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Dusty and Cam - 3.1.17 - Hour 2

Mar 1, 2017|

Kevin Durant injury update and how it affects the playoffs. Also, Adrian Peterson is a free agent and Crawford needs a new roommate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty into. Am in the morning and those who really knew each other acute sinus it's easy to pop up maybe even born free GP. It's just Kara. And the man who looks up and permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American gem clean looking at. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty examine the more million dollar and 1080 loves. It's. Carter do dusty and dusty here. Though came Clooney's doubts today. Scheduled day off. And the scheduled days off Ka. Women do. 35 bucks a month thing and one thing that I didn't know. Is. How out of touch I am. With the technology available to all of us like. We got beat I've heard the PlayStation view because of the at the blazers rolled that out is is a way to watch games BSE SN. A PlayStation view selling you a thousand option I didn't know how. How deep their lineup went on TLC you get the diva like there's roku theirs. US a lot of the sun at Xbox Live you can just basically get an happened plug geared. I'd be in the zone stick to Google. When it was chrome casts the chrome cast is so much slow. In data is like so launch but so each one of them is a limited to something else think slingbox I got a buddy as selling bock box loves it right. But we're watching we're watching a game and as as house and amen on Twitter really quick as you know it's a live storing event going to your check it out oh. There's like dead 252 delay so everything that was happening thank you Keyon. Have your second screen in front of you know that's like my body. On crone cast Emily we have like our group chatter whatever during the Super Bowl there was like all my gosh oh my gosh is it weights stopped way. Don't say anything. Like for like twenty I Torre about twenty seconds and it's like in any good friend in your situation. Wouldn't completely ruined games for him exactly because that's what friends are for. And it's like this we live and vary some media world. In terms of reaction to things digitally. And our rights 55 trees here five that is excellent Kevin Durant goes down last night with hate what they're calling eight hyper extended need. On this is a Dicey. Injury here for the Golden State Warriors. Who they gave up all of a quite a bit. T get Kevin Durant. To come their open at Capra meet you look at Harrison Barnes is gone eater bug is gone from last year's team and billows were significant role players and during goes down hyper extended knee is the diagnosis right now. Apparently got an MRI last night. And in Washington DC were the injury happen and it bears a little bit of panic on how long this is gonna take for him to get back. Jeff Goodman of ESP and is now reporting during and is expected to be back for the post season according to multiple sources. Telling ESPN it's not as bad as that look. One source says we have a further update from the world should he waited and lower your PR seen nobody's got it so it's a grade QMCL sprain and it Tim veal bone bruise he's going to be reevaluated a month. He'll be reevaluated. In a month expected expected to be back for the playoffs reevaluation and a month though. So they're expecting things to go okay. But. Is that there's a lot but boy you know that's that is so looking down the stretch here it in the playoffs. You have Kevin Durant. Drew they're saying will likely be back for the playoffs. The battle be in very close up in a month he's gonna be reevaluated. And now don't put us in. April the vehicle first because it march 1 Mason very nice day for this injury to happen. On that the four weeks but is an April 1 where the Golden State Warriors Monday in their outward as class like there to lock down out. And bill warriors. As of April 1. They will have to force their final six games the regular season. So he would be out tell at the very earliest. The final six games the regular season. Let it kind of sounds like is people are saying that he'll probably make it back for maybe the last couple this he wears a debt in a postseason. That would lead the words that Kevin Durant. Until the post season Kevin Love will not be at cavaliers into the postseason. Kyle Lowry will not be with the Toronto Raptors until the post season. The last stars going down in the NBA right now. This is C got 22 games to play it. For Golden State in in all likelihood you're not gonna have Kevin Durant for what. 1618 of them. You know if they're lucky and he's on the right on the right side of this. On day of a four game lead on San Antonio. Candidate for the number one seed which points against split. It's pretty comfortable lead when you're talking twenty games to play. I mean. EU sit there and you go yeah Golden State if if you win a couple games in there. All this in there and when more than a couple games they're good enough T continue to go over 500 that's a really tough climb for San Antonio to make up for games. Even if they go