everybody's expendable on the consistently. Monitor teachers roster. It but yet but that's the question is that all of these guys are expendable everybody knows that yet seems still pulled the trigger on these trades. Where can beat them join them that's the that's what it works right. Join on sega's sends a legitimate players and guys that you know went. Aid Indy notes Indianapolis Colts fans got to be pissed about this is. Indiana Indianapolis knows that it immediately filled the need that would be a question for New England. By sending going now I want to sign Martellus Bennett. Dude just honestly can go to yeah Jumbo package right. On but you know that you were filling an immediate need for team that isn't that far away because they just won a Super Bowl in doesn't have a whole lot of pulls the felt as a ton of salary camper right. You know you're helping that team New Orleans knows that they would be helping New England by sending breeding cooks up there to you fill a need now they have Stephon Gilmore. Right in they know that yet we give not a mother but we're gonna make this team even more dominant like fans always get upset and about and you know knowing and always being there and cheaters or whatnot in. Orleans is notorious for trying to take patriot players can't you just blame it over the last seventeen years hasn't every single team in the league helping the patriots in the Super Bowl dues the only team that just doesn't wanna deal with the patriots. Name one. I don't it in that's a big. I don't know I believe there division deals with the patriot even even within the Japanese are Lego we'll just take your guys it easy Bill Belichick called me as you know a big I know what you doing build no no I can't stop myself it's been seventeen years would enhance the lips you fleeced everybody. I'm not doing it bill and and hang up the phone on and then lessened our bureau talked to who was for you knew what is it about him. It's he'd like secretly charming and we just don't know about it no news called Winnie. We want what you half. We'll give you every just give us something. But it's like he's easy you know what it's like when you have the lucky rabbit foot and someone's got it and you're the baseball player you like here let me touch or Batman did you rat. But you what are you got whatever juice your drinking let me have some of that they here's the thing. I if somebody touch is still. And it burns their finger. Am watching them I'm not gonna touch the stove. Over definition of insanity or maternal and I've over the history of Bill Belichick runs patriot. People continue to touch the still. Expecting they won't be the ones that give birth while. You what if they find a way to make this work a Malcolm Butler does go to the saints and Brandon cooks. Goes to the patriots I think it's it's a great trade for both sides. I think it benefits I think it benefits obviously this defending Super Bowl champions more. Because New Orleans as it has had notoriously have have picked off the defensive backs. From the saints or from from New England Brandon Browner there's been guises that you worked hourly there's really in overpaid for things. Overpaid they overpay. And they're trying to re re read if rebuffed that. If anybody's a grandstand and they actually they are doing a decent enough job of trying to bulls their offensive line and they went into free agent market and did didn't you. Injure whitworth from the Cincinnati dangles to you fill offensive line protections and maybe your golf may have more than two and a half seconds to throw a football with the may be jeered golf will hit the fifth step of his drop this season. And be able to throw football. So other and that not all not a whole lot of news. But there is on the a lot of Robert rumblings about where Tony rounds is going to be and that is going to be some that we will revisit. A little bit later does this is going to be is the market is big for Tony Romo. As we think we'll have that at the top of next hour we're coming up next we go into the way back machine throwback Thursday your first car. Stack up in the high school parking lot. It's graduate sports that are. It's free. Blew my dad turned. My guys my. Yeah I'm ever dropping her off the moment dome against like. It is this garbage. Wow US and fifty's guys could spit. So what it music business. But he's gospel in those classic it definitely has got classes to music will not classical music but he loves. Music to the fifty. This. Was easily what does it Wear leather what the heck is this garbage is a lot of levity. Hot day like southern IA I Judas Priest and Ameren. Are we were scaled back in the decade that is the ultimate that remind me of like gazing confuse. Right and isn't treason. One and a little Mickey. Okay. But we are talking and in the bullpen before