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Sinner and Saint 3.4.16 Hour 1

Mar 4, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Okay. Happy Saturday. Moral and motivated I am. Hi and motivated this week I am feeling good rates we get motivated these sand like kind of a truck driver. Yeah all I'm certainly sick. Then Portland and its letter diet but again all. Her. Completely be have like an undertone of that. On the throne now they're trying to enter bring energy. We brought it but that that's everybody's excited amiss he should play is splendid idea Brooklyn the past feels very much like a win an excellent question mark. Coming off a nice debut at the Mota senator fur usage Peter kitsch. The honeymoon phase still all well and good everything is a strong and alive for the greatest senator in blazers history. At least right now so I think of pretty still excited about that every great debut we've got all kinds of crazy things gone well on around the NBA. Kevin Durant is out for four weeks and then he'll be reevaluated. But it didn't know with the dirty for the playoffs like four weeks. Allows you to be ready for the playoffs you know he's gonna be out longer do you feel that way that's the one thing that I was saying earlier that I think the blazers made such a move it's it's a Smart move skipping on terrain at just knowing that he'd be injury prone like both. I think is pretty scary that you saw that footage earlier in the week of their rant any wheelchair which by the way. I suggest you online take a look at this a 611 men and wheelchairs and unfunny they don't make wheelchairs for six elevenths and it's really funny to look at they're. Anybody in the country that feels worse than Zaza Pachulia but when your own teammate rules and do need right it's not like one of these things where it's like a non contact injury or it's in our opponent kind of going after users. You you can't really. Blame anybody notes and accidents your teammates. That rule is for me. I don't feel bad for his us because Sus as kind of a hole owes me. That he is I mean you know a bunch of parts of the Kevin Doran in regular not brits are Kevin Garnett. Every fight to pinch ran. If the both Kevin Durant and much Garnett and Garnett that's sorry I'm confident that Garnett was begat the start I just discovered a sense. That I get there's I don't know that there's an NBA put that's made more money than Kevin Garnett in his career and he always had that kind of mean streak in itself. It was Gaza and the problem tied I I'd feel a little bit bad images knowing that you essentially. Ruined any of your best player for the final stretch of the season and then not saying this after is not the back to back MVP and I'm not saying we Kevin Durant. Is necessarily better player. But guess what Steffi is on a cold streak and if you look at the numbers and the impact becoming draft as adamant that team he is playing the best of anybody on that. I'm honestly pretty surprised that this didn't happen earlier. It's immediate danger. On the calendar ending injured used these fairly injury I think this is is demo isn't it that luckiest Hearst ever really good season I mean it. So like he's having an overwhelming season but he's having a very serviceable like he's demonstrates he's fitting into that team so well at this point that they really looked unstoppable man oh oops he gets injured. Like that seems like the same story that happen all the time over at OKC and it's like well gad that's what you have to expect when. You get a player like that I. I like 6611195. Well yeah 195 who runs like a three. Yeah I mean he's in he's going 611 you know like I 711 do you listen Heidi it's all. I mean I think that just comes along with the territory of picking somebody up like and you know traditionally coming back from injury he's. Not great. He has played very well because his style of play. Defensively more than anything is linked on the perimeter and if you have a problem with your Nina not be able to guard people who were driving down the lane you're not able to follow them I mean he's becomes a defense of liability at that point. Not to mention. Probe won't be able to rebound that well if they know that you need to jump to read. We will talk about what that means not only to the warriors but to the Western Conference in the NBA. The warriors I think a lot of people mistake as the greatest three point shooting team of all time. The last night the cavs actually set the record for the regular season. A number of makes in a game for three pointers there you have the record for the playoffs you have a coup going on in Los angeles' want to get too with the NBA. On top of that of course will talk about the blazers you got the NFL come by and asked for I feel death piles well what's really fun is. I think you know how much I love trade rumors. Yes and how believable Lil arm them as so we had to get an NFL trade rumors we are right now two days away from the when news tampering period where we can go and and talks on March 6 teams will be able to talk with agents and players and then on March 9. That's from the bonanza begins you'll start to see some of these signings and who Wear to the free agents go and other trades and everything that happens. With Betsy get in the com mine which is just kind of tip of the iceberg. That's in the second how will try to give to as much of the NFL all. Rumor mill as we've lost coaster week. So. Would you would you use for NASA mid day Wednesday. The box. General manager