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Dusty and Cam - 2.17.17 - Hour 3

Feb 17, 2017|

Weekend Would You Rather, Magic Johnson in the Lakers front office, and Oregon's new WRs coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dustin Sarah Jessica like came to rest. And jammed Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 hello yeah. Quinn Gray Fitzsimmons done you adjust and go you aren't. Yeah no good this seven question. And this time of my grandma licences to show you why when he's on TV just found out yet. Yeah great we've been doing this for how long it's been awhile but I think my grandma just found the show. And when the seven question game causing guys can Moet is grandma right now. And then you NT ED NA EM answer the question and then when the twelve number came not human to. Oh god as my wife Alison and to the show right re nervous. This was nervous it would you don't let us. Create. That my grandma president while watching and Graham on a now and then I was like you know I. It was gonna find out. Got to find out you know. News flash or lose money just yet and that has you know that dusty news flash. Don't write him I went ahead in the world wide open I had intercourse I north three. I'm just I was like two or 300 back in Monticello yeah probably something that like you're according to a wedding singer. And remember twenty sets that would be a lot and that they'd like to court 300 current Mac this exchange rate non. A guy's funny you know I like you know he's awesome I think I'm gonna go see him this weekend what do I agree deliver you know comics have that delivery deliveries so important it is and he was dead on right these young will pursue aboriginal life expert on his true Amanda. You gotta live journal live to have a story that's like coming hung over sometimes of trying to get life experiences. Astronaut that's called life extra got a you don't know well over you don't know what I do and among over I don't agent. Oh my new you come in hung over now let's get hides money don't come in. You really get out your. Democrats let this get started. Let's talk about your rebuttal to that and when I'm done nothing says that happened one time at that and I regret it. No iron ones that I aim at but it's nice that he didn't show up. Yeah and all custody Evan Turner was here. It's kind of I was trying to show them like how the blazes that showed up this season program a game behind let's. What's our god trendy food items Annie scaled bacon salad last night at a bar it was actually really did a lot of vacant his home. Well let us what what. There was he'll begin salad. Yeah by choice well aren't likely your region and meet a sore side known knows I make your mean the thing we do a worse I went to a brewery at around 930 meet someone for a beer. And I. They had a late night menu and onto the Lehman late night menu were super. But she's bored like that shark tutoring board who word this she'll make and sell and I was like I don't want like gold cheese board to myself right now. I don't want like three times a salami as well like some protein some eyes more silly simple self from the that no one option but my question is I looked up. What were the trendiest food items in 2016. And wanna know which one of these. You would like to subsist on live on for a month. Cokie you know don't yet know about bode well you. It's good. It's a trend that is worth trending not a trend. Around food but it's very long known and it's very popular it's like kind of blown up in the last year like in terms of popularity that makes it different from other tuna it's. I guess the latest prepay it's like a rock SBC oil and gas. Green onions and suicides it's almost like guys BC something it's like but it's wrong. It's a rock tune us out what's the so it's a mostly to listen to you. It's very good lieutenant. Veggie chips. Veggie chips apparently very trendy food item in 2016. Sauerkraut. Our crowds making it comes out pretty early not trainees. Dean has only been. Portland where no kotsay was literally around the trendy it's trendy it's trendy afford to what is sour beer yes and sour beer no it's very good is very sour I would bitter beer bitter beer face their bitter rear facing prison guy yeah now includes Astros the Astros know keystone keystone vivid images and there are go and it appeared just because directors Dalembert bush V. I'm going to locate people keep looking Hokies so good. And bogeys. But he okay we're Romo he did all right. You mentioned this earlier dusty norm McDonald on the color commentary for the indoor football league which is a very low budget arena version of the arena league. Let's hear a clip from that is very good. Bernard got protection to his left get a cent two bit or socialist left side quickly going looking into the end zone. Suspect that cats are believable. Way to force now looks like there might be injury. Well looks like he's given up that our race aren't believable. Though is that