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Dusty and Cam - 3.6.17 - Hour 1

Mar 6, 2017|

The Blazers win and Al-Farouq Aminu is back. Also, Draymond Green is mad at the Knicks and Case of the Mondays.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really knew each other. That's useless it's easy to pop up maybe even more than previous games. We dynasty era. Hi campaign got going why offer. And the man who looks up information may jury argument it's also a college all American gem clearly it's. Why does anybody in the world every than anything. Dustin and Kim in the morning and on 1080 six. I don't be cleaning backlog Mac cam and good morning have to try to Monday. Wait a minute to minute women watch star had to give him I caught the problem. Knows of probably go go turn your Mike on you're your answers to Monday's. Got some kids of the mom's day or five for everybody. K's said the mine owner Rick it is. You rested an rejuvenated now yet what I'm bigger more fatigue that I was. Prior to the time well goodness without part of life that's part of getting older as part of not with sold in this particularly if you always told us seek a few days off when you come back more tired than you were when you left. Yeah well. Anyway as it's good to have you back and you're tired or not yeah that a little excuse to be tired easily been our. Don't even know you don't sleep in when you have these early morning wake ups. I can see your body gets used to that endured the body clock Alia I'm all about that and then you have your your kids get up in the morning anybody that's impaired their kids get up earlier Weis get up early they deceit you just like Europe so disruptive. It is while they just think I'm really out of lack right now this morning Moscow lets you guys know listen things are not in the right. Proportion airy space to me right now it's gonna take me a few minutes to get used to this is your read my head around that the concern in the teens are proportionately stable in my in this environment right now welcome and there we can hug it out of the break her own home. Pledging viewers of your time. Yeah we did you use a lot I mean we got a lot of things go on while you're gone. Crawford is trying to lower TV producer cursor to his home to live with him behind Alex and so we sorted that out do not do that. To start I'll ask don't do their seats you are likely you're gonna like it may be get away with luring him over and now no we didn't we didn't we convinced occur should not too many Smart individual avoid that with the fire 2000 some knots until really may well you know as he. Over the next couple weeks is there's some listeners to Honolulu with Crawford so we may have like American Idol style competition she ran out Crawford certain but he likes it or not some type of interview process I don't care what's the criteria I don't know yet to be able to pay your rent that's all I hear the I don't really care about doubt Crawford either. I just want. It's and balance what is this imbalance in his life like we had one guy Texan has said as cities but seaside cheese seven. Loves and then made the NFL and guns and I think that that be great for Crawford and a little protection that is home yet and got aids or room that add a new element needs rim he needs a room for some reason he doesn't get along with people in the I don't understand why he'd be not be agree roommates hey man. I like to add a little lie you know go as they are Mariah do these guys alive. Do you also a profited never had Captain Crunch. So you haven't shredded the root your mouth I started on Friday that on Friday we did good you gotta let it sit and get a whole milk after a minute that's pounds. Maybe to him if he be right out of the box yeah it's razor blades sandpaper to change his life. Mid so degree at minimum. And men none. Million and also attracted Justin Wilcox and Freddie T echoes Wilcox yeah old coach Greenberg treasure in studio the machine you that is now. Yeah I don't know you comedienne and yeah yeah I don't know if you would of died with him that he was I would use particularly well the first words out of his mouth were I'm really stone right now. He was visibly hi yeah. And then he had that experience with a few people have mated in early. Yet nobody he is still open though admitted on the air stone and is gonna yeah yeah and then he's a great idea England he's one of my fight he's one of my favorite comedians he was hilarious. Subpoenas that's unless front tires podcast at 1080 the fan dot com and many regale us with stories about how he and join the Russian mafia when he isn't college. And robbed his classmates and it's. Bruce got get goals right US US and then it's made him a lot of money he was the guy the movies in while there is it is loosely based around his life both. Oliver Stone bought the rights to Bert crashes life when he was in college he write a book is that what they know about energy just tell and I know Rolling Stone magazine profile and in 1996 and called indeed. Colleges. The best party animal in college could and then Oliver Stone read the articles like yeah I want that that's good movie I want that and so became Dan rather. CEO we had a lot of things happen. Where are gone but it's good to have you back man priority and it's price you don't need me we're trying to do this you can't our