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Dusty and Cam - 3.7.17 - Hour 2

Mar 7, 2017|

NFL revenues continue to grow, Lakers dysfunction, and airplane issues.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we risk losing us use our our our weather permitting new Justine here again. Check now. I almost going to battle to hold myself good daytime women's groups. Just dealing jam in the morning on 1080. When an opponent. Damn day. Appeared covered in the updates talking about. Tickets are being hunched. TV NCAA tournament fan Mendez is back march 16 and seventeenth the seventeenth Saint Patrick's Day. At the independent sports bar and grill 8:30 AM the doors will open. 7 PM both days other opening you know it and then they usually do. They're sprayed primetime will be on site Brad Pitt broadcasting live eking go for full details T 1080 the fan. Dot com we're going to be out there TO. We are going to be out there Dolan not enough are shall not be lives they're not gonna send this to a sports car that will be closed. You're going to be author our show you know we're going we are not there yes and in the you can see this in the no no I didn't see that amount emails. What does those. I mean my god they're shaking hands please maybe like you drink some green beer or something absolutely it's the motivation all by you three. Three we have to have a leopard on their seat kinda have to go. We come I'm the closest one to electrical I don't wanna talk about that's why you have to go right through delivered college gigantic air viewers and green and yellow. My guess yellow wouldn't work and killed each in Google grainy out you can golden green is yellow your big dogs and reigning LPY. Because they're green and you know it doesn't mean because you Wear their colors there's no I agree. Award Oakland a's jerseys in college some like blue dog standpoint no look at them that's the other thing is right she's somebody wells wears the color purple. They're also moved. Bruce do. You were Stevens they're. Sylvester Stallone Yahoo!'s yell it yelled at people the other day blue dude do you do those views by easily I'm aware or enjoy a word green. Pellegrino geniuses Pickering Fokker. That's it and you did not to swear you know that's a movie or her idea that's a movie breaking a sweat here except I come to the death blow CA ER I guess they said they had to prove that that was a last name before they just I do know that and they are from Canada yeah yeah. Front can't Canada and they got approval feature movie company got approval wow very hard to find known. Akins at that last name right now as it's a fan Matta says a great time march 16 seventeenth independent sports bar. 8:30 AM 7 PM all day albeit they're all day long haired man has brought to buy dared O'Reilly auto parts night you've summit in the independent sports bar and grill onset come out. Hang out doesn't have a good time because and we'll also fit in March brackets will be on on the line as well Reid and senator 1080 the fan dot com the independent sports park. In guerrillas are great places we can also mop died. Smock tack. Talk smack to each other about some mock attack thought to have you those greener Melamine smock and all kinds its act that's right about these damn brackets yet until now before Sunday march 12. Is over right on a natural waiting beer I don't want the food coloring between beer yet you have to use sign up before fifteen minutes. Prior to the start of the first game on Thursday the sixteenth. And so good 1080 the fan dot com march brackets Friday by car toys in the Lar low Rogge brought us. TV. NFL free agency opens at today there's a lot of money to be spent the salary cap is. Not as these are not. It's about 75 or 750000 dollars less than the projections where. But it's still a hundred in senate is 67 million. Dollars and that is because. The NFL's. Revenue is. Are far greater than what they thought they were going to be. On projections. Win out in the NFL by 7% revenues for last year the air. They're projecting that it's actually fourteen. Billion dollars. In revenue that the NFL. Pumped out in the two thousands a lot of money so it's a lot of money. Oh it's an exorbitant amount of money how does the only words how does the league continues to grow by 900 million dollar. Are you said you said the the salary cap 167. Ha the report there's also carry over to every team has certain carry overs at that they did you were under if you're under but if you averaged 167. Can you do your math. It's five point three billion dollars is what the players. Its payroll its. Yeah do your math. Fourteen billion dollar industry players are at five point three billion dollars and were looking at back going lot of money lot of money to spread around him as players. K two big revenue jumped. Fourteen billion dollars is is growing and were asking that his fans and his people out there are some way areas where is this revenue coming from. The growth in UC sports and we hear about cord cutting we see this this revenue share we see the MBA growing. I. I have I have in my heart I do you feel like there's a bubble coming but I wanna know is that with this amount of money are you getting what you're paying for when your watching this. BA and the NFL in I think a lot of what a lot of people don't