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Dusty and Cam - 3.6.17 - Hour 2

Mar 6, 2017|

Cam sits courtside at the Blazers game, Mark Cuban doesn't think Westbrook is MVP worthy, and Michael Jordan gave a weird speech.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've just Dinara. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland from the vet padlock on the local. Kevin had never been good no. And 1080. Just after 7 AM on your Monday morning. Hope everybody's having a safe and relatively warm commute snow caught a lot of people that that. It's on the case in Monday's come and then. I'm all season folks. Opening and it is there's always these weekend. Let the legal means a lot of people. The little league's early this weekend and they've started across the country all over the place he practicing yes you are yes then you wanna call it down give six hour practices it. Inside for 45 minutes pretty practice and sighed in your garage and owners is that little little indoor facilities are local. The league little in my day we used to just we did we just practice outside ground yours and with an off an icy cold dirt in the infield them that's right. Just get used to it. And now we go into a covered area on the asphalt. You know safe. Yeah and kiss the money is given in a 55305. Go to bed at 2 am look at the fighting and driving and then in a blizzard have to drive back to Portland I'd get in around 10 o'clock and have a flight at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Has take Mondays that's a good case in Monday's people have on defense and assures we'll get to on throughout the course that you. You know both put the blaze again on Saturday night we were not together you could because you're in a place that I it was not accessible to become a man. You said courts are common man I was very fortunate I had a friend of mine invite me to sit courtside first time I've ever been courtside in any NBA game ever. They were. It was it was wonderful. I'm only a lot of free spirit have sat courtside I just ever I don't know if there's probably there's probably a lot of people out there that have sat courtside. I think it's it's an experience that once you have it. It's read it's really hard to appreciate the other the other spots on the quarter news it's kind of like sit in first class. And then you go backward and coach Darren and that I've been sent coach. And I had some problems with it but I just wish US and that little experience you do you take it with the idea. All I was very fortunate in and I thank you for for that time. What I added a new appreciation of how explosive how big how physical. Well how long oh emails that I had to give you a series haven't had to get down there yeah you know how to get down in how deep water down a set down when a hundred seats which means. I've a friend of mine who happens to have Floyd's yeah no okay I didn't know if you're going out of pocket and noticed that I was lucky enough to get down there doesn't would you. Pony up to sit courtside. Don't have yeah how about that wallet sorry. If it's if you do have the opportunity sick yet you take it so why god done now is Jolene on the fields my back was I was. I think I had I don't know I was and I was in shambles after working on the field for four and how many hours I got an invite. In my first inclination was just absolutely. Yes let's do this you should go home so I got a got a chance to do that and that's a really it's really cool he's gonna walk right out on the court. Everybody shaking your hand a guy doing good C good Sierra was really friendly get the balloon clap birds. You know what I'm talk about it here today the irritation things you know thunder sticks and everyone thinks that that really works but I. Danson who looks good don't you dare tell me they don't work I had the pleasure of let's see gimme the ball back to you sit near catch. Yeah handed ball backed him caught CJ. You caught him caught him from falling into the camera we all come together nine. He really got to see and I also. I got to hear Meyers Leonard. We mine. Morris mark says some bugs. Seattle opening years he has what we call the the Bugs Bunny syndrome a little bit I like I love Marx I do I like Myers because he's. He he made sure that he was telling the fans that are given him a little bit of the business. Via slight Hackl I heard some audible shots. Really does that not surprise. He's yelling back at fans know what's wrong with that right I say good for him free on back at the fans got to interact with your head when not if you getting heckled. But I mean I think that that is one of the things though when you look at. And being a professional athlete you are you here hackles like to sit there and think that they don't. Is is crazy and guys got your hero you hear your. But reacting to it is something is something else like the Giroux and Myers was very irritated with the announcer. Yes indeed him calling him miles miles anything into my hair iron it would it when I heard him say shut up. It was it was right at the foul shot as he was get the Baltic in the inbounds and he didn't even turn nothing it was a shot up it was loud. It was a couple times due to wonderful eating the keynote it like he did take anything. I've read and that a little bit of maybe when you see him kind of go to goes ebbs and flows in the game mrs. couple shots. You in Portland you can hear fans you start to come out at him what wears on it effects if thaksin mentally it should. Certain people