program. Where Oprah. Love then. I want to hug island very long tiring hello are you going to alternate. All right. Today in sports history 1983. The United States hopefully begin its first season of play. About that. That would be the USFL that would be you know he's it would be you know what do you do it does anyone else when they hear the US a fell to say Herschel Walker I know you want to know why why you know and I think of themselves. No I don't know it was I don't know I just threw that name out there is elegant Bobby there Bobbie they bear down. There are no longer a hill voter that's right. US a fell below in fact that is one occasion dude. That is what they were ended. He's his fellow saint you do radio broadcast. He was a wonderful connection Doherty was it was farmer friend get. They do wrong Arizona they did bring in some nice elements you. Football though they introduce the optional two point conversion. And if you sure and and then also intentional and unintentional pass interference which. Probably should be ruled in the NFL now intentional and unintentional do you think your idea he meant to do that fifteen yards. He didn't really more subjective calls you mean that. But dean your question yes I think young people who think news from Herschel Walker. And I think he's good runner up pretty good athlete yet still listening to could still do it yeah he says he could still run a four or five. Paterno after watching it come by in this and really get after that didn't. All right today what does Michael Jordan mean. He had a little confusing. Speech Indians UNC duke game the mystery is feature here than it makes it sound the warriors might have crossed that line into unlikable. In doing so. And then we have some come by nuggets. Jerry Jones in three ways that's a discussion now has today. Not thank you think you need your mind out of gutters people's surely through a trades. Spent three days may be going down the Jerry Jones involved or so ago let's get to. Just inserted. What are you most importance of talking about today. Sports. Fan. Fare. General I'm no way to go in general no. Dustin Johnson made his debut as number one player in the world this weekend and Mickey blue. Look at the World Golf Championships he kept it off we if they win. He's got a great win this weekend and fourteenth career win. And elevation was so high guys are hitting and aggressive there it was. If bring I have Mexico lesbian wedges 180 yards. It's ridiculous. Really ovation from all good a lot further when the players that are did you know that ball flies. Long way yeah okay I didn't know that I did know that. And he held off Tommy Fleetwood Babylon stroke take to turn a minute fourteen under par and but if you earth Tommy flee to India of the service you name your kid Mack. And actually was so like on the leaderboard and see Fleetwood Mac cited less spam they wanted to. Now but I mean but I'm serious yet do you mind. Dustin Johnson insisted to in his last fifteen starts that's pretty good winning thirty thirds or 3% is really this happy place right now. I was happy number two babies come along I'd be happy Paula Gretzky is my wife Paulina Gretzky is now. You can. The wake up I said wake up. Burn. The organ does this cleanse their sixth regular season conference title of convincing win in the civil war. In Corvallis on Saturday. Meanwhile the LSU women who won the pac twelve regular season title down but they fell short last night to Stanford in the conference tournament championship game. 4843. Demonstrating gets under way Wednesday. In Vegas but zone. They go hopefully. You know the ducks fare better than the beavers women and determined. There's going to be and that she seems pretty much a matter what happens bounds and it. You know that we already had three tickets punched to the NCAA tournament in the men's side. Over the weekend. They're all from what. Well yeah dad conference as well which Wichita State. On the Missouri valley and it's the they won that tournament Florida Gulf Coast is dancing again lob city and they won the Atlantic sun tournament and then wind front. They held at no I went to Washington you know did you know Garnett and I don't know where the soreness. They beat the camel's of Campbell. In the big south. Zooming it's in the south somewhere. They won now and so RD three teams in the tournament. Javon going to be sixteen teams that played well limits it is the big south just like we had confusion with side of the ocean Florida Atlantic on. Yeah well yeah. Idaho. Was in the sun belt so I'm not ruling anything on conferences any true prices in Idaho Colorado tape shows there color does in the Pacific twelve conference. So I. Geography not important when it comes a conference in London because fourteen days you know including the big twelve has sent tonight. Excellent ten or oh my god it's early wake up. In the eighth thought about that since. After the blazers dumping of the nets over the weekend hometown team within striking distance of the eighth spot in the playoffs between one games to play just a game and half back of the nuggets. Denver did not play yesterday it didn't seem like Denver ever plays. I care I'm always turn like finest courses like these windy day play they dissolve the sentinel part of upload they won again where they lost. You know that Clinton's. But Dallas. Is