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Primetime 2.16.17 Hour 1

Feb 17, 2017|

Blazers got destroyed last night by the Jazz, is it tank time? Nurkic looked good.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you find that time yeah. You can find the time and spin when you actually yeah right time advise against is. Home what they'll all their doors and I'll go and think yeah. This is primetime. Not I didn't do. You are source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are rising Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time I'm Jane ADP. CNN hey what do you do what's up hello. Eight at Thursday ahead all right I just that read a story. Because that doesn't happen very often it actually happens Heidi Jason. We don't need to be Smart ass right out of the gate OK you know media who gave you would trump. I read did you alone blurred sorry I didn't need to do that amid a guerrilla Aronson is down oh. So our whole team that video yes I went and watched the whole thing it is I watched them live sent me the video. The the trump can't read video and I watch that the first six or seven minutes and then I couldn't watch anymore. He said to go back and finish it that the end was disturbing and thank you for that because now haunts my. My dreams so you only take you may we digress I was reading that is rained so much. That out in force growth then there is a car. With a driver. Submerged. And sunk in floodwaters. I guess really I trapped in the dark. Well that's on trying to figure out the the early details mosquito sunroof of IKEA monkey climb your way out there that is not all of them them a car fills with water. Yeah I don't know what you did I mean I. Oh there's no way we are ready subside he what is at the underwater that's what it's Sandra now old. I'm guess I'm gonna read it team I guess is it's probably too where you can't open the door but there's no way that your submerged. Well the details are sketch bro but they're working on Anderson and Mike banner out there so. I can guarantee this will you know a lot more Susie gets on Skinner will get to the bottom of it his. Columbia Sportswear yellow carpet that he's gonna have to Don the daylight. Three and hard out there it is I I felt kind of bad today because I. Inadvertently I was really paid attention. I nailed to people with the wall of water and felt really. Really bad about it unit but science tournament. When you hit some with the wall water Alia guy and I did I well you can't with no but I just I wasn't paying attention and it was really bad it wasn't like it was a light spray like I need doused. Two people and I haven did did the kind of pull over and I tried to apologize and they were pissed and I don't blame them. They were I didn't know what to do you make I was on my way into work they were pairs they were dropped an F bombs. I'd. I didn't know what to do so I just you know I've kind of just drove off. I quality solution. Like I demo I saw like all the sudden his deduced bully you could apologize I didn't like I pulled over it was his right as I was getting. On the main road there and Vancouver. And there were to be walking the sidewalk I wasn't really paying attention ours is driving and I went to get over to the turn lane. To make a right hand turn on a 164 which is like what leads to the freeway if you familiar with Vancouver. And so right as I go over to the turn lane there's just this huge puddle and age just. I mean like a good it was above my truck meal is a good six and a half foot seven foot wall water. In ages drills these two people and so I made the turn and I pulled over. And it rolled down my window and immediately started with I am so sorry and they just started in with the F. Why do you know what all's well I thought they would take an alternative stance on this yeah. Those people like you can help that you can't help that it is raining really hard yeah there's a lot of water is not your fault. Those you lead shot up to I didn't know what to do 'cause when I broke the window and I'm doing now I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just getting the F fuse I sat there and I thought doing lucky they got an apology for me I thought about if I get out of the car to get the truck. Bastard that's only gonna lead do something worse think clearly either or not. They're not. Happy and I don't blame them. But I thought what are they gonna do by getting out I'm not gonna make restitution I'm not paying them for hitting them with a puddle and what you needed to do. And so at that point after a couple KFU's blob a bus in middle fingers I just thought I did my best way to handle this is to just leave it and Ramon US companies don't. I hope that would've been funny had I backed up. Harry heard the corners I would've had to back up around the corner which would have made it even funny or you know let it hit my second time then given them now. I. Double finger in and dry it off. You know I wouldn't doubt if I was the person in the water and the water person yeah I would have been test. Yeah frustrated how class I would not have been mr. frustrated EU. I would have just been pissed and frustrated situation if you