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Sinner and Saint 3.4.16 Hour 2

Mar 4, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Now before we go any further I'd just like to say publicly. Is the single proudest moment. Hold him and America. Contaminated. You missed any part of the first hour of the sinner in the saint you can go to 1080 the fan dot com and download the podcast. Why do is becomes an insane it's really easy and normally wouldn't do it and his right there on the front page become podcast should go there you to listen to the entire show on in Iraq. Did they suing great way to spend your. Afternoon and really you just a little bit right now it is. Just taste this is just a taste you go to the podcasts. And you get the real thing that's when you really start making money that's when he gets. Off. Breaking news will you mentioned this in your new news update. Let's be honest John Ross. Unofficially breaking the record only concerns one thing and that is did he went and I. What are you talking about how. I'll set it up so it years earlier this week offered an island to anyone that can break Chris Johnson's record. So the an island where I. They've found three different islands L value around a million dollars a player can take the island ward they can accept the million dollars from Adidas. This was their big promotion rights of the what they wanna do is people are talking about basically now the requirement was that. To collect the island or the million dollars. He had to be wearing the 2017. At these 05 star forty cleats. So these cleats had to be indeed it's. This was big talk all week I'm sure you know about this well. This is a very elaborate marketing campaign I wonder to backfired. I wonder if it definitely back right that's that's. Ears. I can't point out exactly what's wrong with that big your basic I'll tell you what's wrong with it what John Russell weren't Nike's. Cab put that to John well. This great CO John Ross do you think a million dollars really matters to John Ross on the road I'm sorry to Sports Illustrated article that I used to confirm this is now showing highlights of the swimsuit calendar covers Albright's value if you continue to do owners in red say now rightly Johns is going to make millions of dollars coming on line like a million dollars in an island which by the way is gonna cost way more and upkeep than anything what does your player more. To collect he had double the idea is how do we go and make this giveaway worth something to ideas right. You can't give away not any island in the world and optic Australia shot. Do they found three islands and they gave the option of these islands and they laid the saw others one off the coast of Maine one off Nicaraguan I think one was and will be so they the one off main. CNET that was actually the most expensive ones yeah death in his cabin out there go on now get some lobsters and cable and a half I'm going Walden on everybody and just read a book like that idea yeah. The dissenters to loan in the cold. When your misery your bad knees from failed NFL career better than what's going on here yeah I would agree with that right so but here's the thing. John Ross is the guy that breaks the record but because he's wearing Nikes the first question that liberty has and it's on our tax line already during the break we've got it. Did he went in Iowa. Now he didn't because he's wearing Nikes because I've Nike is better than indeed. Now why would you ever want he'd even be affiliated with Nike in terms of just sportswear. I I honestly we let our Terry with a deed a sense why would you wanna be completely soft drinks. Let nine you like American. Athlete brand like basketball you play like football like I did that to meat if you are represented by indeed this is says one of toothpicks. One and you need money right we have sue you weren't good enough to get ninety. I guess I mean. They may load was paid a truckload of money by ideas to be represented by them I don't former. He needs money I think that was at the Serra security goes yet giving huge paycheck all all signed a ten year and then all all leaving go to under armour later. Okay but a drummers the same thing and every competing against 98 I mean you got to go out there and it's just. It's assumed negotiate better with the I don't think it says anything necessarily about the player the quality issues I think it's. Probably fairly close I would say no. No no except for tennis shoes there Jason DS tennis shoes bluntly or using the run labor is the classic. What is as far as there. The barricades kick yourself some barricades. I've got I've got no problem I or congress also as most of time because I'm not an athlete and even when I do go and play sports. I'm not going to be improved that much by the full of them wearing but all I'm asking is I wonder if this will be back America's ever resume don't check into issues use Wang. And it's going to be neck and it's an area like adding value and I think is going to be back here for for oral abuse. Yeah it's a confused and weird marketing campaign it's like you're kind of your beating athletes to Wear issues that you have a very sold them on a campaign for you noted you think when you get these athletes into a room right. He had a kind of sell them on the product and how they're going to be able to gain from it. Yeah not only just monetary early but also influence was right but this year kind of flake. I don't know your thriving athletes it's weird well yes it's a very weird roundabout way of writing athlete but it's a way. Of promoting a product without