just a half game back to Portland as they beat the thunder won a 49 was going around under and Russell Westbrook one on the thunder. He's playing well yeah that's all the thunder house. Says Russell Westbrook. And since this is trying to one man show. It's not like he's new and yet we have so many just don't really ability to share your airing it yeah I know what Oklahoma city's got a problem right now they of one player and a real stand around campus. And said the teens and their back to sucking big loss to Utah 11019. They've lost Cordero. They're but just a game and half back of Portland in the blaze there in Minnesota didn't play but the pelicans did and they beat. The lakers in just sit two games back of Portland so. That cluster down there that 8313. Still as close as it was we left for the weekend so it's an exciting folks were geared up for the post season and in a big run. For all of those teams as the blazers. Got another win. And one guy stand witness protection may be over. In makes blazes a lot better team 55305. That is the text signed this is dusting camp. This is toast and jam in the morning on 1080. T tonight. I had a night like tonight when those people in. December tome to stop shooting. As good duds he's. Attorneys about 40% over the last fifteen games from three he's. Your looks like he's in really good rhythm good grooves. That is Terry's Ted go to. Who has come to life over the last couple of games that Portland trailblazers he. May have his run done and witness protection for this blazers team. As. The couple nuggets from Alfred community he said is to invest for shooting performances of the year the last two games. Shooting over 50% in back to back games for the first time this season. Has Aminu fourteen points against the thunder point three gets the nets he went a combined fifteen of twenty that 68% from the field. In his last two games and you stats they're saying I'm glad he finally had a game after but he stone not to shoot. In December who was telling him not to shoot I have been a pretty. I was telling not to bring the ball up court and time that's only thing icing yet but you know let it was one of those things where you can see that his confidence is wasn't dare. In unity he was hesitating. And he didn't look comfortable never really looked like use and afloat he's battling injury to and we have a guy that is coming back from injury in the team was this. Trying to find their footing and who they word. A lot of the shots you know it was in compounding itself. You know him mentally physically and then where this team was and how the teen was kind of skating. In it all kind of led to people saying that but he has snapped out of that I'm over the last couple games but I think one thing that cannot be highlighted enough. Is. How bad the Brooklyn nets are. You beat me to it you did because of my I was gonna say what wolf well would take. To state the obvious is that when you play a bad team yeah in a lot of good things happen. Is that your confidence raises yeah but your ability to issue when your open and make shots I mean guys. He even at you know Myers there were four for four he had a couple good shots. You see chief have shots like that his ability get to the basket to a Minnie Driver or open shots. He made shots vs a bad team and I'm not gonna discourage you still have to the ball in the air and still has to go through the cylinder. That is key but when you see bad bad teams like that your talent you just raise above it in the blazers were clearly. Better they'll let them sneak in the second quarter which was almost discussion there's a point they're up 4429. And fell asleep. Brook Lopez's off the court in their relating their probably a line up former Brooklyn and nobody was taller than 67. It was a tiny lineup and let him crawl back in but. Been scoring argument chief he's had a rough year with his with his body physically and that was a game where he just said OK enough is enough. Yet in any cheerfully about that you know and got a given credit for putting in the cylinders. They are open shots he wasn't making her a long stretch this year and and those who does having going down last two games. This team is inherently better and when he can knock down shots obviously because. Into one for him they would had no bench scoring. Against the Brooklyn nets who you said they are a bad team with a brown eyes and easy and Alfred mean it was the only guy and double figures off the bench now. With that said there is a over the last couple of games really handful games we started to see a lot more consistency. In a semblance of balance because it against the lowly. Nets yen five guys over fifteen points in that game. On and then again stayed pretty good. Under team last week you had six guys scored in double figures. Right and you can highlight that with a lot of it has to do with guys like you sit in or kitsch. In new learning how to play with the big in a little bit more respect on the defense event from teams that opens up. Oh a lot of opportunities for everybody else. Yeah I think it's quite clear that that the Bosnian beast is making a dance in this office. He's made it available. For other guys out not only open shots but you Kagan the double teams anymore you're gonna have that kind of space his ability to take up take up rim protection. All of that when you have