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Primetime 2.16.17 Hour 3

Feb 17, 2017|

Jason Quick, Hot 5 at 5, and more on the Blazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Find my blood diamond club want. I don't want to. Wow this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. And clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate Harmon you may not do this problem. Do prime time on 1080. And what it is sports pros and Romans is what it is. Well I was cleared to fly for the walk on water duke. Only do what to do agree. Not a trained monkey doesn't perform just for you like that's right and I thought just about you in the Jacob trio right Yakima. I feel like a lot of good moral thrown off by not the not just me one today. Tally yet. And toying with mixing that up to put that so that's later I don't know what to make of that broke. Pay a couple of notes before we get into the hot cited five it's a very NFL heavy hot by the time today. But now wanna tell you couple things one we will not have a show on Monday that. Is display I am celebrating. The presence of these United States. And celebrate number 45 here for a fact which basically means I'm gonna sleep until noon and not do a damn thing's gonna be glorious. You can really sleep tone and no I cannot get out of bed to on the one of these three things they do best is to wake up and then refused to get a bed no matter how bad I have to be. The only we will give me a visit my dog forces me to get up to let him or her love getting out. Do you see you then I think it's exciting lovely and escorted some coffee are also news Freud a little bit but once he gets like thirty minutes after alarm grows up I'm out of the stuff to demand may do little blow. Well luggage up in the mean you have to get up myself. No no you don't have to get up when there's nothing to do. That's the feeling of like Bernie and all power for a month focus tomorrow showed three to seven. CU in Suk to life C nukes why from comic con they'll be out of comic con everybody's. Think teen around here that I planned to be away for the comma con show that is not true. I plan to be away from the all star break which we do every year we go to San Diego. But it just so I have in the comic con falls on then on the also Rick weaken us again and this weekend so I would be interviewing no officer puncher early without. Yeah and that really I'm seriously I love interviews like that now know they can be total jerks whatever but I I would really love to. Pepper questions at punching John I'm excited about interviewed Erika struck not just for chips but for all of the awesome scifi movies that he does as well. The the one that comes to mind is cheaper cover vs the Alamo that he started and were gonna need to dig deep and about and can. Com. Thought I'd you know. A little disappointed that same time I don't really care is an indication we'll tune into Murray could be a glorious dumpster fire EF 37 tomorrow's comic con show always a fun and interesting and different. Radio broadcast last year Elvira was comatose and she was great who lost her virginity to office. And Tom Jones yeah go figure she awesome virginity twice. Was it no sir Thom Jewell was that much of the sleet. It was Elvis knows almost yeah. Unless hat Elvis took her and very soon he burst I'm in all of our she says match she said that she slept with a lot of people and she had a book coming out to you as Intel's all of them out. But I'm sure there must form maybe power ranked I don't know but she said that never got better than Elvis. On all levels need to know and I mean even if you had never tediously Goodell was your first time I think you should have said yes let's if he wanted me heated Hadley you know this. So called fat bloated Elvis but young. So we also have a giveaway this hour. We will give away Metallica tickets they're coming to town actually to commend Seattle yeah. But is August 9 and we have another pair of tickets anyway we've given away impairs all this week and we'll give winner pair. I hear this hour so stay tuned for that OK Jason quick at 530 on and her pitch and your. Portland trailblazers. And now we'll take a look at what bran and rice doing giving into the club I have one thing 92 things reports that only again a lot to get to. From did have you seen these slender man documentary yes I have seen the slender man documentary I think we should talk about the and delve into this just does about a week ago and I'm Colin horse nears. On the entire thing OK well then we'll discuss that yet. And down I have more animal news I don't minimum is typical rate at ten ADV. While the wolf Dan. It's gonna be a big show up for the rest the lip. Mean. And a promise then maybe. We'll track but I'm Jackson sleeping news and uncertain did you see the photo of both Jackson and that would be allied with knives on the bus always a bust yet why was he on the bus. People like Phil read the bus thieves like sleeping on the interesting is that tee and there's a single I five south woodland. In Washington. It's on the it's on the five east be in my neck of the woods. So it's kind of can crazy day all right here on now is the hunt try to tie it. Odd topics and opinions or even our own pocket and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm 55. Guys have been so it's. Good news about hugged my reply to replies again soon on Dennehy the thin. It's. Number five good old college best. Both tonight Oregon hosts Utah. The ducks have the nation's longest home win streak now sitting at forty in or