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Dusty and Cam - 3.7.17 - Hour 3

Mar 7, 2017|

Blazers game canceled due to Disney On Ice, NFL free agency talk, and the Tom Brady diet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard. About how hard. We dusty narrow an NFL veteran champ Cleveland revising change. Can't say. On 1080. And the. The Portland trailblazers had an oddity last night that isn't that rare. They're game against the Minnesota Timberwolves got rained out on an hour. Blacks and well it was a moist out. Give people the and like soft cookies are a lot of it a little like hard cookies I soft cookies like. The morsels to be moist not want guys like lay like. That kind of cake to only dry cake. And I always know what is going doing moist out and never had a Drake K to resume in every recent intricate I had an on dry dig it yeah. Awful. And net. So the security was moist that moisture all over its so because there's. She added that Mickey mania and yet Disney and I go canceling the blazers. First at a quick ready to Minnesota and excuse me Oklahoma City as Disney on ice is there and I don't feel now. Then you just put the floor right over that that I surface from in its so called. So warm air gets trapped in there and it's cold there in this thing called condensation happens. In its first just swept through the floor in I guess the floors all let there's nothing can do about it except where they tried to like. Bring the temperature of the arena down to area would just make your Regina is straight out yet. Didn't work they and a post on in game it'll be made out like April 2 or third but this is becoming a growing problem in the India. Because of the fact that. You have a lot of these joint Arenas right turn over time it's been the third time in last year's sat. You've had a game canceled because of condensation coming up the floor. That's a scary. Deal there commutation when you do have guys like slipping all over basketball court trying to have explosive news and right you're doing the splits yeah I mean you got to have double the amount of eyes I call tell guys. Which are now she drew baby turns purple yeah item on the sideline needs be costly wiping making guarantee they Wendy thirteen years old you have. You find it grown adult and that your. I'm wondering how many people would do that job. Then for mean I've yet to be pretty you Medicare to be quick you get that job though in your sitting courtside no olds doing those jobs. He casts all young guys you that you better we quickening on. Talent talent software's young man's game it is there's an old that's would you I'm wondering how many people do you have for free. You just get to go and sit gave out ice it try out. Like Seinfeld you know should I Kramer at the US open a likened likened. You need to try out the limo driver needs a tryout weddings wedding singer ever hello. Your goal owns the FT prove that Crawford would you do that for free at your age right now. If you set the drying guy yeah you get the sniffer out there and you reduce its suite for everything up. For free. I do if I will I don't for one game. Are you going to tell me you guys get courts inside seats they that's a huge commitment and that's a huge time commitment while commitments here issue that's. OK okay but doing if we are that is it okay you guys and commitment every game time commitment sure you have to get there early to prod to stay late and you got a white deplorable game that's a unpaid that's a jaw brother. That's not a seriously that would you guys do is suggest that doesn't sit com but I do it and I would do it for free in a heartbeat Josh kidney. I'm 2223. Young man. Tony sixties that young anymore can't act courtside the other night both those authorize an area nearly two seats over here in new tee here at all. I'll do it all part timer. Party used split yeah time shares yeah I haven't called it a little too when I have time a little Landry a big at JR's all do it. But it's not that rare it's not even the most unique. Of of game cancellations are on the train up to Seattle for the Kingdome. Ceiling tells game you know. And they got canceling its Baltimore Orioles never forgot that never forget it we got the train Seattle and I kept games canceled by literally the sky is falling. To change everything is following that may be the most he ever had gained canceled for. Bad facilities known no we had during my time we have the turf come up. Think it was in Philly that was when the turf sort of bubbling up alongside the dreaded. Pawn it off Fung on some of the players the players miles aboard a plane on this crap to boycott that was pre season. There's enough clink clink some floors and no I've never seen them before a nursing and I'm never had a game and they're at a football game. Delayed or anything because of actual. Turf or action or playing surface would remember this past. I think is December in buffalo or when analysts known NA worst. Dan this nobler cannot live blue although brown palace to decide the groups and they had just like Ed drift. Of rubber pellets on the sideline and they had did in the column left in the key don't suggest it doesn't happen a lot