it can Wear on you share it. Well should it I can't control that. I can't tell you some guys uses motivation others that it caused you to go the other direction now the other thing I did notice twos he could see we are talking about user finish his ability. Two Q not only finish at the rim. But his big physical presence on the in the inside if you look at him up close anybody that's had a chance to see him up close is big physical presence of a ballerina. Well you mean think of big like his upper body. Given Myers about physically the same size upper body was actually I would say myers' is more physically shoulders town definition a lot more toned. But what makes you sit still powerful and what every and NBA player anybody ever tell you. His lower body from his from his waist down from his calves is lay eggs is. Everything key is big and powerful and that changes the whole thing and how well you can control. The block you know his ability his strength. In a white he wins so much down there. Is his lower body strength and that's that's that goes without saying with a lot of guys in the NBA you don't appreciate how physical and strong when great players like Shaq. Finger guys that are that are big and physical like that. In it they just have so much power from the waist down do you have a thing for use of markets we QE 79 Varian him when your describe because he's a big mammoth seven foot now he says 611 but at seven foot yeah. He has. And he has skills. For the whole basketball court. Yeah and he he had some beautiful passes he was he he he could defend the paint. He had back to the basket game he could shoot perimeter wise not gonna be guy that you're going to be stretching stretching the defense though. But heat heat heat all the things he has he has every tool these 22. One thing that I think people don't really get a sense for until you see him in person in need doesn't really translate as much on television is how athletic he is. I mean the EU can see it he's more he's more athletic than most bigs that are what seventy nearly 300 pounds and any moves very well he's not a stiff but when you seem a person man and his footwork. It away from the play in this is thing like if you watch in the game. A lot of people watch ball watched you sit anarchy it's kind of fight for position and how he is lower body like you're talking about like you know lower body wins. It's a a lot of it is how strong you are down there but how you position yourself Hughes he's. Has the potential to be really good he's still raw but he could be really get here's the other thing that you really do noticed too we watch big fight down on the block. Seemed bothered. Mean although he had a good night Brook Lopez he still had a what you have 31 points he's not the only guy they can make shots and there's got to man up he's all of 72 he was a good couple inches taller taller. But he irritated and you can just see the physical fitness of the contact you're not afraid of any contact that's used to protect immediate you can just see it the president's the hand fighting that goes on under the rim. That was the enjoyment that I had is that everyone thinks that the NBA is is don't touch me league anymore it is extremely physical down below. You have to be you have to be willing to muddy it up and get dirty down there if the fight for position and that's where someone who's so strong lower body wise. Can move guys in positions and create space with his strength Merrill who has got to talk the most sense. Did you hear anything and really vulgar down there not so much I'll tell you what dame is though when dame attacks the rim he is very audible. She is he is grunting he is grinding you could see he's trying to get some calls he could that he's explosive to the rim but he's got. When he's attacking the rim and all that just sound like that he's very audible when he's going to Iraq. Well he's he's that he's for he's developing as we orbit the enjoyment of it is watching him and watch how he directs him and watch Al CJ reacts and his slithering NSY beauties is crafty in person. Take me a little disappointed that we don't have more rest talkers here you we don't we don't but I guess when you play in the nets. We will talk they get ten wins if the 21 losses in that you know the thing that's amazing you know and and is that. They're not even tanking. Because they're now I don't even get their first round pen cam Boston I very still trying in there that that. That is a horrible there head coach through little dude. I just forgot his name is the left me. I mean you know who is the nets coach now. He's a very. Little dude mojo wanted to sit Lawrence Frank without you know or head coach is up again and Kenny Atkinson yeah I had no idea who you us. I would've never guessed I didn't yeah he was the head coach of the Brooklyn nets. Goes show you their Canon 51. He's not gonna very good job is he just. Is today you only have so many guys where it would like worded even come right you know what is other funny twos you watch the staff is like every huddle everything. Hidden in his staff there even. It early to talk to the players they go out. Did you see George Karl member would you step out circle and what are we gonna talk about whether it's having backed the shuttle to guys like Cisco salary Crisco and addition our man would do he's a boot holes or Dane and Tony Dan Patrick. So he came from Atlanta tea. And I. And for guys probably skill bombings overseas head coach in the NBA. It's got some skill