realize is that. Year paying. The what pays for that bill one point nine billion dollar deal that ESPN has. Is your cable. You cable button right because EU and UC it has like a hundred and whatever bucks a month right you're cable package go on well each channel. Or each network is designated a slight straight and that's a big hang up but the fact of networked her in so. Do you get in you saying is their value and on were paying for her in that. Are you getting. Money's worth because there's there's always room and I want businesses to grow I think if that were in this. We're in this country were in our style of business because it benefits. Sports to grow entertainment to grow those are things that we want to see but but. With our population and in our eyeballs and on what we're watching is only so much we can consume and a twelve hour day it's. So wait you sane and by the way it's six dollars and ten cents. Per subscriber. For ESPN's now. It's just he is. Ian I would say yeah I'm doing that for months and beyond I think with the NFL the prod that they have. And the fact that is most popular sport America I think a lot of people do you feel that day you are getting what you're paying for. I had him because that's Monday Night Football yet we ask you yet out the last few years we asked to speed up the game we ask for more entertainment. We asked for better games you asked for Thursday night football but it's not good enough. These things are the NFL the products and in the sports teams are trying to change the way the Pro Bowl is or the all star weekend in baseball and in your baseless too much and so I'd. I'm trying to figure out the happy medium and I'm looking at all this amount of sports we consume and I think about a twelve hour day I consume more sports not only because I'm industry because we have family you consume more. In a twelve hour days than you ever did it. When you were somebody if you think about your teenage years or how you grew up watching sports the way you consume. You're amusing your sports now yeah it is it is instantaneous it is Twitter either all the things that we do and we paid for it yet. Absolutely and we pay incessantly for. There's a lot of people that are not paying for it anymore I believe it was 422000. Subscribers cut the cord did for me ESPN last week. Our last month not last week. 400. In 22000. Subscribers. Cut the cord. Which it Barings and the question about Roger Goodell is sitting there and saying we want. You know he says all the right things now like long term player benefits that didn't working towards you know from growing the sport to 25 billion dollars. And with what you're talking about I'm happy with that with a product that were paying for in the cable right. But a lot of people are. In where we're talking to the tens of millions. Of Americans are are we generating more sports fans with this shall ask the question yet well candidate sustain. Kim the NFL continue to grow. How how does the NFL continue to grow. Win their biggest revenue stream is billions of dollars coming in from television networks that are hemorrhaging customers. Jay is this thing is this a model that Roger Goodell says bugged by what twenty. 20/20 seven he wants to have 25 billion dollars in revenues so in ten years. Once decline another eleven billion dollars from where they're at right now I don't know how to do what I don't have the projections for the mindset to tell you that you can gain another ten billion dollars. A remedy other than just charging more for what the experiences. In that Timmy is it to the fact that we're seeing all these people. Jumping off board. Did she in this signify that were a lot closer to you the NFL bubble reaching its its peak in bursting then. And then Roger Goodell I think it's I think it's not only just the NFL mobile I think it's the sport's Bible. I think the separation between the haves and the have nots have been able to actually. Do it is that the in game experience has separated now from you have to be upper upper middle class to be able to get get to a game. And if you do you're sacrificing a lot of things to get to a game a lungs do it so it's separated even there and now than you're talking about how I watch it Alec consume it. For gosh sakes if you have a 250 dollar cable bill with your Internet and all these other things you're looking at you don't you gotta be kidding me. How much is going to sport sports is the last thing that we consume lots. In the NFL and everybody else knows that if your eyeballs are live on it they're gonna charging more for this is going to be. That that is one thing that. Professional sports sports in general. Can always have that there are ultimate trump card is the fact that they are live ranked. But. If TV networks are losing customers. Right and people aren't going to be as willing to watch it live what are you gonna be willing to pay where does the NFL go from here that is a huge question. Five countries your five a lot of really good feedback coming in. On the Texan because there's a lot of things at stake here that the NFL has with its former players that need to be resolved in that this growth that they're banking on. It has a lot to do with it this is dusty camp. A. This isn't just didn't gem in the morning on 1080. This is sort gets an animal