in. In football games we've had the Monday night game where the transformer blew my Super Bowl to black out. Focus is Islam is an arena before they had a flood out. Kansas City dilly yeah a couple years ago so bad flooded the entire field flooded the astrodome had that where they had fireworks in there in the sprinklers went off and had to cancel a game that ya hoops. Instead of the spurs spurs had a lot of issues and well yes the spurs or the air conditioner went down LeBron cramped new command can finish and had a drink. Powering it right in the NBA got mad as Gatorade vague and should do you begin though brawn. And then they also had. Fireworks in the area now in the had a water cannon. After I was something else a water cannon wasn't for. Dozens of displayed there having. And Q is sensitive to use smoke and it shot out in the crowd been canceled game that teased him so this is the first time. Ned we've had water related issues taken out NBA games nor is it even the weirdest. Game to be canceled. What do you think though about what's making their rounds and social media right now though regarding the blazers has nothing new it's on the floor has nothing to do with anything. It has everything to do with and mean Ed direction. Who is not bad is you sit her pitches girlfriend. First of all. While. You do your thumbs up beaver 33 thumbs up quick Google searches. Goodness gracious. But it did question bags. Is you sit generic it's going a little bit too far here. Because there's a photo that is surfacing is making the rounds associates on. Up rocks the score SB nation treated out and where I release we do also yeah wonderful ad in Cleveland has that. East of their kids walking in the notice and any other night. With a photo of a beautiful young woman on it looks at Indian designer thought aren't sure. But. On the beaten navy blue shirt in black writing it says if you can read this. Year to close he has a girlfriend. And on the same. I love that man staking the claim DC's various ideas so. What she has put the flag down. Indonesia has to do with it right he is I would your money. Now we all know their guys out there that their wives lay out their clothes for the or girlfriends. And significant others what are we wanna call. If you lay up close and you can Wear that item. I have very limited limited fashion. So I have to get up early my wife does not do this and this is this a unique situation that if I saw that T shirt. In I was being prepared to Wear that. I don't know in my wearing that for serious or worrying isn't as a goof what are my doing that SI. Is a 5050 is that a comfortable in what is that. We what is that I think that most people though you won't even notice that it's bear. But I mean that is some serious and that's is that's a serious claim that she's taking I don't know that I would Wear that's grounds for some some. I latest heckling time now and I mean I'm wondering what a lot of tremendous all ordered I think this whole area I like I think you know I think it's like he's been forced to Wear no I'm zoos and their two inch. Right I think he's got he's I'm hoping he has a sense of humor with this because he's legit slow. She's in any town. He's he's in any town she's unfamiliar with that it was for him in the Jersey chasers are in the greater Portland area need to learn in our name is. And Nina EM INA. Their rich do you are icy and are huge dirge connection right now. Yes she's smoking not that I can't imagine. Them wide heard what his teammates are saying about that your. Beano what you senator pitched OK I know d.s and as committed to is it did blazers as he has his girlfriend. Is that begin thing right I mean this off for its full on commitment to back off what she's saying you're Jim close. Would you air it 55305. In Google is. Google's give us your. Free agency hits in the NFL in 45 minutes from now. Where's this money gonna go it's a lot there's some teams that just don't have with a remote. The sink him on the fan. I'm working hard. Yep right accident would've codec the bit again. That's spread into things you wouldn't color this as best you can in the morning on ten AB CNN new things in my life. This is can. Cannes dvd and it won't do. It is the ultimate add on to everybody isn't this means universal out on. Florida he's a facilitator in the past weeks I got a dog there he's stagnate dog because there's and everybody that's great. The screen height amendment can't Garcia quickly show. Clever man I really all Latin culture wanna see a middle in Miami. What you wanna see people you know I ask you before you Miami's. If your white linen on me yeah all white and what was mr. 305 you know I wish I recalled Casper down here on film in my wife and I went to do it if that's. Mexico we were in the hotel and return on MTV there. And they have like they had the top ten still remember when did top ten videos of the day in the week was a shell. They still have that in. That Latin and TV and I love music videos man I'm not kidding you. Eight of the top ten were pit bulls hawks. For beautiful. Beautiful people or the voice and that's that's all right eight of the top ten songs and apple. Well I lit. Yet DJ college is