that kind of balance any. I just want to cool the jets is the Brooklyn nets are there there's really on there well that's actor and throwing in the thunder numbers as well no doubt be canonize and that is there a more fair it's it is fair because under our very good basketball team during that at that. Well lower tier but I press on them a winning record let's go with that they're ten games ever played there a winning record and they're winning record because they one heck of a basketball player right now that's Russell Westbrook. That game watching that game we were both at that game we can we get to talk more about it in the details but. This was this is again we had a when he had to win handle it really was but isn't that the frustrating part about this team now is that year were sitting there and we've seen this team kind of get a spark in Serge Serge mistaken for a month. For to have I don't know what this is right now I I tend to think that this is a team beaming to beating a team and winning any games winning games when you have to win games right now. There there were conversations we had a couple weeks ago about how this team needs to shut it down let the emotions guys with confidence. Like any sport any athlete any professional I think you need confidence fruit she got got confidence right now. Is brought so whatever. You should circus is brought to this team it's brought a little bit of change. You've had you've seen guys. With Evan Turner on the bench he got his cast off who knows what his future has but every other guys had to step up the rotation got smaller. Things have been a little bit clearer sometimes though when you have a a more direct path of what you have to do during game. If it simplifies it if it's eight guy rotation everybody knows their role little bit easier. Yes they do it doesn't get confusing right now it's not confusing for these guys now. No open shots third being knocked down and they looked more comfortable and I know that differ. A lot of fans this and they're going too little too late but the fact of the matter is and when when we talked about this you know I send in these guys are gonna quit. But Paltrow fame for fans purposes now. Los this shouldn't be the end of the world but when they start winning games like these you sit there and you go. Again this is how close they have been this is how close they are very piece or two away and the year looking at when they play well. You can see that this is they're not as far off as you sit there and 26 and 35 to nine games under 500. They probably should be that are Tina and well I you know what. I just can't I can't get number I think this team is very good at where their if that makes sense there in that Echelon of that from eight seed down. There is good as anyone in that group right there there's a jump in the Western Conference which you did beat Oklahoma city's 3528. He did step up and win that game. After that it's it's just you know you're in games. You have to put your and you're done playing Houston's we can't really can see I don't know optically dispersing and ago look on the schedule. You when your plane on elite level behavior Friday there's two fighter trying to get that eight seed you're gonna scare golden state of its eleven to rent let's talk about that's with in grasp. No right now they're not playing well and all the other play as San Antonio twice. A day of peace in months. Member of Robert they get you talk a couple more times. They're gonna have an that top fives in the west they're going to be able to measure themselves that's what I think it's is weakened. We sit there say okay where is this team and medicine that's when I I go to this team is better than nine games and about this should be a 500 team right now and there's been a lot of things have kind of gone into that it's been inconsistent play from guys like offer convenient it's been in injury bug that has bitten kind of everybody on this team from bonds is a buggy from Damian Miller to Evan Turner and Al farouq Aminu we saw Allen Crabbe go down on Saturday night now in oh boy you know here goes what is and I'm just everybody. Not not route not to this extent with Portland and kind of one of the things that was good for them last year's that they they seldom stayed relatively healthy. And you look at you know when when teams make runs you and you look at health is a big. Reason for that that's nothing to do with luck it was also think it's about luck it is the ebbs and flows but when you're an athlete Vietnam during injuries happen that's part of the sport. Usually not as much in the MBAs other sports does not much contact but you gotta have your depth you know you gotta have guys step up and one guy falls off. Okay you gotta have the next man step up you know 55305. That is a tax on did you get. Did you onerous and Evan Turner gotten into. And you mean when when Alan Kurtz sees me on travel down. Back to us other replay when a boy either way he grabbed it and his right ankle need is an old one is gonna happen now because Evan Turner. He he wants me to act by Friday UST by go again as always forget to go right. Now how real is that Leno wrote in broken hands got to look at it if if its yield that's what the doctors there experienced man if they don't see any gaps journey lines in the fracture fear its goal you see yet on of those