putting any upfront money right so you don't actually have to pay the million dollars unless somebody does and one of the odds somebody will do it. So yeah you're going in you're trying to convince the judge to try to shoot. Don't make you Sasser had it worked and somebody broke the record wearing those shoes then success. But I think this is an unintended consequence where the first thing I did I'm reading the text and guess who won an island. And I ask you about that in the and the update we did the half hour in the last our captain and and vision care because on a saddening and heard about it yes I want Jack can churn up its Nike so congratulations Nike. You just won a free million dollars worth of marketing dollars not spent by it. The and by the way that's just to me again I'll learn just three emphasize that is like he believes he has. Ad campaign I've ever heard of that it's just lazy. Was so lazy you didn't do anything for you literally just for like there where the issues million dollars which by the way million dollars is nothing out of her pocket. Think it's nothing. There's no real strategy to it. Somebody had a clever idea and every goes on that's great we ought to do a bit and and now this is where you get that's what you got when you don't lazy marketing gimmick I think they got one idea and then they go what's your plan because that when Sox and then they set ago while. It's easy and fast and we don't have we don't have the designers to me says he got. I disagree I think it was I think it was a novelty and I think everybody liked the idea of this is the unintended consequence that's what happens when you go and you just lazy instead of actually making a better product and putting it out there and proving that it's faster and going out and coming up with a creative ad campaign you did this. Nike wins congratulations indeed as you dug your own grave like our show. We're constantly digging their grave autos the lazy through disagree with that I mean I knew about the story you're lazy so it's about you. I like a highly motivated. I learned this week that if you believe in yourself and you go and you try and you give the right people a thousand dollars to go to the three day seminar you too can have passive income from real estate. From publishing. Or from the stock market and don't go three. We regularly have it on Thomas robot come in and tell us stats. Well yes because I think that that I'm Laura. I feel. This is more of a play on some people just come on the radio and read stats we try to form. Real opinions about the Columbine and this was this funny enough this has become the biggest story of the Columbine. It started this week when Joseph mix and was beat the number one story for not even being there. The comments kind of a weird thing anyways right because it it's an opportunity for everybody to collectively go and try out for the NFL. You played. Three or four years of college football we've got all this tape. You can go when you can do all the measurable goals in a thousand different ways but the NFL has built up this idea of the Columbine. Is a great way to get publicity for it to be roll up the Columbine. And as a punishment for the videotape of Joseph makes in. Punching that you know young lady in dude dormitory as a freshman at Oklahoma and and the big backlash after that and monsters commented Bob Stoops and his disciplinary practices. And all that the NFL steps in and they used their morality instead were not to allow him to come to this come by. That's funny is a word morality. Because it's not morality its product protection. Why degree fab but they build their while morality out. There's none at all the fact I Ray Rice got to suit up again any uniform after. Pretty drug handers in on the regular land out of it yeah. I mean that this is really just the NFL kind of severing the cord before the product can actually make you any income right. Because these guys were actually making use some type of income dividend preventing him from being trapped there's prevented from going the come by and whether they're trying to protect their own bread they're basically saying look we don't wanna be affiliated with that this truly is an up punishment this is it like them thinking of Joseph makes him as their signer is as somebody they really want a mentor and make better count it's them going. This guy who by the way we consider as a worker at this company called the NFL. Is gonna make us look that he's a bad PR move or don't care how good he has he's not coming to come by because his face and his story is gonna be all over the weekend. Mobile is this another backfire where we're talking more about Joseph mix in because he wasn't allowed to go to the Columbine or was there is unavoidable. You're damned if you do I don't think it's unavoidable but aegis can yeah you know you try to get out as much water as you can. You know you're sinking in yet. You say are right how can we stay afloat on this because this is again another instance you're gonna have an employee can men who has a domestic abuse record. Think it's unavoidable at this point you have so many players that are having these instances come out that. You have one more coming in and gal like you're saying this is still dominating the conversation because it has over a lot of sports media this past week but at same time. Take how the hell you actually get a fix the problem. Well but. This is this again is why use the word morality right the big business of the NFL was always Q you don't put up a product and here's the game and whatever it is when they decided to make