mr. feature in every son now TO he's like a little hot I meant and Karen. So. Free agency starts in forty minutes from now. You've had these Seahawks are rumored to be. Targets and it is potentially spot for one of the on the hottest free agent receivers on the market. And dinar was this a little this is Camilo surprising GO. Okay. Be Seattle Seahawks amongst all of their needs for. Offensive line pressure. Which by the way is that would do you think his pride the biggest need to filled I think it's mean but I think they're gonna do through the draft so I don't think it matters can you afford to get younger and all that old line you have really made up here I. Have made the commitment to just. Building their offensive line through the draft of the name and last time they signed an offensive linemen through free agency that's been any quality at all. I don't know never on and on analysts say never. His pride and someone Milwaukee you know I'm trying to generalize. But you think about it they're not investing in high priced free agent talent on the offensive line no yes or the Seahawks are not be good luck in they candy that was any position right now because day. Only have 24 point eight million dollars to spend in free agency right now. And that is one of the lower in the entire NFL and with no way to deal line played last year a lot of people are putting that but. Then name that is popping up is out wide receiver. This a lot of league people inside the NFL I've seen it on now for different places when looking at this guy Al Shawn Jeffrey. Wide receiver for the Chicago Bears. Easy you know he's gave fits that big physical. Receiving type that is the mold of with the Seahawks want anyone pair him with Doug Baldwin in broad Jimmy Graham in there new thing in that can make Russell Wilson complete. I'm curious about what they think when us today the Seahawks think of Jermaine cursing his year. Paul Richardson in his ability to stay healthy they need another big physical target on the outside they can handle I was I mean I would is expecting jury to have a better year. It did affect. Everybody Jimmy Graham was still recovering from a mean. He's in and it is he on the tail end of his career I'm not ready to say that I think that he recovered amazing from that me. And and had some really good catches and him was quality I'll say what have you need another big wide receiver summit can be a physical are pursue your sure. Well and that's the thing they have big. They have physical. They do not have big and physical and yet all big and Jimmy Graham. You have physical and Doug ball land. Al son Jeffrey fits kinda built wolf at six foot 3230 pounds is afraid to mixes up diverting into one bold and name thrown around with Seattle Sonics 36. That's been a big guy just kind of what he plays like a tight end he's so physical but he's older. You know a lot of things means you play for a league minimum for Garcia you think Russell consumer rings back around I don't think so writing the rumor is a folk tune is being courted by. By. Carolina but also. It's also the Brothers wanna have unite he had in Carolina Leal is not right yeah -- those two that is also being rumored I don't think the Seahawks are willing to pay. Free agent market meet the radio jock a meanie. Suppose it reunion is not gonna happen he's fallen to the wayside you. Russell kid is asking for too much and you want seven and a half million a year. Is what he's asking for so there's there's just easy of an agent finally. That's good question between usual yeah I know he should probably give Nate would host well I think he learned his lesson after last year he's worth the 3%. Hopefully do that worth it definitely nauert that we mentioned the same yesterday and then. It was amazing how much is named started is popping up left and right. Might Glendon. Apparently he turned down a big deal. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to stay in Tampa to back up Janus Winston. Curious what that big deal was well they're saying that he could garner fourteen to fifteen million dollars in it was probably. Lower than that but David they're saying is a significant enlarge offer that was made in Mike Glenn and my own problems without delay and then so he's being tied to Chicago I've seen. Chicago's quite interstate who he's into ideologically isn't the jets you know apparently the jets are are are ready to move on. T Tyrod Taylor is from Glen and does Chicago via Chicago seems like the jets on pump and dump and veterans left and right they need to dump in money all over the because they're all they're they're one of two teams that are over the count. Flying over then and in Dallas deli she considered justified Dallas being fourteen into Larry window. But the jets or cut and everybody there ready move on Tyrod Taylor might Glendon might be Dag guy that just kind of floats around. For like a weaker TO. And ends up. Ends up in a place extra I would be sort of Martha Denver maker on that Michael I did I admire what Clemens doing and he sitting in Tampa behind. James was that can record he is somebody doesn't either there's 32 starting jobs in the league if someone's gonna pay you that