else they won their math in an arena. The ducks are one game back of Arizona in the pac twelve standings. In only five game Jermaine before the actual tournament. You tell us pretty good with a seventeen and eight on the year and organ unveiling new. I guess there are not glow in the dark but. They're very green there and billion in new neon and green glow in the dark ask pilot uniform tonight that turns got some buzz today Oregon State. Bo and thirteen in the packed well I know it's just they're taken on CU he's kind of forget last year in all the positive you know Biden they had making NCAA tournament and it is just gone off the rails here. Number of core. These dealers say they are like. Way to franchise running back Leon though we discussed that yesterday and that's not a shot. Are talking extension with Antonio Brown well yet be different says tags only get to be similar to eleven and twelve million dollars for him he's only what the 24 years old site I think they would like to get a long term deal worked out but. There's rumors that he may be asking for Adrian Peterson money in your talking about 1718 million at that point I just don't know of any. It is gonna pay that certain other Pittsburgh Steelers. Dolphins is they have cut four players Mario Williams he's out after one year you know the veteran defensive line. Also bring now we're very left tackle they cut defensive tackle or Mitchell and people are frail little all cut saving them twenty million dollars you know Heathrow you that this is not been able to I'm himself you know I think Christian knee injury. You know here at organ and then go toward again in the NFL and because he's back you're trying to rehab trying to plod NFL comeback but that may be the end of it. Brookline. Sean Brady and the patriots RD in talks for an extension. On his current deal runs through 2019. Or. Age 41 he says he wants to play for five more years CBS complained to his mid forties. Yes and he's gonna make fourteen million then 22 million. Followed by 22 million of the next three seasons the pigeons pusher in no hurry even more money that now they will have a caste based in case he pushes that. And it is possible Hussein they mutually agreed to extend his deal out to as you mentioned. Age 45 yeah we do is George blended territory and maybe continue to do is give them some flexibility knew his cap number in any kicked to get back to 2011 under this current deal. That he signed his last one his cap number each year thirteen 813 141413. Next you'll be fourteen that it jumps up to 2222. They're gonna rework this and that can keep his cap number down there in the blue tees and you look at a guy like Tony Romo is cap number this year for the cowboys 24 and a half feet. That's the difference between doing that in some of these other teams and also Tom Brady willing to restructure. I do Rel Revis is in the news and it's not yet you sense being investigated by Pittsburgh police for his involvement in what they Collie streets altercation with two other men over the weekend. He has not been arrested police say charges are pending. They include robbery terroristic threats conspiracy and aggravated assault. Yeah I guess what happened is is that it was about 2:40 in the morning he was I guess leaving eSATA property that he was renovating. They're and couple kids too many in the 21 approached him city utero Revis said yes. They started filming him this part is not. Debated both sides agreed this. They started filming him. Revis took the cell phone tried deleted a scuffle ensued someone else got involved in both these guys ended up unconscious. One of them would broken bones spin the police did get the cellphone video they confirmed it was read this on himself he may be in some hum wanted to Revis is trying to say that he was jumped by up to five guys. And then he went to the hospital to treat to get treated for injuries thanks to polices say they will file charges. We just leave. They've got something. Number one right. Did have the chief Tony earlier and on another it's not decent presumptuous is one of the street two will be hit just. Magical beings cavity due to report side in. Army Tony Romo the first one came out earlier today is from Ed werder he said that that Tony Romo is expecting to be cut by the cowboys. Many thoughts that he would be traded but no team is gonna trade for him to just gonna wait out the cowboys because they know the cowboys need to move on from him and they will cut him. And so I've been the bidding war began and now a report that Tony Romo. Himself is focused on trying to get to Houston. To play for the Texans. Yeah that's where he wants to beat and if he's wounded to play under reasonable number. If you're the Houston Texans why would you. And yet the number one defense in the NFL last year you made the playoffs with some of the worst quarterback play in the NFL. Why not give Tony Roma or shot if it's under reasonable deal and I would think at this point total rumor realizes no one's willing to pay him 1920 million bucks. I think this makes a lot of sense for both sides. Great that's your hot cited five coming up next we'll check in on what Brandon Roy is doing up north now so I'd do on a slide in a little bit of bracket news him. And then now we'll interview Jason quick from CSN as the trailblazers at the all star break also the Tony Romo thing that's the easiest division in football. Think you're almost guaranteed with that defense to end up in the post season which is ultimately Tony Romo wants them makes a lot of sense you know