all. And discourage these little guy. Yeah they've gone through a bunch of coaches. So 2009 Lawrence Frank was coached. They've had 1234. Five through it because just since then in 2009. Stable franchise have Brooklyn nets stable franchise. Well amends and solicit questions from people that don't know about courts had sit seats and and they bring you beer will. Yet to pay for current. We are you agree but the but it may have a somebody will walk up and ask if you want a beer in theory is that you have to win lines. Into bad restaurants do that to you but not with basketball right there in front of you. That is pretty neat how many did you advantage just to give I'm not voted no and Neitzel hath. Three and 233. Is very very concern that's a lot trio that is all that's a lot for you. Aren't I factories your five Martina and making headlines again this time it's Russell Westbrook in his cross airs this is dusting can't. This is just examine the Mormon Melancon eighty. It was a solid we have seen texture by factors here 5% and the opportunity to sit courtside. And or Rasheed Wallace's first game as a piston piston. This there were at that palace Barbara hills and they play the timberwolves with Kevin Garnett patrol's Yuma and San can sell. That must have been wonderful it's a different experience he can hear and smell the players and like and I said I'm sure you had heard some serious smack talk and I game I mean think about those two teams bakery. I said she got it right into it on the first did the job for sure he ended up having to sit out the second half due to some paper what works at food for the trade. So we just sat on the into the bed about six feet away from us be reading the rest and it heckling Garnett the entire day. That is. That would be something and investment talking about. We need better smack talk in India and into nice pitching I think things are different now things are different. Guys are more sensitive people are more sensitive. He could hear everything you don't wanna be disrespectful. Mean you wanna bump into somebody the wrong way. Have you ever heard the very seamy it's always sunny in Philadelphia episode every group in the wild card in every group Disney wild card. Liven things up you never know what's gonna happen with them via. I think we're NBA teams he'd wildcard in Russell lesser kind of a wild card he'll liven things up right. You see him. Why it was good form tackle last night. Run through the block I did not it's wonderful what did he do. He you got a technical foul okay because he decided to I don't know we got pushed off a little bit he ripped through a screen let me run through screen. He ran through the screen it was excellent it was good for a it was a great Astros who would have been Von Miller ask it tapering off let me say do you got a technical foul for that you believe that visit targeting with Diddy lives it was no no it was very good is good position he went through. And it was. Was much of a flop the turner who exactly was on but it it was it was actually easier well he's in the cross hairs of when Mark Cuban now as the mavs mark Cuban's best work. And thunder last night and they dismantled Oklahoma City won a Ford 89. I don't watch a game but. Besides few days ago here Portland. The inconsistencies of Oklahoma City. Pretty glaring and that team is up and down it is up and down as any team can be and you know after that game set and we came and you're like look. Russell west Burke is to blame with a lot of their roller coaster and how they dealt. And after the game. Mark Cuban was Stockton to some people and he said the NDP is it tough said between James Harden LeBron James inquire Leonard. And they're like wait a minute. Wait what about Russell Westbrook who do you use averaging a triple double and he said now he's not. He's not he's not a guy that issued beanie NDP conversation because he's amazing athlete who's explosive. It hasn't put the best motor. But. There on Cuban says there aren't they say dude and be under fifty wins. He's good. But he's not a superstar that can make his team better in the. Puffs right. You what he said in let's clarify this is Mark Cuban has said this before about Westbrook key cities I'm not deviate and off my path it would be very fine. He says he quoted that a fight changed my tune just because of his ability to make a triple double lucid you have to win a playoff game you have to win a playoff series. By yourself show me down and then I'll tell you an MVP. LeBron James is the MVP should die every year every single stinking year him because he does something no other guys can't do. He can do everything on the basketball court even any time now and there's there's not a lot of players now Russell Westbrook is phenomenal. He's an unbelievable explosive athlete and Kenny I'm pocket it sugar coat. Or try to tell you he doesn't deserve to be in the conversation he does in my opinion but this is just. This is one of those things are gonna come down to again were somebody in the MBA and a bunch of voters are gonna say wolf courses LeBron but let's give it to somebody else because they're really good to Eden. This is the same conversation the Michael Jordan had in his in the earlier in the late eighties when he could carry the team we can get past Cleveland in crazy low. Couldn't get past the knicks. This is what he needed supporting cast or animal Russell what Russell Westbrook. Can't carry a team all by himself weakened in week out of course he's gonna be inconsistent there's no