of an account comes up we task Michelin suspect. How would you like to go to see Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins Tony. Rob these Tony Robbins these Tony Robbins I say largest bite of any man never Tony Robbins. Yes. I would I would think so he's he's a large dude and he's gonna. You don't see big face yes he's big teeth but he's got a big head yeah in general and I and I never really had a ton of interest in seeing Tony Robbins until recently. Somebody that I went high school with I ran into and he's doing great he told me that your guy he's going to Tony Robbins content. Conference he's been before they're great it's really in spring changed his life Frey M. They said it she's like but but yeah that's what he's doing you know they've the next thing that he was doing was going to be another Tony Robbins thing we're doing great. Good to hear if it if it makes an impact on use of now when the boss comes up its Agassi don't rub my share. Sounds great and personal my general manager asking so it's like I say no do you. You clear my schedule you send a news conference that I mean look it up. You know anywhere for a 102000 dollars to get a ticket into the convention center on Thursday. Go see don't rob. Okay yet clear the schedule. OKC go to Tony Robbins. I don't know that it did. Hear leaning. If anybody went 55305. Anybody who's in the convention center on Thursday epitome seen Tony Robbins before this was. Predict. We'll house so seeing the Robert. And I don't know his name is Harvard checked the big guy from shark tank he's one of the speakers is a silly gags here Evander some he's he's a motivational speakers you've got three big speakers. The guy comes on you big raw rock guy like that his job is just get is hyped up here on schedule yeah. I hate I guess so it's okay well so let's start off on the wrong foot yet your let. I expected to raise like it's like credit. Say yes do you look it's just a little the little red state gets the other state yet say I if you believe Lou. And the like I'm not the guy that gets keyed up for that yet there's people all around Asus certainly weird because like I've got their tutors and the haulers right around me. Mosley get out of my kind of seeding a little bit. So he goes up Peter juices shark tank guy and he comes up is like you know gives the story I was born in Russia and we moved over here Yugoslavia or wherever and I came over aura that I've made money and and yet great story right. They beat positive and you know there's a couple little things taking it won't listen he does guys made it. He made it in the computer industry he got into computers do the story I. Inserted computer noted computer woods do remember one good one thing well so do I that's my start okay well so what does this is subjected Tony what was Tony's thing never got to tone. That's the whole thing so don't wait never tell you never know he showed up what they do is they go motivational guy then. Here comes a realistic. How would you like some made it passive income and get all your bills paid. The room real estate what would you say what would you say if so would you ever go your way mortgage rate there are no no no you don't have a mortgage and you're just collected on rental properties that don't have mortgages how great would that makes me why when I won that. He comes out of the best parties like. What he does he goes and hides don't erupt story does come out because legacy of because of how active how great this program is right now. You. Will only get mighty shortened version of our all thank god thank you so hour and a half later. He's begging people to go to his three I had to shorten today. But lucky for you I've got for. Three days seminars in port would now now we're just a thousand dollars. You can give away a thousand dollars. It sounds great what what are the I. If you go and you get into more program and you start making money there's a few select people but I might give their money back. Because they're making me so much eight. How clear pyramid scheme. Yes but it isn't the best part is that this is and get rich rich quick I'll cut this is they get rid slow ski economic you know it's a get rich quick scheme when they have to preface that I'll say and then they it is intact and blood the best artists are like 7000 people in the convention center grand ball and it'll just go running for these tables like. Women played the role when people on the wane sprinting for a chance to maybe get one of those things. Because Robbin from world came up and told you that she's been successful what this program. Then you get type guy comes back OK then you get it. The second guy you eat he's got a a stock class exact same thing tempered in the stock market right. So sit through that gave a little bit better than real figure like he didn't even have all the his cocaine yet for the day so he's not quite it is geek out then. Second motivational guy. On vision. Even show up they take that begins as big motivation speech three militants access self awareness. Hustle. Empathy like okay. And accents explain those to be self awareness like it help you a huge gonna do it yourself. I credit my parents for self awareness jab Credo on cable but it's one of your pillars may be trying to sun not. Hostile to us is working hard you know on that right and the thing to help you. Guess since it still was so what's Tony saying seven got the Tony yet now in the publisher come out he's got even better deal for you right see you telling me this