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Primetime 2.16.17 Hour 2

Feb 17, 2017|

Crazy Revis story, and I send the show into the side of the mountain.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right not welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is got her out there never momentum and unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think he links and everyone's life and war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate can't show. And let me do my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080 I love. But we'll have a look Tony Romo. Only this show knows this and we'll tell you coming up it's getting his best I don't know. That means illustrates. How the way it's great. Yet he likely will they can't get in it will be interesting to watch the market for him we'll we'll get to that Tony Romo tock some one is talk about the minus thirty that. I don't think there's anything to say is their sympathy with the with the let's talk about Meyers Leonard. And minus thirty last night I just. I feel bad for Meyers Leonard it I don't know how much the game you lost did you I saw the second half let's say that he was naught. Letterman was not. Atrocious that the eighteen sucked last night. But the good. It can be the most misleading stat in the world how many guys were plus anything last night you got run out of the jam the Bosnian beads it's not as if Myers when he played seventeen minutes is that Meyers Leonard was just Al their fumbling the ball away you know like plus minus either not only him that night I mean I think the bigger point is that he's he's struggling I just feel like he is an easy. Whipping boy and now with the the new contract. It's real can be DK can I get it Meyers Leonard is not consistent he hasn't been very good. But I feel like that is the the easiest go to Meyers Leonard is terrible. Well I. Mean and they rom. It's ice it's just we like him you know I why blaming you want to root for him but he is not it's not working now I would like to see what he can deal. And maybe we'll see this in the next 25 games that this indeed and attain job I would legacy Meyers Leonard played 25 to thirty minutes. Fun night a night for 25 games and see what it just seat has not happened once his entire career and I get. You have to earn those minutes but at this really is. Not about winning games anymore and you pay the guy forty million dollars. Does pass on the floor and see what can happen with consistent minutes worries not worried about getting yanked. I really think a lot of this is admires winners head I think he's been a whipping boy with fans he's been a whipping boy with the coaching staff since he's got here. And I think it's I think it's hard when your constantly worried about getting your ass pulled in not knowing what you're gonna do night in and night out. All right. Well that's an F minus thirty tock. Of let's get to Drury I also as a media I'd like CN you know. At least throw away the excuse of the he doesn't get consistent minutes so give it to mom and you look happens fueled in sports as you well know you talk about this is cornerback simple all the time and other sports it's like your windows does not. Now it's never five freaking seasons then okay the mean eight he this is his fifth season. I don't know it is go time NEV does get consistent minutes it is definitely go time particularly on a team that isn't you know doesn't appear to be. You know worried about wins and losses dumbest. And so this may be did ideally I should be able to put up numbers I like Meyers Leonard personally thank he's a good guy. I root for him to I don't I just unaware succeed but it's it's not working but my point is you've got twenty whatever games left. See what she got it's not about with the worst worst case scenario it's RC may be best case Eric. He's got all cold you don't which should god and you lose games and you end up with a number four draft. All right so large are Al Revis is in the news you may see that he is trending on Twitter yeah it's not for the right reasons that those be thereon. Twitter humbly about you know choose to the fact that he pulled a hamstring in the fight. Oh wow I. As she bit it was a little cheat someone had a guy you know how many give it to you OK let's about Chris and I can do is well I mean there's a lot of jokes to be made about this. Here is the statement. I've got two statements yet because there's two very conflict yet you report hurts. Aren't there's only one thing that anyone agrees upon and of course the stupid F in computer far would you want his whole line already want to plea sustained. I got to write read I've got a right here and read the police in and I'll read as attorneys this is from the Pittsburgh Police Department Revis was in town visiting family. He said on Sunday Chicago. Yeah. Chicago to. On Sunday February 12 at approximately 2:43 AM zone three officers were dispatched to the intersection. A south 23 avenue and east Carson street is more port to two males had been knocked unconscious according to the investigation. A twenty year old male. From him. Today I mean were ever someplace was walking on these cars history when he spotted a male who resembled. Drill Revis cornerback in the NFL yes of demand was Darrelle Revis and he confirmed that he was. The meal began recording the interaction on his cell phoning continuing following following