man on the planet. I can win in beating guess athletes as good as the NBA players are every single night. But he still what city games over 500 home with a with an average supporting cast right sits above average there. I mean he's got he's got Hume Z have anymore all star he's got two legitimate bigs in Stephen Adams that's our message you have an overall Ernestine. That's what I say when I say average unit to in this league nowadays you have to have at least two all stars on your team to be able to be considered in the conversation. Yeah I mean no. There's not another all serve will be fairly deep he's hurt. So we don't really know what he is but currently on the roster right now helping him that is consistent player these guys Leon Adams and Ennis cantor which is. Two dominant bigs pretty get. Pretty get mean you look at a lot of teams are on the NBA. He would kill for having one of those two guys and they've gob they Gumbel they are really young. A robber cinder. Is very good defender Robertson is an excellent defender can't you elect now cannot shoot sabonis is still young yes a newcomer. In manually to the rest their bench is not who's there to new guys they got from Chicago buckets yeah and Taj Gibson does give you get Bill Ayers but. They still need to kind of find their them where they're at. But EI I see the point there but 3528. I just look at Russell whispered it's hard for me because a lot of their team's struggles I gotta go back to it are because. Is that the first 45 minutes against Portland in the last five minutes against Portland. He was nowhere to be found in those it if it does and that's a ten minute stretch that dictated the outcome of that game. Are we gonna measure we get a measure these athletes nowadays we're we're so caught up in stats everyone so stat heavy in every wants to save look at the points look in my assist. This man is in the conversation with Oscar Robinson. In Wilt Chamberlain now. And Russell Westbrook those are the three names that he is in that conversation with I don't know how you cannot look at that and say that's it that's amazing. In today's game now. And how it shaped. In what you can do the way you can put up. Ungodly numbers because it's not a back to the basket game to shoot shoot now shoot early and do we talked about early in the season who's gonna shoot 25 times a game yes easily. Yes so I'm not saying they're doing a triple double is easy to do that be stupid to say that out. But he deserves. Every bit of credibility be in the conversation for the MVP. Yet he should be in that conversation I would vote form IE would be Oscar Robertson and when when he dashed of a W there we talk Keolalai MVP personally. That's just who I would. Vote for I because he's the best player in the league. And down but that doesn't change from year to year you know like I mean you understand he is every single year and this should criterion but you know you only US's ten and and you know. Isiah Thomas of pride in that conversation as well I isolate. If the Celtics and catching or getting close to catching the cavaliers. With kind of turnaround they've had this year in nanny Dave added a lot of peace of brown that roster to help him now but Isiah Thomas is having one of those seasons where. You look at a numbers in his numbers are really get a but. His team is winning at a better rate than Russell Westbrook it's ranked. And so they acting gig aides suggesting that Mark Cuban goes on on this road on the swim team because. Is he uses the same argument that held his star back and he fought for Dirk yeah. The Ford Dirk got his MBP right is that is supporting code did you play well yeah right yeah and before but. Here's another argument Russell Westbrook is his teams didn't win even when he had a great supporting cast if you win he had Kevin Durant. They weren't in de Mort in the NBA finals write to me there once they were up 31. Rather shot and they also ought to blow it India they blew it he blew it so tell he's a closer what he's seen as Russell Westbrook is a as a stat man. That's a front runner until he shows that he can close when it wouldn't matters that's when you get these. Heck yeah respective earning an MVP heck yeah and he's IDs are gonna get it this year if that's the case. Stats are great but you measure yourself and championships it would be pretty cool though if he did average technologist. Can see that this has been a really special year for him on the 731 points ten assists. And ten. In half rebounds a game crazy. You know and he may go full black Coleman not it this year the ball anymore. And believe it easy did screw himself out of getting the triple double with the with the assist numbers and and the no less info games are acting to mark human. Russell Westbrook non MVP there he said it. The three way that Jerry Jones is denying why wouldn't he jump and this one. Is Crawford a sports there. This is Dustin jam in the morning on 1080. The same room. And new Jerry Jones now and threw it. It's a three way trade beg to differ on the well. You related firsthand photo you see Jerry Jones and I saw the New Orleans Mayor and he had more and ladies on his shoulders away in a minute now. School. And no yeah you are he likes his body you saw firsthand Jerry Jones in every way I see it. Three ladies. Harman are you seeing some things man. Mike and Jerry likes the party. Did well. But he doesn't like to party with two other football teams and that is for sure. In wrapping for the NFL network play it in play is a potential