eleven and eleven over that. Those final twenty TO. You think about how much ground and how well the San Antonio Spurs are gonna have to play if they wanna get the one seed. And would you Gregg Popovich resting guys and you know back back to backs and stuff like that will he change kind of what he does sort. As we know Gregg Popovich is an of the long haul and maybe number one overall seed isn't quite as much if it comes on stretch like that right. Yet this makes things interesting though to me because. Especially for the the upper half of the west you know. The rockets just got a lot better at the trade deadline disburse. Are playing as you just discussed very well and endlessly talking about how did and did the spurs are playing up the clippers just got. Chris Paul back they're finally healthy again for like what seems like the first time since the second week of the season sells jeans then now. Knock knock on. Something but I means coaches on zinni in the west now remember that conversation we had probably back in December or November. When we said is even worth it to watch the NBA regular season when you know it's going to be you know one of I had one of like the cavs are the warriors or maybe the spurs in the finals member of that conversation we had up and kind of the overall thing was like yeah that pretty much predetermined but there's always a chance something's gonna happen. This Jimmy's come like that thing that happened and I are like. Or maybe the rockets and you would sneak by them in the Western Conference finals or maybe. This opens the doors for disbursed which I wasn't counting up the spurs prior to this Phnom thinking like OK maybe it's spurs cavs in the finals now and. This is day in day it but this is the time where do we said this is where the NBA season it's interesting that we're talking about this in December and January. That was the doldrums of the NBA season ranked where you legitimate had asked that question this is where starts ramping up. In how much firepower is missing from a lot of the top contending teams the top two teams in the east. And then you know the number one team in the last. Are depleted right now. That makes this kind of flurry that we're gonna have here at the end of the regular season that much more interest and now Golden State the doesn't have been and heard yet. They have signed Matt Barnes Crawford had that in his update that means it will not be signing Jose called around. Who was recently waived. And they were gonna sign him he's now back on the market now they actually did selling call from what I saw what they signed him so that he would get his money than these waivers and they went Augustin that they called him a little good for the warriors say dealing a member that we're assigning. But that shows sees how much. Ridiculous money is laying around the NBA you act like deeds they're handing out 75 million dollar contracts and that's why people like big get a set about. Other overpaying Meyers Leonard in Allen Crabbe. Dude. Would they just signed a dude to build it even if it's the league minimum ripe they give in like a half million dollars or walk away. The veteran league minimum. By just because we promise you they may play a full forest. Pretty cool just jungle state chose how much money's around there with that said though Kevin drag out in major awards announced he says. The vertical I just saw his tweet to says there has been a fear. That the warriors couldn't start. Could have to start the playoffs at Dodge Ram there's a chance he can return by mid April for the first round ranked so we we talked about that re evaluated in four weeks. They're still is that worried now that four weeks is when the read I you mean revaluation happens. There's a lot of blazer fans that are on neat don't make the playoffs. Tank mode right. Did this change it for you. Does this change it a little bit 455305. That is detects I'm plus. We have. With the Golden State taking a step back. And welcome people who. And this and my intentions. In the morning runs and 820. He's fled. Big role in the Portland trailblazers making it to the second round last year. And given the worries of pride and ranger Doug got her in that series Seth Curry's rolled his ankle in the Golden State series human blazers gave MA fight albeit. A great site. On modified and then Chris Paul breaking his hand on Gerald Henderson's rock hard buns. Obviously helps the blaze is not clipper series to get out of the first round there in Blake Griffin. In his balky hamstring. Kevin Durant now goes down for the bones say warriors and the hope is for Golden State to he'll be back by the playoffs. On does this change blazer fans minds ongoing giving that eight seed we've had this been a long discussion here the last couple of weeks. Now with Portland. In view of the trade deadline. Inability to bolster the roster enough to become that Western Conference contending team that we thought it would be heading into the year the use of Turkey which was a great pick up and I think long term it is a phenomenal. Pick up for the Portland trailblazers but only you know does he that are on you know