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Jason Quick -- CSN Blazers Insider

Feb 17, 2017|

Quick joins the guys right as the Blazers enter the all star break.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right here's Jason quick hey you made it to the also are very proud. Yeah yeah I would throw a fortune. Things going on TV there's Alec Baldwin. No true yet S and l.s on fire right now you know I know ratings in years they said this now has the highest ratings in 122 years. Because of the earlier this bit in the spices and like every celebrity is fighting to come on. Like Rosie O'Donnell wants to place someone in Bruce McCarthy keeps coming back it's like you gave no doubt proud sponsor. You have Miller thank yeah back Braff and see it as a draft and I think everyone's fight I'll miss about them. Well I'm a fan of personal son I'm glad to see it's it's back in Roland. So what are you gonna do for the all star break. So well well initially. I'm working on a series leaders at great and it can be kind of anchored by a a pretty extended profile CJ McCollum and I think people are gonna do. To really enjoy. It says transparent. And open. As seagate never then at least to me and from the South America is. So people never heard and I I think they're really gonna like it. Is it about this season though it's on the season. It this path to stardom. And what he has encountered along the way and it deals with everything from. It attitude. Meeting changing it called him. I mean dolce and saying hey look you gotta calm things down. To learning to pay his dues and deal with people playing in front of him and the throughout backcourt to that he is. Found happiness and an inner happiness and he pledged that he wouldn't. You have all these plans said he wanted to. Any pledges he wouldn't do them until he got it back on so that's why we're seeing in the dreams that are open and to get press. Things started and he. He's got other things these. Planning to do but he wanted to get it back all right first and he did a good place and it dependent. Chronicle there's some. There's some pretty juicy story than theirs and seeing what LaMarcus Aldridge had been what America's sake people are gonna enjoy it winds. I'm hoping tomorrow. Or Saturday. About how Qwikster right now I've got about a thousand words. And folks you can check us CS NNW dot com you know I'm Jason posts that I don't know how much people really know about CJ freeze is good as he is and it is kind of broken out his last two years he. Personally you don't really hear much about it. Yeah and that's by design really. You know when you talk to him. He is very much about x.s and those and step. And he says that by design because. That. And techniques are reliable. And they're stable whereas in motion I'm Molly you know I liked how sorry collected it to the art. People on emotion and he doesn't like talking about his emotions he doesn't like talking about peeling because he could go so unstable and it theaters in. The effect of severely read it gave him a book. And it's called the optical the way it ended it basically. Ultimately present. Obstacles as an opportunity. And it talks about how astronauts. Have to purse. Before they learn out of the flight of rocket ship in and do all the stuff. But that first half to learn how to deal wit not panic scene and stressful situations battery mate called and he really relate to that you know before. Before he was able to rise to this level perform on the court you got to learn I just got up. And chemistry is pretty interesting I his rookie year. They had this I don't really wanna spoil too much it did they had a scrimmage in. You could dump the no LaMarcus Aldridge inducted called in to all sit office at all since they got to calm things down. And then it is also not a big fan of the rookie chasing where you know rookies traditionally have to. He's up for veterans carried her laundry go get them errant at all that computer it was like. No I'm not doing that. It didn't quite work. At one time on the road. Wesley Matthews caddies who told you made up and he's an indecision is permit create Emmett says. A lot chicken links. And to do it right now man c'mon this is or two under par I'm not that ended up come around and it became. There's doing those duties that he'd learned that. Why you attitude that was as part of that building trust and teammates and and being part of a team. Well it sounds like he did feature one thing that that popped up I want your time at that as fast this is the one they gave in the book. Wasn't. Fast this the one that CJ said to shut us down. In the team meeting or whatever long. Yeah and I are talking about that and football seagate did not. Reveal that to the recorder he could someone else within the organization. Leak that. And and CJ was really. I'm apprehensive to go into detail about. The LaMarcus practice and about the west. Are helping because he's because there's a code on a team where you don't. Kind of reveal that kind of stuff and I troll what about the fact that you could well I didn't say that somebody else it. But anyway he said they've been friends. Every and to come here and he passed the note says he gave like defeat his mind as he called command and read books so passive in the book about two weeks ago. And there's no animosity. Proceeded in port Augusta but he explained and this process that. Some of the concepts in the book. Allowed him to speak like that to crack is because it's about finding your voice sometimes and and no one went to. Comfortable with yourself and and sitting people. Well we we know is CJ is the only one expert to Spain and indeed the all star stuff I mean at her all these guys gonna get scattered to the wind didn't. You know can this all star break in the week long can this do anything or we kinda as the launch sequence been punched in here for the end of the season. Well we'll have to remain. In and can wait and see. I do think. This team needs some mental break from basketball and I think. Nobody more so than Damien colored. That. As we talked about before on this weekly show that. If you get beat doesn't seem like he's been themselves. And not a couple games go like I can look at. You know are you all right it is a lie in attributed to commit yourself. On the court or off the court. He kind of dismissed and you know I don't wanna get in. Doing a personal story right now and I wasn't really looking to do a story. I defy you know going on. And I I think. I think what people need to understand about being because. Nobody is worried that more than them. Does this unsuccessful season last night and you can't them. You know guys where. I think they're good side you know some people flew home but it seems some people throughout the next morning some people