would apologize I didn't like I'd think you'd no big deal yes I mean it is that it isn't a have been very British about it. Well like. Oh look you know the right call overrated right and you apologize shouldn't you. I I think that should calm the situation down. And I really felt like getting out was only gonna escalate the situation so I drove off which means they're probably right now. Tell the sort of someone about how some a hole in Prague this did purposely sprayed them with water hole high and I wanna kill him now. This text to just Jimenez amazing has been John tested and instead they should have been on the sidewalk yet. That's probably catch inside joke yes but very fun. Although to be fair. You know there wasn't did and I am huddle we thank you and be worried. What are you talking you see them you can go around that area there we go faster area AM here you know you're any U what do you need to read. Story time and I'd look to read giddy guests. Water rescue crews responded to a report of a submerged car was at least one person inside. Along flooded fern hill road near forest grove Thursday afternoon where crews did not find any vehicles after an hour of searching. And ended the rescue attempt. Someone spotted a vehicle possibly. Entering the water near Taylor way. According to force growth fire. What this witness said was she saw the headlights turn off she looked down at her dashboard for a few seconds when she looked up the car was gone. If the card did saint it is not a situation. That is survivable. So we don't know what are we and they couldn't find it I guess you know witnesses full program. And how do you not find the militants witness because the witness was wrong yes or did a sinkhole opened up I mean that's it sounds silly but I couldn't it couldn't serious question. Like you know that happens and year out whether this happens like in South America but upon. Singles seems to be uniquely essentials South America there when there was one in Chicago via like the other week who is swallowed something up. We'll go opens up in the middle road those things are terrorists. This cruised along minding your business really aren't you spray the water in the next thing you know you sinking into the army under rated terrifying. List power rankings there on it. My number one under rated most terrifying thing the earthquake on the bridge that's my number one. Every time my dispersing the new for a five and was that the Fremont that would call that yeah I just as the front lines in c'mon bro. The 45 when you're on the you don't know dig that I yeah and I third and I think it is we've come through this before now lack of dollars Arlen bridges it's the fourth I think it's the Fremont though. You're either way another Glenn Jackson averaged. When I'm qualified yes that's what I mommy under site was me. That it could no matter what time it is whatever that is my first thought is among the underside here comes the earthquake and it's gonna fall on top yeah that's why are not rated terrifying power ranking number one knighted and can. Well I'm gonna go ahead insane then hopefully no indictment in my commentary okay hopefully no one died here. Hopefully the woman just didn't see it right if you look down and you looked up in the car was gone Monique any drama for yeah. I don't know but hopefully I mean that's that is really scary though it is. We you know what I saw a car the other day and I looked up and it too is gone so maybe that car I don't know do you think you can driven may be got miracle maybe it was taken up and haven't I don't know. There's no way it could about a meter right hand turn and just disappeared out of my field of vision and saris Keeley Chalmers on the case not Mike banner well look I don't know I don't know anything about doled Keeley here. But I feel I I would feel better if Brenner is on it now wonder why they said at the card did sink it's not survivable I would say that room because you're you're. You gonna draft so that much water he can't with the car submerged you're drill team. How quickly does the car and fill up with all the windows are closely and is not the way around it. Well senate how quickly and you and the doom. Will water per she probably can't be beat you rolled on the wind both. You can rolled on the window the water pressure one effect that a middle and down while notre into the car of your car is about to sink in what are you doing. Mike what is what is happening with your head right at that moment aren't you trying to open the door like that is that the first thing is so that it doesn't. Close on news of the you don't get sucked in there DO one of those tools in your glove compartment that has like global. Pointy hammer on it. Now got the windshield yeah I don't know sending if you text messages and then trying to get out what I've heard like one of those and one of those like in part responsible for me for a report. Worst case scenario is you wait for the car to fully submerged and you can open the door. You can't get treated. I don't know this to be true that the guy said it's not survivable that's from the that's from the fire department I've ever heard you. Now again never