story is like pissing me off to my eyes I wanna hear you don't look at what they hear it right Tony got I've been telling you this story for what five minutes ten minutes that this is my Thursday. Not to mention. If you're sorry if you spirit of 77 you're directly across from the consent convention center opened up for lunch. Does everybody in that room needed. Eight years how she got be able the recognize that he that like how would you don't look at their schedule. There's ever brought to get drunk that day and all early to prison Beers were fighting a swarm of people for lunch is gonna get a beer so I sent Red Robin I think I missed one of the guys selling you something. So that's probably why it was realistic or counselor you gonna amidst so the last dude gets up and he's the absolute worst he's selling you the opportunity to write your own book. Is he convinced us that list if you wanna be an expert on something write a book this big mistake most people make. They think that they need to write a good book. Right good. It looks. We are the number one publishing company by title acquisition. He said title acquisitions such an odd way that you like somebody made you say that because otherwise you're infringing on every legality and trademark it is. So this guy. Types Tony Robbins he's trying to Seles is terrible book program. Free this is not a thousand dollars it's free as long as you pay 200 dollars for the materials. Let's I mean anybody can write a crappy book yes and tell us what you are yeah the bill publish it no show you how to write it extra crappy. And the we hope you say Ole. Ads in the back of your book they've never read a good book by an extra that in a bad in the back. I think probably what I would do if I had direct that book because you know their editors aren't reading the whole thing right. Their the other skimming operation so I think you and this is a lot of effort for something that just might be slightly funny is that you. Right now in whatever context they want whatever inspirational but. But then like slip in some just really weird stuff in between. Or like just some like romantic novel lake is talking about Saxon like women's breasts in between and to see if he gets power I don't know how should people read it like what. Based put up titles happy sacks the new power couple how to reinvent its like it is what you're saying like it's such guard. I think that one of the authors so I didn't I is finally see him sitting there to guide for enemy introduces new use himself to me is like. Is this your first achievers conference. Oh yeah like yeah that's thanks acne scars nice to media zoo where away that it no no he's wearing a pink plaid shirt and a hard again. And just looks very out of place but just has kind of the deer in the headlights look and east tell me how great it's going to be an O turnarounds and senator you're. And he's like what are you doing like I Saudi Arabia and he goes. Okay I'm an author. My publishers coming up played like it didn't even listen anything it's that you wanted to tell you want to take it out there and he was the example this guy gave like you if you wanna be. I'm like there's no instead capacity to raise up about how good Tony that's fine now it's 430 here comes Tony Robbins. Is exposed to go till five. I Tillman like Mike crate and will be done at five today albeit a home. So help you. With the twins kids announced 5 o'clock Tony Robbins finally comes out. The first watch a video. Let ushered tell you an Oprah tell you and Pat Riley tell you how great Tony Robbins is it's. And Tony Robbins comes out and if you see it go online and just YouTube Tony Robbins clapping. You are in the room clapping for ten minutes it's the weirdest clever thing to connect. Old wanna handout for rose the other one at a at an SS and the aim at he had to get tambourine clapped yeah very very bizarre so he comes out. And he takes the first 45 minutes. Tell us how he's gonna fit a fifty hour training into three hours. You this is done at five. It's like fifty. Like when there's a three hour start so and instead of the convention center and an arm of the do some purpose but my phone does not work at all in their right they wanna sell the Wi-Fi or whatever maybe is a neat idea they want to focus on Tony. Whatever it is I can't so I walk out to call and and as soon as they leave. I feel better later so I had such anxiety being and there are leapt to his coma Mike. Among oil home it's not over yet but I'm just get out there so I did about 3540. Minutes of Tony Robbins just running around. Telling stories failure how we can turn it into success and all that and as late. You know what happen it's. This is just these guys trying to sell something. Paid whatever concert Toney Rahman's to show up and you start count the people in the room even if everybody got the tickets buy one get one free. It still like a million dollars for the tickets alone. Insane. Well now I know not to go to Tony Robbins so I could not be more motivated you a great show I could not be more excited for the blaze. I am full productivity they're gonna crutches that's. Playoffs here we come blazers next sinner and saint. And eighty the thing they're at that book yeah. Fired mutter well mammogram mayor Daley sitting signing alligators and here again a little dog in the glare a you are you doing. We're truckers are little like that Gilligan now honey did like you know I did I just commented on tungsten. Your hat wouldn't dream became a different. It's baseball