kind of money scum like Brock asked whether. Bag on a mall he wants but when someone offers you 1816 million dollars. Are you going to say no to have a starting opportunity and that of course not is that you mentioned that if he gets up 1450 million dollars is no way. They go after Mike Glen in Denver would because this is too much for them right. Dade new date I wish I knew what John Elway thinks after time I know the Tony Romo if they're gonna go after Tony row which those rumors are also potential then he's not gonna take anything less than fifteen million. Now. No but. Had a 37 years old you would have a Napoleon Dynamite lookalike as your quarterback. Mike London looks like the science professor where's the worst I'd like in the NFL what though I didn't congress isn't just the past the sticker. No he's actually putting iBook simply mean put eye black on anymore you know saw stickers might Glenn and does not do very good job that it either. You should do led OK it's Ike and you know there's a criteria. Rug like when you see the way Mike Glenn and wears his I'd like you'll say. Yet there's criteria fried lacked in it's not always easy and then. It's yeah it's way too thin in its sites like sure. It's a very Bob I was never I've black person. And it wasn't I that it wasn't sold on the fact that it absorbs the light so it took it off my allies and I know it does work I just didn't like it because it felt. It I didn't like it on my face. And like. So we were I black people alumni black and don't. You do you knew that about me no. That I know again is some people who like is some it is hard to get off now. I could see that it streaky and and I'm such a sweater. Amid heavy heavy heavy sweater that it would just run everywhere and they would drip into my mouth and I didn't like getting look like one of nine and that girl and I. Chris Long at the end he's everywhere I girl in high school who is under mascara running out of Shays I she was crying because the boy from broke up with her exhibit every day she ever get a big mountains cried about it label foods and things no worst food. The absolute worse he's not a commuter open should be trucked through that was my school Chevy truck and pick up in the Silverado. Lehman sitting listened Carlton and united got picked up in the Chanel she was on saarc should bet. What's wrong with the bat. What's big to pursue initiative that in his tennis Silverado and I don't care. In Asia because you're going to open up Pinto or F 150. You Ford people aren't here's the thing you should be happy just getting picked up you know. This girl's strive for a little bit more is nothing better when you ms. Jolie girls need their silver out of seven better you pull up your girls house can picker school. We'll owed about how does an alchemy a fit in this Toledo is very high and because it's a very high analysts are tracking in a car very high analysts yes the mold of course it is not the mole the cartel like Juno definitely is honest in the front party in the back. He is an excellent vehicle. If this is a good Texas good point here like the back of wearing a black keeping the glare off the clipboard down needs very concerning. Actually could be this clip boards. Honesty shiny or do you need favor Google might Glendon. And to tell me just liked Evans 48 thing. No hard drive the way it knows knows circumstances do not Google for a new day what does it mean again. Don't do nine Google little thing is they owned. Don't it's bad don't do it it's a disease and don't horrible but Evan for a year magic guard do not his nickname is do not Google. Because his name is that bad fifties Google it is pretty mad hey you know be great. We could have put Mike Glenn enzyme black on Sam Bradford. And they would have liked a little kid Hughes its like five little kids stacked up into a full blunders he's sneaking out on the field. That's a hell of a thing in all yeah. Are right the one free agent move that we have not talked about. Which may be the game changer I don't know how we haven't talked about this yet. One end. How in the world. Does the NFL keep pace of projections his proper sports that are. This is. Just in camera in the morning I'm Canadian. And we Google night. They did it's. It terrible. You don't think that's terrible I'd like I don't have a criteria tribe black bets or I'm glad I don't own it looks like she's using some. He looks like he's use seen it bell virus lipstick case and just decided to puts them. I'd like they keep that Saddam that this can keep this is Lou. That's not good. All so. These freeagent. That we haven't talked about. In I don't know how they slip past us and we haven't discussed it at all. But did you see you at the Seahawks signed. In us and we'll tell me. That we went into extra and. He's signed Blair Walsh. Why don't guesses have been a while ago I know why are we not talked about because obviously kicker. Well nobody cares sneak it's not just stick kicker. It's the guy that you think kicker to this Seahawks don't ruin his her return. All a did he ruin his own career he was he was one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL yeah over like multiple years. Until. He shakes