whereas some people are talking about Denver. You're still having to play Oakland you have to play Kansas City in those defense is a couple times a year to get you know to where you wanna be if you're endeavor you go to Houston. They've made the playoffs with as their quarterback over the last couple years yeah and the weather. Compared to Denver yeah and you don't have to don't I mean he lives in in Texas yeah. And that hot. Wife he is is down then yeah I think it's probably good for for him. All right that's got 55 that really isn't folks it is 54 Tina. This is the fan. What might ensue god sanity though. And any ambitions to try to get two stories here before it basically comes on at 530. I'm streaming king five news in Seattle. I'm not sure why but that's like the only Seattle television station and I know. I'm sure there are others. But they're showing video and live coverage of a landslide. That is blocking much of I five in woodland. Around woodland. That's I five north and then on the other side and I five south again near woodland is that cinco. Gosh I mean they got a mess on their hands up there is can file. What's it feel like more yeah more here down here I slipped on the news here they don't they're not covered it that's only I think it's like exit 2122. Because the senators 626. That's a little further up north but Genesis the next next town up from the senate is where I used to and see anything here on the news man. Dave Celeste. Is is back in it all the way up and I don't know it says partially you know at our caller called and instead it was a at least three miles and when he got past that I missed only one lane open so. On the give at least one lane that's kid. So it's not like yeah I completely where he got in they shut down anti north how do you. What do you do with the pedal power when it depends on where it's that years ago we were up in cull MR. When a mudslides blocked all the lanes and we had to take like half hour detour making good few like cougar Mike Campbell is lot of those towns movies father Lewis river but it's. There's no easy way around I mean you really got to loop around all right. Eating Brandan Wright is watching coverage of violence is possible or perhaps is he coaching his little butt up. Let's say what you seem it's gone up there with him he went from each took a team that basically was completely. And hope lists and eastern Newman would be the best teams in the country. Yeah but it's a little more I had and a mother it's not like his coaching is the only peaks and yet this is interesting thought that bears sort of thing. He's been up there ever since he left here and he's dabbled in some things but they finally hired him at Nathan hey don't. High school I think that's what it is as a head coach they were three any team last year. This year they are 22 and now they just won the metro. I think they said for the first time since 1990. But as soon as he was named coach seven players stepped. Transferred there yes including the number one recruit so. Washington with a run the friends or Amare right now has that point guard who's the number one pick in the NBA draft may think yes. The next number one pick in the NBA draft is going to Washington next year and it's this Porter kid yeah who now lives in Seattle they moved he and his family he's got a little brother that's good to. Their family moved from Missouri to Seattle. The dead mr. Porter has been put on Lorenzo roam our staff are ready he's going to you don't know. Have been a little critical of this split this goes on I think is this like. It does go on every day goes on a every word you just did this again did you see the hard rock. Put on staff that I guess the number one quarterback in the country just hired his dad. Is it does happen NASA is all over her Chalmers Kansas yet have a Danny Manning's dad got any dad so then it's. Look not a lot of dads who I mean. Are are gonna be up for jobs but the ones that are you better believe that's a great way to get the kid today. What is it is an SE of this program it's just awful brighter ray comes there and then seven kids. I think I read it it's the number one rated program in the country this year it's the million up even in the country than other top ten but it's because of the porters and the younger brother plays they're too I think now. Although I don't yet know I think he does get the younger brother plays they're too so and he makes he's he's a six screen you are. Who brainer but he does that's of the job hey it's it's 6000 bucks you think he hands and off to border but. He didn't make what was the project we 88 million dollars he got in the blazers. In the form of the tip I don't think he needs this experience. But here's the other thing that I wanna point out about this those Porter kids. So like you said they move from Missouri down in their dads announces thing you know they are home school. So they don't even go they don't even go to school. But they played four Nathan hale because you know they do live in that district in the boundaries so it's Michael Porter junior and I guess there is there's two other Brothers it's. John Jay and cordon. You look there are no balls and his father has accepted an assistant coaching job like you said that Washington though they're not the ball ball Brothers is. Lawns so long slow mellow I forget what the other one is and well we know big Bala big Bob did you hear a big Boller said he's such a you'd be heard his latest what's his latest his latest is and this is the dad of the ball Brothers who are all