and it's not trucker looks that chuck Hirsch no sir happy I'm Mariner's tat. Yeah that would mariners actually drive boats. Yeah did not know if you knew that died at. Why am glad that everybody gets join us is going to be the most motivating showed that. We've done ever. I'm still riding high from the thirty minutes of Tony Robbins lottery spots from the tech fund will be able to went. The Wayne got into the real state apparently with a snake and that is maybe understatement of the year. It was a bag of snakes this guy was a bit of that we have black hair slicked back now but he was just the proudest sleazy as you possibly being one of those guys that does the thing where you say all right. Now you need to listen late 800 times this is apart if you get it did you any part of what it does say. Which is say they have been saying right now was into this hear me now believe me later this is the one thing that you need to know. I lose the one thing he said about. It's I know this is really short but it's it's gonna be good or something. Yeah I have to abbreviated because the program is so good that they only gave me they gave me less time than I normally now don't you wish she could use that excuse for sex. I suppose you can't be donating. It's just that we like this is gonna be so good I only have like few minutes I just always pretended to be some at bats I'd have to do remember years. Yeah listen let's let's you have do you like guy lets you play good that you get. Let's say that they got we've been in the mid year like no really wonder why don't tell us they were ready to go I didn't want to disappoint and some like a Mike listen I. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lead now but I had to leave like quickly to make this fast. I wonder how are they not turned off after that once they were committed argues do you get to know that point. When you know what to get my hot and heavy video yeah like it's going to be at their permits them in the IQ I got like ten minutes. I know you two this is that listen. If I'd ever have a lunch and you begin to I never removed twice. I mean this is this the big that lets an illness and about hadn't already rescheduled disappointment I wouldn't go but. I have been so now I've got some random debris yet this has nothing to do with my early this is an accent. This is great and and will do this again for sure when we have more time before right now. Get somewhere and it. You surf mirror kitsch. Anytime that you see your future the blazers. You pick so when did I Goodell the fans are so let me get excited about it you know you see him being able to. I on the block and though don't they say flammable like he actually can play on the block and yelled to say like that. We talked about this last week ray how how the aid deal was. That if you can get somebody that was a rim protector can score with a back to the basket. And get position down low and pass the ball from the post vs the high pose she didn't need a seven footer that could dribble. This is what we talked about last week right if you could find that guy and we went through boot the entire free agent herb or trade a eligible. Players we tried to pick out the best guy with a it was a hundred drama nor it was whoever. And you talked about it bogey at all these rumors that came up. Pitched just wasn't on anybody's radar to get instant Denver. He wasn't a good fit there and does not irony of the whole thing is that if the blazers play well who are they knocking out of the eighth spot. It's the nuggets and and you had who's on the nuggets well Mason plumber is on the kids that seize on it will Barton's on the night. It's and let this speaks word because. After the game on Thursday. They Mueller said to me that I think was pretty interest and do play that yes. It's something that we had have had for the last views. You know Garnett can. At the moment like he can pass or block he can really score on blood and this is a good feel for it the game. Now that's him talking about use of America which yes does sound eerily familiar. To probably. This sounds like what every single fair and said right when we traded him and said we trading him or the others at the panic. The blazers fall in love with the there the blazers fans. Fall in love with the players right as anybody is it that lasts beyond like what two years like that's the urine well. Well I brought up I brought up the whole Barton thing I will Barton goes to Denver and has success like he's he's a better player than air flow after that trade right been flown hurt his shoulder. And was supposed to be the guy that was backing up Wes Matthews got thrown into a starting role. And never had a chance to do my job he's brought to Portland for every dollar we miss will Burton look what he's doing in Denver. Portland does that thing where you hold on to the guys that you had even though there wasn't really a spot because what's he gonna do. In this roster right is he gonna play ahead of Allen Crabbe is he gonna start edit TJ here you don't what are you gonna do with will Barton if he's on this team. But as soon as you let him go we had in. He was ours. There was as much outrage about will but no there was about like players who really just kind of overstayed their welcome her out of state their prime like we got really Gerald Wallace and everybody threw a fit it would even make too big to put up great numbers Inge in Charlotte but now the most recent guys Mason plumb right up so the second that he believes what even. Even