it in the playoffs to lose 26 yard hook it was in frigid temperatures and then he couldn't hit no. Did those things could have been the wit the the field and even in men as he was a really good kicker prior to that. Right as as kickers go in the house just had a struggle. He missed some field goals he mix miss some huge extra points this year. So they brought a man and a and a house is also a free agent he's asking for a little bit more money is he throwing debate. Well there are a lot of money to pay him. But I paid kicker smell rain kickers of goodness now stop pain kickers. The vesting need to do is franchiser kicker. Yeah you know the median anything you're like okay scenario. Room and look over Adam Vinatieri to retire and all the salaries will drop all of the bottom exactly he's the only one screwed it up well the whole pro with that is that. Only ever retire the going has duplicated and Blake that one say I just think it's sold. Did the Seahawks are the reason why he went downhill. Is that going to be the reset button neck gets him back is such a mental oil and I salute the SE disputed change of venue yeah gators by the way arena less time we have to read in. Discuss her worry about them the better my life is I do is I love it that this. The fans that reveled in him missing. Crowd out and embraces cross it their fingers in hope he doesn't pull Blair watch usual pro. To seek a change of venue he probably night and there you go ordering your report care NM. I would like my verbal cared box. This is a thing. If you don't know what that is all I. I actually saw this yemenite I thought of you immediately you should because I want this service we've had a lot of diskette do you just randomly one day you looked at. Alex and I and anti U organist sell me like. Piece of property. Or son. A pyramid scheme be said. What would I tell you what would you do if I told you you could live for twenty years longer. I think that be awesome if you just invested in its timeshare Perez. But they knew it on a new Ewing had like this a long discussion about nutrition and how you are. Turning over this new nutritionally flight and we've always been. I know not always great doubted but I can tell he's tried they've tried the year full bore into it now and you've been doing your research. In now Tom Brady has been like the talk of the town talk of the NFL because of his ridiculous diet. He's selling his diet mountain he's on his diet. He's partnered with a service. That's the service. Intra scene service and their called purple carrot and it is the Tom Brady. Type of meal at 78 dollars per week you get ten meals he actually. What Tom Brady gets delivered to his house how many meals do you get really but it's ten meals. You this every eight dollars so you don't even get two meals a day for seven the eight bucks a week room into an inning as well these are things that these are things here and minor details but the company it sells them for 78 dollars. Per week I'm sorry it is six meals. Which is a ten dollar premium. Where the company's regular meal so to mark up for the Tom Brady you actually get the summary logo on the box. That makes sure that TV Brady. It's 312 dollars a month there for a thirty B meals. But you pretty much or eating what they're saying easier. It's a plan words you're eating like ago. During gluten free hearing a lot of whom I guess. I see it they did there and is also the greatest of all time eating like a goat you like that that's seems super spent. Well for I asked this question is everybody got more nasty guys let's say let's just hypothetically. If you had an extra this is everybody though if if if you had an extra 2500 dollars a month. Yeah not a lot of people have the kind of money let's be realists know it's bad but just grow it out yeah but if you allow that person told you. Okay you give me 2500 dollars a month in all give you an extra twenty years and that money will go strictly toward your diet now would you invest. For your life or would you say is forget that Z might regular whatever scrutiny yet. Hot -- numbers jets know what I was trying to but I don't know exactly what you would say no no I know I actually I was at the grocery store yesterday TM and I was shopping there's a few things I was like. Is that thing in my budget can I buy that a little bit more you know expensive ball law. And l.s like I thought of you and I thought. Campus right. Yeah like a good news is not for me for me and I think a lot of people my age. Alando might like all the analysts forever bright but I think you know your now I know I know dude I don't edit the news I'm OK we all the money has gonna say is I think that that the biggest selling blu be improving quality alive right now need to sleep more energy to more fit physical appearance my fear word vitality and vitality. Yeah I would do it for daddy people my age who do it for that. Yeah but when I. I'm going to be interest NN is the people that pay this 78 dollars a week. To get to Tom Brady to get that Tom Brady because there who did as soon wicked Grady way gives him which is still hot. The Dunkin' Donuts does it decrease and their doctor every area go to dizzy one meal a day