a catcher. And everything that represents nose low round of the Xeon. We've let this was. And few of them movement alone report it if you didn't know footage here I'm gonna call her. Because I think. You know monsters feel sorry. This Chicago Holbrooke taxes candidates Norm MacDonald. I remlinger tried to CO Diego got my question is which deceased comedian. Would you like to see you color commentary for an NFL game Chris Farley. George Carlin or Robin Williams who carlin's. Thank you Scarlett and I know I releasing trail you have to bring his new top comedians of all time right there in a row. Bush George carlin's number one Robin Williams number two for me. Robin Williams to be like Bill Walton indeed to all over the place that you know where you would like. Where he's going Carly could do is so quick in the so witty I think that he would be able to kind of carried along the little Dennis Miller killed for everybody when we put the and he just Hewitt on Monday night the club. It's George Carlin Carlin I want to there. Yeah George Carlin. If you would have a leg Belushi in there that may have gotten that they made it tough to you because. He made you would have been giving like speeches and stuff during a you know coolest united. All blue sheets you would have been all over the place yes you have an appeal on that much cocaine in this press box. Yes. Now we find out if you're lien release your in there yeah he Farley would be my first choice except for that I don't think is humor translates on the go Carly so we he was. Current threat. Moving on let's say about a dangerous regions of the world I I got into that Wikipedia vortex guys ever do that. And assuming a Wikipedia and then you click on to something else and all of a sudden you're you don't know where you got to where you are. I started looking up the it's in Darby in a region of idly southeast. India. It is the home to the most tigers in the world the average over to tiger deaths amongst in this region. The villagers of the tigers there. Can swim and I guess they've been under attack fisherman on their boats. They also the government officials there have to Wear. American football style. Neck rolls because. Killing method the tigers to sever the spinal cord from the backs getting better so they want correct mr. quick break so imagine living in a region like that right case so would you rather. Vacation. You with the soon Dorman region of south southern India. Snake island Brazil which has five snakes per square meter. But she's. What kind of sinks deadly snakes loss drops snakes one of the top five deadliest in the world. Or meet my DD region of Bolivia which I guess is home to the most in six of parasites like if you get a cut or a bug bite there. It's almost guaranteed to get infected or prepare recited. Gimme tiger snakes all day long I don't want any part of insects and I'm going to entice some. Yet when tax tigers yelled snakes I'm going snakes I got a chance persists thinks I do not have a chance. Vs a tiger. I don't have any chance. Zero snake Allen also makes all day long I got a I can I can get away from us and get away from a tiger. And insects are everywhere five per square meters away here I don't hear cancerous I gotta tell you guys subbing. Brazil has officially made it you can't go to the snake talent anymore because people were dumping too much. Today's close to an iPhone people are idiots took a roll of the dice at the tigers. Melinda since tankers and yeah I'm I'm going tigers better shots and imagine Siegfried or Roy tandem to imagine Portland if there's tooth tiger that's a month now. No like like police and could you imagine the NASDAQ down but they're read protesters would 180 now at least for protest threaten great. It's okay. Real quick here on the last one did you guys see the tennis star who went on the date did he made a Twitter ban. Clock Canadian tennis player forget her name she's very good and if I gave NAJ. What's her name's Jeannie. Jeter brew brew. They made a better over the Super Bowl on Twitter with this kid he won the exit of the patrons to back if you wanted to Indonesia said OK they went on a date and apparently she said they're going on the second day. But it will wells is a great story O'Grady is that the great story all yeah I thought the guy is gonna be like. Basement dweller. He's gonna continue to normal here than normal looking dude their are normal people out there that are fans of sports. In an attractive women right well very few of them are asking girls out on Twitter who. It's about it than that today's Dave Dave this way bright and I would ask a girl out on Twitter yet. A case of my question is which. Famous professional athlete would you most want to go on a date with Serena williams' grounder row seat for Alex Morgan will run around. I knew you'd say that. Most of you know you can you know your goatee and every say like you're angry you're gonna hurt someone you always say you're gonna choke slam them