team tank. Think that you know and there is a little bit of a hole and yell you dole it in you may dad charged in in the playoffs we discuss this a lot. And on today's show and I'm of the belief that you won't play hard and you don't wanna know this team should be written hoping for losses but as laser fan. If you're sitting there and you're watching the games. If your team has a game like last night where. Big fight in the fall short it shouldn't feel like it's the end of the world right because with the margin for air being so razor thin in the fact that the blazers right now our two and a half games back of the eight spot from Denver. But also. Two games back of being beat what. Thirteen best team in the Western Conference. And booted you know legitimate top ten pick. You've seen their near going in what is best for this team moving forward is it to make the playoffs and you know as the eight Seagal gets a one seed in Golden State. In likely get house with or without Kevin Durant. War. Is it T go ahead and start thinking about building for the draft. Tax 55305. We talk about taking vs playoffs they are taking they just aren't good that is where that's where I hate it. Unless they're not good Crawford he had this that earlier it was a seven close games. Oddly it was eleven of their last fourteen losses have been single digits and I haven't course the numbers for the whole season yet but I think I mean just safe to say from the eye test that there's been. The majority of their losses have been close games. And even Terry Stotts said early in the season that the team was kind of snake bit I mean you know. David Halberstam wrote doubled the breaks of the game like everyone knows basketball's got breaks to go one way or another and this year the blazes is and I'll talk up numb well. And last year who really did the optimism at the beginning of the year because those games were close and then we're like something's gotta give something they don't if Fiat in it did yeah. In May and if they turn the corner and were able to you end up the five seat at which 45 points. But this year to win seven in the month of February that was this stretch that people were looking forward to you. As a schedule was ridiculously tough through the first two months of the season. On these tech set 55305. And its roster can't compete for title Seattle is nannies you can't get the top five pit. And now it is to change my mind even the wit without Kevin Durant. We the blaze are still loose for a one. Hello doesn't change anything why what do you learn. You're better than the words even without Katie stop acting like this is a 45 when team well I'm not acting like it is 45 win team I'm just wondering if that. Questions out there that people wanna make that run because there is. You know a chink in the armor right yeah hole there disease there is an Alley. And is getting out of the first shown enough in that is where I ago. With what I've said it all on amnesty to it and I have this team plays hard. You have guys in CJ McCollum and Damian Miller who are pissed off man. Naked and I don't think we've seen games were both of those guys got his animated in Terry Stotts got as it is and it is a we saw last night. In I don't think that is just strictly on officiating there's tennis there's sick and tired of what's happening right. Being so close yet so far away in new years so close in that you're in tight games so far away and that. You are sitting now at a season low eleven games under 500. And that is wearing on him and I don't think that's a bad thing. Because it shows this club team is close in how do you get better when you are locked up for the future. Thank you have years years due pillars and Willard and the call. And you said Dirk it's gonna be for at least a couple more years right. You have Evan Turner locked up you have Al farouq Aminu locked up for a couple years you've got mole heartless. In he is going to be here for what a Specter yourself. Phil and Mo. I guess he does yeah and you sit there and you look at those pieces right that's. They're gonna be here. Those are reliable. Your Stratford. League. Strapped for cash and comes in the trade market because Evan Turner's also going to be here for years and I don't care what people say he now for comedian. Are above average defenders and when they are playing this team is completely different. If you have those pieces locked up in your strapped for cash the best way they you. They can turn the corner and make an immediate impact is not via trade it is during the draft in through the draft if you're okay. In you have these guys who were willing to fight the complacency won't be there this is an a young team and I'm unnecessary and those. All you know build the losing culture it's the way it is now these guys have fought through that indeed established a winning culture and their. Upset at the way that it's going the frustration is set in instead of boiling point some like these guys gonna learn how to lose you don't have a bunch of young bucks on this team. You're just looking for an extra piece or cute to help you turn the corner. The draft to say do