a stance after the Ray Rice video came out they went back and read design their punishment created this missions exempt list. Adrian Peterson was on a Greg parties on that you have all of these instances. We're bitter. Not making a decision based on the court's reaction based on the judicial system and what they do. With these guys they decided they would infuse their own morality and they would have punished is based on what people that outside of it. They could've left it up to the teams ago hey if you're willing to sign this guys you made the bed you lie and you take the backlash but the NFL stepped in and now they are the morality. In other really get it's not considered good added. But that's the mess that they've made a bit and now the knowledge to you there it is it's ridiculous yeah the NFL basically runs. Their company as an oligarchy or dictatorship basically they have appointed somebody. That is what Roger Goodell did you know over a decade ago he basically appoint himself the disciplinarian of the NFL and right when that happened. Everybody knows that's mistakes but the players horrible lawyers' union allowed. We get of course they allowed it because it was such a backlash from what had been going on in 2000 seat it was this huge reaction. To use something that they didn't know the answer to you and then they got a quick fix it fix answered like. OC the idea this thing right sure it's a quick fix answer of how it's used solve a problem that really. Is a societal. A societal lead based problems have been the you have to really go into where's your player based coming from and how are they growing up and how can we make them understand that a lot of their past relates to what they're doing in the present. They haven't gotten that yet perfect NFL ever get a because really. You know people still watch gives people still go and filter the stadiums people could watch Ray Rice speeders Wi-Fi and Cameron Phil go by deer for eight bucks at a stadium. Move back and that doesn't matter if this were more gets a lot deeper reside on the way the NCA treats that you look at the hundred Johnson been signed by four Atlantic. And we got time to get into that right now but there is a another element of the Columbine. And that is that all the GMs get together and you have a plethora of rumors coming out about free agency will talk about those next. Since saint anything. These guys during one song. And the lead singer Mary Lou Tyler. Not bad that's that's that in your career yeah that's the bad ending but if they can get a merry Liv Tyler. Yet we're nice yeah. She's she's delightful. And money you know to rebounded. Like you you Marion knew family would you like. A hundred times inferior to your father in law again Iraq's Army and Steven Tyler's head and you have to be here and Steven Tyler which is another. Like you really wanna spend a lot of time run Steven Tyler yes. Really oh yeah and I think those rocks stories would start getting in no way it's employer I'll live with that it takes for ever to get ready. Give that those are big complaint. Entertaining it would be to see that guy league do you know your girlfriend's parents well. Or to do you know your girlfriend's parents well. Yeah other things that get on your nerves a little bit about her dad. When you rather trade those for its African Steven Tyler like you know how bad he can beat you just feel like you have got a thousand Steven Tyler stories. You should have the scene Thanksgiving this year. I I'm glad tell me I think he gets second and at some point. I can't get all our time well you eat that but it's Liv Tyler and I think the Steven Tyler be around alive I think he might wanna be around I think he has bettered things to do I don't think he was around a lot herbal what does he have better to do he's not on the voice anymore. What is he doing with the on the voice I think it was American Idol. Now he saw and one of them yes American Idol I was there a down on that anywhere and everywhere is that but he still has better things to do than just hang around his daughter Leggett said. I'm not convinced he's around all that much and she was young. That's why she is that we had a really do matter that music video which won all three of them. Three that weird are you talk a really reward got no that's really weird that's another thing that we just kinda. I don't know. The year the lead singer for space Tug little seed and mr. kept. The rumor mill that comes out of the NFL. We've had this conversation how much I love. The rumor mill going and trying to figure out what's true what's false. But there is one that got me again be very interest in and I love the way that these what these reports out there. Couple this week that kind of preface it with one Jimmy Iraq below is no longer on the trading block. On a scale of one to ten how much do you believe that is there something lower than zero. That is clearly just a play to build up the hype for Jimmy her right that one's pretty easy. The other one I'm trying to figure out not if it's true but what the angle is and this was reported yesterday. The Tony Romo is going to go to the Redskins. Kirk cousins then goes to the 49ers. And beat Ohio draft picks. Goes to the Dallas cowboy. A move that makes sense for May be one team let me give you the justification for this Ian Rapoport from ESPN reported days. And he claims that. There you have a team with the Redskins who is just a quarterback away. To know creditor Kirk cousins further your. That competition there's a or allowed to wreck Kuwait that was it for that pesky guy yeah around for over 