jam yeah. The feeling you and early to choke slam do Steve would kick the crap out of him. If you'd like that wouldn't yet know the points she would. Around a school I've always liked program alone like and I generally one of those leagues that Alex Morgan seems like. Seems like it would be nitrous let. She seems a junior high name and someone Serena gasped then I see Reno man highlights three and she does seem cool threes in school. She's very settled on a sports celeb crush Serena Williams and millions move. And one Serena they go Oscar out on Twitter. In nick dear you know who thought Iowa. You shed any she's married. She's not getting married no gays under the way you get anybody has anything to protest Jackson because. You're our sport celeb crush. In he's Diddy near connect nor knicks Jersey. C'mon man at her wedding attire they fix fix or playing guys. Geez Louise all right. Magic Johnson could have the reins of the lakers soon what makes a former player fail in the front office. I can somewhere testing cam on the fence. This is dusty and Eminem or million dollar and 1080 say I'm. All right so. Many Johnson may begin the keys to the lakers machine really click here so. He was brought on. To kind help. Now right the ship trying to get some basketball minds back in the building there. As the bus kids have effectively. Run the lakers into the ground Jeanie buss does good a job on the business side and the basketball outside. The lakers are disaster. And they bring in Magic Johnson the questions got to be is magic again they can make it work there. And lake what would be good big factor between him being a success and if or a failure with the Los Angeles Lakers. I think there's already the talk that he was immediately fail and because it's LA in the drama and just because he's tried he tried to coach as a coach she was not gonna not good but you know what. I don't know I mean. Here here's my thing is is that I. I'd look at former players are guys that were icons icons in their sports and they come back and me. They are there respected by their players are respected by the peers are respected by people. In media but when they get an authoritative role suddenly they'd lose all credibility and it's like. Certain guys have the ability to get their own eagle out of the way and run a franchise and others make it all about them. Mickey consistently about them it's my where the highway. But I think there are a lot of business people that run their businesses to in the NBA that way any general manager has to believe in his later his Wyoming why do we think immediately that if there's an iconic sports. That. He's not going to be very good. And that's the problem is that how many guys is do we see dead or just regular. Gen general managers who work their way up or career front office skies and the latter Clymer a flame out and now the ladder climber and I think that it's. Did former player gets a bad rap because of the fact that. There's fewer of them that climb the latter. Area Indian end up as general manager Triton but the ones that do are under the microscope. Cash and if you fail you're under the microscope a whole lot more than idle rich Cho former blazers GM right. You know in when he leaves port is like. OK you know black guys got but he if that's Clyde Drexler. And no we're seeing there were looking at a completely different. Where you're doing that how many coaches that we senior players or anybody that's immediately gets elevated very quickly from Jason Kidd going from the court. To decide London or two yet to the match. And everybody just all that's so unfair you a lot of coaches that spent their entire lives. In the high school ranks and they went to college in the near an assistant and then they went to the NBA and they spent all their times and they're just clamoring. Part of why do these guys get unfair they immediately get the rise to the top. Well that's cut a team that's kind of how things work we always say that that's not fair I've seen coaches I've seen high school coaches I've seen other people that. They bring in a former player anybody like that or somebody like that there was only where you can pay your dues like what do lose. I mean there there are certain things that Magic Johnson knows that you was somebody that paid twenty years of dues will never know. You never will know what it's like you don't know you just won't know and so while I'm defending magic I just think that it it remains to be seen if he can lead a franchise can. Also be the biggest Achilles heel of any of those guys view where you know is no it's not ego it's. The expectation that people should in this was what magic big downfall is as a coach was he expected all of the people to do what he did. Right. And to know what he nailed well that it has called the he had the lead in the elitism but in that you know in that is the big warning with Magic Johnson. Is that as a coach's biggest downfall. Was why can't guys do an idea why can't