going to UCL a by the way yes including the freshman that's certainly Angelo. Is the third ball Angelos so you have. You have lawn so low mellow. And Lee Angela yeah. And did dad is loved. Far I think his name's Lamar. But we've scumbag mullah he has his own clothing line. Yeah he is outspokenly unity she did him last week on the show do you need as columns of big ball he said that. Alonso is going to be better than stuff curry. Of course it's it's Woody's I just I find that that all that stuff for assistance or for ball to me. I get it I mean I understand it's big business but. College football is it much better but the day you basketball scene in just all they goes into that that's just. Yes Jane I just think it's the worst thing going on sports and Rory kind of I say I read an article at this Brandon Roy kind of scoffs at wasn't. It wasn't the you don't think well. Maybe not in terms of like his direct connection but that's school knew exactly what it was doing hiring your phone leaned. You found when there but but but you could but did the flip side of that is yeah you're funneling. You don't say well they have the relationships you know like Lawrence or Omar and that the the the Porter dad were were buddies from previous PO I mean they had an. We want. Yeah but at the same time and also I have a hard time that that people don't call it when it is and maybe you can't. But I just I love this will I don't know what we need this is this is ridiculous these sort of connections like everyone pretends that they are above that it's just it's the worst game. In town but. You know you can't fault the you can't fault the families for trying to get something in and and and market themselves. But it's weird to see all these kids and their entire family's been operative moved across the country for high school basketball and now. In any just even in city even luckier yeah you bounce around and you know like you were talking about being recruited by the Khamis coach when you were playing what happened to just yet just go to your school. Wherever you live and deal with your bros and all out now it doesn't happen in our that's my main banks. I'm OK one other story only gets you before we get to mr. quick IDC that Donald Trump will not be filling out. The ESPN. NCAA bracket yet he gave the finger in let me. Either first say that's the best thing he's done yet. But because I have never understood why they put. The current president's bracket on ESPN it's the dumbest thing ever to sell one cares it's something well what Obama is I think they care because there is some sort of illusion that he was he is big sport and export data do that before did George. W didn't. I don't think I remember him doing that. I don't know I'd have to go back and think about it I just remember Obama doing in people thinking it was a big deal because he supposedly locked basketball. Here's sports in general even though he could name one Chicago White Sox well and I. Wouldn't want him Q I don't want him to be able to thinks so. This needs to be said. Because there are a lot of bracket rose out there and not only should you not care about the president's bracket. Whoever the president may be you should not care about anyone's bracket and most of the time people don't. Write. Who likes it when somebody comes in and brags about what they have in their brackets yeah now no one cares I keep your bracket to yourself no one gives a rip publisher of a perfect bracket then you know. Well laughter EB brag about that all you want him to tuna and each month you break. Police get a perfect bracket would be piece of the know someone known to be done about exactly talked about the odds but whoever does one day put together the perfect bracket. And would have their plane and one of those leagues where it's like ten grand but it's like you know the guys ago I got off for the found Ali act as you watch so much you value as we all dialed in I mean come on no one cares about damn bracket Jed mills knows more about college basketball than than just about anyone NJ bill list doesn't win the office bracket it's a crapshoot it is but trump says he has more important things to do which I think is. The right thing to do in this case easiest pin Aston ethnicity reason he was like no like I have to battled Jake Tapper. I got a call out CNN in a kind of weird I was no I'm not don't go there Twitty for a minute introduction today he'd do his press conference I heard it was thirty the brits are getting longer and longer the end he's dating you've made it three times and not taken. You assume I just wanted to point that each time debate is getting longer in seconds do you know OK before we go Jason clicks next do you know how many people fill out brackets in the country I ME puberty think really thought practiced about fake news. A pitcher how many people thought a bracket I'll go pretty people how many total brackets. Both. Both numbers like me be we like maybe 1213. Million brackets. Yeah that's it I know seventy million brackets. Forty million people from which to Meese was slow. I didn't think there'd be that many of their art I mean that bat to be shows that there really art when you think about although. Although. Hundreds of millions of people that we had some of the Utah and kids in the old and I'm ICI that's it yeah are you healthy number I think like you say the old wouldn't fill out practice 75. Do you think how many people are like feeling that we. Gary Lynch fills out a bracket doesn't he might probably. Does this pop rock store know exactly