disease is the only one of them this gives me going. Push ups and a temple right Ali doll I don't. And they do little Shimmy in the near not Shimmy there's a Shimmy Shimmy in the near. Who likes to work out the slow jailhouse. And and I'll remains like finalists and then podcasts and I lift weights some ideas are now she not gonna get stronger views act or podcasts or. Eighteen anything in the last ten Catholic one of the key things are gonna happen if you think that you're not gonna be listening to the podcaster you're not gonna be getting a good workout you I tell you. I needs and pump up to the edge our tempo call that. Mean tempo. Yes you do you yes you do if I were talking revenues fourteen billion dollars and Ned in a cup how did they get bigger. How do you get bigger if people are cut the cord. Your biggest revenue used to stream is. Television rights that's what we've been told there's billions of dollars from fox CBS NBC and ESPN all on the table for the. I think the only way to get bigger is expansion that's my number one goal worse when I say. You're you're only worth so much I mean I understand that. The rams when they move continue. Charters now they LE charters move. When you if you don't expanded expansion is kind of one of those things exclusivity is what we try to do. If you wanna keep things exclusive. So you stifle the expansion. Just like saying it's not enough the other the argument that I always like his I'd love this argument. Water down the product. It's watered down to the product okay. So we watched the NFL com and we see that there's with 330 guys invited and there's an average of 270 guys drafted. Watering down the product is not a problem this this market honestly you could sustain in our country probably another six NFL franchises. And still have good product. Because it really doesn't matter the point were separating were trying to grow we're trying to give more cities opportunities because there's cities out there that could do this. There's NBA cities that could support this there's Major League Baseball franchise has. That could support this fans Portland markets all over the place even if you're talking about growing in our country. But I believe that the NFL everybody else wants to go outside they wanna go worldwide. And Arnold the NFL can't. 00 definitely can't I don't basketball holds really close. Meet there there's a lot of basketball fans across the world it's the most global sack rather than soccer I don't know who will do the right idea that one is that you can't touch that no. And you want. But if you're looking at the NFL I don't I really didn't to expand within the country you have to go into thing about having a team in Mexico City. Potentially going over to Britain and having in a team in London loses I understand that putting the teams putting team Australia. Who knows where you wanna go. A that would be logistic nightmare now it would be religious land there. But also you have to think about creating another smaller league for smaller markets and creating a development league. And I can generate more revenue in smaller market areas. Had developmental leagues though I've proven to actually lose money then make I am in it my question okay here's the question that I have about. And about expense ninety set as I 100% whole heartily greet you put in NFL team in. I Portland it'll be a smash success right now there's. Cindy hunt 300 to cities across the country where you do the same think in the NFL would be had gained success rate. You can't find 32 quarterbacks right now right. And across the only bad horror. Data Co. at winning quarterbacks right what we know you're looking for top fives or incompetent winning. To help me figure that we're not talking about like wanna talk about guys ago when a Super Bowl every year. Did the guys they can have them the parity that the league says cern in thrives itself in prides itself on. Right the league says merely to parity I never gonna happen but yeah it but at the same time you've got guys that just can't. Just not enough to play with six more teens well that's the sad that's a sense point of view is that we're worried about the fact that that's were out with all the ball not all the question was that I was gonna ask was. At what point do you put expansion and growth over the actual products that you're putting out on the field. What's your businessman. And you're looking at generating revenue for you work. Business indeed your product is very important. But business growth of people that the demand. For the sport. The interest level. If I could sell 50000 tickets consistently and have a very consist you can make that stadium smaller. A lot of logistics you can do to simple fight but were really worried. Bennett that. Parity is the biggest problem there's never been less parity in sports now. Who would do the actual discussion of where were saying there's five teams are 45 quarterbacks every year that will win the for a win the super. On average that has never been further apart than ever in the history of the sport. We're were gonna sit here and say that were at the point now where football is so concerned were one guy can be your franchise. That's where this game is that that's an NFL that's a whole part of problem that the NFL needs to tackle. That's called