new new casts on. Then the one of the bone healing cast they have labels and and then in the QBT it's well yeah. But why if you have these bone healing technologies why don't we use the more often because it's not cheap. My own. It's not my we get insured now now come on but Evan Turner I don't know is come back looming. Alfred communion got hurt he comes back he knew the offense kind of stagnant and stale. You know Damian Miller and he got hurt CJ McCollum kind of picked up the slack there but. It was up until now he's he's Velde still been trying to find is limited the all star break for him to get back. To a place for use the score that we now. Evan Turner a could be another situation where he got hurt he comes back in the offense finds I wanna see him come back I wanna see him fight on no matter if he's asking to come back on Friday that he that Tim realizing this team needs him right now. Or he's been hyper competitive. San everyone else is playing good I could lose some minutes now I want back no doubt wanna see him. Enough with the known only experience in the starting up. I don't ball. If you don't have any bench going like they had against even Brooklyn. My mom that after some amount I have to have somebody is coming off the bench young in itself a meaner and now that your fortunately. I the Nixon exile yesterday for the first half no music no entertainment. Just basketball would you think 55305. The warriors not fans of it is Crawford is for senator. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number did you. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and like this in here I'm here and there we have gone from a lot packing. The most cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that well today. Size 5305 that is Tex signed a singer Kimberly Illinois view on this Monday. Morning. Oh yesterday the warriors were in New York taking on the next. Trying to snap me. Two game losing skid there you know it's been like three years since have lost three games in a row did see that. And been over Mike. T seasons and they've lost back to back games. But. Dame got off the snide because everybody does and you play the knicks these days they won 1122105. But it is a pretty clunky first half for the warriors. And they're blaming what the New York Knicks did. Which are that was pretty cool. On to start the game. As fans are urged streaming into you Madison square garden and the players were warming up. There is no music playing in on the reader board in just said. The first half of today's game will be presented without music video or Indian entertainment C can experience a game in its purest form. Enjoy the sounds of the game and in so they didn't do anything bad to PA announcer who would. You know do his thing but would no music behind it no sound effects nothing no instant replay was on the video board. It was just basketball. On in it was a we can when I saw that we as like OK now I've got to watch Nixon orders fine in so eyes watching the first half end. Away basketball games are different. When you don't have any of that stuff. We don't have any of the sounds when you don't seem even on the court like reflections of the video board flashing rang because the replays are going on our graphics are up. It was just kind of week all was was due to your fans in you can years she's screeching employers sockets and I thought it was great. Why I didn't I mean get a chance to see you all did was. Look at some highlights of it in wanted to have my own thought process behind it in for me it was whatever dream on green. In his you're quite animated about how was well let me just quote him. No doubt the idea that we and the idea right here on let's play it to play in tears were during months noted let's play it it's cool yeah. Certainly. We'll check. We want Martin hey Rick Welts and all its. Sales. Let's say it's. Great job. It's. We don't go back to what was bad and so it's hard. Jurors concluded forces like whoa look at that knowledge do so. Going back to paper. I still use paper what's wrong with paper but most everybody prints don't you print media I get papers environment and Cecily print too much current. Yeah. Things change. Old school what happened when you played out. In the Alamo fits in the yard in the driveway did you have a date anybody. Pipe music and when they're playing basketball in the yard are absolutely. You did yeah and yeah we you'd bring out boombox. The boom box yeah. In the backyard K yeah bring it into my dogs I've in the music can't play newsreel I had to back his car in any kinds of media open up the corridors and sugar. And the six point nines were Blair and that's not talking about maybe eight to seven the bat and a strong case only yeah. We see that dad how much effect do you think it really was playing that game and not hearing the sounds in the flows of the game it obviously affected during mongering. Now would it. Is are we at the point now where you have to play basketball with so much audible audible message that word like treating words on them these days sometimes. No heat this is pretty dumb because they didn't shoot very well on the game but they had a 29 to eighteen lead after the first quarter. And then all of a sudden it was like they had a bad second quarter and they get outscored 32 to twenty and they're gonna go ahead and blame that