Revis. This part is not disputed Revis says this. They say yes we know this is what happened Revis was Joaquin early morning. Someone said you Darrelle Revis yes starts filming of the senate with a cellphone this is where the two paths diverged. At some point Revis snatched the cell phone away and attempted to delete the video another 21 year old male. From Ross township attempted to help the 22 year old retrieved the cell phone. Revis then tossed the phone onto the roadway a verbal argument followed a male came to a sister read his book the 22 and the 21 year old males did they were punched. They remember Joaquin and then the next thing they remember they were waking up to the police. Witnesses say that the two were unconscious for about ten minutes the officer's review the cell phone video and confirm that the person was read this. Charges are pending against the 31 year old Revis including robbery. Terrorist threats conspiracy and aggravated assaults both men went to the hospital one of them with broken bones around the eye sockets. That is the police statement again drove Revis had a different version of event. Yeah here's his attorneys paragraph he put out. Mr. Revis came home outside of Pittsburgh. As this think is this with this is said and the Pittsburgh police. Yes or a mystery this came home to Pittsburgh this past weekend to visit family and friends during that time mystery just went by a location in the south side. That he is in the process of developing mystery this was physically assaulted while at that location by a group of at least five people. Mr. Revis feared for his safety in retreated from the aggressors. Mr. Revis was not arrested after this incident mr. Revis sought medical attention as a result of the aforementioned attack. That's what he cents. Revis walk along might in his own business assaulted by five people. They say walking along tried to film them got their ass kicked woke up with us. Well I really care what his attorney says I care what the police say and they say the charges are pending war one suppose he's at the phone Dave looked at the phone. And attend the tip they confirmed it's did you guys obviously run colleges when a number twenty forge you think it. And this is the tightest man to man coverage she's had all year not. Bloom endure any argument points for that to thank you. So the two guys IBC wood to the hospital one of mom's got some broken bones in his face. Both were unconscious according to several witnesses. This is a good fit its not good for Darrelle Revis. You might wanna start selling game now to check out. Just trying to make this thing go away and things too ridiculous I wonder what he was doing why he was so bothered my guess is he was probably drunk. Because why I don't know are you freaking out over someone fill. Mean you you shouldn't you shouldn't but at the same time I you know when these guys. But there is an inkling of mean may be. 9% of me it's like. People overstepped their bounds yet with these guys and it probably happy it's cumulative write like Jack in the Box you know you're letting go you're letting go you spent the letting go you spent a span you span. Lakota Dakota and then finally there's a time where you're in a bad mood. Or your drunk in you overreact because of the previous nine times you let it go in your finally. Sick of it and mercy having the last straw so to speak and you can't you can't do it now just like Charles Oakley you can't. You know I mean you just can't do what you you know you can't do that and not expect. To be arrested and so he got arrested he's in trouble not at not to mention like you point out. He's gonna have to pay him a ton of money yeah he's a rich guy that's no reason to. Pulled back his best to end. You keep your moneys but it's you know I just there is like a little part of me that's like man people just push these guys right and left. They do it's the whole Alec Baldwin thing this this how does it seems like haven't Alec Baldwin like every four seconds is that someone shows a camera into his face Sean Penn's life. Some ten or seems to be like this do and they freak out they kick someone in the junk I get it it's a knowing. I get it it's intrusive but some one point a camera you doesn't. Equal you kicking him in the balls or punching them in the face of course not that's I says like there's no excuse it's just. You've got a BA it was surely you can relate. That's Eddie on some level that that has not and don't get old and by the way they don't really have any recourse other than to letting go have to walk away this is the problem with my celebrities and paparazzi on a they're like men get out of my freaking days trying to walk there's nothing they can do. The second they put in you know put a hand on hammer or hit a camera or something you're in trouble yet they get this guy says these guys both sound like eight holes I'm glad they got knocked out. Coward but I am not saying that I just I feel like again it's just sometimes these got if you continue to push. These these famous piece thumb that's gonna have bad things are gonna happen it does not make an excuse for Revis at all now but I just do you try to see the other side of it and that is that. You know those two guys gonna go about their business and nobody cares who they are after Revis gets that probably ever every day freaking day especially when he goes back to his hometown I can only