been in the situation can you crack crack out the window like. You know with your best hands maybe that's where you have that little camera thing but I've read already read I saw one of those stupid shows the says if you're always love stupid show if you're going underwater you're not gonna be able from the door as you're seeking stay calm OK don't rolled down the window all the way down wait till the car submerged then you can open the door and you can you can sort out into the pressure isn't too high to no once would once the one cars underwater you're supposed to be able to open the door open where is when you're seeking you're not going to be. Well that's good advice. It's good to know I saw that on one of those gunships. And had no idea whether or not you should actually follow that advice my advice is don't. Being a seeking gar I'm Mythbusters were getting a lot of flood rose yeah. Who know their fifth. Basically they sideshow that was slightly less dumb than the one I saw Mythbusters is a great show it is it really is the one I watched was called worst case scenario. And like they would teach you how to survive like kidnapping or teacher had to survive. Like a volcano what Mythbusters found was just exactly what you said is once the car fills with water yet. There's equal pressure on both sides and you can open the door seating to those I'll wait to its weakened yen like you can't open the door while sinking because you don't. You year is the pressure yet but once. The water fills the cabin and you panic. Assuming you don't panic in garlic. A right to get a bunch of floodwaters venue can open the door and enough. You know swim on out yeah that's stupid show I watched that said it was the number one thing is don't panic because when people get water they freak out and they scream. And when you scream you open your mouth in goes the water and then you're cooked. Yet the state column. Rise get great gag order take a deep breath and then see cancer and a few texts. Or you like look around and be a little late at. I may die here I'm not certain but. Stay calm and ensure that new evil well able my way out of this hopefully no one died the dare out in force there of but it's been a very wet day here. Are you ready for some sports. I am. Even though we did not themed. Any sort of sporty sports in the first segment but literally never to life may be we saved a life today. Whenever do you Jason. Welcome to the show me who been twelve years mom tank city USA. Last was pretty and it's pretty shaky we'll start there then we have Tony Romo news and Jason how excited are you by today's. Today's big reveal let Mike concert pants really couldn't be any tighter than they currently are it's it's gonna be a wonderful twelve months here or an exciting time it is go owls. Rain is coming to Portland. It's at 314 on the fan. When America that are rose yeah. Weeded them tweeted this because I don't follow them that forests grow fires on putter if you're that we did what. Final update all crews have cleared the fern hill seen his retirement car submerged yep reportedly would have some of the units in floodwaters. We'll wait floods receding to determine if the card did sink in deep water here so we still don't know so they're sitting there. Watching someone may or may not be debt. Sunken in the flood watches and gets off. Jimmy Doolittle scuba ailment that well they did they look they look poke around they just said we didn't see a car. I'm gonna go ahead and say the first the report this is an idiot should they. Should they still be looking now I'm gonna go ahead and say that the person is a moron. And that no car suck. And that's my official two cents here is. Let's examine an innocent past yeah mound speak you know it's your show again it's just. Isaak and other got this I'm that and partly you know coming tomorrow I don't know you know I'm not on the show tomorrow and I'm sad I'm sad too because you get to interview punch and John yeah. That's comic con my stupid brother is gonna be there is some mostly when I'm gonna be doing is trying to keep him. Contained cannot be greater is he loves the company issued a big fan but he but if like if he we were to interview on this broadcast boxer puncher early to. A dual. Like named the duo that you would most want interview. Punching Johns like number two or three you're right there there on the there on the podium I don't know they're winning gold but there's certainly didn't Bronson and ammunition tomorrow. Here's our poll question 1080 to stand dot com which would you like to see from the blazers after the all star break. Now Jason I have 2 options on your morning. The first and is getting together and make Iran. March schedule. Is not bad it does though lighten up quite a bit in March. Or lose games for a higher lottery pick. Blog I'm voted 1080 the fan dot com. And we will keep you posted right now 81% want the blazers to lose we'll hear ten games below 502 is what what you'd just given up. Politico doesn't. Kind of feel like they are well I looked up in the second quarter you watch that game well. When we're watching it here in the hands on the milk in the event and then you got home and I