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Dusty and Cam - 3.7.17 - Hour 1

Mar 7, 2017|

Cam admits to listening to Pitbull, Brandin Cooks is on the trading block, and what are our favorite sports moves that are dying out?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and make sure you. Organized sports in this family has been violent. Organized sports we'll dust era you know it would limit sign up for anything when I was a kid per. You can always here's an NFL veteran Jim Cleveland Mo I don't know if you heard you just turnout. You can take you can run moved the dusty and chairman more million dollar and 1080 contestant and turner. Today it's nothing jam when via on this fine morning wet morning at least it's not selling them all right I have. Biggest failure I don't know how to embrace the Michael McDonald I'm struggling with Jack Crawford I really I don't know it exists you know it's the yeah I mean there is no warranty though another we transfer into that it brings back to moving OK it's an eight dogs that he has in you know do you find in music you listen to music boom. If his team which UN day blitz of him alone. Well you'll listen immune. A depending on the mood urine yes absolutely right. Yeah and we're trying to do things most the time we're trying to uplift each other and sometimes you put in little Michael McDonald put in the but to really put this intuitive period. Quick respect but still load mellow murmured yes Bob Marley and Melo made them some more I'd seen it give you some motor head or something OK okay I bowed her head. I I heard some pit bull on the radio this morning out of Michigan and it actually it got me going yeah I actually got me going I have I have a confession to make dollars. I've confession to make it and when I exercise. I embarrassingly listen to beaver mill. Now it's called a how to play describe it. Dance. Like electronic dance Hopkins he gets he gets the momentum going and yeah I can't I can't you know go. I was in the classes and going to cause in the clip was an example it's indoor ice selected choice it would I have to keep I don't it's called it's. I have to look come and got to look on the commercial web scarred Leo that's what's called I mean I feel you dance party I need a certain time music in the gym. I can either metal speech not speed metal but up tempo. I can have I can't put on eighties rock isn't some poison every rose has its thorn in your life while I'm trying to do power cleans a soccer work. No I believe in not gonna work songs. City listen LA did dance card Yemen and imagined that Justin Timberlake song that was really popular this year an hour went came around comes on some some pit bull for sure comes on. Some usher. Comes on a bike rather like regulators. Like regulators like the Mike who's slow to slowly work out as you well Yemen criteria I'm talking about a temple returns as things go is that don't know Kym does pushups during the entire show 6 o'clock return to get things going I wouldn't mind. Adding some pit molds the rotator pleads with OK you're leading producer here do what you want I know I disallow. People don't like I was crossing lane your. Your roommates fans don't do that. Violence you'll never know an idea of raji probably. 08 and now about the say that there are probably good musicians. Not saying that ilk. I got invited to an event. Yesterday. By Crawford. That is CE children's book unveiling. But boy did they spin it around and read it to you and point to the pictures every time no no it's this weekend on Saturday I'm invited to camp my life my wife said the noble go. We'll go to liken him maybe that Crawford is now party planning for children's authors. My friend Gordon children's books already have a whole deal when reading. He's like Chad Jack of all trades you are likely. On handyman that. Small gathering and you made fun I mean have a lot of things GD yeah I don't know that it created yeah Roosevelt did I do respect. I didn't know what I'd still be able to come over to my house for children's book reading and they see my mustache. Don't believe me that it's legit. But while the other white van parked out front run in Britain and now he's our millions around the corner and heady feel of that in 86 Mercury wagon in no different. It's got those nice things he's doing because they're not contingent in the back here and they're not disadvantage words you would garbage bags of them off. To tighten. And I remember was just like yesterday. On this date in 1987. Thirty years ago today. Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight titleholder. And Abbas. You know who he beat to get the title. Yes they do and it's it's slipping my mind right now. It is an end and in the team's like it's the most generic my name LA RS not lame name. There's tries if you Jane Smith that are out there have been delayed generic name number one for the government Jamie Rubin better right do you need to gun Smith hot. I was twelve round decision iron Mike's just twenty years old when he became heavyweight title champion. There are people that believe that that may be an untouchable feed again. In boxing I think guarantees while you're on its stage where you go through fox safe and it's just so hard earned your way up today did TV get those title fights now. Point year old just don't get those shots anymore. To did. Get a cell. Has reached an ungodly amount of money in revenues. And some of that money is going to be going to you free agency this year. Which is like come from. How is this money going to you. Keep growing TD twenty billion. That Roger Goodell wanted to be at 25 billion. Zero Brazilian now growing numbers he's during an extra five billion on it. Goodness gracious. That will be discussed in free agency is opening in the NFL. The first Stanley of the lakers is the first Stanley of dysfunction right now this is fun story plays offense be happy about this. So we got to get to today. Do you have better depth. Time do we go. Regular notes from the pac twelve holes. And pat forty Yahoo! Sports reporting that. Your coach up there at the university forcing ten days. Lorenzo row Mars jobless aid. But the Seattle media including soft music we'll wait a minute Noonan an unknown not so fast my friends. The other there's there's a lot of rumors we you know he's got another big class coming in. A lot of them coming from Nathan hale which by the way when the state title and ended up number one team in the nation. Would Brandon Roy Portland's own Brandon Roy so yes there's been a lot of things to discuss that program unrest. Our conference awards this guy yes in the pac 'til first team highlighted by London on the ball price Alford. UCLA mark helpful to you does Lorie Markkanen from. Arizona pactel player of the year is Dylan Brooks jordin bell of organ made the second team. Fevers three being sun honorable mention along with Chris appreciate T Shane Hannah Dorsey. Allenby sales defense team's Jordan though winning. These defensive player here Sean Miller coached here. Alonso ball not Martell Fultz freshman of the year market floats may have the last laugh though because he may be the number one overall pick. Hey wake up I said wake up. Same college basketball conference tournaments in though we can colleges a top 25 refresh your glass on the for the journey. You got no change in the top four Kansas Villanova UCLA and and Zagat. Organ up one spot to fifth leading North Carolina who falls to six Arizona 78910. Go to Kentucky Baylor little hole of the Buccaneers and East Tennessee State. Today our journey down that they've beaten North Carolina Greensboro in the silicon spinal hate North Carolina Wilmington and profit where they from USC Wilmington their from Wilmington. North Carolina and steps out of the Seahawks what they conference vowed to CAD colonial athletic association rates save a couple more. But in a couple more. He gets punched and now. We did in TU. The WCC title is tonight Saint Mary's in that get down in Vegas if that game going to be unprecedented. That's that's a decent title game ranked sure. Notoriously. I still don't have this it's a long catch that a lot of people have these basketball fever yet. It's a start like when I was under the ought to be honest with you I don't I don't have it I don't know why but it will hit me. Eventually after Sunday probably I tried out I try to watch sect called Charleston UNC Wilmington game and then adding get CBS sports net. And so yeah. That's a thing. That's the thing I know I needed to yesterday 725. But the biggest channel yeah I don't know I don't get I don't care I don't get it means. OK okay. Hey that does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do leg. 600 mosquitoes and or oh my god it's early wake up. Obviously when you make the trip through deployed but I'm glad the decision was made because so players save the US safety for the officials anybody out on the court run around there was. Do you don't you just won't put yourself in position where our interest costs. Terry Stotts be blazers visit to the timberwolves canceled DT Disney on ice last night. About that. I know that's weird deal know what to think about that other than player safety and glad to see the leagues are concerned about player safety daycare. Certainly news. You hit certain leagues do certainly suits because the NFL will let you play on a little. Rock hard surface thank you put on sometimes yes. And then throw out a questionnaire. There anything wrong with the field you play on the moon you liked the sounds of clinking concrete when you land. Was it weird when you filled out that question and then you said the person at the front there and just go over the recycling bin just jump right in. That's what we're here to take care who we promise I did and I've from the third and there it. Greeted. The result of the game will be made up on likely there April 2 or third. Tom college you fans that this may be an issue. Is the third is the national championship game. Colleges. So blazes maybe plan