separate meaning creating more intriguing what do you mean you say to me anymore yes expanding more. Make it harder. For teens making it easy if you can't stockpile he can't do all the sinks in that is take his time when we're talking about that like where does the league get hindered. Because it we're seeing that people still watch despite the dean bill litany of complaints from fans about the length of games. The penalties right it did the style of play there is not its physical of the Brenda footballers it's like a different game now. But the game is and has never been more popular. Like Kiev to balance where that tipping point is gonna be that the NFL where you're trying to create more money. To keep the league it at that dirt to get to that twenty million or 25 million dollars to your. You pretty dang close in my peers economists that are seen they're looking at 900 million dollars in growth in one year in going. How the sustainable well they're going how's the NFL doing it because it's it's been a continual growth and they're going. It's got to stop it's got to stop. Well now they you have the massive cord cutting in that may be yet you mentioned something in that leads. Everybody really that it's not done any can be done and that's at international market growth in May not be putting a team over there just putting more games over their like they have then. In growing Lundin. You know Germany they don't want the games in Germany. Grabbing fit a bigger rival Mexico almost called arrivals it is how you generate the money is based upon your advertising in the NFL is watching the NFL can't just do that we traditional marketing right we putting commercials in China. That doesn't do anything for Chinese people write you actually have to put the game over there included in front of that and that's where that's where the league is league. I gonna be forced to do for their hand forced maybe not putting a team over there. Permanently but just putting more games out out of the United States in just saying. Hey we know Americans you're not going anywhere. So this is what we have to there's a funny money to to go around are you mentioned the number of fourteen. Billion dollars in the clear shares five point 36 billion dollars when it comes to payroll. So you do the math what these owners and what this league is taking home on their side. Other share to expand and grow and willing to reach out and spend 200 in six million dollars. Thirteen. Is what is projected to go right into the owner's pockets and mess this team that's just that's TV revenue share. TV revenue share and your parcel of TV revenue share the article that I read it was of that fourteen billion dollars that they projected to Leonard. Over 206 nines going right Indy each owners pocket their. That's old that's a lot of money folks. That is a ton and you can only have so much if you wanna hoarded all do that but eventually the league's got to find a way to generate into I'm sorry finally suspended. You can only sit on your big pile of cash for so long. Indeed yeah you former players guys like you. Probably have the most due to benefit by the league hitting that twenty million dollar mark right we could I add that there really I don't know there's a huge benefit I think current players should see the contracts rise. And that's for the payoff comes the NFL's most underpaid leave anybody any league all right dollars per player you have to player it's not even close but their numbers are higher 53 million. Yeah he's fit into dealing roster spots but they're underpaid. Many consider if you think about the separation between ownership in and player. And part of it I'm on the outside in but with former players. Twenty billion dollars in revenues and pacer long term medical cost well in the Intel it's insults agreed upon certainly certainly it's one of those things he got to fight for in this is they do you guys RD sitting there and say and pay. Give slow the piece this pipe here and take care of us a little bit. And more just in my life yet if I have a five fighting shoulder surgery because I separated my shoulder six times when I worked at least fifty. I should be able to have my job that I did that should be a police cover the cost were not asking for a lot. Auditorium here you have a little butter knifing into. It's hit her driver on its a really nice knife can. I sharpen that I had tears always asking for a paycheck you're asking just to have some medical. Medical bills that it paid for long term yet in that there there's that's a lot of money that could be in that well. That could be it would take a lot of money to do that annually but that. At fourteen billion dollars a year. The NFL's running out of reasons why in continuing to grow up in the running out of reasons why they're not paying how many more times in so gonna sell you our ticket prices need to rise. Glance like that that Gonzalo. That's another thing that's coming up going another 4% this year because word over revenue discrepancy said that do you base saved behind. Behind the television contract increase for Thursday night football. Being number one mover in that done the big jump in 900 million dollars in revenue for league lied. Was the Minnesota Vikings building their new stadium. Like how does that how does that generate that much