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Primetime 2.16.17 Club Hour

Feb 17, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They still listen to the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcast that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're up for it. Do the right thing since 1952. So following Joseph mentioned Dana Goldstein is not suitable for a children's health. But I know up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Most pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to flatten the playing time this Louisville. She gives it three. So he gives me two months. Head towards Thursday. You know. I do heat. A sudden. Okay. Do. Your guys got me again different. He did black Israelis have inserts and entered no. People not to ruin the bun yeah DK yeah that would definitively settled so rode a vote. Is PGA flexible is Monterrey you will like win the day with chip so he goes in gets the Minnesota job in a row the boat has to stay at western Michigan Eddie. Got a copyright on so he bought it from the for fifty youths. I would love to see that negotiation I don't know if that's bad. That's the dumbest fifteen. You're ever gonna spent. I believe he has to have like that's his thing that guy dropped fifty case that he can see rowed the boat and have one of his players run out with a damn war and surround herself with Hertz. Had first heard bill others oppose when your I don't know what he's making in Minnesota but I guess if you make you know we can't do she and I listed in favorites that's. And she gave a big check for 50000 to Paula thank feel like the fifty tickets a row the boat. I would like you to stop asking that question when a lot of money has grown up thank you. Every now and then you read stories like this you just realize that just tell you how different. Money is free manageable. Person they see a lot of isn't it 350 mill. Now people start playing it now long hallway Lamar that it is my favorite thing about the Lotto it can be a fifteen million and people they're like what ever. Thirty million note a hundred no big baby and Kim bothered to win twenty million dollars gonna wait till it's worth my time didn't get up to one bill last year. They divided include as it was several hundred million dollars he was the largest ever IA I can report Q I did not win. You did it used easier to your long plane that you want you're just waiting like this ship to sit Diego you're just never gonna come back from. That would be honest well isn't it required in the states this year who won and there's only certain states were enough for being anonymous is is okay. Yeah I know I know that there are some that you can be and some can't I think mostly actually houses. The and I am and get into the lynch drops here you're just sitting over there are taken it. I would want to go suitable and compete and reflect by the way is scary in some. From Minnesota 21 million dollars your wrist when he left woman yet. Rolling around naked sounds like you really prime time to do little wooden gun. I let me a bit but what I would do. They haven't I wouldn't also I think he can cut the check focus for fifty K to group boat coming up next. We birdie blown through that he has little while we let longhorns started at 60 really showed up in champ Mike should. I would want to go see the whole time do should be taken latter part of the if we did Jacob tree pretty religious like yeah I don't mind YouTube and Jacob trees are really good album. Joshua mattered a bit let's talk about viruses of the mind. And the HBO documentary. Be where the slender piano they did point out that I didn't buy have to listen to occupy. It is 6:13 on the pan am. By the way that's clipped. Like clip their rock flag and eagle that's some it's always sunny in Philadelphia yes anything you haven't been watching. Innocent I think it's like in its twelfth or thirteenth season now. This year might be the strongest season and Billy's sunny it's a bit like they are on fire there's a new episode last night and every single one of them this season I think there's been about six or seven they have been. Freaking awesome wow but check it out yet shows on fire right now and he knows back on getting an eighty that I yeah BR yeah it's it's been a real. It's been really really good at least. Hey here's a little something on HBO we like summit documentaries and time yet this one stood out to me. In a come to find out that it is made by me filmmaker here in Portland. I did yeah her name is Irene Taylor bribes. And as she made a film called be where the slender man in its document about a two hour documentary and it's on HBO right now you can you can now find it on your. If you have HBO you can find it on your. Night in night recommend finding it and recording it because it's really pretty interest seemed. And it's the story of two young twelve year old girls in Wisconsin. Who end up. Staff being their friend nineteen times and miraculously she lives. And is alive to this day but did girls are in prison waiting to be. Try gathered is -- there is you know as the results. They had there are gonna get tried as adults but they did they have that gap a bit both attorneys and now given up on having been trying to juvenile court. There's still some wrangling back and forth because there was confessions and so I know they're trying to get confessions