quarter. On not having any music yet they built a Williams had a thirty point first quarter and without music right that they like when dream on green I think he's starting to become night. He tries to feel he needs BD Stephen A Smith skip Bayless where you're mr. hot take of professional basketball where what he needs saying I think Richard Sherman is kind of crossed over to this at times with the Seahawks do work. When you say something even better be a hot take beat 'cause I don't think it was disrespecting. That Timmy is reaching every bit the few things that dream on green has said this past few months. Our. Polarizing because it's who he has some literally this is something to to leak onto everyone else. This to mean in of meeting the noise in the sounds and getting in it it is the awkwardness of what it is to be quiet. I have I haven't a similar experience at home. My wife can't handle it when there's not. Music or something around when your eating why has won here does one hear the sounds of new chewing. Doesn't wanna hear the sounds of the awkwardness of people does and chewing and on their food very awkward. Bothers and that could be the same thing is that once you get used to a certain thing in it you don't want that now. You might not you know I feel comfortable in that scenario playing basketball without the I don't know Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Brandon the little sounds and that in the occasional piping in of the fate you fate crowd knowing it's. More of a line call. Well and that beyond the cheering of the crowd the yelling the heckling. You still have the bouncing of the ball right yet this text that I find their groove time says to be fair though everything bothers him monger and which is true but I know people like if you're if. You're going to you if you were gonna sit there and say what side should be bothered more by at. When have been the next. Because essentially those sounds. That music it liven up the home crowd while he's got out it takes away your home court advantage having those because. It did music is it playing at a time when the knicks needed to be quiet. It's playing at a time when the warriors who wanted to be quite need trying to liven up the crowd and get people. Engage people gaunt the only guy who spoke up and said anything negative about on the next who is Crist ups where is indices said. It was weird. And that seemed to be a musty the says it is just days are different it was weird is like going back to middle school. Apple or high school is a staff Corey said but try it out mister hot take dream on green had taken a separate their says this is far breed disrespectful. I've always kind of I got a busy because I've always wondered what it was like an NBA arena if you were to take all that stuff out ranked. Because we haven't seen that in forty years. Yeah like when you go to a game after I think it's excessive like the amount of stuff they clapping their Kubiak a happy immediately. Shutting off probably weird but every single like breaking acts with a everybody clap your hands you know that that's only gets annoying like. I feel like gives. I while I don't wanna go reverse straight mongering but some I was almost feel like it's disrespectful to the crowd as if you date don't know how to cheer wind each year or what to deal. There's there's obviously people that are hired by every NBA franchise to structured the in game experience and what they think is good eye but there's some metrics that everybody measures. I will say that that did change for me athletically the college experience at a game this is NFL wise I can't relate to the NBA. But I do know that the change of the college experience compared to the NFL experience. Was very disappointing for me I never felt the same energy in an NFL game compared to a college game because the atmosphere now I don't know on and you watch college basketball you watch NBA basketball it is very different. It's more of a shill you need Kate in that that's kind of what we've all been to enough games we've all seen every. In game experience what do you like it is personal preference put his players EV used to work every game feels the same. Why not have a lot of home court advantage of it irritates your guys he still won the dating game. Wrecked so what what really I mean what is it what is it that it was so disrespectful dream mongering. If you help me understand the fact that there's millions of dollars fans are out there it's New York. Really dispersed death he did. You know indeed did have part that he was outraged and offended the part about that that I find most interesting is that. JR Smith has had been asking for this free for years him when he was in New York. He asked yes it they can do this what he's hung over. Well no because he wanted to see if you wanted to take in Madison Square Garden. Like it was it like it was you know forty years ago when their garden became the garden right. This is an odd time to do it if you the next because the fact you team's socks like could you imagine if they did that in it was. The warriors and the knicks for good in an extra like one of the top teams in the east what's so bad about it that's why we like figure this out I don't think anything is bad about it except for the fact that. May be the warriors have a little bit of shine off them because they