an unprecedented three week wage deal. 49ers inquire about cousins a Redskins talk about round though cowboys get peck. How about that that came out over the weekend. And Jerry Jones. Did some injuries as I yet now there's nothing factual in anyway. Haven't had that discussion and anyone most of all. And now with Tony Romo himself. Now the idea behind these this rumor that was floated out at to come by and is that. Tony Romo would be traded TD Washington Redskins correct. Washington Redskins went in turn descended Kirk cousins. TC Francisco. And being niners would give up picks. And give them to douse because. We talked about this before dallas' salary cap strapped they do not have. And there already over the salary cap and they've got free agents and they still may decide to complete a 53 man roster. So. Toll grow we'll have to leave. And all of a good way to do that in get talent in cheap talent is through the draft and we will have to pay and C can get to 53. Still have your core you just get rid of Roma salary. And then cousins wants out of Washington Washington quarterback don't make sense right 49ers into cornerback. And you need to be perfect break sense does it actually measure up to reality. Because why why in the world do why in the world would Dallas trade not only within conference with in the division. Yeah to arrival. In you might as well. Immediate you know how bad that would just look I win. I would I sit there in right when I saw that report as equate. Well why are we gonna do that. Why eat in the division eighteen that all by delay the Washington Redskins. I know people who sit there at all of the I go to Washington they're gonna finish in seven and nine or eight Nate again. That team is close because they've got a good defense it's coming back. They're couple weapons way they went 87 and one last year that it with Tony Romo. And adding if you p.'s right and they'd be playoff team this year. I honestly I don't think they would in for I would I would think they'd be just as good with Kirk cousins I I value Kirk cousins and I think a lot of people out there or do. You realize how good he is he's worth now what do what is is his his tender numbers close to 24 million. That's what his second year being franchised. You kidding me yeah he's good though I dirty dozens as well good regardless right. Right do I think I think I think Washington's just as good with Kirk cousins is they would be with Tony Roma but Kirk cousins as a wanna be their pass this year ER I mean he must say he's dead. By all accounts he wants out of Washington that's why he hasn't sent a long term deal that's on he's intent franchise twice already in this last year he can be done now know you can fridge as cornerbacks very nice thought it was to know every letter every other players. Our backs can be spread. Hum where they'd have to pay him 34 million dollars next year they franchise I'm gonna say nobody would do that because I don't put it past Daniel Snyder to do some money out. In so if you look at if you look at that there's no reason for me to sign a long term deal this year Tony Roma's I'll go within its. Now Iran's territory within division I could seem going conference. But I'm not your not giving him to a division right here in UK if you Jerry Jones you could essentially just cut the middleman out. Send him to San Francisco and doesn't make her return because Simms got zero quarterbacks on the roster right now in. All even despite that despite the fact that they wanna get along termed. Dixon there for Kyle Shanahan. If you look at. One would make sense is you can draft a guy and the second round this year. And you can sit there and hopefully develop them. Behind Romo an is that doesn't work out then you back to draw on board new look for Kirk cousins in free agency and every does Klein Washington just locked up their stability coach tubes they signed John orgy grew into a two year extension so they're committed to what he's doing their keys. Doing a lot of good things in Washington isn't it's a functional as that please can be you know at times with the chaos and having to deal with Daniel Snyder and his. And oh we call the roller coaster way he handles franchises. I think there'd be a very nice way of putting it locked timlin they do realize Emmy Jay gruden is a good coach yeah he's very good and so you give him an extension so now they have to figure out what they gonna do quarterback. Because if they do get rid of Kirk cousins who were they going to fund. They are willing to go after is that in dishonesty is inclement you'd get him. Who you gonna get you guys see that he's yes. It's going to be that fifteen million dollars yet from my coming from a West Coast system you need to have somebody that can plug into that system. Very quickly you don't wanna have to re coach and retrain somebody might Glenn wasn't bad when he started for the Buccaneers a couple of years ago. He doesn't horrible and he's the guy that. Dissent Russell Russell Wilson pack in and Norton North Carolina State do. Then there's that you know he's pretty good knees pretty good quarterback but. Fifteen million dollars a year ferry guys played once he's not a bad team. Brock also other east's there's there's no magic number anymore that will surprising when it comes to quarterback play. Like it when it's salaries. And what what teams are willing and how desperate they are to pay a quarterback. Specially give a little bit of experience and as Jimmy are a couple of sits back and just. He's