third out but the trials should start here. And I think they said this summer obviously June July to attack the the trouser finally go to these girls miss it in prison they have not be released they've. And their twelfth while now there without their disease and get fifty down. So slender man is and online the Internet means he's sort of he's just an online he's a mythical figure on mind it was created on some of your website they beauty is a blogger something and it. It was a way it was it. Website acumen main event that on there is lots of threads about different. I was researching your when he has talked about it it was a contest sometimes you Photoshop real life images and his supernatural way yet there are it was an online forum called something awful. Mean I'm sure is a wonderful site and he posted the picture of slender man whipped children around him. In depart the difference was he a chipotle feet quotes about what's on your man would do and it started is affixed to her a fictitious story vs just a bit. Answered and it spread that wildfire where people were writing fiction is different stories about it it was it's it's kind of amazing that this is this. There was only really one inception of the aid just kind of stirred us a little small kernel and then the the Internet yeah maybe they did this right. Qaeda easily either he's whatever you want him to be yes. And people make YouTube videos where he appears in them he's this. Tall. Faceless man who always wears a black suit you really really super long arms and apparently other people have made in into the like this tentacles. I think there are still in nine different versions so yeah he's not one thing Betty this is did the power of mythology on the Internet and modern boogie man almost the end they will they compare him in that piece it's kind of I did they compare him to the pied piper. Where he plays his little flu in everybody kind of follows in mind. It's just it's a very odd. Peace but it's really interest dean. Because you end up finding out that the one of the twelve year olds the one who actually did the stabbing is schizophrenic. The other one has no psychological. Woods you know diagnosis is not know aside psychological issues and also insistent. Regular girl that okay I see regulars rested dumb girl the kind of got caught up in this whole thing and they were friends they all three were friends GAAP and it's it's a fascinating look at what can happen. When you get. Young impressionable kids. On the Internet with some weird ass. You know. Mythology that doesn't exist because they say bit slender man was the one who told them to killer they did not want to kill her gas slender man was the one that told him juice so that they can go look at the myth in their head was. They can go out into the forest. And live within he has a house out there and they can go live with him and be one of his. They coffee cup she called amount that you would it was at the convenience sort of thing I don't remember exactly what write in if he didn't. If they didn't kill her slender man was gonna come kill them yes that was their choice. Killed their friends and live with slender man this is all made up in their head which. The part that I did they put up documentary at least I just find the whole thing to kind of be Odessa relentless that was creepy Haas does dot com TV 'cause when she was on it and in kind of where I'm in Conan the. They didn't they they had opportunities to kill there at the house but they didn't they went out into remote. It was like a long there's a bathroom like a rest stop hiking sort of thing. It was like go to a remote things of that it was a near forest though because under man's always in the Forest Park. It was a par here's the good. In the bathroom and a part. They've pointed out that there was lots of different properties to do it but they weighed four that they didn't wanna get caught. Yeah they knew what they were doing was wrong because they tried to get away with it. It just an interest in partisan mean like they knew that they were fully aware of yes and yet still did I do not buy. One sect. Did they were convinced. This slender man was going to kill them they were going to live with us really just I I don't buy that Alan and now I don't I don't I think people. And this is just maybe me being nice even my own stupid and opinion on I think people. Get caught up in this and they want the thrill they wanna know what it feels. To do some want to do something like this to have what it's it's the same reason we're circular skill there's a rush there's a need there's some sort of first forest and I think they'd come up with excuses to justify their behavior I think we do it. Across the board I think we we do whether it's it's cheating on your spouse or cheating on your deck. I think we justify all of our actions that he even the most evil ones I think people come up would just be cases and I think this is the simple. Stupid justification that teens can come up with. We're doing some see evil stuff this person the one gal I don't face it once got some mental problems but the other one. The other ones. Perfectly suited perfectly normal blood this. This is where the documentary. Leaves you wanting more yeah because she doesn't there's the filmmaker does not get to interview either of the girls now and she also doesn't interviewed victims. So