the show about. Cars and high school like the first cars that that you ever had. How rare is it that somebody had it knocks it out of the park your first car is the dream car. Because. My aim was a hunkered junk. I were I drove in 1969. Canary yellow Volkswagen you know we have something in common that had it only AM radio. Canary yellow beetle a half right yes 6969. Only AM radio every year. His pattern drawn roadrunner and lit it. And when I would go to set the parking brake I'd have to is icy at stake so when you set the parking brake. I had to sit in the car for a couple of minutes because the little button in the emergency brake and would shoot out. It would day in when I see she got my TV set it you have like this humidity exit index card is again. Because when it shot out it would like she got in not god and the cork it knocked off the rear view mirror Maryland time. And if anybody wrote in the back they had to sit in the middle could only have one person because if you're on the sides. You have Robin on the back on the wheel well. It's always should be don't you think idea they I had yellow also my it was a set I've told it was before 78 Silverado. It had black and blue were all on the inside. It was it had a that's nice 400 motor it was a I remembered going to pick it up my dad disagree go get this sucker he had no tread on the tire who were talking street slicks. On the tires. He had rust. But bought to you I was looking good in that so did have a CB radio of course is that the CB bad Alpine hell I did that guides he upgraded to the Alpine tape deck so does that mean yet the big antenna I didn't have the big antenna went missing all little window in tennis is nothing Ilya was the big one that tied had a tennis and tennis ball you have any came all the way allies in the back. The other thing is is I was most required to have the gun rack got requisite was an absolute out of necessity I don't know I don't shot again. I don't even own a gun given let alone and I've got my daily tool a Gunner where I grew up it's usually everybody had their guns in their cars and a driving to school in their gun racks for their just in case you needed to pick up the year. It's in the he's a moment man and a guy. So where canary yellow again yellow we have yellowing common and so I'm talking about. But there's a lot of people now awesome person to door succeed through champion Paula yes some of these cars coming in are dull and fear Crawford. I had 883. Mercedes. The Turbo diesel did the same color arrived right now. I nominee five or not graduating I don't know 85 now in the ED five Eagles are solid cars not a diesel. 83 Mercedes silver great car awesome car but my senior a lot growing up in Newport Beach, California. Honestly man parking lot yet I call the senior lot of yes to the seniors Parker won a lot of reveals sparse and another are you appreciating yen to seniors get the better a lot which is awesome. That's great yet have a seat it is you parked in or not a senior. Tito's gonna take you out but Tito he's our support Keenan and he's a school security guard. Procedural error receiving kids take care they're gonna wrecks we didn't have to you have the you have to have as the actual lot we'd said the Stephen is. That's minor when the driver of the top tier guys like Parker feels treatment and no it was there was concrete now there was one girl. There was one girl whose initials were LC. And I prepared for very wealthy and she drove a brand new Range Rover just dialed and you know custom rams. Tinted windows with a custom plate LC baby one. And she had a matching shirt that also said Elsie may be one. Your boyfriend don't tell me that is Isaac recorder some older do you daddy now big guy was not in case you don't hit movie producer and I really don't know her boyfriend was probably some dude older do you appreciate it was she is insufferable she sounds. Not as much as he stamps. Okay well given the benefit of the divides and I'm parking lot little different that that as one they really can drive a tractor in the schools. Hey card it is drawn more predator is chuck didn't start Sunnis Inkster at Nero this tractor schools awesome. And his partner right in there and a tractor. Is John here. I know what was it three wheeled tractor was it before we look for oil goes for okay big traffic tractors like these prayers the big guys yeah he got huge now in. He's Satan. On my India. You had dried this bad boy reading I got my eight square signed yeah right a right triangle sorry. I reflector yet he is trying or yeah you're good to go on the back in and you can drag on streets and especially in the Borough. So is a bit of room we could have guns and our cars in back then but there were playing gun racks in England guys who parking lot. Good for you. You know it's just the way it's