lost two games that are right in Indy BI and I think this is also a signal. The words me coming under crossing over into unlikable territory. And I think that's for a lot of people because of crossing over of peak of the complaining it's not just a super team anymore right it's you spoiled little brat out up right you ask you don't want plain little b.'s you have every good clear for all stars and you're starting lineup you shut up and play bass yeah who good Texas high affect your cock. What bothers agree among during mongering. Und kicked crutches due in no is very good points and natural you know emotion Indy writes my body fly skills. And I keep people yell who may have a case of the Mondays. Greece now. Chris Allen may have a case of the Mondays suitable man in sports you don't know why and knowing I had kids just plain art. You think self I think so you think so it's Christian leaders fall well goodness what his case the Mondays and it's Monday it's a letter read what's your case 55305. Boss kids could be. This web third rearing its ugly head again. 55305. Dusting came on the fan. This everyone's favorite decade. Sounds like someone can. Ultimately. Picturesque. Zuma. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's not at peace in the mood. 11080 Beltran. 55305. That is tags on dusty here came Cleveland with you on this Monday morning thinking you know. For being a part of our name is eating gross dusting no I think Keating is. Alicia why is hearing somebody each growth Saul I think that that is gross like hearing somebody Chia. I'm not a fan of that loud junior bother you depends if it's like that and grape nuts out exam you hate dat. No when I ate my apple even when we're in a meeting will now anchor with our constituents revealed. Yes you should not be eating an apple contact crunching. With with when you're eating with people into the to the bosses I guess everything natural eating sound I'm OK with it but if it's excessive debts and I'm like. You know when your lips smack in. Right case of the Mondays are year old and then we gallon for the show even started selling 530 games started snowing near Beaverton still coming down pretty ged. And still snowing in Beaverton and sticking the damn weather is already a well Jason Mondays are people too are it starts in some schools tees. Its arch march what's wrong with the Swiss I don't know weird weird. Quite weird what's your case MRI images are off you are fired up yeah I was because I've had this before we've dealt with this before sir nobody does bear with me here. We get this off my chest will be all right. We work any communal space. Don't we. We we do we share this studio with a lot of lot of different people. And there are three men that sit in this chair every day in three minutes of the ninety or more more than three sit in my chair. Not every day now I weekends weekends if you include the weekends and wild and average blonde just talk about Monday through Friday yet but in Jan. We all share the space is a will have to work in the same right environment same space so what you should do is you should you should make sure. That when you're done using it it looks the same as it did when you got there on her right right. Well how many more times do we have to come because the more until we deal with everything that's left over like that group when someone gets done insists all don't worry. They'll give you that don't pick it up I come in. I'm a bigger guy no way there's no I never know or care about yours and shared that we like to sit in we like to be comfortable. Chair and he is okay. Not replaced. It's not it's just broken for no reason somebody broke the wheel on the Jerry dated numb purpose despite you know no. But there was no replacement what there was a replacement put in a smaller chair until things are different that's the other thing also. When you come in what else happens. Cups glasses. Then. I'm drank half drank tea with tea bags and it looks good tea bag and the tea bag yet. Multiple crap everywhere so I look at it is this this is our work environment yeah sure appreciate it right and my mom well in my stretching here. I'm asking for too much is that when your done was something you clean it up yeah the chair thing I don't know what they can have done about that though. You know. I did that's not my point my point is is that someone broke the chair right I'd been sitting in the chair for three years I haven't broke the chair and I'm. Well above the weight class that anybody that sits in that chair how did is. Mean my size not break the chair and somebody else breaks. And explain that to me that acts are not valuing the chair of appreciating these shares worth. It's like here's our little backup we sit in this thing for the three hour this share is valuable you don't realize how much you liked it until broken absolutely now I'm in this tiny little share. Where my back is all jacked up and I can't sit my butt down I might just standards should. When did that. Back the broken down earlier in a masters or they get changed the camera and everything's different and don't use Sony's current curse series or scapegoat hill glad I am all uncomfortable. At this Craig's list LA I standing gas in there are a little treadmill together. Hello Ali Al dole. Doesn't just (%expletive) you off it's like when you go camping take only