imagine. What it's like for someone that's that's actually famous. That didn't really think really you know I think it would be horrible decided the only guy being in jail get a little bit. Little bit like that and you just can't do anything it's weird because some we've had this conversation some people. Handle celebrities so well and others. Not at all. Like Bruce Springsteen making your like stories about Bruce Springsteen just walk around New York City Martin and his opponent meg no one really. Makes a big deal about ending you seem like Justin Bieber in Justin Bieber needs like 8000 bodyguards disease caused again fights on the street. You can't tell me that once more famous then than the other when it comes out. But they Hamlet two completely different way yeah I think two things one. There are people who just accept it and they know that comes with the territory of who they are and they're greatly that and that's just may be Bruce Springsteen. Did the did it the other thing I'd say to defend Revis a little bit is that again we eat you have no idea how drill Revis handles. People coming up to him yeah you've never. Come up to him yourself now he gets hit a approached every single day. 99%. Of the time he could be wonderful in this this why this one time you're reading about it because he got up. And you also wonder do you like there's there's some good things. Did he did say hey man just maybe he was struck late that's for it's it's maybe he's leaving a strip club or something needs you know he's a little wobbly knees emit just. Our big cool deleted the guys are like if you man I'm I'm I'm following you the whole way you like or do you just seriously deleted not a big deal. Just go away and the guys keep pushing and push we don't know exactly what led up to it. Some with dia I mean big big guys may have indeed been been asking for it you just. And and and do you can't you can't be breaking people's faces. He'll pay that he'll pay the price now. All right let's move on shelling it from Revis island to Rikers Island and relieving care about someone says. As one way of what Reeves islander Rikers Island. All these all these Revis jokes but that was my son thousands of on the text program and you may count out someone had been. Well. Okay in the next item that forbids. Decides Mike calling Joshua Tree Jake entry. During the break yet we did discuss this this should be talked with. But Jacob tree album was really really good as they're Laphen easily won in a separate. Oh I am that I have heard he wrote that The Beatles their real big just. This is dynamite I mean at one of a group called right yeah and already. Metallica's red album just. Life changer really really good. Which do I talk about Tony Romo and next about rooms to its rooms. L students it's a news story today Tony Romo likely get cut where Leo that's next for sixteen on the fan I. And we're making dynamite in hearings getting a little bit since. Well my early defense of others I feel like you. We got that it's okay you screwed that we've made the announcement that happened I'm really dole. That Billy Joel was commented. To Portland and we inevitably get. True jewels talks is people all the time I say like Metallica and Billy jolt and whose cause terrible. And I responded dude the Duchscherer on the text program like yeah they both round for thirty years and sold a hundred million copies. In the guy's a popular doesn't mean good well and your face. If you've sold a hundred million copies of Sunday been around for thirty to forty years you're doing something right and I brought up due to I said you may not like you to. It may not be my company TB YouTube doesn't sock they've been around a long time and lynch is like well they kind of suck except for that one problem. I had shake of three hit it but I don't like about it. I do your friends there that have been might get this moment of as I screwed that up. Yeah you did. The Jacob Kennedy you know there are other realm. I'm. You rapa you've heard about it was really good I love that album rattle and who right or was it rattle and shake which goes to write yeah rattle and whom soundtrack that's out of the dark right. Door Mike only had 25 million people bought the the Jacob three album wanna lay the ones that did in World War II I think there might have been that yeah. I like this takes you guys you vary mastering dark side of the balloon. For. Our whole poll might think that's great let Jacob tree does mess you up of oil it's cute that is you know you only get Vista durable there's there're couple things about that one. It's just funny to us because we're older union down and to us that's like. I mean. We eat. It just would never we would never screw up to do that after he did but I totally get why you would being younger and it's just funny like we do as you get older you'll find that. The moments when you just feel old are kind of funny and ally I understand why you analysis on me that's kind of latch on those sites more of a Fleetwood Mac guy he really likes that album speculation I think that's the one that he really really likes I don't exceed its. Really in his we will I don't know anything about clearly don't you know I know who they are I don't know anything about them rumors perfect. Her sticky. But if kind of a big album you've never. I mean I've heard like one through his Max on my whole life it it's like the fifth biggest selling