stayed there if we understand I think two days because he cut Utah I'd quit. You know Weaver state. But he stayed after in the arena and then you guys are happy and you know relieved and you could tell they were excited at their vacation gone. The Dane was very serious and he would. It is beautiful weren Nicosia and I didn't like it Perseus in. And I was leaving the arena and he was still there underneath the stand. In the dark area and talk with David can't cripple one of these different coaches. Can. That helped me a lot I mean he is BP cares so much. About this team and about winning. You know obviously you know probably part of it was a dark night at a discreet in nineteen I can't. It bothers I think people should realize that that. This losing doesn't bother anyone mark and Damian though I mean he cares and he's. He's all about this team and he he realizes that. A lot of this represents them and reflect upon him and he wants to tackle this you know he's sent after the game. Look when we come back from the break we got two options we can run away from us. Are we can bet straight into it and try to come out winners and is that you know what I intend to Obama attacked this. And I'm gonna bring a certain other side and but he did say that you know during the great he could take advantage every athlete then connected address. But every night he can go to places practice facility you can do that shot he shot not to kill himself. Because of another thing that people need to realize is he's really playing a verdict he's he hasn't fully recovered from that. December ankle sprain which he has called the worst of his career. And he's ready it probably won't. He totally recovered from it until the summer so I think that has taken away from the explosion. That he has. So. The break won't will. He didn't ask for pain and I think both mentally and Patrick. I Jason quick CS NOK I think I'm ashes before. But. I'm gonna try again. Have you even if you can't say what it is have you been able to get out of the game because it seems to me the you have the best relationship with him he's go to guy. For you. Has he. Told you even off the record. What may be going on with this team or is he's they still avoiding that and saying you know come all the cliche things. Yeah I am gut I don't know I really don't come and I'm not totally sure. That they have a good grip on it either. You know I have pretty extended conversation with mr. Davis yesterday and in the locker room and he was you know this tolerate what do you what do you think the problem when you think we should do what you think we're kind of two parents. You know I can't in turn. Through that back at him like I technically you guys I don't know why should be increasing people want you back and now. Because I didn't think we are here it is it people were projecting a but I. Obviously I thought we're better than them that's like I still think there's a lot of people not locker room. Are kind of mesmerized by it I know what's going on and you know a lot of them. Omar are trying to point to. Close games but they haven't won the close games this year and I know you've heard all sit talk about whenever there are six point Kuwait from being affected him. That happened at first I'm pretty big stretch I think. Pretty good how ridiculous. But I am doing better I mean that's just end but even their players are saying that I just I feel like there's an undercurrent. That nobody is talking about that may be may be right I mean you're in there with him every night maybe it's just making any input. Their own isn't it every year in and every sport from hockey to baseball did to the NBA every year there's teams that there are a lot of ex is expecting I'm for whatever reason it. It doesn't work out and I think it's one of the hardest things to identify in sports everyone knows something's wrong. But if everyone knew what it was they'd be worth millions is they BA head coach or general manager. Yeah and I and I think this. Two that this organization has become so. Clamped down tight lipped that. And that this somewhat of a credit to the players that if they do now that they're not betray and they're trying to keep it in how. Am might be something that you know kind of get. Leak out maybe next year or. At the end of the year there. While there agreeing and that they're being. Soldiers so to speak and trying to figured out who he thought about it stop me from pummeling. Condit but that's pretty. It's thyroid adopt the the keynote. You part of the solution. Are gonna look for part of the solution rather than dwell on on what. Yeah through last question I wanted to ask you were way over but some good stuff today I wanted to. Get your opinion on organizationally. Because airbase talking tank right and they need it definitely be who's the blazers. To get a higher lottery pick in the strap that period point blank you know and I understand the dangers of tanking but. In no one is ever saying at least on they showed that players don't try to win. But organizational. Do you believe that the trail blazers with the trades there have been a couple of injuries. Damien Willard is now talking about his ankle. Organizationally. Could this. Franchise. Take this in a direction where losses. Are what they want wins are what they don't want and that's all we see for the rest of the season after the all star break. Oh sure ticket to that point yet we know. I don't think quite yet I mean let's wait and see what happens at the trade deadline and I think probably. Wait and see if they can. You know get hot right out of the break but I think by. I'd mark Schmidt marches. Sit there. Point further and further away that I can become a reality were received no upon might get big minutes Meyers Leonard pitting men that. Back on it and we were our start to feel little bit of action that may appear like I try to all the land. And it certainly. Kinda looks like there RD startle you when you got you got constant in Napier both played twenty minutes on the floor at the same time that doesn't necessarily scream must win. Right part of that though was because he gave foul trouble are right but I do retain him in no. Blazers are about what 345. Games away from. These top five pick right now. And the state if they decided you know to do that in. May be red stain bankroll or Patrick could give those younger guys from. Some playing time more playing time in the deeply secure themselves. A really nice and yeah like I do think it's a possibility but I don't think it's something that. There are hoping to do right now. Learn a great stuff now we'll look for the CJ. Piece on C a send a B dot com open though to see that tomorrow appreciate your time and enjoy the all star break. Here.

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