they understand what I understand that is that's an issue if he he if he does the same thing as a general manager. Then he's in some serious trouble but as this texture says. If he puts the right people around him with the lakers like he did with this other business ventures he could succeed. In that is that is the big key here and that is the big liked. Who is failed the one thing that they've done. Is it not surrounded themselves with those ladder climbers trying if you look at what Michael Jordan did at the beginning of his career compared to what he's done. It is since he's taken over in Charlotte like when he drug drafting Kwame Brown right. This dumpster fire and she didn't listen to anybody around him he just said now. I wanna go out to big every great Tina I built around a senator I'm gonna go and get one. That is why it now he's in Charlotte and he listens to you basketball out of congress rich Cho for example music who we listens to air in. Is Jerry West is another prime example of that listened to basketball guys in always be a forward thinker. And having those guys around them and then leaning on those experience suggests that I think that is the key to. Who by the it's always the keying great leadership busy surround yourself with people the majority times earlier better than you were Smart than he. And he just because you experienced everything the Magic Johnson did. Doesn't mean you don't have a supporting cast around you that snaps you back to reality we've seen Jerry Jones Jerry Jones has done anything. Mysteriously he wanted to draft Johnny men's L but his son and other people like stop. Stop. You know the discredited businessman that's being successful Magic Johnson. Is an extremely successful businessman he's got his foot in the door because he has the name. Right. But you have to you and I in my in my feeling of all this in when it comes to running. Something doubled succeed is that you gotta get your eagle out of the answer and you have to you have to be able to. Listen to other people you have to let other people have a voice if it's just one way or the highway. Most the time it doesn't work right most of time sometimes occasionally you'll have one guy Billy no what I'm doing and he just. Slams it down your throat interns and apple. Right now. Well yeah that's rare. That's rare. To Steve Jobs said we're doing it this way. And then next thing you know it worked OK but I think in the NBA and also to be mailed it also fail fail and then he came back and reserves came back Afghan oh. This is I wish Randy Johnson and I think in this is gonna irritate Crawford in my irritated a lot of Portland fans put. I'll tell you what when the lakers are better it's better for the MB call what it is and I need to be Angry Birds have been better. I mean that's true that's true of any sport USC's good Alabama's did the Yankees are good to tell like it is better I like Kevin lakers be better so that they're actually competitive there. They're worth watching. Yet another garbage they are Tucker Tucker. And they you know with all of that said they're not that far away. They are because they do have some of you know Alan Alan. In that dates in if they get you know wondered tumor pieces and they have just a direction. They can be a instantly there and year old is that one player away in the NBA right. They've got. De'Angelo Russell Julius Randall Larry Nance junior but they don't they make the dumb mistakes is going in Sani during him. Load of money yet Timothy nonstop lessening it's like they're one player away and doing. The last seven years have shown the inability to get them right player right Steve Nash Dwight Howard and that's going to be is bigger one. And as this text says that trifecta traffic the scene suites in master of the obvious can't see him as a forward think I think magic has some between four and it's just try to these videos on the double guy he is a positive guy. Who. We are kind of like the kind of like a poor man's magic John I hope he succeeds. Am not on Twitter all the time I am I to I try to I try to stay I have a little sarcasm every every now and then. But you that I decades have his you'll her. Tune changed. About Mike Johnson. And Jim Harbaugh was gonna hire him because he is the number one in dual threat quarterback in the country. As his son. Well he's not going to Michigan anymore he's can be the ducks. Wide receivers coach now. This sit well without organ fanned 55305. Years Crawford sports and. This is dusty and chairman. No more than Montana below. I don't feel the fans feel that we're. Hall hon bothered that Jim Harbaugh. Was going. Hire Michael Phelps seen here as say Tennessee coach now we talked about this earlier this week. Michael Johnson seniors they've long time. College and NFL coach he coached non. San Diego Chargers was Jim Harbaugh is cornerbacks coach there offensive coordinator for. DC to discuss 49ers. And the former position go to UCLA. Un and now. And up until this