album of all time for the next great. I love them at the best you can make that joke and Mike has no idea I've I'm telling you I've heard one Fleetwood Mac song my entire life okay. Just understand where we're coming from on this usually a whole number solution probably know even if that's not here cavity you should probably know rumors you should probably know. Josh which well why should I. I mean that's it it's not a question right it's not my type of music. And then why should rumors is the sixth. Biggest album of all time. Nothing forty million totally okay but why do I need to know. I don't know I just choose to know what I care. Listen to me. When you don't when you get it on the Internet all on 41 when you're 41 there'll be things that you will expect. People who are your age to not expect that. And just wait because you have that moment and you get in the light bulbs gonna go off over your head and you back on now I know Robinson we're talking about a okay focus in there and woods and through our own story six in the way including new Brogna. So you come to appreciate Van Halen is just master work a 1987. You'll get it. This is life such is life now the other thing too is I don't understand why people make fun of other people's music tastes. Kind of like I mean it's like O line got what do you like yet what would every year taste is what you take abuse. There's no good or bad it's just what you. Like yeah. And so when people like that's a real red flag for me if you're making fun of someone else who dominate your music taste terribly you know the shot up. Huge might thing is that if wit if you like something that's been around baton. And you just Haiti you despise that's fine I don't like U2 but you have to accept the fact that it's not acted TSB overeat you can't be around that long and have that many people like it. And it's like do what is it did if you don't like you know Chinese food well a billion people can't all be wrong might be more you food. Food is a little different from. Because there is. A difference between good food and bad seed Mac Donald's not to say that bad food isn't popular but you've got a price point. Deal to write. You know also food is not I don't think food goes into the same category as like music in line. Moon message ST I think I would do the same thing I would need to unpack that a little bit good food is good fitted. Bad food is bad acid. Good music is in the ear of the beholder is there are some of the things like a set. And eleven hot dog is a good huddle that's my point is no such thing there's a lot there's a lot of people out there who for good food. Will look at and scoff because they don't want you play as cargo or something like that. Even if it taste good they're but the odds discussing that's bad food so it's still in the eye of the beholder. Right. I am. Well. You might. When he tees this I don't it doesn't mean you have to like it I mean not everybody just universally likes good food and hates bad food. It's the idea that there is. A reason why you're paying more for good food it is better it is better prepared it is typically not always. A better ingredients. And for more flavorful yeah but at the same time mom and a throw but those are all here your husband were really really high in fancy restaurant never. Words like it'll be like 200 dollars a plate and it's tiny portion you're just like what is this of that needs you tell him portions are. Just say just in general like you'll pay I I've been to a couple of places before where it's. Really really expensive and it's supposed to be really quick utility and it's just all this. And it's not very good and it's just. Your pain to be seen in your pain to be at a flowing again place you don't have to like it. You don't have to like it but that is good food. In whereas archer pharma sleeper look behind me like I'm not wasn't put down that is good fit you don't have to like it's just like no restaurant is gonna stay open. For any length of time if it's selling McDonald's. Hamburgers at sixty bad pot right so the people ultimately vote restaurants close all the time yes but Britney Spears. Is wildly popular. She's not an is that good music. Mean to some people they may think it is because again it's in the ear of the beholder but there's no. Like that's not. OK so plus he's not a great musician. Flip it then don't take the fancy restaurant comparison dole with the McDonald's or whatever comparison the cheaper restaurant. You might not think that's good food but there's a lot of people out there I guarantee would say they think McDonald's is different. Guarantee where they think that whenever they like TGI they would say it's good food well but they're wrong that's my whole point. There is good and bad and it is bad food. But you can like can't. I hate to do this but I'd look I don't agree with either one of you a 100% but on a sliding scale. I'm going 7030 Mike on this aren't. Well because the Britney Spears arguments the exact same as the Q Jenny scratches argument now is the exact same argument I made I may scoffing going to TJ having scratches but the guys like its hand battered chicken strips. And back to him is gonna be better then like some Toby be sliders that Wolfgang pucks. Well sunny with a comparison he just say this is good food but years that you're saying that. What ons is the Kobe beef sliders are better food than the beer battered