in this is my point it does up. We like eighty you don't give a rip some really say that there's 300 million plus people like 350. Whatever it is and change. How many of those you're herb toddlers and babies how many of armor all and they don't care. One is just trying not to die in the other one doesn't know what the hell's going on yet so you have yet to think about how many people are actually in bracket age. OK well anyway I'd trump you'll you'll know who he's picking up. But maybe Kellyanne on analysis opinion and coming up next after the fact hopefully Kim Jong-un toes that he had a perfect for a quick hits those who beat Smith again in the Muslim but if you're released the ultimate bracket as a regular. A Jason quick CSN coming up next. I'd be blazes have hit the all star break they have limped to there what is going on a New York it's long term should fans stop hoping for Meyers Leonard development. All these things on the table with quick. On the blazers when we return here is Mike was sports owner. You can't tell you know very let me just say SEC. Stay where there may at stake and also saying this coming for a decent comes on. I mentioned Jake Tapper and and how much scene and you lunch but I would like to say on the record. Here today that the three greatest things going in television right now are one obviously. You good luck. To. HBO. And three. Jake Tapper you like you cells and Jake jeopardy if not necessarily. He's just a news guy but his general disgust with what is happening. In our country right now is palpable and it's really fun to watch what's weird though that they have this. I mean it is a no holds barred fight between them did president. And and CNN end and tempers are right in the middle of the game displaying here's Jason quick hey you made it to the all star break out. Yeah yeah I would throw a fortune. Things going on QB there's Alec Baldwin. No true yet S and l.s on fire right now you know I know ratings in years they said this now has the highest ratings in 122 years. Because of the earlier this bit in the spices and like every celebrity is fighting to come on. Like Rosie O'Donnell wants to place someone in Bruce McCarthy keeps coming back it's like you gave no background bunker. You have Miller thank you act Braff and see it as a draft and I think everyone's fight I'll miss about them. Well I'm a fan of personal son I'm glad to see it's it's back in Roland. So what are you gonna do for the all star break. So well well initially. I'm working on the series leaders at the break and it can be kind of anchored by a a pretty extended profile CJ McCollum I think people are gonna do. To really enjoy. The as transparent. And open. As seagate never then at least me and some of the stuff America's. So people never heard and I think they're really gonna like it. Is it about this season though it's on the season. It is path to stardom. And what he has encountered along the way and did deal with everything from. Is attitude. Meeting changing didn't call him. By a new dolce and think hey look you gotta tone things down. To learning to pay his dues and deal with people playing in front of him and but throughout the court to that he is. Found happiness and an inner happiness and he pledged that he wouldn't you have all these plans said he wanted to do. Anybody he wouldn't do them until he got it out on so that's why we're seeing in the dreams that are open and does he get credit. Things started and I think he's got other things he's. Planning to do he wanted to get it back all right first and I did a good place and it is dependent. Chronicle there's some. There's some pretty juicy stories there seems what Omar so original in what America there's so I think people really enjoy it winds. I'm well being tomorrow. Or Saturday. About how Qwikster right now I've got about a thousand words. And folks you can check us CSN NW dot com you know I'm Jason posts that I don't know how much people really know about CJ freeze is good as he is and it is kind of broken out his last two years he. Personally you don't really hear much about it. Yeah and that by design really. You know when you talk to him. He is very much about x.s and those and step. And he says that by design because. Stat. And techniques are reliable. And they're stable whereas emotions I'm Molly you know I liked how sorry collect it to the art. People on emotion and he doesn't like talking about his emotions he doesn't like talking about peeling because because those are so unstable and it centers in. The fact that it really read it people in my book. And it's called the optical away. And it's basically. Well basically present. Obstacles as an opportunity. And it talks about how astronaut. After the first. Before they learn how to the flight of rocket ship in and do all the stuff. I think first apt to learn how to deal wit not panic scene and stressful situations how to remain call and he really relate to that you know before. Before he was able to rise to this level perform on the court you still learn I just cut off. And chemistry is pretty interesting actors are a year. They had this guy I don't really on board documents that did they had a scrimmage in. You sit dumped in the LaMarcus Aldridge in that it called into all his office and old cities today you gotta calm things down. And then he was also not a big fan of the rookie chasing her you know rookies traditionally have to. These up for veterans carried her laundry go get them errant at all that computer it was like. No I'm not doing that. The critical point where. At