national media looked at this trade and went whoa that's not a good trade news and C plus for the blazers in Sports Illustrated a B plus for the nuggets. It was me I don't want it yeah no he's not all of them. But overwhelmingly is a win for Denver and Denver was gonna solidified playoff spot they currently held and Portland was gonna fall off or always just jockeying. Four for salary cap move or if that's what their spoke candidate that I got picked but it was also because they couldn't afford to sign Mason only after next year but this was the thing that everybody said. Wouldn't get us into the playoffs this is the thing hold this back great we didn't have a good big man who is versatile who could pass on the authentically and he's got the I've wanted a better. Oh. Wasn't doing any that you grow and we both know we keep something that isn't actually helping us to get there that's. Didn't really light camera can't put don't you wanna win but Mets but yes and look what everybody does now look don't quit. League they forgot that little thread and now they fall in love with the markets. Like he's he's the reason right so it's not the coaching and it's not the general matter it's just use of circuits he was an undiscovered he was a jam just sitting there in Denver wait. Just a good fit. Or maybe he's just play it a nice five game stretch and maybe they'll be terrible the rest of the year but the this is what Portman does right we YouTube ride these waves throughout the season. Where you kind of view like the personality of a guy are you like is his toughness and that was Mason probably right he was a guy. That played the game the right way he was a high basketball IQ guy he was a duke player so he he had almost potential. And you let him go and like. We squandered an opportunity. I think in other player to. Was pretty excited about lyrics that I'd say I've heard this tone with any other player he's played with a look at this is Damian Miller talking about you super rich. You know and I gives us opportunity to passing you know he's had guys on. When this one on one score and kissing in the middle of defense and you could stresses. His basketball IQ you know they need game I'm comfortable on that passed on knowing that he can see the skip past and he finished it off on different ways. I never heard him so trust worthy of another player except the guy possibly see CJ. He's gushing yet even even when he played with the team that was Wes Matthews in the LaMarcus Aldridge to either and rally Slobodan about that I think US Kenneth spoke about the future kind of like improving and everything that he's never. To me at least from what I've heard he's never spoken of such. A personal playing relationship with somebody before I mean you either some tension between him and altered to and they were playing always look who's the one guy but then you look at somebody like you some nerve agent. It fits Willard the game right we'll just a guided does the dirty work. There's also a piece in there though that. Speaks to LaMarcus Aldridge what was global what was LaMarcus Aldridge crate pads. Shooting midrange jumpers in the first reports. Late the late game comment there because that's that was always Dame's role right even when he was playing with in a bed that the in the first incarnation. Of the blazers with him. When he came in he was the guy did kind of built his reputation on being the the late game guy right he comes in and he makes the big shot against Houston knees indeed himself Portland fans forever now right. And you have LaMarcus Aldridge who had a great playoff series against Houston scored forty points. But he wasn't the only game guy and Dane watts and that's I think where then animosity was built. Is that guy at the end of the game that takes a big shot is Damian Miller even though the bigger numbers coming out the game. We're still markets they're and so dame trust a guy at the end of the game. And what's in the O'Shea is that it be you know the blazers are six points away from being you know in the seven spot. It's all these late game failures and being able to trust somebody. And not take wild shots whether it's Dane or CJ. That's something they can genuinely improve this team and that's one of those. Elements that you and I talked about a lot I don't always here but it's really the confidence in the team around you and it's that team chemistry. That you can't read a stat sheet it's not in the box score that old dame at confidences players are adamant in again. It's in his post. All welcome back. Nothing that I'm done with your trucker. Excited about the record and you wish your truck and but now not hours or verbal actually there's new technology released this week this proves to make it so. As a trucker you can stay on the road. With out. Having to drive like another huge from a trucker Jerry is that like when you when you're driving like he going your ship in if you get caught traffic. Like your ship stands at a certain point you don't make money right yeah so then you just Kennelly either get out of the track we say I'm done and you pull over. Like there's new technology coming out to basically what's your shift is done I can just go and auto pilot. See that's. That's the one thing about these self driving cars as once you have self driving trucks and then you have somebody in that's more like a pilot where you can just. Yes sit back and just got to monitor things are going to train engineer where it's kind of just running itself. That's a