flipped over says it is to see what till Newark which was doing. Who I can already tell you that blazer fans they key will be the next to keep the lights. People losing their S over the Bosnian beats them a game launch on comparison is a little mature and thanks so it would good dough and is what seventeen minutes 55. He beat play well get to him but when I glanced up in the second quarter. I saw one thing. That was glaring theme was like a giant white snow globe shiny. It's like right at us that led me to believe that maybe just maybe. Winning is no longer the main objective Willard check that crap. Pat contact him. Now what he's like his injuries had carnage in. In the second quarter I think yeah but they got there without turn and unless they shall supply. That its second quarter this this insult 120 Linux as an issue resonate here. The looked down on the court with rob. Crab but let me defend him and all non led forty minutes combined. Nadir. Content. I guess all the glory to our crab no bundling use of American guys not same. That's full Tank Johnson I'm telling you but if this is a court of law that's damning evidence with turner and Aminu out. I would argue that may be you would see that. You in other words you would not see that if those guys were out. Understand you're making a strong case but if on the jury don't know quite why it they had to be out that may be. That may be a conviction right there well I told you or any drastic tonight Diana called Allen did call that's I was like their tennis there they wanted to win neck as they've lost three era going Yasser brick in the blazers just look defeated yes it does look like little let's not be so hard like when your player. In your fight your ass off and it is is not going your way. And whatever fight you have left is probably out the window win the franchise. Itself gives up on you and trades a player that you really like down in and you get it two key injuries it's like in you know. How can you possibly. Step out on the court and really 100%. You know. And we bring it the wayward. I know you got a vacation probably your head to Hawaii or Mexico or someplace and fluids in Utah on your bags are packed you don't. That that is a really tough spot to be ending yes you were right that was a trap game that was a disaster I think it'll be more telling is what happens when they come back from the break. Because then I mean you will be back you recharge the batteries a little bit I think you'll know. In those first three or four games after the all star break exactly where this team is that. I think you are you know I think you do bucks. I think there's a chance. That the pride takes over a little bit and you see a a better effort out after the all star break. Well I like that like they're not trying. Just think they're demoralized it's it's hard to keep going hard keep fighting as you said it's the all star break a lot of teams kind of check out right for the all star break to ten games under 500. So what they're not trying assist. You don't. They're just kind of cut man. We had ten games under 500 NI and I think down mean he's any different it's not it's not like they're gonna come back announcer rates are playing other not a good team this year like you. It's. Admit it expects obvious is like what 25 games left and you're not gonna just suddenly start playing like last year him Damian Miller and CJ McCollum we're gonna have rack up points. And they're gonna. No law mean hopefully I think if if I'm at Cameron for them to lose many games as possible yeah I mean you turn it sounds like there RD leaking out that littler still hurt from his previous injury in December karma. Need to shut it down the Labatt. We'll talk to basically he's coming on today given a nondescript lower back injury my third new 8515 I think thirteen I think might wake up when times quick come on 53530. You'll be on you ready to nice call. So there RD Connolly in that ground mark but it's now com. It is what it is at this point and most fans it's. Well look let's put this thing. They have suddenly jumped to the ten spot in the draft and does that not excite you more than it did last week when they were fourteenth or fifteenth absolutely with a couple morrow weeks like this become maybe you find yourself in the you know in the fourth hard brains shaken past. I'm looking at here they can pass New Orleans. Dallas and Minnesota in the last men and somehow the knicks. Can finish ahead of the blazers in the east. Just that right there. You're getting a top six pick in a very deep draft you know that and still is awesome in still two other first round picks that maybe you can Dixon flyers on at the end of the draft or. Package of this if you can't move up. How does this grab yet with you still have liberty still have a column in a very deep draft. And let's say you end up with a number six year with a package those others may do with a contract to move up into the 1213 range. Bad idea or did take six and take twelve were six and thirteen now under this roster you know who's number six on NBA draft Don Knapp right now I have no idea. The small forward from duke you watched it much this year we've seen duke a