week he was the head coach my high school. Down in Southern California where his son is the top bring to dual threat quarterback in the country. And Jim Harbaugh was hiring Michael Johnson. QB a coach at Michigan. Everybody. Well not everybody. A lot of people got upset because they're saying on the Hillary's lies kindest guys because this kid is good. And only wants is kid this is she eighty business five. Jim Harbaugh. Michael don't senior zug owned up Michigan he's going to the university Morgan hired as a wide receivers coach today Yahoo! first reported this Bruce Feldman I. Pretty good source pretty cold and now it is being confirmed by. Several others including. The Eugene register guard and Oregon so. Do you think there was a change of heart you think there were something that happened during that during your recruitment process. I don't know I mean in this is the crazy thing is that. In these are all the reports and it was going to be an ancillary position that Michigan and write non coaching position right. In ninety get a guy's a football coach who gets a division one job in the pac twelve as they've positioned coach from. They asked. Yeah I mean I think that something change now was organ offered the guy job and their offering him a boatload of money to be their coach. Now with a hero really good with ulterior motives frank. Would you think so. I think that would delay it'll be stunned. Is that hey we got the best coach does available late in the season blah blah blah. But a year others if you're telling me that there is not if there's something not it's not that played a little bit further then. Hey this kid is all he'll his kid is also one of the top quarterbacks in the kind. Marty stab descending now Jamar got lambasted. By some people Newton some people also takes into our show so how do here. He can do that that's cheating. I wonder. I just I do wonder what that same person is feeling today. Up with those others are feeling today there were so quick to judge and say how dare somebody do that that's so unfair that you can do that the only one. I mean that's so slimy. Yet mysteriously I'm glad my school doesn't do that here and so I'm so glad my schools is on the up and up. And as an offer coaches like that. Yeah it's kind of this is that this is an inch thinks about because they're allowed of people that is you know this takes our existing V it's seemed remains to be seen if tiger can actually coached the team. Where he's just there recruit players to play for the team. He's been tasked to deal you know I and that is. Mean gosh blue tag is a great recruiter this is part of it man you got a coach that has a history of background of of high level co. You know this is the same year he isn't as it is a fan or anything but this is the same thing that if LeBron James comes to town you hate LeBron James with a set of it and you are kid stand and if you ever came to your town was part of your team you turning you love immediately because you embrace your team. That's leading mr. jobs or your team no matter what. Clearly what you Muslims in that Russell Westbrook seduced by and you thrust was for came out and I'd love to join up with Damon CJ yeah. Aren't they too many guards will yet you take too many yeah OK Maria hit the and understand then everything. I know all of us though less Bruck did he does he pick. He doesn't get his fair share up and it's tax I did the same thing organist cheating it's not the first time won't be the last time. When of that the ducks and done. If organ hired this guy minutes on the open up Michigan it was fishy. Maybe some sarcasm there yeah potentially. This it indices are 2019 court record not like he's coming right now. Eight and that's the thing and that is one of the that's when the issues at play and the people better that were upset of Michigan. Is that in it's it's a legitimate question is that. You know there's so many coaches out there that are good coaches in Michael Johnson is a good coach Wright. But. It did the problem that people have is that. If you paying him 250000. Dollars a year. Then by the time 2019 comes around. He paid the guy half a million dollars and he's gonna get hit hinge your son to you year program right that's the idea that the top. Will it even happened the kid does have a choice and maybe it's his dad. Also you dads and they'll show you I don't know that Morgan State have come I don't know ever interview wearing red. But day in and that's the that's and the thing about this whole conversation is that. They guy is a coach it's not like he's. We incredible coach she's very credit you know paying a 150 green to be G an editor at the markets Mario to sports performance. Is senator Nancy gonna get something out that is what you're saying. We keep credible coaching. Boy yeah it what is is. What if is. Receivers sock and in tears he's fired kids not coming. Well right now crusader is still in damage control little bit he's trying to bring on new coaches