one time on the road. Wesley Matthews caddies out note you made up and she's indecision permit treated him and so. A lot chicken wings. And then you do it like now man c'mon this is oracle and people are not that he ended up coming around and it became. It is doing those duties but you learn net. Why are you attitude that was as part of the building trust with teammates and and being part of a team. Well sounds like he did feature one thing that that popped up knowing your time at that as fast this is the one they gave in the book. Wasn't its fastest the one that CJ said to shut us down. In the team meeting or whatever when. Yes and I have talked about that and football he gave did not. Reveal that the recorder he could someone else within the organization. Leak that. And NCA it was really. I apprehensive to go into detail about. The LaMarcus practice and about the west. I would help him because he's because there's echoed on the team or you don't. Kind of reveal that kind of stuff and I total what about the past. Well I didn't say that somebody else it. Anyway because they've been friends. Everything can come here in. He passes note two gave like defeat his mind as he called command and read book so passive in the book about two weeks ago. And there's no animosity. Proceeded in toward Estes. But he explained and that process. Some of the confidence in the book. Allowed him to speak like that to crack is because it's about finding your voice sometime soon and no one went to. Comfortable with yourself and insisting people. Well what we know it's easier is the only one that's part to Spain and indeed the all star stuff I mean at her all these guys gonna get scattered to the wind didn't. You know can this all star break in the week long can this do anything or we China as the launch sequence been punched in here for the end of the season. Well laughter I mean. Anything can wait and see. I do think that. This team needs some mental break from basketball and I think. Nobody more so than Damian Miller. As we talked about before on this weekly show that. He did he doesn't seem like he's been themselves. And I ate couple games go like I can look at him. You know are you all right these are lie in a city just don't seem like yourself. On the court or off the court. And he kind of dismissed and you know I don't wanna be. Doing a personal story right now and I wasn't really looking to do a story. A different note going on. Hand. I I think. I think what people need to understand about pain because. Nobody is worried that more than them and this unsuccessful season last night and you tell them. You know guys sure. Saying their good side you know some people flew home but it seems some people throughout the next morning some people stayed there he understands I think two days because he cut Utah I quit. You know Weaver state. He's a doctor in the arena and then you guys are happy and you know relieved and you could tell they were excited to their vacation gone. Good thing was very serious and he would. It is beautiful where'd you can see it I think it might hit Perseus and and I was leaving your reunited he was still there underneath the stand. In the dark area and talk with David electrical one of these different coaches. End. That helped me a lot I mean he is BP cares so much. About this team and about winning. You know obviously you know probably part of it was a dark night at a discreet protecting our I can't let. It bothers I think people should realize that their. This losing doesn't bother anyone market Damian though I mean he cares and he's. He's all about this team and he he realizes that. A lot of this represents them and reflect upon him and he wants to tackle this you know he's sent after the game. Look when we come back from the break we got two options we can run away from us. Are we can bet straight into it and try to come out winners and because you know what I intend to Obama attacked us. And I'm going to turn the other side and but he did say that you know during the break he could take advantage every weekend connected address. Every night he can go to places practice facility and you can get a shot chopped not to kill themselves. Because of another thing that people need to realize is he's really quiet for now he's he hasn't fully recovered from that. December ankle sprain which he has called the worst of his career. And he's that it probably won't. He totally recovered from it until the summer so. I think that has taken away from the explosion. That he has. So. To break won't will. He's the best for pain and I think both mentally and Patrick. I Jason quick CSN okay I think M ashes before. But. I'm gonna try again. Have you even if you can't say what it is have you been able to get out of the game because it seems to me the you have the best relationship with him he's go to guy. For you. Has he told you even off the record. What may be going on with this team or is he's they still avoiding that and saying you know come all the cliche things. Yeah I have got I don't know I really don't and I'm not totally sure. That they have a good grip on it either come. You have pretty candid conversation with mr. Davis yesterday and in the locker room and he was you know being happy about it what do you what do you think the problem when you think we should do what do you think we're gonna do command. No I can't in turn. Through that back at him like I I can't hear you guys I don't know why should be increasing people want you back and now. Because I didn't think we're it is it people were