for six days a week beat their Brady meal. And then they go on they get a Dunkin' Donuts or they go to the restaurant they order a Diet Coke. I'm on the Brady meal which is like what makes it work for him is that it is. Three meals and there are if you read the article six meals a day six wheels within seven days a week. He expensive it is inexpensive to to get old is it expensive to live longer. Yeah but I think there's a lot of people can feel like me which I'm like. Yeah through lower bullets in my. Now it as solid as you say I you Lou I'm just silly when I 57575. Years old I'd be like that's a good lie 75 like. 47 right that's a good lie they do I wanna live to a hundred no I probably don't because what your quality of life that at a hundred no male I'm party and I'm telling you I don't know if I. I live your heart like it's my last most the time no I don't. But I'll tell you if you told me that I have. I think meals she did explode bad fuel your car. Yeah do you drive round put crappy fuel your car than complain your car won't perform the same thing so I love the Tom Brady strategy that he's extending his life. And he's doing things we've never seen. In the NFL is actually played yeah high level football he learned his forties the strength forties and if you've got a secret. Please share it yet if we're talking a lot of people if you can afford it if tiger indifference he need dine at sixty and eighty I think were were random different conversation a Bill Paxon I mean this 6060 is you can Nissan. Now now we're young now we're having that conversation if we're talking and they've seen eating in a hundred. I think I might be night. Roland why would you invest in your food if you had if you could I'm not talking about living longer Andre about quality alive lawn alive because I could get a bias. But I hopefully that day I by the bus I was feeling like damn good this you're looking good on your naked bike yet maybe my abs were as is showing when he 500 a month I'll have the money delude exchange Tony it set up a I sit extra. I'd like I said it is yellow utilization docile as exit Torii 500 dollars a month you can't save towards like anything you have to spend it now a month right well I do believe that there are a lot of people out there that if you hit budget yet you could actually probably better you do for a lot cheaper than young and I'll just go shopping do absolutely. Can write a lot of energy vegetables too sure oh yeah it's called effort. Now if you'll ever or that they found this country in the world for a reason we love convenience were totally easy in eight is in that's. That's the interesting part about like everybody wants one meal a day from Tom Brady's diet mountain and you willing hey 78 dollars for it. Win against was a boxer or speaker he's Indian that. Neil is of readily available for free on the Internet. If you could find it won't ejected doing yourself could probably get it does a lot less market Q we're just going your local grocery store yeah I think. But the one who sings about those serves uses. The whole convenes about authority you measure that need measured up. On and Jonas. One of those. Maybe purple carrot for care I think you just have to be ready yet to name a color and day. He likened goat you know he's the kitchen supplies into your bed Thursday witness can order this this is you Blu-ray brand for apple care way ago I would do like their cousin Tom Brady fans here. And then the whopper for lunch. And you know. French toast sticks from Burger King correctness. Is gone it's exclusively Burton without. Yeah old phrase thinking that your. Our March Madness wildly overrated for a few teams and college's and it's a shame. Dusting camp in the room and. Okay. I'm in the morning. On 108. We've talked about this says okay. Show March Madness you were big proponent. When your regular season. In name you give him right you get into turn that make the regular season and in college basketball means something. A little bit more. Gosh can we do this for football too but yeah college basketball yet you you said if you win your regular season what is chopper surname and what's the point of right right. Well there's a couple of teams that are feel that in probably right on board with you right now. And as we are in conference tournament week. One of them. Is. Member darling. Of college basketball last year Monmouth. You Ramon BC what happened to Mike did see what happened a month. And I think it's sucks this is incredible. To see what is going out of this conference. So Monmouth is Tony 76 for the second consecutive year they won 54. Games in the last two seasons. They will miss the tournament. Again. Last year remembered they were now large and everything they've got again and aid they had quality wins up and down. There are bench celebrations were they were everything that everybody wanted to be in the tournament. And invading it is now large bid. In this year. Is much of the same for them four Monmouth. As. But they got hosed even more. Because the the conference at therein which is the metro unbelievably and put in and wrote the NAC. And in any and then they sea air and AC. The way that the conference