you see all you see our police clips of their interrogation. And they are they are certainly talking I mean they're talking in their about. You know here's my lead they figured they were very open. Why they didn't win about why they did it with the police and he came clean right away did not trying to hide in the second guessed it right here's your here's what we were dealing. And it's this slender man growth. This I don't know I don't know five by with the same III is a hard time swallowing that I'd buy that. That they did get caught up in this wonderment think absolutely. But I also think the other girl the girl who was standing there and did not stab her would never have gone through thick. Bit this schizophrenic girl the girl who did do it has some mental problems and that's what ultimately I don't think this is about. Slender man or any of that stuff it's about her having a lot of issues right. Like I think it's one thing to Sega did to live in this dream world and say we're gonna do this it's nothing to actually do it. In the only one that was capable of doing it was her now and that's why a group that's why I wanted to see an interview with them but you never get that but it is. The dark goes into the web's influence and it is scary mrs. This is for parents yet this is where does something even if you're not adjusted in the slender man in case there's a larger thing that they. Police and it's interesting that it is your parents of teenagers I've teenager. Mike has. Kids with all over town. We don't that was my finish. Many many posts but it's the idea that when you get young people who are obviously. They're just kids or you add mental illness on top of that and you add. Kids who have been bullied you are outcasts were sitting on the Internet to be sitting there is that's their thing if something like slender man or or whatever man whatever other manifestation it is on line king grabbed their brain. And literally. Make them do horrible things and that is is that's it's a scary thing it's a danger today. Our parents unites parents did not have to worry about with with us but now with the Internet and all the weird crap that's out there. It's you know it's something you got to think about it. It is and maybe this is to my. It's not just the slender man thing that I don't buy I don't like he excuse of temporarily. That diet that I find that to be complete reason that wolf just that did did did they are both pled not guilty by reason of temporary. How nice is insanity this is the cooling its its appointment you know rob says that she had schizophrenia or Yahoo!'s new documentary huh schizophrenic and instill in that sense though. He could make sense that she believes Letterman was talking to her and I don't you can have and I know the voices this meeting go to that I don't I don't care I don't buy it. I don't really Indian navy that I don't buy I don't give him. You kill someone I hate I hate this argument up I wasn't in control of my life. I didn't understand what I was doing. We'll make great when that person ceases to be dead things you get to get out of prison that is why does that vs those Six Feet Under what does he left like Woody Woodpecker behind the bar. Speaks I mean I'd I don't. I don't know I. I took it so differently he needed a year playing judge and jury and that's fine here on the jury you did send them away yup I'm not I don't. That was not where my head with this where my head when with this was. Wow. All the crap that's on the Internet and who knows what am I hit like how much should I be monitoring. What my kid. Is he listening lender and that wraps its antenna Leonard because that's not just this whether it's Internet porn or whether it's a slender man think. How many different little or even you know this is where the whole ice is the comes in the there and are radicalized in people on the Internet. How many little worms crawling in their heads tonight because we spend all this time staring at a computer screen and I do think there is something to and they handout I've ended a daytime and documentary about how they're handing out ipad's now guys to kids like they're there on the Internet earlier and earlier and earlier it seemed little kids work and an iPad it's the most terrifying thing in the world. You get like a three and four year old that is struggling to like with a basic motor functions but you put an iPad in front of and holy hell that the kids just means he's just working. But it's it's amazing at a young age he steered the screen but yesteryear point I can see where that. That's pretty scary. The document I had a hard time getting past my frustration and anger at the girls like I just I just sat there and I thought here are two kids they Easley who. We're trying to commit murder. And we're trying to do excuse because of the freaky Internet you know I had a hard time getting around that quick yes to a larger point it is a bit scary. About some of the influence that. The Internet and lots of different ways can happen when that's what you do and I think the more time you spend on and they do talk about this documentary. You almost become detached. From other aspects of your life because everything you do is now. Your entire life is centered around sorry to. To this level it was never for me but I grew up with the Internet. Not on it all the time but I grew up and I had it. These