couple times yet so determined and watch them when they played North Carolina the other today keep an eye on this guy and internment Jason Tatum. He's a small flower. And now he plays it dude he's a freshman they have him slotted in at six the year in inning you you get to the top six. You're in range for these difference maker guys like that's that's dangerously close to Josh Jackson territory now that's a guy I have seen this year BZ plains Kansas take what he isn't damn good yeah and you'll go six he'll go top. Three or four but. I you're in that you're in that range. And I said this to what's not to like about that that even if you end up with one of those top 45 picks and overall point guards. If you keep you or or shooting guarded you end up with an oversized argument of someone that 6566. And he's the best player on the board taking him. Only total has all those then is give you some flexibility to maybe go out and move one of the two borderline all stirs that you have. And balance out the roster if this guy turns into something more you trade. The young guy if he turns into something morning trade the pick or trade trip. I totally agree because I think eventually. This team will have to trade either Damian Miller or CJ McCollum did get a true difference maker up front I think they are going to have to do that eventually won't happen it is deadline it won't happen until May be even Nextel on her next offseason after saying I think they're eventually going to have to that's just my opinion. But. That's why yet you always I just think there in the best player available is that mode they're not hurt his what position they're not in a mode where you can just picking she use a we need a small forwards are gonna pass on this great talent and get our guy at small forward do you know take the best player that you have ranked as the best. And then. You know for from there you can you can maneuver around it to balance out the roster so there are around last week their fourteenth or fifteenth this week their tenth. They the NBA draft dot net hasn't taken some French point guard frank. Some. So is that where you are. Frank. TV names are really hard to pronounce anymore I've no idea. His name is a watch a lot of French Basque. Frank nit till a Tina sure let's go to he's he's a point guard out there who's compared to Danish trader in Gary Payton. That typically when. I had a nice do they have the blazers taking it your current patent us penetrator doesn't traders pretty good little player. Yeah that's what the blazers miserable lawyer who trade and a traitor porches them. Right I get a grip on trader at. Traders are good guard. I know he's not Gary Payton I think does that history is Mike's point anyway com. It is tanks city. Yeah it's no longer rip city take city someone says the only way they can screw this season up is by winning meaningless games at this. Dickinson and that's shoot their way they don't look like they're gonna be doing that there's no reason to put w.s on the board at this point but he's done their kids look at them. Yes our fellow of the new guy for good let's talk about him next time on time him yes segment on him we can no talk about the Bosnia because I saw when we were in here watching the game. I was watching when he checked in. And I saw two turnovers. Yeah that's right from the get and that's the rest of the league I mean the rest of that part of the game I didn't get seabed as you know I'm hosting a show on south yeah. So stuff I mean that's the important argue not just hosting the show it's and stuff so when I left studio last and I thought oh gun. Two turnovers how does is gonna be. And look at that yeah had a nice game. He had a very nice in limited minutes and played real well and that he was probably the biggest bright spot on an otherwise probably awful day I here's Mike. Where Isaac can sue guns NA VOK that's right that's who we are. And blazers lose to jazz last night when eliminating the all star break is here. He seemed calm did a three point shooting contest for everybody else's. They'll kind of split up to do their own thing together spread off and go and the most from. Easy take some kind of tropical vacation they get out of there now an extended break in in at this point I would say that that's probably for the best so last night. On the bright spot. Because if you look at the box score does not pretty. I'm Meyers Leonard minus thirty in the plus minus department you know Ed Davis minus 36. Willard in McCollum minus seventeen minus fifteen but author of the game was like oh for nine I think combined let's take a look down there on the bench yeah look at pat content plus five. Non nerd gets the guy by the way we are starting to get the got a handful of die early like Dag cards and I think he can be a player. That's the that's. So why maybe they do think that I just enjoy like when when you are you gotta mark that when you get detained jobs and you get like kind of the back of the gets an extended minutes there's always that. Everyone gets their sports pins hide over that the pac content in the Torre in greens in the arm. Was it arm on Johnson's of the world out there are one thing we know