Lagos that good for you know it and the rich kid had a Toyota that was the rich kid in our school he editorial. He worked. Yeah range rovers didn't see any of those are trying but we side but the rich girls that are in our per gallon Volkswagen Beetle the new Volkswagen convertible. And Hillary no no we're in the northwest where they are ours hasn't happened but in there at the rich girls had those really cap relay as drag of the modern day in the grows you in the girls you wanted to go on a date with where the when the drugs into something and it should occur. You know the Jetta girls I know I still below the party is it girls that drive Janice are hot right or like if he tries against the odds increase. I think out Jeddah it's not the Turbo diesel Jetta. Going for the failures are with Turbo diesel and I'll say exit through districts are well off are. Like the Subaru or Lleyton gets into the act are the girl gets into the Subaru now. And. What's wrong turn gets is the circular crickets. There's a clientele that drive someplace I would have any problems Subaru is it's just the different clientele and Subaru is well I've in my car my generation people carts people my age there are a lot of attractive. Outdoors he women that drives hubris. They're stereotypes are review how we SRK yeah I'm not saying it's not new here Danny's still drive a pick up truck so course I do. Guard trucks and before I even knew he drove out against him Resnick a truck. Seeing the vibe fit right in naming your high school of truck truck not existed would you have been dangling from the back to your truck so I would totally do that. More lives alone I'm not saying and I'm Tony one dude had a seventy to eighty shy and it was his crystal blue and the rally wheels on it hit a four inch lift which I'm a big fan afford a six inch list officials said. Yeah all it was his gorgeous. Dirty at five mud. TA tires on it you know if you might that's that's my that's LL. Hot spot runner early due to high school where you're leather interior had your initials stitched into written. I'm imagining that truck that's in bed. Deanna the mud flats the needy girl on a Nazi literally is equivalent like that tell you know yeah the high end truck or Yosemite Sam mud flaps those. Oscar gave it your quality get off the good off the bat a backpack loaded guns blaze back out where I think there should be a show like MTV cribs and this sizzling in a fuel like high school kids' egos and money getting there should be. The cribs for high school parking lots out I would. Watch that or produce it. Then this guy firefighter woman driver and assume grew STI she's kidding written it ace app. What's is Subaru as DI had no idea. This is actually transmitted infection that. I don't know effect that the better. You know there's like this uber there's like Subaru culture you know there's guys that I yeah I don't know I don't. Man 55305. Cent this year and finish your cars this guys said dad. He had a comic Ashford ago lab techs imminent he had yet I went no and looked up this car because I'd never heard that before. But it is a sweet little European car. And it was it but the Volkswagen. The karma India others thank you know anyone Carmen Kia it was this guy's first car. It was read if you don't know what that car is. Google it its demise Kudrow of one of those in nice I in I believe that like I put it in my head. I know it's not that the same but it's like. Team ring yet feel like Cameron from their Steelers de little thing you know it was also not a Ferrari though mark I know mar go. 55 threes all I've this guy had a 79 Pontiac trans AM 455 B eight. That's gorgeous. That guy had a mall it please tell me you're getting out of the car was Van Halen are you a you know COO yeah yeah Olympic indoor. Just maybe some not just full mode basin curls in the back we'll Hasselhoff style where it yet Hasselhoff hair ordinances any ladies out there listening that that there they have their first cars. Yeah are we right with our theory of generous to you if I need to know what did you have I don't know what you're listening does your at least I know this tester that just came in with the hot girls drive mini Coopers nowadays I've seen I've seen some and I've been that's I think got a new theory yes cheap car no it's not. 55305. It is 742 on the fan. And I am in the ten navy sailor. Well I think winning or finding out right now that he did the theory is correct. And I honestly didn't know about a given period I'm glad you guys have opened my eyes today. Yeah gal Saddam a garage a 72 Jordan graduated in 83 you go he simply go to our team and billionaire he's. I love that here's the other ones. This now this this is this is right up my Alley given a 72 old 442. Nassau blue White Stripes do all the work myself. I'd set off car alarms for fun of those