on that day due to a rain out and more pressing. Is the fact that you see the cavaliers welcome injured though get. His first game and a column waste out. Or as I thought. Because it was just moisture it is this is konduz Arlene is economical ways that we yes I would see Andrew Bogut apparently Damian Miller was doing sick day incidents on the court. Cool according to brothels and am sub and reporter glad associates are looking up yeah she'd because it is so wet he's in like his usher in my. Your right eye candy the answer I can do the moonwalk you can do all the you can do all the super citing news loved you do the pressure. When you have the kind of skill and Andrew bug it will be doing any chance visit anytime soon. His first game 58 seconds into his career as a Cleveland Cavaliers he broke his tibia. Back LeBron James said I heard it. You keep heard it it look so laugh out. TV and that's one that runs up into next she connection at the near it that's the buried. Thick frontal that's like Shimon hang on yeah that's that that you fifteen seconds. While film a feel sorry for the big guy man I guy's head is litany of injuries and this one. Injury riddled career freighter about it now here's the thing does he get. ATP should bring. It is a very jugular on is he dead but he turned down. He Terry he said he thinks no no thanks no thanks thanks Jonathan but he inaction playing any games right. For Cleveland yeah I did well early in her out early season and then get treated poorly and we're well you're right you're Imad totally absent okay. I was I would ever really accepted pivot to Y one night 58 seconds is not frank. There's probably a guy that's on the roster all season long that just sits on the bench in street clothes all season for Cleveland that. Wanted to play all put in any museum nude and where to put in calls the museum it. I think that's probably where Villanova can actually show look at these rings we have were aussies Dover Dover a signature shoes out. He's really it would yeah it would look too easy ruse. That that would be pretty fitting it is but it is not and they kind of a look like dad she's been he's not getting the staff Corey treatment because. You expect Delgado led to where dad she's those are selling out down and out. Our free agency opens up today in the NFL there's a flurry of trades proposed as well one local legend could be dealt. By the time all the dust settles in it could be signal things to come for his position. This is dusting cam on the fan. This is just jam in the morning. So when did you resist the Rodney ho sung motor home. Some overhead. It's not. Some of. The spelling used that it's always there. When it's always been in our rotation to tell his good iron. He's exchange don't you get shuffle when he was enemies record you listen in line but he was shuffle where you'll listener. I'm a shovel and I'm not see your arteries online listener I did in two age. Honor and load in and I'll sort through the genre and Disco through that different artists. But new genre and I don't listen to an iPod like music I don't have music on my phone. Was that somebody's forcing her chair and they pop up I don't have. I don't have. An iPod or just music come I found my readily admit now really not Cisco pandora or you can go Spotify you to make your list and stuff like that right. But I I'll go genre. That's the nude I get into you you know and I got all all over the map. No town no surprise if what you while you're working out Motown. December oh and as opposed to doing that all the lies you AA yet. You know I got kind of a narrow worked out genre in life it's a wide swath. You. Aaron. I try factories terrified that is Tex signed people of DO though you know bureau there was some good deal tech sign Tex I'm blown up. Yeah this is you know Wilcox. Can pick you up with the his decent playlist of DO music he named his dog team in him. Britney cooks is on the trading block this is a name that is being bandied about for the last couple of weeks now. Because Kooks is a guy who is not is kind of restless in New Orleans. He's one that came out vocal lay in said you know on any more touches last season especially after I think is a come from behind when overseen Diego. Where he would have. Any targets in the entire game and as their best offensive game of the year. I can spoke up about it in days say he's in line for big payday they don't have a lot of he could be trade bait for a lot of teams. On in the NFL. But. Day one and pretty steep price in order to move reigning coach says reports have been that. A New Orleans. Turned down a first round pick which should be the 32 overall pick from the New England Patriots and have turned down offers an overtures from. The titans and the Eagles as well which may not have been first round picks but high draft picks second or third round not be. At a Tennessee one interest me the most I think that report had the most legs to it when if you look. In the first rounder is the scenario would be for according