more money well. Because ticket prices and we told Landis stating grooms on board well Atlanta LA now. Can mean that that's going to be huge influx Vegas and because the raiders just got their funding Bank of America about a Bank of America said wait wait a minute. Let's see Robert Kraft spin a 117 million now for 3.5 billion. Were there other business so it into the seed Bank of America's loaning mark Davis and his terrible haircut 650 million dollars a good investment you build a stadium and if Mark Davis can't pay them back. And then they just take the teams so hope. You win win situation for external and a tax deductible. In it probably looked what will happen is that the raiders will be voted to news to you Las Vegas likely by the end of the month or because of the NFL's gonna get. The 25 billion in the next ten years you need Mooney new stadiums so money markets new branding him that's the lady can do it. Man it's it's going to be a wild. Real wild ride cede the NFL can reach at 45 billion because of Roger Goodell said there when he said twenty billion by. It was a twenty million by Tony Tony. He could hit that people laughed at him when he said that I when he admitted in the DC VA came out he could hit it any committed. Sooner than 20/20. Reaching peak dis function in La La land the best picture to buckle at the Oscars has nothing on what the first Finley the lakers is doing. Vs Crawford a sports that are or were. And and. This is Justin and Cameron Conan on TN eighty yeah. Or the news begins dysfunction. In professional sports. Wow I don't think it's all professional sports Cleveland Browns don't carry that moniker I. But in the NBA. It's lakers right now right why can't you win in LA and a fire. Jim buss the son of doctor Jerry Buss he built the lakers into the showtime lakers and as owner I mean on one multiple championships over and over. And the business side is run by his daughter genie in gym was the VP basketball ops they fired him for. A Magic Johnson last month but it's actually even thirty years and what we thought it was this is in muddy little deal that's going on here with the lakers. On as Jerry Buss in his will said he wanted. His daughter Jeanie to run the team. On the now as pretty clear while G Jim buss in his brother Johnny. Have filed a lawsuit. TU. Should shelve their sister to the side. In so in court documents now being unveiled and released this sings given. A little awkward. In the buss family is kind of a mess as Jeannie in court documents said. I must also point out that Jim is proven to be completely unfit in eggs as an executive vice president of basketball operations in his role and I recently had to replace and despite the fact they give her brother Jim ample time to prove himself and his role I cannot allow the damage being done to the franchise of the last few years to continue. And she said that she was forced to you hire Magic Johnson. On T turnaround the damage done by Jim. In fact she's also filed a restraining order mr. Brothers. In court to protect her look at from you this idiocy I guess I would say rich entitled inviting. Which would mean we we've seen this happen with the saints last year don't remember with the Benson family blood the saints have played out in Nate had a group. Paid him off it's different. But similar in that tires is still alive correct. And he wants to give it T know his what third life third. You must give the saint senator. Daughter in the granddaughter re exactly in the daughter granddaughter are at tried multiple times to see you Tom Benson. And he just I said cigarette and knowing it's you to go way here's some money here's some money you know never talked to begin it right there. And this is I mean it's the same concept though it's that you have kids they just want more money. Right in to get our control money. Yeah and it's a totally against the wishes. Of Jerry Buss who laid it out exactly how he wanted it to be done in Jeannie relented and actually gave GM more power than he should. So from my perspective on the outside I look at this ICE three kids and I see their father the built something from the ground up and I see one person now I like Jeanie buss for fur. Reasons of I can't put my finger on it. It's just the fact that I think she's more realistic IC two Brothers that are like this girl can't let this woman do this this and my sister how dear woman think she can do this to me. And do this icy to egocentric Hong Brothers is what I see but that failed on their face. That's me and then on the outside also I see two other Brothers. They're looking at this now I'm taking her side and no reason I'm taking her side is because I think that she kind of gets it a little bit more than them. Think I do I honestly feel that but I think that these other two. Are motivated by the fact weaken put a crap product and still be exorbitant we profitable the second the second most viable franchise Tellme and any other industry. The you can see other than in sports when you could throw out the garbage. On a daily basis. Garbage consistent garbage in lose and lose and lose. And just continue to just make money hand over fist now I know that we a lot of people that sort rowand all these businesses and but think about that. It is like he's just make it make a product in every day could just