5000 yards exactly so so they're gonna replace her cousins with the proven winner in Tony Romo. Not sure that's accurate and then Kirk cousins goes to act too you know the Shanahan. Are you quoting that article proven winner. And a team up for a OK here has proven winner. I don't know but you're replacing Kirk cousins has done well. That you group holding Yorkshire totally group that you know they give Kirk cousins moves San Francisco we read reunites. With the Shanahan scout chance coming up the season where he turned around. The fortunes of Matt Ryan imagines the Icrc cousins back what are you could do with that team in San Francisco. That there isn't no team that's him there is no I think Ken is literally a collection of random just man so if so then same Francisco a team that needs more than anyone else in the league to add pieces is going to give up. Draft pick or draft picks. To give them to Dallas. So Dallas confine the final pieces in the draft with the third fifth and seventh they got from. Temperance and which by the way final pieces of Wyatt like this is where this is where you can start. With this whole situation that really doesn't make sense right. Is really missing from the Dallas Cowboys really that collect and Aaron I don't know what is glaring only missing. A Gunner on their IQ dropped ever got that debt. Really the defense there's nothing missing from that defense of all the happy you have such a great offense that she's clocked. That makes your defense that great OK so there's your first problem. Really brought out is no doubt that he heard mixed. You don't need to pick since your first from Dallas is perfect you don't need to hit yesterday it's there it's a good basis they don't need captured it. Place a veteran but you know that's a good player that's making five million dollars with a team and draft pick it's making you know less than a million with a late round pick in mean they're okay here. Anybody can use draft. OK now let's go to the second part of this trip so you're gonna go to the Redskins and say that they're gonna give up a player who has. A 27 year old yeah 'cause 47 year old who's thrown for over 5000 yards who is now in his prime. Who by the way has been very OK with taking less money for you. And you'll probably be very OK with taking less money from you unless he I don't know wins MVP or anything like that. And then you're going to Tiki chance on a market that has Jimmy drop below. As your best quarterback option and I am putting and had a Tony Romo because taught there's no way in hell Tony Romo is making a pass we three without getting injured. Well there's no way in hell but even if he does how many years do you have with Tony Romo on that too may be if he stays healthy I may be a 48 these spirits honestly. And so there I have exactly zero I just double check into the wasn't positive I meant to looking up 28 Parker cousins yes just a bit. Either you have that and then you look at the draft and what kind of quarterbacks are available and none of those guys are ready to play bright now. Of course no I they're not ready to last year aren't ready to end Washington thrusters built to win right not necessarily right now of the next two or three years. And then you go look at San Francisco when you say oh really you're gonna sir giving up picks for a quarterback who is in his prime which. By the way this is certainly sound often all right Alex Smith because you had a turnover of offensive coordinators and head coaches so much. He never had the ability to actually developed in his prime I think seven years. Here you had a brand new office coordinator every year there's no way in hell is still makes sense for anybody just as that the cowboys in Jerry Jones have a big enough for action for Tony Romo that they will never trade him they will do what he wants because he means so much that preachers and you'll. It was this will be display and they'll care. The say yeah order Ramon is an incredible quarterback he was the base of our franchise for over a decade kept us afloat when I can't do that blow him. And so this still to be is just another one of those things that happened right around the come by which is hey let's throughout the most ridiculous story weekend. The other one is Brandon Marshall and the patriots are both interested in working together. But Howard he's so cool. Yes raid of a tight up. Tom Brady thinks if he had top tier wide receivers that he could throw the ball to him and the top two wide receiver would like to put Tom Brady. Which yeah and you know the crazy thing is is that there's no evidence that that's ever work always yeah. Well integrated not even if you are interested huge than Macon money. Because nick is not the place is gonna pay you the most money buy probably as a matter I mean literally gotta look at Brandon Marshall is an immediate career of course Derek he's going of course he split the idea that there's interest this is these are the big stories coming out become by. Do you believe anything that you hear any even if you do it doesn't mean it's gonna happen. So I just need everybody to calm down a little bit but I've been here he's from result we can every get all excited about them. I just don't think there's any validity to any of this and even if there is. There's still teams that need to go on make it out I'm very anxious to see with San Francisco does yes of course I. They've got John once would no front office experience is coming in as a general manager it's intriguing what's going to happen but there's not a move that they can make. Would one player that's gonna make