to. What this article what everywhere he has has mentioned according to coax is he's a value were first round pick in if it is the eighteenth overall pick. And you would switch him and then you can have the number five pick. Or you could tip then you take the eleven pick which wouldn't be exactly where New Orleans a city so if you said branding cooks here's a scenario. Tennessee Titans okay will give you are number five pick for Brandon cooks. New Orleans stays goes OK great now we have the number five pick but the titans and taking the eleven pick. Which is where in the world and sit and that sounds like a pretty good swap tells a very good for New Orleans. It sounds like an excellent pick for the titans. I'm curious about really how much. How much. Really are they willing to get rid of branding cooks right now and that is that Timmy is a very anti value he's a room releasing did receive organ state. And so that. In really pactel football fans know that but did made this kind of be a signal that the wide receiver position maybe going like. I don't wanna sit around the running back because that is it's gone way downhill but the level of expend ability at that position. Is far more than what it was. Just in the last handful of years because it used to be. Great wide receivers were really hard to find collegiate level because it was a run based. On local football right. As we now I've seen. College football and just exploding to pass happy football. You a lot of really good receivers coming into the league in flooding the league every year through the draft. Is it more expendable than it has been in the past. Well it could be a wide receiver he's could be better the more I watch football the more it doesn't change I mean this isn't. This is this to me is is you're looking at a guy that brings value because he has both inside outside potential. And he also has special teams potential easy could kick return he can do all those things he has multi. Versatility when it comes to office. She can bring all those weapons there's not a lot of guys out there that can have a triple threat he can be inside outside and can bring you special teams. Dot there's a lot of great exes. Can only play one side of the field or some good wise arms are Aziz but if you if I think wide receivers at this point. You're looking for versatility. You're looking at the patriot model and everybody's got to look at it you have to have. Guys that can go. Both sides and can play flop not only fought sides wouldn't go inside and outside in the slot how did you see now more and more unknown college football way guys bouncing around and moving around on the product of what college football's doing us this yeah but the spread is done. But if you're a few if any good general manager understands. That if you don't build from the inside out and how you build your franchise the saints understand it you start with your line on it. Skis he sure your quarterback and you build from the lines out. Right wide receivers are not a diamond doesn't. But you can find guys if you can't protector quarterback doesn't matter guys have parents you took it to that level. Everybody can catch everybody can run good routes bright all you need is the ability for extra three quarters of a second one extra second. That separation for quarterback is huge if you don't have an offensive line that can block. And run. No good so maybe it may be it's just the fact that you sit there and you look at branding cooks as. He may be one of those dime a dozen guys and he's he's closer to that Danny is being Antonio Browner O'Dell Beckham. Because like you look at those guys who are undersized they are speedy I don't say ever say try to I try to keep the and you look at production lines right. I try to really hard on Khou in NC dime a dozen because we use that so loosely when it comes talking about a leaked talent. At the NFL levels are or any professional level it is not a dime a dozen if we're talking at the top five he's not a top five receiver in the league could he be. I don't know if I have any answer he needs if you can't find the answers in New Orleans which plays eight games in a dome. We know elements and then also plays Atlanta in a dome in his conference and then Hillary in his division and then goes to. Tampa which is all warm weather occasionally might trickle north and play the giants but if you can't put up. 7080 catches a year with Drew Brees I don't understand what's going on. And he does yeah. Mean he is numbers his numbers have been lights out. In his first couple seasons in the NFL on his first season it was 53 in the UN 84 and 78 in in those back to back years. And 3000 yards receiving are very good numbers. But it also has to do with. Drew Brees pass to do with who bill then throw the ball forty to fifty times a game which they do. That will help out all obviously helped in an essay dime a dozen and it I would I I a day with. With guys that don't played like you mean that is. That is something they sit there and you