scary. Yeah. Cool. Evidence takes pictured here going right well no he's still need somebody in better item and you need somebody to be there to make sure that there everything's going smoothly to that something goes wrong your haywire in the middle of Kansas. And you know you don't have anybody there that you've deployed somebody to go out and get the track to meet with justice in at a certain point the that's an immunity necessary. I feel like you're probably is. I think. And guys there's still somebody in in the airplane there's still somebody in there's certain maneuvers Regan needs somebody to step in and and kind of you know at least captain a the ship but for the long stretches geez you turn them into more of these little luxury lounges you sit back and right along the highway on. Then they hear in the back can. Heroin is the preferred drug infrastructure is now I would say yes I do them. Some key to more week. Yeah but like it's stressful CNN kind of loosen up at the end of the day about your stress relief thing it's like a mission that she did she Maryland. Come down to a I don't know a lot of Maryland and analyzes. And a stress relief tactic. What's a big thing oh unaware doing that means a quicker and it. You know what you said I'd never been in the position where I was like. And it was released or that you used to Marilyn wore it'll come find. Eric Stoltz. Okay well and naturally transition in speaking of heroin. The cavs may 253. Pointers last night LeBron had six or Marino said three you think retiree at five. Death have JR Smith back. He can be back he's getting may. I guess it would be a MRI or whatever it is they're gonna doctors look at it he's going to be evaluated to see if he can come back in the next couple weeks to get JR Smith they're ready scoring. At this clip. Of the century look at. You know the NBA landscape then if you asked anybody. Come on the cuff they'd tell you the warriors of the best three point shooting three point shooting team in the league right that would be the suggestion all but now. Well the funny thing is 25 is. It ties for the NBA record in a game but it's the record for the regular season yeah the capsule ready 125 in a playoff game goes against Atlanta in the playoffs last year though do you think that this is really. A symptom not so much of shooters but of LeBron James and let me explain my comment is that I think. Our I really think that. Golden State has better just pure shooters but when you're actually looking Cleveland. And who's around them yet he has some of the aging like Kyle Korver human Shumpert on the outsider any of those guys. Really what happens to me is that the defense collapses on the brawn and he's able that outlet so well that there's just a wide open shots and this might have been. Their lucky day. Like I to me it just kind of seems like it's not possible but. Just pure shoot okay but here's ears rehab give LeBron was six of ten from three crab and I brought had a good night. Yes a Kyle Korver three for seven carrier ring five for eight Derrick Williams was three for four. Richard Johnson three for five Channing Frye three for six and among shopper was two for six from outside. So that's kind of that that's how is it just series sounds like everybody coincidentally had a great night all the same time. I mean they shot 54% as a whole so yeah that's really good yep yep. But you also see nights where you'll have. Like optionally collect. So you have these individual guys but who else is. Shooting that the the volume that clay and stepped. I mean Fremont we'll shoot three and you'll see each shot a music easily shoot three to they don't have the volume I mean you got you know totaled what six guys here. Seven guys considerable brawn listed here so. Matt it's terrible the pilots. They highlighted six of the eight answers eight guys that contributed to step but it. I can't think of 83 point shooters on the petite. Is that the big old Rondell brought factor all bide that yes he makes it much easier for all his teammates. The reason that he's consistently. At least in my mind consider the greatest basketball player that we have going today is because he does make everyone better around. I will not only that but he's a now on he's at point guard and six and just basically dish 66869. Seven foot keys. I mean he's basically like a mag my Magic Johnson incarnate. In the ability to basically spread the floor run the floor and then make the outlet pass like everybody converge resides in him that's whacked tennis still said I think it. It's more dependent upon him than anything else. X kernel pull up from almost half court you know those dudes are doing that. They don't have to but they don't create their own shot as much as security is an airport but the fact abroad can also contribute with six of his own that's the other thing to his first X-Factor. The only point that you didn't mention in there that you know needs to be mentioned the guy can do himself to. If he never gets help from anybody else so it's absolutely insane but also the rockets are ahead of the warriors and three point shooting James Harden and is Google collection of shooters. Are also way up there so it's maybe the warriors started the trend but it's it's new NBA that's true of threes. There are trees. Could receive those accidents saint tentative fan. Not all news makes the prime pay. I know look at the stories you may not know the know about her. And maybe. And I was you know he brings details. Oh lead. We have an identity and how we