that right. Sid young boxer I am. On the team. The ad. I mean no one out there really thinks that the blazers could beat the warriors in the first round do them again. Even with tape he's injury like when he said chink in the armor like it's definitely made things interesting in my mind the west is now a lot more wide open. I in my opinion with the way the rockets got better the clippers or help the in the spurs the spurs I feel like there's. It's not just sitting back putting your feet up lighting a cigar guy well the boys and in the finals I think this is a lot more wide open now that being said I mean. The blazers. When he when he beat them in a series. Now now and as a blazer fan and want them to compete in every game and Oprah last night's result. That text 55. Threes here are five. And I'm never comfortable with professionals making millions and taking that just doesn't feel right to me and there's a difference between taking in way. What I think that. You know I'm looking for from this team which is inadvertently losing. Hell no you don't wanna you do not like if you play Harding you lose that's kind of where this team is where it's been all year you find it a new creative way to lose. These games and last night it was minus seventeen in the turnover margin. Right but you're still. Neck in neck with the Detroit team that albeit they're two games under 500. But in the playoff race right now. Like you found you had a terrific shooting night in Toronto. And you went toe to toe with the Toronto Raptors who Wear the four seed right now in Eastern Conference in our eight games or learn twelve games over 500. Debt a year playing the same Nike. The blazes like the epitome of playing that level of your competition. Yeah yeah yeah because they've. They lost earlier this year like in it was in December urging or they lost the warriors by like five or six. A mini BT is cavaliers at full strength after that weird that the back to back the road home Jack Jack went outside I blamed at Seattle who and then they had. During the snowstorm didn't end up getting back like. They're the epitome of playing the level of your competition yet they beat the town's name almost beat the warriors and they've lost twice the distance. Yes they have in overtime. Am or double overtime. I never for my blazes to lose but it makes no sense for the seem to make the playoffs none nothing get a high tech. Off the thing is is that there's actually I believe there's eight teams in front of them right now for the number one takes they'd be what they they had the ninth pick her and that's not. I have horses all this is a great NBA draft right this is that this is the best draws been in years here on guaranteed. I mean we've seen not only ailment a crapshoot the NBA draft is about how much a crapshoot he can be for the blazers. Yeah throughout the years it out which which is I mean you can find examples on every single team to the NBA draft is sometimes a crab shoot the blazes have made really good. Early takes their last two times or how are they out of what a top ten top twelve piglet Damon CJ like there's no guarantee you get another guy like that will. In look in and drafts that are deep it's hard to within the top ten. Reality and the blazes are what now they B nine I believe wedding date of the ninth picked Newton. But. In this and says if any Bennett. Look. It's hard to whip when you're in the top ten in your not a net like the cavaliers were at that time in that way is. Indeed draft wasn't incredibly deep anyways they're saying that this may be good dig deep this one and a decade yeah I'm guessing don't count your chickens like you're gonna get a got. You're not guaranteed a difference maker in the draft sell like don't get too excited about. Draft picks don't look ahead that quickly yeah and then we have Myers under the eleventh pick. Living room top ten not top ten. Right yeah and EU is he was a luxury there where he is your second pick in the top ten. People forget that he is a luxury tax that's right it was an intro was which draft was that. Ain't got out and gets wrecked I forget there in the same draft. Interesting career arcs. You think. Why he says US is light of industry to keep big key delist swears when semi through games this year and almost won the championship. Well their bench chisel and a lot softer now I don't forget that but Harrison Barnes has gone. From that team into bogus gun from that team Andre would doll is older and ostensibly having a terrible year. Not a disorders team is. Date date they lost some things to do it hades of things are a lot more interesting with them doubled probably still get a one seed maybe the TC to disperse caught up. But they gave up stuff to get Kevin Durant yeah. One thing. The aide to kind of put a bow on this is Lotta people are saying why would you pay why would you pay. And guys like Meyers Leonard. In Allen Crabbe that money. This past year I've. And is here is that here's the problem with Portland. Is that you find guys they think are talented. Right you have a year in the hardest part about being a Portland is keeping guys here root. Doesn't mean bike