gets elected or gnome nobody in that league is done doesn't I was speaking in terms of you could use the back half that athletes mere addition and now. And into with the talent. That is Dennis spread across the league because that gap isn't isn't that big I mean you look at there's. From the worst. To you does that that sixth receiver outside that top five. That gap is and as big as what people think it is because a lot of it is change of scenery as you said like if you take any of those guys you put it. He knows if you were to put into O'Neal brown in TV NFC south in good some other guys in the AFC north. You're playing outdoors playing in the cold it's a totally different ball game down. It is security for different completely different wide receiver Antonio Brown does in Pittsburgh. They're a lot of receivers that could not do that. Now I love Julio Jones Julio Jones is amazing he is a product of plea able to play also eight games and don't when no elements. And also play New Orleans and I don't mean those numbers to you I've played in Dole's my first my first yard played fourteen games and I don't. And then you get to see outside team's gold do what Green Bay does what Jordy Nelson does in the elements when your plane. Now Minnesota has the inside they have an advantage but you talk about the Bayer's in that division COLT. In the late parts of the year to put up ungodly numbers like that in those elements. That's a true whitehurst here that's why look to the north and see those those guys can do it Botha beginning in the season and in late season runs you. And they're in the playoffs look at the teams are the best wide receivers and they're in the playoffs. There's a reason why. Went home field advantage race we your Atlanta you keep home field advantage you have a dome you can do that you can sustain that yeah. Yeah that is it that there's something to that but at the at the same time how many guys do we think there in cold weather cities that. Like. Cleveland for example are really good players there. Did you have good players I have no quarter they've terrible Tino I terrible quarterback yeah if franchise guy you can't you can do anything if you don't have somebody that can. Give you the football he. Yahoo! all bring goods may be on the move man and it looks like. This same scene in one hand they may do may be doing and a solid buys buys sending him to Tennessee. Or being willing to listen to overtures from New England. And Philly ME Philly could be one T aware. You know they skated at the end of the year but they've got a quarterback that they believe then meet a cornerback for the future that'll be there for a long time Doug Peterson. Is system that's Wesco system when beyond that. On far off from what Sean Payton would it runs down into a New Orleans either mean there's two good there's. Three really good fits in three teams that bring this could be winning a series we have to be careful of final thought. Be careful when you leave New Orleans Jimmy Graham left New Orleans. Brandon cooks left dormant there's a reason why that system works so well and it puts ungodly numbers are for guys he gets them paid for when they get. Sent to other places things do change. Yeah and you know there's some guys like what's his name. Thomas the Ricky receive this past year who have close to Mitt in it in catches build build the next guy out the next on line and from the there is one move in sports that's gone by the wayside. What is the best move played pitch for Mason set that we just don't seem anymore because this one is ahead scripture. Announced Crawford a sports that are. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niners yeah. Five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply to just play my number. He can go into. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 55305. Is Tex sun. Some pretty cool article about. The move that is dying in sports. Why don't we see this guy hook. In basketball anymore. Chris man X Yahoo! Sports and the thing is where's Scott had gone. The master of the move cream Abdul Jabbar is I don't know only the all time leading scorer in basketball history. It was coined in I would venture to guess nobody's been able to prove yet the most unlikable shot sports right. You get. That shot. Which come from behind triple teamed again right we'll also helps when your seven foot one yes it does there's a lot of those guys in the NBA now you know a more pumped. But we don't see anymore why don't we seed the sky hook did we see it. And we see it more than what cream Brock. There with his game well who who else who else. Did a shot not I mean there are couple shots in in basketball that I can think of better point that are really good Dirk Nowitzki is fade away with his knee up turnaround his and his right knee was the reason why it changed it because most guys when they tried to do a fade away and turn around. They keep both lake streets of guys who get into their body and they can block it you cannot blocked workshop