is going to. That's rubbing his fifth in this look at it this sensitive thing to day came out of the weekends the patriots have said they haven't done anything. Worth even listening to you in trade proposals for urgent problem interest. Did they said it hasn't been worth their time well he did worth their time and third at their number. Well yeah but when you think you're gonna give up for free no of course not mean but you know what if you want to first round picks that might be a little much. Well but I would do it. May yet he said he would you said here Cleveland you'd give you give one in twelve I'd give you 112 I'd also DV three and four. Let ya. EG I only keep my second round pick of I had that option I give you 12. Only 21 and my third in my fluent in the first overall the second overall our choice grounder and then the third and fourth round pick. For Jimmy drop off absolutely. If I was in desperate situation and I need help I think that would get new England and pick up the phone. I think today the process to get into one another general manager and massive line in. Fact the only guys into staying that. Member remember last year. Did big offseason you know how Bob. Was about would be dangles trade AJ McCarron. Yeah it's been silent on the AJ McCarron front and in that could be in that could be a name that starts heating back up here in the next cup couple weeks unless Cincinnati just threw out some ungodly things and spread the word said no. They did down last year they said we are not treating him last year but if you Lleyton if you look at the way that Cincinnati zero went last year. It's not like there because they said we're geared up for Iran in six and nine mark Brenner the gearing up for while they may it's the playoffs and western music controversial finish. Against the Pittsburgh. That's for yeah yeah word Geovany Bernard got his head taken off two years ago. Well yeah yeah so they're very very pistons they were geared up last year for around the flat out there and holding fort. These are the that staff coach mark he's been there are so wrong. I don't know what Cincinnati's demeaning scene that's an issue trade day AJ McCarron tune in next poor sap of the team now wants. You give up a bunch draft picks for a guy who really as Alabama he'd have a quality back up for the rendering your mixer. Andy Dalton you still yet to win a I do custom form. You know I think is really came alive united he would change his fortunes as a quarterback. Is if he died his head in his hair to look like his helmet. Thank you put them. You this is like tiger stripes on it I was gonna I was gonna have more Latino I would dice here because he's red. I was gonna go you ginger hater well I mean you are you're selling out our ten enough to have ginger. Not just in some type did your friend you guys is they're black. He's an idiot no one knows he's ginger anymore when it what immediate and he's turned his life around why. Either aren't any races is his his given talent of being in ginger but decelerated let's Townshend about that well we'd we'd known slipper comments yet overcome adversity we are tougher where you we are tougher you know who's -- you with a lot of lot of tests you music music ginger beard. But he's kind of got strawberry blond hair. Mike Glenn and the fifteen million dollar mail. I can't believe he dyes his hair and he he's out of the club you're fired whoever you are hasn't fired is his life exponentially better now that he has black hair gimme that handle all of this a race here so yeah you hear there's black. Yeah are you a ginger I'm not mention. Look at my features man's not enough grit knew no I mean look it almost slushy do that and you're out. Can we get this guy on the phone to see if he has a better life now that his there's black yeah Alcee doesn't like to speak on it I just like you have to deny he's he puts a series he's truce false zone and up to it we can distort his voice in him. Protect his or the witness protection need for stock had no notoriety for me they're not done your. My comes to club it's an exclusive club. Exclusive. Aren't mom and miniature arm chair. The students I. It is 744 on the fence. London ten maybe. Pretty funny. And the ginger conversation is really it's hard because that tension right now we all know. Since fighting words if you move if you view. Well when texture Crawford as a friend you guys are blackened says life is improved because of this the. This texture. I should ginger your pasty. Soft you in DOE. No what do slack in the fifth on a CU wanna fight that person right well I think our ginger my ginger bread and will unite and we will come find you you we will haunt your dreams and eat your soul. She needs so that we have that is a little aggressive be very careful he what was Michael Jordan trying to say over the weekend. It this video of the more confusing. Moments that we have seen. Amazing not nearly as aggressive says we're gonna hunt you down each your soul. Well like you wanna see my message you took us loud and clear. But Hugh is giving a halftime speech in the DUNC game. And it was a revolving around. North Carolina football now Jordan brand. They've jumped on board some other player for doors like did what the hacker cool Michigan. Is benefiting from year brand being on their football team not fair. We want some of that action. So. In talking about the North Carolina Tar Heels football team. Michael Jordan dropped what is now become infamous. This new phrase. What you got nothing but the