them a better team and if there is one out there it's not Kirk cousins. Washington is a good team right now the fact that they have signed their quarterback confuses me. And what happened Tony Romo I think it's interesting like you set for three weeks. In telling gets her. Let's see if we can go to the news and find some actual news. My name is Luke Anderson will Americans alongside me. This week if you're looking for something to do Thursday evening. Minute embassy in events at a latest voters in Gladstone it's a Harley dealerships they are hosting what they're calling fear that night. Free beer. I'm loving thing that. Kobe beer from backwards they're afraid they are now items that don't say that beard trimmings. All right Dana do some weather conditioning. They're gonna basically get a rewrite but they're gonna be a Bure to contest a group got the Portland beards men. Is throwing a beard kind facility have long shorts or no beard. You can actually win some cool prizes from latest and Eminem Siegel think it'll be Thursday night 69. To your board come out grab a couple was drinks. Hang out have fun with the president should be good tactic the beard craze is fading out I think Beers have always been around us is whether or not something becomes popular and us. Like five years you know people of all obsessed with just during a massive beard that minimal long run does that really have any skill. While the FO is just wait said there's new there's some patience and taking care to admit there's a difference between the scraggly beard and a well groomed beard and somewhere between them so you could just spend that time well in your hair. I suppose so I don't see that's the funny thing to me like most like macho guys who wanna grow like a really big beard like they pay a lot of attention to it credit agreement. But then like if somebody does their hair really well or like goes Islam they're like now we're worse yeah. Like yep you're doing the same thing on your face and I don't know I think there's such differences yours look like tubes. You say that to me. Not saying it's here I think this. People that would have a beard regardless of its popularity and there's a certain amount of fringe people this kind of go along with what's popular either skies it will have beards regardless of whether up or not. Failure might be one of those guys. Do you have a beard to Julie's. Little bit I think there's a portion that I do he shaving put I don't I think I look better with a beard and in some aspects as well. You know I'm the most prominent job line of anybody that ever existed in the world. Get a little bit of the back and Asia no I don't think that's it though I think it's it's not that assessment and I don't have. Big masculine chin and I would Tony Robbins Qian. We don't know that that guy eats people. The actual circumference of his now when he's like laughing or yelling or even just talking normally. Just astounding. Yes it's a huge spelt with a huge person easily it's very very bizarre and again the weight collapse the super weird now as adds chasing me around the Internet. The went to check and see who the other people were Cingular names right now and and can pronounce anyway is that both Russian. That's were were rat so any Wisconsin beard nice check it out it's on. Event page intended to fan dot com that's also redefine the podcast this administer any thing. Participate along with the show 55305. Is their tax line I'm very curious. About what people's thoughts are about one free agent we didn't get to yet in the NFL. And this is somebody that opted out of the contract earlier this week. For reasons I'm not sure why 'cause I don't know if he'll actually get and Lloyd anywhere Colin Holland tapper cloying cap predict at this is a guy. Who's really seemed like he product that success any Jim Harbaugh controlled environment right we haven't seen him succeed anywhere in the pros. Our guests under any other situation in the pros without Jim Harbaugh. I usually that would tell you that he's probably not that great of a player. You also saw failings from both of the coaches other than our I mean you've Harbaugh was his first coach from becomes out of Nevada he's a backup to Alex Smith the young raw does Europe. What does whatever it takes food to serve plant. Alex Smith and and take esteem do Super Bowl the better team. Has not only. Issues with their front office and Jim comes who'll be the coach they promote. Was one out of Philadelphia he's only there for years so it's there's a lot bigger problems than just the quarterback play in San Francisco and colored cabernet was. It was a gimmicky but he was a guy that you know runs the ball as well as he throws the ball which he isn't. Spectacular is not overly accurate quarterback is kind of a freak of nature means that big guy rocket of an arm runs like a deer. But he's not he's in no ways traditional C you'd think you need a good team around him which he had with Harbaugh and you need a coach can. Figure out the best way to Hume which is Harbaugh so well you and he came out this weekend. Basically said he's not really anymore right. Well this yet this is kind of the aftermath of everything that we saw after kind of bill what do you think he used guaranteed seventeen million dollars a became back in play for Sam Francisco. Why would you go and test the free agent market when you haven't shown much value in the last two years. And then he comes out says. Also I just won a lot of Rubino and I'm not gonna Neil anymore on the sideline is this just deployed to be more attractive free agents. I think yes