don't. You can't because he brings his right knee up and you can't get into his body seeking to get it there's no way to block now guys have tried for years and you won't do it. You know I actually saw something I got a chance to see. The mavericks' practice when they came here for playoff series. And Dirk was sitting there with his is private coach after. On the practice is over. In the attracted to coach had like blocking pads on his forearm in would put his form out so Dirk had to get his knee up to touch down pat but I how high you wanna get separation the right that that's where the knee needed to DC you can block a shot like he actually were that isn't. Something measures. Natural land and it actually works and getting is yet to not die and then that's what Kareem developed his sky hook because he couldn't dump the ball anymore they'd be. Outlawed it and said you have to develop something news too much of an advantage so when he did is said Wyman did do was shot that nobody can block. Kevin Willis was another older player that played for years a short ours who's a great he was also a jump poker that's one of my favorite shots when I played basketball was Obama hooker. Jump hook shot that he got a short it's called the short version of you it's also an unblock able shot. Because what you do is keep the separation the balls released you can't he can't get their so those little shots though this is old. And a big men talking about guys in basketball or things and other sports that have gone to the wayside because they're not. Just not cool that it is probably based on like if you look at. But why isn't the sky hook cool now because I'm focused kid won a terrible eight times and break someone's ankles. That is supposedly really cool and break their ankles and cross them over get all missed the layup. Who I missed the layup you get buckets I mean like Corey invite is should it be altogether being just be holding in front of somebody. 38000. Points making that she'd be the one thing is that. Oh yeah. Maybe I should do that more. What I like what's cooler than being. Kareem ending the all time scoring leader nobody can be able to tell I have no idea why anybody would want to shoot from thirty feet or than go to the rim. I don't understand it. I think that you you're more efficient when your close last time I checked. If your closer. You use your more efficient the Iliad the only the only thing is the equalizer for your size wise like staff curry he goes in he's getting killed who's the best guy that takes it to the basket league right now he's five foot nine. All you guys Isiah Thomas C if you're gonna use and Anna and I agree with you the size thing. It doesn't look cool Isiah Thomas is the best guy in the league right now taken to Iraq via. He's also quicker than the chickens man. Back eyes so Quentin and he has machine gets over Meyers Leonard and throws a right handed okay bill Myers have to I can't plug it up the well. It's called separation. Is there a move though that has been more effective. Or they mean it could be in any sport a move to play a pitch. That is been as affected that we just don't see anymore or you're gonna let you guys courts then the sky hook. Because there may did the one that may be there is also on basketball and it's also a basketball. And it is. It is been proven to be effective. It was actually talked about Kevin Cahill is talking about a last night or either go granny yeah and Rick Barry now. You know the great the grainy free throw. But this eggs got a bad name that is made that is the people and it's got a horrible almost all buckets horrible and it he'd still be used. Yeah it would be it would be because. It has been proven. That is more effective in shooting over your head it's easier to control them. In who's been you don't do it any game because of the fact that you shot a being sent in a row for every single time though right. But it's easier way to shoot it's more effective and guys just won't do it. Right. That that may be one the other one in basketball. But there's a few others that if you think about in football. Baseball. They may arrival. Things acting grainy in the sky. 55305. That is attacks on. This is dusting him. Steele and Tim in the on 1080. 55305. This guy that is dying in basketball it's. The eyes towards. The vertical. He wrote something I won't say Penn because then you need. He said it earlier letting go I don't hate it I did I think it's I think it's cheesy. Why. As I have a pen in my hand I write. With my pin I don't penned something you can and it. I know you can get it does give you some things he could I know what I put my pin in my hand and I write it down I don't pin it down who pinned that down. Are you pen and let's go to my friends exactly what it sounds dynamic somebody from the Buckingham Palace trying to sell me a bad I don't know recipes. And nick. Classes Singh have now men be held a thing a royal cookbook but I didn't make damn man they knew that you had and the students you audible