is there a star or not keeping guys here's the tough thing matching the contracts. That was tough pill to swallow for a lot of blazer fan especially Dallack grab one when Brooklyn was willing to throw that amount of money and Sony five million dollars. But. The harder part about finding guys is that it is guys want to be here. In what they have is a bunch a guys right now that want to be here see you end up paying those guys. In that to me is one of those things we look at this Portland trailblazers team in you can understand why Neil O'Shea. Made the news that he did because you're five seed last year your banking on growth you didn't get that growth. And you have a group of guys that want to be here. And that's an important thing to have near Portland but right now it's gaining eleven games under 500 and there's. This change is coming right. I know it's classic and it's it's a popular tends to bash John Neal O'Shea it's pretty easy to this year. But I can see what they were trying to do a 54 wins yet know what I get ideal everyone's waiting on him by I see they are planned they had a plan. This wasn't like I ran a roll the dice you know you had a place to it'll work. And some deep until I mean thing about The Daily Show to kings and final plan. Well the of course it is bloody detox gonna quit in two years if they're not better than they are right now on body heals the next step Korea forgot that's right. Mr. Are right. I factories your five hitting free agency really for the first time in his career how much does Adrian Peterson how left in the tank. His Crawford sports and. Adrian Peterson is free agent. He has hit the market. Is he's good test those waters of vikings sing yet you're eighteen million dollar cap hit none really get a workforce this year. So they're lending him test free agency and for thirty year old they're running back that is usually not a good time to make some money. If you're thirty years old. And for Adrian Peterson. How it that's like the death mark he and Jamaal Charles both over thirty. And will be. Hitting free agency is the chief say Jamaal Charles go. On day even if you just talking frees him backs are probably not even the number one because. If you against the number one and running back in free agency this year pilot tedious Murray write your guy from the raiders. Crawford are you listening. You got from the raiders is probably the number one back in free agency would ABS yeah yeah yeah and so there's going to be a pecking order there. Because there's one thing that teams have to kick ass is the question how much disease aging Peterson have left in the tank. He's got his head regions reconstructive knee surgery he's hit that threshold that carries threshold than everybody kind of looks and those old boy. You know king in his career and maintain it that are he's also a physical freak is pals a year off yet Adrian he's near Peterson. Remember how fast he came back from any silt there that's right none. So there's going to be a lot of teams that are essay question where does EP fit. On and how much does he left you know key could be. In all likely that he could be the last running back that we see. That. Becomes a top ten rusher all time. With the way that the running back position has evolved and changed. It's a different position than it was in the 70s80s and 93 had workhorse backs. It's by committee now all teams go by committee in those teams out ride players into the ground. We've seen a lot Shaun Alexander. Your shelf life is very short I mean how many guys that leasing. Mean guys are bigger faster stronger those hits mean more. When he Timor ride a running back in your career is exponentially shorter now. If you look at the way that it is a right now Adrian Peterson. Is sitting at 111007 under and and 47 yards. On for his career number ten is. Jim Brown at 121312. So he's within striking to Cincinnati 600 yards from that and you know lose a couple years if he just hangs on long enough Ager Peterson's can get that that's again. Half season work for AP. They he's 600 yards from the top ten. You look at who's next. They think of a guy like Stephen Jackson. Stephen Jackson. Was what he had ten consecutive thousand yard seasons. And he's. Is currently eighteenth overall. And he had a great career a long career. That's how hard it is to crack this top ten easily 34 and he got cut this past year. Chris Johnson if you get active backs Chris Johnson 32 Matt Forte 34 with Shawn McCoy thirtieth. Those are the active guys that are within are earned not even within the closest to you cracking the top ten. It's indeed dang near impossible in Frank Gore I guess is in the top ten already but. I don't know if we really qualify him as active. Where do you think. EG Peterson Lance because. There's a team that could be the big winner this offseason after having what was their horrendous offseason last year. Houston. If Houston goes out in May and in and potentially go out India at a guy like. Tony Romo. What are we eating and he's in Texas at the defense that they have. I mean now being that they're back Eagles actually already pretty good last year. Their