whatever and that's strip. Whereas in music group that is not necessarily true and I stink you're walking a tight rope there. Who who. Drive's head makes absolutely it was medicine from scanners not to do that the central popped throughout Ted just wants to them maybe I'm not explaining it very well but I feel good about it. You are good food guy though as my head. It works and that's all matters of what are we gonna do here I have no idea Tony Romo I think we're I think we're talking about adultery is it. And I loved Jake entry atypical it's really really good photos get out a gate Tony Romo let's get back on track here here's Mike with sports and. Primetime where guys that didn't suit god 1080 bills. So I'm talking about. Jake intrigue right here where the streets have names staff who doesn't love this look at. OK so listen I'm prepared to stand down on one part of Mac. I'm there just won't work well yes I mean this guy is right he says it better tonight saying this is less friends and. There is only good through her bad food. There's no I had to be holder but you can like bad food or not like good food. That's when I was trying to say now where I'm prepared to stand down and is. That is true in music Tia right because you can but. Maybe it's just people are less. Inclined to know which is which. Because you can have real complicated. Chord structures and great amazingly. Well written lyrics and that's good music. But if you but you can also not like you're right so so. So I think it was half ray cook. I will stand down on the back in that that your your guys are right it's all all of those things we discussed really are kind of just what you like what you like it's what you like is that great. That he is not as his closest to camp because there like I don't like whatever it is you like. Profound. Doing it big. Profound needy do statement but out there to me there is only good food or bad but you can like or dislike you know. Fifty pretentious who dove for me. As I have a hard time that it's got to be happy medium for me. Okay I'm tones drums here is the S story. Ed werder. Is like the cal he is all over the countless via people who know I don't know what his deal is I think he started out in. I think that's where he's a Dallas guy that's where he made his name is connections in Dallas I believe you are correct sir so he threw it out today that. Tony Ramos says that he expects to be cut via this summer because known concentrate. And well look at the lobby of a beautiful lion will tell you a second. But he also says realms that he expects to play two or three more years to be an easy sister three more years I'm left in him. So why would no one trade watch seat. Let's back up the cowboys have four options with. Town's. One is to trade him and the new team that gets him would have to restructure his deal yes. They can keep him. But he's back up would make much sense they would keep him at a 24 point seven million dollar cap hit that is the highest for any quarterback in the NFL I think it's the second highest salary period as far as capping goes so any player in the out of there is no way they're gonna keep Nutmeg not as a backup no way you can't do. So then they can cutting now. And that would cost them nineteen point six million against the cap they just pay it he goes away it's gone. Then. Did fourth option is taking cutting after June 1 and then make its spread that nineteen point six million out over two seasons which is what they're going to do you know what's gonna trade form well look they could cutting now. And and take in nineteen and a half million dollar cap hit. If you think you've at this late if you say dec Prescott's still on a rookie deal and we are any championship window. If we cut Tony known just take care minimum one year that gives us one year. Where we don't have to pay the other half that cap hit and weekend we have more money to load up before we have to pay act Prescott. It's the same as Russell Wilson theory that the CIA you said does the CIS we're never gonna be better. Then the first couple years of Russell Wilson because Russell Wilson didn't make any money now to you have to pay him and that deletes the rest of the roster cavalier so much you can spend. Best the cowboys can be is in the next three years that is that is when they will be at. Potentially they should be at their very best because yes it deck press guy contain these with this. I'll bet you Jack Prescott's cap hit is probably. A million dollars right now. And in three years' time that number will probably be twenty plus million. It's a yes then the crappy part for them is that the while you're in this window Tony Romo where do you cut him or where do you keep him. It just it's it's a nineteen or 24 million dollar waste of money for a guy that's not threat. Did this is not forty which goes back to I know why they did it but citing Tony Romo out of that contradict couple years ago was the worst into the cowboys ever did. OK so he's too risky for teams to be lineup program yeah not gonna happen there it's it's too risky deny that but they know. They're basically get a forced doll's hand they know the Dallas last month is like why Trey from mostly from the because yes because anyone that trades for a more Romo does is the argument was well. If you wanna make sure you get in the new trade foreign but it Tony Romo doesn't want to be there he won't restructure