Jason scanning it. It is the TrailBlazer fans will over rate their players yes. Now I don't know if pat comets and is one of those but he certainly very athletic. He can shoot a little bit you know who knows I actually went quick comes on tonight I'll ask him about some those guys like is content even a part of the future is. Did they think Jake layman will be a rotational guy events and I don't know how they feel about down some of these guys spent down. Plus eighteen. You sit there to cheer five for five. All you head out from about three feet out my is simpler me out of drew post guy so thirteen points. Seven boards and three steals he did have four turnovers. But I am and fouls he he's gonna is gonna commit some fouls but dumb. But he looked good he really did and you know we said when they made this trade at the end he's he's. Skill and he's interesting damn people forget two years ago before the injury his rookie season. Lot of people thought that he was going to be. One of the building blocks of that franchise and he got hurt lost his starting job couldn't play alongside the other seven footer they were disaster together. He's you can see in the key he needs. He needs to be the main guy you can't have two of those on the floor at the same time but I think that this will be easy get a twenty plus game look apps. Young may be the future center for your team but as as he continues there will be flaws in his game that will be exposed. But that was a really nice well intro to the. To the blazers the thing you wanna see is one US team get minutes and he well yeah because it sounds like in Denver when he didn't get minutes he Mosul how do you how you still pretty young. So he's gonna get those minutes. I think that's the key is consistency. I mean you know expects twenty intent right now no you shouldn't. But what you saw last night was was nice and I'd part of what may drive some fans crazy about some of these guys on this team is. Give me anybody outside the two guards that are consistent anyone now mean they just it's like an and that's part of this was kind of always the complaint about the tomb. That's part of being. An average and average player is he is you are gonna come and go. But so I'm not saying that you know there are going to be nights where a guy like he will be useless or didn't foul trouble and Villanova two points and I remember whatever. Understand. They need. It Demi was the last time they had a big day you can just count on consistently. Yell. Thirteen and and eight I think like Otis. One year that he had did too before he left Lopez was a nice. Consistent any residue consistent. They're there against your point though there were certainly nights where he would go for two points and three well since this guy's gonna be much more offensively. He'll put more points and Lopez my question is is that defensively can he be. In anchor because what you heard from the people out of Denver is that he was the defense of liability at least when he was on the floor with the same time with the the other big bad. So that's that's kind of what I wanna see is. But I think his offensive game. Look it's it's not gonna first aware like you said he's gonna get twenty points but if he gave you ten to twelve points on on basically dunks and put back. That's what I'm saying that that's exactly what I'm saying is is just consistency it's like. With Allen -- you've hit a guy 75 million bucks the up and he's basically putting up the exact same numbers that he did last year. But it and nobody expected him even with that contract to come in in and suddenly scored twenty game right that's not. But what they did expect was he. Needed to be more consistent and he has been anything but you just can't count on him coming in on a night in and night out basis in giving you a spark. Offensively or knocking down shots enough to just kind of the able to count on it right some nights he's been he's been filthy yeah other nights like last night he had he was to debate. And five points I think you trade and how is your third most consistent player which was probably Columbia though you can make your mid Evan Turner Connor rounded into that guy that's when and that's just is that I mean that's maddening and it's like when your. In eat it no one expects your H two B and markets to be an all star. But I am hoping that. Just his he will do will be a little bit more consistent and you can count on him at least. Being more consistent and some of these other guys does not Lamar you're not a mark does bring some that you haven't had on this team and a long long time he's been out we have utterly surreal. Presence in the middle of hope skills opens lettuce that only shows up once every five guys and it's pointless this is fighting games under 500 that's my point out. And that you get to see him for twenty plus games the next series under contract for what three mill. You're gonna get an extended look at this to find out whether or not he fits long term what you're trying to do. But look you don't easily get seven foot athletic twenty worlds don't come along very often so he's pretty intriguing. I I I sit at the time they did it and I'm not going just