staff and he's trying to build his credibility immediately end. Dell I don't cared it didn't nationally optically this is going to be one of those there's going to be some more question marks may be some flags thrown at. At him a little bit and I don't think he cares on CL a coach air gives a rat's backside he's here to win football games and he's gonna do whatever he can immediately. Unfortunately in hasn't been the best start but this is it's another. Chink in the armor now. He Leo this on some high school in Eugene is get negative quarterback yes they are. Sheldon probably. My initial means don't be please don't Eugene Sheldon. Maybe send them in buck that trend in some new north Eugene would go to these days are long down in California. And I don't know which you come to organ to play high school football if you lived in California. Will play Finland and organ. Probably probably. And I'd you don't you don't think that he would move with this family I don't know that's why I'm asking. I would say the op IA if my Fam limited I'd probably move with them okay. When that being. The reasonable thing Moe I think a lot of kids booted look at hockey players that leave their families and go played junior hockey. Even go to high schooler places slack like that's weird it's not weird kids stay where they're gonna have the most success the most notoriety. I'm gonna get that it Sheldon high school out the way and well means telling geek and Alex Brink into Sheldon yes that's fine but it's not California. Well he's already the number one quarterback in the country I TV news organ they're doing now your aides he could play guess the best man William Blake has the best. Yeah. I thought if I five to your left who Taggart son a Tony nineteen quarterback Richard Jill. While and now are talking and are just loaded up on the class of 2019 in orient goes. Taggart son Michael Johnson's son certainly why wouldn't your kid complain for you which nepotism is gonna work the Basques absolutely. We almost without which one's gonna be a corner by 20/20. I don't know I've 55305. We put a bug should accept the day and the fan. This is testing can't. This is dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080 I love. And remember every time I got the Louisiana coach you. Being Nick Saban Alabama from its campus here. Seven day yesterday. I got fired today. Didn't see fire in the high school coach got fired. Boots. Oh Nick Saban must have a lot of pole yet think that Louisiana high school yeah well first of all time high school. Yeah that's a state it's not a private school right as this state residency or run high school. Yet in you can't put a bigger your immediate stamp on that coach's forehead. Yeah it was not good Palin the list of his. Foot in mouth moments is pretty big word. And 2012. He banned all visiting a pro opponents are bringing their radio broadcasters with them via tunnels here which is big deal in Louisiana serious. And then he bade. Brandon Harris who is the the focus of why he banned Alabama. A brain and Harris Suzanne LSU he bade him publicly on that same radio show that he'd told straight beating Alabama. That he should dress strap out of LSU because LSU is the worst passing game in America and the draft he should go to wood junior college instead. Varsity blues this classic example of a little too big for my britches high school coach guy. Go to big. You begin your a little too big bear. And then he threatened. LSU so. Within the span of like a month. Teacher less than a month the two weeks. He made it public that he's banned Alabama from his campus and was going to protest LSU to lower we're gonna see this guy freemen anti excellence than a month. But he has retained his job as math teacher at the has well you can't fire his math teacher that's against the law so if fire teachers and their state teachers' union to do something awful to build we fired him. So there's the update now on. I get I get this tax due to any gadgets can try to control young men and their futures as it joked. Yeah Megan about him this year their dad. He is yummy still make like not a make choices. You know let's move market ahead who gives energy adoptions this Texas five factor fibre type valid tiger and the ducks have hired. Mike Johnson who was headed made headlines earlier in the because he's had a mission Unicode for Harbaugh. And he decided that the number one court reckon the country is some of for the class of 2019. This text from duck fans as Mike Johnson is a lousy coach he is DOC UCLA another brilliant new by Taggart and duck fan I was Gary Anderson was there coach. Well it isn't the neo CA UCLA for awhile and he's a position coach mail. Did cartoon from college who ball matrix Briggs have a great point on the Twitter bot. Recent you know the interesting part about that this is that. Johnson is one of the only COLT coaching for skies on staff most are recruiters in really good recruiters this guy's actually a football coach. Oh boy