quarterback position was the woman to go most glaring issue Brock Oslo site at W is for use demand that would totally change the paradigm on where they act is right now they're like. Good little team that won't win anything they don't have quarterbacks that and then you have a quarterback can he stays healthy I don't know I don't. I'm not gonna see you're like me to predict shower I think Gator Peterson ends up all I know is I'd like. I'd like them on my team like I'd love I don't. I don't see him Peterson is like damaged goods see I don't see him as that all running back for some reason I think it's 'cause one. His reputation TU of the year Roth the way he came back. From that AC delta air so quickly like. I see it was still having some of them left in the tank. Maybe not. Another thousand yard year but I'd love a man as a lover in my backfield. Yeah if you look at the favorites CNN though not a released their odds. You have that Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favorites at plus 325. Can sit there in the remember he said he wanted to go to contending team. He listed fourteens. And Tebow was one of them. He's the was on of them. And the giants were once so obtain brand I's favorite closer Tony five then the vikings and just going back. Plus 500 the giants GC just like Jamaal Charles gutless 500 in the panthers' patriots raiders. A bomb all fall in line. And then you have Packers threats can Seahawks and Eagles I have a feeling neck as can be go into a team in a either warm weather or domes city. Or legit title contender like I think Oakland would be great fit tree dot Peterson. I mean I liked analyzing. That I think when number kidney and yeah exactly but I I liked the idea of him playing for the raiders. I'll like like the raiders' chances over the next couple seasons to go to Lincoln AFC title game resemble any adding Adrian Peterson will be awesome who about this. And in Tony Romo will be released. According to reports. But realm now. He is the favorites Elaine Ramone or is Denver number one which didn't John Elway back off that. And EC NN union not so fast reference to near Houston Chicago buffalo. Jets. Going back to the cowboys chiefs cardinals and dolphins I'd season's going to be a player for both those guys. Ended oh by the way this is able loaded draft for the running back position as the others in this biz draft may be deeper. Then anything that we've seen when you look at you have Leonard for net Dauman could Christian McCaffery. The bonehead. Jill mix in is in there as well who be late round draft pick. And new eatery and a litany of other guys there's our route running back and if you tap that people are starting get high on there's like running back had to get in Georgia State. That ideal couple small school guys that he sending your goal line. How is a running back class this deep when everybody throws the ball well. I think we're seeing that the teams that have the ability to run the ball effectively in Atlanta. Dallas New England. Seattle when they're on the ball effective win there in the ball effectively the teams that win man. I just I hope both those guys AT and Tony Romo go to contenders. Like you know how an MBA women seem like like how Andrew Bogut and Ireland's what over the cows and Brandon Jennings on the wizards and you know veteran guys going sack with a contender try to do some I AC Roma on the bears. Like couple years of misery. And I know NFL zero turning around pretty core I guess I'd like to see before they are completely totally lost out. Like seem wanna get team yet. That move it to me if Ramon went there'd be. I guess I guess that makes sense today I guess you want money. And that would makes an Hafner. And it would be a bomber to see him stuck on a team like the bears surge. I mean and who knows how much him more raider gators and actually have in the tank but I'd like to think they got a little some some. The bears no no no no no no those players yet it appears intolerant not the bears in on the various god. There's can get out there on women in affected their ownership. Wants to pass a rule making is so their players he were cut workers' comp Yad distant that is. A pretty bad sign of things this is really against him art fair enough. As him (%expletive) off the bears fans or listened to station there's a bears faithful Portland. This team in the bill also in bears have great following some Portland. I knew about the bills thing everybody knows about like the Seahawks. 