offered this that the one night. I think that that that was a good deal to get climbing out of town because you were gonna sign him long term save you some money and you get an extended cheap look. Out what was a top 27 foot big man what two years ago that at one point you thought was going to be building block of another franchise. I think that's a pretty good deal. Well I'm with you Jason we agreed and we agree on everything can we disagree on some things that are radium what you hate. Him I love that who. EU. About that island me and it's there when you were your hat and today I thought every time I see where that acting you break it out once in a blue moon. If you see your Red Hat with white writing or is it do you go to America great again yeah. It looks nothing like it's a special live except by the way can you guys tell on TV what this says. My hat Olympics oak meanest and I'll bet John not the only one of these women no not really. You can't tell tell me it's it's Special Olympics organ I'll bet she is someone that turned on the TV in their first stocks it was is the fleeting bottom I would effort site today. Was is where to try pat. It was like well I'll wait now why would he do that I was just it was it was very I would never do that but if the FIC or Red Hat out there the white writing that's the first thing that. My mind goes to retain really become kind of just. Break it that way months make America great let's do it with ads do you bat. With nothing more awkward for its terms as you'll ever cease. Again not taking debate coming up next Hewitt do. No let's talk about the guy who's coming to town Aziz. I kind of a big deal today this is a big deal they backdoor to see yourself cornyn and I thought for sure they were gonna totally oversell that it. Not because they teased yesterday he had said that they any rock legend was coming here yes in MI first time whatever. Let's they deny honest honest now's actually announced a nice little news we'll tell you discount a nice little news 344 on the fan. Brian time went by existence UConn Tennessee fans. And the other Texas line is Collins a Bosnian beat. So like Denver Nuggets and the things. Now he's got the beads Erica. He's sites there. High tide at the sun that beads haircut a slave to needs is rock and it now I can't I haven't seen the beads and a lot scan of the brown hair okay that's the new -- here and there's a complete side shale gas in the flew to middle kid has kind of a little high and tight thing happened in there that I softened the Bosnian beast is like a faux hawk if you will right right a little bit like that. The Bosnian beads with a taken tanks city by storm. A lot of fun little means being popped up fund an infield Twitter about and I am now no no thanks to be about ten again yeah well let. The reality this was what you should be doing in again let's reiterate it's not. The actual players on the court now it's not being of the Miller's not missing shots on purpose and just. Let's just say it's a shift any franchises so. Women winning games maybe not the biggest priority and we know this has taken a look at some of the young guys. May be given some guys say time to rest and weary bodies as they get layman in their step. He caught in the you should say gee league so we got weakened the road near kitsch had counted ten and Jake layman all at the same time wall we're closer we're back closer to the white out again in our heritage is still need we still need another I mean another white guy. We're Indian Egyptian somehow that would be a I ever talks the wideout iso wanna see the pitino I want to see the four white guys in the Egyptian. Sex in recent announcements are way better than adding I thought I. Guess. If you guys on the yesterday. Over at the rose quarter Nero clueless and he says hey. Tomorrow at 2 PM and now somebody's come back to town and he's awesome yeah I kind of was thinking Phil Collins. Really yes line. The city and in his first appearance in in like ten plus years still Collins was here in the past and I like ten years ago I thought maybe his colleagues remembered American. Collins retired that he was coming out of retirement CC CD's I thought maybe that I thought that's what we're gonna give us until Collins a car that's gone to a yes the calls didn't go in to leave it seems that he's not returning him. Can escape he looks like such a dork but you know they look you were talking yesterday about Kim Jung in in town like you're gonna keep here this. To be feared dictator. It's kind of have a look at that's Phil Collins since there's like a math teacher James Taylor is the same way feet. Really they again against ten other teams again they I think becomes more jerky and Taylor. Anyway. We dagger yes everybody was trying to guess who was. Because they wouldn't tell us through Haiti tomorrow to table today news attitude they said Billy Jill. Will be back in Portland first time in ten years he'll be at the most senator on December 18. And this is kind of a technicality so they kind of threw us off the trail a little bit as Mexicans are on their power because. Everything else think every street denying he was here not too long and longer. And