kind of things are all over the place amid creepy possibly the name of the website and that's kind of what they're called now. They're concrete he tosses the speak scary stories on the Internet you know there was one like people my age might know there was a YouTube video salad fingers it was the most. Creepy thing I've seen in a long time and there was a series of episodes on it. And it's just that kind of stuff it's out there. And people talk about it may share it in means one remains unique because so many people created things about it you know there's video games on the slender man matter like actual horror games. Where that might be some smaller but they're all over the place freaking Dell these creepy things that you believe in. Yeah it's gag on the Internet we all read I'll listen and we move on. Some people do not lead on this and move on your giving ipads the fourth graders in fifth graders. Again Nixon mental illnesses that's a whole point of the documentary which I think was really well done about how. Hey there's a there is a concoction here is not all the Internet all but there isn't there isn't cocktail pastor that happens and look at what has occurred. Ended the other for the deep they bring up documentaries. It's not just to get the one gala mental illness but the one gallon method on this ended up roping the end. Two or is it this that were seemingly normal did didn't have a lot of problems of one was through music. And it can stabbed and by the way she's doing OK she's fifteen now and it is you know it has recovered. But the other gal. The key said there clearly was the catalyst but it's still ended up sucking another one downed in dirt. Little fantasy world here and somehow she went along with that despite Lackey threw seemingly. He's not icon ugly ugly the other right well that the documentaries on HBO it's called B where the slender man made by a local. Filmmaker and it is I think it's worth the watch I thought it was very interesting. It's frustrating me a little bit but I have a hard time. Excusing them being. It's all right so next is animal news here's Mike. So cattle viewer tracking my animal news from tonight's broadcast because I was just reading the full story and it is horrific end. Sat in Iowa I'm not going to tell them. Now I know you have no you can't know the kid no I don't wanna bring it down. The club is supposed to be fine what was sure and we're literally just talking about slender man I know Basilan say any criticism on kids being killed by globe. We don't too much of it. Not gonna do it. We need to do off the hair I have on animal news and gradient of my scooter animal news that's what I want us to did you see the woolly mammoth is coming back no. Yes the celeb guests well. Well it's gonna be a hybrid. And then they're heartless scientists say that by the way this is the end of the this is where Australians and denied just yet is that he does anyone under your world set up. Now it's two years away because this is where we play god and in this thing and that the street is off. Harvard site as they did thirteen years away from treaty may woolly mammoth hybrid embryo that they think they can grow into a cool. Pseudo woolly mammoth it's going to be eight Ellen they're gonna grow it in an elephant's body. And they what's it gonna be called her and researchers and I'm glad I guess now. Can dig where it's going to be. Emmett they had it's a combination of the two did you like simple up guess in my settlement I guess that he was eleven when he can eat. I don't impose big bird. We've already talked about the man offense is what it's going to be up. And an offensive gonna go to Maine fit. So when Juli are they can make cooler name than half white Samantha who knows what else do you Monica juggernaut. The UNX men character now. I'm just saying you can dance better name's been mammoth and you can take the start of the elephant and an ad deal if we get beat Penn. You can do that's what it's like a lighter a tiger that like you get a Libre words donkey the zebra donkey. When you breeder tiger and a lie and it's a wider half lion half tiger. Zebra donkey it's as donkey you don't just make up some then why not become super bad ass for moved its. Why donuts it's a new species. So one of resumed a combination of old species with with the it's gonna be called the mammoth in and they say within two years they think that they can put this into an elephant and actually had give birth. June. I'm then it won't pay they said it would look. And have all the characteristics of them of the mammoth but I've received some of the DNA will be from an elephant to fill in some of the gaps but this is Jurassic Park stuff. We could be true feeding. It is XT gambles now by using eggs blasting animals to fill in some of the code that's tool it's a set like that until the the man defense and the discern assault and runs rampant we end up with super Smart animals that does it take to these sewers and destroy Seoul. He reminded me big birdie brunt of the third yet. From Sesame Street in the snow for the six big bird battling a female. Martina they didn't know that comes out of just like in project. I checked. You little wind picked. We sure yes you know OK let's give him said that because the character was a female the person in other no idols Nancy. The health and obesity and begged him don't you don't think