projecting a obviously I thought we're better than and that's like I still think there's a lot of people not locker room. Are kind of mesmerized by you I know what's going on and you know a lot of them. Omar are trying to point to. Close games but they haven't won the close games this year and I know you heard old (%expletive) talked about what they're there are six point away from being affected him. That. That I'm pretty big stretch I think. Pretty good how ridiculous. But I regulator I mean that's just been but even their players are saying that I just I feel like there's an undercurrent. That nobody is talking about that may be may be right I mean you're in there with him every night maybe it's just making any group. Their own DC every year in and every sport from hockey to baseball did to the NBA every year there's teams that there are a lot of ex is expecting I'm for whatever reason it. It doesn't work out and I think it's one of the hardest things to identify in sports everyone knows something's wrong. But if everyone knew what it was they be worth millions conveyed via head coach or general manager. Yeah and I and I think this. Two that this organization has become so. Clamped down tight lipped that. And this is somewhat of a credit to the players that if they do know that they're not betray and they're trying to keep it in how. Am might be something that you know kind of get. Leak out maybe next year or. At the end of the year bit. While there agreeing minute they're being. Soldiers so to speak and trying to figure it out he thought I would not make some pummeling. Come up that's pretty. He says violate adopt the the keynote. These part of the solution. Partner and look for part of the solution rather than dwell on on what the problem. Yeah through last question I wanted to ask you were way over Vietnam good stuff today I wanted to. Get your opinion on organizationally. Because airbase talking tank right and they need it definitely be who's the blazers. To get a higher lottery pick in the strap the period point blank you know and I understand the dangers of tanking but. In no one is ever saying at least on they showed that players don't try to win. But organizational. Do you believe that the trail blazers with the trades there have been a couple of injuries. Damien Willard is now talking about his ankle. Organizationally. Could this. Franchise. Take this in a direction where losses. Are what they want wins are what they don't want and that's OEC for the rest of the season after the all star break. Oh sure ticket to that point yet we lead. I don't think. Quite yet I mean let's wait and see what happens at the trade deadline and I think probably. Wait and see if they can. You don't get off right out of the break but I think by eight. By march mid march ship if there. Point further and further ways that I can become a reality were received no upon my didn't big men and Meyers Leonard pitting men that. Cut back on it and we were already stirred feel a little bit of action that may appear like I try to. All I'm saying it don't. Kinda looks like there RD startle you when you got you got content in Napier both played twenty minutes on the floor at the same time that doesn't necessarily scream must win. Right part of that though was because the TJ's foul trouble last night but I guess we've seen him in you know. The blazers are about what 34 or five games away from. You know top five pick right now. And that state it they decided you know to do that in. Maybe rhetoric aimed ankle or as we could give those younger guys from. Some playing time more playing time and make it easily secure themselves. A really nice and yeah like I do think it's a possibility but I don't think it's something that. There are hoping to do right now. Learn a great stuff now we'll look for the CJ. Piece on CS and LB dot com opened to see that tomorrow appreciate your time and enjoy the all star break. Here. He knows he. Cancer definitely keep enough that I got to be an HD reeks I don't know a whole lot about CJ and either I have one thing sit on that though if I may onions so very can you get to the club it's fighting DT on event. Hey. Here's simple question can he be to stand dot com which would you like to see from the blazers after the all star break get it together and make a run or lose games for higher lottery pick. 82% say lose games. Neil OC is not stupid now. I feel like it's RD sort of begun especially with this floating out there now that Damian Miller is really still. Battle on that ankle which is just a great excuse to say it shattered down we don't want blues are franchise guy. 22 more severe injuries so on whether you believe that or not it does make a lot of sense unfortunately that's a structured league. Whether the blazers will do that are not quick said it's a possibility I think they should. We only Blakey said like three or four again there are very close I'd pick in their very close. A lot of other teams are still fight tooth and nail shut down and see the Clinton Era low it's not a it's and it it it doesn't guarantee anything well and I know a lot of people don't like it but. The reality is we've seen ablaze just for date they did this is a member the year where they were they lost like the last. Twelve. Well we had no LaMarcus Aldridge era it was the it's wanna Stotts is first years haven't well at them before they Kevin Pritchard took over as coach remember yeah. Well we've seen this before it. Look I'm not a fan of going the Philadelphia 76 around we just said look we're gonna suck