this is rock and roll legend isn't he says like I thought John really don't know they played here together. Whenever that was like 2000 euros by teachers goes like that end to those eleven I think. Well because that tour was jewel and John. This is technically Billy Joel's first solo appearance back in Portland in ten years at a news that's why neighboring. You know he's he's in your back could not solo yet on December. Aid the piano man will make his trip and return TV but the center. And they don't give me a chance to finally see him buying concert fans could not be any tighter this year. It's just it's been a hell of a year for concerts army and it just continue to get better I got Metallica. They just got announced it regularly sees people every year I know and love. I I will see the ice seemed billion Metallica can buy it probably thirty times and I would continue to see them until they no longer to. The sudden Billy. Last year's Chicago and in Seattle has some Metallica twice last year Exxon in December of everything. All right we'll anyway. I'm reading a press release here. They really need to give us like eight paragraph about the liberals career no nation save. Say Billy F until he's pretty here's how you get tickets for today that they have this big long thing about. Some of the biggest concert doesn't really continues his achievements of the impressive run at sold out of steam engines with. Will. Zillion December 8 Diaz wanna. Get it together and go I shall be their ticket prices. Too bad fifties the cheapest. And he compared to buck fifty looks like yet. So Lou what tickets go on sale necks that spreading the 24 putting this month yet so yeah it's been that's always a big deal because it'll it'll kind of be right there on the line right leg if you do that appear at ticket buyer guy Dick well another scalpers. Our I have people all the countries sitting there waiting snatched up tickets were like right in the go on sale yeah. So you can make some guys if your credit card holding give pre sales and stuff like when he played Anthony's clean show regularly I just got on mine that morning and then just. Open up a couple windows and refresh refresh refresh do you have to be there right at this says 10 AM they go on self right there Richmond went you have to be online at 958 if you want the best seats if you wanna try to get something on the floor. But beyond line and be ready to go with the window up in the moment added 10 o'clock. Started refresh and it'll. You know to pick up pay their seats available in a throw continue got like three minutes bye and you can get analogy get in the he's got to be better. Or you can look you know sometimes they will have Kris does stuff like here American Express you know holder something like that. In a different way to AM that's. That's what you got to do got to be online at an observation on the original yeah I mean before I saw him on the east even called their show. Not too long enough. And I am determined to be are seen many interviews with many many minuteman guy he's. I call him a Foster. A Foster yeah. That's what I call. Flame out storytellers. He he he has this habit of starting the story in he's like he's a very. He's got such a presence that you're kind of like waiting with bated breath to hear what he's gonna say yeah and it set any start he started at least three or four stories with Kobe airports like. All this is Indy get. And then it doesn't go anywhere it is going at opinion also about him yeah see that a little bit. I like that he does it go and do like these things that college campuses were like what are they com this is it's like an email Niki Q&A M people asking about. Discount his career how did you come up the inspiration for the song that's stuff I really liked to hear about how he came up. You know with the lyrics are came up with a melody here are different things I like stuff like that that he does the guy can see that we're may be. It really been good I've I've seen interviews were heaving kind of will stop me they care so that's so that's what happened Unocal and that's the end of it Annika. Does that all the time it's wild. It's cute that's door he's cute he's cute little old man. I'm OK and who knows how many more times you would get to see which is why you hold Messina who is 65. I think. I'm a sentiment he was born in 1949. You know that. Because there is a lyric in one of the songs says that says I was born in 49. Leningrad you archers and I would say that's did you billion Metallica are probably 12 all time. Metallica be in one Billy number two all time on my idea power ranking list well they're coming here this year set up. You learn not okay are coming up I next how about Darrelle Revis. Yeah he's in the news today terrorist threats. And they lied he had a bit much don't you think well we don't know what happened there there multiple accounts terrorist threats. Really. Rivas was making terrorist threats. Sometimes we over charged with with some the language that we throw out there but hard to know what happened we'll tell you what he's in hot water for coming up next 356 on the fan.

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