and at tickets saying extremely. Smart and well they don't have reset that Smart as they. Public relations manager or agent to you tell your client despot basically say look you're gonna be out of a job in the next two years if you don't. Quit kneeling the one thing to me do a controversy in a social pariah in the NFL now. But here agree with it or not that's a different subject we're we're talking about is that he made himself under is dire able to other teams that he made himself a distraction to a team that are ready was full of distractions whoever this earlier in the show. He is somebody who has such a huge upside. That if he can follow. These social rules of just calming down shutting out and just playing. You take a chance I don't know who does. Because really at this point in the NFL. You have to have a quarterback who is either going to play immediately on the field or he's somebody who was a year out of college right. The guy who is what been in the league for five years why did she had 56 years maybe. This might be six these in these kind of pass this shelf life at this point everybody knows who he is and what he's about and they say well. You know I know the potential there. And they're gonna sit behind somebody great or were gonna develop you'll her way a long time what's. His hope is the ending there's two teams that we think are quarterback away I think in the NFL you look at Denver and you look at Houston. Those are the two teams that keep coming up we talk about Tony Romo. And the teams that if you can add a competent quarterback did a great quarterback. You can put somebody in there that as NFL experience you can go out there and not usual game. Make a big play here there you replacing Trevor Ximian or Paxton lynch rock cost Weiler or TJ Yates like that's UConn. Issue and there's no there is no team out there that really needs. I mean that's cannon that I mean you or I don't put him over to Denver and you know the John always are gonna take that crap so he's firmly night no one aside it's like. EI it's it's not a good idea to test the free our agent market at this point and also it's your point about his playing style I think that hole. Spread option craze is starting to die down Mosher. It is in the NFL because I think people finally realized that is a huge detriment to your core Rex help. But at the same time again this was this is the issue that was put up their right win. The Redskins are playing RG three days this offense flows are everybody's just assess is everybody but there is four. Quarterbacks who was RG three Russell Wilson Colin Capp predicting Cam Newton this was the year before Cam Newton went out big deal her a couple years before became an MVP. But he was going out there and he was the physical of the guys right he'd go out he'd take the hits and he would get the extra yards because he's bigger than everybody else. Cult Catholic and the speed to get to the edge needing get around everybody else. And then and then RG three with a guy that body could make everybody Audi body was shifty than everybody he had that getting hurt. And the one guy that survives is Russell Wilson who's a first got to run out of bounds the first got to slide the first got to do all of that but we saw in the first half of last year. Went to lose that ability to run what that does to your whole offense because there's not like to bring in another guy and the did the knock on Russell Wilson is that even when he's hurt. He wants to go on play never mr. practiced never missed anything. But he cut off half of their offense even running for 700 yards every season and now he has thirty and guess what the Seahawks with very vulnerable. Among other things. Including your offensive line. But yeah I would agree that the crazies kind of going away but the one craze that is going nowhere is that of crystal balls. We will tell you the future next on the center in the saint. And eighty different. One thing that we didn't have a chance to talk about what's accurate predictions from last week. We predicted the Oscars and did our best it's. All right we debt right permitted at not doing our allow land. Now that the mass at the end of that show there's been a lot of sports comparisons. This doesn't compare to sports in anyway for anybody that's go to all of this is like them reverse and look all I've been to the game. Two to make sure that they get it right only would dinner. Packard bell there's I think there's compare since. This is predetermined a right you have an accounting firm who's on the hook for a tallying the votes if you go and you. Don't count the votes correctly and I announced the wrong thing there about sort of the 03 national title game. DO three national title game remind me Ohio State Miami. Pass interference and everybody thought they were away and that's that's a pass and that's that's a decision made by some because the other one is like the Jim Joyce on the the perfect game. And is an incision in the failed marry in the duke it was a decision during that run name. No it wasn't so we didn't there wasn't a hundred people that vote that there was an eight the entire group of people that voted. Four. The Ohio State Buckeyes to get the pass your parents call and then they went. Our legacy of the way around but you you don't mean there's not a bunch of people voted on the play happened they made the wrong call. If you believe that they missed the call what ever the next day they look at tape and yeah I mean the Rocco thank. You know what the complete irony in this is which I love is that so the reason this happened was because