his deal Tony Romo basically as a no trade clause. Is if Tony Romo everyone. Wants the earlier this is not restriction my ideal there's not a team on earth it's gonna give him 24 million dollars so that's why he said he thinks is in because yes we although he's gonna get cut and and they have a good relationship right here in relation to the tabloid yes and they're not gonna screw him over. And he me honestly he can control worry where he does so well be inching is. To see how high the bidding war for animal go the way. Deck press got cap hit next year 630000. Dollars Simien at secede dissipate Tony Romo off get him out there get his money off the books and what it how much does that open up I don't know what their whole cap situation as is like it's not gray Dallas has always been a little bit of a pickle but over the UT your point if they do that 2017. In 28 team and it 2019 they still have press got a press conference or a million bucks. That will free up that money CU would have two years basically of that nineteen to 24 million to go out and spend two to build your team but then. When when his deal comes up your. You know your your back to have ended to scrimp and save him larceny wrote to option five let him compete for the starting job. But they're not gonna do now they're gonna move. You don't need you know you've got your quarterback of the future so how high will the bidding war go I mean Trent Dilfer was on our show last week and he said Tony Romo is a goodbye. In the 1213 fourteen million dollar range yes absolutely. But how high will the bingo how I mean this is the guy everybody's gonna want this guy. Well not everyone I think there's. Four ish teams that will be pretty bullish on Tony probably got Denver may be Denver Houston. Minnesota is one that I think would come to mind if you're not completely sold on Sam Bradford. And it sounds like yeah I don't know if you've been reading but they think that talk directly to bridge router won't play next year again gathered that the injury could cost him that entire season so. If you're not sold on Sam Bradford you could go down that road if you're Minnesota it's there was one other one that I was thinking. Routes oh Cleveland. Is jets now not cleave his emphasis now may be others. May be a team like Cincinnati. If you want to do that a team that that thought maybe they could win the jets wouldn't be absurd because last year when or not I guess that would have been two years ago the jets looked like they were a competitive team minus a quarterback. Although Fitzpatrick had a pretty easy year two years ago. But those were the three that stick out in my mind a Super Bowl contenders. If you sneak -- healthy Tony Romo. That legitimately you can win one Minnesota Denver Houston and I can I thought I had another one but I may have been I may have been out to lunch you really think Fella. Andy Dalton would be worse than Tony Romo. A 37 year old Romo I don't. I think Romo is going to be a colossal disappointment because he won't stay healthy yeah that's the ultimate one he's he's played he played one game last year. And he played four games the year before that he's 37 years old and his issues are exactly like shoulders and knees and little nicks and cuts act it's the back look at Tiger Woods. The back is a whole different animal. And but I think what people are gonna look at is safety could just squeeze a year out because his previous four years. Quarterback Brady 100 June 1996 and a 113. That's what people are gonna look at American and I like I it's just it's right there I'd signing. And set in three weeks. And I do. Yeah you can do that try to gain in to try just try to get him into the proceeds into the playoffs when and what your Denver if you could get him at 1011 million dollars. Stock a terrible idea it Trevor Ximian you're gonna carries for the first ten weeks that there were slow. A ligament in his show and Tony are you think it's gonna be eleven million Owen and saudis and overpay foreign probably is gonna get eighteen embarks SE I don't think you folks I think romo's Smart enough he's made enough money. Were hopefully romo's Smart enough to know that if he goes to a place Kansas City name was at the other one that's the other one was was Kansas City if you work sold it Alex Smith could do it for yet. But you know Roemer could come any compete or at least be an option for yes Kansas City was the other one thank you. And they don't pay Alex Smith eight. Bus load of money that if you give Romo is willing to take in that 1011 million range you could probably fit both of those quarterbacks under underneath the cap. But hopefully rubble were Smart enough to know that you can go somewhere with a chance to win a Super Bowl and make ten or eleven. Or go someplace re gonna play three weeks blow your back can be done in a year and and have nothing to show for it. Except a couple of extra million in the bank and I think at this point his career Romo has enough money I'd I'd would it's true. That he wants a chance to to play in the post season he wants a chance to win a race. Well see how it goes so chances are he's gonna be cut it may be before Jean wanna maybe after June 1. I've it's after June 1 in the cab was due to spread his cap hit over two seasons of its before they just pay it. This next year and then and it's off but he'll likely be cut in the bidding war will begin I think it's the single