yeah played. Was boil it right. Look at your teeth take considered good and you Boylan. Anyway sorry to Liu were all linked. Dental hygiene and the English. What we speak English. If us big American medical attention. All right wow words I can about this guy and a dying in basketball. I had three thinks OK go oh yeah and we're talking about other things in sports and I give it to anybody so here's my ear what if my first one is golf could the most are with a ancillary on the nobody cares in the stinger two iron. Is gone. He's an ice and say yeah I used to carry a two iron no you don't you don't even know what am I don't know anyway it's a golfer out there nobody ever gets hybrids. Now Rica's hybrids are easier things are eased although making things easier flashing the real security to iron nobody or security snake which is a one iron. No I used to have a two air because tiger had a two iron it was nice to get one of those punch. Punch draws keep it low easy hit off the tee now every once hit it high launch a far too irons gone. Gonzo sealer nobody cares and they've dialed in fairway woods a lot better got it easier to hit in war forgiving. And wanna make things easier sexier and baseball. Baseball forming the stolen base. The stolen base has lost it's luster it's more about driving in runs the guy's a wanna get injured guys wanna take guys out sliding in the second. The fear of when he watched Rickey Henderson or. Or Vince Coleman the pressure that they put on the base path for pitchers all closing now pitchers Kenny to throw to first base you still can't steal. You that's my number two in my number three for football it's about sticking your hands under senator. Going to the wayside no more interesting taxi bean dish dog and act fact. There are times as I watch high school's football that you can't even snapped to the center. When your hands are under center you feel more comfortable in a shot against situation in fact quarterbacks nowadays actually have to learn. How to be understands that has it changed the quarterbacks like short yardage situations and you know third and fourth and lessening our. Because he used to be you would maybe do like quarterback sneak or like a wedge and give to people that go in just grind out six inches or you are high formation Vince VI formation. Is dying gone. The power I don't Dauman anti American easily it's the power eyes. Is dying now well in in you made a total and a tired teams out there that are really good about it. Ball pretty wants to front the spread. This course spread. When do run the spread. I guess four yards and a cloud of dust does work. Yet does birth is not sexy me see a lot of thought sexy I enjoy being. Yeah I like like the triple option you know like what Georgia Tech runs around large navy like I enjoy watching now you still CT UC teams from the spread. And I'm not I don't know a town about like you know football philosophy in different schemes but then there's aid there's a big difference between that and the triple option. Yes where the power T it's. Yeah well Danny Crawford play. That's a bit funds to give there was not to have to say I I've I like seeing TVs are on those old school offense that's fun and when you plug in today's division one athletes yeah well when you seat at the high level like when you see navy and Georgia Tech or and it's always timing route like moves like well oiled machine it's awesome yeah and it is that's a lot of fun to watch but. Mean the best athletes on our on it because second round of the NFL either I mean that's why that was found died. Even despite the fact that Nebraska won championships running it down you know I mean do you think that they are in triple option. In one national championships but. They can get recruits because someone send as the NFL engage in the next leveling Morton. That's why I think the brown should go to you the wing T. Really yeah in your is it the number one pick every year's going to be a Wien chief let her. What do they have to who believe whose. Right the Crimean infiltrated put in wildcat and someone who got to work well yeah outlaw of the dolphins because they didn't have a quarterback via in the new patriots didn't and everything yes let's do this. Aren't 553 easier front who did tell punch in football actually merge it was accurate but you can kick as far that's a soccer style. Until Dempsey got from New Orleans to a half a foot. Why doesn't sixty years ago that have no authority. It's fifty he had the record at 6069. EM and 36063. If he was sixteen Elam had 63 wasn't it Padilla did Neil taught all. I'll go to the crack team here it yet hit densities. All right 55305. The sky hook dying other ms. that are sadistic juice is legitimate post moves actually yes that's act. Pretty fair. Well who's the greatest post move player you can think of right now none out in in in basketball if let's say in the last twenty years. How much it's changed from big men. Twenty years. To organize and 1995 are we. Night audio and I don't drive I