the you know it's it shake men and we know the snafu loving is that viewed. Think so and Burton dirty game there's questions coming millions who are probably about the band and this mystery. But Italy they told us. Burton thirty. How old were they depicted to be a little bit as we ended two grown people that live on their own and the PGA in and take baths together with the isn't Jennings and after the agency a lighter note 23. You really gave it to anyone else know but I showered with a lot of man. You know that's different is it like they're playing with her Bernanke citric. Deeds again it's in fact when I played football I prefer deeds I have showered with men thousands of talk time stamp. So maybe it's not so weird. You know this and another hot big bird fax three. Big bird. Could have been on the Space Shuttle Challenger the glue that. His visit Joseph the disease Bieber documentary on the did not. Answers all your questions config everything I've ever wanted to know about big bird yet it says in the documentary it's at one point. Big bird was meant to be passenger on challenger the NASA's space shuttle orbiter that tragically broke apart in 1986. In I am a big birds any amnesty to filmmaker says that NASA approached him. About joining. I guess spinning a speedy guy who plays big very pleased that big bird with a good it is now. This is the original so I was big burden reached needed to you to perhaps. Kenny says that now he's passionate approached him about joining the challenger crew as big break to get more kids interested in space exploration. He says he agreed to go up on the flight about a year and a half before the scheduled launch and then was told. A month later that it wouldn't work out since his be too difficult to fit the big bird suit on the shuttle. You there organist with regular strip pyramid play you know big bird but you know bit. You know Christa McAuliffe. The teacher went on the answer sheet that's why she went it she went in big birds plays. Yes she took his place like your cash. They had no idea. That's kinda now wild how freaky is that. I've always wondered I can you ever cheated death like that and I showered with a lot of man enough for. Mikey you showed a lot of men I know you really high schools you don't shower and high school you know. Why Danny we did you Jared Blake school. Didn't junior. Lot of kids in high school in junior high won't shower. Well very opera the showers and high school like injures regular gym worst single showers and we didn't shower for the sports. Protect yet noticed that like in high school like a lot of kids think you need to think. As they won't you won't get naked in front of other people obviously know how soon this refuse you don't seem I guess now like is even like you're forced to. We're the fifth. I wonder if you at. And we are for the gym teacher the codes are you sure our totally and I remember him and he had a big window. Did look to rise from his office and he too right into the she Ed not the showers but they. The locker Bigelow is due naked in the air interest me. But like when my brother's kids like remember these study about wind when his son would play like high school football. We even at a road games they were refused to shower and they'd get on the bus this is smelling like ours is an arm pits. Because no one would Cher after game and then. I can cause I can't imagine that like getting on a bus for like two hours after playing a football game without Sherry they used to college notices. There's no. There's no weather way to do it so you end up seeing a lot of dudes dude including your coaches which is the most awkward thing. It's not seen the biggest terrorist in high school and college senior coaches make it all right let's keep John in here we'll wrap this sucker up when we return big. That I AM how many hits San Diego. And then John's gonna step in tomorrow for the comma con you know with you go home and your brother yeah success in life and comic con I don't know whose ideas. If I could be a disaster Thanksgiving it's a great idea because John loves comedy does the car and had you prepared your questions for punching John yes. But I know what I'm super except like eight year old me here's. Our book be unbelievable to ten year old me that I'm getting here you are change. Thought I know men I think it's cool I love chips and I'm really kind of disappointed and I'm not gonna be able to tell them the quick. And they blew me. Welcome Angela get lucky you live to live there. Of like some little PDs shows from the eighties but again here ships that are there like you. Like you want it could be a California highway patrolmen are watching your wanted to do. I'm also gonna ask him about cheaper cover vs the Alamo story in the great Erik Estrada because I love. Erica sort of scifi movie so much to talk to him about. But look I'm gonna try to conduct serious journalist secured. Don't get off Kirk Estrada. You can get pissed off by asking about you for copper vs the Alamo you. If there's nobody that can and will be user to not betrayed Eric Estrada. Now do you feel like you're more of a puncher John. I'll punch your punch gang punch yet. Well here's the thing in anything like. We knew or cared for everybody wanted to be caught tried to cool and they need you get arguably you couldn't figure out you go out in typical track that you played here. But