49ers. And then Packers and Steelers they have like they hadn't. Did they have a vocal fan base is pretty big here but the bears in the bills. Sleeper fan base is important. Yeah because I wore my Marshawn Lynch bills Jersey to briefest this summer she did and I got so many high fives. And I didn't have I Iain I'm not really them bills fans. I like them wish they did better ally Marshawn Lynch a lot. I a lot of people coming up Vince sitting in like bill's chance to means does that I didn't know I kind of pretended any of while the Europe profess so everybody's drunk in exactly treating yourself to just go along with I did go along with the I we needed their sell a couple things we need to address is Crawford one is is he trying to Leuer a former intern. To his residence. This is dusting can. Yeah. I can dream is now. Indefinitely. By the way your. Being reevaluated in weeks the degree to them seal spray and other hoping to get him back by the playoffs and they go yeah. It's not back and in CL Crawford. Lets you know. None. But there isn't that good brokerage AG Edwards announced in the vertical said that their opening invective classy distracted but maybe not open sesame Western Conference we have said that we needed dress who need to get out on the air you're trying to lure one of her former interns to your home. Explain yourself don't sail like that unlike my premier on are you trying using the term Lou were an intern in the same sense it applies to catch a predator vibes. Which are not the case if anything it's. Backroom testing county knives pulled on. What I'm saying is the truth. The interpretation. Is that to you the listener you know. Here's the tears truth Larry may. Abbie you. Is moving out doing you with a boyfriend did her very happy for them and therefore we have an open bedroom in my house or rent. And I'd like to replace. Her win is a chill bro. To watch sports live hang out with a friend someone who pay the rent on time TV themselves generally be subordinate to my wishes. And I think our TV producer Alex Kirschner would be an excellent. The film for that role. Oscars here is you who runs the C a sense that things did he Ed he's our former interns again did. And I've heard that you have been late night texting him about your room doesn't really firing thirty or 6 PM. Which are Kirschner is I don't we have booty call after it I I'm actually for this move because he may need you here on time. Well that's doubtful. And I might show him some southeast Portland culture now. Done deal and Dustin Chiming in on this the stars a croft luring a former introduced house. Wendy a problem at that picture of him and attract see posing I could creep when you guys this FaceBook didn't exist. With that out there it turns this into probable. To get spread your situation. Which I agree with. If you don't know we're talking nugget FaceBook dot com slash 1080 the fan in you can see Crawford this is why like when eyes when I say you're luring him to you year home. Yeah you're looking for a roommate. But make no mistake about it Crawford you have made this bed that you lure people to your place you dole. Solicitor roommate. Well I'm soliciting people I know right now because. Amanda Craig's list pretty soon and I really would prefer not to have a random. Right now we've got a friend of a friend. Apparently shield it from cannon beach who likes metal on. Scenario rides a bike everywhere that's a bag got that coming Tammy from one side but at Arabs are about people who have who have expressed interest in the rim. I'm I have someone who my. Roommate Abby found this she said quote would be an awful fits and so I don't want tapper cities. And then I got Kerschner so obviously with this this matchup would be like the odd couple yeah. Curse here's our Internet basis his dad's cup is pretty straight laced did yeah he straight narrow. In you're not. Because you just told us about the shared a story during the break about how you borrowed one of your friends underwear crow well. Listen. Wool I don't know what joke to say actually. I wash jumped. Now. I I know and you any news for I don't always Wear. Underwear. But when I'm going to the gym in sweats I like dazzling honors said so let's. We I patio and close. Eight cursor in the washing machine will always be open if you go movement not only got a great washer dryers we have tryouts for your next remain on the air yet a man. What is it really is we Manson time to fill light interview them now you don't Iowa. Iowa yeah I make a final decision. Now I don't want him taking merry men are right. You'd give drill sergeant. If you wanna be cropper Jamie Texas I factories or five. Near heck the deal. Yeah how about Crawford's our shows a boom but Jim this is our chests and maybe Oden got some would be something nice house turn archer yeah man any of these possible the fishbowl that so we call our house. And so anything's possible they're Kirschner came over on the week Danny had a great time. I don't know it seemed like more hostage situation than anything else that we can put him to work. Are a real well good luck with your search I'm glad that we've iron missile thing at a new trend lower nurtured your home. And is. On the up and up when you say former intern though it sounds like more like a Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky thing then Meehan my body kind of things. Well. You didn't maker shareware blue dress when he came over here 'cause of the. No I didn't I gave him some coffee Iran and we had a good time. He gave me you're not luring anybody in your home. Aren't. It is Wednesday this is not the BT of Wednesday that's coming up next Crawford melts your mind and in well and blows your mind announcer face with sports stories of the week that we have got to you yet this is dusting camp.