be crap and garbage like as seen on TV stuff that EC. Imus earlier this. And hold cities hostage Steve exactly and that this in just have what's your motivation while he greedy you greedy little anti old new. The tone button there. But that's what were out and so I I also to realize that the NBA and Adam silver does not like this look no will step in. And if he he will side would Jeanie buss let this. Is an image issue that is that. Adam silver. He cares about the perception of his league during the NBA's. Image has been more for fragile than the other sports Phillies right. Because you look at big scandals in Iraq the NFL and a day just slide right off from right there Teflon. Major League Baseball. They got hit by the steroid scandal and rank and that's actually a pretty. That's a pretty big deal right when your when your league is accused. A beam running rampant with performance enhancing drugs that was big in baseball's been they've just now starting to rebound ever rebuild from. The NBA can have things. Batter so trivial but a Twitter war really hurt them yeah like it really mean hurt that the public perception. Can really directly yeah right like assess James Dolan. He's Jess and the Charles Oakley absolute critical was that they had to change a whole. Whole situation. Because the all star game to make sure that they were. Drew before the all star game Leo would deny North Carolina that bathroom laws yes they had to move an all star game got his statin wanna be seen as this but the NFL the Coble is in North Carolina tonight and I know that the NFL has. Had overtures that though we may not play in Texas because they have some Google. The NFL could play North Carolina and nothing would happen right the India be ridiculed to no Latin rite beaten dress code in the NBA. How other players stressed there was was a big issue them for the league and they had to trade they changed their entire dress code because. But the league is it it can be hurt by negative publicity so much more it's about all solely volatile. Publicly viewed sport no doubt about his claim that it's dark and it's a winner sport everybody's inside and have nothing to do. That's my thoughts. And it's it's outside the box people a little angry at that weight during the wintertime because you're trapped inside aren't on very is it but with that. That's why I agree with you Adam Syverson step and MB ID DT Jerry said Jeannie rounds that and I'm in my senior on it there. But will pay him off even if EEU more even come to that because I think this court case will be pretty. Quick in June in Jerry Buss. It in here's the thing about that is amazing. They're getting a big cut from Jeannie buss ten or not do anything for him. That was in that was part of Jerry Buss is established collect your check and shut up you just want the power in the control of dysfunction is all you want he just wanna be too egocentric Brothers you know how much I would love. To paid get paid. Millions of dollars in nothing like those bust Brothers punitive but do they think all they want. Is the notoriety. Of bringing lakers back of it it's gonna be genie Eaton and they're gonna be laughing stocks because of public perception right. Tiger Rolls Royce driving your car Beverly Hills. Yeah I think you'll be okay. Or you know. Maybe of the Newport Beach next Crawford sure you neighbors at the buses no thank you family know now. I'm glad you're glad you know how does this make you feel clipper fan I'm. I mean I listen I know the NBA's better when the lakers are gonna write like we always talk about USC. Yankees Texas football ran lakers they're good it's good to have your big brand good. I think it's hilarious because if you talk to the Laker fan base there so set a line. Word on that we're gonna be back very soon wore one piece away organ allure of big star yet the pattern over the last what six years. Has been seven years you know has been dysfunction and just continues to be is function so Intel I see it change I'm just I'm laughing. The lakers will be back eager. As is pretty important you think what he's saying leadership's pretty important absolutely. Nobody nobody gets enough credit to quality competent leaders that understand. That you let the people underneath you build by bringing in the right people around you let them do their job right new micro managers. Those people they don't they don't they not only do they not succeed in sports fitting tuxedo business. So this is a big business in Jeanie buss gets it I like curl Lott who Branyan be returned to get on. The businesses that can do whatever that one's still be okay. Airlines. Hell I don't know why that's that's good that's good airlines concedes downsizing. They charge me for farming. I'm like no they didn't. They could've meant to discuss he knew that. There are you there hard prostate airlines I will not even get on or even think about. Really there are certain airlines don't want any part of who I wanna hear this and you are you ready to your ears eyes still but there are certain airlines are only part of ball and it think it's a public service I'll I wanna hear this time I'm on exorbitant sunny end. TNT might be onto something be innovations sports we actually need it is 742 on the fan. This just does DN AM in the morning on 1080. But airlines fun I