with every decision they have Q envelopes yes that and demand will they do it because apparently they give them the envelope like ten minutes before it's going to be an ounce and then if that person. Somehow. Gets lost or stuck in an elevator or anything like that you have to have a back cut down the amble up for somebody else to carry out. They switch the two envelopes in the ultimate irony one fail safe you had to not mess it up ruined it completely screwed you're aware rich oh well. So I mean more people are talking about it then the worst ratings of any Academy Awards in the past that wasn't the reason the ratings are bad the rays are better because there weren't any great movies in there and most people hadn't seen the movie even Jimmy Kimmel was making reference to that throughout the ceremony there and guy and a reduction seen images movies anyway so there's early blockbuster there and over again. Why was not an avengers. 'cause they're awful on the other it's getting worse threat the first one entertaining and then they just keep getting worse I will say though for marvel movies there's a lot of buzz around the movie Logan. And that being different so that's some thing. We are weeks shy of tournament action really getting started we finish up the major conference tournaments next week and then March Madness has officially started. But right now it's very different to predict those so we'll take a look at the blazers will take a look at some other games. And we'll do a quick version of crystal balls. Well you wonder in the journals. Last nickel pass. We ask consumers to questions they're not it may become clear when the sinner in the same look at Blair I've. Crystal balls. And 1080 okay. All right I was worried for you thought that you're no it's free to put it. Dead pool. Thanks let's go so we were ideas but outside shots up that excellent. Skill with. The blazes scheduled for the week so we got. Brooklyn tonight at Minnesota on Monday OKC on Tuesday. Thursday we have Philly. Hands a loaded schedule that we got. America. Below lets you read the Washington bullets. Skilling was. I miss the bullets OK so home primrose a look at Minnesota at showcase the and then playing at Philadelphia in the next Saturday. Is is the wizards at home so you get two home games two road games. In those four games what do you think the record of the Portland Trail Blazers will be again two and a half back. Of your Denver Nuggets. Let's see here are on the road twice. It's a terrible Minnesota tear any teenagers beaten and KC. And I auto evens out even Stephens I think you go tear into most likely to see you won't you win tonight home against Brooklyn guy win Minnesota you'll probably lose against Oklahoma City. You adelphia the U three and one. I don't know I against Philadelphia I can't see that as a loss I know it sounds really weird yeah but I think this. You might be writing a high and you might be also coming off of the two game road trip to have to come in and play on a Thursday do you might be a little tired. I'm glad they had a layover. Yeah other data I had a city that could make the difference I see even. I really wanna pick them to beat Oklahoma City but it the second of back to back if you're traveling so it's a road back to back you leaving Minnesota and you're in okay see the next night I think that makes it very difficult. How much would you pay to see the blazers in Minnesota against the timberwolves. I generally are much monetary given into pressure air tickets available I don't say I'm gonna go twelve dollars ten bucks. Thank I should see to see this is the most promising team in the NBA as the Minnesota rules write all this young talent and do it. And backs that what is Minnesota they're terrible. What's that I mean it's an even spring yet. They are wet weather like you have to get gas outside input on your park had them to go watch crappy basketball via in the next two to find a spread in the hard court civil war only had a heart you know. Of course there's a spread for the be resuming it destroys. The lead filming the beavers are a basketball school. We're talking about how bad they aren't football. And they came back we don't know where if it were basketball school women's that's. Baseball team in baseball school you get two national championships you've got players scattered through major league baseball league and we talked about this is your school based on your money. That's my everybody's got more money and hopeful. Not every everybody makes you live North Carolina the bay and south NCAA tournament makes a billion dollars but nobody's making nearly what they make good football in basketball. We'll find those humorous when tacky don't I'll find the numbers will talk about an extra. I'm looking up them out of their conversation there's a tees way to week. Figure out how much money duke makes don't go to Internet. They are right after all do it for you all go on the Internet and hope find out those numbers. You know if you do raise that really but each each day old stereo but TV income miniature of each day during the week just to weed out like a little bit of the information movement can he says he's there. Hey I get like one number NN dot net equity fifteen deep fade. Fifteen point. Million dollars you can communicate with the will and I throughout the week on Twitter at though Luke Anderson that will Americans 33. I appreciate you joining us through this and in the same everybody have a great weekend this is 1080 the fan. Enough. Wasn't he Bill White Jordan. He is black.

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