knowing on the 25 years 25 years I would I would say. Best no legit post visit his allies who want horses and you go Shaq in there Tim Duncan. And that's about it. Who has the last legit at its best legitimate post is great that great of an Eagles lose yeah talent with postman get the best in today's NBA markets all. Gasol and DeMarcus Cousins has great mood and moves on the block. I don't know Brook Lopez showed some very good versatility down on the block again you're right did the bears if it is going to the wayside if it's not interest in right. Re a big man just doing a spin up and under. Apparently not I don't have for the latest full brings a Gregg Popovich has yet exactly exactly follow I got an update on Tom Dempsey yeah. Who's still alive bottle anchor for him seventy who has 63 yards on November 8 1970 at Tulane stadium two lanes outdoors are not yet have not even down and then. And here we go 55 to your cousin knuckleball. That is comment on the on the Texan I could agree that why we see more than knuckle we saw a brief resurgence RA Dickey. Dang near won a Cy Young award with that and we see guys here and there but there's a lot of guys that go through dead Arden times. And they just fall they fall off the map. And they don't try to reinvent themselves is knuckleball pitcher you can perfected knuckleball. That is the ultimate change of pace in baseless certain ridiculously hard we've tried to hit a knuckleballer to finally live action like in a game down was. Was it wasn't it wasn't one of those where you go I didn't face a lead to knuckleball we're talking about just not good live Gamertag about just in practice and having it thrown at you. You never face alive knuckleballer no never never did he because. They say that inning game like Gaby you read simulated drive I mean if you if you CNET base hit hardest part about it. Is it's not actually hitting the knuckleball. But it's the 84 mile an hour cheese that is usually there. That can come up right after a knuckleball like hundred seems like it's a hundred right now. In its and usually guys are really veteran knuckleballer they've done something to their arm they have the wanna stay in the league hunt you don't do it our Dick he's gonna be old Stanley Cup somehow right in everybody has everybody has. Some sort of injury now elbow shoulder injury Jeff and we don't see very many guys try to go to the knuckleball eaten and dissects your 553 or five the cut fastball. Mariano Rivera's number one pitch you know. I mean we that was a beautiful pitch about five years ago we saw like this resurgence of people trying to throw the cut. The cutter. And then it just went away is that really hard to throw on your arm because injuries are the only reason why I concede that. A cutter or fastball you're just put your grip on the outside with your fingers closer and you do you have a little bit of a -- term but it's not as dangerous says it's not as much torque is a regular 126 or curve ball in or even a slider but it was what it does you know and he just throws it hard and it slides it just. Slides away for me he's talking about a fastball that it's a has a little bid you saw that but you know instead of like a T seamer which moves just a little bit. And you're talking three to four inches they really don't have that yet he gripped it along with the scenes and that's what caused it to slide to a lefty and then away from a righty. You know it just but he threw his heart is a fastball. That's danger when you have movement with a fastball that's what makes Felix so good we have movement would your fastball. Now that's true and a good look people we did not can I did not compare Shaq can McCain's closeness. Just funny that clear which are about guys that great but they're all you want now but did this team is clear cut number one in the Latin C said since 1995. And Shaq. He had closeness folks Jack was decent man he just backed you down and intimidated you guess who guess what a lot of guys can do Daryn now but don't don't. Not TO a little bit of that there we have a youngster here or kitsch we have youngster here it's got excellent back to the basket game and it's developing. It's strength. He will back you down you hear me he pushed guys all over the court pursue the nets that's and that's rare to see in the blazers have never had that police I've never seen them. Men in my tenure being here. This is another guy that I say Kevin McHale. That's excellent he didn't get in might my last 25 years German jail was the book was fundamental superstar and how to do postman. Hey you played him in that line of the long list of guys are playing in the eighties different studies and eighties like Jack six known as a move named after him from him the treatment there and those guys were money. In the block. And I am glad that is did Bosnian these big European. Bring those back can't bring those who is make post is great again let's do this. How big can I get in where in the world is the money coming from this is dusting him.