don't want to know what. Coming into airline on passing situation. We all know which ones are garbage and which ones a catalog there's quality what criteria for airlines and he's dead is the major turn off. That's actually pretty good for major turn offs. A nickel and I mean you're so that would be every single one. Nobody likes. There's certain ones a flower it's like oh my carry on costs money via like. Steered in Frontier Airlines yet doesn't it's this is you know what I like Stuart is always gonna get airline to me. What's up. Alaska all Alaska's last is talk of life and the Alaskan credit card those later in Alaska's top model earn an isles maybe top. I don't need to get into the bastion of what the bad ones are I enjoy delta. I don't fly enough I don't like to have a criteria all I know is I want to be comfortable. And I want to have some sort of in seat entertainment you know option well okay for free. Not for for what just hit for no just give me an option now whenever everything was free. Yes we keep your books ridiculous who uses your budget things I don't touch that's pretty I don't want to pillows again and don't want those blanket blanket it's icy ring that I should re disinfectant wipes to the entire seat when I get in there I remember as a kid. Being like little pillow and blanket numbers like. Know what the heck is Apolo. 00 sorry. Filo think you just wondering pilotless. Anyway it's our pill can while he penned a letter to the airlines and they gave Maine hello. Be needed to that. The entertainment is is entertainment ECB free account to leave your Flacco if you're flying across country will give you movie I'm sorry sir you can't come up to the first class bathroom. You know what I walked up one time they said until he went to add to you don't use it right now secure in the knowledge that's in a number one. On flight. Both sometimes you can't. You can. You know I youths holed it seemed besides that of bathroom gaffe. Uneasiness as a camp I have episode even functional for you demand it McCain is physically do it means some possible. Yeah how does that work for you and I've I've never done it and I won't. Do you willing news mean you have to go PDF to like Stanton got to be the acting Arjun back yeah I have to completely move it angles that are not. I'd I'm not flexible enough to do that. This is a big no no and that hasn't been. Brought up yet. A history of crashing and I think that that would be sure numero uno on my list to desert area like is there an airline with a history of crashing. Are they using a lot of business belief in AM didn't have very different grading charts record there are back in the day noon crashes were Mori and now. Is acceptable not like probably happened more I don't know. Okay find it this depressed Sistani it can't just open the door. Over the I don't trust sorry and also are. I'll close the number illegal and it's an accordion door it's actually it's it's it's worse when the doors open. Well kind of fights are you on an accordion doors not swinging door but it opens up enough to where flattens out still makes it worse each knowing does ally now. Can't tell our life. But he says he's changed and guests and node. Do you look alikes line at my size is not it's it's not agreed it's it's it. Feels like you're in us only a Malia Malia airliners they all lost. Yes I get on have. Suddenly there. Discusses in his brother's 67 years ago at the door open on the plane. Could you can't do that packed one who said the candy what do you is that a rule was sometimes you have to do that I don't know man I just just have somebody run an interference it public that they walk into the B. Bathroom at all times and dudes are Stanford your goals was that if though nothing I just. I don't know women and children. Co finders women and children standing in front and sitting in front of the math I would argue. I society has rules against team with the door open on a airplane some kids are kind of creepy you know you know payments that stand out from Monty and BC and TNT did their players only deal again last night I didn't see a but it was good it. When I heard about from what I heard that goes at an early on you guys do it Zelnick and is a good. I think they're on some here. I think that they are I think they're really on a seven year because the first time it was Ol little rough where. The whole idea behind players only is that you had. Kevin Garnett Chris Webber. Baron Davis Isiah Thomas and Chris Bosh doing your pregame halftime and post game show. And they just tell stories the whole time was great it's like a producer sits there and throws out something and they just say okay. Each guy tells story and I'll walk he talk talk once you sell it really is like you're talking about their best in the first time they were dumped Don. They're talking about guys that were just would beat the hell out of you. Down low in Webber had a great story of billion beer undercutting him on a rebound after Webber when it and showed him up on go on opening night at around slapping and on the backboard. The next time let down when beer just. He would have for the rebound he looked down and when beard right underneath him just smile and like you gonna to land on meet punk. And then you get into the game and there's no traditional play by play guy. In