three inch pipes while. Now back. That's scanners and a nag nag is he why does so big because of the fact that his current bad ass it and mold right next few knew that won't buy. But the pop and at the end he laughs backs they also parked in T spaces in high school and I weighed in a Forman and or things. All I know legal things have big doors don't you write that those who adorable 442 children to school go park in the corner event. Don't take a two front robots when I first got the lead I bought a 67 chip bill. Super sport convertible for fortune were 3963. Speed it looks. Gorgeous. I'd to sell it offer when I got married. And shoddy gift to so I'm very guide its long story. I still have pictures of it it's just he was so gorgeous I think about those cars a leader bill. And image is just metal on metal and now they're just tin cans but that. That's his that's the style thick. My 67 was. Q we did is Chelsea were PDX likes to party she said her first cars in 1990 centro but if her parents had money she would've wanted to Jenna. She chose not to get into. Not only for parents had money. But she is and ninety's where I Nissan's entry amen I have to someone else in the series on this jet thing the other Desiree is airtight die of I I've done my research over this in detect signs seems agree with that jet has always been known as the cheerleader car as it really man. I guess jet as were a little different when you earned. In in high school only they had the general and your guys don't we had the Jeddah. In in not the easiest way to get these anxieties nothing hotter than a girl and a Toyota Tacoma was the cab relay would have been the jet of that day. Or rooted in the book or you've been the rabbit. I like rabbit together rather you anybody had a round it three straight semi can't mining loves no I don't know my buddy had a rally starting quarterback. I'm was he was at a red round you had 891990. New agendas. And Jetta goes way back. For more on this Janet theory let's go to taco from the showed the league. You guys done your research backs are back this one final hot woman. Look to the Volkswagen Jetta. Chances are they'll be one inside how do you conduct research on this for three days I got skies a homeless person and I walked downtown and whenever I saw Volkswagen Jetta. I do little check on the Natalee. And 92% at time hot women inside almost like intense. Hot women inside the Genesis. I never knew this. It the Levy is now no longer show but talked so maybe one of my favorite characters and in all of television. Taco is a great moral character and he supports the Jetta theory. Let's see here. My grandfather first cars in 1934 of Ford coupe. My uncles are scars 63 SS and Paula. The other one had in six and NG TO I was not so fortunate that those are some muscle cars be your grandfather though here's my thing and the 34 Ford coupe. How old is your grandfather whom threw troop right and when did cars really start becoming. Cool. This guy's got to write a hot chicks don't drive it popped out of the passenger side of your boyfriend's truck. Yeah I'll tell you aren't Columbia might struggle order to your girlfriend would slide in next few she wouldn't sit far she slide in next EU and you'd sit. Hip hip. In the bench seat an ally against you that's yeah go picker upper school. And she slide in with a belt. You know one of the sale to fire the shotgun outsider and I don't even know earlier that she knew you were there a this. Three girlfriends in high school Aldridge had asserted my wife all. Hot I didn't have jealously and would unite in only general Janet with the Roxy sticker mileage will be a bullseye. I'm not I'm 100 for that Israel's envoy decks as seen all week now. This in the a lot of people have said he saw the Chanel and a lot of people wonder that we mean sold the Seville in 67 super sport black. I have three ID six that would be suitable that's such an epic. Patty how do you sell that signals are unbelievable. So I might be really good year but my 67 was a great year. No it's op in people are saying that you shouldn't canceled it. The other ladies and I'm selling is bad no. All no care saints are seeing that on you. Bad and that's all I know you go out on me dad can I know there are things that you do in life that are bad that's one of thank you couldn't have put the seat belt in the backseat but the car seat back there she. Those are three speed so a new Fortier that's one thing is it's just always felt like it needed extra you'll some extra and a three speed. Well we all bring some pictures and you love I would I would because. Doesn't ask you one thing I love is. This now why why can't we have that that carburetor Simonyi Moreno right. You know that's all I loved it whatever the smell I smelled a monster trucks was a lighter and more that yeah gimme more