photographs leave only footprints. Covered that is the first time I've ever heard that brilliant that's brilliant yeah humid and a nod and smile he says it managed. Give me back it up if he says if anybody says edged there again in that yeah I started a little like feels this way rights and all like Jolo where other space that's not yours you need to play and pull lane Stephenson. A hole ripped off Michael Jordan's. Do you see that Jim Clancy and impose an MJ quote with a picture of Lance himself and then attributed the MJ quote to Lance Stephenson. Tell everyone you would do everyone knows this and MJ quote it was it was do you take credit for things you can do I'd miss 100% of the shots I don't take care and he he tried to you pulled out another claim this is yeah he did a T shirt of it to I mean they put on his instant Trenton I think Lance what we know he insane that money. Now it's not again we get a kiss money is Crawford and how's your Monday gone yeah anything wrong with you. You know I'm all right I'm all right. I got Nelson. Elmira mate is moving out so I have. Not panic yet when we avoided the panic notice because with the panic you'll eventually like not having the was a share of the rent yes someone has to bully our Beaulieu financial radio disk drives yeah AA avenue asteroids in on you. Does not mean it's like hello as a collective grow like oh yelling out of the you know we had to the end of the month to find someone and what happens if you don't find somebody ought to pay more rent. Welcome to the real world war. I mean. Yeah we have a plan devised so that you know in a battering that that's at issue though okay yeah I immediately turned over that we need to fill the realm and I don't want some random Craig's list weirdo no offense to him this farcical people out there Greg is still. No Madden and and I think that kinda guy who's it gonna live with you. He'd murder yeah I think that person you'd find on Craig's list. We will let things get done athletic team this you're mark this yes I do if you if you go missing. It'll be because you found Craig's instrument. Mantra and just. Some tells me that you would go for the chill factor and he'd turn out to be murder. But the thing is once someone comes in my housing is a tour like they know they're getting into and she's putting an ounce on to like water and expected to be like miss okay. Yeah are you happy and jolly this morning to dusty yeah good yeah no problem you two have no problems I'm only while the dollar and problems I feel bigger problems you got to find some weird wacky doodle to live with you I feel bad for my kid man. Kids Ed sills I mean sick kids spend easy. Like with me and I don't look that immune system let's go and with Meehan like that don't feel I'm an embed I have no life is great right now right could do you ever. The blister on your thumb and I engulfing a little tonight I have two blisters. To a serious blisters this this is that was going to be my other case I was like yeah I looked at it just glanced over your hand and I see a massive blister on your hand what I have done in my some things. That I took care of personally or whether the last couple days but. When you when your volunteer. You volunteer for things that are in the community like Little League and everybody volunteers that's right and you send the call. And you see everybody there's a word you Marty for field maintenance yeah we're gonna have a work party on Saturday we have the don't know 400 sets of parents. And we have all used the interview sets of parents elders are just getting larger there's a lot of lot of prayer is understanding parents and we go. To go work from. One before you came shows up at 12:30 am to get there early get things started to get things prepped and ready to go for field you economic bigger how many parents showed up. Meyers Leonard right now green every see this as three wanted to do our Meyers Leonard interpretation of what how many people showed up to help me and feeder in my field. Radio so I did a whole reel in with two other guys. Two other dads we did the whole thing by ourselves and I blisters up and down my back not to mention I was recover from other things. But we have posted on your back I blisters I have blisters all the plans I nothing wrong with work and I love I love getting after. But that was pathetic. And you know what the excuses to when the parents in the people and you say Whiting you show up and Lou we have a plan she ought to. Well we worked surely it sometimes now. And does he don't let. Does your team put out. We all use the field and then they're the parent that'll be there and complain that their kids not play in they don't show up to help rake well rate for rape for thirty minutes come out and rake you know let. With high you can go ahead and blame them when in grounder comes and hits Iraq gallon in the dirt on it I edge the entire field. I defeated with help and then under dug it take the lips outs of the balls don't bounce and then we cleaned it drags. Fort half or so ago boosters burn one sorry about that it's fun and feel bad in the end it's for the exits it's for the kids and I'd 55305. Got a bunch of really good stuff coming through and get to that end. Back to the blazers stories from courtside. That's a camera sitting someone has their ears open a little too much dusty camel fan.