best. Museum me is the root let's admit it didn't happen. The C way. This seal it no more time please. Let me let me hold on play Elmer time. She got nothing but the best. He sees me through the roof let's make it happen. Did he did he faltered twice not unknown to falter I got nothing wrong in serious human. I wish you guys nothing but the best jockey that first one I'm confused with nothing but best. But because you would usually say nothing but the best yet. Nothing but the best that she just left out there was little video thing to Bolivia short minutes talking to kids you know in the ceiling is the roof. Seeing let's make it happen let's make it happen in the ceiling is the roofs and kill him loose and I agree that. I don't know what that means there is no ceiling. I'm the mount a success you can view only the roof above you was what I don't try to go philosophical protects you from your growth. Right that's some good today that one up. I the ceiling is the roof what do you think he meant to say no idea. No I I honestly the ceiling maybe you think the ceiling is the floor what does that because you're standing above the rest. Right maybe that's where he's going with that but I'm I don't know I don't know what the ceiling is the roof means I've never heard that before she's given. Here it may be. It may mean. And I've heard people like in North Carolina had peiris who will defend Michael Jordan. Throwing through until the very very end yup you know maybe Chicago Bulls super fans. Maybe your intention is thinks this he's bulls super fan I maybe dentist is gone. Now is the ceiling in Carolina is Carolina blue so that's the sky. In goal Internet and it's gone deep into the all that has been number two meanings that has been bandied about by North Carolina fans so the ceiling is the roof they're all somebody else that said this before. Somebody said it to Michael Jordan or did he Disco all nervous and couldn't get the words out. Correct thing. I don't he's a text me what they think that means EF five countries are five the rear seat this is that I listen they're gone is is the roof is on fire. North Carolina dumpster fire. Ice again maybe like 20 eastern god that's three got you go the roof the roof the roof his own I move yeah. I don't know and if to say over and over again is it justice. The use that now so now we have Michael Jordan crying Michael Jordan mean we're gonna have the ceiling is the roof I mean all of their arteries and now there's RD means of the dean dome and crying Jordan says it's on top of that. So of time that said on. He may have been drunk that's another one was he drunk but I don't know Michael Dorn user back in his college days amino. The barrier he strike out field in Hillary wants Michael Jordan. I think a Hussein's capture in who was not drunk. North Florida. They've played about slug him there in the Atlantic sun that they for portable close coast in the Atlantic sun. Non championship game and their coach. Gave what I believe is one of the best pregame speeches of all time. And. Think screamed let's go. It's kind of what Brady does bring he's really good at the let's. Well Matt Driscoll their head coach he's a little bit the spark plug there. And north during the tournament a few years ago and I don't know which is a better pep talk just the guy's human let's go or a need that coach that. Goes on Michael Jordan starts making up sayings that don't make sense. You know are you DL or guy or the guy who makes you think about what he's saying I try to help you know like to thank you like the other night you know I'm mix words of all the time. I took my brain is moving at a certain pace but my mouth can't keep up and sometimes that happens Tia. Don't try to say if you Sainz in your head or you've heard some things and exit nodes comes out all wrong that just came really wrong. Yeah isn't quite often so all of which when motivates you more screamer guy or no philosophical but. Net and neither is what we say nothing got to go on for game like no there's no such a dire know once game time was on I just everything nineteen doubted there was really at that point if I wasn't ready month because of myself. I really didn't need any that -- some guys love some guys were really love it. They need a good. There's no Alpa chino in in any given Sunday they need to that's scripted. TV they go some guys need to lose. The blitz and but each other now. I'm just I'm just quietly thinking to myself as I'm plotting and planning your demise is a lineup of me if you ginger friends yes you're going to be any yum you're almost coming teachers sole right here ago we got actually it decent explanation here. The ceiling is not the ceiling it's higher than that he's basically saying they have unlimited potential is have to believe it in achieve it. So you go out to the ceiling which Indian side. An outside to the roof we are on top and there's nothing. To hold you back anymore right and again you screwed up. Get like I don't think he may have been it was just like Jesus is the sky's the limit so the ceiling is the roof. I mean does that mean that in just a game sealing the roof like implies. There's still ceiling is a little higher in the news Ottawa has been. Yeah I'm just being go ahead and say Michael Jordan was drunk and now all he gets the mean treatment again. If you Michael. The underwear Olympics wrap it up today but we learned a little some about a few did this week and had to come by and like why aid top prospect was sent home this is dusting camp.