as I was when went for a run the other day. Some all pick up truck drove by me. And following that from my lungs but that smelly you know that. That like we're burning a hole in the ozone layer smell but you have your dream car LSU and was not sure what's your dream car if you could pick one and though we got sick classic car. He got to pick your dream car. We have this what do might overlap with my with no you have to have what you know because does this say overlap with I want the star skin touch screen to read. And really that's why I love that car man. So something in that style maybe like I love old Chevy Malibu is like presumably drive and pulp fiction like that style of car like the early seventies. Similar like a cutlass or something. Version belly play good I like them like that. A little bit not like a late sixties muscle car but like. Maybe a little off brand like a grand train go right to ANC javelin. This guy get hit mine because mine is the seventy and I had this a bell but. Mine is the seventy K five blazer that the top fully remove all those are in all it was a great. And I don't 37 and a half within eight inch lift on it with twenties on it. And I want it to be dialed in only to be thought about this Aaliyah on wanted to be read. And I wanna be in the summertime take the top law oh yeah all my boat down the river go crazy and my dream right there. Korea mining hard to find one of those bad boys mine is that either 64 Lincoln convertible. You know they it's that's the that's the big car it's the car from entourage and yeah opening opening set standards solid Garnett with a suicide doors out of business outdoors or in those are sick that's a jam Kate got shot in business 69. Cadillac my dad had a one of those red convertible black interior was sweet. With the big fins on it beautiful. And either one of those it's got to be convertible note in god and he's a girl that's what I citizen that's Longo with the blazer and a fully removable you know it would be at a Texas pride factor of five we indicating whose mom worked for the Postal Service says she got him his first cars and nails he's male trust god for people. We as it was it left hander or right it's our right hander I don't know played probably loves your right hand drive but. I always like kind of is they aren't and I could see Crawford like driving use mail truck or a hearse or an old cop car right Michael cop cars they did you like a 1980 Chevy caprice yeah. With interceptor it is yet he's still has like dead the site replied on OO. Did you see those people with another road oh yeah yeah purple IO mayor as he did just. Dang it it's just the community can really security guy. Also almost a stereotype of people they drive old cup cars look the least like potential cuts in what you see them on resolutely but in those they're the biggest teases to gives you licking your communion like in his CC that the brush guard DC the purple light you know like there's a cop behind me. And then it must be infuriating for them like in their crown Vic writing someone's. But on the freeway in L slowdown visiting their crop. We had we had one kid I had the cup car and then etiquette who had a hearse that didn't last very long as little weird. Yeah he's you'd try to hearse is a little look at her and her Xena mag that a lot of people in there not. Living or dead I. Apple it's all about how many people you can fit your rig when your high school. Speaking of your dream car the K five yeah. Similar vein international scout always around that I saw I dialed the ones. I pain and now like the urge you harvester orange kind of color you know that like yeah. I was pitiful post which he broke his strength OJ bronco managing attacks people at the OJ bronco. It was cool car and I'll let people still owning their first cars to you that's amazing amount is gone and hurried. They hit disguise he son's car 60000 miles on an 84 minutes that's impressive brain nearly about it 84 brain news first car. He still has it was 6000. Incredible. All right thank you for. Taxi and Chiming in. Being a part of it lot of really cool cars you get drew in I'm glad that. Canonized parking lot experiences were very similar majority of people and and Alex was V complete Al liar growing up in Newport multiple escalates. Multiple fiscally exists with a high school yards then. Yeah I think you're done it bought everybody your high school yet. You have to have a POS when your high school yeah or should be appeal asks. Should we are have character of some kind something. So not a brand new escalade. Normal this news I think we're if you drive a crown Vic you know a copier and in. But but. You're also a gas guzzling. Enter your debt how much can you put on a brittle body of Tony Romo teams away any options that as he hits the market dusty came on offense.