truth bed Celtics and clippers game you had Greg Anthony. Which I'm glad he's got no Reno to getting busted for hooker thing during the NCAA tournament a couple of years ago this I think he's really did. Then he would rip Hamilton. And Kevin McHale with Lisa Leslie. Was the 74 era. In it's just story time like greatest need is good enough job of like given the flow going gaze that cold you know and I shot the three from Chris Paul. But it'll segue. Into another conversation starter. About you know toughest guards that word you know did great defenders. And score first options like Chris Paul and guys that they went up against that were were like that in there is just. I I I really like. It as a change of pace to you. Run of the mill NBA game I'll save my favorite to listen to your Kevin Harlan and and Reggie Miller right now for me though those are the ones and I enjoy. Quite a bit because it's stories in its great play by play with reflection and voice in just how we Kevin brings it heats it to me he's just huge. And so you rewrite if you get a little bit more stories were interactions and having it be a and colts three time but. It is I will say this stale dudes trying to tell me that he's dribbling any crossed over mated jumpers and uninteresting. Yeah I know what happened there yeah I could see it here Stevie but I am I get the feeling now. If victory it's gonna have the bill law on the fact. Where is it's a game that matters. Sure it in it's a game like a playoff game or. Pivotal stretch run game jumping on the line I don't think that out like. You know because there is something to having that. Well this isn't new rolls off college football on the national championship team have so many different viewing opportunities now of what you willing to do if you need to tell me that if you had multiple channels. Were you could just flip the button and you could pick. From time to time on your remote you didn't change the channel him but you picked I want the players only. Version I want the true broadcast you wouldn't go back and forth at times I led the dead because how many of those networks would it. Right now they have multiple broadcasters throughout all the world I mean every time you outlet rolled broadcasters but then you have multiple. Broadcast crews of those multiple care broadcast here but I've got I I'm with you are you know again we feel sorry for me. Leave that makes fourteen billion dollars in the NFL or heard in NBA basketball getting paid one point four billion alone I from it and ESPN IB NFL would be interesting to see that. And just letting go letting gay geeky for broadcast by 88 that your Twitter Thursday night game I enjoyed deuce on the sidelines I think it sucks that he's gone. I like that three headed monster they have with moos induce. Missing gay used look at B Chip Kelly now you can get Chip Kelly he he interviewed. It remains to be seen never heard him on the outside again and leave it up for judgment exe has decent personality I'm probably you just need to be interesting to see him Leary talk seabees and talk some. Stuff about dudes. Through this Texas are you saying teens he let everybody go bill on the Internet. Oh yeah but didn't talk about volcano section talked about like basketball stuff. It's never been to a fault he's old yep. And this schedule says without us terrible would you think crafty your clipper fan watching that game is that you super confused at first ever got was the players only thing and I'm like. Who does what happened like maybe is like. As the clippers pulled away at the end here they like cut to the studio earlier I know I liked it because. For the most part essentially random games like in what was march you know Monday night march. National broadcasters don't do it for me I've. Nine times out of ten prefer the local guys when I'm watching a game. I'd won a logical overs game you know Ralph Lawler has been their since the team moved from new move move from buffalo to San Diego or what I want him daily Cassel left and you know whatever team I'm washed out like the local guys the guys that can provide insight. Chemical lab wrote Lamar are quite yet there yet because as their first year of the town but the local guys. Dino does local broadcaster as they travel with the team on the planes they can provide stories stories from practice story from shootaround sir from the day before so I like that exit insight. Got a little bit of that last night was some story time type stuff. Now at some point the one story time. Is volcanoes in Temecula my he's he's not on point so I liked it and I would you know dusty and I don't want this in the playoffs Randall on this in May but on a Monday in March. I prefer it had to the national play by play guy even though Kevin Harlan I agree camp is really good he's rose row. I did like you nine. Oil covered this is they're going after your generation and this is this is value a group of Q people they're trying to keep their interest levels that are. I don't know they just they do everybody needs a different kind of mental stimulation when they were watching sports and this is that generation. Of of people that watch behind the curtain from behind the curtain Ted stuff. I blazers got rained out last night yet it's a thing it's not every hour gusting came on the fan.