most of Justine offseason issue in the NFL. Because if he can stay healthy. He's dynamite yeah and that is it just doesn't happen re getting guide disputed. That's out there the softened. That's another when someone brought up is you could you could maybe do a combined old creaky man is put him in Arizona who they tend to have him in Carson Palmer together. Play Palmer the first eight games in the rubble of the next and both global breakdown at some points and maybe between these two album you can get a whole season. Kenny Kenny both be out there together and think of the two idle hands I would rather have Tony Romo that I would Carson Palmer I would Tim Penny well. If you're taking into account health I don't known I'd still rolled the dice with the with Tony Romo. Ms. I think Carson Palmer right you don't think Graham rose gonna get her probably but so Carson Palmer burning Tony Romo is better than Carson called upon to her last year. Hitter Chris Palmer hurt every year it's not any good anymore the end isn't he isn't that good but. Don't think use her last year in England look and see what Promos a different Animal Man injury is I think he's cooked. Let me tell you know option sixth he retires fifty walks the teams do physical I'm like sorry do know what's gonna sign him. Seriously he won't retire he'll make it make him cut him that week gets is guaranteed money. Well but I mean yet today this mean like apple clout could they kind of need this these walks away. All right let's go for 47 up next brackets on the home. Right time revising Hindu gods and they need those. Yes so we have more weather news for you guys from. Which are not singles earlier from Gazprom. From didn't seem cool and I find very high on America. Collins. Underrated scary and underrated scary things singles definitely of their there is a five foot sinkhole being reported on I myself. A mile post when he six near woodland. Of. Does just like actually on the freer re off the shoulder. Aniston says six to seven foot sinkhole ants in the right lane and if you're. Hopefully we gotta tell her road flares something to be a bit of microphone awful if you're cruising along at 65 and group seven for a single man. A tea of the world's coming in and you think it over. Now I don't think it's don't think this is the beginning now final think this is the beginning there's a winner who would say that for a cover is yet somehow it just keeps on spending and no man this feels different I think it's pretty. It it's pretty self standard of us that they fit that the world is ending because some bean is is bad is happening to us. But the world's gonna be OK I think it's gonna he minutes now like this all over the country. But the world hides it's such a terrible thing it's all going to hell well the weather is kind of weird. Everywhere because. Global cooling. Blue like it's never been this worst you deciding who found what was it called. We are World War II I think maybe if we went back there. Maybe just maybe it was worse in the world this to say and what about world war three. Yeah like but I guess you know Aurora three isn't coming in it's way worse might be you but that's what people are saying their nuclear weapons that erosion right it's never been anywhere so the moral and gas and Kim Jung and. Thank you seem Vladimir Putin you know gas prices got gas prices they've been worse than that and then there was that time where you couldn't get gas. That the area to rationing eagerly buy it at certain times it's it's been before. He had to you don't know what's coming did suck somehow got your window somehow will be OK I think we'll survive missing coal. Daughter left and avoid the right hand lane yet to be our. Got a road flare maybe some of that caution tape will be our. I we have the folks is very exciting news we have the hot five at five coming yes at all if I finish. I Jason quick from seasonal drop by at 530. Before he heads out onto the Al all star break. What he's Canadian and us combat his hot plan that's probably nice for media members though you get a break with he has to go cover the altered and yeah I don't know that this year. New Orleans now number they moved it from Charlotte I do remember that it causes bathroom right by the way is threatening that you see the Texas. Texas has a bathroom bill on the on its agenda in the NFL is doing the thinly veiled if you want to suitable to come back knocking off. Okay yet Tex governor got out this year about it and there were still on the bathroom bill thing is still on the back through film forgetting. Laurent do we have to play the song again and don't have to go to that. Until some time. That we had leave from my interior whatever. My something tension so it looks like it's not going be played Mike's vision listening to the Jacob tree in the other room aria you know now which is the metal version of UT's Joshua Tree I think it's by YT do those guys. All right I had a bracket. Conversation there. Planned and had planned all day. It's gonna be great ZEB huge singles but done. We have run out of time and you and him and Serena needs an hotline at five. Then. We talk about what Brandon Roy is doing. The ditzy laboratories L gambling you can now weigh in on this conversation that's just a fender Bender over sex and gender. In an adjacent quake at 530. That's what's coming up. On the fan.

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