that's kind of scary though right. You just said something noted they're really good recruiters in mustered just her words atrocious right or producers is that concerning. No because that's kind of what college football is nowadays is you bring young guys that are relationship builders and coaching this kind. I don't wanna call ancillary but it is it who you how you recruit nowadays stressing if you're organ in your national brand you have to bring in big time recruiters. Idea and I mean look at Alabama Alabama has it as a a lot of this gone to their staff here is that they've got their football guys and and they get their recruiting as a lot tussle for ranked. There is a you only have so many spots and staff nine. To be done too well to answer your voting on in 2018 slack coordinator right. That's an actual coach but get decent it would really good on the business so I had yes it would be to means like Warner. But yet there's I mean it's say it's. It's nothing I love the back checking in some duck fans though because we backtracked you know I love is that a lot of Emerson they're gone pay. If he eighteen yea try and I may say I may be decked him and I see this as cheating even though it's not. It's but. We're in it to win it so whatever at least he at least duck fan if you're gonna be that that can be transparent about it. And it would six Omar but the other ones are just like bearing their head in the corner and not getting knowledge that they were blasting Jim Harbaugh for this and now that there's they're guys got him where our act. They believe in winning right. Do what you gotta do to win. You bridle even winning you brought him in a way and write him in to run a different regime in. We got to go after a win football games what it's about your debt. True debt. We briefly discuss he had in your region would rather we talked about a great Fitzsimmons do if you mr. Greg Fitzsimmons and via. Even a very comfortable when he asked me how many women have something with my life and I kept pressing me on it. But it was really get that awkward he was funny yeah yeah. Who's it's OK though right by zoning tiger analysts have prepared you know always prepared for that question. 740. 49 in the morning know what's your number we heard for that that's why noisier if that question yeah a sure said that. That number locked down yet maybe go home do some research yet. And button grade Fitzsimmons we're talking that he is podcasts and he's gonna have Norma Don Juan. Or he had to earn McDonnell on in Norma Dunn Rosie on her day in your football team. That. Day a sock. On the one of the reasons why they're terrible is because they let their fans. Call the place. On an app. You can go in on the now this is still ridiculous. Isn't. No I have fell. Well it's not ridiculous about a sport that please contact football. In four yards here's the deal VI FL is. Actually more sustainable. In actually pays their guys it's a little bit less but. Almost is equal to the arena football he's a clown showed us they have their quarterly handles this and their names but they sure secret clowns you absolutely is a clown ships and their football red light nimble at Salt Lake in the Salt Lake screaming Eagles. Is the name of the team. In via this happy you can go ahead you can indict dial up the plays right in called up in you good to go. On this into doing all right at one point the score was was 3933. This screaming Eagles were losing. But Dan here's the issue win year letting fans called clients. Via an and app on their found they keep drinking. And they keep drinking and they keep drinking at the. Oh good news move all hobos Renee hit 3933 alarm went the final score was seven need to think you know hockey team. I don't know man all those people out there are those Monday morning cardinals armchair quarterbacks cute. Like I've brought I know exactly what I found when the situation falcons can use that you know there's Super Bowl you know who they're blaming. You know what was the large ball instead should do. Eighteen those idiots so there wouldn't Roenick so pillow and you know I wanted to throw the ball still. That's who they're gonna blame them and the great part about this app is that. It has lake. Zone read speed option and it's like DC is right when he won lip hop Zorro Exxon. So as they. Three yeah whatever plays and then one actual life in it didn't work. Thank you should do that with your eyes. High school football team just what Vince Vance when calling let him do it. How mobile assigned like everybody else does have the fans given those cards and OK Allie did that Ray Allen did that all the guards it was really don't want to let him go and right we'll see you Monday or Tuesday were off Monday 69 and its president said. And next third Scotland Yard and Indian industry during straight and seventh rounds and I think it's you this is testing came on the fans. But you don't need to be banging 24/7 what do slapped in the face of your immediate.