play. Just didn't they have moved the ball really well they use and cut it down. Thank you love all weekend after you first look that on the offensive end. That's a slightly older looking child staff curry talking about the warriors know after the warriors 94 to 87 loss Thursday night that appeal I think he lost this week those star forward Kevin Durant to chew up. So like that yet but they're using women in referential. Humility that's his nickname Hillary wants to be. We give her. Weird he's your risk for weeks after suffering a sprained and CL a bone bruise he will be reevaluated. After four weeks that's important to remember there are six weeks left. Actually got five weeks left in the regular NBA season. It's something or nothing for the dobbs oh it's definitely some. Am an iffy if he gets reevaluated he's not able to come back in the playoffs it's it's an entirely different we have to remember how many pieces. They had to let go one of which is now going to be playing in a cavaliers uniform and Andrew Bogut. The they lost definitely add to Kevin Durant but they basically built this super starting five sorting for. With Kevin Durant so without him it's it's going to be very difficult they've adapted I think incredibly well to adding another great school were over the course of the season I thought it would be more difficult for them. To be cohesive but can address proved me wrong. And I guess that he's been their best player. I'd have to think also about. The four week reevaluation and also pick out who they could possibly play in the playoffs right after. Has yet to take that into account that obviously they would beat somebody like Denver or us in the first round. When you say us you talk about losers he had these airs. And then who would you have in the sector and the clippers or the jets and historically the warriors have spank the clippers so it's kind of like you have this. The amount of free time it's kind of lagging on Wednesday. Security mean later it's four weeks but then after that OK got to take another couple weeks off let's find also that it's the second round also those after he's not exactly firing on all cylinders he said he tied the NBA record with eleven and missed threes eleven attempts without a single make terrible I ease the NB. And Mira. Pounds or about ten gold almost brought all these people. There's a whole New Orleans is it was going to play no Jewish girls in that market where it. Whatever I want you to straighten out there like there's Omar large. There's Daddy Dearest love bar ball father of college basketball freak Lorenzo. Ball he made headlines this week after making some basketball claims about his send that many view is. Extreme. Just the list includes comparing him to step curry and his brink potential is close to Michael Jordan. And be less controversial one issue number one in the June draft. Do you think his father might lower. He's dressed up. That's a very. Interesting question. I don't think so if I played the University of Washington doesn't lower your draft stock there's no way your dad yapping will. But he told we'll go to open but think about the other elements around. Fuel affecting the draft more helpful to play is for a team that's terrible. He's injured right now he's going to miss the pac twelve tournament. They're not making the tournament so we're not gonna see any war for more helpful he's essentially shut down for the season if the reports are true. The hat guy is the other. Preeminent the expected. Number one he's big the other greats Goer in the pac twelve and in in college basketball so. If it's not if that's not gonna affect your draft stock your dad yapping isn't either I loved. Well our Balkans. I'd I would look at sports is entertainment and is extremely entertaining but. You have to look at the situation that he'll go in here with the lakers straight. Because what does that team made up of a bunch of young players get a good young players who had LA coach a couple of them got into a fight about it a girlfriend right like some gossip saying sure yeah yeah Russell Russell. De'Angelo Russell yeah videotaping SY DP talking about being unfaithful to use Ilya. Do you not have an errant undergrad gossip there are doing is you bring more drama like that into a team that already is very immature you might have a better recipe. Wilbur is not even just that they've a young coach and Luke Walton they've got a brand new front office they gonna GM has never been a GM they've got Magic Johnson at the Helm. And this week Jeanie buss was tried to be ousted by her two Brothers and somewhat of a news. Yeah yeah whatever ring I staged dad and I. Listen you were the one that was trying to debate during the whole filled the hole and Charles Oakley feud that that was good that took attention off the team. I would much rather have people talking about Lavar ball than what's actually going on that team. I don't know that he ends up being a Laker but hey they're ready used LA itself wanna. I'm sorry for the choice of words poor analogy may be as oil doesn't need only on an emotional person. Our coach with a motion idea played with motion and it was emotional moment. That's a head coach of dealers women basketball team camera multi OK so making eight tearful apology after the comments this week here is the whole. With her situation ever played 500. Win as a head coach this past week she told the crowd. To knock them in the face now this is referring to anyone that refuses to send their daughter to Baylor. After the