for four years and we're gonna draft guys that are projects we're just. That I get to but. But this year didn't go the way you intended you've been. Beyond disappointing. So what's the point of trying to there isn't there isn't one. So San Antonio it's hers. So for a year sticking get outside a deal that resonated here for the rest of the year and then next Igor right back to try to be competitive and rebuild your roster one of the thing. I that he used very you're seeing on sees him comment and look forward to reading that piece too but and it went bogged down the interview with this because this is the one man's opinion but. This is may be part of the reason why I like the NFL more than the NBA and it is that. Any NFL when you come into the league you better do everything you can't help that team yes. It's that's the way it's structured it is coach heavy and you are upon in the game no matter how good you are you better help us right. In any NBA it is so. Different is so backwards in that guys really only worry about their own games for the first. Well generally for their rookie contracts. They're worried about getting the big payday when they want to they were up points and assists and rebounds and possess or you get pay outs but you get paid off that's right they don't care about why they can a defense yeah it paid off defense and numbers dope. So then you get the big contracts if you're like Willard CJ. And then maybe something about becoming an also like for LaMarcus Aldridge is a really will be one of I want to be more respected around the legal error. And it really takes a long time for guys in this league. Not all but four for many guys in this league this is kind of the way it is the nature of that leak. It takes a long time for them to be all about one thing and one thing only in that is winning. Right making making your teammates better and freaking winning whether it's. You know it's it's a sacrifice to your game or or your stats are your money. And that bothers me I IE I just don't like that that's the way it is even though that is the way it is. You know why I think it's that way more in the NBA than it is in the NFL I think there's there's two thinks. Well I think it's a structures of the league structures of the leak in that one guy makes it much bigger difference in the NBA that he does in the NFL are so young guys committed making a much bigger impact in the MBA did they do in the NFL. And I think the nature of climbing the ranks through full all there is more. The best way to put it you have to take your medicine. Info all even at a young age. Vs wade when these guys are 1516 and their kind of gods they never really face. It first you're the best player on your team at fifteen you're the best player or you're a UT your your best player in college when you're eighteen. When you're a freshman even if you're a stud. Football player there's gonna be a senior it's gonna knock you on your precede the collapse when you get to college and you're a stud freshman. There's gonna be a senior did not join your ass you get the NFL even if your stud. There's a thirty year old man waiting to knock you won your passwords in the NBA will basketball. I don't think that's the case is interesting when he was talking about like the chicken wings thing in kinda have to carry bags. See you happens the NFL when you pulled up I've not been yeah waive the their rookie games you teach your ass and get. Ray and those are just the culture is a league that's the way it is is different but I just don't like this this is not a knock on CJ McCollum but I don't like hearing that he is in a great place. Because his game is where he wants it and yet they're ten games under 500 and it's like that doesn't sit that well. Mean are you wanna start all these other things and meanwhile right you're right below 500 so what again the pick up again that is not a knock on him I understand why guys think that way. But I wish it wasn't that way and I will say this one more thing that we got to go but. We were talking with good about nobody can put their finger on what the hell's on this team. If you want to boil it down two to one narrative it's this. It's exactly what he just talk about a CJ McCollum is that you go around this roster. How many guys top priority number one focus their main thing in their head is a winning games. Not many telling crowds trying to live up to contract Meyers Leonard she just trying to keep his contract and turner Evan Turner. Trying to fit in on a new team right I like he is he was it took him some time. What else we at mesa Obama was playing for his own deal and playing really well yeah. Who else who might miss and CJ working on his own game and he is really come along way that helps the team because he averaged point by point game but how many is goes files as pieces yet I did I think when everybody's got a different goal Tom Cole. Dead that's when you become splintered an interesting point and I think that may be what has gone with the contracts and where these guys are in their careers I think that's. That's maybe the best explanation. To what has happened with this fast and the very your interest in point. Okay let's get to the club we are way over in the club slender man. Hot animal these as well I don't know if you're animal loses the same as my animal news all bullet. You guys contain the ongoing animal you honestly I was just undermanned first thirty is because I watched a documentary of weeks ago iCloud is next on the fan.

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