tournament. Is decided on where games will be played. Is based on attendants ticket sales. And pay no attention to the fact that Monmouth was the number one team in the league. Fifteen and one correct in league play yes they were. And then they won their first three games the conference tournament. Before they had to play at Siena. Who is the four seed in the tournament but because they. Had the best ticket sales among the conference. Siena got to host a true home game. Notre against a Monmouth. In May bounce and firm from the tournament and their season is likely over or will go to like the united tear something maybe. But they got hosed. They got a house man. Yeah I'm non. I'd I if I I felt like this to Redding to college sports has gone to the point where were also tournament happy we we wait for the Indy your college basketball morning in the sport. I've never seen anything to. I said its user might my juices are not flown for college bounced William because the tournaments haven't started right in here we are discussing what is wrong or what could be wrong. I'm always on the side. Of having a regular season mean something yeah what's the point of playing a regular season and being crowned the regular season champ. If you don't get a rewards from it well because explained to me that a team that can have a losing record. A huge losing record could catch fire and beat out another team mixing you know there in the big dance well. War that could be what happens tonight. And because the Horizon League. Is got an even at least Siena as I could top fourteen in the tournament ranked. The Horizon League has Milwaukee. In their championship game tonight. And they play in northern. Kentucky. For the horizon league championship. Milwaukee was. One. In fourteen in conference play. Heading into this the conference tournament amazing one in fourteen they're eleven and 23 on the season they'd lost nine straight games heading ended turn that play it. Maybe they won three games and around in now they have the possibility that they could. Represented the Horizon League in the NCAA tournament which. I I agree with you not that Jay Williams earlier. From its ESPN he had a really good idea. You give the automatic NCAA berth to you the conference champ regular season right now. All you played for the conference tournament in ninety earth so you have big conference champion right they can sit the same whole thing now. And then from there. You're gonna have your second third and fourth seed still playing hard because then you're talking NCAA. Tournament in big conferences NCAA tournament seeding is on the line. And then for the a smaller conferences in ninety Burt some line put NIT berth for the conference champion no matter what you do if viewing your conference turn it you're at least going to the N ninety. It sounds great too we you know there too true reason of why that won't work is because. And you do you know these smaller colleges they love the fact that their leagues are based around one bid and it's all about a tournament at the end. And you know there's the league that was never selling out has sold out on this as well. The ideally you guys saw that too it's a daily ever but it's not a full on conference tournament which this may be something that's morally should should look into India. Is that they only do a fourteen tournament. Yet top four seeds instead everybody's getting in right on how to get the blue rim and gets into the tournament. Yeah and you can have like an eleven win team miss all the way in my opinion college basketball is one month in the league in the NCAA is all they care about his one month. You have 3 or not this morning three months come down to three days. If that's less because a cost that is three days that's like every other AU team out there we only play weekend tournaments who cares about leagues right. Turco and into major college basketball look what it is you've read it. It will consume it ever that this section says gym locker UConn would have never had their title run that. Now there's that but that's a different case I mean this isn't. They also they made a run at the end of the regular season. If they would have won the conference tournament they would've gotten in as good as as an Al large in the big east. You can still get an out large death and birth it's automatic first ended turning midday sun conference tournament this is ridiculous. And yes. Oregon State fans. This doesn't mean if the bees got hopes going around did you imagine known Oregon State but they don't in the tournament. We Dorgan state you like a fourteen seed. From a power five conference day one in civil later Deepak to obtain it until intern Matt. And then I think he's up for the year. Really they got injured and onions catch back up to him he didn't play on the civil war and that was the last likes T go to play him if he was healthy right. Well we have his number we just need to reach out to intern match it's not that hard. All right we'll be back tomorrow 69 AM. And exit earth calling cal or nine and you needed the reader in straight 37 prime time but I sick and sue. We'll see on Wednesday. And then. It's time for Obama and.