national firestorm of sexual assault allegations of crimes that have had happened in the past what half decade should. Can you see and take this question of degree assault and can seek any positives. In her statement. Because this is being so widely panned it is a horrible. Horrible. Just misunderstanding. Of how a university is trying to react with terrible. As bad. But I keep looking they keep going back over the statement over and over again you say give it hurts in the right place I. I can see justification. For lake if you really wanted to dig deep and go I can see why she said it doesn't mean I agree with that intention and what you actually say in the Kuwait's receive him and that's. That's communication communication isn't what you say it's how it's received right we can come on here and we can try to make the right point but if we can't you put the words in the right order and we end up offending everybody in Portland. That's on us even though that's not. Men every day she has this conversation where she goes in new young woman's home and tries to get them to come to Baylor. And immediately the headlines or the reaction or the conversation she's having she probably has this conversation one on one. Fifty times a week. And I concede the weight and the baggage at the that would Carrey and chilled out that's a sure Ellen and then she has a moment where she accomplished something. And Baylor has been one of the few teams that has made any kind of headlines outside have you gone in college women's basketball in the last ten years. I mean when Tennessee kind of went away after the pat summit Erica it's been Baylor. Stanford a little bit and it's been UConn dominated so she's been really successful on the sport that. It doesn't get a whole lot of coverage to begin with and for her to get caught up in in this fires from the isn't necessarily about. Her program it's about her school. She had a point where I mean I I think she could've. Probably walked away or might have walked away and the fact that she stuck with Baylor she's been defending them privately and to make public and can't imagine it being easy credit I can't say there's positive minute but I can see if you if you wanna justify attic I can buy that. EC knows all the time. And your friends just use it. For night. Hello. You were one next to youngest person yeah. 60% of human DNA proves. Shipments of banana. I. That. Is gene Smith center of Will Smith he did an interview with vanity this are absurd Vanity Fair this past week. And they decided to run this video of him basically repeating statements over and over again and things that blow his mind. Some of them include sharks have been on this planet longer than trees. And there when results so that World of Warcraft players have been playing the game for over five billion hours. Can not one not one guy I don't blows his mind so. Good ticket look at this is the same guy you wears women's clothing out in public but then refuses to. Talk about it which is demonstration itself that. You Wear women's clothing has obviously a statement at that when your ass better you'll divert. Back in the days in the early part of the Internet had a friend that ordered a pair of pants online they showed up there when fans and he realized it ruins fans but he also realize that. They fit him very well so we kept wearing them but at least he acknowledged that they were women's possess a appropriate fantastic. Yeah and I mean otherwise a fairly average guy you put those pants on. But there's some of them pay us for this reminds you had a cousin that was home schooled. I couldn't tell you exactly the age but for older than should've been shocked by the statement. But we're driving around issues right along with me and my family and I've got three Brothers and sisters there's a lot of in the car but she demands the attention of those. Of the audience of everyone in there and she wants to announce what you learned in science class today. And I'm gonna say 1011. Years old may be she goes you know what I learned in science class today. Is that water boils because it's hot. Yes. Yes that is an awesome state. I want back. True he did you keep an eye I don't wanna hear anything else other than that statement honestly. What are the suicides class you do not need to tell me otherwise known as to why water's boiling yeah oh yeah but you know what that's blown. Of the Thai as you know that shame on. You think of how surprised he would be right didn't Gene Smith had when he heard these things that that Lou we is mind. Like what other knowledge to the carry around the net dumb head of is that these things like. Whoa not only not only did this have an impact on me when I heard it. But I need this year would you 'cause I don't think you realize. That these things are true. Well this kind of blow my mind that sharks have been around longer than trees. That are actually journal. That's that's weird to think about Campbell wasn't there a time where were all ocean. Everything came out and blows my mind too excited to blows your mind to it again these these are the thoughts consuming him. And I think that there is do one thing you do is you look at the parents give you failed your child. But it flows of money and don't you know this kind of live off of whatever money he made from Perry we're in the what are person are you thanks and and it and it with brilliance Trent water boils. Because it's hot. Next NFL center in saint Kennedy then.

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