my problem was. Like my game was on. It'd show you're they would guard the people earlier like you'd have to see jaw yeah after the officer John Baker. So I never got to be points I was never cool night. Well none of us were cool enough to be ponds we all wanted to keep on spending reality we were more work. And we were more jobs as John yeah. Didn't I'm pretty excited who will give anybody else summit tomorrow any other comic card loyalty. Lynch who's not pay attention to show and asleep and got element king's focus group executive. Really hard for them when you look as she bids. He could be. To be fair I was I would reach nearly limitless stories of how you had to get naked and I could take a shower and I think that creep if not a little. Oh yeah did you did your coach force you to get naked in high school. I would go live to not only like guard grated on part of your greatly increased school we've just seen until you shower. And bill. Nobody wanted to get naked greed did the whole house speaker underwear autographed the teller and just go into the shower yeah. An art future. Made his teachers say it's fair bit by the shower on a little school with a clipboard and you had to drop your towel. And show that he just maybe you were worried your underwear at the shark what you gut check. All values you plead the fifth the sixth right now until I hit it right it's the weirdest thing ever happen. Yeah wow they're a bit of what they've got big debut. Before you would do corporate Redmond would guarantee like drop there is a window every pin future would pick the little windows peer down at every. But he made this student do the dirty work 58 home at this is there that you had to go up or drop the talent that they mark you off. I don't know what happens when your great that's a lawsuit today will not only tablet. Imagine if you're the TA I am not doing national night we don't know are good shot this whole big thing right appear ask prominent have a career change how. It is not what I signed Greg. I'm still here it was a whole other. He talked about what people don't realize we had to go to crow about but even that's well that's what you have to do with the whole thing I remembered. In middle school and it was very awkward yet but make no mistake the first time that the showers came into play here in there you're sizing each other early and everybody's keep in school you out. And there is I will say there is one. Element about it that is good as they you immediately know. How much or how little your hat trick you into small sample size but you kind of looked around and there's always you know the one or two units like whoa what's going on payments and it has got a full beard of course the other kids thing. In the I didn't expect you look at the U. This song around but I certainly don't but it released. You know I think that's when I feed on us pretty average back a decade the dynamic market could mean. Not great and it and that gang that. Whalers in that was very it was real that's what. It was so awkward like he'd be nervous. I don't going into the shouting this there is a high school in America has yeah. Jarrett now it's completely gone yet is that I know wages won't be out there Lehman was it sanitation thing I sanitary thing Heidi may I think it was a sex predators think myself. I think that's. Tonight's. Well aren't so I just got like I posted a high school is very poor football hurt. You don't hear recently Indian I would that the school her or hear and I don't think I ever shower curtain on yet they don't. Like this that they're this hour in the locker room it was never used it for years no featured on it was. Physical hole. Putting blowing kids' minds right and left here they're like wait let me know this is altering when this happens. I would I would greater Pitt did prepare before the awkward they're preparing. Be your coach your naked in college at the whole thing you need to college juniors you don't get to wade in May throw you into the defense. You're like god help seekers who have been hurt that hurt her coach Mike Hart had a conversation with me about playing in the game. We were naked shower here like he played great candidates aren't public. But it. Hello work done now yeah. We used axe body spray after. But it there was textures and that's why they invented axe body spray console we use them for the sheltered from New Jersey. That's when I know an owner muddy street was invented in New Jersey I spotted spray it was everywhere. And you. We'll ask him well back in the old days Mike rich athlete convicted largely here there are great and I think it's kind of your children see it thinks Palin. Got here. There's carpet girl to see him he TNT guys. Cut on the carpet column last pleases you know. Much like everybody runs slowly if you think you can Carlos and right behind the pits and we are sure gonna sit right behind you know it's they've defeated Audi a scarf down there you go. I'll be great for business color celebrities are making TNT from Vancouver site theme being thoughts are excellent. It's only got clever Carl yet run a quick run run that's what we've got next to be you on there clearly. And at that allowed me to sit down there. Harry came by. It shoots. OK okay. My. Not so would soon I can. This is malicious fecal distribution of day I'm Max.

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